Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mothers Day Long Run 25ks

Out early and managed an enjoyable 25ks for the day.
Bang on 2 hours in total averaging a steady 4.45 pace

Shorter entry as heading to China for the week to have a hit out on the Great Wall

Saturday, May 13, 2017

5k Centennial Tempo -19.08

Still very tired and had I not lined up Taffy and Birchy for a 5k time trial/tempo beforehand then I doubt I would have stayed in the park once I'd done the 6k very easy with a client.
Taffy was in the same boat as me after another massive week leading up to his Comrades (86k) and Birchy had another massive night..... in the BOOZER.
Set off and straight away I was having problems with my ankle, felt as if I couldn't run and it needed a good clicking? Took about 800m before I was running freely but by the time I went through 1k I was already down on time. Decided then not to force it but to try run it at a more controlled pace even for the hills that were to come around the 3 and 4.3k mark.
In truth never actually felt comfortable at any time and was happy just to get through it in 19.08 as I got back to the café.
Taffy was also down on last week (over 20 minutes) whilst Birchy pretty much pulled the pin at the 3k marker and was already standing back at the café by the time i had finished.
19.08 Average 3.50
Splits; 3.48, 3.49, 3.48, 3.51, 3.50
A flat lap cool down to end to bring up 15ks for the morning.

Enjoyed a coffee and brekkie after with the lads on a beaut of a morning.

Saturday evening staying home in prep to knock out 25ks tomorrow.


Friday, May 12, 2017

Friday Swim at PAP

Tired and unmotivated I headed down to PAP for the 3rd swim of the week to end a somewhat busy week of training. Was just planning to go easy after lining up Crossy Lad but Angus rocked up so that soon went out the window with both of them setting a decent pace from the start.
A 2k set that included 400s, 300s, 200s and 100s was the call and I was just happy to tap away at it in order to get it done.
Never really got going today and the best I could manage on my final 2 x 100s were 1.33 and 1.32

Busy weekend ahead, Only a couple of games to go in the footy with the last home match for Stoke at the Brit against the big flops Arsenal. Always a good atmosphere at this one and this won't be not different.
Timmy's Tip. Stoke 1 v Arsenal 0
Elsewhere its squeaky bum time down at the relegation end especially for the Tin Pot Palace, they are not safe yet and a home lose this weekend will really but them back in the mire.

Will get out for a trot tomorrow but more importantly really want to go 25k plus on Sunday, so it will mean NO big Saturday evening for me.

Have a great weekend.
Train Well, Stay safe.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Rushcutters 400s

Standard 3k swim at PAP first up and it must have been the easiest 60 laps completed on the bases that.
a, training partners were on recovery week following Ironman on the weekend
b, I was in the trusty wetsuit once again that makes it so so easy.
Pretty uneventful but happy to be able to keep the mileage up in the pool.

Cycled into the city at lunch and met a small group at the Art Gallery for the jog over to Rushcutters for the 10 x 400m session. Enjoyed a much overdue chat with Laura who I was delighted to see back running with us once again.
Barts was the main man today but apart from Jerome, Marko Branagan and perhaps Mikey L there wasn't much else on show and I was more than happy to find an ally to work with in 'The Mouth' Brendan (who's actually a decent bloke when he stops his shite banter)
Rolled around with him on my shoulder for the first coming in on 73 before the order was reversed for the 2nd recording the same time. Held the same pace for much of the session although I was starting to feel the pace once the 7th lap was complete. Lost it on the 8th but dug in to finish with the same time as what we started with.

Times. 73, 73, 73, 73, 73, 74, 74, 75, 74, 73 

Happy with that and another solid enough week, just need to make sure I get out on Saturday morning and more important the Sunday long run this week.
Enjoyed a cool down back to the city with Brendan (my new best mate) and J.C (who was still too knackered to even offer as much as a sledge at anytime)

Another bet confirmed last night when I had Taffy2 - Craig pestering me for a Gold Coast Half wager. He tried to rort my recently for Canberra (with +6.30) but I won't get done again and agreed to give him 4 minutes (still very generous on my part, but hey... )

 Will be back to the pool tomorrow, lined up Crossy Lad, let’s just pray he's changed Mary's underwear.




Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Barangaroo 3 x 2k Reps

Even with the State 10k last weekend there was a strong turnout at the Passenger Terminal for the start of the 3 x 2k HuRT session that was on program.
Tucked in with a  great little group that included once again the Branagan Brothers, Leech, Rich Large, Stevie P, Jack 'The Lad', Frenchman Dom as well as a few others and despite it being a tad quick I felt relatively comfortable to tick the first set over in 6.51
Much the same for the return leg although coming under the bridge with 500m to go the boys did gap me and I was struggling towards the end as the pace indicated dropping by some 4 seconds. The 2 minute recovery soon goes on these sets and I knew the 3rd was going to be a battle. Held on to the 1k marker reached in 3.31 but basically gave it away after that point to cut back to a 3.49 2nd half to round out the session in 7.20
Times for the day; 6.51, 6.55, 7.20
Happy enough although let myself down on the final 1000m when I should be trying to see it out.
A real easy cruise back to the starting point for another 2k before joining Jerome, Leech, Renee and Jac for a cool down back through the city.

Sight of the Day goes to Crossy Lad who invertedly rocked up to the session after forgetting his run shorts. Not to be outdone he decided to run in his good wife's Mary's latest latex underwear. Not the best sight and it was little wonder he was running fast at the front with the speedy 'Special Q' and Scotty O to avoid others seeing him.

Bet of the Day. Got collared by Erika at the end who wanted a head to head $20 bet with me for the upcoming Gold Coast Half. I must have rocks in my head as she beat me by a near 2.30 at the recent Canberra Half but being the fair guy I am, I agreed to give here chance to win her hard earned back.
Bet On.


Sunday, May 7, 2017

Monday Swim

Too cold for Crossy Lad to venture out so had to get Brendan Krone (aka Trigger) to join me at PAP to begin a new week with a swim.
Very easy 500m before Pete Walker rocked up and the speed increased loads, a series of 300 and 200m efforts (getting dropped on everyone) before I managed to hang on for the final 5 x 100m all done at 1.30 or under.
2ks in total and good way to kick start what will be another big week.


Back with Sunday Long Run - 24ks

Felt pretty good after yesterday and with a  rare night at home for a Saturday I woke even earlier that saw me head to the park in plenty of time for what was to be my first Sunday long run in ages.
Managed to sneak in a flat lap (4ks) before joining Elzy, Laura, Rich Large, Jacqueline, Nick, Neil Branagon Brothers and Craig Wiseman for the usual 6k loop out of the park.
Pace pretty easy to start but once back at the café where we collected Leechy and Birchy (sober) I noticed the pace quicken. Once I saw a 4.28 soon after I made the call to pull back and wait for Birchy, Craig and Jac as did Eoin. Far more civilized pace thereafter as the pace dropped to around 4.42.
20k done as we got back to the café that left one more flat loop and Craig decided he wanted a faster pace to finish that we left him to do solo that left Leech, Jacqueline and I to meander holding the same to see out 24ks in total in 1hr52:30 averaging 4.44s
Really enjoyed the morning and nice to be back out knocking out the longer Sunday runs again, and really is something I need to do on a regular bases if I'm to get my running back on track
One thing I don't really enjoy though is how the group splits, this morning was a classic example with no less than about 4 'mini' groups doing the same route. The Shire girls were well ahead in one, Branagon's in another, Rich Large & Nick in the 3rd whilst the rest brought up the rear despite still running a steady 4.42 pace
The whole purpose of these Sunday long runs is that its gives everyone the chance to run together and enjoy the company that we don't get when we do our speed work throughout the week, if not then sadly those unable to run sub 40 minute 10ks simply won't bother to turn up.

Enjoyed a post run coffee with The Leech, Birchy, Jacqueline, Neil not before getting the photo of the day care of Craig Wiseman.  Poor Craig made the rather silly remark that his Scottish boys would turn England over in the recent 6 nations where a $20 bet was wagered.
Only one outcome really

A $20 collect from the Sweaty Craig Wiseman.