Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Where is Our GOLD?

Brick session within Centennial Park again with Roger, Double laps on the bike followed by some running hills.  Pretty cruisy as Roger is still not firing (still suffering the effects of head colds and Holidays) so really had to work by myself.
I see PLOD has committed to the BRAT Duathlon on Sunday, so looks like I'll have to settle for the minor placings once more :)
Enda Watch - Enda continues to be seen flying around the park in the early hours despite his constant "I'm not doing ANY training" routine. Heard he knocked out the 6k Woollarha Hill loop in 24 mins today (3.30 pace) ...... Impressive mate :)

Still no sign of ANY Gold bling for us at the Olympics, although i suspect that will be changing at 11.15pm this evening when "Wiggo' goes out on the time trial on the bike.
Good result for Silver from the lovely Zara in the Equestrian, Also watch out for the Rowing girls Stanning and Glover tonight in the 'Pairs'
..............Those Golds are Coming :)

My Olympic thought for the Day,  How can Kazakhstan be way above G.B in the medal tables, when only 4 people live there and one of them is Borat?

Also just had my tickets come through, and managed to snag tickets for the Women's Beach Volleyball...lovely.
Unfortunately, it's Iran versus Saudi Arabia


Monday, July 30, 2012

20 x 400s McKay Oval (off 2 minutes)

Stole one of HuRTS members Terence Bell's session that we used to do this time 12 months ago when he was training for his Melbourne Marathon last October and that was 20 x 400m efforts rolling every 2 minutes (OK T.B used to do 30 at times but.. )
Tough enough session i seemed to remember, but its a bit more controlled and you don't go lactic is the aim. Decided i wanted to do 15 of them around 80-85 seconds then see what i could knock out for the final 5?
A bit of a lonely and repetitive session this one so tried to also break it down mentally, went through the first 5 fine, and the next were also OK, had to stay focused on the 3rd batch and then kicked it down to finish of the session.
Times were pretty good overall - working around 3.20 - 3.25 pace per/k, So another box ticked for me.
Times were, 87, 85, 85, 85, 83, 84, 83, 83, 81, 82, 83, 81, 81, 81, 83, 79, 79, 78, 78,77

Big weekend of racing again coming up with another double header, starting at Lane Cove for the Striders 10k - A great final hit out for C2S and we will be able to predict a time from that race i reckon for the following week. Then on the Sunday its the BRAT Duathlon again, Wonder who Team Sparks will send down for this one after PLOD smashed all before him in the last race :)  I hope they send Enda ................. as i want to see how all his training has been going before we go Head to Head the following week :)

Olympic Watch. Enjoyed another night/early morning watching as the English have still to put a GOLD on the board although our Gymnastic team took a Bronze which was a major surprise. We have the women's 200m in the morning - lets hope S.Rice bombs out , and in the Men's 200 Butterfly i am predicting Mr Phelps will be returning to the dais in the Gold medal position, and happy to see Aussie Darcy wont be in the final as well.
Also, what is it with some of these swimmers? I take my hat off to Emily Seebohm on her Silver medal , great race and huge congratulations but then to blab it all out whilst been interviewed after??? ....Pleeaaasssseeeee, spare me. I am myself a very emotional person and don't think there is anything wrong with that in general ever since i watched the movie 'The Champ' in my younger days but after racing well and taking Silver..Stop it. I've not seen an outburst like that since Gold Coast 2011 when Enda did something similar at the 18k mark :)
So that's the Missile and the 'C- Bomb - gone down in the past two nights , whatever next?

Gets me on to Today's Top 10 Cry Babies ( again not all Olympians)... and some even WON the gold :)
1. Matthew Pinsent  Rowing 2004 after winning Gold
2. Veronica Campbell-Brown Sprinter after winning Gold
3. Derek Redmond  (1992)400m Sprinter after breaking down injured
4. Mary Decker (1984) running after Zola Budd crashed tackled her.
5. Paula Ratcliffe (2008) Marathon
6. Paul Gascoigne (1990) England football after getting yellow carded.
7, Pete Sampras (1995) Tennis Australia Open
8. Andy Murrey (2012) Wimbledon after another lose
9. Emily Seebohm (2012) swimmer after her Silver medal
10. Enda Stankard (2011) Gold Coast Half Marathon after a Young Timmy whipped his ar$e :)


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Recovery/Survival Swim

Procrastinated for hours this morning before i was brave enough to venture down to the pool for the recovery swim. Bloody freezing getting changed and was dreading even the thought of it - that was until i jumped in and it was a lovely 26 degrees.
Bit of a warm up and then decided on doing 2 x 700m efforts, I say efforts, it was anything but as i laboured big time from the off today so ended up just trying to get through them. Times were shocking, and i won't even bother to post - Lets just say i wont be troubling any Olympic team in this lifetime. Don't know about the recovery swim it really was a case of Survival this morning. Happy to get it done though and felt good once i was all showered and into the morning coffee.

Olympic Watch. Well congrats to the Aussie 4 x 100m team last night, After talking the talk for the past few months you delivered us nothing. Very disappointing in there 4th spot after being favorites to take the Gold. Although after witnessing it and the short interval after, James Magnussen now comes into my Top 10 'Poor Sportsman / Most Disliked Aussie Athlete. I know he was disappointed, but the way he reacted was poor form in my eyes
Got me thinking about my Top 10 (again not in any specific order, and not even Olympians ) but here goes

1. Anthony Mundine, boxing
2. Jana Pitman - Hurdles
3. John Steffersen - 400m runner
4. Bernard Tomic - Tennis
5. Tamsin Lewis - 800m runner
6. Lleyton Hewitt - Tennis
7. Ricky Stuart  - Rugby League
8. Craig Foster - Football
9. James Magnussen - Swimming
10. .......There's still another 14 days left of the Games, sure to be a few to be added. :)

All of the above should take a look at swimmer Libby Trickett and see what at true sports she is.

On a lighter note, Poor Enda phoned me last night, and he is normally very much 'Anti Queen' and is always slagging her of, so it was a nice surprise when he spoke very highly after the Opening of the Games about Our Lizzy. " Yes, Timmy, fair play to her, i normally think of her as an old miserable bugger, but the way she jumped out of that helicopter with James Bond on Friday night was very impressive"
..... Bless Him :)


Sunday Run...Running like a Fairy?

A late start for me in the park today after a late night watching the Games as well as feeling generally tired - not to mention the phone calls and texts at all hours from certain people at Aine's 30th last night.
Back into Centennial and continued on with the Woollarha Hill 6k loops x 3, getting a bit bored with this now but it is a good session as i get to work the hill on every lap about the 4.5k mark
Armed with the ipod and some great tunes it seemed easy yet again as i completed the loop in 26.41 (4,26s), Perfect winters morning and the park was packed today and there was even a Half Marathon on in there care of the Hare Krishna Sri Chimnoy team going around. I held the 2nd lap a little quicker and to my surprise even managed to knock the third lap down further.
Times for each lap were
26.41 (4.26 pace)
26.18 (4.23)
25.37 (4.16)
All up 18.2ks in 79.30 averaging 4.23 for the morning so not a bad effort on the back of yesterdays session and things are tipping along nicely hopefully.
One more big week then will take it easy as it's only two weeks to go before City to Surf.
I think the beer ban is working for me and I've felt as if i have made some improvements over the past 3 weeks, although could have done without the texts last night from the team - Expect it from the Irish Cartel but even Sonya and J-Fen were in on it as well, With message coming through from Fenton that i run like a FAIRY (and i thought he was my mate? )

Clued to the telly trying to take in as much as possible, although made a promise to myself NOT to watch Channel 9 with there terrible ONE EYED coverage........Its embarrassing, Eddie (the Cyclops) Maguire is the worst although that Carl is not far behind, as for the female face of the team Leila McKinnon we all know she knows bugger all and is only there care of head man at 9 ... David Gyngell (CEO) her husband.
Thank God for FOX is all I'll say  :)

Day off tomorrow, although might try to squeeze a swim in at some stage if i can , before returning on Tuesday for another killer session :)


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Let the Games Begin......

Up Early to watch the opening of the Games before a busy morning working. It was lunchtime before finishing but i was determined to get my City to Surf 5k effort in again so it was a repeat of last Friday where i park up near the Golden Sheaf and do the easy 2ks down to O'Sullivan Street that is the 5k mark on the C2S.
Despite feeling tired before starting, the pace was pretty solid to begin and with a nice breeze behind the back i was holding the pace OK as i made my way up Heartbreak with the help of my tunes blasting out some Jam, David Bowie and the Clash's 'London Calling'(inspiration from this morning). Got to the roundabout on New and Old South Head Road then the wind was right back in my face and i was thankful it was a down hill section as i past the cemetery and into Military Road. Hit Dover Heights and the 10k mark in 19.10 averaging 3.50 pace and a lot quicker then last weeks effort ( thanks mainly to the tail wind - Check the Flakes blog for full details there)
Turned then came back the same way ( no schoolgirls today making me blush though) and took in the sights and a cast of hundreds out on the course getting there last minute runs in as well. Thought i saw Terence Bell heading up on the other side of the road - but didn't get the chance to talk. Saw a fast Enda go past me on the way up as well and he tells me he hit the 10k mark in 18.19...............So much for not training i say?
Managed to even hold the pace pretty well on the return as well, getting back to the start line in 22.06 (4.25 pace)
A couple of kays to finish it off, stopping at 60 minutes exactly for the day. Seems to be heading in the right direction as City to Surf gets nearer. Still off the drink so another two weeks and i reckon I'll be all set for a few by about 10am post race.

As mentioned i was up early to watch the opening of the Games - I thought it was brilliant to be honest (OK maybe i am biased) as it captured everything the Country stands for. The Industrial Revolution was very well done and Mr Bean was excellent . I am a big fan of the Arctic Monkeys but wasn't sure if they were the right choice for the occasion?
Lets just hope the Athletes can do us as proud - Go Team G.B :)

** Also see some Imbecile has posted on the blog? As i have previously stated 'The Trash gives out enough so i am happy to receive the same in return. But if you are going to post at least have some substance in your reply or even better put a name to your scribble and not just hide behind a mouse.
Already lost one fan a few months ago when a 'Young Cub' didn't understand the word 'Banter' and if you don't enjoy the 'Craic' ..... then simple 'DON'T READ' :)

Will just be out cruising around the park for 20ks in the morning , might see if i can do a few ks with J-Fen if he's around, No sign of Kanser (not even a report from his 9.65k race).... so it looks like it could be a Sausage and Egg McMuffin and Pancakes on the way home care of Macca D's for breaky if J-Fen doesn't come good with his Yankee Breaky sooner or later :)

Have a good weekend

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

4 x 2k Woollahra Hill Reps, In the Hurt Box.

Couldn't make the HuRTS session so had to train by myself again and do the dreaded 4 x 2k Woollahra Hill Reps that are tough at the best of times.
After a 1500m warm up it was straight into it with the first 400m on the flat before the hard 700m climb up the hill, It flattens out a bit before you get the downhill part running back on yourself to Paddington Gates and back down the hill. Felt tough from the start today and ticked off the first rep in 7.22 (3.41 pace) and could have happily wrapped it up there and then. I tried not to attack the hill as much on the next rep with the hope of bringing it home stronger, which i managed although the 3rd rep drifted a little and it was just a case of digging deep for the 4th one. I was in the Hurt Box big time on the last and couldn't wait till the top of the hill for what i was hoping was an easier one kay to finish off.
Rep Times were:
7.22 (3.41 pace), 7.19, 7.23, 7.24 - rolling/going every 10 mins
Buggered again by the end, but that is the 2nd day on the trot working on the Hill, so will back of tomorrow before getting back and running over the City to Surf course again on Saturday morning.

Still getting thousands of texts from Enda, still telling me that he is doing no training - strange though as i have seen him out 3 times with PLOD this week already (not to mention his race on Sunday)
Anyway 'Professor PLOD', after hours of calculations has come back and DEMANDED that we all run of Scratch for the race. I know i am getting rorted once more and against my better judgement have reluctantly agreed to such............... So BRING IT ON :)

The Trash has exciting news of a NEW MEMBER on the HuRTS books, coming soon - Chairman Tommy H  is in negotiations as we speak, and is just fine tuning and tweaking a few terms and conditions before she can join.
Check her out here as she lines up for her last race.

If we can just keep Mr Cool J-Fen away from her and 'rocking her socks off', or Enda from drooling then we may have a chance to get some quality within the group :)

With the Games less then 48 hours away - Timmy's Top 10 continues - today its England's Top 10 gold Medal Chances (not in any particular order)

1.Mo Farrah 5000 & 10'000m
2. Brownlee Brothers - Triathlon
3. Katherine Grainger + Anna Watkins, double Skull rowing
4. Rebecca Adlington 800m Swimming
5. Ben Ainslie Sailing
6. Karen Pickering - Open Water swimming
7. Chris Hoy  Cycling
8 Jessica Ennis Heptathlon
9. Victoria Pendleton Cycling
10. B.Wiggins, M.Cavendish  Road and Time Trial cycling

also look out for a young lad Steven Lewis in the Pole Vault, good lad and he's from my old hometown Stoke ........ so will have a big heart and hopefully go well.


Banana Boats and Bricks

After the early morning fog had lifted that had blanketed Sydney first up i couldn't believe the first two people i saw come out the mist .......... Mo and Larry (Enda & POD) running down the hill, gave them the customary 2 Min's of abuse before joining training partner Roger who was back for the brick session after taking a 3 week vacation.
Roger who was feeling the effects of a cold and lack of training was looking for an easier session today, so i decided on - Two flat laps on the bike (8ks), then the Woollarha Hill loop (2.25k) x 2
Not really done that much on the bike and seemed to struggle my way around the double laps in 12.40 before taking off on the 700 metre hill, held the pace OK and came home in 8.09 (3.40 pace) feeling pretty good.
A short little break then it was a repeat , giving Roger a handy start on the bike i caught him on the 2nd loop and was virtually the same pace around in 12.43, a quick transition with Roger on my heels and it was out on the run again, he stayed with me up the hill and almost all the way till the 1500m before i managed to get the gap on him. Pushed the last 500 and got home in 7.55 at a healthy 3.33 pace.
Not a long session but the intensity was there for a good 40 mins - good to have Roger back that kept me honest and made me push all the way
Was interesting what he said about drafting - he did a 7.06 first lap and then sat on my wheel for the 2nd and did 6.24 and he said it was loads easier despite going nearly 40 seconds quicker over 3.7ks
Still believe my running is not to flash at the moment but more then happy with the way i am able to run OFF the bike, managing to hold my race pace?

Don't think i will get the time to get into the City tomorrow so it looks like i may be forced to do my own Hill work again, looks like another tough one ahead then :)

I am constantly getting bombarded with emails and texts from Pest Enda about giving HIM a two minute start in the City to Surf..............is this guy on drugs?  He comes out with more excuses and bluffs then anybody i know.
Got every excuse going, only training twice a week, had no sleep, laces came undone, even said something about himself breastfeeding at one point, before i switched off. This is a guy that run 38.30 (3.30 Pace) on Sunday at Sutho to Surf (11ks) on limited training and wants 2 mins from me who has battled to run 37 minutes for 10ks  lately..................Leave it Out, he must think I've just arrived on the Banana Boat :)
For the record ......Enda's giving me 75 seconds head start for City to Surf. .... no more to be said :)

In late breaking NEWS that will  see Chairman and HuRTS #1Tom  running for cover again - another member brings SHAME on the great name, And no its not Enda or Kanser this time, but Angry Man Clyde, aka Marshmallow Man, aka Dolph, aka Sheep Lover Rozza, Over in Thailand. Seems Clyde had a few too many ales (probably 3) and went out on the town and got caught up with some of Enda's old friends, waking up in the morning not with 'Jinky Jackie' but more 'JackHammer Jimmy',
He was last seen siting in his hotel room trying to explain all to good wife Katie , and even worse how he 'Grasscutted' old friend Enda, and his old flame.

Oh the Shame.... Clyde after a night on the tiles with 'JackHammer Jimmy'


Sunday, July 22, 2012

14 Midelton Ave here we come....Get the Tea On.

Early start in the park with work and who should i see on McKay Oval - none other then PLOD flying around doing his 400s, my clients were in awe of him and will surely go into City to Surf as raging favorite against us fellow 'B Graders after sitting watching that performance this morning?
Once done i decided on a 12ks recovery run doing 2 x 6k Woollarha hill loops, Again felt good from the off today and worked the first loop at 4.15s (24.58) and even picked the pace up slightly on the 2nd to come home in 24.44 (4.07s) all up for a time of 49.32
Again happy with that and dare i say it i thought it was pretty easy this morning (whats going on?),  i may have finally got rid of all the Bintang from Bali out of my system as i continue to stay of the beers in the process. Feel as if i have moved forward over the past two weeks now and hope the next 3 can go in the same direction.
Will be looking at getting another good weeks training in this week as the countdown is now on.

Some great sport overnight, With Wiggins taking out the Tour, sensational effort from him and the Sky team, never looked in doubt, And Cav continues to smash all before him in the sprints.
In the Golf ..... Oh Dear, Mr Scott Choked  in the final 4 holes and does his best impression of Greg Norman.... Unbelievable, and you can write this down, he will NEVER win a major after that.
Tiger was close by and the Timmy's Tip - Donald ended up 4th or 5th overall,
Anyway all eyes turn to London now for the Big One - Can't wait to see how things unfold, i see Chairman Tom has all but given us his Gold medal placings in all track and field events, I will do something similar but will do my 'Top 10s' for various things Games related.
Today is My Top 10 - Certain Gold Medals of the Games, I realize there are no certainties  in any sport but here are the closest i can see to them
1. U.S.A Men's Basketball Team
2. U.S.A Women Basketball Team
3. Swimming - Micheal Phelps 200 Butterfly
4. Athletics - Usain Bolt 100 & 200m
5.Triathlon - Brownlee Brothers ( take your pick?) ... Alastair or Jonny.
6. Swimming - 100m James Magnusson
7. Cycling - England Team Pursuit
8. Cycling - Victoria Pendleton ( no cert, but praying she takes out Mears)
9. Boxing  - Katie Taylor (Ireland) , not to leave our Irish friends out, but i think i have found them a GOLD medal  care of young Katie here :)... look out for her.
10. Excuses - Enda Stankard, come the last day of the Games our own Enda will be running City to Surf and a GOLD medal is a cert here on this one :)

Tomorrow - Top 10 English Gold Medal Chances of the Games.

*** Title of today's BLOG is related to where we will be having our City to Surf Breaky - i wont say who's house it is just in case you are not on the 'A list' of invites , but lets just hope he leaves a spare key on the doorstep so we can go in and make tea whilst we wait for him to arrive in Bondi , as most of us will be there already waiting :)


Worlds Duathlon Qualifier - Parramatta Park

Up early and out to Black Tooth Territory that is Sydney's West at Parramatta Park for the Duathlon over 6.4k run/20ks bike/3.2 run.
Competition was a lot tougher today with this race doubling up as a Qualifier for the Worlds to be held in Nice, France later in the year that meant all the hotshots including HuRTS member and good friend Pete Walker were in attendance.
The run leg is TWO laps of the park (3.2k each lap) and i settled behind the quicker guys and went through the first lap in under 11 mins, held the 2nd lap to about the same pace with no one coming past me as i got the bike and was out for the first of 6 laps.
Felt i was working hard over the first couple of laps and was was surprised when it took Walker nearly 3 laps to catch us. He went past me strong and it was just the kick i needed as i seemed to lift a gear as i wanted to keep him in sight for the 2nd half of the race. Where he was getting away from me over the faster parts of the track i was getting back a little on the one slight hill on the course. Got off the bike in around 30 mins and some 30 seconds behind Pete and the challenge was on to try to run him down despite the fact that he has beaten me in the past 3 10k races of the season. I was moving OK despite starting to get tired, and bridged the gap to a few seconds coming up to the last hill with about 1k to go. Thought i would just wait till i got over the top and then try to kick for one final time, Unfortunately (for me)  Pete had a glimpse over his shoulder and decided to kick earlier then me and got a few seconds break that he held as we come over the line. I did a 11.33 for the final lap to finish in 65.34 some 6 seconds behind Mr Walker, and 11th overall.
Delighted with the result and overall time today and for the first time in a long time felt i was moving well and even off the bike could hold close to 3.35 pace.
For full results check out :

Had a good chat to Pete after, as well as HuRTS boy James (?) , Paul Hanell, as well as Striders Jo Cowan, Very good morning and well done to the Hills Tri Club for putting on a very well organized race out there. Once again won bugger all on the raffle after (Walker winning again), but i felt as if i had a result once i got back to the car and found that my wheels were still on the motor and the car was still there in one piece:)

A few other races around town today - Down the Shire Way was the Sutherland to Surf (11ks) , And i have it on good authority that Enda was seen racing down there - Got his Ar$e kicked by all accounts by 'Part Time Runner and fellow Irishman Tony Cusack and was coming out with all his usual excuses of his laces coming undone ?
Up Hunter Valley was the Half and 10k races - not 100% but the Trash heard that HurTS man Richie Palmer took out 2nd in the 10k event - Good effort mate :)
.........And last but no means least over in Ireland at the Fingal 9.45k race - good friend Old Kanser recorded a 35.10 ......... Again was coming out with Endalike excuses, to cold, to windy , to long , The leaves on the trees were in the way....
Good effort all the same,
BTW, Did Beer Matt smash you and did i win my $50 - he needed to beat you by over 60 seconds ?

Aussie Pete Walker and I moments after he beat me by 6 seconds in the Duathlon at Parramatta Park.
..And NO Lisa (L.L) that is NOT Enda behind my left shoulder with his 5 Bellies as you stated earlier :)

** Pete may have beaten me but i still managed to take the $$$ after he gave me 2.5 mins start ( i was after 5)  :) ...... Don't think i will be getting to much come the next race next month now, so i better snap Enda's hand off on the 2 mins he has given me for the upcoming City to Surf?


Thursday, July 19, 2012

More City to Surf Prep

Drove over to Edgecliff and run a 2.5k warm up till i hit O'Sullivan Road that is the 5k mark in the City to Surf on New South Head Road. The goal then was to run the middle 5ks up the hills to Dover Heights at a solid pace. Felt ordinary even in the first kay before going up 'Heartbreak Hill' but just tried to dig in and get over the top despite the watch showing well over 4min/ks. Surprisingly once at the top i was then able to go on and actually pick up the pace for the final two ks to stop the watch in 19.43 (3.56 pace), Slower then what i was after but quicker then i thought i was capable of especially after the first section of the run.
Turned then and cruised back down taking in the views and the 'Woof Whistles' i got as i came by 'Kincoppel' School.......... i went all shy and it made me blush at some of the things directed my way :) Worked at 4.35 pace coming back in 22.58 and then making my way back to the car a further 2.5k up the road.
Just shy of 15ks all up in 67 minutes average pace 4.30 for the mornings work

Got a time in my head that i would like to work the middle section for the race - and despite being outside of that today hoping a couple more good training weeks and the bonus of having a cast of thousands around me on the day will get me to the 10k mark still within my target time come the finishing chute.

Its a sports feast at the moment and the 'Games' haven't even started yet, I'm shattered - what between the Golf and the Tour. Good to see an Aussie up there in the golf (will fall away though) with Tiger lingering ready to pounce, not sure where my man Donald is?
Looks like there is no way Wiggins can lose the tour now, with only a few days left it would need a major disaster for him NOT to be wearing the Yellow in Paris.

Rest Day for me tomorrow before i venture out to our 'Glourious West' Parramatta (far out.... even the Rottweilers hang out in pairs out there these days) for the Battle with Pete Walker in the Duathlon.
Good luck to Old Kanser over in Ireland this weekend as well as he takes on BeerMonstermatt in a 9.45k race that he has flown around the world to partake in  (the lengths he goes to find them)
$50 he doesn't get within 60 seconds of Matt despite it being short?

Have a great weekend

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Rushcutters 10 x 400m Efforts

Up early today, not for my own work but working for HuRTS after Chairman Tom told me to start pulling my weight in the team and get down to Rushcutters to mark out a 400 metre track that was to be used for today's session.
Good crowd at the top end for the speedy set with Bartles, Tucks, J-Fen, T.B, Mikey, HuRTS#1 Tom, Pete Walker and many i still don't know, As mentioned i was there hours before line marking and putting the relevant cones out as some of the oval was G.U.R (Ground Under Repair) and was then peppered with abuse after the 1st rep when it was found to be 25-30 metres long (2-3 seconds)
Sat in on the first just behind Bartles and Tucks and rolled around in 75, and then pretty much kept them all around that pace working with J-Fen and Tom for much of it. J-Fen will be up before the stewards on a charge of 'careless running' after clipping my heels on the 7th rep that nearly brought an end to my City to Surf Campaign (but i soldiered on) as will Mikey who hogged the cones that tight every rep he skittled everyone and will be charged $16 for the offence..... that will bring a tear to his eye once he finds out:)
Happy with today's session, although the times might seem down a bit i felt pretty good throughout and hopefully things will now get better for the remaining 3 weeks.
Rep Times were, (rolling every 2 mins):
75, 73, 72, 73, 73, 74, 73, 74, 74, 67
Good to see Mikey out there doing some solid speed work for a change, not far behind me and he will be also looking for a good time come the Big Day.
Had a chat with Pete Walker who i will be up against on Sunday out at the Duathlon in Parramatta - Pete is a GUN on the bike and has very generously give me a 5 minute start overall for the race.... Should be a close one.

Sight of the Day......... Tommy Highnam rocking up to the session in a Bayern Munich football Top, looked more like a dress to be honest and it just didn't seem right, Personally i think its the only time he's ever got to wear one without the number 12 being on the back of it.

Me in my younger days as an apprentice whilst at Stoke City, some will say it was perhaps my finest performance EVER on the pitch,  anyway i had to remember how it was done today as i was called to mark out the 'Rushcutters 400s' today :)

The British Open Golf starts tonight also from Lytham St Annes - Hopefully one or our own can take it out, although it looks like the 'Tiger' is not far away from winning another major. Loads of rain in the past 4 weeks on what is already a tough course will test even the best of players
Timmy's Tip -  Luke Donald, at 17/1 worth a sly few bob

In the Tour - looks like Cadel has blown any chance he had last night as Wiggins takes another step closer to the Yellow Jacket in Paris on Sunday. With another drug cheat being busted ..........why doesn't that surprise us these days?


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

In Need of a Brick Partner.

Thought training partner Roger was back this morning but think he has decided to take a longer break as i was going solo once again for the Wednesday Brick session in the park.
Did a rather fast 6 x 1k with clients first up then jumped on the bike for some hill and flat laps followed by a flat flagpole (500m) running lap, repeated this 3 times before retiring for my morning coffee and toasted banana bread and putting in my chocolate order with Dave Kane who is heading back to Ireland for a few weeks.
Again not the fastest or most intense session I've ever done but happy enough to be ticking it over at this stage and hopefully Rog will be back next week so we can pick it up a bit more.
Legs felt pretty heavy this morning, which is pretty much the norm these days after the Tuesday HuRTS set but something i better get used to for the next couple of months.
Will be back out tomorrow down at Rushcutters for the fast and tough 10 x  400s - still the best part of this session is its all over under 20 minutes :)


Monday, July 16, 2012

HuRTS 45 minute Tempo.

Cycled into the city to meet Mikey Conway to leave the bike at his work before the easy jog over to the Stone Gates meeting the normal crew and delinquents that included Tom, Tucks, T.B, R.High, Cake Maker Fats, Mikey, Enda making a rare appearance, Hardman J.C,  and even the return of Warrior Charlie, Mermaid Emma was also there but was keeping her head down after the latest allegations, but more on that later.
Set off and settled nicely with Richie High working around the 3.40 pace hitting the Opera House Gates in 10.30, felt OK and was happy to stay with him until the 22.30 turnaround - Hit just on 6ks for the turn and was very surprised when i saw M.C and his little 'Band of Merry Men' not that far back. Stayed with Rich until the Passenger Terminal when he just opened up a gap. He offered some encouragement to dig deep and tag on the back of M.Cs group but i didn't quiet have it, Struggled coming around the O.H as first Bartles and then T.Bell came flying by,and then an even faster 'Cake Man'.  Managed to lift a little as i then picked of a few people coming past the pool and just tried to hang in to get back up to the Stone Gates. Failed miserably in getting back under 45 minutes (couldn't even catch Enda) and stopped the watch in 45.43. Covered over 12ks for the day so not a bad little hit out although would have liked to have finished stronger, Still hopefully things are getting better with each session that passes.
Interesting point in that i was 43 seconds over and neither HuRTS #1 or Tucks came past me on the return so not sure what happened to them out there today?

Will be out in the morning for the Wednesday Brick session in the park and then back to Rushcutters on Thursday for the speedy 400m session.

On the social side, i called around to the 'House of Kanes' last night for a Cuppa before he departs for YET another holiday ( he has more hols then Conway), I was asking him all about the Benny St night, Told me what a huge success it was although he seemed very reluctant to discuss the cheating allegations that Tom revealed last week ..Shock, Scandal... http://pommytom.blogspot.com.au/ that deemed clean skins Mermaid and J-Fen were dealing in underhand tactics.
Personally i think that's one of the reasons Kanser's getting away - to diffuse the situation and let things cool down abit as Mikey is on the warpath for a refund.
Kanser did offer me something i must share with the Trash readers mind you - He did give me a copy of Enda's answer sheet from last Tuesday evening to the questions asked on the night. This is Fair Dinkum folks, although i do suspect PLOD did contribute to some of the answers given. :)

Enda's Answer Sheet from the Benny St night last week :)

Tomorrow, Whats happened to HuRTS #1 Girl Laura, My spies send me her latest T.V series venture coming in from the 'Shire'..... you wont believe what her latest project is.


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Monday Flap in the Pool.

Down to the Ian Thorpe Pool at lunchtime to catch up with Pete Walker for a series of 200 and 100 metre efforts. Again got there early as i knew i wouldn't or couldn't keep pace with Pete and would have to miss some out (Reckon i did about half the set in the end)  Struggled my way through as usual and for about 45 minutes wished i was the other end of the pool joining in with the old ladies doing there water aerobics.
Tried to keep the 200s at 3.30s and the 100s as close to 1.40s as i could, with Pete just about taking off for his next rep by the time i was touching the wall.
Saw Super Fish Sharkie Richie High in the next lane to me flying along, and all i kept hearing after each lap was 1.10 .........1.10s for 100mtres? and he continued with this for about 3ks, very impressive.
I don't know what Richie is training for, but there must be something BIG in the pipeline with all the swimming he is doing. If anyone has any inside information please tell.

Well less then 4 weeks remaining before this years City to Surf and already the first barb has been fired in the trash talk.No guesses for which corner its been fired out of........The Irish Camp, with one blog stating that new dad Enda is out to smash me (once again)........well he should be very disappointed if he can't. I am not in good form and after all just an ageing footballer and he should be setting his sights higher then beating me.
I'll be lucky just to keep my preferred start this year and may be joining Mr Crumble Flakey in the masses next year if i don't see a sharp improvement over the next month.

Tomorrow its the HuRTS 45 minute tempo that i will venture into town for.


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Double Dose weekend of Racing

Saturday - X Country 7.5k Athletics NSW Event.
X Country, Cakes and Crap Running best summed up the day for me as i ventured out to Rydlmere for the 7.5k Athletics meet running as part of the Striders team. Rolled up to find the #1 (Tom ) gone down with sickness so it was left to Tucks to gather the team. With Tucks, Tongue, Fats and Macca in attendance i knew early on that i pretty much wasn't needed but still thought i would give it a good hit out. Course was basically 3 x 2.5k loops that doubled back on itself 74 times and plenty of hills.On the first lap i just sat in with Macca (still recovering from his Marathon effort), I felt as if my legs were chopped off on the start of the 2nd loop as i knew Macca was struggling big time but i still could not go past him. I did even think i couldn't go on for the 3rd loop but hung in there as i dragged my sorry ar$e over the line in 28.43 (3.50 Pace) even had the misfortune of getting out kicked on the final 100mtres.... wouldn't mind so much but the guy in question must have been about 68 years old.
Felt terrible at the end, but the misery was soon over when i went over to speak to Mrs Tucks (Meinir) who filled me in with all her National Anthem Duties for the Welsh recently. Then things were about to get a whole lot better when Fats surprised us all when he brought out his best baking recipe with some superb cakes for us to woof down. Now i knew Tony liked to do some home brewing in his spare time, but now he tells me that Baking is another one of his favorite hobbies he has.
Well done Tony , very nice and much appreciated.
I was all set to jump in the car when i heard my name mentioned, and that despite some ordinary running i scooped up 2nd place in the age group, and even better the boys (Tucks, Tongue, Fats and Macca) won Gold in the over 35s.... Lovely Jubbly :)

Sunday, BRAT Duathlon 61.34 ..... 2nd AGAIN
 After a quiet night in on Saturday evening i rolled up for the 3rd BRAT Duathlon for the Winter series feeling surprisingly fresh, and with no sign of Robbie Neil around i thought maybe today was the day i went one better then the 2nd places over the past 3 months. That was until "Team Sparks" brought his BIG GUN in .....POD (Paul O'Doherty) Ireland #1 Traithlon to ruin things. After seeing off his other lightweights in Krone, Samsy and Stankard previously, Shrink Sparks even came down with his boy today in search of victory, I knew he meant business when he had a new state of the art hat on and the sat in the middle of the track for 15 minutes meditating and sitting cross legged in silence.
Also there was Irishman Tony Cusack who is a good runner but offers little on the bike
Set off for the first 5ks and sat just in behind Tony with POD not far behind, came in off the first 5ks in 16.56** (3.32 pace) happy with that , but it wasn't long before POD cruised by and was last seen in the distance ahead. Very very windy on the bike today made for tough conditions and slower times and i was happy to jump off the bike in around 35 mins. With no one around me i tried to still keep the last 2.5ks honest and did a 8.39 (3.32 pace) last lap to stop the clock overall in 61.34 for 2nd YET again, with POD taking out first place breaking the hour.
Congrats to POD , good solid hit out from him and boy can this lad ride a bike, and his running is on the money as well and it will be an  interesting battle between us come City to Surf time in 4 weeks.
Also had a good chat to Shrink Sparks (the team coach) - he's a good bloke, although he does have this terrible twitch every time i mentioned Enda's name,  and tells me he's only just back at work after been forced to take two months off after having Enda on his books prior to the Melbourne Ironman recently.

Not sure if i am training tomorrow or taking a rest day, will see how i pull up in the morning, but will be out for the dreaded HuRTS 45 minute tempo on the Tuesday

POD getting ready for action before the start of today's BRAT Duathlon.... this guy gets pretty serious and is NOT Ireland #1 for no reason.

** The 16.56 on the 5ks was because the course was short...The Irish stuffed it up again with POD going out and putting the cone some 40 odd metres short on the turnaround, meaning the 2.5 ks was 80 metres short and the 5ks some 160...... YET another Irish Balls up, he must have thought he was in a triathlon or that Dave Kane was in town and looking at running a PB :).


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Countdown is on, as Cadel Crumbles

After 4 straight days running i gave myself the day off today and just hit the pool to try to keep the arms turning over. Knew it wasn't going to be pretty as i haven't been for about 10 days now but wanted to get through 5 x 300s
You know you don't really enjoy it when even before you start you are thinking about whats for lunch and it'll only take 30 Min's before its all done.
Set off on the first rep and touched the wall in 5.22, didn't think it could get any better then that but surprisingly held the remaining 4 to all around the same pace.
Times were: 5.22, 5.24, 5.22, 5.23, 5.25
Again NOT fast times (about 1.48s per/100) but happy i didn't blow out towards the end. will just try to keep it ticking over now for the rest of winter and join P.Walker on Mondays and do my own on Fridays as to not lose it all.
Back out tomorrow afternoon with a 7.5k run with the Striders that Tom has roped me into, and then the BRAT duathlon on Sunday as mentioned previously.

Well the countdown is on for the Olympics with only 14 days before Mr Redgrave lights the FLAME to start the games. Elvis (Rob Costello) sent me a list of all the Irish hopes for medals yesterday (on the back of a stamp i must add) and got me thinking where our best hopes are - Far too many to mention here, although we should get a swag from our Rowers and Cyclists and no doubt some in the boxing. but in the athletics hopefully Mo Farah (10'000mtres), Brownlee Brothers (Triathlon) and Jessica Ennis in the Heptathlon can bring home the 'Big G'
Also been good watching the Tour with our man Wiggins showing Mr Personality Cadel Evans how its done and Chris Froome riding well to take 2nd spot at the moment. For a full round up checkout Master Sweeney's blog (he's written a 5000 word report )
So all is looking good for the English in sport and we wont even mention the cricket..........

Have a good weekend,
Train well and stay safe

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

McKay Oval 1k Reps x 6

Time restrictions meant i was unable to get into town today so was forced to go solo and do my own session once more.Decided to stay in the park after my first class of the morning and worked on McKay Oval and did 6 x 1k reps.
A little soft underfoot after all the rain made it slippery in certain parts as i settled for the first rep of the morning. Measured it slightly longer and crossed in 3.24, tried then to make sure that was to be the slowest of the morning as i was giving myself a good 2 minute recovery between each rep.
Each rep were similar in time: 3.24, 3.22, 3.21, 3.20, 3.21, 3.18
Happy with that overall, especially as that was my 4th day straight training. Still down on times but hopefully on the up now. i think i am running well when i can do that same session in times of 3.17s.

Will give myself a rest day tomorrow now, and perhaps just hit the pool for a quick dip in the morning. HuRTS #1 Tommy H has asked me to help out and run the 7.5k X-Country for the Striders on Saturday so will give that a bash and then try to back up on the Sunday to do the monthly BRAT Duathlon series that has been going on over winter, lets hope Robbie Neil is not there this time :)

There were 3 guys on the Oval this morning all set up with cones and markers already mapped out when i got there, They seemed to ponce around for ever, in fact i was warmed up and had done my 6 reps even before i saw them do anything. Then they started on there 300mtre reps..... My God, very quick 43 seconds, Had good chat with them and they tell me they do a lot of the 'Gift' races and one of them got 'Runner of the Year'??? I asked them what the session was and i couldn't;t believe it when he told me,
2 x 300s
2 x 200s
Wouldn't mind but they were there for over an hour and the whole session was only going to take them about 2 mins :)
i think I'm running the wrong races.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Back to Bricks

With Roger still on vacation and with the forecast set for heavy rain i was all set for a miserable morning as a brick session was on the cards, still awoke to a warmer morning and clear skies once daylight broke and all of a sudden things didn't seem so bad .
Just did a series of Paddington Hill and flat laps on the bike then off up Woollarha hill for the run that followed x 3. Hard enough although by yourself i feel as if i never work as hard as perhaps i should do. Good hit out though and the legs were feeling rather heavy after yesterdays session.
Still toying with getting a NEW machine, and hope to get one before to long to set me up for the Spring/Summer triathlon season ahead, just need to get rid of the Cervelo that has served me well over the years.

Tomorrow is the original Hickson Road session with the HuRTS crew - this is one session that despite how well you are running ALWAYS seems tough.

Hearing good things about last nights Benny St Quiz night, with a good turnout from the team in support of Olympian Benny. Congrats go out to team J-Fen and his team of Geeks who smashed all before them. I think it was Mermaid who was the 'Ace' in the team with her general knowledge of the Games :)
Special mention to Old Kanser as well , who not only brought it all together but was quiz master to boot - although a few of the Aussies teams submitted a protest on the Grounds that they couldn't understand a word he said and were left scratching there heads when he announced the winning teams total score of Tirdy-tree and a tird :)


Monday, July 9, 2012

HuRTS 14 x 3 minute Session

Good to see many of the regulars back today for my favorite session that is the 14 x 3 minute efforts(60 sec recovery) even if some of them were still easing gently back into it. Big crowd with Mikey cock-a-hoop after his impressive run on Sunday and he was even talking about taking Tom's #1 Crown before Xmas.
Settled in for the first rep just behind J-Fen with a nice group of about 7 slightly ahead working about 3.30 pace, had the pleasure of running with Enda for 8 reps before he called time and then run with Mikey Conway pretty much for the second half, with Tom and Fats not far away on the same pace for a few sets.
Felt pretty good today although the last 4 seem tough to get through, This set starts with a cast of thousands but very few actually finish - with only really M.C (told you he was on fire), Elvis, J-Fen,  Bartles and Paul Hannell. about the only familiar faces at the end.
Pace for each reps were,3.30, 3.27, 3.23, 3.17, 3.23, 3.25, 3.30, 3.24, 3.32, 3.24, 3.22, 3.28, 3.33, 3.19
Pretty tough out there with the wind on the return legs, although looking at the times above i was actually quicker coming home - Go figure?
Sessions like today i was wishing Marshmallow Man Clyde would have been there to help shield me from the wind as J-Fen and Dickie Green were about as much use as an Ashtray on a Motorbike.
For the official record the other lads completed the following reps
Richie High           D.N.S
Sonya                   4 reps
Mermaid               4 Reps
Enda                     8 Reps
Adam                  8 Reps
Macca                  9 reps
HuRTS #1Tom    10 (?)
HuRTS# 4 Tucks  12
Terence                13
D' Grade Binfield   D.N.F (again ) :)

Had a new guy down there as well, looks very handy- he can't speak a word of English mind you - so was going to send Enda over to have a chat. I think he's French and he could be pushing the front guys once he finds his feet.
Not even sure of his name, so i'll just refer to him as (Inspector) Clouseau until i do :)

Big evening planned for the HuRTS boys with the Benny St Lawrence Olympic Quiz night, think there is a good turnout organised, with Old Magnus (Kanser) Magnusson "I've started so I'll finish' hosting the show.
Could be fun - hoping to make it over although i do have work to attend so I'll have to see what time i can get over to show my face at least.
I know we have some hotshot runners in the group , but I'm not so sure about there intellectual skills and quiz solving capabilities.
Timmy's tip to take top honours will be the Comm Bank team, Sonya, L.L, Sonya, Skippy Heyden and Binfield.

Have a good night

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Paddington Hill Gate Reps

After the disappointing run on Saturday it was back out there this morning as i start the City to Surf training program with less then 5 weeks to prepare.
Decided to do one flat lap first (just under 4ks) in 16.36 , then worked on the Paddington Hill from the cafe up to the Gates on Oxford Street that is 500 metres. Tried to again focus on form and relax throughout the reps and above all to keep them consistent. Hit the gates in 1.50 for the first rep and pretty much managed to hold the pace for the whole 8, although after rep 5 i was starting to feel the legs get heavy and had to work on the final 3 just to maintain the times.
Reps were: 1.50, 1.50, 1.48, 1.47, 1.47, 1.51, 1.49, 1.47
Finished off with another flat lap in 16 minutes for all up just shy of 16ks in 73 minutes for the morning.
Will be back out tomorrow for the HuRTS 14 x 3 minute efforts on Tuesday, tough enough but it is one of the sessions that i actually do enjoy :)

Congratulations to the boys that run the new Suncorp 10k yesterday, some good times had on what looked like a good fast flat course. Mikey Conway had a good race recording 35.30 thanks to pal Terence Bell pacing him around and surely must stand him in good stead for another crack at sub 35 before to long. Still awaiting confirmation that M.C did actually cross the line as there is still some debate on HOW he did finish? I did say Terence did help him out but not sure if this was in the rule book.

T.B helping Mikey to a PB 35.30 at yesterdays Suncorp 10k race.

Just been catching up on a pile of DVDs lately after my recent O/S trip , best one i have seen for the year would have to be 'The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel', Absolute classic with some of the finest OLD British actors on show. It takes us on a journey with some retirees that travel to India to take up residence in what they believe to be a newly restored Hotel. Less luxurious than its advertisements, the Marigold Hotel nevertheless slowly begins to charm in unexpected ways. Every character has a charm about them that will grow on you as the movie goes on
Best Movie of the Year so far for me - 10 boxes of Popcorn for this one.

If Marigold is the BEST then 'The Three Stooges' must be the daftest, One of the Farrelly brothers Slapstick movies, Thought i would get a giggle out of it but was sadly left disappointed and the only highlight of the film was seeing one of my top women Sofia Vergara attempt to act :)
Couldn't help but kept thinking I'd seen Larry Moe and Curly a fair bit on recent weeks then it dawned on me it was like watching PLOD, Kanser and Enda in action down at the 'Golden Sheaf' after the Half Marathon :)


Friday, July 6, 2012

Striders Homebush 10k... 36.55

Today was the 6th Race in the Striders 10k series that saw the field very light on at the top end after last weeks Gold Coast. Saw Dickie Green, Pete Walker, Eamo, Elvis and Johnny Bowe. Rocked up early but didn't really feel good at all even before the run so i suspected i was in for a tough mornings race. Funny point before the race was the sight of a nervous 'D Grade' Binfield make his way over to me with the 40 minute pacer flag, he seemed a bit concerned that he may not be able to do the allotted time or even finish the race :)
Went through the first one kay in 3.36 so certainly not a fast start but it felt like a 3.15, the second was even slower before Walker came by before the 3ks marker, as did Dickie at 5ks. Tried hard to stay with them but knew i was fighting a losing battle today and was made even worse when Tongue flew by despite him running the marathon only 6 days back.
Hated every minute of the run today in truth and was never in it, still at least i know where i am at again ( back to square one) and have a busy 5 weeks ahead now.
My k splits today were (ugly) 3.36, 3.40, 3.32, 3.37, 3.51, 3.34, 3.53, 3.38, 3.39, 3.43
About the only good thing i managed to do today was ( beside slag D'Grade and Elvis ) was peel the oranges pre race.......Yes i got my volunteer duties out the way this morning and was on breakfast duty, cutting up melon and oranges. If i continue racing like i did today i may make the gig more permanent :)
Had a good chat with Elvis and J.Bowe after with non of us having good races, it was like the losers corner, Even D'Grade beat Elvis this morning and he was only on pacing duties..... very sad.

Anyway after today's showing i have pledged after this evenings festivities that i am OFF the beer till City to Surf day in 5 weeks in an attempt to help me along. so please do not invite me out on the turps to any events throughout this period :)

Good luck to all those racing in the morning - all eyes will be on Mikey Conway as he attempts for the 512th time to go sub 35 minutes, he even has T.B as his official pacer. Personally i think he'll go well but reckon T.B will have to actually carry him over the line (fireman style) for him to get under 35 :)
Spoke to Kanser as well earlier - he was going out for a fitness test at 2.30pm to see if he'll make the start line for tomorrow, (please GOD, let him run well  and finish the race tomorrow - or else I'll get NO breaky)

Have a good weekend,

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Observatory Hill (560mtre) Hill Repeats x 8

No sign of ANY of the regular crew today with only J.Worsick, Dominic, Christian and the Mermaid(Emma) in attendance that i actually knew. This is a tough session and i think the norm is 10 reps although i knew at the start i was only in for the 8.
In the absence of the Big Boys i found myself in the unusual position of leading the first couple of reps before Dom joined me for the next few along with A.N Other guy who looked pretty handy. Dom pressed ahead on the last few as i was trying hard just to keep them all around the same pace. The second half of each rep is a killer and you can feel the pace drop as you search for the finish line.
Times were down abit today- but that was to be expected after taking a week off and without a good turnout to help out and keep me company
Reps were: 2.18, 2.19, 2.20, 2.19, 2.20, 2.19, 2.21, 2.15
Realize with only 5 weeks to City to Surf that more hill work will be required if i am to have a good run on the day

Busy weekend ahead with the choice of TWO 10k runs this weekend - the Striders at Homebush on Saturday or the new Suncorp 10k around the city that many of the boys are going for.
Personally i think i will just hit the Striders race, as i am not in good form at the moment and i do have a party to attend on the Saturday evening.


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Gold Coast Wrap Up

With another Gold Coast weekend upon us yet again i was forced to miss this years fun and activities absent for the first time in about 7 years as i was only getting back into the country on Saturday and after a week fueled with fine eating and 'Bintang Beer' i didn't think 21ks would be good for me.
Anyway, non the less a huge team from the HuRTS went north , many armed with some great form under there belts leading up to the Marathon and Half event on Sunday.
As i say despite not being there i have been swamped with emails, texts, and calls relaying all the events that unfolded. I will give my views on some of the team as what has been passed on :)
Lets start at the top and the Run of the Day and possibly the Run of the Year.... with a blistering time of 2.34 our very own Chairman Tommy Highnam took top honours for the day, After 6 years, 128 races and 2816 training runs Tommy H has FINALLY taken over the HuRTS #1 Crown in the rankings. Super effort from the Geordie Boy, and got me thinking does this guy ever run a BAD race???
Another A Grader - David Tongue also had a good run with a PB of 2.37:30 , and despite carrying an injury into the run Paul 'Macca' MacClarnon run a solid 2.42
Top Triathlon Girl Sonya backed up from her impressive Port Ironman race to record a healthy 3.23 for the day
On the downside - Unfortunately Kanser despite having perhaps his best preparation leading into the race found the going to tough and was forced to retire at the 30k mark with cramps and recorded a big DNF against his name (and NO its not true that Kanser only decided to 'Pull the Pin' when the temptation to avoid the Aldi Southport specials was to great to bypass)
'B Grade Binfield' was another to have the distinction to have a DNF against his name as the 'Curse of the Coast' continues for him ( he didn't even get to fall on his railings this year) and despite spending millions and having the best coach in the country, looks like he now has to go back to the drawing board to get out of "D Grade" again :)
Still at least i get a collect out of it - care of Fats, as i bet  he wouldn't break 2.39 - get that beer ready Tony please :)
Eoin Reville - DNF, the Irish woes continued, what with the football, rugby and now DNFs for Reville and Kane it hasn't been a successful month the the men in green. Eoin was last seen muttering to his wife, "if only i could get into that English team it would toughen me up and get me over the line"
Elvis Costello, Was looking to break the hour, he did........unfortunately it was the wrong one, was hoping to break 3 and only just did sub 4 ( another Irishman i may add )
And Laura even tarnished her reputation as HuRTS girl #1 with a very unusual DNF as she could not go on even after 5ks due to injury.

In the Half - Run of the Race goes to Mr Angry Marshmallow Man Clyde with a super time of 72.33 amazing what talent this guy has, and he lost 8 kilos before the race when he didn't have any dinner the previous evening.
 Bartles and Fats both run solid races for the day, and J- Fen rocked his socks off to record a PB for the day coming home in 74.49
Old training partner Richie P didn't have the best of days although still run a good time of 78.16 for the day ( more hours needed training i say)
Lisa (L.L) took pity on me and didn't run and in turn saved me losing $50 to her - so it looks like it will be 'Double Bubble' in the next race now.

It gets a bit blurry from here on in and some of the drunken reports shall not be reported on this family site. But lets just say Tommy Hs top efforts On the road to NOT reflect his efforts made over a few scoops.

Three Pics below - The first 'King Tom - HuRTS #1 ....Hail the King
and the second ..... well...........Shameful :)

Well done to all - Next BIG race will be City to Surf in less then 6 weeks
See you all at Bondi

New HuRTS #1 Tommy Highnam , waits for his dinner to be served at 'Moo Moos' steak house.

( I Know it's old ) ...but Tom with some of his new fans after his impressive 2.34 Gold Coast Run.

Tom starting to fall of the pace a little (on his 3rd schooner)

Some of the times for the day

Full Marathon
Tom       2.34.00
Tongue   2.37:30
Macca    2.42:11
T.Bell      2.44:11
Angus     3.07:06
Sonya     3.23:02
Elvis C   3.56:50
Kanser   D.N.F
Binfield   D.N.F
Eoin        D.N.F
Laura      D.N.F

Cyde     72.33
Bartles   73.27
Fats       74.23
J. Fenton 74.49
Richie P   78.16

Apologies if i have forgotten anyone

Siberian Weather.

With brick training partner Roger away on holidays with his family i was alone this morning for the brick session in the park on the coldest of mornings. With that Wind chill factor around it was as cold on the bike as the last mans ar$e on a tobaggan despite having about 4 layers on.
Never really got going today and really just spun the legs over before doing a 40 minute run to finish. A bit of a lacklustre effort really before returning to the local cafe for coffee and toasted banana bread.
Noticed tomorrows HuRTS set is the tough Hill session, not one i like but with City to Surf less then 6 weeks away i best get in there and get it done.

Monday, July 2, 2012

HuRTS 4 x 10 min efforts

With the entire 'A Graders' taking a well earned rest after the weekend there was still a good turnout for the tough 4 x 10 minute efforts. I say there was NO A Graders today - that’s not necessary true. ... Richie High was in attendance; also on show were Pete W, M.C (looking very thin and pale), T.B, Skippy Heyden, Razor, Adam and new Dad Enda (who still can't count to 4 -only doing two reps?)
Knew before the start I would struggle today and armed with the NEW Brooks 'Pure Cadence' shoes I took the first rep out hard and sat about 30 metres behind Heyden getting up to the 'Burn's' statue 2.88ks (3.29 pace), returned on the quicker section in 9.36 (3.25 pace). Was buggered then, and decided to bludge the 3rd (well that's not true either - truth was I had nothing) and then run with Adam and Walker before getting dropped and then having to listen to Edna’s drivel for the remaining 5 minutes. Walked up to the front runners in the break and tried to push the final rep that felt harder then it should have been. Got to the gates with 30 seconds to spare working at 3.32 pace.
Felt very heavy for the day and struggled throughout the session and really do need to get the head down over the next 6 weeks as all roads now lead to Bondi for the City to Surf and my goal again will be to break the 50 minute barrier. * As well as getting within the 2 minutes that Richie High's given me on his finish time?
Something that did worry me a little today was the sight of a very pale like Mikey Conway - God, he is fast fading away, he tells me he has been sick, .....BUT the TRASH can now reveal the truth as to Mikey's appearance, In between sessions and in line with the kids holidays Mikey has been trying to earn a few extra $$$ (UBS are not paying enough these days) by moonlighting with he very own side business.
Check it out here if you don’t believe me :)

As mentioned I was testing the new Brooks Pure Cadence runner today - bit early to make a call as I knew I wasn't running strong today but will be interesting to see how they go. I have worn the Brooks for years now so hopefully they will be fine. No so sure of the colour mind you - Look a bit to Irish for me :)


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Back to Reality

Well it was back to the grindstone and it was a quick reality check when I ventured out in the 7 degree cold first up this morning.
Was working in the park and then decided to stay in and knock out a 10k run to get me back into the swing of things, I did the 6k Woollahra Hill loop in 25.51 (average 4.18s) then did a flat 4k loop in 16.01 (4 mins p/k) kicking the last one Kay down to 3.34 pace.
All up 10ks done in 41.55 average 4.11s
Not a bad start seeing it was the first run back in over 7 days after a week filled with plenty of beer and lovely seafood on the beach.
Returned home and then arranged to meet Pete Walker down the Ian Thorpe Pool for a dip, thought Thorpie was in there at one stage with all the press hanging outside only to realise that it was non other then Richie "the Shark 'High making his way into the building. Boy oh boy this guy was flying whilst doing his swim squad today, and that look is back in his eye that tells me he is looking at getting a few scalps this season in the running races ...so you better watch out.
Under the guidance of P.Walker I did 500m before he got there then a series of 200s and 100s with some drills chucked in the middle - all up 1900metres before I cramped up and cut as forlorn figure out the water to watch R.High burn up the pool from the sidelines

Will be back out to join the HuRTS boys tomorrow for the 4 x 10 minute efforts although I suspect numbers will be down due to many running the Gold Coast yesterday.

I was up early this morning to witness Spain hand out a master class to Italy in Euro12, A 4- 0 drubbing, fantastic footy, and possibly the BEST midfield I have seen for many a year, I said weeks back that David Silva is a special player, but I think Iniesta is even better and then you throw in Xavi, and Alonso and it makes you wonder how they can ever get beaten?

I have been fielding calls, texts, and email ALL DAY today from all participants from the Gold Coast giving me the run down of events that unfolded from yesterday. I think it’s only fair I wait another 24 hours for ALL things to settle down before I give the review as what has been told to the TRASH
*** WARNING*** if you are sensitive then I suggest you do NOT read tomorrows blog :)

Can not sign out though without a special mention to the 'Run of the Day' and no doubt the YEAR to our own Chairman Tom Highnam on his 2.34.00 run - sensational, and he now sits proudly as the HuRTS #1 after 6 years of trying to reach the pinnacle :)
Well done Tom.

And finally just a few more pics taken from my recent O/S trip of some of the Villa's that I was lucky enough to stay in.

View from room of Villa number 1 -
Its a tough life :)

View from the pool as Sunset was drawing in.

Villa #2 outside the room again

Just about to do my 20 laps for the day.

I might not be able to swim IN the water, but OUT ...look out Kelly Slater :)

I think i may have found me new career?