Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday Run 14ks

Armed with my Bic Biro and autograph book i relinquished my chance of the Easter Egg hunt and it was down to Centennial early Sunday morning after i received a call from Kanser telling me he was running with HuRTS star and lead feature and story man in this months 'Run 4 for Your Life' Magazine Steve 'Wildman, Norman, Westie, D Cup' Thurston, so i thought i would get my signed copy and join the boys for a few ks.
Pretty easy start to the run as we ticked the ks of chatting away working around 4.32 pace , that was until about the 8k mark then Kanser for some reason decided to pick the pace up that saw me drop back and run about 10 metres behind the boys. Completed the normal 10k loop that we do and continued on with them for another flat loop (4ks) before calling it a day with just short of 14ks for the morning in 60.38 average pace 4.28s
Happy with that and the Achilles felt OK whilst out there but it is a little sore again today so will rest up now until Tuesday and hit the road again.
NO Breaky or invite from Kanser, Not sure whether he was scared I'd eat all the kids chocolate eggs or that HuRTS Royalty Stevie T has replaced me at the table these days? :)
Afternoon beers went down a treat , and helps when you know you don't have to get up at 5am for work on the Monday.

Easter Monday, A good mate is in town who is now living in Singapore who just happens to be a 'Gun Swimmer' (just done the crazy Rottnest Island 19.7ks swim in 6 hours) so arranged to meet up down at Cloey Beach early doors for a swim. Beautiful morning down there and just decided to do 4 'Ins and Outs' to the buoy that is sitting about 250 metres out from the beach. Worked pretty hard for it as my mate was cruising alongside seemingly talking to the fish as he swum by it was that easy for him.

Tuesday, I'll be hoping to get out with the HuRTS boys at lunch but will decide in the morning after seeing how i feel.


Friday, March 29, 2013

Back on the Paddock, Here we go again.

Bit of an easier morning for a Saturday work wise due to the Easter weekend that gave me the chance to test the Achilles out for a bit of a trot around Centennial Park with some of the usual crew that included Mikey, MrAce, Sweaty Sock(Scotsman Craig), James (Kenny) Everett & Renee and A.N.Other. Caught them whilst on there 2nd loop and just cruised around for an easy 8.6ks in total averaging 4.38s for the morning.
Felt good and even better to be back out there on a glorious morning and lets hope i am over the worst of the injury that has prevented me doing anything over the past 4 weeks or so since the last Striders 10k at North Head.
Will just comeback slowly now and wont force it, and will continue with the exercises that Physio Nick has recommended to me to strengthen the problem area. Although might try to get out in the morning for a few ks and will check out who is around to help pass the time away.

Have a good weekend,

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Leatherjack Lindop in the Pool.

Missed the start of today's swim at the Boy Charlton Pool after i got held up with Physio Nick down at Bondi who was working overtime trying to get into this damn Achilles issue sorted.
Anyway made it down there to find MrAce, Brendan, Angus and 'Tumbler Julia' knocking out there 100s - i missed the first 5 and joined straight in for the remaining 5 of the 10 set down. With Angus leading from the front they were quick but managed to hang on to his feet to come in on 1.32s.
4 x 200s followed and again i was hanging on in order to stay with 'The Corporal' who led the lane for the whole session (fair play to him on that score) as it was too fast for Brendan who had retired and even the elegant Julia was dropped at various stages as it was left to Angus, MrAce and I to finish off the set.
Times for the 200s were ; 3.07, 3.08, 3.07, 3.05
Delighted with that, and I've said it now for a couple of weeks (and there is no hiding) ..BUT i think i am swimming as well as i ever have - Time wise anyway,  Although to good swimmers it may not seem that fast but for me who used to struggle to even do 1.45-1.50s for a 100m i have improved over the summer months. The key now is to try to maintain it over the cooler months also whilst trying to get back running. We shall see..........

Tonight's the big night for the last of the seasons Biathlon down at the pool, been a little low key to be honest and not sure who will rock up?  I will go down but not expecting anything really and not even sure i will get around the 4ks. Tommy H is down to race, as is Pete Walker (favourite), Enda, Ronnie (Biggs) and the Mermaid will be there to collect her overall season win in the girls race.
Still should be fun and sure a few beers and the usual banter will follow at the nearby hotel post race, and i will give a full report in tomorrows blog. (that is if Tom's out the water at that point of time)

Talking of our dear Chairman Tommy H, he is in fact the topic of conversation for today's 'German Gibber Part 3. and learn something you didn't know about the man himself before we head to Berlin later in the year.

Ever wondered why on a blistering hot Sydney Summer's day with the temps hitting around 35 degrees in the midday sun for the HuRTs sessions that our leader will always have his running singlet tucked into his shorts? And NO, its nothing to do with just being a skinny spawny Geordie Lad  who took out the North East Mr Puniverse Cup in 1998. It runs much deeper the Trash can reveal today. In a well kept secret that only his understanding wife Kirsten knows about, the Trash has got the scoop and photos that Mr H doesn't want us to show (Lawyers knocking on my door i suspect after this)

Tommy H's big secret............ he has his Newky Brown Belly - Tattooed in his favorite footy team way back from a drunken night on the town after a few beers. Tom has since lost a little weight since this photo was taken, but next time at training ask him to show you his 'Ink work' :)
Tom has mentioned to me that should he get a PB in the marathon he will get a new tat done with his time from the race as well.

Next week find out what Kanser's secret is in the next installment of the German Gibber - Clue, think Jenny Craig?


Monday, March 25, 2013

Battling On.

Seems to have been ages since any training has been done over the past few weeks as doing things a little tougher then normal for one reason and another that i wont bore you with, plus the fact that i am still unable to run just rubs salt into the wound....... Still we battle on.
Beautiful start to the working week as i cycled into town for the Monday lunch time swim, No sign of Mikey who has give us the flick now that his leg is better and it seems we have served our purpose over the past 3 weeks, No Julia either (perhaps as i wasn't there last Friday the thought of having to deal with Enda once again was more then she could handle?). MrAce, Enda, Champ and i started the session after i did the 500m warm up solo.
The session was;
2 x 300, 4 x 200 , 6 x 100
MrAce led the first rep but it seemed TO SLOW can you believe and we kicked him off the front and threatened him with the Tommy H swim squad if he didn't lift his game. Enda was next up and the pace lifted straight away and all was good until Angus rocked up and then it was kicked up a notch further as he nearly killed us. I thought my first 200 was sharp, but Angus's rep was some 9 seconds even faster.
Times were;
5.17, 5.00, 3.17, 3.20, 3.08, 3.13, 1.32, 1.34, 1.35, 1.31, 1.31, 1.34
Once more was happy to get that done and even happier with the times recorded and another 2.5ks done for the day.
There was a moment of anxiety half way through the set, when i thought disaster was just about to wipe us out with Australia's first ever Tsunami........... scary at first but then normal service resumed after we found out it was only Marshmallow Angry Man Clyde dive bombing into the next lane just about to do a few laps:)
The swim was finished off when we were also paid a visit by young Cillian Stankard aged 9 months old - Good to see him and already looks as strong as his old man, And i must add, Almost as TALL as MrACE who was standing nearby :)
I called out to swim coach Vlad at one point " Vlad, any chance you could get Stankard into swim school?
Vlad (looking at Cillian) " Sorry Timmy, don't have anything for the kids until the school holidays in a fortnight"
Timmy 'Oh no, its not for the young bloke, i was enquiring for Enda"

Might try to get out in the morning in between classes and knock out a few ks to test the Achilles out.

In other HuRTS news from the weekend - Huge Congrats to Richie High and Taffy James on there Melbourne Iron man, Heard it was tough conditions out there especially in the swim causing it to be reduced to only 1.5ks and high winds on the bike leg made it hard for half the race.
As mentioned top effort from the boys, BUT there must a tinge of sadness that it will NOT be recorded as a FULL with the race shortened, especially after training so hard.
Had an email from one of our old members today - Anthony Murell (aka Muzza) who gave me the news that he is on the way back to Oz within the next month and has targeted the S.M.H Half as his first race upon return. Will be good to have him back and will certainly be one to look out for once he does a few sessions with the lads.
Heard also that Centennial had HuRTS royalty for the Sunday run with 'A Grade Runners' Fats, and Truscott, running around with Kanser and Stankard.
Talking Kanser - seems i am not on the 'A list' anymore either as i didn't get the call to run with the boys and rumour has it that his NEW training partners last Saturday were Vlad and Stevie "Wildman' Thurston.......? Well, there you go !!!!
Makes me wonder if they had my seat at the breaky table drinking my tea post run ? :)

Tomorrows German Gibber Part 3 - Chairman Tommy H as you have never seen before.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

No Training

Bugger all to write about to be honest with still no running or even getting out on the bike over the past couple of days, apart from the daily commute on the roadie to get to my classes in the mornings.
Had hoped to start running this week but after the Triathlon on Sunday i knew i needed more rest time , so hopefully can begin again next Monday.
I put the word out today to the HuRTS boys (and girls) to get down to the last Biathlon next Thursday at the Boy Charlton for one final time for the season and then hit down for a few social ones post race at the Wooloomooloo Bay Hotel. Got some good numbers up for this one unlike the last that turned out to be a non event so should be a bit of fun despite my lack of training.
Hope Taffy James is a no show though to spare me running in that skirt he has lined up care of our bet in the 6 Nations on the weekend. Talking of the Taffy Lad, he drove past me on the way to work this morning and good to see he can celebrate a win with a little grace as i managed to lose with dignity - as i was to quick to take this snap on the camera as he drove past tooting his horn all the way down the busy George Street - unbelievable :)

Taffy James on his way to work this morning.

This weeks subject for the German Gibber Part 2 is Slim Sammy Agnew.
Well it's no secret that i rate Slim Sammy Agnew for his running prowess (if not his footy team) and I'm delighted he will be on board for Berlin come September time.  He will be in top shape come then after his injury care of the Irish boys trying to take him out about 6 weeks back to prevent him lining up for the S.M.H Half team.
We all know what Slim Sammy is capable of but the point of the German Gibber is to tell you things that you may NOT know about our elite team members.
One of the reasons why Slim Sammy was asked to join our party was in part due to the fact that he is fluent in German and will come in handy in ordering the rounds once we hit the Beer Festival  as well as keeping the Irish contingent out of trouble.  Just to show what a team man he is, Slim Sammy has offered to conduct German lessons to the HuRTS boys every week on the Manly Ferry home each night with his new close buddy and Aussie Soccer Coach Holger Osieck. So close to Holger these days that Mrs Agnew is getting a little concerned as he has a picture of his mate above the telly and can be seen talking to him most nights not to mention blowing kisses to his Kraut mate  :)
Anyway for those keen - Slim Sammy & Holger will be on the 5.52pm Ferry to help out - Bis dann!, Viel Gl├╝ck :)

Slim Sammy's New mate and mentor - Holger

Slim Sammy Agnew sitting beside his mate (sorry i cut your head off Sammy.)

Slim Sammy knows ALL the stars and they all want to talk to him - seen here with Chrissie Wellington.

German Gibber Part 3 - Next Week, Disturbing news and photos about the Chairman that only his wife Kirsten has been privy too :)

i will try to spin the legs over in the morning around the park for an hour on the bike after work.


Monday, March 18, 2013

BRAT Race, St Pats Day and an English Bashing

WOW , what a big weekend that was!

Big night on Saturday evening up all night watching English footy then straight into the England v Wales match in the Union for the Championship and possibly the Slam for England. Great game and very tough first half with some big hits with the Welsh Boys bashing us up for the half although i felt we were still in it at only 9 - 3 down, Unfortunately it didn't get any better as the Taffs went on a scoring spree in the 2nd smashing us 30-3.
Great effort from them and well deserved and must stand some of them in a good way for the upcoming Lions tour in June. On the down side it also meant i lost a bet to Taffy James and will now see me doing  the Biathlon(within the next two weeks) in a skirt as well as wear the dreaded Welsh top AND get the beer in ..... Ouch that hurts :)
Sunday - Ventured down to Heffron for the BRAT Triathlon, obviously with the Achilles issue i wasn't keen to run but really wanted to do the swim and bike leg so entered anyway.
Went out to hard on the swim and struggled on the back end as a result but came through transition in about 13.02 on my watch, Now the bike leg is always pretty tough down there and this race was perhaps the hardest ever with the wind nearly blowing some OFF there bikes and in turn making the times a lot slower then normal. Relieved to jump of the bike in 35.43 and wasn't really sure how or even IF i could make it around the double lap course for 5ks. Felt the heel almost straight away so wasn't keen to push it but settled into 4 min/ks, and even managed to pick it up further as the race went on to record 19.19 (3.54s) and a 68.54 for 4th overall i think it was?
Results here:

From there it was into Surry Hills and the Trinity Bar was the venue this year to help celebrate St Patricks Day with a all my Irish mates, always a great day this one and one i really get into with all my mates young and old who all seem to come together and try to drink the establishment dry over a 10 hour period,  Even Old Kanser joined us for a few hours as did 'Just for Men' guy Ronan, started to get a bit messy from here on in although looking at some of the evidence on the camera it looks like everyone enjoyed the festivities :)

Tough day today as i was still struggling at lunchtime as i made my way into town for the Monday swim, good crowd again with Mikey, Enda, MrAce, Elegant Julia (E.J) and myself sharing the lead lane to knock out a repeat of Fridays set only in reverse of 10 x 100s and 5 x 200s.
Went well again doing the 100s all around the 136-137 mark and the doubles in under 3.20s
2.8ks done for the day with the 700 warm up and 100 cool down.
Buggered now after a few hectic days and i have a tough morning with work tomorrow, sure to sleep well this evening :)

If you see a Taffy walking around looking for me with a skirt and a Red Jersey tucked under his arm just tell him you haven't  seen me at all, and you think i may have gone back to live in England  :)

A few pics from yesterdays top day

St Patricks Day with Kanser in 'The Trinity Bar'

And with Ronan , Jeez his hair was about 10 shades lighter once again.

Don't ever let it be said that Kanser NEVER gets a round in ...... Here's the proof :)

Late in the evening and everyone wants a bit of the 'Lindop Loving, think she said she may have been from Galway ?????


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Buddha is Back.

Another swim to finish the week off although no sign of swim training partner
 Mikey when he pulled the pin citing that he had done his lot for the week.
Rode into town and after a 400 warm up was met with a good crew, that included in my lane Brendan, MrAce, Champ and new girl Julia (Enda's work mate), in the faster lane i saw Walker, Ronnie (Biggs) , Irish Kev, Taffy James,  A welcome return of Buddha (?) ,Todd  and we transferred Angus to the faster lane (after getting to quick for us)
Set was 5 x 200s & 10 x 100s
All did our equal share of leading the lane today and every 200 was pretty much the same pace, with new girl Julia very impressive even managing to do 'Tumble Turns' can you believe, making us all look even worse then we really are, and we'll have to have a word if she carries on that caper :). Worked the 200s all around 3.20 pace or under and held all the 100s to 1.38s or below.
2.5ks done for the day - and happy again with how it went.

Guess Who - Did you guess who the Buddha was? And NO its not Warrior Charlie or even Mr Angry :)
  Clue - One of HuRTS fastest guys in years gone by, and loves a party or two?  you might not guess from the photo i took of him on his bike to the pool but answer will be at the end of today's blog.

Big weekend of sport ahead with the BIG one Wales vs England for the Championship in the 6 Nations, and England's chance to win the Slam that i have spoken about before,  for the first time in over 10 years.
Was talking to Taffy James at the pool today and he's confident and even wagered a little bet on the outcome of the match. Loser has to do the Biathlon in a skirt, wear the winners jersey in the pub for the drinks and also buy the first 4 rounds ..........So please England , don't be letting me down on this one :)
Expect a close game and we need to improve big time from last week to win on there home ground,
Timmy's Tip - England by 6

Also today is my old mate and training partner Richie Palmer's birthday - Still going as strong as ever and still training the house down.  Which makes me wonder 'Will i ever beat him again?
Happy Birthday Mate, have a good one.

Have a good weekend all,
Train well and stay safe


Oh, If you didn't guess Buddha?  Here is the answer :)

Champagne Charlie Low. (........ and you think I'm carrying a few kgs? )

Easy Bike 55ks

Just out for an early morning ride around Centennial this morning, pretty windy out there and crowds were a little down and basically saw nobody around which was unusual in itself , Had planned to do a few hard efforts but in the end just cruised around at an easy pace for a pretty uneventful morning.
Returned home with 55ks on the speedo and didn't even break a sweat.
Will be back out tomorrow lunch for my new found calling in sport - Back to the A.B.C Pool for another swim session ...........Still $h!te, but loving it at the moment, and for the first time EVER i feel as if i am actually moving whilst in the water........Jeez, things are looking up:)

If things were a little uneventful in the park this morning, It was anything but over in St Peters Square in Rome where thousand's of paedophiles , er sorry - I mean Catholics were outside waiting for the new Pope to be elected. As we all waited with baited breath for the White Smoke to billow out from the Sistine Chapel.
Remember what the colours stand for now....... ?:
So when we saw this emerge the HuRTS crew got all excited as we knew something BIG was about to happen, And yes, The TRASH broke the news 2 weeks back, and now for the first time we can reveal that our very own Richie Hyginus Honorius High has been given the TOP job to look after 1.2 billion believers (and the 150 HuRTS boys and girls on the distribution list)
We even managed to snag a photo of Honorius High carrying out his first engagement :)
Well Done Richie, and any fear you could have a word with him above about getting this bloody Achilles fixed up for me please?
'Our Richie', out to impress his faithful fans :)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Midweek Pyramid Swim.

With Militant Mikey Conway out due to injury on the running front he put out the call in to see if i was up for a midweek swim and with me missing the Monday set due to Acupuncture it worked well to be able to fit a session in on a cracker of a day in Sydney Town.
Smaller team today, with only Mikey and I ready to go at the start in our lane, although Mermaid and Pete Walker were also there but are in a different league then us, with Lively Laura James also in attendance knocking out her 1k nearby in her new 'Stoke City F.C costume ( no joke) :)
With Mikey calling the shots i knew my regular breaks of 2, 4, 6, 8 minutes after each rep was never going to happen and was replaced with the shorter 10, 15, 20, and 25 seconds. Felt pretty comfortable for the first few and when Angus jumped in and led the lane the pace picked up even further (as normal) - Very happy to hang in again though and dare i say it i got through relatively easy........Hey, My running might be $h!thouse at the moment but i am probably swimming as well as i have for a long time.
Times for the set : 1.29, 3.11, 5.04, 6.33, 6.29, 4.48, 3.16 1.35
With a 500 warm up and 100 cool down, it ended up 2.6ks for the day.

Got a free morning first up tomorrow so will take the chance to head out for a spin on the bike.

Watched a great game of footy this morning in Barcelona & A.C Milan the standard was unbelievable with the Magical Messi turning on the goods with 2 superb strikes to help Barca through to the next round. Its perfect footy when they are in that form and a joy to watch especially when they have the ball, and in Iniesta, Xavi and Mascherano pulling the strings in midfield its almost near impossible for the opposition even to get hold of the ball. Its like watching Stoke at times.... and i even heard that Mr Messi could be coming to the Brit next season, alongside Mr Noisy, Mr Tickle and Mr Bump..for the half time entertainment :)

All very quiet on the HuRTS front is seems with many succumbing to the annoying injuries that are all part and parcel of running from time to time. The Crock List looks something like this (and this is what i am aware of)
Lindop    - Achilles
Highnam  - Achilles , and head colds
Kanser     -  Achilles
Boyd        - Stress Fracture
Mikey      -  Calf issues
Champagne - Calf Operation
Slim Sammy - Foot Fracture
Durante        - Indigestion from eating to many  'Harry's Pie & Mash
Warrior Charlie - Foot Problems

and with Tucks away for the year, and Richie High busy training the house down in prep for Melbourne Ironman it tells you how much we are struggling when Enda is the only FIT one in the team from the older crew......... God help us :)



Monday, March 11, 2013

German Gibber Part 1....

Sorry for the 2nd post of the day but i meant to include originally with the last one.

 With the first of the official 'HuRTS on Tour' trip only about 28 weeks away, as we all get set to be Germany Bound for the Berlin Marathon at the end of September i thought i may give the Trash readers One bit of trivia, general knowledge, up to date news or just plain garbage on one of the boys once a week (every tues) up till the big day (sure it will be more once we get closer to the action). Some points will surprise, whilst others will shock and perhaps even disappoint you  - I know i have already done a brief on all the runners previously but these pieces of info the boys would prefer it best not to tell. But we won't be silenced...............
So today's Part 1 of the German Gibber is Enda Stankard (of course) -  Big news out of the Irish corner is that Echinacea has given his on the couch shrink 'Sparksy' the flick as he gets serious in his quest to overturn Old Kanser on German Soil, And you will not believe who he has turned to ...........step up to the plate, Mr Angry, Marshmallow Man, Rozza,  'I Love Lance', Clyde 'Fatboy' Rosanowski, Yep, you read it right, Enda has enlisted Clyde's help as his mentor for the next 6 months or so and is now on program.  I have already seen a difference in the first week with the normally mild mannered  Enda hurling abuse at Old Grannies in the park early mornings so is well on his way to emulating his Master, although he privately told me he is not sure how he will go when Angry Boy takes him out for a feed and is confused how he will then run with the burden of an extra 14kgs around the girth :)
Rozza has the runs on the board so hopefully he can pass his vast knowledge on, i do hope so for Enda's sake as this could be his final chance for any sort of glory, and if this goes horribly wrong i don't know where he'll go from here, plus we could also be on the look out for someone to help him cure his 'Torrets Disease' he obtained from the new coach.

Enda with his new coach, preparing how to take Kanser, Agnew & Lindop out later this year.
Tomorrow - Part 2, Slim Sammy Agnew


Still on the Sidelines.

Monday saw me go for more Acupuncture in an effort to to get back on the park, hopefully its on the mend and i will look at starting back easy next Monday now. It's working well and i can feel the difference after each session that i do, which is promising and at least gives me some hope of ever running again.
The appointment run over that meant i was unable to join the Monday Swim squad however, so in the end it was a pretty easy day. i heard there was a good crew down there with even Richie High making a guest appearance for a change in between doing his 'Vatican Duties'

Not a lot else been happening although i see Australian cricket has hit a new crisis level after 4 players were dropped for the next Test and one even returning home. Absolute joke if you ask me - these coaches, managers, player assessment guys need to take a good look at themselves and just let the players play the game they are there to do. Dropping a player because he hasn't provided a 'Power Point' presentation seems a little over the top if you ask me and will only cause more problems in the already broken camp.
Can you ever imagine Steve Waugh dropping McGrath & Warnie in there heyday because they forgot there homework?  Good job they didn't do that kind of thing in my day........I would have never kicked a football in my life if so, although on the flip side Tommy H would have ended up with over 100 caps for England with his 6 A Levels' he got at Uni  :)
Massive game in Rugby this week over in Wales with the 'Taffs taking on England , with our boys just needing victory for there first Slam in over 10 years. Tough ask, but hopefully we might just sneak it although will need to improve big time after last weeks poor show against the Italians.
In footy, a couple of big wins for QPR, and Villa lifts them up a little and Toms new look French Toon beat Stoke with virtually the last kick of the game ....B@$tards :)
 Sad news overnight was that Reading sacked there manager - Can never understand that, he's done a great job for them over the years to get them where they are (in the Premiership) and then sack him with 10 games to go ? what do they expect the incoming coach to do ?? The Worlds gone mad, on the plus side for him he has got a new job to go straight into, see photos below :)
Brian McDermott leaves his position at Reading , but walks straight into a new job staring in the new series of 'Little Britain' :)


For those Aussies who don't know anything about English footy, this is the real Brian McDermott

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Wannabe Express to Waterfall.

Saturday - Met up by chance with Centennials 2nd best cyclist going around after POD, One Daniel Moore (pity he can't run to save himself though and in turn has managed to finish about 2 out of  108 races ever entered :))  who was heading out for a swim and asked me to join him, so it was down to Heffron Swimming Pool for the 4th swim of the week. After a 400m warm up it was the 1,2,3,4,4 3,2,100m Pyramid set. Just happy to sit on his feet for the whole session and get carried along, very happy with how it went though and was as quick on the 2nd half with times for each :
1.35, 3.20, 5.07, 6.51, 6.40, 5.05, 3.19, 1.35
100m warm down for 2.5ks for the day.

Sunday - Got the call late Saturday from Eoin the Leech about  a ride on the bike heading south to Waterfall for the morning. Told him i was keen as i couldn't run and arranged to meet at 6am at Centennial. Just the two of us as Irishman Paul Hanley was having bike issues even before the start, Tagged onto a group pretty much straight away and they were not messing around, found i was working hard even to stay on the back of the pack at one point. Settled down a little until the turn then it was all on again for the customary 'Lets Fly' for 15ks back to Sutherland Station where the speed hardly hit under 50ks p/hr.
Returned into the park and then headed home with 108ks done for the morning average pace was 32.5
Don't normally put any stats up for the bike but Master Sweeney always asks, so this is what the morning went like (stats are 'The Leeches' but seeing he was side by side the whole way it's close enough)

So the English Wannabe(Leech) wasn't showing any mercy to the Old boy this morning - but with 100ks under the belt it gave me plenty of time to talk about the upcoming S.M.H Half Marathon and to wrangle out of him a head start over the 21ks - It's not much but he has agreed to give me 30 seconds start in the handicap (should be 90 but again I'll take it and not sure what captain Enda will make of it? ..)
Only got that though on one condition, and that is we let him into the English side next year :)

So big weekend in the end with two pretty solid days training, back for Acupuncture in the morning and then will head for the lunchtime swim with the boys.

Huge Congratulations to Tony (Fats) Fattorini on taking out the big 6ft Track race on Saturday, a sensational effort that saw him take out his 2nd win in the tough trail race. Great win by Fats to storm home in 3.26 some 4 minutes ahead of the 2nd place guy. It must surely put him in the early running for the HuRTS Performer of the Year already although i suspect with the 6 months ahead the Berlin bound Boys might have something to say about that?
Who would have thought that 30 years ago this young star could dream about living in Australia taking out one of the biggest off road races?

The start of things to come for the new HuRTS #1.

A Mountain Goat Ginga :)

....and fast forward 30 years, Fats on winning this years 6ft Track.

then getting the rewards......Well done mate. Nice trophy but i prefer the HuRTS one more :)

So superb effort from Fats (but when is the bloody Home Brew coming ? ) , and also from the boys on taking out the Team event with the top 6 all getting home in under 4.10 (?) Unfortunately Old Kanser didn't get the run he was after, as he battled for a tough day at the office for 5.27. Haven't go the full run down yet but knew he was carrying a nagging Achilles into the race and 46ks of trail running on those hills is probably not the smartest thing to be doing - Let's just hope he's OK and hasn't done any damage that will keep him out of action.
He did finish though so respect for that, although he doesn't look as good as Fats did on crossing the line :)

Kanser complete with Finishers medal, but the quote of the day was from Greta Truscott who stated "Toughed it out cramps & all! Glad you made it to the finish line before we sold your luggage."

Tomorrow - Exclusive, BIG news ..............and yes it is about Enda that you will not believe:)


Thursday, March 7, 2013

More Swimming and Biathlon Write Up.

Thursday - Ventured down to the A.B.C Pool early evening before the start of the biathlon (small report later) and thought  i would try to do 2ks straight as many of the sessions lately have all been short reps of 2 and 300s.
Doing a little more swimming these days due to the fact i can not run and I'm sure it is helping as i am feeling more confident then ever in the pool. (although still very slow by anyone else's standards).
Touched out the 1k in 17.33 (1.45 pace), and then took a small break with just enough time for a quick drink and to get the hand paddles on that would help me out for the 2nd k. Started to fade a little around 1600m but managed to hang in there to touch the 2nd k in 17.15 for all up 34.49...Happy Days :)

Just in time then to see the start of the biathlon that i had lined up for the HuRTS team - unfortunately due to injury, sickness, work commitments it really did become a NON EVENT with only 3 HuRTS people ready to race.
Those with excuses were :
Tom - Refused to race after been told he couldn't get his floaties and lie low on the ferry to work?
Mikey - Paid off (by Enda) the sum of $2.85 NOT to race to give him more of a chance?
Angus - Stress Fracture of the foot?
Ronnie (Biggs) - Food Poisoning after being invited to Enda's for dinner on Wednesday evening?
Heyden - Wasn't confident enough he could do the swim before closing time and the lights went out?
Walker - Couldn't be bothered - 'Too Easy' were his words?
Timmy - Forced out with a life threatening Achilles injury?

Anyway - Lets not take anything away from the 3 that raced with Enda, Mermaid and Lively Laura. Enda was first home, and after a rather sharpish run of 13.08 (4ks) and into the pool in 2nd spot this surely was his big moment to hit that dais that he was looking for? and all was looking good until he flopped into the pool and the next 5 minutes or so were just torture (and that was just watching) as he huffed and puffed his way through 300m.  With this his chance of glory passed him by as he laboured into 4th place overall in a time of 18.38 (?)
Mermaid pushed him all the way on her way to an impressive 19.17 (?) and oh why couldn't have Tom been there for the taking? and another 100m in the pool and she would have taken Enda as well :)
Laura was 3rd girl home ( just done for 2nd by her work colleague) with an equally impressive 21.07 and this after doing the HuRTS run set at lunch.
Well done guys - i think there is only about 3 races left in the series so hopefully i can make one of them and try to get some more of the team down as well - and even a few beers at the end.
Managed to take a few photos of the race.

Enda on his way to an impressive 13.08 run for 4ks.

..Before the pain was to begin with a flop into the pool.

Laura, and still managing a smile after 4ks.

and can still smile at the end as well.

HuRTS swim Queen Mermaid first girl home with a PB , with HuRTS brick Enda 4th Overall.

oh dear, and at 200m into the race - and every life guard was put on 'High Alert' as we weren't sure he could survive the final 100m? :)

Friday - Cycled back into the city for another swim session and with Angus, MrAce, Brendan, Enda, Julia (Enda's work colleague),and Champ in my slower lane for the 5 x 200s (did 6 one extra with Brendan) and 9 x 100s , Another good session with the times all kept very honest (especially once Angus turned up again), and again felt pretty strong throughout.
2.5ks in total

This weekend is the big 6ft Track race up in the mountains as well - Good luck to all those running this tough one. I see a few of us have withdrawn due to injury but think we are still well represented for some good results and look forward to reading all the reports that will follow.
My little each way bet - is to back Fats to get a Top 3 place :)

I wont be running at all but might try to hit the bike for a long ride on the Sunday down to Waterfall .
Have a great weekend, and train safe


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Voodoo Style

I don't know what it is about the Voodoo like, Black Magic Acupuncture that i have but it does seem to work for me. Back in for acupuncture this morning and was still hobbling around like a man of 90 before i went in. Even when she pressed around the Achilles it was so sore i was nearly crying like a girl but once she had weaved her magic and stuck the needles in and then set fire to them it did actually ease down a little. Sticking them in Kidney 6 , Achilles 42, and Channel 8 all seemed very official and was enough to nearly send me to sleep whilst on the table. Once done though she then prodded once again and to my surprise i wasn't in nearly as much pain.
Another appointment next Monday so lets hope it has the same effect and i am back before to long.

Before that though was a little work first up and i saw Enda and the Leech (Eoin) flying around again in the park - both looking very fit, although Enda continues this charade about him struggling and doing no training this after HuRTS last Thursday, Swim Friday , Racing Sat (35.19), 25ks Sunday, Swim Monday, HuRTS Tuesday and then 18ks this morning .........and that's just what i know :)

On the Sports front - Returned home to watch the Big Game between Man Utd and Real Madrid in the Champions League, in what should have been a game billed with such excitement was unfortunately ruined by controversy by a terrible decision in the second half by the referee when he sent a Man U player off. Not seen a worse decision then that since 1985when in my day playing in the F.A Youth Cup when the ref disallowed a perfect goal from yours truly :)
Whilst on footy, the HuRTS boys teams continue to struggle in the Premiership, with the likes of QPR (Heyden), Villa(Stankard) both battling to avoid relegation, whilst Tom's Toon also looking anything but safe, whilst Master Sweeney's Arsenal are no longer the Pride of North London and will even struggle to make the top 4 , and my old boys Stoke are on struggle street as well and are terrible at the moment especially away from home and with a trip to the North East against Newcastle this week more trouble could loom. The only one with a smile on his face is Slim Sammy Agnew with his Palace on the verge of Promotion - although i fear there could be a twist or two to come yet.

In Cricket, Couldn't help but have a sly chuckle to myself yesterday watching the Aussies over in India capitulate and lose 8 wickets for about 80 runs at one stage. Not looking good for them with the Ashes only two tests away. Some of those players just are not good enough I'm sorry, despite having all this time to get it right and if Captain Clarke doesn't score then i can't see where the runs are going to come from.
It could be a long Double Ashes for the boys in the 'Baggy Green? ........and us English couldn't be happier with that :)

Rugby - This week sees the 6 Nations return with England up against Durante's much improved Italians, will be tough but i suspect the real BIG one will come next week up against Tucks adopted Welsh boys for the Grand Slam, whilst i think the Irish could slip up against the French at home in the Greenhouse over in Dublin.

Had planned on hitting the Boy Charlton Biathlon tomorrow evening but that will have to be canned now due to injury, not sure Tom will be there either with similar issues, with Walker and Smolley also away then Enda is the raging favorite especially in the form he is in. I will give a quick run down on all starters and there chances tomorrow. As well as talking up some of the HuRTS boys chances for this weekends 6ft track event.


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Holy Highness....

With Saturday's race still fresh with me with every step i took this morning and with no work on it was time to call upon 'Usain' and turn the pedals over again with the bike around Centennial Park. In trying to get a little run fitness back it has meant i haven't ridden for about 3-4 weeks apart from on my little commute bike to get to sessions.
Cycled over and did a few warm up laps before deciding on a solid 30ks if not time trial then more of a tempo set.  I have a 7k loop that i do that also takes in the Woollarha Hill (700m )each lap that makes it that much tougher even at the best of times.  i knew i wasn't going to set any records this morning but i was looking to keep it more then honest with each lap. Felt OK in general with the 4 lap times going;
12.28 (with a horse pedestrian stop at Fox gates), 12.07, 11.58, 11.59 and 4.00 minutes  for the extra couple of ks to finish with 52.34 for the morning averaging 33.9 ks/hour for the 30k.
Cycled home with 55ks done for the day.

Lunchtime and again with no running it was back into town for the Monday swim that the boys do,  P.Walker, Irish Kev, Enda, Champ were all down for the 6 x 100s, 3 x 200, and 2 x 300 set planned. Surprised myself as felt pretty good from the off today, and even when the faster MrAce rocked up and picked up the pace i was still able to hang on and even do a turn or two on the front. Times were all solid as well and was more then happy to get another 2.3ks done for the start of the week.

Last week Enda was making comment about how much trash was recycled on the blog and was looking for some new stuff. Well today i think we have the biggest news story concerning a certain HuRTS member in its illustrious history. Forget about Tucks winning countless races, or Fats 6ft victory, Not even Tommy H's Striders win, Durante scoffing 9 Hot Dogs at Harry's on a night out,  or Laura James J.P performances can even get close. This one revolves around my good mate, great athlete, all round good guy and perhaps the MOST POPULAR guy within the team ..........Richard High.
It's fair to say that we haven't really seen much of Richie since the end of last year when he gave his job away in town and a few of us were getting a little concerned. Well fear not team , i have it on good authority (From our Italian Mate Durante who has inside info from his home town) that Mr High has the numbers and the backing not only from the HuRTS team but also all the Cardinals for the top job that has become vacant over the past week or so. YEP......... Richie High answered the call from above and will now be known as 'Papa Hyginus Honorius High or ' Big H' to his mates.
I managed to speak to Richie on the weekend and he said " Timmy, I'm delighted i was getting on in age and when you beat me i knew it was time to look at other options and when i saw an ad in the local Manly Daily that said Position available, has to be good with kids, Free car thrown in with glass windows and chauffeur driven and i get to wear those little red slippers i knew it was for me'
The HuRTS team and the Trash wish Richie all the best in his new gig, and the good news for us is - can you imagine the size of the beer tents he can now get us for any future functions we have over the course of the year.
..........Forgive me Father :)

We all Love Him, Papa Hyginus Honorius High, reaching the pinnacle.

Got an appointment tomorrow for a course of acupuncture so hopefully that will help with the Achilles and will take a little time out until i feel its right.


Friday, March 1, 2013

Striders 10k North Head - 42.04

Well how low can one go?
Rocked up for the 2nd in the Striders 10k series at North Head Manly with a good couple of weeks training behind me but had this doubt in my mind that i could get through a race with this nagging Achilles I've had all week,
Warmed up with Mikey and Enda on a very wet and miserable morning before the quick start that sets us off. Settled nicely on Mikeys shoulder for the first two ks (3.28, 3.34) with Enda some 30 metres ahead already looking set for the day  running with Richie Palmer and Allo Allo Man 'Rene'. Into a major headwind at the 3k mark slowed me down a little (3.39) but thought i could get that back for the 4th with the tailwind behind me. That was the plan - unfortunately the Achilles had other ideas and by the time i came through the start line for the 2nd loop it was a case of RACE OVER.  Very disappointed and i was almost just about to sit on the corner of the road and cry but with Chairman Tommy H and this two kids on water duty close by i thought it may not be a good look so struggled on for the remainder of the race.
Plenty of walking took place over the proceeding 5ks to be honest and i really should have just stopped and give it away but my Stupidity/Stubbornness kept me going. Strolled over the line with a P.W of 42.04 in a world of hurt and left wondering where or what to do now?
Disappointed as if you are not fit and haven't done the work then if you are honest with yourself you know and can have no excuses, but i feel as if i was slowly getting back up there and thought that over the next 3 months or so i could get back to the times i was after and running 12-18 months back...... Now I'm not so sure.

Some great runs out there today in tough conditions with Enda's 35.23 right up there ( i called it before and said i would have needed 90 seconds - and it may have been close) Still, very strong and i owe him $20 as even without injury he still would have killed me as i was only on about 37 pace anyway. Bit concerned with Mikey again - only running 36.19(?) thought at least he would run 35.50?  The Timmy Run of the Day goes to Pommy Paul - Had a quick chat at the end and he tells me he run a 2 minute PB - Wow, Great effort especially in those conditions.
Flop of the Day - I'll just give myself this title I'm afraid.
Other notable runs were Richie Palmer some 10 seconds behind Enda, Jeet, and the Leech with a solid late 36 (?)

Have a good weekend