Monday, September 18, 2017

Blackmore's Half Marathon

With the Berlin marathon next week I didn't enter this race but thought I'd have to do 20k anyway so when Jac came asking I figured I may as well run it with her along with the masses to help make things easier.
Stunning morning and with an early 6am start time we were soon away, Seemed to take an age before we even crossed the start line as we begun in start 'B 'area that saw us shuffle the first K in a tad over 5 min pace. Got in a nice rhythm after that coming over the Cahill Express and for the first time ever found it enjoyable running up Macquarie St (that normally kills me)
Through 5ks in 23.04 - ave 4.37s as the chat continued and the next 5 in 22.46 (ave 4.33) to get to the 10k marker in 45.50. Get a good look at the front runners around Pyrmont area and the casino and give a few shout outs along the way. Pass though the 15k mark and in all the excitement of going past pacer Brendan Wong forget to check my watch but Jac is running strong and decides to up the pace with 6ks to go.  Going past loads along the way and collect HuRTS Dublin lad Vince who asks if he can join me and then at the top of Hickson Road we collect Laura, Renee, Hoey and Brucie Lambert and all of a sudden we have a great train to see the race out over the final 4ks or so. Champ keeps appearing from everywhere on his bike taking photos that we all enjoy and even though the pace has picked up we are still holding well as I see another 10ks go through in 42.06 averaging 4.13s.
Coming through the back of the Quay I inform Jac my work is done with 300m to go and I wont be going through the finish line as I'm not officially in the race and drop out beside the toaster as she goes on to stop the clock in 91.30 averaging for the day 4.23s
A great hit out for me and worked perfectly I thought, thoroughly enjoyed it and felt pretty good all the way. The course I thought is excellent with all those hills around the back of Pyrmont and Darling Harbour are no longer in and now I reckon its a pretty fast course if you were looking at giving it a nudge.

That's pretty much it for now as I'm flying tomorrow for the long haul ahead, Really underdone in terms of running a marathon with my longest run only 26ks but I'll go to enjoy it and not worry too much about the time. Reckon I'm in about 3.15 shape so anywhere around that time without killing myself will do for me.
Looking forward to some time catching up with mates back home in Stoke and Dublin along the way and I'll suspect its going to be pretty full on over the next few weeks.
Will try to post where I can but I after Berlin there won't be much to write about in the form of any training.
Stay safe
Train well

A few pics from yesterday .

19k down and never felt so good in a race , Jac is even throwing in a few dance moves.
Smiles all round .
Not many races around where you can get this backdrop. With Renee and Jacqueline.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Bike and Swim Double

Really been enjoying the recent bike training and it was back to Centennial to end the week with another session. After seeing off Macca last week Geordie boy Tommy H represented the NOTB team although we lost Leech but did have Kroney returning who is looking stronger every week.
Decided on 3 x 7k hill loops with a flat recovery after each and once we'd knocked out a few warm up we were like prized boxers ready to enter the ring.
Ding Ding Round 1. Fast start and Tommy H is the first to turn at the York St gates, Jesus I'm working very hard but I do everything I can to stay with him knowing I'm as strong on the flat sections thereafter. Quick peek coming over the top and see we've dropped Kroney big time, Fly down the hill and with Tom ahead I make a big push as I go past. Bugger reacts and then sits on me for another 1k before I'm happy for him to take a turn. Stays the same until just past Fox Gates and then I push for home with 1k to go and happy to stay ahead until we reach the finishing post in a time of 10.30.
Round 1 - Lindop.

Ding Ding Round 2. Same as one only this time its Kroney who is fast away with Tom and I'm struggling half way up the hill that sees the boys some 15 seconds ahead at the top. Its a long old loop after that and with the boys working together I have no chance of reeling them back and I'm left to battle alone to see it out in 10.58
Round 2 - Highnam.

Ding Ding Round 3. After round 2 I knew I just had to get to the top of the hill with Tom to then be able to finish it off strong. With all 3 of us battling the 700m section I was right in the mix with about 50m to go before the boys gaped me coming around the top, Brendan looked the strongest and had opened up on Tom that I was happy for as it meant I maybe able to work with him if I could just push that extra to get back on. Unfortunately (for me) Tom had other ideas and put a burst in to get back onto Kroney and I was cactus once that was done. Another flat loop solo as I could see the boys working together well and I was unable to do anything about it. Delighted though to keep it more than honest with another 10.58 section although I was absolutely spent once done
Round 3 - Highnam

Cracking session once more, probably the best I've done for ages, the two boys were flying this morning. I always knew it was a matter of time before Kroney got it back and Tom just gets stronger every time I see him on the bike. Once more he had the better of me today especially over the hills but there is nothing in it when it comes to the faster flatter sections and it will be interesting to see who comes out with the fastest bike split come race day?
Enjoyed a coffee with the lads after before returning home with 50ks done for the morning.

Swim at lunch and after the bike training went with only going easy so arrived very early to knock the best part of a K out before joined by Angus and Crossy Lad, A few 200 and 100m efforts after some quicker then I wanted soon got me to another 2k that I was happy with.
Ended with a trip around to Mums Table - the local Vietnamese for some quality Pho Soup that Crossy Lad kindly picked up the tab that went down a treat. Much appreciated.

After the blow out last weekend, it was another good weeks training. Lets hope there is NO repeat of last weekends efforts on the social side.


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Cold and Windy Blackwattle /Anzac Bridge Run

Cycled into the city to meet Crossy Lad and originally planned for an easy session but after telling him I wanted a few efforts thrown in it certainly didn't turn out that way.
Very cold and windy and after a 3k warm up and once out of the city Crossy called for a 3k tempo set that saw us running straight into a head wind. Managed to keep within about 25m behind and was content with a 11.54 averaging 3.54s.
A 1k recovery picking up HuRTS boy Liam along the way before the 2nd rep of a 2k was up. Tough start having to come up some stairs then the climb up over the bridge that kept it more than honest although managed to recover a little on the downside as I was running a tad over 4 min/ks in 8.06
Another 1k easy recovery before the 3rd and final effort of 1k was covered around Jones Bay Wharf ending beside the Star Casino done in 3.49
Back to the starting point just as 12ks ticked over in 51.04 in an healthy average of 4.15s
3k effort 11.44 ave 3.54
2k effort 8.06  ave 4.03
1k effort  3.49

Crossy had all the official stats on his fancy watch, that made me realize its maybe time I invested in a new one as I'm told mine might be out-dated with old software.

Bike session in the park tomorrow morning, heard the NOTB are sending another challenger in Tommy H, lets hope he goes better then Macca did last week.


Run and Swim Day in the Heat

With over 32 degree day on the cards and a snubbing from Tommy H to do a bike set I opted to once again stay in the park after work and log some Ks before the heat kicked in. Started easy on the 6k loop that takes in Woollahra hill along the way, cutting over to Paddo Gates and back down. Picked up the pace on the 4k flat section and happy enough to record a 43.20 time averaging 4.20s
Temps really cranked up throughout the morning and when birthday boy Crossy Lad came calling for a dip I wasn't about to miss the opportunity to get my 2nd swim done for the week. Joined by Gus Boyd and even though the two boys are way faster than me I was still able to smash out 2ks along the way.
Quote of the Day came from Crossy, (this is true) despite it being 32 degrees and a heated pool of 25.8, after jumping in he came up with this pearler 'Ohhhh its cold' .... Unbelievable.

Will be back at the pool in the morning and will need to try a run set of some description at lunch.


Tuesday, September 12, 2017

6x 1K Reps Centennial Park

Knew that whatever and wherever I trained today I was going to suffer so instead of losing 2hrs in the day at lunch I thought I may stay in the park after work and just get it done.
A 6k slow warm up with clients first up then opted for the standard 6 x 1k rep set that I thought I'd be OK to get through.
Jesus, Only 200m down and I was ready to throw in the towel, legs felt like concrete and sadly it never got any easier. Tried to forget about the pace after that and break each rep down and work it best I could. The best I could say about the set was that is was consistently BAD with the first 5 reps all done in the same time. Somehow found something for the last (think it was the finishing line) and was 5 seconds quicker than the previous 5
It was ugly but happy to get it done without stopping after the first 200m as it was on the cards and did actually cross my mind.
12ks all up with no cool down - too buggered for any of that and I was in the coffee house within 5 minutes of the last rep.

Will be back out for a spin on the bike tomorrow, I'll check with the Chairman to see if he's available to help me out ?


Sunday, September 10, 2017

Recovery Swim at PAP

'Hi my name is Timothy Lindop and I am a d!ck'
Yep there you go, after putting in one of my better weeks last week at training that saw solid workouts in the pool, on the bike and running I then went and undid it all with a 3 day drinking binge. Absolute stupidity and with less then 2 weeks to Berlin its certainly not the thing I should be doing and I know I'll be cursing when I hit the 30k marker come the big day.

Anyway another week and hopefully I get back in the groove this week? Started very gingerly this morning and even 7 min/ks with clients was a battle and was hanging out for that first morning coffee.
Took myself to PAP later and eased into a 1k to begin before trying to work harder for 10 x 100m reps off a certain time. Certainly nothing spectacular again but felt a million times better for it once it was done
2ks all up.

Will be back running tomorrow for the 3 x 2ks reps ..... Its going to hurt.


Friday, September 8, 2017

More Bike Training

This Nepean Tri at the end of October is fast gathering momentum and after Tom and my bike set on Wednesday others were keen to get involved.
Experienced Tri boys Kroney, Eoin as well as tough cookie Macca were the latest to head to Centennial for a session that I suspected would be pretty full on. A few warm up laps before we were ready for the 'Hot Lap' and it was the usual fast first 300m. Leechy boy didn't get his nickname for nothing and was straight on my wheel but Kroney was happy to cycle right beside me all the way. Poor Macca though must have wondered what had hit him and had fallen off the back even by the Randwick gates that then made it tough solo especially around the Fox Gates. Worked hard but happy to stop for a 5.49 lap with the others doing very similar.
Easy lap followed before the double lapper and decided I'd let the Leech do some work and was happy to sit in for half a lap before I felt he was struggling a tad and sucked in the big ones and pushed ahead. Then worked solo for a lap before I sensed the other two were back on my wheel and from there it was just a case of pushing hard to the line to see it out.  Sub 12 minutes for the dual lap and then a much welcome easy loop before our final effort that had the Leech suggest we work it together and each try 400m at a time leading. Worked well, but each time you had done a turn it was bloody tough getting back on the wheel to avoid being dropped. 5.43 to end as we were all pretty spent by the end of it.
Effort laps, 5.49, 11.54, 5.43
Did another lap or two as a cool down and in search of Macca who came to the realization that he has plenty of work to do before October 29th if he's to worry the big boys on race day.
Cracking morning and starting to enjoy the bike again now that I have managed to get a few sessions under the belt. Enjoyed a post ride coffee with the boys as the latest odds were discussed with Macca still reeling about how short his odds were as he left a broken man.

Big weekend coming up with the return of the Premiership footy, Massive game at the Brit between the boys and Man Utd. Big ask this one with Manure firing early in the season. Stoke will be up for it mind and I'm tipping them in an upset.
Stoke 1 v Man Utd 0

Out to watch the Swans on Saturday evening as well in the first of the finals - Take the Swans to win by 22

Have a great weekend
Train well
Stay Safe

Thursday, September 7, 2017

HuRTS Pyramid Set (1,2,3,4,3,2,1)

2k swim first up and had some guru in my lane who must have took pity on me and offered some help, even had the little beeper metronome that he let me use that kept me honest for the bulk of it.

Down to Rushcutters and with the regular closed with G.U.R it was over to nearby oval #2 for the mentally tough Pyramid session that includes 1,2,3,4,3,2,1 full lap (400m) efforts . A top group today with old regulars Leech, Branagan Brothers, Enda, Scotty, Toby, Krone and great to see Tommy H back for his first proper HuRTS set in a long time.
A single first lap to begin in 78 seconds kept me in the first group thereafter (even if I was last) but was happy to work off Leech and Brendan for the remainder. Happy to keep it all under 3.30 pace and mentally the 4 lapper was very tough to get through, Its more a relief after that knowing you are on the home stretch but I was still moving OK throughout.
Single lap to go and still had some petrol in the tank so kicked it down and was able to finish it off with a strong 74 second 400m lap
Times, 78, 2.48, 4.16, 5.54, 4.20, 2.43, 74

Another great session that I enjoyed and I do get more out of it when I'm running with the old school who I seem to bounce off especially when the old banter fires up.

Lined up a bike session in the park tomorrow morning, Macca, Enda, Leech, Super Kev, Paulie Hannell have all shown an interest so it should be a fun and enjoyable set if all rock up.


Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Centennial Bike 20k Time Trial

Man in form Tommy H put the call out to join him for a cycle session around the park and with the amount of Ks he's been putting in I knew I'd be doing well just to stay anywhere near him. I suggested a 20k time trial that consisted of 3 flat laps plus the hill that gave us 6.65k each time around.
Gun goes off and whilst I battle to click in Tommy H takes the advantage and is fast away, soon catch him then make a big effort to go past in the hope of putting a gap between us. Failed miserably, and then find him on the wheel for a half a lap. A very windy day and I'm battling on the front before the 'Geordie Boy' repays me with interest and bolts away. Do my best to stay with him but with the 700m hill to come his strength comes into play and he goes even further ahead.
Lap one done in 10.54 and from here on in it was two laps solo just trying to keep it relaxed whilst keeping the pace honest especially into the wind on each lap.
Any advantage I may have gained on the faster straighter sections I was losing again on the hills but I was happy to see the 3rd lap out in exactly the same time as the 2nd
Overall time for the 20k was 33.48 averaging 35ks per/hr with the Chairman a good 25 odd seconds ahead ( I think he said?)
Lap times 10.54, 11.27, 11.27
Brilliant session and despite Tommy being far stronger then me I reckon we got more out of the session by working solo then had we took turns on the front for the 20ks.
So its Geordie Boy 1 vs Stoke Battler 0 in the bike stakes but although he may have taken the battle today he still hasn't won the war as we head to Nepean Tri the end of October :).  Means I just need to get more work done on the bike over the next 7 weeks or so.

Will be back out on Friday on the bike and have already lined another top shot up in Ireland's #1 Macca to join me to see what he has to offer.

Tomorrow its back to the pool.


Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Windy Barangaroo 1k Reps

Cycled into the city and after a short warm up with Laura I soon realized that today's session was going to be tough due to the high winds that was sweeping over the water.
Intended on going more controlled pace anyway today instead of trying to blast each one out but with a big enough group I think the key was just to tuck in where I could to avoid the cross-winds.
It was like Paddy's Day all over with the likes of Enda, Macca. Leech, Jac, Billy Batt and Dave Casey all in attendance and once the front 3 (Q, Fats and Mikey L ) all got away I found myself running much of the session behind Macca & Enda but in with Jack the Lad, Marko,  Marc Ashworth and the Leech.
A steady 3.27 to kick off and I was keen to hold that for the rest that I was for once able to do. All 6 reps pretty consistent and once done I saw Jac who was keen for another and offered to pace her thinking a steady 4 min per/k would work perfectly. Unfortunately she was having non of it and decided that it would be her 'Hot Lap' and preceded to romp home in 3.39 Luckily #8 back to the start was more a cool down before I collected the bike and returned to the Inner West cycling like Mrs Daisy.
Reps; 3.27, 3.26, 3.26, 3.26, 3.27, 3.24, 3.39

Tomorrow I get to see first hand what all this fuss is about with Tommy H as I've agreed to do a few laps with him on the bike, Here's hoping I can even keep up.


Sunday, September 3, 2017

Sunday Log Run 25ks

Even earlier start then normal as I was awake and decided to sneak 5ks in solo before the usual 6.30am start time. Small team again with only the Irish team of Enda, Marko Branagan, Dub Vince, Brendan Fehon and Gerard to begin.
Usual 6k loop as we heard about Enda's lack of sleep and Brendan's PRO cycling days that may result in him returning for our Nepean battle in October? Returned to the café at 7am to nobody and we soon left the park to venture out to see some of Sydney's finest and pristine beaches along the East Coast. Up to Randwick, down into Coogee, Gordons Bay, Cloey, through the Cemetery and back up to Bronte battling the hills at the same time. Enda departed at Bronte to continue home as Gerard, Marko and myself made our way back to the park via Queens Park to complete a stunner of a 14k loop.
Got back to the café with 25ks done in 1hr:55 again averaging 4.36s for the morning that I was happy with especially factoring the hills and Saturdays effort.

Will take a rest day on Monday but be back for some speed work on the Tuesday.

Some good news to report and that our Chairman Tommy H has got his 'Times' like blog back up. Great for the insomniacs of the world but more importantly for my good mate in Singapore Michael Durante as it makes it so much easier for him to track this blog down.
If you are struggling to sleep check it out


Striders North Head 38.24

Warmed up with a revved up Macca out at North Head and Ireland's #1 was my boy for the day as I'd had a $20 bet with the Chairman that he would get within 90 seconds of Darren Jordan plus in doing so I thought if I stayed with him in sight then I could go low 37s for the day.
Smaller turnout these days for the Striders although I did see the likes of Hoey, Hamish, Renee, Nicky R as well as favourite Scotty toeing the line.
Fast start but keen to not go crazy and keep Macca in view just ahead trying to find a pack to get carried along with. Find myself running solo from about 3ks though that makes it a hard slog as you head back to the start line. Had Hoey sans pushing a pram nearly take me out at the roundabout at 4ks as he tried to go past on the inside that forced me wide and resulted on the pram on two wheels that I felt was unnecessary and I will be having words for it when I spot him next. Down to the Stone Arch and back out for loop two and I was battling hard to stay on my 3.45 pace per/K. Just tried to break each K down though and enjoyed seeing the faster guys on the way home at the 8k marker with Scotty and Criniti battling it out, I would have put my house on Scotty for the win at that point, however I later hear that old Uncle took him by 10 seconds.
Time was drifting and I was now running 3.48s but still on for a sub 38 run if I pushed hard for the last 1K, Saw the 10k click over on the watch with a 38.08 but unfortunately I still had another 100m up hill before I crossed the line and I basically crawled over with the annoying Anna White just ahead with her usual crying / collapsing antics over the finish line that I could have done without.
So a disappointing 38.24 finish when I was aiming for 37.45 I seem to be miles off every race lately although maybe I am a 38 minute 10k runner these days and have to forget about trying to get back into the 36s?
Still I'll keep plugging away.
Run of the Day, Macca with his 35.xx, and I'll collect the $20 at the same time as even if Darren would have run I doubt he would have run low 34's ?

Back out for Sunday long run tomorrow.

It must be early in the race as Macca #1361 is still in sight of me.


Friday, September 1, 2017

Friday Swim

Resisted the temptation to get out on the bike this morning preferring to save my legs a little for tomorrows Striders 10k instead. 
Decided though that a swim wouldn't harm and headed to PAP earlier than normal and armed with the trusty wetsuit knocked out a 1k straight in 17.54 Certainly wasn't the quickest I've ever done (down nearly 90 seconds on last weeks T/T) but I was more than happy just to feel comfortable turning the arms over. Angus rocked up soon after and then did a series of 200 and 100 reps as I tried hard to stay on his feet throughout. Even with the suit on I was getting dropped but he helped out big time and I was happy to end with a  final 100m in 1.28
2.5ks done in total.
Can honestly say I never look forward to the swim sets but once I've got them done I feel better for it and look forward now to the Spring and Summer warmer months.

So Striders North Head in the morning, will be a struggle and hoping to keep Macca in sight throughout that will help me around the 37.45 mark (tipping Macca to run a sub 37 though). Last final hit out for me before Berlin and even though I'm not in form I'll be looking for a solid run and hopefully a confidence booster.
Even with the Striders I'll also be looking to back up on the Sunday with another long run, hopefully be able to add a further 26ks once again.

No English premiership games  this week due to the International break, England has an easy game against one of the minnows of world footy in Malta away. For some reason we never seem to smash these teams as we should so with this in mind take the Malta 0 v England 2 scoreline.

Have a good weekend
Train/Race well
Stay safe

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Monna Fartlek

Early swim set down at PAP to kick start the day, wasn't the usual 3ks but content to jump out and head for morning coffee with my crew with 2ks recorded.

Meeting at the Passenger Terminal it was a small but good crew out with the likes of Leech (minus 6kgs), Brendan, Special Q, Sammy J and 'Queenslander' Muzza back for a trot with us.
Monna Fartlek was the go that I thought a perfect set with Saturday's Striders 10k in mind that I'm hoping to get to. Started alongside the Leech for the first 90 second effort but as is normally the case my recoveries are so much slower as I then try to bring the heart rate back down I find myself cast adrift thereafter.
Kept it honest around Barangaroo turning at 10 minutes and tried to lift for the homeward journey despite having to do each effort by myself. This set is good in the fact mentally you can get your head around just doing 60 & 30 second efforts. Happy to get back to the start line with 8 seconds to spare without anyone coming past me for the second half.
5.35ks done in the 20 minutes averaging 3.45s
Speaking to Leech after who did the same set averaging 3.39s and I reckon most of the difference between us would have been in the recoveries.
Decent warm down back around the Quay and Opera House with Sammy J, Leech and Brendan capped a good little quick session.

Will head to the pool tomorrow for a few Ks as well as hitting the bike first up.


Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Midweek Run with the Chairman

Into the city after lining up with the chairman Tommy H for a mid week trot. He's not been running for a few months now due to an ongoing injury so it was nice to see him back. Had Jack the Lad also join us and  I had great delight in continuing to rib him about his Arsenal teams woeful performances off late.
Cruisy pace through the Domain and Opera House with most of the talk once again on the footy and the upcoming Nepean that Tommy continues to talk up due to his new love 'bike leg' that has many of us worried.  Picked up Razor Wareham around Barangaroo area for few Ks and returned back to the Quay when Tommy called time with 12ks on the clock.
12ks in 54.52 all up averaging a steady 4.33 per/k


Sunday, August 27, 2017

Sunday Long Run 26ks - 1hr:56

Smallest Sunday turnout that I can recall to be honest with only Enda, Jack the Lad, and Nick in attendance for the 6.30am start. Still with the small turnout it gave us footy heads a good chance to  yarn about all the overnight scores from home and I wasn't about to miss the opportunity to remind Arsenal fan Jack about the Stoke result from the previous week.
Easy first 6ks before we were joined by Enda's colleague Gerard who looks a decent runner and the pace seemed to increase a bit. Still comfortable though and we pretty much held for the rest of the morning. Got back to the café and was more then satisfied with 26ks done in 1hr:56 averaging 4.29s all up. Still short on the Ks but at least it was probably the quickest Sunday run I've done for some time and it wasn't killing me.
Rest day tomorrow.
Headed out in the arvo over to the 'Dark Side' Manly to meet up with the lads watching the big fight/circus with the Irish Meat Head. Can't say I get too excited by it but it was a cracker of an afternoon as most of the talk centred on what is fast becoming the race of the year. The Nepean Triathlon has seen the likes of Macca, Kanser, Stankard, Highnam, Gleeson, Lindop, Reville,  Matthews, Heyden and Hannell all agreeing to a 'Head to Head' over the 3 disciplines.
Should be a fun event and the swim leg is worth the admission in itself to watch. Early days yet but if I was to do a trifecta I'd take the 3 Irish lads, Macca, Enda and the Leech. Although I might need to take the Leech out, as I think he's too strong in that company ( on the bases he can actually swim). Tommy H is the dark horse though and we all know about his famous swim leg but its the Bike that has everyone talking. Absolutely smashing it lately and will be a force to be reckoned with. Still can't believe the man has the cheek to want a 7 minute handicap start from ME ? .... He should be embarrassed
October 29th is the big day, its sure to rate higher then the Mayweather/McGregor circus.


Bike and 1k Swim Time Trial

An hour spent in the park on the bike that included a few 'Hot Laps' but as it was as windy as all hell the closest I came to breaking the 6 minute per lap was only 6.03 despite me working harder than usual.
30k in total.

Down to PAP for a lunchtime swim and it was time for the time trial. This month added a little more spice as it was the one and only time you were allowed to swim with wetsuits, paddles fins, basically any toy that may aid you over the course of 20 laps. I went with the wetsuit and paddles although many others did have 3 metre bloody flippers that I thought was taking it a bit far.
Good turn out and with the suit on I was certainly quicker as I stopped the watch in 16.33, that I worked out was about 1 minute quicker. Still no match for the flipper brigade though and Champ took full advantage being first home in around 15.30 ( he would normally be around 17.30) and got the prestigious 'Golden Duck' for the month of August.


Thursday, August 24, 2017

Deek 5k - 18.22

Over to Rushcutters and set up a 400m track on the oval and once a good team had assembled we decided to alter the session slightly from the 400m quarters to the Deek 5k, Not much to change to be honest as its an extra 200m to 5k and we start with a 400m float.
Had a pretty big week back and legs were already heavy and I thought if I could hold anywhere near 80 second /400m laps I'd be happy enough.
Cruised the first lap before tucking in with the lads and on the money with a 80 second lap, Do notice though that the fitter lads are able to float quicker then me and once this happens I'm pretty much solo after that. Held pretty much the same for each rep that I was pleased enough with, also as I say my floats are way too slow as I struggle to recover within the 200m.
Had the misfortune of getting lapped by Mikey L as I was coming through for my last 400 but managed to stop the clock in 18.22 averaging 3.36s for the whole 5ks
Times were;
80, 50, 81, 50, 80, 50, 81, 51, 82, 50, 82, 52, 82, 49, 81

Decent week of training and some Ks in the legs with my 4th straight day of running, Will take tomorrow off now and just spin the legs on the bike and swim.


Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Cremorne Point 13.5Ks

Into the city for a midweek run and met a small team for a trek over to the lower North Shore harbourside suburb of Cremorne Point.
Not done this run since the days of HuRTS legend Tucks back in the day and I had forgotten how hilly this route was. Pretty easy pace heading out over the bridge collecting Skippy and good old Razor Wareham along the way. Enjoyed a chat with Ray who I've not seen for the best part of the year due to injuries that took my mind of some of the hills around Kirribilli.
Despite the easier pace I was still feeling it and was happy to get back over the bridge and up Macquarie St before Renee told me we were all good for 13.5ks for the day.
65 minutes all up for the run, and with the 8 Ks this morning I was more than happy with the days work that saw another 20 plus added to the ledger.


Tuesday, August 22, 2017

45 Minute Continuous

Saturday, With the 40th Birthday Party on the Sunday I had every intention of running long on the Saturday but with work meaning I was about an hour behind the start time from everyone else it was always going to be a tough ask. Caught up with the team on Anzac Parade and headed back to the park before Enda requested one of the usual flat laps at sub 4 minute pace  (ended up at 3.45s). A bit early for that but went along with it anyway with Mark Branagan also nearby. Once done everyone seemed to depart although I coaxed Mark to do another 6k loop with me. After that I went around again but on 70 minutes and 16ks at 4.23 pace to my name I called it quits and retreated for brekkie.
Nowhere near the long run I wanted but with 4k with clients before I thought 20 was better than nothing.

Monday. Very easy 6ks with clients before Birchy joined me and we trotted out another pleasant 10ks. Only around the 5 minute per/k pace for 50 minutes but we pretty much discussed every part of the successful party night from the Saturday
16ks for the morning then enjoyed a post run coffee with Birchy who is on a weeks holiday.

Tuesday. Just about feeling right from the weekend and into the city to join the HuRTS team for the lunchtime set. 7 x 2 minute efforts ( 60 sec rec), 5 minutes easy then 20 minute tempo all the way back to see a continuous 45 minutes all up was the call.
Worked pretty hard on the reps tucked in with Marc Ashworth and Eoin and was averaging 3.54s by the time 20 minutes was up. The 5 min recovery I basically bludged before the tougher return trip back to the Stone Gates. Marc was soon to come past and I went with him and was also looking for help from the Leech ( that never came) as I was holding 3.55s in and around the Quay and Opera House sections. Usual battle on the hill by the ABC Pool but somehow found something again to reach the gates in 44.35 on the clock
Bloody tough session and happy to see another 11ks done in the allotted time.

Will try to get back out tomorrow for the midweek med/long run in an effort to make up the lost Ks from the weekend.


Thursday, August 17, 2017

Friday Cycle with R.Large.

After a pretty big evening with Birthday Boy Paul Birch in the city I was a little dusty first up but had promised I'd meet Richie Large for a spin around the park and was keen not to let him down despite wanting extra sleep on a rare morning off work.
Cycled over and was expecting an easy session but Rich's easy pace is more my tempo and I was doing well to keep up. Never dropped under 30 ks per/hr and on the hill laps I was getting dropped.
Managed to work into it though and got my own back on the 'Hot Lap' as I stopped the watch with a decent 5.49 effort despite the high crosswinds.
Good session all up and I returned home with near 45ks done in a little over 90 minutes, Richie goes pretty well on the bike and can now see why he's a good triathlete as he tells me he used to swim county level back in his day in England.

Busy weekend on the cards and with a big birthday bash to attend tomorrow night, it means I'll have to head out after work in the morning in order to get the long run in.

New footy season is upon us as well and as per last year the Timmy's Tip is back . The Potters are at home and entertain Arsenal Soft Lads. In front of a hostile and vocal crowd roaring them on back the boys.
Stoke 2 v Arsenal 1

Have a good weekend
Train Well, and party hard
Stay Safe

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Hills and 3k Tempo Set

A.M Headed to the pool to kick start a Thursday and knocked out 3ks in total, basically the same set as last week but I found I was loads stronger overall.

P.M. Post City to Surf numbers are always down a little as people take the week to recover and with Barts also sick I decided to join a small HuRTS team at the Stone Gates for the Hill + Tempo Double set for the day.
Small crew with only Fats, Marco Branagan and Rich Large from the regulars that I know well enough to have a bit of banter with.
10 hills that must be about 110 metres at best was first up and Marco was leading them out with Fats not that far behind, The key was not to smash them but run at a controlled pace and once I was sorted I found I was running the whole way with Mr Worswick. Time seem to fly pretty fast on this set although as I was coming to end #9 both Fats and the younger Branagan were about to come past completing there 10th.
A quick water break and about 20 of us set off as one and once a couple of the quicker boys broke away it meant I had this South American guy and Rich Large sitting on my shoulder as we headed to Mrs Macs Chair. Pace was honest at 3.37s and once 2ks was done Richie made his move and kicked for home putting a good 10 metres into me. Struggled on the final hill coming up over the expressway but still made it back to the gates in 10.50 averaging 3.40s (its just short of 3ks)
Only a small session of under 5.5ks all up but it was tough enough and happy to get it done.
Quick warm down with Fats and Rich High.


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Tuesday Tempo Run 10ks - 39.16

Tuesday, After sitting and reflecting on Sunday's effort I realized that once you feel as if you have hit the bottom then something needs to change. With this in mind I clearly need to reassess my training regime because obviously its certainly not working.
Rest day on the Monday and with legs still a little tender I thought the HuRTS broken One Milers was madness and decided to join #1 Barts for a change.  Now before I get too carried away Barts was on his easy recovery set that was 60 minutes at 4 min/Ks that I thought either 10ks or 45 minutes would be doable?
Also making a late appearance was Andy 'Skippy' Heyden who has also found some fine form of late.
Set off at the required pace and despite it being a tad faster then I thought I was able to hold pretty comfortably (even if Barts and Heyden were doing the bulk of the talking), Through the Domain, Quay and Passenger Terminal area to Barangaroo  and back to the Quay saw me rack up the 10ks in 39.16 averaging 3.56s
Run with the boys till they departed and carried on up Hickson that meant running the final 2.5ks on my own but happy to maintain the pace throughout and actually run it faster then I could manage on Sunday.
Still had my watch set up from Sunday that had my Ks splits and they were.
3.56, 3.52, 3.56, 4.04, 3.55
3.54, 3.49, 3.53, 4.01, 3.50

Wednesday, Very easy 10ks  with clients as they were on 1k reps ranging from a 4.10 pace through to 5 min/ks for 6ks then 4k even slower.

Will be back out for some speed work Thursday but need to get the swim set done first up that's going to hurt even more.


City to Surf 56.20

Arrived early as usual for the biggest run of the year and the first person I met was a disappointed looking Andy Cross who was battling a foot injury and was doing well not to just stay on the train and return back to the Shire.
A decent warm up and then over to the start area that's always a buzz, greeted many before hitting the start line alongside 'Special Q' (Quentin) steadying myself for the 14k slog to Bondi.
Its a fast start and got a nice shout out from Renaud on the sidelines spectating before entering the Kings X tunnel, but as early as the 2.5k mark of the run I knew I was struggling. Pace dropped entering Double Bay and only hit the 5k marker at O'Sullivan St where Tommy H was supporting around the 19 minute mark. With breathing very heavy even before Heartbreak I purposely slowed it down in an attempt to bring the heart rate back and when Erika joined me on the hill I tried (in vein) to work with her. Lasted all of about 45 seconds before I was reduced to the dreaded 'Walk of Shame'. The next 2 minutes were torture not just as I saw time drifting but the fact many were coming past me and I couldn't do nothing about it.
Latched onto Pete Truscott for a couple of Ks and then Pete Walker flew past at 9.5ks, Another tough section comes at Dover Heights at 10k where I've not even hit 40 minutes and from that point I was more than happy to just cruise it home even on the downhills and enjoy the occasion for what it is. That said, I thought if I pushed the final couple of Ks I was on for a 56 (meaning sub 4 min/ks) , but again I was forgetting the final 1k is a punish even when running well and I was only able to see it out for a finish time of 56.20
Very disappointed with the run time and how it went that resulted in my slowest time for years.  Knew I wasn't in great shape but I've been doing the hill work so to have it get the better of me was very soft on my part. Still, even with the run part it certainly wasn't about to spoil the day and once showered and all cleaned up I enjoyed a fine brekkie around the Stankard's thanks to Ange and Enda before heading back down to the beach for the customary marquee care of 'Allens' that our Tommy Highnam always gives me the nod for. Quality afternoon with the gang in good form as the results are quickly filtered through. As usual there is the Good, Bad and simply superb runs and a few that took my eye were, Angus 50 (never seems to run badly these days) Taffy Craig PB in 55 (smashing me for the 2nd race on the trot), and Darren Jordan with another 50 minute effort, The poor was Jeet, 55 for him that he will be very disappointed with ( although in fairness he had been sick the week before). The best was to come in the form of 'Me, Myself and I Man ... John Bartlett who blew it away storming to an 8th placing overall with a  time of 44.32 and has certainly taken it to a HuRTS high level with all his new training regime.

Once the tent was drunk dry it was over to the Bondi Hotel where things got a little blurry, although I do remember seeing the last of the boys off in Craig ( and his mates) , Neil and Birchy, but not much after that point.

Cracking day and once again many thanks to all that made it especially Enda and Tom for the brekkie and post race drinks it really does make it such a great day out for everyone.

My splits ( for what its worth) were.
7.20 (1 &2), 3.52, 4.01, 3.43, 3.57, 5.22, 4.14, 3.55, 4.31, 4.03, 3.49, 3.33, 3.49

A few pics from the day.

It was a battle ...just to finish.
with Enda on the couch watching the overnight footy I was forced to do the brekkie on the BBQ
A fun day with mates, Jac, Eoin, Birchy and Craig
with Legends Barts fresh from his 44 minute run and all round top man Tommy H.
Hard pushed to find a better place to be on the 2nd weekend in August - with Leech, Hamish, Jac and Shire Lass Laura James.
Nicky Roberts and his team took out the 'Golden Shoe' team event.
Timmy Run of the Day - without doubt Barts .
Enda did finally make it down and enjoyed late arvo beers with Tom and Hamish.


Friday, August 11, 2017

Park Cycle

Warmest morning of the winter yet and with a barmy 17 degrees at 7am it was a delight to head to the park for a few Ks on the bike.
Caught up with a few old mates and basically chatted away and in no time I had returned home with near on 45ks done in 1hr:40 feeling great.

Massive weekend on the cards in what is my favourite race in the calendar year - The City to Surf 14k run to Bondi. Got to be one of the hardest runs around that tests even the best of them. Even when in good form this race doesn't guarantee you a good time and you are forced to work the whole way. I'm not in good form myself so it will be another battle but I've been doing plenty of work on the course and know it pretty well by now so I'll be giving my best shot as per usual.
The boys have been in great shape so once again I'll be keen to see who takes top spot. Scotty is the #1 at the moment but for this race I'm tipping Barts to turn him over. I just think his experience will be the deciding factor. Keep an eye out for Mikey Lichwark who has been knocking big Ks out (150 plus) and is capable of upsetting many. About time the classy Jerome put some runs on the board as well and I'm predicting a decent run from him.
My Top 3 from the team, 1. Barts, 2. Scotty, 3. Quentin
For my teams I'll go, 1. Barts, 2. Nicky Roberts, 3. Scotty O

If the race itself is good then the post events are even better mostly thanks to Enda's hosting and Tommy H's tent on the beach. Always a great vibe throughout the afternoon and one of my customs is trying to guess what time The Chairman lasts and get carried out to his Uber taxi.
*For the record, I'm predicting he's homeward bound by 7.30pm

Have a good weekend.
Race/train well.
Stay safe and I'll catch  you all in Bondi.


Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Back at P.A.P

Prince Alfred Pool (PAP) reopened on Monday so I was keen to get my regular Thursday morning swim set going. To be honest my swimming has been very poor since the China trip back in May and apart from a set here and there with Crossy Lad its been non existent. With my usual swim partner back blasting a few home truths I committed to 3 swims a week going forward with the Thursday 3k set the key one.
Was struggling from the start but just kept plugging away until the 3ks was done mixing it up where we could. Times were less than average even just trying to sit on feet but it was never about the times today.
Tough set but it did make the coffee and Turkish toast taste all the better after.

Its been a while but I thought it time to bring back the Timmy Movie Review after getting myself out to watch the latest blockbuster 'Baby Driver'. Heard so much of the hype surrounding this one especially with all the car chases etc, but sadly I failed to see why it got so much praise. OK, The car action is very good and makes 'The Italian Job' look like the Magic Roundabout and the music tracks are very cool but I found I was getting bored with the story line by the half way mark.
Go and see if it car action movies are your go, but for me I wish I'd have gone to see Dunkirk instead.
2.5 Boxes of Popcorn out of 5.

Will continue to rest up tomorrow and probably turn the legs over by spinning around the park on the bike in the morning.

Tomorrow I will review the City to Surf contenders from the team and who I'm tipping to be first home, as well as who to look out for.


Tuesday, August 8, 2017

HuRTS 36 minute Fartlek - 3,2,1 x 4

Into the city and met a decent team out that included Walker, Leech, Champ, Macca, Ronnie, Hipster, Jerome and a surprise appearance fresh from his weekend Weetbix success Renaud. Set was 3, 2 and 1 minute efforts with 60 second break in between each ( 9 mins) by 5 rounds but with C2S on Sunday I thought 4 would be more than enough.
Pitched in with the likes of Leech, Macca and Renaud as we breezed along for the efforts but I found I was far slower on the recoveries that meant by the time we come out the Domain I was already behind. Reached the Passenger Terminal alongside Frenchman #2 Dominik on the 18 minute turnaround and tried to lift for the homeward journey. Was feeling OK but on rep #4 I was finding on each of the efforts I was hitting the 3 hills (Mrs Macs, ABC Pool and the last one coming back over the expressway) that made it a killer. Had the quicker guys come past me over the last few minutes and I was way short of the Stone Gates as the clock ticked over 36 minutes.
Managed to get back in 36.44 covering 9.25ks for the session, averaging 4 min per/k
Found the set tougher than what it should have been and I now really need to freshen up before Sundays race if I'm to get to Bondi in a reasonable time.

Prior to the session we conducted our HuRTS City to Surf team draw that saw some good teams formed, Race favorites has to be Captain Nicky Roberts and this band that include Angus, Heyden and Dickie Large all in good form and will be hard to beat. My tip however is Barts and his Also Rans with number 5 runner Leech capable of running 50 minutes
The team I do feel sorry for is C.T , he's not in good form and to make matters worse he has to carry half of Ireland although in his favour he does have Mikey L who will probably beat C.T home this year.
My Trifecta for the Day is;
1. Barts and the Also Rans
3. Scotty's Sensations

Very easy 8ks with clients around the park early doors before dropping in to the re opened PAP for a few laps. Nice and cruisy 1600m before venturing over the road for coffee and muffins.


Sunday, August 6, 2017

Sunday Long - City to Surf Course

A 6.30am start saw a small team for the regular 6k loop that included, Laura, C.T Marko Branagan and North Shore boys who ventured over the bridge in Leech and Jerome. Easy pace before returning to the café to find Barts, Scotty O and Lewis ready to join.
Unfortunately that was the last we saw of them though as Jerome, Mark, Leech and I decided to head out the park once again and hit the City to Surf course for a final hit out before the big day next week. Stunning morning as we headed down New South Head Rd before the tough climb up Heartbreak made even harder with the big headwind hitting us all the way (lets hope that's not the same next week). Up and over Dover Heights and back into Bondi Beach that looked as good as ever that had the North Shore boys drooling. 20ks done at this point and the start coming from the beach is a killer, very steep and as Jerome & Mark seemed to cruise both Eoin and I were struggling. A regroup at the top before easing our way back to the park and happy to hit the café with just under 25ks done for the mornings hit out.
24.6ks in 1hr:53 averaging 4.37s, pretty happy with that considering the hills covered and the way I was feeling throughout.
Ks were: 5.04, 4.48, 4.32, 4.37, 4.40, 4.35, 4.43, 4.42, 4.30, 4.44, 4.23, 4.36, 4.46, 4.40, 4.28, 4.28, 4.28, 4.24, 4.15, 4.37, 4.46, 4.55, 4.18, 4.24, 4.05

Enjoyed a coffee with the team post run.

Rest day tomorrow.


Thursday, August 3, 2017

Getting back into it.

Tuesday. After a week in Uluru with limited sleep, excessive alcohol and averaging about 4 buffet breakfasts each day I knew my first session back was going to hurt. Met up with once again a small team at the Passenger Terminal and once Brendan had barked out his orders for the 2k reps we were away. You can tell it was a smaller team when Brendan is leading the first group out and I was happy just to piggy back on both Enda and Angus Boyd to help carry me home in 6.56
Return leg harder as Macca and Marc Ashworth were my help but by the time the 2ks were done I was pretty much the same. 3rd rep and I was dropped as early as the bridge at 500m and basically just happy to tempo the rest of the way tucking in with Champ and Big Sam T.
Times, 6.55, 7.03, 7.30
A decent cool down with Enda, Brendan and Jack the Lad got me to 12ks for the day.

Wednesday. 8ks first up with clients and after heading into the city I was surprised to see Hoey and Taffy2 Craig waiting and ready to join for the final City to Surf midweek run with me. Pretty easy heading out enjoying a chat before the steady climb up Heartbreak, No one really pushed with Hoey about 15m ahead of me and I the same for Craig. Pace picked slightly on the return as I got back to the car at Woolloomooloo with just under 15ks done averaging 4.44s
23ks for the day

Thursday. Swimming been slack lately once again so found the time with clients to knock out a steady 2ks. Nothing hard but really do need to keep it ticking over especially in the colder winter months.
Down to Rushcutters at lunch and set up the cones for the 400m efforts, Small but decent team out and with the 'Elites' doing there own thing it was Lewis leading the charges around. Once again I found myself behind Angus and keeping Enda honest throughout.
Times down slightly but was coming in each time around 75-76 and somehow managed to finish it off with a fast lap 68

Friday. Headed to Centennial on the bike for a few cruisy laps, cold but lovely morning although the park was pretty quiet and I found myself getting bored until some Galah decided he wanted to suck my wheel the whole way and sit in. Annoying at first but it did mean I was being kept honest as I ticked the Ks off. A good 60 minutes on the bike before returning home.

Not a bad week back in the end. Striders 10k tomorrow, not sure I'll get to do due to work but its a great run at Lane Cove especially with City to Surf only one week away.

Have a great weekend
Train/Race Well
Stay Safe

Monday, July 24, 2017

Double Shot Tuesday Run & Bike Centennial

Legs were still heavy from Sunday but new dad Enda put in a call for the early morning session so along with Birchy we were set to go for some 1k reps at 6.15am
Usual 2k warm up all the while I got to listen to Enda moan about his lack of overnight sleep, waking every 2 hrs with new baby Evie (oh God it was torture honestly )
Started out at a decent gallop whilst Enda was more than happy to let me do the donkey work as we crossed out in 3.32, repeated for the 2nd before he fired up and I basically went the other way. Limited the damage best I could but felt my form had gone and once the 5th was done I decided I was as well. Didn't even wait for the full 90 seconds recovery and ambled back to the start line until Enda was nearing then decided to help him, out for the final 500m or so
Times. 3.32, 3.32, 3.35, 3.35, 3.36, 3.52
Decent 6k cool down with a client to follow made a solid 14 for the morning before heading to the nearest coffee house.

The bike Trash Talk continues to gain momentum and when Tommy H requested some help with hot laps I thought I'd go and give it a bash. Once a warm up was done we agreed on 2 x fast lap efforts, 1 x recovery and then 1 x fast to end with. Now Tommy H might not look the part of a cyclist in his Black Magic Turtle neck sweater and his Lycra pants but don't be fooled the Geordie Lad can move. Keen to test early and put the hammer down I went to the front whilst 'H' was happy to sit in with me, delighted to complete the first in 5.37 but knew I'd not be able to hold again. Pace dropped slightly but surprised to only lose 12 seconds with a 5.49 lap.
A recovery lap was much in need as we both nearly died coming over the finish line before it was on again. Hit the front only this time coming around the Fox Gates 'The Beast from the North East' rallied and found something just as I was about to blow a gasket. Tried to hold on but it was in vain and I was only able to come across in 5.52
Great little set all up and cycled back home pretty knackered having done 36ks for the day.

A big few days overall , forgot to mention my Monday swim as well. Anyway I think I've earned myself a well earned break for a few days. Heading to Uluru in the morning that hopefully will mean I get the chance to run the Half on Saturday, if nothing else I'll be happy to relax in the grounds of the resort.

Have a good week

Sutherland to Surf 11k - 41.39 , 45th overall.

Down to Shire town for the 2nd weekend in succession for the highly popular running of the 11k Sutherland to Surf. Trained down with Birchy and after 2ks warm up with Birchy a few friendly hellos to locals Laura and Crossy we hit the start line. Lined up on the front row with Crossy Lad and moments before the gun was about to go young upstart Harry Summers ambles up and arrogantly stands directly in front of Crossy that got his back right up.
Its a bloody fast start this one and although keen not to get carried away find there is a mass of people ahead by some distance even before the main road cross over at 500m. I go past Laura around the 800m mark and soon after see a 3.26 first Km recorded. Hold steady thereafter feeling as if I'm ticking along OK  before the first of the climbs comes near Westfield Miranda at 4.5k, Struggle to get over the top but happy to pass through 5ks in under 18 minutes. A few rolling hills after but feel as if I'm tiring before the long stretch of a hill around the Woollaware area before the 9ks and my cause is not helped as perhaps the only person to come past was Belinda Martin with her son, that in itself is no shame but the fact was he was only 9 years of age certainly had me double blink. Tried to lift it heading down into Cronulla and started to do the sums in my head that a respectable  40.xx was on the cards but had forgotten the last 1k is the toughest on the course and despite having the stunning beach views I was gonski and certainly didn't finish feeling strong.
Crossed out in 41.39 average pace 3.44s, Pretty happy with that and its good to get a race under the belt especially after the past month with interrupted training and head colds. Disappointed though with the 2nd half of the race and I reckon I lost somewhere between 60 - 90 seconds over the course of 6ks
A great event this one and once done caught up with the gang in the Cronulla Tent care of Crossy with Birchy taking the p!SS cleaning out the pancakes on offer for everyone.
Enjoyed a mid morning coffee where Laura redeemed herself for last weeks ordinary effort by taking us to the finest coffee house in the Shire before returning to Wanda Surf Club for the afternoon on the deck refuelling our battered bodies. Left with wobbly legs and then caught up with old mate Kanser in the city for a few pints and even better banter for a few hours.
Splits for the day. 3.26, 3.29, 3.34, 3.38, 3.48, 3.48, 3.45, 3.52, 3.51, 3.47, 3.56
A few photos from the day.

Its never pretty, but happy to finish with a 41 minute run.
Stunning morning in Shire Town, with Birchy, Laura and Crossy Lad.
It may have been 22 degrees but Crossy Lad still feels the cold and needed his coat.
#1 supporter for the day Wol even supplied the post race beers - top man.
Selfie time with the locals - Laura and hubby to be Wol.
Todays stats, being in a new age group does have its advantages I suppose.


Thursday, July 20, 2017

Double Day Friday - Bike & Swim

Cycled over to the park and with all the verbal Trash Talk what's been going on between some I was keen to back up from last Friday's first session and try to rack up a few more Ks. Cruised around for a few laps before deciding to test myself with a couple of 'Hot Laps' (fast single loops 3.7k). Didn't look at the watch once but with the high winds on what is usually the faster parts slowing things down I knew I'd be doing well to get anywhere close to a 6 minute lap. Delighted then to get back around to the flag poles and stop the clock dead on 6.00 A loop easy then basically repeated, only this time I knew I was slower at the start that would ultimately cost me time but was reasonably happy to stick down 6.04 for the tough effort.
Long way to go and lots of work to do on the bike, I remember being able to do single laps in and around the 5.30-5.40 mark at one time but hopefully I'll get my bike fitness back especially once the warmer months return as I do like the cycling.
Returned home via the coffee house as 48ks ticked over and in truth the legs were pretty much cooked and I reckon a 50k cycle would be my limit at the present time.

With the promise of an indoor swim I was able to coax Crossy Lad out to join me at Ian Thorpe Pool at lunch for what was supposed to be an easy/recovery swim. Nice to see Pete Walker, Champ, Laura and Sonya also in attendance and after giving Crossy the set we were off. Bloody Hell, as early as the first 200 rep I was in strife as I was struggling to hold 1.45s per/100m. Forced to get the hand paddles out I was still in the hurt locker with my fastest of the day done in 3.21
Just about got through them and with Crossy finding it very amusing I was then demoted over to the 'medium' pace lane to join Laura to get my cool down done to bring up the 2ks for the day.
Jesus, that hurt and my swimming has suffered over the past 6 weeks or so. Still that's what happens when you only swim one session a week easy I suppose so can't grumble.

Crossy with his trusty camera, Laura and Champ. you can tell its the end as we are smiling, I wasn't that happy whilst doing the 200m reps.

Going to try for another quiet weekend, Sutho to Surf is Sunday so I may head to the Shire (again) for an 11k hit out, a race that I always used to use as a good lead up race 3 weeks out from City to Surf.

Have a great weekend.
Train/Race well
Stay safe

12 x 400s and 2 x 1k Rushcutter Oval

Down to Vic on the Park Pool first up and with my smaller than usual swim squad due to the forced change whilst PAP is under repair I jumped in and basically did the set session with my team. After a warm up it was 10 x 200m and just took it in turns to lead the lane with my fastest swimmer I have.
A decent cool down and jumped out with 2.5ks under my belt that I was pleased to get done.

After getting snubbed by Crossy lad citing it was too cold and he only wanted to run easy I was forced to lift my game when I agreed to run with the men in form Scotty and Barts for a session down at Rushcutters Oval at lunchtime.
Massive set from the #1 and 2 with 16 x 400m followed by 2 x 1k but I had already decided that 12 x 400s were my limit especially if I were to follow up with the 1000m efforts to end. Didn't want to kill myself to start with but even on the first I knew it was going to a tough session as the wind on the far side of the oval around the 330m mark was a killer. Kicked it off with a 75 second effort and happy enough to say that I managed to get them all around that with the slowest being a 77
Rogered at the end but still had to endure 2 x 1k reps and basically just put the head down and got through them best I could, trying to break each rep down into smaller sections
Times. 75, 77, 76, 77, 75, 76, 77, 77, 76, 77, 78, 76
1K Reps 3.26, 3.26

Tough old set certainly, made harder by the fact I was pretty much running solo especially into the wind on each lap and although the times are not that flash the effort was certainly there today.

Rest day tomorrow, will try to get entice Crossy Lad out for a swim, might help if I tell him we will swim indoors at the Ian Thorpe Pool ?


Monday, July 17, 2017

3 x 10 minute efforts Centennial Park

Shire girl Laura joined Enda, Birchy and myself for the early morning start session within the park and after a 2k warm up we decided that 3 x 10 minute efforts was the order of the day.
Just stayed on the path for the 'out' leg and tucked in beside Enda as we ticked off the first 1k in 3.37, remained pretty steady for the 2nd and as he called out the 10 minutes we were around near McKay Oval just shy of 2.8ks
The return leg is harder and it wasn't long before The Galway Flash has opened up a gap on me, tried to keep it honest though as he was a lot faster and I found I was only about 20m short of the original start line when the same 10 minutes was called. Was feeling fatigued at this point although I knew I'd get through the last one and once again despite Enda pushing on I was able to get to the same position as the first rep with  Laura not that far behind as well.
A couple of Ks cool down and another solid session was banked, Strange set as we all said that the breathing felt fine today but our legs wouldn't turn over any faster to record quicker times ? Not sure what to make of that one.
Enda run strong and would have been doing close on 3.30s at the end, Laura wasn't that far behind me on each rep, whilst Birchy is finally starting to put a little consistency back into his running that will soon see him return to form.

I'm a little worried about Laura to be honest as I don't think my 30 second handicap start will be enough for this weeks Sutho to Surf against her. Yes I know I'm probably slightly quicker at the moment but on home turf, local knowledge and with the crowd support it may be enough for her to take the dollars ?

13ks all up for the morning


Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sunday Shire Run 21ks

Saturday. Finished work early enough and was undecided what to do running wise? Stay in the park or shoot over to St Peters. Went with the 5k Park Run but was very flat and un-motivated even before the start and with no-one that I knew around the front end I was beaten even before the gun went. Went through the first 1k OK but after that it was simply shocking, ambled up the hill, seem to stroll the downhill and went through the motions for the remainder except maybe the last 600m where I worked out I was still on for a sub 19 minute effort if I upped the tempo.
Crossed out with a second to spare in 18.59 for a 7th placing but it was ugly at best.
Splits were; 3.29, 3.53, 3.45, 4.04, 3.42 Average 3.47s

Sunday. Needed a change of scenery for the first Sunday long in a few weeks so it was down to 'Gods Country' and a visit to the Shire for the Audley National Park trail run. Lined up Jac, Birchy, Jeet, Taffy, as well as local host Lady Laura on what could have been the possible coldest start to a run for the winter so far.
Very easy pace heading out mainly with Taffy and Birchy before kicking on a little with Jac to the turnaround at 10.5ks. A little regroup before turning and retracing our steps as Laura & Jac chatted away as time flew by so quickly. Stunning run and one that had us all remarking that we should do more often when we want to get away from the park anytime.
Returned back to the weir with 21ks done in 1hr:44 minutes averaging a very sensible 4.59 average. Probably not as long or as fast as I should be doing but the scenery, terrain, tranquility and the chat made it a perfect hit out.
A quick coffee followed, before Laura took us for what was supposed to be the 'Shire's finest brekkie, All I will say on that is, I'm glad Hoey wasn't with us - he'd have had an epileptic fit especially when our host was charged and extra $3 for one strawberry cut up into 8 to go with her toast . Appears like its only Erko and the Eastern Suburbs you can order a decent brekkie these days?
Other than that we had many a laugh and a top morning had by all.

Rest day Monday but will be back on Tuesday and 4 good solid weeks to come.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Back in the Saddle

With a bit of talk going on with the lads about a possible 'Head to Head' triathlon race at Nepean in October I thought I'd better take the opportunity to get the bike back out for its first outing since summer for a few laps around the park.
Cycled over then a few easy laps and even pushed a few as I sucked along on some groups wheel. Returned home with nearly 40ks done, tough enough and once City to Surf is out the way (not to mention the colder weather) I'll be keen to get the bike going again.

Today was probably the first day in about two weeks that I was starting to feel normal again so lined up an easy 10k run with Crossy Lad, basically it was a repeat of the trot we did a fortnight back around the back of Darling Harbour, Fish Markets, Blackwattle Bay and then back into the city via Anzac Bridge. Good chat and banter along the way with Crossy dressed like a Myer's dummy with his 2XU gear on from head to toe.
10ks done in 46.12 averaging 4.35s

Praying for an easy weekend coming, think I'm due one. Will try to get out tomorrow for a run then get my Sunday long going again with only 4 weeks to the big day.

Have a great weekend
Train well and stay safe

Thursday, July 13, 2017


Friday. Ventured over to the dark side of the bridge and joined the 'Bold and the Beautiful' team out for the Manly to Shelley Beach and back swim. Early start but had a great morning when the locals came out to play that included Warrior Charlie, Ireland's #1 Macca, Gleeso , Benny S, and most surprisingly Tommy H (in wetsuit but minus arms bands). Cold morning but water simply stunning.
Followed by a decent brekkie that is so often hard to come by NOTB, even if the service was average.
Top morning, but what was to follow for the rest of the day and weekend that included a surprise party left me lost for words.

Tuesday. Massive weekend and even come Monday night I was still struggling when Enda put an SOS call out to train early doors Tuesday.  A 2k warm up then we decide to knock out 3 x 2k  reps on one of my courses within the park. Joined also by Birchy the 2k consists of a easier first K but a hill in the 2nd that stings. Happy to hold Enda on the first even if the time wasn't the quickest, Struggled on the 2nd and basically it was just survival mode for the last. About 4 weeks back I did this session running all under the 7 minutes today I was not even anywhere close . Still its not every day you hit a milestone birthday and have one of the biggest weekends in years.
Times. 7.18, 7.23, 7.33
2k cool down and that will go down as one of the toughest of the year so far, just thank God I got through it.

Wednesday, Was rushing around all morning but eventually I managed to squeeze getting into the city for the midweek City to Surf run. Was in no humour at all and the legs and body in general were still in all sorts of pain from the weekend. Met Jac and Hoey (with his arm warmers to protect his puny arms) and after telling them I was going to be slow we were off and away. True to form the pace was well down, so much so that Renee and Brucie Lambert caught us just before Heartbreak. Didn't push the pace at any stage and just happy to run around the 5 mins per/k throughout.
Returned back to the car at Woolloomooloo with just over 15ks done in 74 minutes averaging 4.58s for the hit out.

Thursday. Swimming has been non existent over the past few weeks (apart from last Friday ) and with PAP now closed for some renovations I was forced to hit nearby Victoria on the Park to smash out a few laps. Nothing special at all and happy just to see out the 2ks, made even easier as I donned the NEW wetsuit kindly brought for me by my Thursday morning swim squad.

The past couple of weeks have been awful in terms of training, but the best on the social , but I really do need to get the training back on track now for the next month or so before the big City to Surf in the second week of August, and it all starts back tomorrow.


Thursday, July 6, 2017

Rushcutters 3k & 1k Reps

Happy to forgo the Thursday swim set as the birthday celebrations continued, this time with a big brekkie and yet another cake that was a nice gesture from my clients.
After adding an extra 3 kilos to my ever growing girth I headed down to Rushcutters after getting a 'special' invite from the top HuRTS kids on the block Scotty and Barts. Also honoured were Lady Laura keeping me honest, C.T, Lewis and some other guru named Jake that looked pretty handy as well?
Set was called that included a 3k to start with and it was the old 1k loop from way back, happy to keep it pretty even although I felt I was working far too hard on the 3rd and final lap. A 10.44 effort averaging 3.35s was a pass mark but as soon as the 1k broken reps were next up I was battling.
400m hard/200 easy/400m hard was the go and couldn't match the 2nd effort with my first on the 4s but still stopped the clock for 3.29
Second go was basically a repeat and when the body started to tighten up that was my way of telling me not to be a hero and to call it quits for the day.
2k Warm Up,
3k Effort in 10.44
2 x 1k in 3.29, 3.28 (400s in 74 &78)

Tough enough, especially after the weekends run and the past 4 days, although you'd not think so watching the lads blast around, I think the 5th rep they did was in about 3.06 to be honest and I remember a few years back when former favourite Tucks left that the boys (Tom, Barts, Q) took it up another level, well I think its been raised even further these days with the introduction of Scotty O and Nicky Roberts who I forget to mention yesterday as one of my runs of the day in the Goldie thanks to a 70 minute half marathon run.
Already looking forward to this years City to Surf to see what they can bash out ?

Rest day tomorrow, although taking my life at the mercy of the NOTB boys who have invited me over for an early morning swim followed by soggy rolls and lukewarm coffee. Its the brekkie I'm more worried about surviving than the swimming to be honest :)

A few more pics from the weekend.

a 70 minute half was right up there for Nicky R, seen here with #1 supporter 'Mad' Lizzy.

Taffy Jimmy and Craig.... words fail me.

Shire Head (Laura) and the Sledger (J.C) come together usually means trouble?

Solid running from Stevie Perry - 2.5? in the marathon and Jac with a 88 in the half.

Think the girls enjoyed Waxy's ?

Jac is always a good one to have out for a social night. normally drinking most under the table.

I think this was the final photo I took of the night , with Neil, Jac and Birchy.


Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Gold Coast Half Marathon 84.45

A mid afternoon flight to the Goldie with mate Taffy James arriving just in time to see the Lions spank the A.Bs and once that was in the bag I knew I was in for a weekend that would remain long in the memory banks for years to come.
Early start on the Sunday with the gun going off at 6am and after a panic that we'd not drop the bags in time (when isn't it with the Taffy lads) I was on the start line beside Jeet and Brucie Lambert with Erika not looking that confident just over my left shoulder. A week of sickness prior meant I needed to rethink race plans so took it out easier and was therefore surprised when Erika hadn't gone past me by the 5k stage of the race? I just tried to sit on a comfortable 4 min/ks to that point and did so until I started to feel the pace as early as 8k then it all started to get tough. You get some bigger support around the 10k before the turnaround that also gives you the opportunity to see those ahead as well as those close behind and I got a shock when I saw Taffy2 - Craig only about 30 seconds down on me.
The wheels were fast coming off from about 12k mark as the pace dropped to 4.07s so it was no surprise then when Craig went past looking strong around the 15k stage. Gone for all money when my 'Knights in Shining armour' appeared in HuRTS #1 & #2 Scotty O'Connor and Barts who were not taking NO as an answer in helping get me to the line. My protests fell on death ears and once I got my head cleared I was back moving at under 4 min/ks. The boys were both so positive as we got closer to the finishing line. One Kilometre to go and Barts boomed out to kick it down again and with his words '20k into the run Timmy, its not meant to be easy' still ringing we were fast going past people that had dropped me some 3ks back.
Its a great finish this race as you hit the grandstands on the swirly road home and I'm happy to see it out as I look at the clock in 84.45 when all appeared lost before half way.
Km splits were;
3.42, 3.52, 3.56, 3.53, 3.56, 3.57, 3.55, 4.00, 3.58, 4.01, 3.59, 3.59, 4.02, 4.03, 4.07, 4.04, 4.03, 3.59, 3.57, 3.57, 3.50, 3.25(200m)
84.45 ave 3.59s

Many thanks to the boys in helping out, I was struggling till that point but it does prove to me more than ever how much running takes place in the head as with them I was able to find some form later in the race.

As always in the Goldie it never fails to produce some fast times and plenty of Pb's along the way, Started well with the top lads blasting out the 10ks on Saturday and continued in the Half and Full distances. Leech put Marko to the sword with a 2.45 I believe (?) with the younger Branagan struggling to find anything over the final 10k
In the half, special mention to Jeet, Angus, Brucie and Jac on all fine runs but my 'Timmy Run of the Day' must go to my old client and student 'Taffy Craig Boyo who not only beat me but recorded a PB of over 5 minutes - Great effort that.

Enjoyed watching the marathon boys after come through at the 32k marker before heading for coffee and brekkie nearby with Laura, Jac, Barts, Taff Boys, and Birchy before it was all ON for the afternoon Birthday celebrations.

Down to Southport Surf Club where I was met with a big gang and packed pub out to watch a boxing match. Beers flowed as easily as the banter with everyone in fine form following a successful run morning. Must have stayed for about 5 hrs before the stagger out and onto the 'infamous' Waxy's dodgy bar for a fun filled night. At $3 bottles of Coronas there was only ever going to be one outcome and again we were on the money. Glasses toasted, dance floor hopping, Dazza Jordan taking on the local Goldie Gangster, Jeet showing the ladies how to throw shapes on the dance floor and even C.T seeing out his 6.45pm curfew made for a cracker of a night.
Come midnight and once Laura had been carried out by Jac, it was left to Leech, C.T, Birchy, Craig, and I  to see the night out as Leech got me another pint that just about tipped me over the edge before I called it quits with a 2am kebab.
Brilliant night all around and would like to thank everyone who ventured out making huge efforts on my behalf to make it one we wont forget - Cheers

A few pics from a top weekend.

3 of HuRTS best, Jac, Laura and Erika.
Great runs from Bruce and Gus in the Half.
As Ben and Eoin in the Full.
Fastest of the Day - talented Nicky Roberts, with Neil and Lizzy (nice dress Liz :)  )
Bonkers these two - Taffy Boyos - Jimmy and Craig.
With Craig, Birchy and the 'Best' Sledger in the business 'Hardman' J.C.
Its getting late, Jeet, Jac, Nicky R and Lizzy.
Two of the best runners and social heads , Darren and Laura James
Irelands #1 Leech and I , getting late.
Jeet #1 on the Dance floor.
Good mates who are never far away on the socials or if you ever need help with anything - Jac and Paul Birch.