Monday, September 18, 2017

Blackmore's Half Marathon

With the Berlin marathon next week I didn't enter this race but thought I'd have to do 20k anyway so when Jac came asking I figured I may as well run it with her along with the masses to help make things easier.
Stunning morning and with an early 6am start time we were soon away, Seemed to take an age before we even crossed the start line as we begun in start 'B 'area that saw us shuffle the first K in a tad over 5 min pace. Got in a nice rhythm after that coming over the Cahill Express and for the first time ever found it enjoyable running up Macquarie St (that normally kills me)
Through 5ks in 23.04 - ave 4.37s as the chat continued and the next 5 in 22.46 (ave 4.33) to get to the 10k marker in 45.50. Get a good look at the front runners around Pyrmont area and the casino and give a few shout outs along the way. Pass though the 15k mark and in all the excitement of going past pacer Brendan Wong forget to check my watch but Jac is running strong and decides to up the pace with 6ks to go.  Going past loads along the way and collect HuRTS Dublin lad Vince who asks if he can join me and then at the top of Hickson Road we collect Laura, Renee, Hoey and Brucie Lambert and all of a sudden we have a great train to see the race out over the final 4ks or so. Champ keeps appearing from everywhere on his bike taking photos that we all enjoy and even though the pace has picked up we are still holding well as I see another 10ks go through in 42.06 averaging 4.13s.
Coming through the back of the Quay I inform Jac my work is done with 300m to go and I wont be going through the finish line as I'm not officially in the race and drop out beside the toaster as she goes on to stop the clock in 91.30 averaging for the day 4.23s
A great hit out for me and worked perfectly I thought, thoroughly enjoyed it and felt pretty good all the way. The course I thought is excellent with all those hills around the back of Pyrmont and Darling Harbour are no longer in and now I reckon its a pretty fast course if you were looking at giving it a nudge.

That's pretty much it for now as I'm flying tomorrow for the long haul ahead, Really underdone in terms of running a marathon with my longest run only 26ks but I'll go to enjoy it and not worry too much about the time. Reckon I'm in about 3.15 shape so anywhere around that time without killing myself will do for me.
Looking forward to some time catching up with mates back home in Stoke and Dublin along the way and I'll suspect its going to be pretty full on over the next few weeks.
Will try to post where I can but I after Berlin there won't be much to write about in the form of any training.
Stay safe
Train well

A few pics from yesterday .

19k down and never felt so good in a race , Jac is even throwing in a few dance moves.
Smiles all round .
Not many races around where you can get this backdrop. With Renee and Jacqueline.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Bike and Swim Double

Really been enjoying the recent bike training and it was back to Centennial to end the week with another session. After seeing off Macca last week Geordie boy Tommy H represented the NOTB team although we lost Leech but did have Kroney returning who is looking stronger every week.
Decided on 3 x 7k hill loops with a flat recovery after each and once we'd knocked out a few warm up we were like prized boxers ready to enter the ring.
Ding Ding Round 1. Fast start and Tommy H is the first to turn at the York St gates, Jesus I'm working very hard but I do everything I can to stay with him knowing I'm as strong on the flat sections thereafter. Quick peek coming over the top and see we've dropped Kroney big time, Fly down the hill and with Tom ahead I make a big push as I go past. Bugger reacts and then sits on me for another 1k before I'm happy for him to take a turn. Stays the same until just past Fox Gates and then I push for home with 1k to go and happy to stay ahead until we reach the finishing post in a time of 10.30.
Round 1 - Lindop.

Ding Ding Round 2. Same as one only this time its Kroney who is fast away with Tom and I'm struggling half way up the hill that sees the boys some 15 seconds ahead at the top. Its a long old loop after that and with the boys working together I have no chance of reeling them back and I'm left to battle alone to see it out in 10.58
Round 2 - Highnam.

Ding Ding Round 3. After round 2 I knew I just had to get to the top of the hill with Tom to then be able to finish it off strong. With all 3 of us battling the 700m section I was right in the mix with about 50m to go before the boys gaped me coming around the top, Brendan looked the strongest and had opened up on Tom that I was happy for as it meant I maybe able to work with him if I could just push that extra to get back on. Unfortunately (for me) Tom had other ideas and put a burst in to get back onto Kroney and I was cactus once that was done. Another flat loop solo as I could see the boys working together well and I was unable to do anything about it. Delighted though to keep it more than honest with another 10.58 section although I was absolutely spent once done
Round 3 - Highnam

Cracking session once more, probably the best I've done for ages, the two boys were flying this morning. I always knew it was a matter of time before Kroney got it back and Tom just gets stronger every time I see him on the bike. Once more he had the better of me today especially over the hills but there is nothing in it when it comes to the faster flatter sections and it will be interesting to see who comes out with the fastest bike split come race day?
Enjoyed a coffee with the lads after before returning home with 50ks done for the morning.

Swim at lunch and after the bike training went with only going easy so arrived very early to knock the best part of a K out before joined by Angus and Crossy Lad, A few 200 and 100m efforts after some quicker then I wanted soon got me to another 2k that I was happy with.
Ended with a trip around to Mums Table - the local Vietnamese for some quality Pho Soup that Crossy Lad kindly picked up the tab that went down a treat. Much appreciated.

After the blow out last weekend, it was another good weeks training. Lets hope there is NO repeat of last weekends efforts on the social side.


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Cold and Windy Blackwattle /Anzac Bridge Run

Cycled into the city to meet Crossy Lad and originally planned for an easy session but after telling him I wanted a few efforts thrown in it certainly didn't turn out that way.
Very cold and windy and after a 3k warm up and once out of the city Crossy called for a 3k tempo set that saw us running straight into a head wind. Managed to keep within about 25m behind and was content with a 11.54 averaging 3.54s.
A 1k recovery picking up HuRTS boy Liam along the way before the 2nd rep of a 2k was up. Tough start having to come up some stairs then the climb up over the bridge that kept it more than honest although managed to recover a little on the downside as I was running a tad over 4 min/ks in 8.06
Another 1k easy recovery before the 3rd and final effort of 1k was covered around Jones Bay Wharf ending beside the Star Casino done in 3.49
Back to the starting point just as 12ks ticked over in 51.04 in an healthy average of 4.15s
3k effort 11.44 ave 3.54
2k effort 8.06  ave 4.03
1k effort  3.49

Crossy had all the official stats on his fancy watch, that made me realize its maybe time I invested in a new one as I'm told mine might be out-dated with old software.

Bike session in the park tomorrow morning, heard the NOTB are sending another challenger in Tommy H, lets hope he goes better then Macca did last week.


Run and Swim Day in the Heat

With over 32 degree day on the cards and a snubbing from Tommy H to do a bike set I opted to once again stay in the park after work and log some Ks before the heat kicked in. Started easy on the 6k loop that takes in Woollahra hill along the way, cutting over to Paddo Gates and back down. Picked up the pace on the 4k flat section and happy enough to record a 43.20 time averaging 4.20s
Temps really cranked up throughout the morning and when birthday boy Crossy Lad came calling for a dip I wasn't about to miss the opportunity to get my 2nd swim done for the week. Joined by Gus Boyd and even though the two boys are way faster than me I was still able to smash out 2ks along the way.
Quote of the Day came from Crossy, (this is true) despite it being 32 degrees and a heated pool of 25.8, after jumping in he came up with this pearler 'Ohhhh its cold' .... Unbelievable.

Will be back at the pool in the morning and will need to try a run set of some description at lunch.


Tuesday, September 12, 2017

6x 1K Reps Centennial Park

Knew that whatever and wherever I trained today I was going to suffer so instead of losing 2hrs in the day at lunch I thought I may stay in the park after work and just get it done.
A 6k slow warm up with clients first up then opted for the standard 6 x 1k rep set that I thought I'd be OK to get through.
Jesus, Only 200m down and I was ready to throw in the towel, legs felt like concrete and sadly it never got any easier. Tried to forget about the pace after that and break each rep down and work it best I could. The best I could say about the set was that is was consistently BAD with the first 5 reps all done in the same time. Somehow found something for the last (think it was the finishing line) and was 5 seconds quicker than the previous 5
It was ugly but happy to get it done without stopping after the first 200m as it was on the cards and did actually cross my mind.
12ks all up with no cool down - too buggered for any of that and I was in the coffee house within 5 minutes of the last rep.

Will be back out for a spin on the bike tomorrow, I'll check with the Chairman to see if he's available to help me out ?


Sunday, September 10, 2017

Recovery Swim at PAP

'Hi my name is Timothy Lindop and I am a d!ck'
Yep there you go, after putting in one of my better weeks last week at training that saw solid workouts in the pool, on the bike and running I then went and undid it all with a 3 day drinking binge. Absolute stupidity and with less then 2 weeks to Berlin its certainly not the thing I should be doing and I know I'll be cursing when I hit the 30k marker come the big day.

Anyway another week and hopefully I get back in the groove this week? Started very gingerly this morning and even 7 min/ks with clients was a battle and was hanging out for that first morning coffee.
Took myself to PAP later and eased into a 1k to begin before trying to work harder for 10 x 100m reps off a certain time. Certainly nothing spectacular again but felt a million times better for it once it was done
2ks all up.

Will be back running tomorrow for the 3 x 2ks reps ..... Its going to hurt.


Friday, September 8, 2017

More Bike Training

This Nepean Tri at the end of October is fast gathering momentum and after Tom and my bike set on Wednesday others were keen to get involved.
Experienced Tri boys Kroney, Eoin as well as tough cookie Macca were the latest to head to Centennial for a session that I suspected would be pretty full on. A few warm up laps before we were ready for the 'Hot Lap' and it was the usual fast first 300m. Leechy boy didn't get his nickname for nothing and was straight on my wheel but Kroney was happy to cycle right beside me all the way. Poor Macca though must have wondered what had hit him and had fallen off the back even by the Randwick gates that then made it tough solo especially around the Fox Gates. Worked hard but happy to stop for a 5.49 lap with the others doing very similar.
Easy lap followed before the double lapper and decided I'd let the Leech do some work and was happy to sit in for half a lap before I felt he was struggling a tad and sucked in the big ones and pushed ahead. Then worked solo for a lap before I sensed the other two were back on my wheel and from there it was just a case of pushing hard to the line to see it out.  Sub 12 minutes for the dual lap and then a much welcome easy loop before our final effort that had the Leech suggest we work it together and each try 400m at a time leading. Worked well, but each time you had done a turn it was bloody tough getting back on the wheel to avoid being dropped. 5.43 to end as we were all pretty spent by the end of it.
Effort laps, 5.49, 11.54, 5.43
Did another lap or two as a cool down and in search of Macca who came to the realization that he has plenty of work to do before October 29th if he's to worry the big boys on race day.
Cracking morning and starting to enjoy the bike again now that I have managed to get a few sessions under the belt. Enjoyed a post ride coffee with the boys as the latest odds were discussed with Macca still reeling about how short his odds were as he left a broken man.

Big weekend coming up with the return of the Premiership footy, Massive game at the Brit between the boys and Man Utd. Big ask this one with Manure firing early in the season. Stoke will be up for it mind and I'm tipping them in an upset.
Stoke 1 v Man Utd 0

Out to watch the Swans on Saturday evening as well in the first of the finals - Take the Swans to win by 22

Have a great weekend
Train well
Stay Safe