Sunday, August 6, 2017

Sunday Long - City to Surf Course

A 6.30am start saw a small team for the regular 6k loop that included, Laura, C.T Marko Branagan and North Shore boys who ventured over the bridge in Leech and Jerome. Easy pace before returning to the café to find Barts, Scotty O and Lewis ready to join.
Unfortunately that was the last we saw of them though as Jerome, Mark, Leech and I decided to head out the park once again and hit the City to Surf course for a final hit out before the big day next week. Stunning morning as we headed down New South Head Rd before the tough climb up Heartbreak made even harder with the big headwind hitting us all the way (lets hope that's not the same next week). Up and over Dover Heights and back into Bondi Beach that looked as good as ever that had the North Shore boys drooling. 20ks done at this point and the start coming from the beach is a killer, very steep and as Jerome & Mark seemed to cruise both Eoin and I were struggling. A regroup at the top before easing our way back to the park and happy to hit the café with just under 25ks done for the mornings hit out.
24.6ks in 1hr:53 averaging 4.37s, pretty happy with that considering the hills covered and the way I was feeling throughout.
Ks were: 5.04, 4.48, 4.32, 4.37, 4.40, 4.35, 4.43, 4.42, 4.30, 4.44, 4.23, 4.36, 4.46, 4.40, 4.28, 4.28, 4.28, 4.24, 4.15, 4.37, 4.46, 4.55, 4.18, 4.24, 4.05

Enjoyed a coffee with the team post run.

Rest day tomorrow.


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