Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Centennial Bike 20k Time Trial

Man in form Tommy H put the call out to join him for a cycle session around the park and with the amount of Ks he's been putting in I knew I'd be doing well just to stay anywhere near him. I suggested a 20k time trial that consisted of 3 flat laps plus the hill that gave us 6.65k each time around.
Gun goes off and whilst I battle to click in Tommy H takes the advantage and is fast away, soon catch him then make a big effort to go past in the hope of putting a gap between us. Failed miserably, and then find him on the wheel for a half a lap. A very windy day and I'm battling on the front before the 'Geordie Boy' repays me with interest and bolts away. Do my best to stay with him but with the 700m hill to come his strength comes into play and he goes even further ahead.
Lap one done in 10.54 and from here on in it was two laps solo just trying to keep it relaxed whilst keeping the pace honest especially into the wind on each lap.
Any advantage I may have gained on the faster straighter sections I was losing again on the hills but I was happy to see the 3rd lap out in exactly the same time as the 2nd
Overall time for the 20k was 33.48 averaging 35ks per/hr with the Chairman a good 25 odd seconds ahead ( I think he said?)
Lap times 10.54, 11.27, 11.27
Brilliant session and despite Tommy being far stronger then me I reckon we got more out of the session by working solo then had we took turns on the front for the 20ks.
So its Geordie Boy 1 vs Stoke Battler 0 in the bike stakes but although he may have taken the battle today he still hasn't won the war as we head to Nepean Tri the end of October :).  Means I just need to get more work done on the bike over the next 7 weeks or so.

Will be back out on Friday on the bike and have already lined another top shot up in Ireland's #1 Macca to join me to see what he has to offer.

Tomorrow its back to the pool.


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