Thursday, August 17, 2017

Friday Cycle with R.Large.

After a pretty big evening with Birthday Boy Paul Birch in the city I was a little dusty first up but had promised I'd meet Richie Large for a spin around the park and was keen not to let him down despite wanting extra sleep on a rare morning off work.
Cycled over and was expecting an easy session but Rich's easy pace is more my tempo and I was doing well to keep up. Never dropped under 30 ks per/hr and on the hill laps I was getting dropped.
Managed to work into it though and got my own back on the 'Hot Lap' as I stopped the watch with a decent 5.49 effort despite the high crosswinds.
Good session all up and I returned home with near 45ks done in a little over 90 minutes, Richie goes pretty well on the bike and can now see why he's a good triathlete as he tells me he used to swim county level back in his day in England.

Busy weekend on the cards and with a big birthday bash to attend tomorrow night, it means I'll have to head out after work in the morning in order to get the long run in.

New footy season is upon us as well and as per last year the Timmy's Tip is back . The Potters are at home and entertain Arsenal Soft Lads. In front of a hostile and vocal crowd roaring them on back the boys.
Stoke 2 v Arsenal 1

Have a good weekend
Train Well, and party hard
Stay Safe

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Hills and 3k Tempo Set

A.M Headed to the pool to kick start a Thursday and knocked out 3ks in total, basically the same set as last week but I found I was loads stronger overall.

P.M. Post City to Surf numbers are always down a little as people take the week to recover and with Barts also sick I decided to join a small HuRTS team at the Stone Gates for the Hill + Tempo Double set for the day.
Small crew with only Fats, Marco Branagan and Rich Large from the regulars that I know well enough to have a bit of banter with.
10 hills that must be about 110 metres at best was first up and Marco was leading them out with Fats not that far behind, The key was not to smash them but run at a controlled pace and once I was sorted I found I was running the whole way with Mr Worswick. Time seem to fly pretty fast on this set although as I was coming to end #9 both Fats and the younger Branagan were about to come past completing there 10th.
A quick water break and about 20 of us set off as one and once a couple of the quicker boys broke away it meant I had this South American guy and Rich Large sitting on my shoulder as we headed to Mrs Macs Chair. Pace was honest at 3.37s and once 2ks was done Richie made his move and kicked for home putting a good 10 metres into me. Struggled on the final hill coming up over the expressway but still made it back to the gates in 10.50 averaging 3.40s (its just short of 3ks)
Only a small session of under 5.5ks all up but it was tough enough and happy to get it done.
Quick warm down with Fats and Rich High.


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Tuesday Tempo Run 10ks - 39.16

Tuesday, After sitting and reflecting on Sunday's effort I realized that once you feel as if you have hit the bottom then something needs to change. With this in mind I clearly need to reassess my training regime because obviously its certainly not working.
Rest day on the Monday and with legs still a little tender I thought the HuRTS broken One Milers was madness and decided to join #1 Barts for a change.  Now before I get too carried away Barts was on his easy recovery set that was 60 minutes at 4 min/Ks that I thought either 10ks or 45 minutes would be doable?
Also making a late appearance was Andy 'Skippy' Heyden who has also found some fine form of late.
Set off at the required pace and despite it being a tad faster then I thought I was able to hold pretty comfortably (even if Barts and Heyden were doing the bulk of the talking), Through the Domain, Quay and Passenger Terminal area to Barangaroo  and back to the Quay saw me rack up the 10ks in 39.16 averaging 3.56s
Run with the boys till they departed and carried on up Hickson that meant running the final 2.5ks on my own but happy to maintain the pace throughout and actually run it faster then I could manage on Sunday.
Still had my watch set up from Sunday that had my Ks splits and they were.
3.56, 3.52, 3.56, 4.04, 3.55
3.54, 3.49, 3.53, 4.01, 3.50

Wednesday, Very easy 10ks  with clients as they were on 1k reps ranging from a 4.10 pace through to 5 min/ks for 6ks then 4k even slower.

Will be back out for some speed work Thursday but need to get the swim set done first up that's going to hurt even more.


City to Surf 56.20

Arrived early as usual for the biggest run of the year and the first person I met was a disappointed looking Andy Cross who was battling a foot injury and was doing well not to just stay on the train and return back to the Shire.
A decent warm up and then over to the start area that's always a buzz, greeted many before hitting the start line alongside 'Special Q' (Quentin) steadying myself for the 14k slog to Bondi.
Its a fast start and got a nice shout out from Renaud on the sidelines spectating before entering the Kings X tunnel, but as early as the 2.5k mark of the run I knew I was struggling. Pace dropped entering Double Bay and only hit the 5k marker at O'Sullivan St where Tommy H was supporting around the 19 minute mark. With breathing very heavy even before Heartbreak I purposely slowed it down in an attempt to bring the heart rate back and when Erika joined me on the hill I tried (in vein) to work with her. Lasted all of about 45 seconds before I was reduced to the dreaded 'Walk of Shame'. The next 2 minutes were torture not just as I saw time drifting but the fact many were coming past me and I couldn't do nothing about it.
Latched onto Pete Truscott for a couple of Ks and then Pete Walker flew past at 9.5ks, Another tough section comes at Dover Heights at 10k where I've not even hit 40 minutes and from that point I was more than happy to just cruise it home even on the downhills and enjoy the occasion for what it is. That said, I thought if I pushed the final couple of Ks I was on for a 56 (meaning sub 4 min/ks) , but again I was forgetting the final 1k is a punish even when running well and I was only able to see it out for a finish time of 56.20
Very disappointed with the run time and how it went that resulted in my slowest time for years.  Knew I wasn't in great shape but I've been doing the hill work so to have it get the better of me was very soft on my part. Still, even with the run part it certainly wasn't about to spoil the day and once showered and all cleaned up I enjoyed a fine brekkie around the Stankard's thanks to Ange and Enda before heading back down to the beach for the customary marquee care of 'Allens' that our Tommy Highnam always gives me the nod for. Quality afternoon with the gang in good form as the results are quickly filtered through. As usual there is the Good, Bad and simply superb runs and a few that took my eye were, Angus 50 (never seems to run badly these days) Taffy Craig PB in 55 (smashing me for the 2nd race on the trot), and Darren Jordan with another 50 minute effort, The poor was Jeet, 55 for him that he will be very disappointed with ( although in fairness he had been sick the week before). The best was to come in the form of 'Me, Myself and I Man ... John Bartlett who blew it away storming to an 8th placing overall with a  time of 44.32 and has certainly taken it to a HuRTS high level with all his new training regime.

Once the tent was drunk dry it was over to the Bondi Hotel where things got a little blurry, although I do remember seeing the last of the boys off in Craig ( and his mates) , Neil and Birchy, but not much after that point.

Cracking day and once again many thanks to all that made it especially Enda and Tom for the brekkie and post race drinks it really does make it such a great day out for everyone.

My splits ( for what its worth) were.
7.20 (1 &2), 3.52, 4.01, 3.43, 3.57, 5.22, 4.14, 3.55, 4.31, 4.03, 3.49, 3.33, 3.49

A few pics from the day.

It was a battle ...just to finish.
with Enda on the couch watching the overnight footy I was forced to do the brekkie on the BBQ
A fun day with mates, Jac, Eoin, Birchy and Craig
with Legends Barts fresh from his 44 minute run and all round top man Tommy H.
Hard pushed to find a better place to be on the 2nd weekend in August - with Leech, Hamish, Jac and Shire Lass Laura James.
Nicky Roberts and his team took out the 'Golden Shoe' team event.
Timmy Run of the Day - without doubt Barts .
Enda did finally make it down and enjoyed late arvo beers with Tom and Hamish.


Friday, August 11, 2017

Park Cycle

Warmest morning of the winter yet and with a barmy 17 degrees at 7am it was a delight to head to the park for a few Ks on the bike.
Caught up with a few old mates and basically chatted away and in no time I had returned home with near on 45ks done in 1hr:40 feeling great.

Massive weekend on the cards in what is my favourite race in the calendar year - The City to Surf 14k run to Bondi. Got to be one of the hardest runs around that tests even the best of them. Even when in good form this race doesn't guarantee you a good time and you are forced to work the whole way. I'm not in good form myself so it will be another battle but I've been doing plenty of work on the course and know it pretty well by now so I'll be giving my best shot as per usual.
The boys have been in great shape so once again I'll be keen to see who takes top spot. Scotty is the #1 at the moment but for this race I'm tipping Barts to turn him over. I just think his experience will be the deciding factor. Keep an eye out for Mikey Lichwark who has been knocking big Ks out (150 plus) and is capable of upsetting many. About time the classy Jerome put some runs on the board as well and I'm predicting a decent run from him.
My Top 3 from the team, 1. Barts, 2. Scotty, 3. Quentin
For my teams I'll go, 1. Barts, 2. Nicky Roberts, 3. Scotty O

If the race itself is good then the post events are even better mostly thanks to Enda's hosting and Tommy H's tent on the beach. Always a great vibe throughout the afternoon and one of my customs is trying to guess what time The Chairman lasts and get carried out to his Uber taxi.
*For the record, I'm predicting he's homeward bound by 7.30pm

Have a good weekend.
Race/train well.
Stay safe and I'll catch  you all in Bondi.


Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Back at P.A.P

Prince Alfred Pool (PAP) reopened on Monday so I was keen to get my regular Thursday morning swim set going. To be honest my swimming has been very poor since the China trip back in May and apart from a set here and there with Crossy Lad its been non existent. With my usual swim partner back blasting a few home truths I committed to 3 swims a week going forward with the Thursday 3k set the key one.
Was struggling from the start but just kept plugging away until the 3ks was done mixing it up where we could. Times were less than average even just trying to sit on feet but it was never about the times today.
Tough set but it did make the coffee and Turkish toast taste all the better after.

Its been a while but I thought it time to bring back the Timmy Movie Review after getting myself out to watch the latest blockbuster 'Baby Driver'. Heard so much of the hype surrounding this one especially with all the car chases etc, but sadly I failed to see why it got so much praise. OK, The car action is very good and makes 'The Italian Job' look like the Magic Roundabout and the music tracks are very cool but I found I was getting bored with the story line by the half way mark.
Go and see if it car action movies are your go, but for me I wish I'd have gone to see Dunkirk instead.
2.5 Boxes of Popcorn out of 5.

Will continue to rest up tomorrow and probably turn the legs over by spinning around the park on the bike in the morning.

Tomorrow I will review the City to Surf contenders from the team and who I'm tipping to be first home, as well as who to look out for.


Tuesday, August 8, 2017

HuRTS 36 minute Fartlek - 3,2,1 x 4

Into the city and met a decent team out that included Walker, Leech, Champ, Macca, Ronnie, Hipster, Jerome and a surprise appearance fresh from his weekend Weetbix success Renaud. Set was 3, 2 and 1 minute efforts with 60 second break in between each ( 9 mins) by 5 rounds but with C2S on Sunday I thought 4 would be more than enough.
Pitched in with the likes of Leech, Macca and Renaud as we breezed along for the efforts but I found I was far slower on the recoveries that meant by the time we come out the Domain I was already behind. Reached the Passenger Terminal alongside Frenchman #2 Dominik on the 18 minute turnaround and tried to lift for the homeward journey. Was feeling OK but on rep #4 I was finding on each of the efforts I was hitting the 3 hills (Mrs Macs, ABC Pool and the last one coming back over the expressway) that made it a killer. Had the quicker guys come past me over the last few minutes and I was way short of the Stone Gates as the clock ticked over 36 minutes.
Managed to get back in 36.44 covering 9.25ks for the session, averaging 4 min per/k
Found the set tougher than what it should have been and I now really need to freshen up before Sundays race if I'm to get to Bondi in a reasonable time.

Prior to the session we conducted our HuRTS City to Surf team draw that saw some good teams formed, Race favorites has to be Captain Nicky Roberts and this band that include Angus, Heyden and Dickie Large all in good form and will be hard to beat. My tip however is Barts and his Also Rans with number 5 runner Leech capable of running 50 minutes
The team I do feel sorry for is C.T , he's not in good form and to make matters worse he has to carry half of Ireland although in his favour he does have Mikey L who will probably beat C.T home this year.
My Trifecta for the Day is;
1. Barts and the Also Rans
3. Scotty's Sensations

Very easy 8ks with clients around the park early doors before dropping in to the re opened PAP for a few laps. Nice and cruisy 1600m before venturing over the road for coffee and muffins.