Thursday, February 27, 2014

HuRTS 1k Monthly Swim T/T at A..B.C - 17.48

Today signaled the official last day of summer and with it came the cold and rain just in time for the monthly 1k swim time trial that we do down at the A.B.C Pool. It meant a very poor turnout with only 6 starters vying for the Golden Duck Trophy.
I’ve only done 1 swim this year so I knew I wasn’t going to trouble anyone and having seen the handicaps that only confirmed it as ‘The Champ’ was only giving me a 12 second start – this after him swimming the house down and NEVER missing a session for about 6 months and holder of 5 Golden Ducks. Pete Walker is a good mate and as honest as they come BUT when it comes to sorting the Handicaps out he hasn’t a bleeding clue (either that or he just enjoys looking after Telstra employees?)
So first away today and true to form ‘The Champ had me caught at the 150 mark, think he sat on my feet for the next 50 metres before I let him go ahead and then tried to sit on him, this lasted all of about 75 metres and I was gone. With only 6 of us in the pool we were ALL pretty much having to work by ourselves and I was really feeling the pace at the 600 mark. So it was a nice surprise when the Taffy Lad overtook me at 800 and dragged my sorry @r$e home for the final 200 as I touched out in 17.48
Pretty ordinary time and over a minute slower then the last time I time trialed back in December last year. It just goes to prove that I need to keep swimming just to maintain my ordinary level if not then its struggle street.
Despite ‘The Champs’ best efforts to rort the system it was ‘all rounder’ Todd who took the Duck today, but with the likes of Elan, Walker and Mermaid away recorded the fastest time of the day with a 15.18 to go with it.

Overall times were
Todd       15.18– golden duck winner
Angus    15.49
Cialis      16.26
Taffy        17.00
The Champ 17.19
Timmy      17.48

Pretty good weeks training overall, managed to get two good run sets in as well as a swim. With my best session coming yesterday in the 800s.

Will be back out for the longish Sunday run around the park this week

Best wishes go out to both the Chairman Tommy H and Barts who are both doing the State 10k track run at Homebush on Saturday evening, both in pretty good nick so will be interesting to see what time they can knock out.
I won’t predict a time for either, BUT I do hope that poor Tom doesn’t get lapped TWICE J
Also, in Kiwi land, PLOD is turning out in an Ironman, not really seen much of him lately but he normally peaks for such races so again expect a good time from the Irish number 1

Big weekend in the footy (once more) with Arsenal the latest to venture to the home of football. Mr. Wenger and his boys don’t like coming to the Potteries as it’s normally to rough for them and they get a good beating. So let’s hope that continues this weekend.
Timmy’s Tip – take the 1-1 draw (and I think Master Sweeney will be happy to take a point at that J )

Have a great weekend
Train well and stay safe

HuRTS 8 x 800s Rushcutters (rolling every 4 minutes)

Headed on down to Rushcutters to join the boys with near perfect conditions, a lot cooler, with a slight drizzle on a lovely surface made for some great running from the gang. Session was 8 x 800s and with Tucks leading the way on the first rep I sat in closely, followed in the first group with Mikey, Razor, Toddie & Skippy Heyden (what were those shorts he was wearing about though?) with Muzza and Barts joining in after the 3rd rep.
First rep as normal is always too fast as I crossed with a 2.33, Then had Mikey complaining about the pace although in truth it was too fast for me as all I wanted to achieve today was to knock them all out sub 2.40 (3.20 pace). Slightly slower on the 2nd but seemed to get it pretty right after that even if it did mean I was bringing up the rear on each rep.
Times for the 8 reps were as follows. 2.33, 2.36, 2.38, 2.39, 2.39, 2.40, 2.38, 2.34
Happy with that to be honest and probably best I’ve felt this year, Mikey continues to run well, apart from the first rep was always a couple of seconds ahead on each, Muz was flying (that lad has talent), Barts was just ahead of me cruising, and Tucks looked pretty consistent for each. Not sure what Chairman Tommy H was playing at in the 2nd group? Pussing around with the likes of the Jock man, and Rene & Elle just pushing the odd 200??

Andy 'Skippy' Heydens new shorts that he rocked up to Rushcutters in?

And Andy with his new training partner..


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

80 MINUTES EASY - 16 x 5 minutes

Just an easy morning today and run with all my clients for 80 minutes in total. Copied the HuRTS session that is 8 x 5 minute efforts twice. Run a few hard with the faster guys in the groups and a few slow. Again, nothing hard but good to get some ks in all the same.
Will get down to Rushcutters tomorrow to join the boys for the 8 x 800s that is on the program.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Tempo Time

Just stayed in the park this morning and decided on doing a little tempo session, Not one I do very often to be honest (and that’s probably where the problem is), Did a flat loop 3.7ks as a warm up then 2 x flat loops as the tempo. I found it hard to get going to be honest with the legs and in particular the quads sore still from Sunday.
Worked the first lap in 14.23 (average pace 3.54s), and then after a quick recovery drink went again for the second lap conscious of trying to pick the pace up more. Certainly started stronger but just felt the pace drop off around the hillier 3k mark near Fox Gates. Happy enough to cross the finish line averaging 3.48s with a time of 13.57.
A cool down lap then to round the mornings work off and nearly 15ks all done by 8.30am – happy days.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Striders Equalizer 14ks

 Decided to stay in the park after work and do the 5k loop that I was doing pre Christmas time in an effort to get some resemblance of speed work back.  Used to have the likes of Kanser and Taffy around when we did them but now it’s a case of toughing it out and doing them solo. Never felt great at any stage and even by the end of the 1st K it was another session where I was just happy to finish.
Looked like I’d been shot on the completion of 5ks – It’s not pretty.

Well after another late night Saturday due to radio and watching the footy it was an early start to Sunday heading over to Belrose for the Striders Internal ‘Equalizer’ race over 14ks. First picked up Fats, before then heading out for a couple of ks warm up. Not many of the HuRTS boys around for this one although good to see Irishman Johnny Bowe back after injury and HuRTS Hamish on the start line. Nice also to chat with who I consider still to be the best Striders runner in his day and top bloke………Glenn Guzzo.
It’s a fast start this race that sees the first 4k pretty much downhill and Criniti bolted out like a shot and was never seen again, romping away to an easy victory. Hamish was just ahead of me and I led Guzzo and a few others down to the stream at the bottom before the first of the climbs and unfortunately that was where I started to struggle. I had about 4 pass me even before we hit the road section at half way and I knew then it was a battle with the tougher hills to come.
Just hung in there where I could walking plenty of the hills (even the smallest of them), Even had Ronnie Swable (?) aged about 58 come past me and tried to hang on but failed.
Tried to lift for the last 1k once I had reached the top of the hill and crossed in 67 minutes, pretty slow but happy to get another tough race done and think it will stand me in good stride going forward.

As mentioned Criniti took it out in about 54 minutes, but I found the surprise was that Fats got done for 2nd when some guy took him at the BOTTOM of the last hill (can you believe?). Solid hit out from Fats although I think he will be a little disappointed in his 58.30(?) run, especially seeing that his 6ft race in less then a fortnight away.

Didn’t have the best of nights in the footy, although it wasn’t expected that Stoke could beat Man City, on a more pleasing note – the Red Rose of England turned over the 6 Nation contenders (or is that pretenders?) in the Union 13-10.. Great result by the boys and the defense was unbelievable as they kept the Green Men Out.
What made it even better was collecting from Enda, Ronan, and Paulie ‘Cement’ Hanley as well as a few drinks from others.
Enda has already tried to wriggle out of the bet (once more), says he wanted a 45 point start, or that the bet only included up to half time ………Does he ever stop? J

Pretty shattered now and the legs are sore, especially the quads, and I rolled my ankle a few times coming down the hills today, so I think it’s a celebratory Beer time over a few ales, If you see any of the Irish lads send them over to Erko to settle a few outstanding  betsJ

Will try to get back out in the morning for a recovery run – 10ks


Friday, February 21, 2014

Back in the Pool at the A.B.C

Ventured back to the A.B.C Pool today on a glorious Sydney Day and did an easy 400 warm up with Mikey first up. Got a little worried when there was only Elan in the fast lane with Mikey and ‘The Champ’ who have been swimming the house down in my lane.
Session was 1 x 400 4 x 200 and 8 x 100s
Did the first 400 with Mikey leading (he did ask me to take the lane – but I soon put that idea to bed), Mikey is very good on the pacing and consistent throughout to touch out on 6.45. . A few late starters joined in on the 200s with Taffy, Angus and Brendan helping keep the pace honest. I was struggling after the 2nd rep and found that the 15 second break was nowhere near enough so decided to take my first real breather of the day and sat out the 3rd rep.
Rejoined in for the 100s but think I then had to sit out the 4th as well as I was struggling to stay on ‘The Champs’ feet by this time
The times were pretty good overall but I was working way above my max to maintain them that’s for sure.

A tough old session but like yesterday just happy to say that at least I got through it after so long out of the water

Tomorrow I will hit the park for another run and then back up on Sunday with the Striders Equalizer over a tough off road 14ks.

Big weekend in the footy and they don’t come any tougher then a trip to Moneybags Man City for the Stoke boys, Still we have turned over Man Utd and Chelsea already this term so fingers crossed.
Timmy’s Tip – Man City 2 vs. Stoke City 0

Have a good weekend
Train Safe

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

HuRTS Hickson Rd 1.2k Reps

First session back with the HuRTS boys for a long time, in fact I think the last one done was this actually session 4 weeks back. Another big crew in attendance and great to see #1 Tucks back, although in truth he seems to really be struggling at the moment and would be lucky to get in the top 10 (even Enda’s beating him), Nice also to see David ‘Inside Lane Kanser’ Kane back for his first speed session for 2014.
Bloody hot day out there and the mouth was dry even after the first rep, Manage to just hang off the back of Mikey for the first as he pulled up about 30 metres short of 1.2k on my watch, must have been at least 50 of us there and yet Mikey was the only one who was reading 1.2 at the 1.18 mark??
Managed to hold the 2nd the rep about the same pace, but then really struggled from there on in, Could have just stopped on the 3rd it was that bad as I saw the rest of the field miles ahead and the 4th wasn’t much better.
Tried to rally for the final one and at least finished strong to come home in 4.09
Times were. 4.00, 4.03, 4.12, 4.11, 4.10
Again not the best of sessions but was happy just to get through it. I think those paces all still worked out at sub 3.30 pace so I should be happy enough.

A good 5k warm down with the Chairman, Russell and Mikey who was still smiling like a Cheshire cat, no….. Not because of how well his is running but more to the fact that he found $10 whilst out on the long run yesterday (check out the Chairman’s blog for details). I did say that I lost a tenner last week down at Bondi and thought Mikey would do the right thing? But I did hear that is was soon locked away in the vault and has joined the ‘First $10 he ever earned way back in 1982.

Was talking to my mate Slim Sammy Agnew the other day who had just been in hospital to fix his foot up that he broke last May, He seems in good spirits and tells me that he’s hoping to be back before to long. I was a little concerned though when he posted me a photo of himself posing after his NEW haircut.
Now Sammy has had some shockers in the past, but you may not even recognize the boy from Bromley South London with this pearler?
Check it out.

Slim Sammy Agnew, resting up after his recent foot op , showing off his NEW haircut :)
He says he's not changing it until Crystal Palace get relegated ............Looks like he's got it till May then.


Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sunday Long - Centennial Park Loops

Big turnout for the long Sunday run around the 10k loops that we do around the park, Pretty much had people coming in from all parts of Sydney town today that included Tom & Barts (good to see him join us) from the dark side (north), Enda Terrance Bell, C.T, Pommy Paul, Allo Allo, Krone, (East), Shire Damo and Lady Laura (South) and yours truly from the Inner West, and sorry I’m not sure where Jeet resides these daysJ

Great craic even before the off today with Enda getting a serve from all angles for yesterdays low act, soon on the way for the first loop and felt OK just working around the 4.30 pace chatting away to everyone, a quick drink before the 2nd and as I chatted away to the chairman I felt the pace pick up and all of a sudden I was dropping out the back and soon found myself 25 metres behind the pack. Managed to get back on around the 5.5k mark of the loop and somehow finished it strong even allowing going up Woollarha Hill and across the top track towards Paddington Gates and finishing at the cafe.
20ks all up in 90.06 (4.30 average) with the first 10k in 45.43 (4.32) and a quicker 2nd in 44.23
Happy with that overall , and I think that’s the longest I’ve managed for quiet a while now?

I was looking at doing 2 x 1k faster reps to finish the session but had no takers from anyone to join me, as we just stood around chatting for a further 20 minutes as way of a cool down.
Pommy Paul gave me even more info from yesterday as well telling me that on the countdown it went something like this –
Starter “5, 4, 3(Enda goes), 2, 1, Go” – as the field is then let loose, Unbelievable
Paulie also went on to tell me that the Park Run ethos is that the event was set up way back in London more as a community run that is open to everyone in nice pleasant surroundings, that is safe and easy to take part in. Everyone keeps a recording of there own time and is based on part honesty system and that you help your mates along the way. SADLY this all come undone yesterday from the man from Galway …….Shameful Episode of events if you ask me J

Time for a few Sunday afternoon ales now, I think I’ve deserved them.

Also loads of talk going on between the two boys (Tom & Enda) and by request people have demanded to see the favorite photos of the pair that is in the archives – As you know we aim to please, so for those yet to see the images.

A young Enda , all sweet and honest .............Oh my how things have changed over the years.
(by the way, those jeans get shorter in the leg each time i look)

And a clean cut Tommy Highman still impresses his new love. Today he looked more like the Tom Hanks in the Castaway movie.

Tommy H, looks like the pressure of NO work for the past 3 months has finally taken its toll


Friday, February 14, 2014

Snakes Out of Ireland? Surely Not...

Pretty miserable morning with the rain although in truth it was a nice change from the hot days we have been having of late and it was still humid enough as I just cruised around the park with a friend to knock out a steady 14ks all up.
Been doing very little lately so rather enjoyed the chat along the way without worrying about times and getting dropped at any point J

So a pretty uneventful morning for me was all about to change once I was to get back to my car and discover about a thousand texts messages alerting me of events that had unfolded over at the Curl Curl 5k Park run. Well whenever there is drama you can be sure that resident Irishman Enda Stankard is never far way and today was no exception, and you wouldn’t even read about it in the ‘Women’s Day’
Chairman Tommy H kindly invited him over but couldn’t possibly believe what was to transpire pre race, Whilst Tommy H ducked out to the bathroom, and with the race starter getting the field ready asking if everyone was ‘right to go?’ Enda piped up ‘Yep, come on ya eejit, lets get this show underway’ (knowing too well that our leader wasn’t even on the start line)
The Gun goes off and Enda is well away before Tom gives chase trying to cover the first kilometre still with his shorts around his ankles, I believe it took till the 2nd k before the ‘catch’ was made, and then E.S just sat on Tom’s shoulder getting a free ride for the next 9 minutes or so (I know the feeling, he did the same to me in the half ……..but for about 18ks) to both come home in times of 16.43 and 47 (?) respectively

Someone told me once that there were NO Snakes in Ireland? Well that theory was well and truly shot down today after Enda’s latest exploits, It must surely go down as yet another shameful act and to think that the Churchill /Sands Half Challenge is just around the corner. It does make me wonder what shenanigans he will try to come up with in order to wrestle the trophy from its owners this year – I shudder to think?

Will be back out in the morning for the long Sunday run, Hopefully a good crew out, although I’ll be surprised if the Chairman will come over especially after today’s events?

Saw a funny one yesterday – As we all know it was the 14th February and all the Valentines were out in force with flowers and chocolates a plenty. 
‘To all the lovely looking ladies out there, Happy Valentines Day, to all you FAT women out there ………….Chin up, it will soon be ‘Pancake Day’ J

Big night tonight in the footy, F.A Cup evening, No such joy for any of our teams (all knocked out), But the TWO all premiership match ups are
Arsenal vs. Liverpool and Man City take on Chelsea

Timmy’s Tips, Take the double, Draw 1-1 in the Arsenal match into Man City 2-1 over the Blues

Enda on the start line for this mornings Curl Curl 5k Park run, Some say it was the lowest act of sportsmanship seen in years?

Have a good weekend
Train well and stay safe

Monday, February 10, 2014

2 x 3k Reps Centennial Park.

Just headed to the park this morning and knocked out a 3k warm up then decided to do 2 x 3k reps with a 600m metre recovery that basically completed a full lap of the park.
Once again very slow but just got to get the head down and log some ks it seems?

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Bondi Classic Ocean Swim 2ks

Done Sweet F.A all week with no training whatsoever, but was hoping to get out with the guys for a longish run around Centennial Park this morning but that was shelved as I had to work and take a lady cycling down to La Perouse and back that put paid to that idea.
I did however get back to the park by 8am so had the chance to head down to Bondi which was host to the 2k Ocean Swim. First stop though was Enda’s house for a spot of breaky – very nice as well I must say, even had a special jug for the milk, not to mention the top of the range home made jam to go with the toast.
Made our way down and was already having reservations that I would even make the 2k distance with very little swimming of late and that was even before I saw the swell out the back. Met up with Ronan who it seems does these for fun these days and before long both Enda and I were away, struggled early and was forced to have my first stop and nearly fainted when I saw only 7min.20 on the watch. Really had to battle out the back as the furthest buoy seemed to be miles away (not helped by my terrible navigation skills). Even thought for one moment I may need the help of the 12 year old lifesaver on the nearest board.
I finally made it around and seemed to get my second wind as I made my way back to shore. Managed to catch the odd wave or two in that helped and was mighty relieved when my feet touched the ground and I was back on the safety of the hot sand.
Stopped my watch in a less then impressive 41.06, and saw Enda standing nearby holding young Cillian after finishing over a minute ahead in 40.xx minutes. Ronan proved the number 1 though with an impressive 36.20, HuRTS J.C was also there and he flew by me at one point as he knocked out an even more impressive time of 27.49

Finished of a beautiful day down there with a much needed coffee with Pommy Paul & Enda as I recovered form my near death experience, and was then forced to cycle home that saw me do over 65ks for the day in total  J

Will try to kick start my training again this week – it could be ugly YET again

With Niamh & Ronan, Enda, Ronan's folks and kids at the end of the 2ks Ocean Swim at Bondi.

Enda Stankard finishing today's 2ks Ocean swim at Bondi - although to be fair he did beat me :)


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Striders Homebush 42.02

No Heart, No fire , no drive, no b@lls,  weak, soulless, scared, gutless, lacks character, Fidgety, Nervous, feeble, mentally fragile, potato head,  and badly let down, were just a few words banded around this morning out at Homebush for the first of the Striders 10k series…………. But enough about Enda lets analyze where it all went oh so wrong for my shocker of a morning.

Picked up Fats along the way and then had a good 3k warm up with him and ‘The Leech’ very muggy morning and I was sweating just doing that, great then to catch up with some old faces and in particular Richie High, as well as the Chairman, Macca McClarnon on the start line for a long time, and even Damo Bray who managed to get a leave pass out from the ‘Shire’ (and without Laura standing by his side as well - impressive?)
The gun goes of and I just take it easy letting Macca, Leech and High go ahead, and go through the first k in 3.31, was puffing hard even then though and by the time I was to see the 2nd kilometre pass by in 3.49 I knew I was toast at this point and knew it was going to be a tough final 8ks L, Saw a truck load of people fly past at various stages and it was a battle just to stay out there, at one point around the 7k mark I was tempted to call it quits and return without going around the common area for the final couple of ks, Had ‘The Assassin’ Irish Eamo come by at that stage and offer some kind words as I attempted to hang on for a further 500m before once again falling away.  At this point of time I reckon I would have been moving faster during my Sunday long runs (4.26s) then what I was doing at the 9k mark, Managed to get to the 9.4k mark where the little hill comes back onto the final road and was just about to walk when I see a smiling Renee Simon (Kenny’s partner) bearing down on me. Please don’t do this to me were my first thoughts as I stepped up the pace only for her to kick it down as well. With every yard feeling like it was a mile I somehow managed to hold her off all by about 2 seconds whilst the waiting crowd all were looking for ‘young Timmy’ to be ‘Chicked’
Think I came across in 42.01? To be honest I haven’t even checked out the results yet, pretty disappointed truth be told but I know I haven’t been training well since the New Year and without going into Endalike excuses some of the things that transpired over the past 48 hours didn’t really set me up for racing on Saturday morning.

Across the board, my Jock Mate Neil took it out with a 33 something, Tommy H was 5th(?) in 34.58, Fats 35.10, Kenny 35.40,   Damo 36.4x,  Macca had a good return, as did Richie H, The Leech was average with a 37 although was still good enough to take $20 from me after giving me a 2 minute start.

The BIG talking point of the morning was the NO SHOW from the man himself Enda Stankard, despite his non stop drivel over the past 3 months and constant stream of emails, texts on the Friday on what he would do to us all he not only let his Fans down, country down, the kids down BUT more importantly let himself down. Citing another head cold he refused to show, Still it wasn’t all bad news as both Tommy H and I cleaned up on him after he agreed to Tom giving him a 30 second start and me a 4 minute buffer. (Even with 4 minutes he would have smashed me).
Being the English Gents we are and in the interest of ‘Fair Play’ we have agreed to keep the same bet and handicap until the next Striders in March as a double or nothing match up ……….Lets just hope our Irish friend can rock up for that one.

The best news from the weekend came overnight though at the home of footy – the Britannia where Stoke turned over the champions Man Utd 2-1 , great result for the boys and eases the relegation battle a little. Just need another 4 wins this season I reckon to be safe.

Not sure how training is going to go this week will just have to play it day by day