Wednesday, December 30, 2015

End of Year 8 x 800s on McKay Oval.

Well Lambo, Laura, Ant, Corky O’Conner and a ‘boozed up’ Birchy all came back for more and Enda made a return whilst Elle loved it that much on Tuesday that she set up camp in Centennial and was all ready to roll again this morning for a tough 8 x 800m set to end the year,

A hot morning and with the smell of booze oozing out of many we knew it wasn’t going to be easy, Had Lambo and Enda working together taking it in turns to lead out whilst I sat in 3rd wheel as I covered the first rep with a 2.37 Held pretty well after that for each one as the two boys were on average coming in some 4 seconds ahead. Felt terrible but to my surprise times were consistent and once Enda had finished the 6th rep he then agreed to ease off slightly and help me out with the 7th that saw me return with my quickest for the day in 2.34

Spent after that but instead of throwing in the towel I decided to help out Corky for the last, she was doing 2.57s throughout so was delighted she was able to lift and finish off the session with a strong 2.50

My times were. 2.37, 2.38, 2.36, 2.37, 2.36, 2.37, 2.34, 2.50

Another strong set by everyone, with Laura getting her speed back up, Lambo & Enda banging out 2.32s (?), whilst the rest of the gang were all sub 3s for the whole 8  The only one not looking so happy at the end was poor Elle, not because of her times but just for the fact we told her there were NO more sessions this year and that she had to return to the NOTB.

Finished off with coffee at the cafe, and that just about wraps it up for the year, It’s been a good one and even if I didn’t get the results in races I’ve been looking for I’ve really enjoyed the training over the past 12 months with the gang and will look for more of the same in 2016 ...... Only with better results J


Have a great New Year everyone, Enjoy, stay safe and don’t over-do it on the celebrations this evening.

I will be back in the next couple of days (once I’ve recovered) to give the ‘Year in Review for 2015 and look into my Crystal Ball to see what is ahead for 2016.


The team on completion of the 8 x 800s to end the year.
Helping Corky O'Connor out on the 8th rep to a strong 2.50.

And Enda & Lambo do a good 'deed' in helping Laura get her fastest on the 8th and final set.



Monday, December 28, 2015

Centennial Park 1600m Reps

With the Xmas break I put a call out to see who was keen to do a HuRTS like set early morning in the park and was surprised to see 13 takers that included girls Corky, NOTB Elle and Laura returned with a big smile on her face after her Sunday ordeal choking on the Pittwater Road fumes to return to her proper home.

Decided on one of my old favourites that is the 1600m reps and after showing the gang the route down the path, around duck ponds, bridges and past the lovely wildlife we were set for 4 reps of the best. Led the first rep out although I suspect the faster guys were just warming up but I was still happy enough to hold 3.30 pace as I crossed out in 5.38

Brucie Lambo fired up for the 2nd rep whilst I tucked in with my new found pacer in talented Jerome and maintained the pace knocking a second off with a 5.37 although was blowing pretty hard and the body was in a world of pain especially through the rib and shoulder area after a couple of falls during Sunday’s epic day.

Was pretty much done after the second put held on to Jerome again for the 3rd rep, till about the 1100m mark before he gapped me as I was starting to fade and was surprised then when I only dropped a second to finish with 5.39

Knew I should have completed the 4th but just didn’t have it in me as the gang set off, and before I knew it Jerome had put his foot down and blew everyone away coming in with a 5.08

Pretty solid work from everyone else with all giving positive feedback on the session that was pleasing to hear, and Elle was already to sign on the dotted line to join the SOTB crew for the New Year.


Will do something similar on Thursday and do some 800s on McKay for all those interested.


Lady Laura returned to SOTB with a  BIG smile to fresh air, and friends to get her training back on track after her ordeal NOTB on Sunday, Poor girl needed counselling.

A few more pics from Sunday, with Taffy James, Jeet, Enda and Pommy Paul Birch.

The betting boys Taffy (Husky race), Craig (London against Tom) and Irelands #1 Macca (London plus 15 minutes)

My number 1 fan and great kid.... Charlie Highnam, although I still need to work on him about his favourite English football team in Stoke.

Enda's 'selfie stick' certainly got a good workout throughout the afternoon.


Sunday, December 27, 2015

Chez Highnam Xmas Gathering.

The party that had it all .... Blood, Sweat and Tears was the story of the day at the Highnam Xmas gathering over at his home in Nth Manly.  The blood was courtesy of yours truly who spilt claret for the cause, The sweat came from HuRTS #1 John Bartlett who seemed to work harder on the footy field showing his silky skills then he did in the recent JP Morgan event and the tears came in the form of tears of laughter for all those that were lucky enough to witness Enda Stankards ‘Dizzy Goal’ challenge.

Many of the HuRTS team got the call up to head to ‘Chez Highnam’ for food, beers and an afternoon of banter at the highest level on a perfect Summers day, Fully catered and bar well stocked it was never going to a quiet affair.  Hit up Mr Highnam (Roger, Toms dad) first up to welcome him back before the beers kicked in and enjoyed a civilized chat to girls Laura, Elle and Erika as the first of the games were to take place.

Football was first up and must say I was impressed with Barts contribution, looked like he could play a bit although like his running he was taking it pretty serious knocking the poor kids off the ball. Whilst I can see why Jeet never made the grade for Man Utd as his shot for goal went that high it came down with snow on it.  Enda and Tommy H were no better as I took it all in while the BBQ bangers were being served up on the sidelines.

A break in play enabled game #2 – The ‘Dizzy Goal’ challenge and after seeing Craig McCredie go first it was Enda next up and what was witnessed was pure theatre. I honestly thought he was messing around at first, before he staggered and fell around as if he had about 25 beers.  I was already merry at this time but got persuaded into having a go and I was even worse . OMG... what hit me? Blood everywhere I was patched up and I was content then to stay closer to the house for the next 6 hours as the party was just about to be turned up another notch with the likes of the Jordan’s(Erika and Darren). Macca, Birch, Jeet, Tom, McCredie, Enda and myself all going strong.

Music pumped to new levels as Tom & Kirst’s  kitchen doubled up as the dance floor and by the time ‘Living on a Prayer’ was played I think that may have been Tom’s last recollection of proceedings for the night as his eyes were slowly coming to a close.


Been lucky enough to have been many a party /BBQ throughout the year but I must say this was right up there with one of the best, First up the hospitality of the Highnam family has no bounds, opening the house up with all food and drink for the entire day, such a relaxed atmosphere made it a perfect setting for both adults and kids alike. Add in the HuRT squad members and the banter that flows (especially when the beers take effect) and you can’t to wrong.



Plenty of bets were made throughout the course of the night – (once again, when the beers took effort and more Dutch courage was on offer) and I’ll post them now so we all know, and some that were NOT taken

Macca agreed to give me 15 minutes head start in the London Marathon for $50 – both to make the start line.

Taffy agreed a scratch bet for the Husky Long Course for $100 –

Tommy H – Head to Head in the upcoming HuRTS biathlon in Jan for $20 ( 500m swim/5k run)

 Craig McCredie – agreed $50 bet that I think Tom will beat him in London by over 60 seconds.


Others that declined or wasn’t taken were , Macca refused a $100 bet that Enda would run a faster marathon between the pair ?

Timmy refused Toms offer of $100 bet for Husky long course ..... bloody shark wanted a 20 minute start, yet will run about 10 minutes faster on the run leg  ? WTF???



Great day out and for all those that weren’t fortunate to witness one of Enda’s finest moments, check out his ‘Dizzy Goal’ Challenge – pure quality.


Will be back out tomorrow for the 1600m HuRTS alternative session in the park early morning.


Irelands best Macca with Enda, Tom and I.

Tom , Roger, Taffy Lad and I.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Sunday Long Run - 20ks

It may be still be Xmas but it didn’t stop a big team from joining in for the usual Sunday long run as everyone seems to be wanting to get on the SOTB express these days (Brucie Lambo and Razor Wareham the latest to join the exclusive club).

6.30am start and with Enda back with us and fresh from beating fellow dads to win at St Peters Park run yesterday (competition was that hot - 2nd place was some 126 kilo geezer and 3rd carried his two kids on his shoulders) it wasn’t long before the banter was fired up. Poor Kroney took the lions share of it though with his recent shenanigans at the BRAT & 70.3 races. A decent clip along at 4.39 pace to begin for the 6k loop in 27.55 before returning to the cafe to pick up the later starters for the outside 10k. The pace picked up from here and even allowing for dropping back at the 8k mark to run with Birchy and Gleeso and the Woollahra Hill the 10ks was completed in 46.30 (4.34s) A final flat 4k to end with was done as I chatted to The Leech at 4.35 pace and with 20ks done on the watch that was enough for me as Birchy, Leech, Jeet and Jerome armed with his new sky blue GPS headed to the coffee house for more chat to end with.

20ks all up in 90.45 averaging 4.35s – decent enough hit out, in fact for this time of the year I think it may be even a tad too fast, especially for some of the slower people in the group and the aim of the Sunday long runs is that we all get to run together and its pointless if people are going to break away running at 4.10-4.15s so early into the run?


Big afternoon planned , with plenty of beers, food and TRASH talk no doubt, I have to head over to the dreaded ‘Dark Side’ again but should be a good day all the same with many regulars heading in the same direction. The Leech has asked me to cycle in the morning – told him I’m 50/50 although in truth I’m more 10/90 for a NO SHOW J


Big news of the night was the mighty Potters win over a lacklustre Man Utd team, already gave Gleeso a serve this morning, let’s hope there are a few more plastic Manchurians at the party this afternoon.


Sure to be a rest day tomorrow now, but will be back out on Tuesday for the HuRTS alternative session that I will put on in the morning in the park if anyone is keen to join us.




Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Xmas Eve - Rushcutters 5 x 1k Reps

A small but elite little band for the last session this side of Xmas gathered down at Rushcutters Oval for the 6 x 1k reps on an oval that was in pristine condition, Rolled up early to lay the course out and found Barts & Tommy H had arrived early as well to do the set with Birchy in his NEW Parramatta Eels shirt parading around like a true ‘Westie’

Decent group with Scotty O’Connor (SOC), Nick Roberts leading from the front and I had the help of good lad Frenchman Jerome helping me out for the day, with Hoey & ‘ A Gay’ looking Andy ‘Skippy’ Heyden all dressed in Red (who would have looked more at home on Oxford St) floating around nearby  and the Leech sitting off my shoulder the whole way.

Worked the first rep leading Jerome coming in on 3.23 and basically repeated for the second, before Jerome asked why I was slowing for the final 200m on each rep?  After telling him I was basically ‘Fxxked’ I told him to lead out and I’d sit on his shoulder for the remainder. Did this on the 3rd and automatically felt easier and come home quicker in the process. With the oval in great shape everything felt good today and even with 27 degrees warm temperatures  I was still holding on the 4th rep as Hoey joined in our little team.

Rolling every 5 minutes meant we had to get back to the start line that didn’t really give us much recovery and I thought one more solid rep would do me and if I could hold for a final time I’d be a happy bunny. Once again tagged onto Jerome the whole way, although he did get away about the 600m mark but I managed to get one final kick for the last 200m to finish with a 3.20 to complete the day.

Times were: 3.23, 3.23, 3.22, 3.21, 3.20

Probably saved my best session for the last one of the year and I’m delighted with that to be honest.

Many thanks to Jerome for keeping me honest throughout.


Well that pretty much wraps up the year, It’s been a good year with many highs and lows throughout but more importantly we’ve had many more laughs along the way as I’ve hung out with not only a talented training group but even better mates – thanks to everyone who has been involved over the past 12 months.

Enjoy the Xmas break, have a great time with all your loved ones. I’m just about to enjoy a beer or two and have a listen to perhaps the greatest Xmas song ever released before I look back on the year that was and do the ‘Timmy Review for 2015’ later in the week.


Have a great Xmas

Stay Safe

A small but good group for the final HuRTS session before Xmas down at Rushcutters Oval for the 5 x 1k reps. Tommy H and Barts were gone by this time having run earlier.

I think Andy Heyden took a wrong turn somewhere on Oxford St coming dressed like that with his tight bright Red shorts.

 Pogues and Kirsty McColl give us the best Xmas song ever written in my eyes with ‘Fairytale in New York ‘ .... Classic.






HuRTs 2 x 20 minutes with Ginger Cookies to finish.


Despite the busy time of the year I still found time to head into town on Tuesday for the HuRTS 2 x 20 minute effort set and found surprisingly a big turnout that included top lads Tommy H, Hoey, Tongy, Englishman Nick Roberts, Barts, Jerome and even Enda made a rare start with us.

Hammering down with rain but it was actually pleasant to run in as I settled just behind the main decent group that included the likes of Jeet, Leech, Brucie and Stevie Perry, Worked at 3.48 pace alongside Asian Dave on the easier OUT 20 minutes and felt pretty comfortable and pulled up about 50m short of the squashed car covering 5.3ks

A decent 3 minute recovery before the return, and purposely upped the pace as I knew the hills were to come towards the back end and needed time to help compensate for the last 6 minutes or so. The first hill coming out from Farm Cove was tough but got a reprieve on the road back down to Mrs Macs Chair, but needed to dig deep coming back up as Jerome and Enda came past. Got a little bit of help, and tried to keep it ticking over with less than 5 minutes remaining. Hoey was next to come past, offering encouragement as he did and Tom wasn’t far behind.

The last 90 seconds or so is tough but manage to go past people that I’m happy with and get back to the Stone Gates some 12 seconds over the 20 minute cut-off time holding 3.53s for the return leg.

10.6k all up averaging 3.50s – not brilliant but solid enough effort for this time of the year.

Good bit of banter as people recovered and was made better by the Champs kind gesture to deliver his home made ‘Ginger’ biscuits for all (kindly baked by partner Lissy) that went down well.

A little warm down with Jeet and Gleeso after as Jeet let it slip that he will be back in sub 36 minute shape come February after his New York marathon exploits in November and agreed to give me a ‘very generous’ 2.5 minute handicap to kick off the season.



Pretty easy and normally a rest day but found time to head to the pool and knocked out 2.1k with some 4, 3 2 and 100m efforts


Thursday will head to Rushcutters for the last season pre Xmas for the 6 x 1k reps.


Tommy H was back at training despite his 17th successive day on the beers.

As was Enda Stankard, I think those drugs he is taking from China is starting to take effect.


Monday, December 21, 2015

BRAT Triathlon 68.21 - 5th place

Very hot and windy with temps up over 30 degrees and feeling pretty ordinary after a week on the booze for what was the last race of the year down at Heffron for the BRAT Sprint triathlon.

Was unsure if I was in fact going to even line up after words were exchanged at registration but more on that later, as I chatted with HuRTS Brendan Krone, Hardman and Gun swimmer Aaron Cook as well as a few others that I knew I’d be doing well  to beat.

Placed myself in lane one albeit last to go and even by the first 50m I was struggling and upon coming back for complete 100 I was out the back and swimming solo, Never got my breathing right and seemed to stop every 50m for a split second or two to try to control. With Kroney and the likes getting out the pool I still had another 100m to get through and I knew I was in for a long day. Touched out in a slow 12.55 and into T1 getting set for the 20k – 10 laps ahead.  Once again I pretty much rode the whole way solo, only passing the slower riders as I went in search of the others who had at least 90 seconds start on me. The wind was playing havoc over the back part of the course on each lap but I was pleased to eventually chase down top girl Nicole just as we were coming into T2 with a solid enough bike time of 34 minutes.

The 3 lap 5k run was torture and with no chance of getting a podium I was content just to see it out running at 4 minute per/k pace but even that seemed as if I was running at 3 minute ks. Run time of 20 minutes dead to cross the finish mat in 68.21 for 5th overall.  Kroney took out the win with Frenchman Vincent 2nd, Cookie 3rd (thanks mainly to his 10 minute swim no doubt),with Mat Myers only about 20 seconds ahead in 4th.

The race was not without its drama as well as course marshal (Kroney) who was to put the cones out mixed up the turnaround point with many of the competitors running an extra 600m – Geez the things he will do to gain the win, words fail me  J


So last race of the year and unfortunately it could also be my last race in the famous BRAT colours after the committee were at it again upsetting the members. I rocked up to pay only to be tasked ‘Had I  registered online?’ When I confirmed in the negative I was then asked to pay DOUBLE for the privilege – WTF ?

A bit of a stand-off took place whilst I took it up with others all to no avail,  Absolutely unbelievable, and my point was it was not costing the club any extra to put the race on but now wanted to charge everyone extra without no notice just because you didn’t pre register. The way the club is being run is in my eyes appalling and it’s little wonder its members are not happy and in turn nobody is supporting races anymore. Not sure who these people think they are but they really do need to have a good look at themselves.

Very poor form from all.

** Rant over.


A good few beers in the afternoon and evening to help replenish the lost supplies and I just made sure I had my phone switched OFF and wasn’t taking any messages from my old mate Slim Sammy Aggers after his Tin Pot Palace boys come to ‘The Brit’ and basically got lucky and STOLE the points with a 1-2 victory. He’s been a nightmare all day today mind you.





With Mat Myers, Cookie as Santa and race winner Kroney post race.

Friday, December 18, 2015

December 'Golden Duck' 1k Swim T/T 16.33 - 1st Place.

Smaller team out for the final time trial of the season for the prized ‘Golden Duck’ at the A.B.C Pool, not sure if it was because of the busy Xmas season or the fact many were warned NO Speed Suits, Flippers, snorkels or hand paddles that kept many away?

Still, had the fastest member in the squad Manly Steve, In form Angus, and race favourite Crossy Lad on the starters blocks alongside the B.S.T (Balmoral Shark Team) Gleeso and Hannell, November winner Kroney and finally the Champ.

Gleeso was first away, with Champ following and I had to give Champ 30 seconds before I was let loose. Basically meant I was swimming solo for the first half before I reeled Champ in around the 600m mark. Eased up slightly once I was on his feet and got a free ride for the next 250 metres – although in truth I wasn’t that strong or confident enough to go around him. Decided though once I got to the top of the pool at 850 I’d break for home but needed an element of surprise or he would just sit on me and try to kick it out over the final 25 metres. On the 850 mark I then switched lanes and basically gave it all I had and hope the fast moving Crossy Lad wouldn’t catch me. With 50 metres to go I had about 15m lead so knew I had it and was lucky enough to touch out in 16.33 (exactly the same time as last month) and take the final ‘Duck’ of the year.

Watched then as Champ and Crossy Lad battled it out for the silver medal with Champ getting it by a whisker.

Some bloody fast times for the day with Manly Steve recording a PB in 13.55, likewise for Crossy in 15.14, with Angus dipping under the magic 15 minute mark. In fact everyone bar Paulie Hannell swum under the allocated handicap time, so it was a nice way to finish the year for the team.

Good guy Gleeso then took us up to the poolside deck and shouted lunch on a stunning day as we chewed the fat about the English premier footy, that was much appreciated.


Nice evening spent in town having a few beers with Taffy Lad, with Birchy making a late appearance, although I did miss out on the much anticipated ‘Nurses Party’ at the Woolloomooloo Bay Hotel – bloody typical.


Big weekend planned and it’s the match I’ve waited all season for as Stoke entertain Slim Sammy Agnew’s ‘Tin Pot’ Palace boys at the home of football. Stoke are playing well although have a few problems scoring goals but it won’t be a problem tonight. Get the house on a Stoke victory.

Stoke 2 vs. Crystal Palace 1


Was supposed to head out to Smithfield on Sunday to run the Half Marathon as a qualifier for London next year, but I fear Hoey, Tommy H and Barts have all pulled the plug so it looks like that won’t be happening and may have to find another way if I’m to make the start line next April ?


Poolside after taking out the last 'Duck' of the year. with Gleeso, Kroney, Manly Steve, Paulie Hannell, Crossy Lad (hidden) and The Champ.

Have a great weekend
Train Well and Stay Safe

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Timmy's Double Header Set - Hills and Tempo.

Toughest set on the HuRTS calendar and with 30 degree plus temps it wasn’t one for the faint hearted so obviously no sign of Stankard, Bartlett, Ho, Birch, Herington, James or even Jeet today for the ‘Timmy Double Header’ Hills and Tempo Combo set. Respect though to the ‘Chairman Tommy H who was present after his 17th straight day on the booze (and smelt like it as well), Irelands #1 Macca, Jerome, #1 Renee (only female) Gleeso, as well as TWO of my clients that I managed to get along to try to the group out.

20 minute hill repeat is the first leg and with Englishman Nick Roberts flying out, I wasn’t far behind 2nd and 3rd in (little)Tom & Brucie Lambert as I was trying to settle at a comfortable pace.  6 Minutes gone and already feeling the effects but even though they may have been taking it easier I’m happy to stay ahead of Macca, Tom, Jerome and Skippy Heyden as I tick off another little milestone at half way catching #1 Renee.

Offer Gleeso some encouragement as I go past him but feel as if my pace is dropping but the same must be happening to the others as no one has come past yet except for Jerome who tries to drag me up for the penultimate hill. Get to 19.30 on the clock and finally Macca comes past huffing like a steam train on the last hill as I just hit the top as the 20 minute clock ticks over.

Absolutely buggered and I think many were happy to drink the nearby water fountain dry at this point before we were into part two. Tom tried to break the group into 2 – but must have been talking ‘Double Dutch’ as no one paid any attention as most of the faster group were already gone before our main group set off.

Easier first k on the downhill at 3.47 but struggled on the 2nd and Tommy H was to come good dropping back to ensure I kept an honest pace as 7.50 was seen for 2ks. The little hill on the turnaround nearly broke me but somehow pushed the pace back on the downhill to get close to the main pack again but from Mrs Macs Chair onwards I was battling all the way.

One hill to go before the expressway and once I got over that I could see J.C and Darren Jordan ahead and tried to reel them in with Tommy H barking out the orders to go past.  Never been so happy to see the Stone Gates and I’m not sure if I was hugging it or it was just propping me up at the end – either way it wasn’t a pretty look.

Details of the Day – 20 min hill repeats 4.88ks average 4.07 pace

                                        5k Tempo – 19 minutes average pace 3.56 pace (about 150 metres short in truth)


Good session and it looked like everyone was in the HURT box as we recovered at the Stone Gates,  Thanks to the Chairman for helping me out and is already on my shortlist for next year’s ‘Spirit’ Award for his efforts.

Well done also to clients Craig and Alex, who toughed it out and saw at first hand just how tough the HuRTS team really is.


Tomorrow is the last swim T/T of the year, let’s hope there is no repeat of the blatant cheating this month like what went on in November with ‘Speed Suits’ and the like.





Monday, December 14, 2015

Double Up Day - Bike & Run.

Managed to get out on the bike the past two weeks on the Tuesday mornings and I thought  being back out today I was ready to start doing some efforts for the first time of the season. Enlisted an old client of mine who has really got into the triathlon side of things (doing  about 8 Ironmen) and has got really strong on the bike so knew it wouldn’t be an easy set.

6k ride from my house and then a few easy laps of the park before the 4 x 10 minute efforts (5 min recovery) were the go. Even just sitting it in I was working hard enough and despite every intention of helping out on the front I basically just sucked the wheel all the way as we ticked along averaging 40ks per/hr

The 2nd and 3rd reps were very similar but at least did help out (even if it was very minor) and for the last effort the hill came at the wrong time for my mate on the 2nd lap who blew up (his words) and I was forced to see it out from the front for the final two minutes.

Just received the stats from my partner for the morning and they were  - don’t ask me what all this watt nonsense is about either

  Nice work this morning... we rode pretty hard!
Effort 1: 40.9kph / 267 watts
Effort 2: 41.0kph / 272 watts
Effort 3: 40.8kph / 271 watts
Effort 4: 38.8kph (blew up!) / 256 watts
I aim to do 270 watts on these efforts so pretty good!

A few cool down laps and I returned home with 60k done for the morning.


I love the bike but it don’t half drain the legs and I wasn’t looking forward to the lunchtime 14 x 3 minute session that brought a huge crowd out on another hot and sticky day, Decided before that 10 was the go and as the ‘Big 3’ Barts, Hoey and Tommy H drifted off I was happy to sit on 3.25 pace for the first rep. Was joined on the easier return by the likes of Jerome, Macca, Brucie Lambo and a few others. Held the pace pretty consistent from there but must have been struggling as my head was all over the place when after what I thought was the completion of the 8th rep (when really it was only 6) I sought out Corky O’Conner to run the final two reps with her at 4 minute pace. Only finding out later from Jeet that I was only on rep #8 once done.

Pretty Pishe Poor in all honesty, but once I’d stopped I couldn’t restart and after a heavy bike this morning 6 x reps all under 3.25s was a pass mark in my eyes

Rep pace times were: 3.25, 3.24, 3.24, 3.24, 3.26, 3.25, 3.59, 3.53


Good to see the front lads putting some effort in today knocking out all 14 reps, ‘Tea Towel Tony continues his progress and good to see Laura back out regaining some fitness and won’t be long before she’s flying past me. Wish she wouldn’t go on about her ‘big belly’ so much mind you – especially when I’m standing beside her some 30 kilos heavier with my beer gut. J


Rest day tomorrow , although may take the chance to run with some clients easy.




Sunday, December 13, 2015

Curl Curl Park Run 5ks - 18.01.... 4th Overall.

Despite it being a busy time of the year I managed to find a few free hours that enabled me to finally get over to the ‘Dark Side’ and run the 5k Park Run at Curl Curl.

Met up with Tommy H and Taffy James for the 2.5ks easy jog over and was greeted by a few friendly faces in Pete Walker, Julia Degan, Benny Boy and the talented Scotty O’Connor (SOC) who is back from a 3 year break in France.

With Tommy H seemingly on a 4 week bender on the booze it was decided he would run easier and try to get me to run 18 minutes which in turn would mean a good battle between Ben and myself who has been running 18.20 each week.

A fast start and with SOC long gone I find myself running 3rd to Ben as we pass through the first k in 3.24 with the Chairman still on my shoulder wondering what day it was.  He finally sparks into life for the 2nd though and I do my best to stay with him as the pace drops slightly to just over the 3.30 mark.

It’s a battle through the 3rd k on perhaps the only rise on the course (certainly NOT like St Peters at half way) and it’s here I really needed Tom’s help as I feel as if I’m struggling although looking ahead I see I’m closing the gap on Ben.  It’s here though that Tom gets to Ben and it’s the lift he needs as I bid Macca a good morning as he was out on his long run. The pace is kept honest as I tick the 4th off and coming back across the bridge I make a half hearted attempt to kick it down for a final time with 400m to go. Still wasn’t enough as Benny Boy and Tom pretty much cross the line together in 17.55 (?) and I stop my first watch in 17.59 and then my second in 18.01. Secretly hoping it was 18.00 dead but you know those NOTB boys they won’t give you nothing and when the official results come through later in the morning I’m given 18.01 and take out 4th spot (what is it with all these 4th places recently?)

Watch Julia come in not far behind, and then Pete with Taffy running a seasons best with a solid time of 19.11 before we start the cool down (what ends up with a marathon like long run ) back to the coffee house for another 5ks .

Apparently it’s the finest the North Shore has to offer – some gaff called ‘Emporio’ and Tommy H is keen to impress as he storms the counter ordering my coffee and toasted banana bread before he tucks into his burnt bacon and stale Turkish.  Good banter with Taffy as Macca joins us mid long run to break up his 30ks.


Set out to run 18 minutes and that’s what was achieved so got to be happy and the k splits weren’t too bad with the following run;
3.25, 3.32, 3.38, 3.35, 3.45

Many thanks to the boys for breaky and making sure I survived the trip north, and to my surprise it’s a very good run event and I’m sure I will return whenever I get free time from work. Still not sure of the distance ....... If you want to check and confirm just ask Julia Degan


Top afternoon and evening meant the long run didn’t happen for Sunday, and won’t be swimming on Monday either as got a well earned massage booked for lunch.

Poncing around at the 2k marker I reckon it cost me those 2 seconds - I really do need to get more serious when running.

"Oh NO, not again - what have I done bringing Timmy into here? Burnt Bacon and stale Turkish bread with a few flowers on the plate, I'll get crucified if Hoey gets wind of it. and this is Emporio - North Shores finest"


Thursday, December 10, 2015

Final Biathlon 19.11 - 4th place yet again.

Last race of the season at the biathlon and after last week’s confidence booster I was looking for one last hard hit out. Tougher conditions this week though with the high winds for the return leg on the run so knew it would have to take something special to go under that elusive 19 minute marker.
Adrian McGarva was back and I knew he was keen to get one back on me after I managed the win last week as too was Greta Truscott from the HuRT squad. Didn’t want to hold back this week so was fast out the blocks and really tried to push the uphill as like last week McGarva  was sitting on me all the way to the turnaround.  Time called 7.01 around the cones as McGarva put the foot down and tried to get away, We must have exchanged places about half a dozen times on the way back but coming up the home stretch I just got away and  was called through the top gate in 13.58 to his 14.01

Managed to get past 3rd place guy within the first 50m of the swim but still couldn’t shake ‘Old Ginger Top’ McGarva who was tapping my feet for the first 150. He came past soon after and I was looking to then stay on his and hopefully battle it out for the last 25 metres and this is how it pretty much panned out. Unfortunately I wasn’t strong enough and he touched out 1 second before me as I finished in 19.11 for 4th overall (once more)

Second fastest of the year and I’ll take that, pity the conditions weren’t similar to last week as I felt a sub 19 was on the cards.

It’s been a great season of Thursday nights and even with my limited run training of late I feel that the Bi’s have kept my shorter stuff at a reasonable level. I reckon it’s the best 20 minute workout you can get and can’t believe many of the guys haven’t shown?.
Times for the season, 19.35, 19.52, 19.45, 19.38, 19.29, 19.50, 19.05, 19.11.

Season complete it was over to the Woolloomooloo Bay Hotel with Greta and Adrian for the presentations and was lucky enough to win the series in the 45-55 age group, and ended up staying in the Bay Hotel for many a beer.


Missed my Friday swim as I thought I’d give myself a  ‘Mikey like’ well earned rest today.


Big weekend coming up, plenty of parties this weekend so looks like the Sunday run will be the first to suffer again. Have got a break in work in the morning though so will head out and knockout the 5k Park Run as a poor substitute .


In the premier league, Stoke travel to the home of the ‘Happy Hammers’ – West Ham. The way the boys played Man City off the pitch last week a victory is again on the cards I’m predicting.

Timmy’s Tip – West Ham 0 vs. Stoke 2

I’ll have to get my mate James Gosnells mobile ready for Monday morning as well if that result comes true.


Have a great weekend

Train Well, stay safe



Monday, December 7, 2015

Bit of Bike and HuRTS 10 Minute Efforts

Proactive morning as I managed like last week to get out in between work for a few ks on the bike. Was fortunate (or is that unfortunate?) To spot the BRAT/Hardmen including PLOD, Leech, Kroney, and Evan and joined in for a few laps with them. Phew.... that PLOD may be a plodder on the run but is far from it on the bike and I was borderline about to burst hanging in, think I managed about one stint on the front for all of about 10 seconds.
Was happy then to peel off and work with a client before rejoining and enjoying the company of Kanser and Ronan who are like two old women chatting away as they go at a more leisurely pace. Still returned home with another 40ks done.

Mid morning it was into town again and worked with not only my fastest two clients but perhaps my two favourites in doctor Craig and Victoria Arthur, top couple from Wales and Scotland and after a good warm up decided on the 6 x 5 minute set that is popular with the HuRT team.

These two don’t mess around with Craig running 3.50s and Vic’s 4.15 so either way I was working hard enough throughout with 10k covered by the time I bid them farewell

HuRTS set was the tough 4 x 10 minute efforts and once again a big team out with Barts, C.T leading from the front and it was a nice surprise to see ‘Tea Towel Tony’ Fats back getting his @r$e into gear after entering 6ft next March.

Felt OK to start and found myself with a nice group alongside Angus, Jerome, Steve Perry and Lambo again with Macca and Hoey (taking it easier) just ahead. Got within about 150m of the Opera Gates with Angus averaging 3.41s for the 10 minute stint.  Was dreading the return even just thinking about it in the 2 minute recovery but started strong with Jerome offering plenty of encouragement at Mrs Macs first climb.  Helped a little coming past the A.B.C Pool area as you start to reel people in, but at the same time the faster guys come past before the expressway and its basically just hang in time from there for the last 2 minutes or so. Got back about 5m short of the gates.

Buggered at this stage once back at the gates and made the decision to do the final two but at reduced pace and on seeing Corky was all set to run with her. Took off and looked only NO Corky ??? So was happy to run with Warrior Charlie, Pete Walker and Champ who were still moving freely at 4 min/k pace.

Even that seemed harder than it should and on the final return it was about all I could muster as I was about 10m short on getting to the Stone Gates.

Again big numbers started, very few finished and apart from about 4 no one got back within the final time frame, Pleased to report that Mr Fats was one of them though and hopefully it’s the kick start he’s been looking for? Think he was telling me his final return was done in around 3.31 pace?

A little warm down with Barts and Warrior Charlie and I was toast.


Tough session, and big day. Pretty happy to get it done though and have earned myself a rest day tomorrow.

Thursday big day, swim early then the final Biathlon for the year - bring it on.




Saturday, December 5, 2015

Sunday Long Run with 'I Dream of Enda' Laura.

Amazing what an early night and NO ale can do for you as I headed to the park feeling remarkably fresh for my first decent Sunday run for ages. Massive team of the Eastside’s finest and once Laura had told us all about her overnight adventure that she ‘Dreamed of Enda’ we were away. It’s a family blog so I won’t tell the story – ask her yourself when you get the chance.

Started with C.T , Enda, Laura, NOTB boy Brucie Lambo, Craig, and good to see the return of Jeet and Renaud back from New York as well as a few others. Good pace although I barely noticed it as I was still coming to terms with Laura’s revelation as we returned to the cafe with 6ks under our belt.

Picked up the later 7AM starters that included Gleeso, Hoey, Greta and even Champ (first timer) as we run the 10k loop although included the Woollahra Hill part instead of the flat Captain Cook + Stadium route.
With 16ks down there was just time for one flat 4k loop and armed with Hoey, C.T, J-Fen, Brucie and Champ just about hanging in we picked the pace up to  finish it off at 4.10 pace.

20ks done and dusted in 87.20  average for the morning 4.26s

6ks – 27.35 @ 4.36s

10ks -44.00 @ 4.24s

4ks – 16.00@ 4.10s

Stunning morning all round and for the first time in ages I felt as if I was moving OK today.

Finished off with coffees with Jeet, Renaud and Laura before we headed to the crème –de-la- crème of the Inner West for the finest Bacon & Eggs on offer with the team. If Blog reader #1 Durante and Birchy can destroy ‘Harry’s Hot Dogs and Pies then I think we have a rival when it comes to the breakfast table ...... Champ demolished his by the time the ‘Chilli Jam’ aromas had even hit my nose.

For a full detailed report check out HuRTS #4 blogger Michael Ho as he can describe it in greater detail than I can.


*** Also NO sign of Pommy Birchy this morning, and if any of the NOTB boys sees him looking lost can you please return him safely back to the East. Last spotted with a picnic blanket around Narrabeen Lakes feeding the ducks (or was it Big Bird?) .... I do worry about the poor lad at times.


The start of the St Peters Park Run
and coming in for the finish 18.26 later
Actually look better at the end then I do at the start - form wise.

Photos care of Enda Stankard who made himself useful despite doing bugger all for the rest of the morning.


Friday, December 4, 2015

St Peters Park Run 18.26 - 4th


Too good a day not to go to the pool even if I was tired and wasn’t in the mood, After all the excitement at last week’s T/T today’s was a more sombre affair with NO Coach Walker, Fancy Pants Gleeso, Yum Cha Brendan or even the Leech but still had good company as Crossy Lad returned (with TWO Vietnamese girls sitting on the side for him after his holiday in those parts last week), Todd and Kroney.

After a warm up the set was 1 x300 and basically 16 x 100s (one fast, one slow), Taking it in turns the boys were smashing out the fast reps with Kroney knocking out one at 1.18, Todd 1.20 with mine being perhaps the slowest at 1.23. Was forced to sit the odd easy rep out in order to get the longer recovery but even then by the 14th I was done.

Had a chat with Hoey in the next lane and helped him out for a sub 1.45 lap and decided to call it quits after that.

Controversy of the Day -  Well we’ve had Pool buoys, paddles, and the floaty pants have become fashionable, we even had Kroney in his Speed Suit last week in order to take out the Duck, BUT today we went to new lengths, Step up....... CHAMP, Yep, not only has he joined the Floaty Pant Club but he swum with his Bright Yellow Flippers, FFS.  Never seen the likes of it, shocking turn of events. Whatever next? Tommy H will be coming down in his dingy.

Champ - The Shame Files.

Few beers in the evening, over at Lion brewery capped off a good day, may have been better had I got the invite to join Tommy H, Barts, C.T ‘Q’ and Birchy but sadly I was to get snubbed once more.

Getting into the Festive Spirit - care of a visit to the Lion Brewery.
Had a rare Saturday break in work and despite feeling less than average after one too many beers I headed over to St Peters for the World’s Toughest Park Run. Didn’t really notice anyone familiar although there was a Stankard on the starting line with a little bit of heart..... Yep, Angela was out for a trot so I knew I couldn’t take it too easy.
Went out pretty strong and after ‘The Mad Asian Professor’ went out like a gun, I was in a group of 4 covering the first in 3.22, Settled a little for the 2nd as one lad pulled away and I sat on the shoulder of 3rd place at the 2k marker just at the clock ticked over 7 minutes.
A left turn at the roundabout and you have a steady climb for 500m before you hit Kosciusko and its’ here that I was thinking those ‘Nelson Mandela’s (Stella’s) weren’t such a good idea last night after all as I struggled to get to the top.  Made a conscious effort to lengthen the stride out coming down and around the flat oval at 3.5ks in the process reduced the gap on 2nd place to about 20m. By the 4k mark I was running on fumes to be honest and that final kilometre was tough as I was passed with about 600m to go,  Had one final effort to see if I could get another chance but with 10m on me I had to settle for 4th for the morning as I crossed the line in 18.26
For the record, the Mad Professor who looks very dorky and has the strangest running style won in 17.05 – bloody quick on that course.
Par performance for me but it’s about right for where I’m at at the moment training wise so won’t complain, and can’t really expect more when I’m only doing about a third of the run training that is needed.
A good coffee and chat post run with the Stankard’s was the order of the day before heading out for some good ‘Nose Bag’ (breaky) after.
Its normally about now that I say ‘Big Weekend’ coming up ....... But, after a busy week I’m trying to take it easy for this one and have NO plans. I might just stay home and enjoy the footy all weekend and watch the Mighty Potters give it to Man City. Tough game this one but it’s the place to be this weekend if you want to hear electric atmosphere. Mate Sammy Aggers always goes on about the noise at Selhurst Park with his Tin Pot outfit. He really needs to get himself to the Brit to sample the real deal.
Will be close, but I’ll stick my neck out for this and go for the home win especially as I’ve just heard star players Aguero and Toure will NOT be playing for the Sky Blues.
Stoke 2 vs. Man City 1
With staying in tonight it will mean however that I will be able to get my long run done in the AM and will look to knock out 20ks first up, even heard there could be a breaky going post run at one of the Inner West’s finest ?? Wouldn’t want to miss that now.
Not the most dignified - and that was just getting INTO the water at the recent Coogee 'Wedding Cake Island' Swim.

Have a good weekend

Train Well, stay safe




Thursday, December 3, 2015

A.B.C Biathlon Race #9 - 19.05 for 3rd Overall.

AM. Normal 3k swim to start the day, Nothing too difficult today, just trying to hold a certain pace throughout and breaking the sets down. The 8 x 50s were tough towards the end though rolling every 55 seconds.


PM. 9th race in the 10 race series for the biathlon at the A.B.C Pool brought perhaps the best conditions for the year, and no sign of Mike Leichwark but he was replaced by PRO Dave Matthews and good to see HuRTS Adrian McGarva show as too Julia Degan for the ladies.

My main rival for 4th absolutely smashed me last week in the run leg so I was keen to stay closer this time around as I know even with a 15 deficit I can swim him down. The first 1k is tough and I find I’m sitting off the front pack of 4 by about 15 metres whilst Adrian Mc is happy to sit with me, Notice we close the gap slightly for the 2nd as I hit the turnaround point in 7 minutes dead (fastest of the year) and for once I feel as if I’m not dying. I say it every week – BUT this week I thought I could actually bring it home stronger and with Adrian pushing all the way I wasn’t keen to let it slip seeing I was moving OK.

Around the 3ks marker I could sense a small break between us and on the final hairpin at Mrs Macs I notice I had a healthy 30-40 metres on Mr McGarva, pushed hard for the final 200 and was mighty happy to get part one down in a seasons best 13.47

Down the steps and try my best to get the heart rate down without losing too much time and find I’m only about 4-5 seconds from ‘The Rival’. Happy then to go past him within the first lap of the swim and from there was just focused on holding a steady time knowing if I could do my usual 5 minute/300m I’d post a solid time. 250 down and couldn’t see nobody ahead and with 4th and 5th about 20 metres back the pressure was off but I still worked it all the way to the wall before touching out in 19.05 (Previous best for the season was 19.29) for 3rd overall. Swim leg was completed around 4.55

Delighted with that too be honest, and with only one race to go, the question is can I dip under that magic 19 minute mark? Well with good conditions and with perhaps a little help from some faster runners around my level who knows ?


Headed over to the Woolloomooloo Bay Hotel after to find ‘The Chairman (and his NOW famous Tea towel shirt) still out from his luncheon alongside Pommy Paul Birch, good few beers with the boys over a game of pool as the banter started to fly around.

The two boys in good form........... unfortunately the same can’t be said for their pool playing as they were getting a spanking from some Welsh Plonker who seemed to irritate the $h!te out of Tommy H.