Thursday, January 30, 2014

10 x 400s McKay Oval

Very limited time to get the session in and even less to write about it.
Just managed to get 10 x 400s done at McKay in between classes this morning, Hot morning as i knocked  them out rolling every 2 minutes.
Pretty consistent - although you would hope they were .........after all its only 400m


Monday, January 27, 2014

6 x 1k Reps Centenial Park

I had been pretty good in terms of going out and socializing throughout the month of January in my quest to regain some sort of fitness, unfortunately that all got blown apart over the Australian Day long weekend, big parties to help celebrate this great Nations birthday on the Saturday then backing up on Sunday meant today’s  (Tuesday) first session back was going to be more then a test.
Managed to knock over my 20k on the Saturday morning that I was pleased with even if it was a slower pace then normal.

Beautiful day in Sydney first up this morning and it was very busy around the park, had a chat with C.T, then a quick yarn to PLOD who was flying by on his way to doing 30ks, Paulie “the Cement’ was on his bike hurling abuse my way and even saw J.Worsick doing the mileage around the white fence.
Today’s’ session was the standard 6 x 1k reps that I have been attempting of late, Goal again was to just try to keep them consistent throughout whatever the time was. Struggled along to be honest and blew out by 5 seconds overall from the first to the 6th rep.

Striders 10k on Saturday, going to be ugly first race back but I’ll head out to Homebush to give it a go – I’ve always said you need to race to actually KNOW what shape you are in and hopefully I can at least draw a line in the sand and put something on the board.

Also good news over the weekend and that was I managed to get a story I wrote commissioned by the paper for publication. It was on the Berlin Marathon that the HuRTs team and I went on back in September/October. I think it read OK? But you can be the judge on that one J …..Happy to hear any feedback, good or bad.

Hopefully it’s the first of many and will kick start any future stories that I have, I’ve just started a NEW one on the Munich Beer Festival that we attended as well so that could be in the pipeline for #2, C.T will be interested in that one ………….That way at least he can find out what REALLY happened there J


Thursday, January 23, 2014

A.B.C Pool Session.

You know that a 1k time trial is coming up when you rock up to the pool early and already find half the team in the water under the guidance of Super fish Elan, couldn’t believe it with Mikey in on the act as well as MrAce, The Champ and Brendan.
Set was 1 x 500, 5 x 200 and 5 x 100s, pace was good from the start once more , but I was feeling pretty strong from the get go today and despite holding back was still touching The Leech’s toes throughout. Pace picked up for the 200s all done around 3.10s and then the 100s were done even faster (1.30s). Think the Taffy Lad found the going tough and Mikey didn’t let the opportunity go to waste in telling him either for slowing down the lane at the 150 mark, He also got stuck into poor Leechy as well when he failed to swim to the wall at the end of each set …………… A wrap around the knuckles for the Leech and consider it being told…… and I thought he was going to cry at one point after the blast from our illustrious leader J
Once the 2k set was all done, Elan volunteered his services for an extra 10 x 50 metres helping with drills etc…. Couldn’t believe it then when EVERYONE stayed in the water, I managed a measly 2  more laps before cutting a forlorn figure out the pool whilst the rest of the lads tried to get those last minute tips in before next weeks T/T

Well pretty good weeks training , even if the times weren’t good in the running at least I managed to get through them all, Will be out in the morning to try to do 20ks as I know Sunday will be out the question as I have a big Australian Day BBQ Party on the Saturday.

No Premier matches this week either due to the 4th round of the F.A Cup (unless you support Newcastle or Aston Villa), Stoke have to travel to Chelsea in a tough one BUT you never know what the magic of the Cup can conjure up?
Timmy’s Tip – Hate to say it but Chelsea 2 vs. Stoke 0

Have a great long Australian Day weekend, throw a snag on the BBQ, and have a frothy or two …………..It would  be UN Australian NOT TO J

Train well, stay safe

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

HuRTS Hickson Road 1.2k Reps x 5

Rode into town today for my first HuRTS set of the year that saw us down for what is still considered one of the toughest and honest sessions on the program and that’s the 1.2k Hickson Road Reps.

Massive crowd and good to see Tucks back, as to Moosehead MrAce and there seems to be an increase in the female gender since my last visit as well, Split into 3 groups with Fats, Tucks Enda, and a few others leading the way whilst I was alongside Lady Laura, Angus, Mikey leading the following gang.
Was keen not to go out too hard today and settled comfortably behind Laura on the first working just over 3.30 pace, picked it up slightly on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reps but still wasn’t good enough to get past the front runners Angus, and Laura and Mikey was even coming past me each time around the 850m mark, Could feel MrAce and Pete Walker breathing down my neck on everyone that kept me more then honest as my legs were pretty much gone once the 4th was complete.
Tried just to get the last rep done and kept Pete and MrAce at bay once again till the 1k point before they came by for one final time
Times for the day were 4.10. 4.06, 4.04, 4.07, 4.12
All done under 3.30 pace except the last one (3.31) so pretty happy with that especially after a busy couple of days and will now take a rest tomorrow and only do the swim squad at lunchtime with the boys.

The front runners were going well, especially Mr. Stankard who was knocking them out in times of 3.48 ….. Impressive, can’t believe he was even ahead of Tucks, what’s going on there?

Great to see Phil Dove make a return to the group  after a 6 year break – looks like he’s let himself go a little over the time as well with him putting on about half a gram of fat ……Jeez, I think he needs to go on my diet J

Had a good chat again with Lady Laura before/during/after the session as she continues her fine form, I am getting slightly worried mind you as she seems to be spending a lot of time with J.C, Enda , and Damo with extra sessions around Centennial Park. Now, for those that don’t know Laura – she is a class act not only on the running field BUT off it as well, very mild mannered, modest and not pretentious in any way. Anyway I think the 3 amigos (J.C, Enda and Damo) may be corrupting our Laura into all sorts as her mannerism, loutish behavior is getting out of hand and may need Chairman Tommy H to have a quiet word.  Normally her fashion sense is spot on but this photo was sent to me of her on the way home back to the ‘Shire’ only last night. Tells me that J.C has taken to co-coordinating her new wardrobe these days?

Lady Laura seen here heading back to the Shire with her NEW Tan Leggings that J.C , Enda and Damo brought for her to wear around 'Northies' for Australia Day.


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Getting the Head Down

Missed the BRAT Hardmen that go around on Wednesday mornings due to work, and did hear that HuRTS Lady Laura has been attending lately that not only gives the motley crew abit of class but also glamour these days (wouldn't be many in that group who would be able to run with her mind you)

Stayed in the park after and just decided to do 2 x 3k tempo sets around the flat loop with the remaining 700m metres easy.
Again never felt comfortable to be honest but it was a case of just getting the head down and once more getting through them best I could.
Did a 6k warm up to start so a solid 13.5 ks in total for the day.

Had Enda been pestering me again NON stop over the past 24 hours - wanting to get a bet on against me for the upcoming Striders 10k race at Homebush. More then happy to oblige, although my form is going backwards and told him we will just go off the last race (that he actually won) to determine the handicap.
Think it was well over 4 minutes (closer to 5) but told him I will settle with the 4, and he is trying to rort me (as always) and come back with a measly 2 – he’s got to be having a laugh surely?????


Monday, January 20, 2014

6 x 1k Reps

Bloody awful, the less said the better. Running into a headwind on the 1st, 3rd &5th reps just made it even worse.
Only positive is that i did the 6


Sunday, January 19, 2014

'A Game' at the A.B.C

Another humid day to start the working week for the Monday HuRT swim squad, Brendan introduced a NEW member Emma to the group and boy is she FAST (what is it with the name Emma and good swimmers?), good to see Julia return as well although not sure of the flippers and snorkel she dons whilst swimming J
Set was 2 x 300, 4 x 200 and 6 x 100s
I was complaining about the pace being TOO SLOW on Friday and in particular singled out The Leech and Taffy James, well today it was anything but, with both bringing there ‘A Game’ and really turned the heat up on us. So much so that poor Brendan, QLDer Dave, The Champ Cialis and I were unable to stay with them and in turn meant that we actually had 3 groups splintered throughout the lane.
Knew it was all on during the first 300 when I went through 100m in 1.27 (What?) hung in there but with a  heart rate hitting 385 I knew it was impossible to do the remaining 1700m at that kind of pace. Pretty much just shared the leading duties after that with the much improved Cialis and was happy enough with the following times.
4.45, 4.57, 3.14, 3.13, 3.16, 3.23, 1.33, 1.35, 1.32, 1.33, 1.35, 1.35
So tired at the end I was barely able to get out the pool

Walking around the Domain at the end I see a fast Johnny Bartles (Barts) out doing his secret training – Gave him some abuse as he went by and told him he was wasting his time as the TRUE #1 Tucks is back and will be putting him in his place once the Striders races come around J

Huge Congrats to POD on the weekend who absolutely smashed his way around the 70.3 N.Z Ironman course with a blistering 4.08:36 to finish 25th overall and winning his age group ( not to mention 1st Irishman ), Even run a 82 minute half after cycling 90ks
Also well done to my old training mate Richie Palmer who also had a cracker with a 4.26:17 – don’t know how he keeps doing it, brilliant effort

Not so well done was old Champagne Charlie who unfortunately didn’t finish due to stacking his bike, The aim is normally to go AROUND the bollards, but Charlie decided in order to save 2 seconds to go OVER it, resulting in ……….Race Over and one busted shoulder L.
Just when he was starting to get some good form back as well – wishing him a speedy recovery. Looks like he’s due a stint at the Angry Boy School of Bike Riding in the coming weeks

Special mention also to Pete Walker and The Champ who were in the Nations Capital on the weekend for the Olympic Triathlon, Pete taking out the age group win with a 2hr.10 and The Champ 8th …………Well done boys

Big week coming up on training with a couple of tough sessions on the horizon – first up is the 4 x 2ks tomorrow


Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sunday Long Run with a Big Crew

Massive turnout for the Long Sunday run around Centennial this morning (someone did actually remark that it was because Enda was away?), with everyone there including the likes of Fats, T.B , C.T, Lady Laura, Leech, Pommy Paul, ShireBogan Damo, Jeet, Jonathan W, BenTen,  and a host of others.
Very warm and humid to even start and the pace was more then honest as we set about the first 10k loop, Came around just over 44 minutes at 4.30 pace, wasn’t feeling that great even then despite running from the front for most of it with C.T and Laura.
Set off on the 2nd loop and straight away I was struggling as the guys were already about 10 metres ahead after the first 1k, thought at that stage I would be doing well to even get back to the café and considered pulling the pin at 14ks. That was until Pommy Paul called out to me that we should continue but stop at the 8k mark instead of going up the hill for the regular 10k.
The paced dropped pretty dramatically to be honest as we BOTH battled it out and tried to help each other just to get back; it seemed the longest 36 minutes in history as we toiled at 4.42 pace before the café appeared.
A quick drinks break and then I decided that I had to do a further 2ks and would do them at pace. So I convinced Pommy Paul to do the same and unbelievably I actually run better and it felt so much easier? Did a 3.49 for the first one then a 3.46 for the return.
20ks all up in 90.11 average pace of 4.31 per/k – so despite feeling like crap for large parts of the run it wasn’t too bad when I look at the overall picture.
Most of the guys called it quits on 20ks although Laura, went on and did 30ks, and I think T.B & Fats did likewise but pushed the pace on even faster.

Good chat with everyone at the end, and we had a nice surprise when Damo brought his oversized Esky out and produced a box of the ‘Shire’s finest Fruit for the team, He even brought out some ‘Ham and Pickle’ Sarnies at one point.
Just about to jump in the motor at the end and who should come running around? None other then the ‘Flake’ himself Paulie Brunning, good to see him out doing his long run. Of Course I had to have the customary weather check for the day, not to mention a full report on what Tommy H and Kanser were up to over the weekend J
For the record, it was a HOT 29 degrees, and high humidity with NO sign of any rain.

Good weekend had running wise ( not so the footy ), and think I’ve earned myself a nice beer or two – might head down to watch those English blokes that are impersonating cricketers down at the S.C.G for a few hours and might see if I can see Pommy Paul who is also down there.

Need to get back out in the morning for an easy 10ks


Friday, January 17, 2014

Saturday Sweatbox

What a hot morning that was for today’s 11ks around the park, just did a very easy 5ks first up at 4.32 pace then decided to pick it up and do the regular 6k Woollahra Hill loop that I do. Was working OK for the first 4ks at 4.12s then saw the pace drop down to 4.18s as I felt I was carrying a piano on my back up the 700m hill. Managed to bring it back down a little for the last k to average out 4.13s in just over 25 minutes overall
Bloody soaked in sweat at the end and it certainly wasn't the easy session I thought it was going to be and already dreading the longer 20ks in the morning - just hope its a little cooler at 7am in the morning.

No Kanser or Enda around tomorrow , but i have sent an SOS out to Tommy Highnam to join us so hopefully he can make the journey over to keep us company to pass the time?


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Moose in the Pool

Been a little slack on the blog updates of late, although in truth not been much happening as I just battle along to start the New Year, Went and did a track session on the Wednesday evening for a change – Bloody tough one that turned out to be as I battled not only the heat but the high winds around that made the back straight a nightmare each time around. Just did some 800s and 1k reps and certainly nothing to shout home about.
Thursday morning had the opportunity and headed down to Bondi Beach early doors for some sand running, something I haven’t done in years and after only about 2 minutes I remembered why? GOD, it was a killer and I was only running some 250 metres for each rep. Best part of the morning though had to be the dip in the ocean once it was all done….. What a way to start the day.

Friday, Into town on another scorcher of a day – big crowd turned out with the return of the ‘Gangster (Ibrahim), Claude, QLDer Dave, and the TWO Mikeys (Race, Conway) and was a bit alarmed when MrAce rocked up with a mink around his shoulders and  MooseHead wrapped around his bonce after his recent holidays in Canada, We split into the normal 2 groups (fast & slow) and the Gangster was the slowest to react that then saw him lead the first 400 out.
The pace was good for the first half of the session but not sure what happened on the 2nd 300 & the 1st 200 when the Taffy Lad led it out…………Geez, it was slow and I nearly fell asleep at one point. It was then left to Brendan to kick start it back up and I then helped out with a fast 100 J
Session was 2 x 400, 2 x 300, 2 x 200 and 2 x 100 – times were: 6.29, 6.36, 4.54, 5.11, 3.19, 3.13, 1.35, and 1.34
Felt pretty good today in the water and feel as if I’m getting stronger (in the water at least)

Had a good chat at the end to ‘Ronnie’ (Biggsy), looks like he’s training well, telling me he’s been doing some 400s on the track and I was surprised then when he told me that he can knock them out in 54 seconds …..Impressive, Also then went on and said that his goal this year is to ‘Take out the HuRTS performer of the year’ and that NOBODY will take him in a session when we hit Rushcutters’ …big call from the big guy, and was already asking when the next biathlon is on? 
He might be able to run 54 second 400s BUT  I think his press ups need some work after what I saw today whilst he was at the ‘Warrior’ session nearby.

Another busy weekend coming up, keen to get out and run BOTH days over the weekend, probably 10k tomorrow and 20 on the Sunday if I can?

Big weekend on the footy as well with the crunch game on at Selhurst Park with Slim Sammy Agnew’s Palace taking on the might of Stoke, Palace are on a bit of a roll lately thanks mainly to the EX Stoke manager, Will be a tough match and we should WIN but I think I’ll sit on the fence on this one.
Timmy’s Tip, take the draw…….. Crystal Palace 1 vs. Stoke 1
*** Sammy better leave the country should we get a result *****  J

Bondi Beach running - seen here with Neil Pearson (Orange shirt) Vlad following then me.

MrAce rocking up to the Friday swim set complete with Mink and Moose Head :)

Have a great weekend
Train well and stay safe

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Thriller at the Brit

Into the park for the start of another week and had down 10ks to kick things off, Decided on the normal 6k Woollahra Hill loop then the flat 4ks. Felt pretty ordinary to start with although the clock said I was moving OK as I completed the first loop in 26.12 (4.21s) Tried to pick the pace up slightly on the flatter section for the final 4ks and managed a 16.59 (4.14s) to stop the clock overall in 43.12 averaging 4.18 for the mornings work.
Lunchtime it was into town for the Swim set and another good showing for the 1 x 500, 5 x 200 and 5 x 100s on offer. The boys went out very quick for the longer first set and I was behind Cialis who was struggling a little today that meant a big gap appeared. Pushed myself up a few spots after that as the Taffy Lad and Angus took it in turns to pile the pressure on the rest of us hanging in.
Finished it off with the 5 x 100s all done around 1.30 – 1.33
Buggered now and think I need a few hours shut eye after a few sleepless nights. Last night was worth it mind where I witnessed a Thriller at the Britannia Stadium as Stoke went down 3 – 5 to Liverpool. OK we lost but we offer good value for money and plenty of ENTERTAINMENT at the home of football …………Told you the good times were returning J

Also saw POD plodding along this morning out running, think he has an Ironman this week somewhere in New Zealand? Seems to have been battling injuries of late but normally gets his training spot on when it comes to racing. So good luck to him for the coming weekend.


Saturday, January 11, 2014

Maccabi Triathlon - Heffron Park

Ventured down to Heffron Park this morning and with the normal BRAT tri not starting till 11am and with the weather expected to hit a high of 30 degrees, i took the opportunity to join some of my clients club triathlon at the same venue when a more reasonable start time of 7.30am was announced.
The Maccabi Club hold there triathlon monthly and although the field is nowhere near as strong i thought it would still be a good 60 minute plus hit out (the first for the New Year) . Basically it the same distance as the BRATS (750, 20, 5k) but the run leg is slightly different.
Sat in for the swim and never really felt that great but was still out and in transition in around 13 minutes, i had about 7 people ahead of me at this stage on the bike leg and then set about trying to chase them all down. Pretty happy with the bike managing to get off in around 34 minutes to find myself all of a sudden in the lead going into the 2 x 2.5k run section of the race.
I was told just to follow the path and there were flags and streamers at the 1.25k mark to turn .........Well someone in the local housing commission houses nearby must have stole them as i never bloody saw them and when i saw 1.4 on the GPS i thought 'Bugger this' and turned, it was only on the way back i saw a little 'x' on the pavement that was the turning point :(
On turning i saw 2nd place very close by and moving far better then i was - I had a bad 5 minutes here as i struggled to get to grips but was still holding the lead to head out on the 2nd lap. Managed to hold on till about the 4k mark before i was overtaken, and couldn't respond and had nothing in the tank.  Happy then to just cruise home after that to take 2nd overall.

This is where the fun started...............then had the winner come up to me at the end and say 'Hey Timmy , i know you, do you train with the HuRTS boys and Mikey?
Me ' Yes'
Winner " Oh yes, I'm .............. , Mikey doesn't like me

It was about this point that it dawned on me who it was,  Mikey had a run in with this guy last year during a session and pretty much 'barred' him from attending any further sessions
After today's episode where he could have at least shouted out to me during the run, he wont be on my Xmas list for this year either :)

Headed down to Bondi after to watch the Ocean swim that was on with Ronan continuing his 40 event challenge, also there was Enda and Kanser who both swum the 1k event. Poor Old Kanser looked like he'd swum the English Channel as he made his way to shore ( and nearly as long time wise). But fair play to them on finishing. Had a good chat with the Italian Stallion (Durante) .T.B and Mikey who is back from hols at the end.

Will be back out in the morning for a run then heading into town for the Monday swim at lunch with the boys,

Stoke vs Liverpool tonight, so another late night /early morning is on the cards.


Thursday, January 9, 2014

Back in the Pool

Returned for the first time of the year to the pool and was soon met with the biggest crowd ever for a HuRTS swim set, all the regular faces on show as well as a nice return of Terrence Bell, Mermaid, Lady Laura, Elle, Biggsy and Sonya. That big the group had to split into two groups (basically a fast and slow) and I knew my place today so I joined the Leech, Angus, Todd, Brendan, Taffy, Cialis and The Champ in the slightly slower paced lane. With Angus & Todd pretty much doing the bulk of the work from the front it certainly wasn’t a slow pace and I was happy just to sit on the Leech’s toes for the duration with Taffy pushing me along tapping on mine whenever I was slowing down. As one point we even had an Olympian swimmer in our lane – One Geoff Huegill, and poor Brendan embarrassed himself and nearly peed himself when he got all star struck and excitable when Geoff touched his toes (glad it was all he touched)
Happy to be able to hold the pace pretty much for the whole session and the times were as follows
1 x 400     6.30
2 x 300     4.49, 4.50
3 x 200     3.15, 3.17, 3.15
4 x 100     1.32, 1.33, 1.36, 1.35

Need to get back into the swimming if I’m to do a decent tri by the end of the summer, and not let it slip too much.

Will try to get out for my first long run post Xmas sometime over the weekend \

Another big weekend in the footy with my loyalties spit down the middle when home club Stoke take on supported team over the years Liverpool at the Brit Stadium. Might need to sit on the fence with this one.
The Timmy’s’ Tip of the week is Stoke 1 vs. Liverpool 1

Don’t normally put jokes up but seeing as its Friday, thought this one might amuse some for a Friday Funny that I received this week/

Have a great weekend
Train Safe

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Predictions & Forecasts for 2014

Crystal Ball Time

Well it’s that time of the year again where I look through the trusty crystal ball to see what is in store for me and the HuRTS boys for the next 12 months.
Some things are a near certainty whilst others are slightly harder to predict - But as I delve into the ball this has what has been thrown up.

All the big boys show for the first Striders race in Feb but it’s the former #1 who takes it out - welcome back Tucks with Tommy H not far behind (8 seconds). I show that I am on the comeback trail with a solid 36.50. It’s also the month the biathlon boys return for part 2 and Lindop finally gets revenge on Highnam and puts the record straight with victory by over 30 seconds.
In May the English boys make it 3 from 3 for the Churchill/ Sands Cup in the SMH despite Enda trying every trick on the book in getting Benny St Lawrence (as he run a Galway Mile) , Tucks (as he has an Irish Wolfhound Dog), and Richie Palmer (Got the Nolan’s CD in his collection) to run all but fails . And to compound his misery Timmy continues his domination of him over the 21k distance.
May is also the month that I jump back on the sub 35 minute 10k care of the State 10k at Homebush
July is a big month with many of the squad heading north to the Gold Coast, again Tucks cruises it with a sub 2.29 but it’s the impressive 'Kenny' who gets the run of the day coming home with a 2.33
Highlight of the year comes on the 13th July when England lift the football World Cup in Brazil and sees Reville party for a week and even shouts some of the boys a beer to go with it.
City to Surf comes in August and it’s the old Champagne Charlie Boy who makes it to Bondi first with the Chairman and Barts not far behind.
Melbourne Marathon is the chosen 42ks of the year this time around and Tommy H makes up for missing out on Berlin with a great 2.29:31 time whilst I also break a 6 year PB to come home with a 2.45 57
HuRTS #1 Girl Lady Laura continues to run well in the year and takes out her 2nd J.P Morgan in as many years but its Slim Sammy Agnew that takes the headlines when he is escorted OUT the tents for being intoxicated (the giveaway was when he said Crystal Palace would get promoted)
I head out overseas to Thailand for the Triathlon and finally get the age group win that I have sought after for the past 7 years.
HuRTS presentation finishes the year and its Kenny who takes out the top award, Laura cleans up the ladies for the 18th straight season and Stankard finally gets the trophy he should have been winning for the past 4 years..........Underachiever

Other more obvious predictions are (in actual order)
1. Enda will get his first of his 128 colds in the year by the time the first Striders race comes around (1st Feb)
2. It will take until February 28th before Tommy H shows 'THAT PHOTO' from his office of the view.
3. Kanser will NOT run a marathon despite entering 7 and training the house down for each.
4. Tucks breaks a record, and PBs his sleeping time by over 15 minutes in a walking race to kip for a full hour.
5. Mikey despite running near 14ks in the 45 minute tempo session still FAILS to run a sub 35 10k race
6. Slim Sammy Agnew - will say 'We Woz Robbed' more times then Enda gets a cold.
7. Champagne Charlie will pull out of more then 5 races throughout the year.
8. The Leech will get admitted to hospital with chest pains, after being ordered to the bar to buy drinks.
9. Tony Fats manages to get his Bender Enda Pale Ale right and invites the team over to sample his finest.
10. Warrior Charlie becomes the first HuRT celebrity after ballooning and getting a gig on 'The Biggest Loser' after a few months on the injury table.

So with that I wish everyone a great 12 months ahead and there are a many a PB for you, train well and have a great year.


Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Year in Review - 2013

Happy New Year to you all, hope you had a great Xmas break and are gearing for a big year ahead.
I’ve had a nice little break, taking a good 10 days off doing bugger all except eating and drinking far too much and just lazing on the beaches up north  chilling out (getting fat)

Well I suppose I better do my 2013 year in review to finish off a rather forgetful year, Sorry it’s a little late, but to be honest there is not much to write about in terms of success.

January -  Was keen to start the year strong after a disappointing finish to the previous year, but struggled early to overcome existing injuries but it did mean I spent more time on the bike and in the water that saw the swim times improve at least. Having said all that I notice I was still able to knock out 72-74s for the HuRTS 400s towards the end of the month.

February - A good reality check as I turned out for the first Striders race of the series and struggled to get my @r$e around the Homebush course in 38.15 although on the upside it was still enough to see off Elvis the Taxi Man who was shouting from the rooftops that he would smash me before he returned to Irish shores.

March – ‘How low can one go’? was the opening of the blog to start March off with a 42.04 at Striders but in truth I was struggling major with injuries at this point of the year and should have pulled out at the 5k mark but Stubbornness /Stupidity saw me just try to finish the race when I saw the Highnam family on the drinks station. (Although the photos weren’t that flattering)
Had to pull the pin on the big 6ft track race that I had entered as well that saw HuRTS boy Tony Fats take out the tough 46ks off road race.

April – No running and was just forced to concentrate on the swimming although really enjoyed the extra time spent in the water. Started back with some easy runs and even joined the boys again for a few sessions and was surprised when I noticed a certain changing of the guard with No Tucks, Tom struggling, Champagne injured, it meant that Barts was now the new #1, and saw Kenny improve big time, and J-fen & Skippy Heyden hit some form.

May - Saw the State 10k out at Homebush and yet again struggled around with a 37.44 to my name looking like I’d been shot as I crossed the line. The NEW pool opens that then sees all the team continue with the swimming twice a week all throughout the winter months and has coach Pete Walker even set up a monthly 1k time trial.
The big talking point and challenge of the year went out again to the Irish boys for the annual SMH Half Marathon for the Churchill / Sands Cup ………and as usual it was WON for the second year running by team England despite Enda trying every trick in the book to get any decent runner in a Green shirt. I don’t help my teammates though as I struggle with a P.W 86.22

June - Talk started to turn to the first HuRTS overseas trip to Berlin and a night out with the boys was on to discuss all things as many of the lads were already in pretty good form although for me I was still on struggle street. Tough month although it had nothing to do with the training more to following the British Lions around on tour as they overcome the Wallabies.
Angry Boy starts a 5k time trial up at E.S Marks track that I do and happy enough to knock out a 18.12

July - Started to do a few more sessions with the Boys and even did the Harbour 10k race in a respectable 37.23 that saw me gain a little in confidence for a few big months ahead. Managed to do probably my best session of the year down at Rushcutters oval for the Pyramid set and managed to sit just behind the Chairman and Kenny for most of it working around 3.20 pace average.

August – August only means one thing in Sydney and that’s the City to Surf run and a massive turn out from the boys (and girls) for this one with Barts the first home in a fast 46.36 whilst yours truly had to record his slowest time in over 13 years with a 53.47. If the running was struggling though the swimming was on the improve all the time with a 16.44 1k time trial done.

September - Started the month by saying that I was ‘OUT’ of the Berlin trip as the injury was getting the better of me and really resigned myself to not going at all ……….Much to my relief Tommy H had his 40th birthday party around his mansion and after talking to a few of the boys I made the ‘RIGHT’ decision and decided to at least get on the plane.  Then flew out towards the end of the month and what followed over the next 10 days of so was the highlight of the year. The Berlin Marathon was awesome and so happy to see so many of the touring team come back with PBs against there name.

October – Went on the England post Germany and didn’t get back till mid October but decided to test myself out at the Nepean Triathlon out in our glorious west, Pretty happy with how it went with the swim leg and the bike solid although could only run a 40 minute 10k to go with it.

November – First BRAT tri of the year and come 2nd with a 65.31 overall time, , Started to finally get a little consistency going with the training, not missing ANY sessions over a 5 week period (probably for the first time of the year) and felt that I was moving well at last. Had a good night down at the Centennial Park J.P Morgan race as a spectator watching HuRTS #1 girl – Lady Laura take out first prize with a great win.

December – Biathlon time and the challenge went out and every EXCUSE ever known to man came with it as the handicaps were released (mostly from Enda), Champagne Pony Club Low took it out for the win but it was The Champ who took handicap honours. Tommy H beat me to the line with 2 seconds to spare and with it came bragging rights to finish off the year for the Geordie boy.
Had a good months training leading up to the break and hopefully it can carry me forward to a better 2014

Highlights – No many I’m afraid but the Berlin Marathon was SPECIAL, not the running time but the whole trip with the lads, and going on to the Beer Festival just capped it off.  Pretty happy with the way my swimming improved throughout the year and haven’t lost much on the bike, so will look at a few tris in the New Year as well. Best race of the year was probably only a 37.23 Harbour run?

Lowlights – Too many injuries to ever get anything going and at times it felt as if I was fighting a losing battle,  Sad also to see both Slim Sammy Agnew and Tommy H not making it to Berlin with us to mark the occasion but I’m sure there will be many more trips to come for them .

Tomorrow I will gaze through the Crystal Ball and predict some of the things to come for the year ahead.