Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Rushcutter 800s

Continued on with the regular 3k Thursday morning swim and once again it was bloody freezing at 6am (6 degrees) and I was wishing I was anywhere else but the pool.  Not the fastest session ever but I’m knocking over 3ks far easier than I’ve ever done.


Headed over to Rushcutters at lunch for a few 800s, conscious of not overdoing it and deciding to do only 5 of the 8 on program. Lighter numbers today with Gold Coast weekend and I found I was running at the front behind Jerome but level with Skippy and Brendan. Tried not to kill each one but stay relaxed wanting to hold roughly 3.20 per/k pace

Working off a rolling 4 minutes I felt fine for the first 4 and when Frenchy Jerome offered to help with the 5th I took up the opportunity to sit on his shoulder for the 2 laps to stop the clock in 2.32

Times. 2.39, 2.40, 2.39, 2.38, 2.32

A good warm down back to the City with ‘Milk Tray Man’ Tommy H ( who snuck in during the set with his black skivvy) as we chewed the fat about this week’s events and who he fancies to run well and who he doesn’t rate.


Best of luck to everyone who is running up North this weekend, once again the team are in good shape so will be interesting to see the results filter through the afternoon on Sunday, as well as all the shenanigans that go with the usual trips to the Gold Coast.




Monday, June 27, 2016

30 Minute Progressive Tempo (10/10/10)

Not feeling the best over the last couple of days with a touch of manflu (not helped with this morning’s footy score) but headed into town for the HuRTS Progressive Tempo set that was on. Strong crowd of over 50 I’d say (with one token female in Renee) and after the inevitable pi$$ take and banter re the Iceland result we were set.

Bit light on at the top end but from the get go I was in the perfect group that consisted Macca, Skippy Heyden, Leech, Razor, Jerome, Fenton and a rare appearance from top Shire head Muzza. Felt very easy as we cruised at 4 min/ks all the while I was venting my fury at those pampered w@nker$ who parade around in the English football shirt. The first change of pace came at the 10 minute mark where we run closer to the 3.50 marker and still felt easy enough. It’s another 3 minutes 15 before the turnaround as we hit Barangaroo and the pace quickened with Razor and myself working from the front.

Had to contend with the usual crowds of tourists around the passenger terminal area but was happy to be running at sub 3.35s for the 3rd 10 minute effort.

Decided even before the start that 30 minutes was my lot for the day so pulled up stumps just coming out the Quay near the toaster and then cut through the city easy pace back to the start line in time to see the group finish on the 45 minutes.

Run pretty well, not sure if it was just because I knew I only had 30 minutes to do instead of the regulation 45, wonder how much longer I could have kept that pace up over the final 15 minutes? Noticed Macca was over 30 seconds down on getting back to the Stone Pillars so I don’t think I would have been any quicker ?

Pace and Distance for the reps were.

30 minutes 7.9ks average 3.49s

10 minutes @ 4 min/ks 2.50ks

10 minutes @ 3.52 min/ks 2.60ks

10 minutes @ 3.33 min/ks 2.82ks


Can’t finish without giving my thoughts on the major disappointment overnight in the footy, England do it every tournament to me but it’s hard not to get caught up in the euphoria and I really did expect more this time around given the younger lads in the team with many coming off the back of a great season club wise. What I didn’t expect was the complete gutless shocking performance I can ever recall in ALL my time of watching footy. A total disgrace from overpaid pampering to$$ers. Fair play and congratulations to Iceland who were the better team by far, better individuals and worked for each other. We simply had NO idea or NO plan...... makes my blood boil honestly.

Anyway rant over...... I’ve got to let it go and move on.

My tip for the final Belgium v Italy


See how I’m feeling tomorrow and I might try to get out and start on my City to Surf training program that includes getting out on the course around New South Head Road and Heartbreak



Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sunday Long Run -24ks

Chilly morning first up but a big team were lined up  ready to go with many a beanie and gloves  on show as most were getting the final run in leading to next Sundays Gold Coast, Usual suspects and we were privileged to have Fats join us for a change. As mentioned very cold but helped with all the hot air coming out of Enda’s mouth (mostly shite) that had poor Tony and The Sweaty lost and confused at times.

6k loop felt easy before the first of the 10k that quickened to sub 4.30 pace as I controlled the pace up front with Enda and Prince Ho, Decided then to head out again for another with Jeet, Corky, Leech and Mikey Lichtwark although with Jac doing the half next Saturday we made the call to do only 8 of the 10k loop meaning I was back at the cafe with 24ks for the morning.

Should have really knocked out the extra 2 as planned but I wasn’t feeling the best and when the coffee call went up I wasn’t about to miss out and retreated to thaw out.

1hr50 all up for 24ks averaging 4.36s

Decent enough weekend trainings and now that’s 2 long run weekends on the spin...... Geez, things are going well.


Footy getting interesting now , especially as all the crap has been sent home. Ireland farewelled last night going down 2-1 to the French, but the Taffys are still tipping along nicely. England take on Iceland tonight and it will be a major disappointment if we can’t beat them

Timmy’s Tip England 3 v Iceland 0

Tip for the Final (and I called it 12 months back) – Belgium v England




From the team out this morning this is my predicted times for Gold Coast


Leech              2.48:15

Rich Large      2.52:39

Hardman J.C 2.54.10



Mike Leichark   74.55

Enda                     77.34

Brucie                   77.40

Jeet                       78.02

Jac                          89.17

Birchy                    89.23


Friday, June 24, 2016

June 'Golden Duck' Time Trial - 15.12

Friday. Well all the toys came out for the one off 1k swim time trial that allowed wetsuits, paddles, fins, snorkels or whatever other aid you felt might improve your 20 lap time in order to take home the ‘Golden Duck’.  What a farce it turned out to be with not only wetsuits the order of the day but Wong, Champ and Coach Walker also deciding to wear the longest pair of fins seen in a 50m pool.  Unfortunately Enda didn’t understand the email and brought along the wrong type of toy and was seen leaving the pool upset that him and his new friend Barbara were turned away at the turnstiles.

A good turnout all the same and after a warm up Christian (normal swimmers only ) was first away, Champ and all his gear followed, before I was set to go only for Crossy Lad to undo the wetsuit that resulted in a wardrobe malfunction and having to start again. It actually did me a favour in the end as I was able to tag on to Brendan Krone. Pretty much swam the first 500m with him and moving well all the while. Then surprised to see the impressive Phoebe come past us with no ‘swimming aids’ in just her cossie as we both battled to stay on her toes.  Helped big time as the pace never dropped and I came home recording a new PB to stop the clock in 15.12 (15.19 last month)

Pete won the first of the TWO Ducks on offer with fastest of the day even with the aids, but due to a few schoolboy errors from Yum Cha Wong (starting way too early) and Champ (still not able to count to 10 properly) I was deemed the handicap winner as another Duck made its way back to downtown ‘Erko’

Times for the day were;

Pete       12.38 ( wetsuit and fins) – Fastest

Belinda  14.00 (wetsuit)

Wongy   14.46 (wetsuit, paddles, fins)

Phoebe  14.50 (au naturel)

Champ    14.55 (wetsuit, paddles, 10ft long fins)

Timmy     15.12 (wetsuit and paddles) – Duck Winner

Kroney    15.12 (wetsuit and paddles)

Crossy     15.49 (floaty pants and handcuffs)

Christian 18.40 (budgie smugglers)

Enda   DNS  (Barbara the blow up doll)


·         For the record. Head to Heads in the Time trials. Timmy 4 v Crossy Lad 0 for season 2016


Saturday, Busy morning with work and knocked out an easy 7k or so with clients before agreeing to help Jac ‘ Corky’ O’Connor out for a bit of a tempo on a bitterly cold morning. Aim was to run a solid 4ks then pick the pace up a further 10 seconds per/k for the second half. Mission achieved and she was spot on and hopefully she can now take that form into the Gold Coast next Sunday.

15ks all up for the morning.


Need to back up in the morning with another Sunday long run, did 26ks last week so will aim for similar this week, not sure who or how many will be out though with Gold Coast next week but still I need to get the ks in regardless.



Thursday, June 23, 2016

Barangaroo 1k and 400m Reps

A.M Missed a lot of swimming lately on Monday and Fridays but been keeping the Thursday mornings going that’s helped and this morning was another 3ks done. Nothing special although I was happy to be able to do my last 1k (10 x 100s ) rolling every 1.45, even if I was only getting about 3 seconds break on the 8th, 9th and final one.


P.M. Into town and I must have seen about 4 different HuRTs groups split doing their own thing at lunch as I made my way over to Barangaroo. I decided on a set we did about 4 weeks ago that nearly killed everyone that was 4 x 1k (1.30 sec rec) & 4 x 400s (60 sec rec). Had help with Crossy Lad braving the cold and sub 35 minute 10k runner Westpac Stevie Perry joining in the fun.

Went out hard and there wasn’t much between us (think Crossy was going easier) and completed the first rep in a healthy if somewhat too fast  time of 3.13 The 2nd rep we all found tougher due to the headwind and was 5 seconds slower with a 3.18 as the two boys got away over the last 200m.

One thing I have been doing better in recent weeks is keeping it consistent during reps and today was the same as I held the same time for the final two stopping the clock in 3.18s

I was dreading the 400s as the legs felt heavy but managed to get through them all OK , even managing to find something for the final one finishing in 71

Times for the day, 3.13, 3.18,3.18, 3.18, 74, 74, 74,71

Top session, and think it’s one that I may do once a month going forward.

Thanks to Crossy and Stevie P (and even Yum Cha  Brendan for the final two 400s) for helping me out.

 Rest day tomorrow running but will head back to the pool for the monthly 1k time trial at PAP




Monday, June 20, 2016

Sunday Long, Rare Monday and Speedwork Tuesday.

Sunday. After a torrid Saturday in recovery mode I wasn’t sure on how I’d go for the Sunday long run but I did know that I couldn’t afford to miss another long one. Fronted at 6.30am to a big group and so glad I did with the overnight sports results in my favour made for a much easier morning. Spent the first hour giving it to Enda after his woeful Irish boys took a pasting and then gave it out in equal measure to the Aussies after England spanked them in the Rugby.

Delighted to be able to knock out a decent Sunday run although I was starting to feel tired towards the end and was happy to cover the last 3ks chatting away to Corky as I returned to the cafe with 26ks done for the morning in 1hr57 averaging 4.36s

Enjoyed a coffee with the team after, and was even joined by ‘The Flake’ who kindly shouted the coffees.


Monday. You can tell City to Surf is getting close as I made a rare Monday trip into town to start the week. Was surprised then to find a big group out of nearly 20. Enjoyed a pretty cruisy run from the front with Enda, Tom and Hoey and I think I may have upset the ‘Prince’ by not getting him a start in my City Mile Dash team last Friday. Told him he needs to front up and commit more if he’s to ever get a chance of a gig on the ‘A team’  He was still stating his case as far down as the ABC Pool , when it was suggested that Crossy was over-rated and he should have been given that spot in the line up....... I think I’ll just let that one go through to the keeper J

Enjoyed the trot and once again decided to ease off for the last 2ks to run with Eastside Elle and Jac before calling it a day at 12ks near the back of the  Quay area in 55 minutes – average 4.36s


Tuesday. Massive day first up and ended up running with pretty much ALL my clients throughout the morning that resulted in me clocking up best part of 20ks (mostly easy pace mind) before meeting up with the gang for the 8 x 5 minute lunchtime set.  Once again a big turnout and great to see Pommy Birchy and Taffy James back in the fold although NO sign of Tom, Enda, or Kanser.

Tired legs even before the start and after running the previous 2 days there was never any chance of me knocking out all 8, so decided to try to run 4 hard, and 2 x easy. Worked well on the first sitting in just behind Jerome and Skippy alongside Angus, Brendan, Toby, Stevie Perry and Rich Large at 3.35 pace, return was running easier I felt with a slight tailwind and pretty much just repeated for reps 3 & 4

Number 5 was happy to sit in with a decent group that included Pete Walker, Ruth and Hardman J.C at 3.45 pace that felt ever so easy and pushed it slightly faster to end with.

Pace for the 6 were. 3.36, 3.35, 3.34, 3.34, 3.46, 3.42

Tired now after a more than solid 3 days of training,

Well earned rest day to come tomorrow.



Sunday, June 19, 2016

City Mile Dash - 4.57

I’ve said it before but I reckon this race despite being the shortest we run is one of the hardest of the year. Into the city for the lunchtime City Mile Dash (1600,) event and after a good warm up with teammate Crossy lad I meet the others before heading to the start line. Plenty of nerves for this one before the gun goes and its one almighty scramble out the gates. A couple of real sharp left and right turns for the first 300m that makes it tough to go past anyone and I’m puffing pretty hard already as I tuck in behind Skippy Heyden. Think to myself I’ll be doing well if I can hang on, but do so all the way to the turnaround point at approx 1k. I see all the lead guys on the way back (but miss Tommy H who I believe was winning the race at this point?) I got stuck behind a lad on the turn who seemed to walk at one point that saw the band stretch between Heyden and I, Was hurting like hell  but tried to keep it ticking over as I also noticed we had a slight tail wind to help us home. Had grand visions of kicking it down for the final 250m but in truth I looked like I was carrying that grand piano as I came over the line. That said I did stop the clock in 4.57 that I was stoked with (some 4 seconds faster than last year) averaging roughly about 3 min/ks for the run.

My joy was heightened then we I had regained all senses and found that with Special Q (Quentin) first place, Chairman Tommy H (3rd) and Crossy Lad (8th) we were a cert to take out the winning team event as well. Then to cap a real good day news filtered through that the HuRTS girls with Jac, Laura, Elle and Renee took out the females.

Many thanks to ‘Q’, Crossy and ‘H’ for helping me out, Tom in particular who I know wasn’t keen to run but one thing you can rely on is that he never lets you down and proved to be more than an adequate replacement for the Italian Stallion Durante who missed his first ever Mile run due to him moving to Singapore in February.
Some great runs by everybody and I suppose it’s tough to overlook Quentin’s who took it out but the Timmy Run of the Day goes to Jac ‘Corky’ O’Connor who run a stormer pushing  Laura all the way and knocking over 20 seconds from her time 12 months back.


A good few beers in the marquee tent at the end whilst all the presentations took place before heading up to Bungalow 8 for the nights social.  Nice team streamed in throughout the evening after work as things started to go hazy as they do when Taffy James rocks up. Ventured up to the Irish bar P.Js for final drinks that destroyed me and meant once again Saturday morning was going to be the Mother of all Battles to get through.
Winning Team for the 2nd straight year, Crossy, Timmy, Tom and 'Q'
The 'A Team' girls didn't let us down either - cleaning up thanks to Renee, Jac, Elle and Laura.
The calm before the storm on the start line.
Run of the Day, Jac 'Corky' O'Connor.
Presentation time with Crossy Lad and Quentin. Proud to say HuRTS teams have won every year since its inception. Long may it continue.
Onto the social and you can always guarantee a good night with these two - Tommy & Taffy Boy.
And Laura won't miss out too often.
Cardiff's best dressed man - Taffy, at least he's standing.
It starts so well, but ends oh so messy.
Team Times





Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Thursday Morning Swim

After leaving the pool then heading for coffee with the gang it took a lot of character building from myself to then head back and get the swim set done on another cold morning.
Even walking back to the pool I was still uncertain, but jump in I did and now I’m so grateful that I did. A decent set combining some 4, 3 and 200s and in between knocking out some faster 50 metre efforts to get the heart rate up.
2.7ks all up.

Rest day today running wise so won’t make it in for the HuRTS lunchtime session preferring to save myself a little for the ‘Killer’ 1600m effort tomorrow. It’s going to be tough, but in a strange kind of way I’m looking forward to it.  I know I’m certainly stronger than last year and hopefully our team is as well so we (HuRTS) can keep the unbroken record going of having won it every year since it started.


Massive game of footy tonight when the boys take on old mate Taffy James Welsh team over in France, Good side Wales are now but I’m confident we can get the job done and progress into the knockout stages.

Timmy’s Tip; England 2 vs. Wales 0
...and then watch Taffy James run the next Striders race in an England top as part of our little wager.



Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Speedy Rushcutters - with Shire Heads and the Irish Lass

Two journeys tooing and froing  to Centennial Park for work build some ks up and got me back out on the bike that I was happy with although it was bloody cold and I reckon I spent the first hour moaning like an old women.

Got the City Mile Dash (1600m) race on Friday and decided that the HuRTS 45 minute tempo set didn’t fit into the plans so once again called for help with Crossy Lad for some faster shorter reps. Actually got the ‘Shire Double’ as Laura was also keen and then Irelands finest Corky O’Connor made the call to get some last minute training in for the Friday lunchtime event.

Crossy called for – 2 x 1k, 4 x 400s and 4 x 200s – looked and sounded easy but it was anything but. Key again was to keep it all consistent and something that I’ve managed well over the past few weeks.

Went out strong on the first sitting in close to Crossy and was happy to see a 3.08 on the clock,  a good recovery and was keen to repeat. Pretty much kept that same gap and was surprised then to see another 3.08 for the second and final 1ker.

Prince Ho made a guest appearance around this time and was at first floating around the oval but then joined me as I asked for help with the 4 x400s. Found I was going out hard only to start dipping slightly around the 300m mark when he would come around and keep it honest for the last 100 as we were crossing out in 72s

The 200s are not something that I do or practise, but I figured I’d knock out 4 even if it was just to focus more on form than pushing too hard, Worked on a staggered start for this last section and despite feeling fatigued we all kept them more than honest

2 x 1k – 3.08, 3.08
4 x 400 – 72, 72, 72, 72
4 x 200 – 31, 31, 31, 29

Great session and the past 3 done like this have really been beneficial, certainly pushed it far more than I have in recent times and more pleasing is I’m feeling stronger and keeping those times consistent.

City Mile Dash Friday and last year I went 5.01 for the 1600m , hoping to break the 5 minute barrier this time around.

Big shout out to Crossy Lad, Laura, Jac and Hoey for the help out, wouldn’t have knocked those times out without them there.



It wouldn't be a training session if Crossy Lad didn't want a selfie, seen here with Laura and Jac.

Actually prefer this one of Crossy to be honest.
Solid workout from the girls and Crossy.
City Mile Dash time and I wonder if my mate Lauren (High 5) will be back this year.
And last years winning team, Special Q, Crossy and the Stallion Durante. It won't be as easy this year as we are missing the 'Pie Eater' Durante and I'm hearing a few strong teams are out to beat us?


Thursday, June 9, 2016

Easy Friday

Recovery morning and just 8ks with clients easy pace, then caught up with the Chairman for breaky in town before heading over to Barangaroo for a few more ks kicking the legs over at a faster cadence. A good warm down with Corky O’Connor back through the city to see about 15ks for the day in total.

Big weekend planned for the long weekend, a full day at the races tomorrow in the corporate box will yet again mean NO Sunday long run that will result in me having to do it on the Monday.

Euro 2016 kicks off tonight in France, all the home nations are there except the Mad Jocks, predicting a short stay for the Irish , not much longer for the Welsh, but Northern Ireland may surprise a few. Tipping the boys to go all the way though and I have a good feeling this year it may just happen. A good blend of youth and a few older heads is a good combination and to be honest looking at the other teams there is NO ONE to be feared. My other team to watch is Belgium.

Timmy’s Tip for the Final in July – England vs. Belgium


Have a good weekend

Train well and stay safe



Wednesday, June 8, 2016

1k Reps at Rushcutters with the Milk Tray Man

Back down to Rushcutters for the 2nd time in a week for the HuRTS 1k reps and it brought a massive crowd back. Strong up front with Tommy H, Barts, Special Q, Scotty, and a guest appearance from ‘Harold’ (Holt) who I don’t actually know but looks pretty damn impressive when he puts the foot down. Prince Ho was also floating around, not sure what he was playing at but seemed to be doing his own thing (really think he needs to put it on the line more instead of just the ‘I’ll see how I go’ comment that he seems to throw out all too often)

I was happy to be included in the second batch of runners alongside, Jerome, Skippy, Lichtwark, Enda, Brendan, Angus and a few others and as usual led them around coming in on the first way to fast in 3.08

Tried to work off Heyden for the 2nd a few seconds slower but still moving OK, Found around the 3rd & 4th the lads were catching and coming past me at the 700m mark but that was working well as it then meant I could get pulled around for the final 300m of each rep.

Had really done my dash by the 4th, and had to work hard on the 5th one even calling for Enda on the far side of the oval to help out and take the headwind at the 650 mark, managed to hang on though and end with a respectable 3.12 with Jerome offering much needed encouragement along the way.

Times were; 3.08, 3.10, 3.13, 3.12, 3.12


Once again another solid session and it’s a long time since I’ve knocked my reps out that quick (for all 5 at least),


Sight of the Day, David ‘Kanser’ Kane at the oval , refusing to chat to anyone doing his own thing that had Enda remarking that the poor lad would hardly break into the Irish top 50 runners these days and they struggle to even have 50.

Fashion Parade of the Day – Tommy H wheeled out his old ‘Black Magic’ Turtle neck sweater. Oh Lord, and to make things worse it looks like its shrunk in the wash ... either that or he picked up young son Charlie’s by mistake this morning. Absolute shocker.

Bet of the Day - $20 with Enda for the Gold Coast – I’ve got a 4.30 handicap start (wanted 6 mins, he said 3 – Independent adjudicator said 4.30)


Rest day tomorrow although I will turn the legs over down at Barangaroo for a few ks at lunch



Tommy H at todays training - even brought the girls some chocolates.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Training Like an Olympian...... Looking like a Hack.

A 40 minute tempo was on the program but I enlisted the help of Crossy Lad ( and a few others who never fronted) and headed down to Rushcutters Oval for an alternative session instead. Straight out of an Olympian’s book this one with Crossy stealing one of Eloise Wellings sessions he’s been doing with her lately that was 1 x 600, 4 x 600 (with 200 floats) and 4 x 400s (with 200 floats)

Didn’t sound too bad but boy once that first 1600 was done I was already fatigued and was battling to hold form even on the first of the 600s. Somehow held the same pace on each of the 4  though and after a full lap 400 float it was just a case of hanging in to get the last part of the set done.

Absolutely spent at the end but pleasantly surprised that I was consistent throughout, Crossy Lad was looking strong and ahead for all the session but even he was feeling the pace on completion of the 4th 400m rep. Actually thought I may have him on the last as I went out hard and held him for the first 250m or so until I basically run out of gas and he stepped out of 1st gear to  comfortably glide past to take the tape.

Reps times;

1600m  = 5.29 (3.12 per/k)

600m =    1.53, 1.52, 1.53, 1.53,

400m =    74, 75, 74, 71


A top session and as hard as I’ve worked for a long time.


Rest day on Wednesday for me, and will be back down Rushcutters on the Thursday for more speed work in the 5 x 1k reps.



Saturday, June 4, 2016

Hardcore Weekend, Striders 10k and Sunday Long Run


Over to the dark side (and it was very dark) for the Striders North Head 10k race, had planned to pick up the ‘Love Doctors’ Craig & Vic’s on route but they must have checked out the weather and had other ideas?  Worst conditions in living memory only probably rivalled by Mikey Conway and the ‘Stallion’ Durante’s infamous ‘paying race entry only to return to the car and drive back to the Eastern Suburbs’ incident about 8 years back. It meant a smaller than normal turnout but it couldn’t keep the true HuRTS hardcore away in girls, Erika, Eastside Elle, Leech, Macca, Sammy J, Lichtwark, Special ‘Q’ and of course the ‘Beast from the North East’ Tommy H wasn’t about to miss out on home turf either.

Training been going OK and was confident heading into the race and was sure a sub 37 was on the cards, despite the overnight storms. I thought we might cop a lucky break as when the gun went it was ideal conditions with NO wind, warm and only a slight drizzle.

Through the first 1k at 3.30 pace before settling into race pace for the next two getting to the furthest point of the race, 3ks ticked off and with the first of the steady climbs to come I was still moving fine. What happened next basically just stuffed most runners best laid plans as the mother of all storms came in that made for an horrendous final 6ks or so. Did my best to tuck into the first lady (Gemma) and some other guru but that was hard enough as heading out for the 2nd part of the run I was losing at least 10 seconds per k as I was still feeling OK but seemed to be getting nowhere. Despite how hard it was I was happy to see that I wasn’t getting overtaken at any stage so I knew everyone was in the same boat as I was battling the elements. Tried to stick with the first lady but found she was just getting away from me over the last 2ks as I finished it off crossing the line in 38.04.

Time doesn’t really give a true reflection on how I run as it was probably the best I’ve felt all season in truth and talking to others at the end it was generally considered the conditions were adding between 60 – 90 seconds on to the times

My splits were: 3.30 3.39, 3.37, 3.43, 3.46, 3.52, 3.51, 3.42, 3.48, 3.49


After getting out all my wet running gear I was then blindsided by The Chairman to head into Manly for a bit of breaky, Geez, even all his NOTB mates steered clear and were nowhere to be seen as Tommy went all out to impress as he ordered his ‘DELUXE’ Bacon & Egg roll (think it had extra poppy seeds), although I was happy to stick with the toast and coffee to see me right until back over the bridge.


Bloody tough old morning but pleased I run and getting stronger as each run passes I feel.

NO sign of Enda, Leech, Jeet, Fats, Crossy Lad.... all said it was too wet ...... Shameful.



Hardcore Part 2 as I made my way to the park for the Sunday long run. Rocked up in the pi$$ing rain to find no one except the Irish captain and NEW hardman Super Kev. Did the usual 6k loop even going through a flooded road that saw us plough through knee deep before returning to the cafe to pick up Lady Laura, Fats, Brucie Lambo, Ant Donnelly and A. Shire. Head  - very impressed by the same team in such conditions as we headed out the park on the 10k loop.  Nearly lost Laura at the 4k mark as her 4ft.6 frame was no match in the floods and Super Kev had to rescue her with a fireman’s lift to higher ground before we could continue.

Pace was kept honest and was working at a little over 4.30 pace as I was keeping a nervous eye on the tree branches heading up Anzac Parade, Back to the cafe brought up 16 for the morning was then happy to ease around for one more flat loop before calling it a day on 20ks and heading to the coffee house nearby once I’d changed.

90 minutes all up for 20ks averaging 4.37s .


As tough a weekend running wise as I can remember and kudos to all that got out on either Saturday or Sunday. On the flip side it was a pathetic effort from many of the East boys today, NO Enda, NO Jerome, NO Sweaty, NO Jeet, NO Renaud, NO J.C, NO Ho, NO Kanser, NO Richie Large. Strangest thing I heard was that certain members refused to run Striders (excuse - conditions too wet) only to front for the Park Runs & Weetbix 2.5k races and WIN them, no names ..... Fats, B Grade Binfield, Jeet and Renaud – shocking.
Proper Hard - leading from the front Tommy H and I post run.
Top Man, Old training partner 'The King' Damo Tancred, great to see him having a run out.

Manly's finest - thank Christ Prince Ho wasn't around, he would have had an epileptic has this shown up in front of him. And this was the 'DELUXE' version.

Faux Pas of the Day - Tommy H uses the car space whilst a poor Mum had to park elsewhere and walk over 750m in the pouring rain with 3 screaming kids - poor form that.

Will be back out tomorrow for the Monday swim ,Lets hope its stopped raining or else we won't be seeing Crossy Lad either.




Wednesday, June 1, 2016

First Winter swim of the Season.

Early start at the pool and despite the cooler weather and winter now here I’m keen to keep the swimming up to a certain  level now that I am finally see some improvements at long last.

Easy 1500m to begin before called to do 5 x 200m all rolling off a certain time, first 3 OK, but only just managed to get home for the 4th and had to then push hard to sneak in with ONE second to spare on the last.

Happy to jump out with 3.2ks done for the morning.

Hardest session on the calendar for the HuRTS lunchtime set but with Saturday racing I thought it just too hard to attempt so made the decision to bail. No run at all in fact but will head into town tomorrow to turn the legs over down at Barangaroo at lunch.