Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Monna Fartlek

Early swim set down at PAP to kick start the day, wasn't the usual 3ks but content to jump out and head for morning coffee with my crew with 2ks recorded.

Meeting at the Passenger Terminal it was a small but good crew out with the likes of Leech (minus 6kgs), Brendan, Special Q, Sammy J and 'Queenslander' Muzza back for a trot with us.
Monna Fartlek was the go that I thought a perfect set with Saturday's Striders 10k in mind that I'm hoping to get to. Started alongside the Leech for the first 90 second effort but as is normally the case my recoveries are so much slower as I then try to bring the heart rate back down I find myself cast adrift thereafter.
Kept it honest around Barangaroo turning at 10 minutes and tried to lift for the homeward journey despite having to do each effort by myself. This set is good in the fact mentally you can get your head around just doing 60 & 30 second efforts. Happy to get back to the start line with 8 seconds to spare without anyone coming past me for the second half.
5.35ks done in the 20 minutes averaging 3.45s
Speaking to Leech after who did the same set averaging 3.39s and I reckon most of the difference between us would have been in the recoveries.
Decent warm down back around the Quay and Opera House with Sammy J, Leech and Brendan capped a good little quick session.

Will head to the pool tomorrow for a few Ks as well as hitting the bike first up.


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