Friday, September 1, 2017

Friday Swim

Resisted the temptation to get out on the bike this morning preferring to save my legs a little for tomorrows Striders 10k instead. 
Decided though that a swim wouldn't harm and headed to PAP earlier than normal and armed with the trusty wetsuit knocked out a 1k straight in 17.54 Certainly wasn't the quickest I've ever done (down nearly 90 seconds on last weeks T/T) but I was more than happy just to feel comfortable turning the arms over. Angus rocked up soon after and then did a series of 200 and 100 reps as I tried hard to stay on his feet throughout. Even with the suit on I was getting dropped but he helped out big time and I was happy to end with a  final 100m in 1.28
2.5ks done in total.
Can honestly say I never look forward to the swim sets but once I've got them done I feel better for it and look forward now to the Spring and Summer warmer months.

So Striders North Head in the morning, will be a struggle and hoping to keep Macca in sight throughout that will help me around the 37.45 mark (tipping Macca to run a sub 37 though). Last final hit out for me before Berlin and even though I'm not in form I'll be looking for a solid run and hopefully a confidence booster.
Even with the Striders I'll also be looking to back up on the Sunday with another long run, hopefully be able to add a further 26ks once again.

No English premiership games  this week due to the International break, England has an easy game against one of the minnows of world footy in Malta away. For some reason we never seem to smash these teams as we should so with this in mind take the Malta 0 v England 2 scoreline.

Have a good weekend
Train/Race well
Stay safe

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