Monday, March 28, 2016

Tuesday 8 x 5 minute efforts (90 secs rec)

8 x 5 minute efforts was the go and after a change of start location to the Stone Pillars we were all set to go with another massive crowd out for the first run back after the Easter break.

Only Barts leading from the top guys although I noticed Fats was putting in some effort today and was looking strong and young Hoey was good for a rep or two before he was spotted floating around for the remainder. I pretty much tucked in with Enda, Macca, Jeet and Frenchman Jerome for the first rep and was happy to cover 1.4ks averaging 3.36s for the 5 minutes. On the return its always harder and once that headwind hit you it seemed twice as hard and wasn’t helped when Warrior Charlie thought it a good idea upon coming over the expressway to tug my shirt for about 50 metres. Wasn’t happy as I was doing it tough without that and made my disappointment known (apologies if it did sound over the top).

Made it back with about 2 seconds to spare but was blowing hard. Reps 3, 4, 5 and 6 were very similar and was reaching the same point for each with Richie Large, Super Kev, Asian Dave and Hamish all keeping me company throughout.

Could have happily pulled the pin after 6 but headed out again for the 7th and despite feeling every beer, 5 kilo of chocolate and about 100 Hot Cross Buns consumed over the past 4 days managed to hold the 3.37 pace that I was happy enough with.  Decided that would do me for the day and with Jerome just cruised the 8th leg back to the starting point.

The two girls #1 Renee and Eastside Elle were looking strong – especially on the final rep, Good to see Taffy Lad back with us, Jeet continues to impress (and will most certainly clean me up next weekend), Not sure exactly what Kanser was doing ?  Seemed to be poncing around up and down easy but will need to put more effort in if he’s to cover those 2 minutes come Canberra.

Over 11ks done for the session and with a warm up & cool down 13 for the day.


Very busy in and around the Domain today, never seen so many Chinese tourists around, even Renaud was posing for photos in between sets at one stage and will be the talking point for many a dinner party once they return home. Meanwhile one group almost fell to the ground in fits of laughter as Crossy Lad flew by near the A.B.C Pool.



Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Sunday Long Run and a Day Trip to Manly

Big team out for the Easter Sunday run and I’ve said it before but it seems all the Irish lads are back with Enda, Super Kev, Leech and ‘Big Jim’ (who I’ve been calling Phil for about 4 weeks). Good to have Birchy & Renaud back and we even had a guest appearance from Kansers mate ‘Superflake’ Paul Brunning as we did an easy 6k to kick things off. Picked up Laura at 7am from the cafe as she also returned and then made the call to head out the park and sample some of the states finest beaches on a cracker of a morning.

First over to Coogee then around to Cloey through the cemetery and over to Bronte. It’s a long drag up the hill from Bronte but tucked in with Jeet and Enda and the 2ks passed in not time. The pace then quickens coming down past Queens Park before returning into the park and heading up the Woollahra hill. It’s a 14k loop once back at the cafe that brought the morning to 20 so decided to add another flat loop around the park as I picked the pace up running around the 4.10mark to end with 23.7ks in 1hr:50mins averaging 4.40s

Really enjoyable run with the team and good to get out the park for a change, tough run with plenty of hills and stairs that made it more challenging and also brought the average pace down a bit.  Made even more enjoyable with the post run coffee kindly supplied by Laura as we also dived into some kids chocolate eggs.

Post run coffee with Laura, Neil, Birchy, Jerome, Jim, Renaud, The Flake Timmy and Damo.

Guess Who, Think this lad needs some new runners. Clue
Very Talented, although maybe his National side not so in the Union, and I have promised him a new pair if he lines up for the English team in the Churchill Cup in May.

A planned trip over the ‘Dark Side’ NOTB in the afternoon with a good team that included the likes of Leech, Jeet, Birchy, Taffy, Neil and the ‘Love Doctors Vic’s & Craig as we settled in the Manly Wharf Bar for the day. Unfortunately we were all let down badly by certain people who were NO SHOWS despite actually organising it and getting us all over there in the first place. Very poor form I say, still it didn’t ruin our entertainment as the banter flew over a thousand beers in a packed out pub due to some famous English DJ spinning his decks,  as even more bets were taken. Jeet is confident and has given me 4 minutes for Canberra and Craig hit me up and I’ve got to give him the same in his favour.


And Jeet is getting more confident after taking out his 3rd win at Park Run in as many weeks, Then tries to fit in with the NOTB snobs over beers.

Sadly the same can not be said about Gleeso who was a NO SHOW.

And finally a sad week with the passing of one of the greatest footy players to grace the game in Johan Cruyff. Probably the best EVER European player the Dutchman was all class.
RIP Johan.

Rest day today but will be back into it tomorrow for the HuRTS 8 x 5 minute efforts in the City..

Happy Easter

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

3 x 2ks Reps & Ironman Swim

‘I Am an Ironman’... Well I swum the equivalent of the swim leg anyway this morning. Bloody nearly killed me though and how anyone then gets out and rides 180 ks is beyond me and all I wanted to do was go the coffee house and then have a sleep.

Easy 1.5ks solo with warm up and drills even getting as far as banding the legs these days, No idea why but felt I was going the drown the whole time, what a nightmare that turned out to be. Then a 6 x 300m set was called that I broke down the best way I could, before some very easy 100s to make up the 3.8ks for the morning.


Temps very warm as I went into town as I snaked my way down  to the Passenger Terminal for 2ks to meet a big group out for one of the toughest sets – 3 x 2k reps.  Tough sets calls for the tough men so hardly surprising Macca was there leading from the front along with top 6ft man Mike Lichtwark. I was feeling very tired even before the off today and remarked ‘why don’t we just head to the pub and  be done with’ but finally got the show under way and went out hard for the first rep.  Wasn’t far behind the front guys in truth come the 2k marker as I crossed out in 6.49 (3.25 pace). The 2 minute recovery flew , and the front guys were certainly a lot further ahead for the return but I managed to tuck in alongside Razor Wareham and didn’t lose much time wise even if I was about to keel over.

For the last rep the front guys went off their own 2 mins, that then meant I was running solo, (with a few others just behind), Was struggling from the start and under the bridge at the 500m mark I pretty much exploded. ...... Kaput, absolutely buggered, and it took the famous Stoke Heart to even get to up to the finish line. Saw the watch tick over 7.41 but I really didn’t care by this point of time.  Looking around at the end it was evident that I wasn’t the only one in the ‘hurt box’ and once everyone had recovered we made our way back for an easy 2k.

Times. 6.49, 6.52, 7.41

Enjoyed a further few ks cool down with Enda as we headed back through the city as he told me about another of his China trips he has coming up, and then had a brief chat with Warrior Charlie and Jono who were returning from a trip to ‘ Pink Leaf’ (swimming)

15k all up and I was rooted once back at the car, One hell of a tough day all round. Will enjoy a rest day tomorrow now.


Big long weekend coming up , will try to get out for a few runs along the way. No Premiership games this week that will delight old mate Sammy Agnew and Tommy H. Internationals on and England have a trip to old foes Germany for a friendly.

Timmy’s Tip – Take the draw, Germany 1 v England 1


Have a great Easter.

Train well and stay safe




Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Swim with Crossy Lad and Angus.

Easy 8ks with clients this morning was about as much as I could muster before putting out a call to Crossy Lad and Angus for a lunchtime swim seeing we will be missing Good Friday and Easter Monday.

Over to PAP and after a good warm up the boys called for 10 x 200m set that had me worried especially with the way they are both swimming. After coming home on the first one in 3.05 and still miles behind I knew that there was no way I could manage another 9 like that so decided to do every 2nd 200m and in between do a steady 100m to get that much needed longer recovery.

Worked well as I then managed to hold the remaining 200s under 3 mins that is as fast as I’ve ever done although I did have help with my floaty pants and hand paddles to achieve it.

Fair play to the boys who were holding 2.54s (Crossy) and 2.58s (Angus) for the 10

2ks done in total


Will be back out tomorrow for the tough 3 x 2ks HuRTS lunchtime set, as well as the early morning swim set.




45 mins Fartlek (3,2,1 efforts) x 5 (60 secs rec)

Big team again and despite rocking up on time Mikey was all set to bark out the orders and looked a little disappointed when I arrived. Noticed the full team of Irish boys back as we gear up for yet another year in competition for the Churchill Cup. Leech, Kanser, Super Kev, Macca, Enda and wannabe Jerome ‘Paddy’ Dupoy all starting to look sharp for the May showdown.

Session today was 3,2,1 minute efforts (with 60 second break after each) x 5 = 45 minutes

Set off pretty well for the first couple of reps (18 minutes ) despite running solo the whole way before Enda and The Leech caught me around the Quay area, tapped onto them for the 3rd 9 minute set that took us past the Passenger Terminal and up Hickson Road and got as far as I have in a long time at the entrance to Barangaroo before the turn around point averaging a healthy 3.45 pace.

Sat on the two boys for the 4th 3 minute effort but the band soon snapped around the Quay and once that happened I was gonski as the clock ticked over the 30 minute mark. With no one around I cut short across the Opera forecourt and once back into the Domain was keen just to see the last 10 minutes out.

Pace dropped loads for the return down to over 4 min/ks (4.03) as a strong looking Jeet finished off well and I crossed the line in 45.08 and that was even cutting short.

11.3ks all up, still work to be done. Happy to get to 30 minutes before the fade came so slowly getting there

Would like to get a few ks under the belt tomorrow, but feeling tired now so will see how I feel in the morning before deciding









































Sunday, March 20, 2016

Going Down, Going Down, Going Down.....

A big change in the weather as it pelted down all morning. Seeing as I was already wet I thought I’d just stay and get the run out the way

Easy 10ks in total in 43.14 average pace 4.19s

Felt good


Will give myself the rest of the day off today, Might catch up on the Stoke victory, Palace loss, Villa defeat and Newcastle drawn games. The relegation 3 is starting to come to fruition, Ohhhhh Please make it so J



Saturday, March 19, 2016

Sunday Long as England Grand Slam.

Three straight social days meant that I was not really looking forward to the Sunday long run this morning but with missing the past two weeks I knew I had to get back with Canberra only 3 weeks away and with Kanser still gunning for me.

Big crowd out and great to have The Shire’s #1 Lady Laura back running with us, although her smile soon disappeared when she saw Enda running down the hill to join us. The pace for the first 6k loop was perhaps the slowest it’s been for a long time but that suited me as English lad Richie Large and I got stuck into our Irish compatriots over the 6 Nations Rugby.

The start of the 10k loop was pretty much the same until about half way when Rich, Enda and Jerome and I upped the pace that was quiet noticeable all the way back to the cafe.  16k down and Kanser agreed to knock out another of our 5k loops that brought up 21 for the morning that I was more than happy with considering the week I’ve had.

Just over 95 minutes all up averaging 4.37s

Splits were: 5.05, 4.47, 4.46, 4.47, 4.45, 4.47, 4.53, 4.44, 4.40, 4.45, 4.28, 4.27, 4.30, 4.19, 4.20, 4.29, 4.32, 4.27, 4.30, 4.29, 4.30


A good catch up with the gang after with coffee and didn’t miss the opportunity to check the England v France score that resulted in England winning the Grand Slam and in turn offer poor Jerome plenty of good banter.

The bets were starting to fire up with Canberra only a few weeks away, Already got a friendly $20 with Jeet where I’ve got 3.5 minutes handicap start (I’ll need 5 at least to stand a chance). Kanser is getting more confident each run and agreed to cover the 2 minutes on me for the same amount. Whilst C.T was trying to shaft me offering only + 7  minutes. Told him I’ll take 10 that saw him go very quiet.


Will try to get out for a run tomorrow and may head into town for the lunchtime easy session.



Friday, March 18, 2016

Shona La Fheile Padraig


3k swim first up to start the day, tried to add a little pace to some of the 400 reps today but battled in truth. Still good to get it done.

Down to Rushcutters at lunch for the 6 x 1k reps with the boys (and Eastside Elle who arrived late) on a superb cut oval once more with a good turnout although lacking at the top end with ‘Little’ Tom leading from the front. Nice to see Militant Mikey Conway back with us who seems to be running more frequently these days and is in fact running pretty well.

Settled for the first rep in about 5th wheel in with all these NEW ‘Hipsters’ we seem to have at the moment (guys with beards.... What’s all that about?) and was happy with a 3.19 to kick things off. An easy job back to the start rolling every 5 mins and basically held the same again for the following. Never really felt comfortable though in truth and seem to be battling early in the set.

The usual struggle for the 4th and 5th reps saw the times drift slightly and I was done, the heart was never really into it today, not sure why but happy to sit out the 6th as the lads finished it off

Times. 3.19, 3.18, 3.19, 3.21, 3.21


Fair play to Eastside Elle who then knocked out her final rep after missing the groups first, with Ronnie Biggs & Jono making a claim for ‘Spirit of the Year’ by helping Elle out and pacing her around to a sub 3.50 effort .


A quick trip home and back out to celebrate with those Pesky Irish Lads in honour of St Pats Day. Quality day as the beers flowed all afternoon and the Diddle Dee music went on till the wee hours. Caught up with many of old and new acquaintances over the course of 12 hours, but didn’t I pay for it come Friday morning J



Morning spent dying as the Irish Riverdance continued in my head before heading down to the pool to help clear the head. Nice little crowd but I was bar far the slowest with the likes of Manly Steve, Walker, Crossy Lad, Krone and even Phoebe came back to ply more pain on Crossy Lad. Was going to go easy but found my 200s were all done in a sharp 3.05

We all had to lead out a single 100m rep with the slowest (Me) going first, I started with a 1.27, Brendan next up with a 1.25, through to Steve with a blistering 1.15

Again a quick turnaround as it was Paddy’s Day Part 2 back in town, another big night with the same outcome to welcome Saturday morning.


Big weekend, In the Premiership Stoke travel south to take on Watford who have done well this year and surprised many. Tough game and I’ll splinter this one , Take the draw Watford 1 vs. Stoke 1

North of the Border is the Geordie Clash as both teams try to avoid relegation. Both poor teams and I can’t split them on this one. Again I’ll sit on the fence. Newcastle 2 v Sunderland 2


A few pics from Paddy’s Day with a few old and new faces


A few of the old football lads
Some of Irelands finest.
And on St Pats Day you always find a few new friends.
even more as the night gets set.
And when the 'Love Doctor's' come in Victoria and Craig you know your in for the long haul.
Meanwhile across town, Enda got his FREE Green Tie, Kanser was hammered early and Ronan went about 8 shades lighter in hair colour to celebrate the day.
Schoolboy Gleeso and Corky O'Connor sampled the black stuff throughout the day.
Then I saw Gleeso's twin later in the day.
The one day of the year where a Guinness is good for you.

Have a great weekend.
Train well and stay safe


Tuesday, March 15, 2016

2 x 5ks Efforts.

After 39 straight days of heat and humidity a welcome downpour greeted a big team out for the 2 x 20 minutes HuRTS lunchtime session for a Tuesday, Had to hold the masses back whilst we waited for the Chairman to arrive despite Kanser and Mikey’ protests to get the session started.

Front guys went out hard and pretty much from the off I was running solo despite sitting under 3.45 pace, had one ‘Hipster’ complete with beard running beside me and Frenchman Dom as company coming out the Domain and around the Opera Gates,  Heard a massive like explosion that is usually the lunchtime cannon going off on Garden Island, but later found out it was in fact Taffy James who had decided to try to sit on my shoulder for the first 10 minutes or so of the set.

Was moving well as Pete Walker joined me around the Quay area where the pace always drops slightly and then had the misfortune of my shoe lace coming undone. Decided to keep going and figured I’d stop on the 5ks. Got to underneath the bridge (5ks) in 19.04 averaging 3.48s before taking my break, The slightly slower runners including Kanser weren’t far behind as we had a chat in the recovery time given.

Return is always tougher and today was to be no exception to the rule, Kanser was no help as he was only doing 10 mins or so, so asked Pete Walker to help out which he did until heading back around to Mrs Macs Chair (about the time I really did need him), Caught the girls Jac and Eastside Elle and just tried to dig in for the final 5 minutes or so to see out the last 1500m.

Covered the second 5k on the return in 19.12 – average 3.50 for 38.16 all up that i considered a pass mark for the day. Better than any 10k I’ve managed racing this year that’s for sure J


Even with the heavy rain it made for great run conditions.


Rest day Wednesday, but will be back for the Thursday morning early swim and Rushcutters at lunch before a big afternoon out to hell celebrate with the Irish Lads for ‘St Pats Day’ over a Guinness or three.



Sunday, March 13, 2016

Monday Run and Swim.

Last week was always going to be an easier week after the Olympic Distance Tri on the Sunday but with work and a good few socials I felt as if the wheels dropped off a little too much. With that in mind I was therefore keen to kick start the week with a decent hit out to make amends

Out early but it was still very humid and decided to knock out the old favourite Woollahra Hill 6k loops times 2.

Surprisingly I was moving OK and after the first k my pace was pretty decent, Slowed up going up the 700m hill but then noticed I ticked of the first of the loops in 26.00

Always keen to try to do the second leg faster but knew the hill was that much harder around the 11k mark of the run as its bound to be on the 5th. Nice 400m finish back down the hill towards the cafe as I stopped the watch for the 12ks in 51.25 – average 4.16s

Checked the ks at

4.32, 4.12, 4.19, 4.14, 4.34, 4.07

4.07, 4.11, 4.17, 4.11, 4.30, 4.03


A small team of Crossy Lad and Angus ventured over to P.A.P for the lunchtime swim and I knew with these two I was in for a speedy set and the aim for the day was to just ‘hang on’

A decent warm up and a 300 before a series of 200s saw me battling although I was more than content with a 2.58 rep for the second, a long break whilst the boys did the next rep but came back in for another go that was even faster at 2.56,  A series of 100s to end with just about killed me off but glad to get the best part of 2ks done for the 40 minutes spent poolside.

The boys are swimming well, Angus has made huge gains over the past 12 months as too Crossy Lad, and nice to see a smile return to his face again after his episode with Phoebe last Friday.


Good day and good start to the week, will be out tomorrow for the usual speed work.


Finally, Huge congrats to all those that competed in the 6ft Track in the mountains on the weekend, Very tough conditions at the best of times but it didn’t stop some fast times for the day.  Current HuRTS #`1 female Erika Ekland was a standout, 4.20 to get 2nd was outstanding and I bet Darren (who also run superb) was worried throughout that he may not even get #1 in the Jordan household. C.T gave his usual 100% to make the top 10, Jono Muscles was a little disappointing, and poor Tea Towel Tony Fats didn’t even make the start line.

The Timmy Run of the Day though goes to Kiwi good guy – Mike Lichtwark. The quiet lad of the team is normally found at the front for the shorter biathlons at the A.B.C during summer, but he mixed it with some of the best in beating C.T, Quentin and Jono to run a 3.42 and his stocks have now risen.  A possible early contender for HuRTS Performance of the Year ?





Thursday, March 10, 2016

Phoebe hands out a schooling to Crossy Lad.

Early arrival at the pool today and had already done 600m by the time the gang teamed up.

Pretty solid if otherwise uneventful set as we worked our way through over 2ks doing 400, 100s and 4 x200s

3 things of interest though was;

1.       Irishman Super Kev was back and even in his lime green board shorts can still swim well. Got him fired up mind when I spoke of the upcoming Churchill Cup. At least it looks like the Irish have a captain with some heart though for this year’s event?

2.       Brendan ‘Yum Cha’ Wong is the latest member to wear the popular ‘Floaty Pants’ ...... But is the only bloke who swims slower with them.

3.       Crossy Lad left the pool in tears after I brought my English friend Phoebe down and she absolutely murdered him on the 200 reps.


2.3ks done for the day.


Big weekend planned, Got a busy Saturday so Sunday could be 50/50. In the premiership Stoke return to the home of footy and take on Southampton. Not a bad team the St’s this year although I feel there season is done with little or nothing to play for.

Timmy’s Tip – Stoke 2 vs. Southampton 0

Elsewhere I’ve been following that Tin Pot outfit of Crystal Palace that good mate Sammy Aggers is a season ticket holder. What a shambles that club. At Xmas they were sitting in 5th spot and Sammy was getting all excited, since then they have got all this financial investment  and have yet to win a league game and now find themselves in a relegation battle. Woeful

My prayers couldn’t be answered surely if Palace (Sammy) , Aston Villa (Enda) and Newcastle (Tom) all go down.


Good Luck to all those heading up to the mountains for the popular Walkathon that is the 6ft track race.  HuRTs represented well and I’m tipping the first 3 home from the squad will be.

1.       Muscles Jono

2.       Tea Towel Tony Fats

3.       Special ‘Q’ , Quentin.

First Lady – Erika Ekland



Have a good weekend

Train well and stay safe



Wednesday, March 9, 2016

NO Timmy's Double Set.

Short on time, sore foot and another bloody hot day resulted in me missing my own session today with the team in the city. That short on time in fact I even had to forego my Thursday regular swim to get back to the park to take ‘The Love Doctors’ Craig and Vic’s.

They are both in good form mind you so decided to run the set with them that consisted of 3 x 2k Woollahra Hill reps that they were knocking out between 4 and 4.30 min/ks

Even had a bit of Doggy Day-care rage at one stage when some dog handler thought it a good idea to nearly skittle Craig over in the car on his 2nd rep, that resulted in a fair bit of verbal dished out.

Another flat loop to end as I was sweating buckets to complete 11.5k for the day

Foot very sore, went over on it during the Striders Equaliser and it’s not getting any better which is a bit of a concern?  Hopefully missing today and taking a rest day tomorrow will help.




Monday, March 7, 2016

Moore Park 1k Reps

A real easy 11k warm up (may have been too slow with clients) before heading over to Moore Park to catch up with Kanser for what is becoming our new regular early morning Tuesday set. Also had Pommy Paul Birch who finally put his float away for another year and joined us as Kanser called for 6 x 1k reps.

Was still feeling the effects from Sunday and for the second week running I wasn’t sure what to expect. The first rep found me moving OK and was more than happy to see out a 3.23 on the clock with Kanser not that far behind,  The 90 second recovery goes quick, but then found I was also as quick on the 2nd and 3rd reps. The 4th was where I was starting to battle and I could feel the body tightening up and as for the 5th I knew if I could just hang in then I’d be happy to call it a day at that.

Didn’t lose much on the 5th but took the smart option to sit the last out as Kanser finished it as the humidity was once again nearly killing us both.

Times for the day. 3.23, 3.20, 3.21, 3.24, 3.24

Tough little set, but another one banked that I’m happy enough with.

16ks for the day.

Kanser is starting to get some form back and was perhaps only 3-4 seconds behind on each rep, and Birchy’s improvements go on as he was coming home in sub 3.50s


With Temps once again hitting about 280 degrees by lunchtime, I thought I’d take the opportunity to go indoors and head to the flicks.  And therefore bring you a much overdue movie review.  The Lady in the Van was the latest offering. The story is set in Camden Town in good old London and is based on a true story of Mrs Shepherd played by the very impressive Maggie Smith. Mrs Shepherd is a women of uncertain origins who ‘temporarily parks her van in writer Alan Bennett’s driveway for 15 years. You would assume that the squatter would be very appreciative but you’d be wrong as she’s nothing more than a grumpy cantankerous difficult women superbly played by Maggie Smith.

Very enjoyable and the English do these shows better than most.  Made though by the acting of Smith

3.5 boxes of popcorn out of 5 – worth watching, (especially if English) you may even see Slim Sammy Agnew walking the streets on his way to work in one scene.

Will try to log a few extra easy ks tomorrow, will see who is around at lunch.



Sunday, March 6, 2016

Wollongong Olympic Distance Tri - 2.15:53

The beautiful South Coast at Wollongong was to be the host for the morning for my first Olympic Distance Triathlon in nearly 4 years (Noosa). Was really looking forward to it and although the bike training was nearly none existent, the swimming was coming along OK and the running would look after itself especially within the ranks of some of the tri guys out there.

Real early start, up before 4am and had to have all the bike set up in transition by 6 only then to stand around for over 2 hours until my wave at 8.07am. Good to catch up with Pete Walker, Gangster Jason Ibrahim and plenty of other friendly faces before I was called down to the start area.

Settled early and keen not to go out too hard to begin and enjoyed the calm waters for the first 5 minutes or so,  Once you got out past the sheltered headland though it started to get choppy that made it tougher but enjoyed the return back to shore and then had to repeat for a second time to get the 1.5ks up.

Stood up out the water as the clock ticked 26.45 and was happy to get my weakest leg out the way in good time as I made my way up to the long transition and out onto the bike. The bike course is a cracker and you head out of town 3 times but apart from one little hill heading out /coming back in its a fast ride as I was holding close to 40ks per/hr for the 40k. Back into T2 with 63 minutes for the 2nd part of the race and worked out pretty much from the go that 4 min/ks on the run would bring me home with a credible 2.15 for the day.

A two lap affair to cover the 10ks with the first turnaround at the 2.5k but even by that stage I was starting to struggle and was working hard to maintain as the temps were also starting to get the better of me. Saw Pete and The Gangster moving about the same pace although both looked like Usain Bolt compared to some of the others who were probably moving closer to 6 & 7 minute plus pace.

I was forced to take water at every station and the last 2ks were torture, and it certainly wasn’t a pretty finish as I crossed the line as the watch said 2.15:48

Pretty happy with that overall, Swim leg was solid, Bike was far better than I predicted although I probably pushed a little too much that in turn made the reason why the run was harder than expected. Still, 6th in age group with 4th and 5th only 30 seconds ahead and I know there is time to be made on the bike as too the run leg. My transitions don’t get any better, and I never seem to see anyone else around my level sitting on the ground after the swim messing around putting socks on.

Official times and placing here;


Well done to Pete and Jason who had a good battle with Pete coming home in 2.09:59 and Jas one spot behind in a shade over 2.10

Huge Congrats to Crossy Lad – Andy Cross who then took out the outright win in the shorter version once all the big boys were all done in the Sprint event.


A bit of recovery and a chat post race before the drive home and then out for some well earned Sunday arvo beers on the rooftop beer garden at The Glenmore in the Rocks joined by the ‘Love Doctors’ Craig and Vic’s as well as Jeet who also popped in for a slurp or two. No sign of Birch and Matthews though who let me down once again....... Still, I shouldn’t be too harsh as they did have a big evening on Saturday evening all the same on Oxford St.


Rest Day Monday and went and enjoyed the delights of a Thai Massage to ease those tired muscles.

Will be back out in the morning for some more speed work with Kanser in ready for the next big race in 5 weeks, the Canberra Half

Always nice to get the swim leg done and get back on terraferma.


Thursday, March 3, 2016

Light Swim at A.B.C Pool.

A.B.C Pool on another stunning day and wasn’t keen to swim hard today so was happy to sit pretty much right at the back with Paulie Hannell and Taffy James who was making his 2nd appearance of the week (what did I tell you about it being Mardi Gras week?)

Wasn’t really timing or even counting today but must have knocked out about 1600m in total.

Rest tomorrow and will miss the 2nd Striders race of the series out at the popular North Head in favour of Sunday’s tri down south.


Big weekend with Wollongong Tri, Look out for Taffy & Birch on ‘Running Man’ float at Saturdays Mardi Gras and the excitement of the English Premiership continues. Great week for the Stoke faithful but a tougher game this Saturday, not helped with plenty of injuries to key defenders. Timmy’s Tip this week (and hate to say it) take the money men Chelski 2 vs. Stoke 0


Have a good weekend

Train or race well

Stay safe



Wednesday, March 2, 2016

400s and Tempo as NEW Nominations step forward.


To the pool and after a decent warm up and plenty of drills (breathing) I’d done 1400m, In days gone by I’d be getting ready to jump out but I was called on for the set that included another 4 x 500m efforts trying to simulate my given race pace for Sunday.

Felt OK to start with but towards the end I was barely making it that meant little or  no recovery.

Ended with 3.4ks but couldn’t resist another 100m to round it up to 3.5 for the morning for what must be my longest swim ever.

The coffee and toasted banana bread tasted good after especially when the Stoke vs. Newcastle result came through. A nice double over the woeful Villa and Toon in the space of 4 days puts us up to the lofty position of 7th in the premier table – happy days.




The grass cut and the smell of newly mown hay awaited the team for the lunchtime set but unfortunately Rushcutters Oval #1 was OUT for today and we were forced to nearby #2 for the double header of 7x 400 and 3k tempo set.

Big show on a hot day and nice to have the Chairman back, and was joined by ‘Special Q’, Little Tom, girls Eastside Elle & Jac, and heaven help us even Enda Stankard paid us a visit.

I was only ever going to do the 400s due to racing on the weekend so went out hard enough and pretty much sat with Tommy H (who was taking it easy) as I came through in 73 and was pretty consistent after that (as one would expect for a shorter session)

Coming on 73-74s but there was still a healthy 8 or so ahead of me for each rep.

Times were; 73, 73, 74, 74, 74, 74, 73 – approx 3.05 pace


Sat out and watched the boys go around for the second half, Tommy H was kicking down sub 3.15s and many of the others also run well.

Two early nominations for this year’s Awards (one self proclaimed) , The first goes to the original ‘Hardman’ (J.C) who was on all fours on completion of the 3k tempo hurling up and gets the ‘Gives it Everything’ selection.

Stankard meanwhile was already claiming the ‘ Big One’ – Performer of the Year for the mere fact that he completed the set after his recent career ending injuries (Glass Back). Now, if he could just promote himself to run in the first group with the faster guys it may someday carry some kudos – unbelievable.

Excellent session once again.


Easy day tomorrow, will head to the pool for a few easy laps to turn the arms over.


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Midweek run with the HuRTS Chicks.

Hot day and still felt pretty tired after yesterdays efforts but was keen for a few Ks, Got snubbed by Enda and the Tommy H for some reason so hooked up with the HuRTS Chicks in Eastside Elle and Corky O’Conner.

Easy pace to start as we made our way around the usual Domain, Opera house and Passenger Terminal. Picked up Hoey and was happy to pass a few ks around the delights of Barangaroo at 4.45 pace before cutting back up through the City.

12ks all up approx 4.47 pace