Sunday, February 19, 2017

Husky Sprint Tri - 69.48

Down to the South Coast and the delights of the BIG Husky triathlon festival weekend for my first tri attempt of the season. Have been tipping along OK but was slightly worried about the bike leg although with only 20k to knock out I knew that alone wouldn't define the whole race.
Near prefect conditions and for once I was starting in the second wave that meant I was away early and providing I could get a decent swim it would see me on the bike without much traffic to get past.
The swim leg was a dream and got around the 750 metres without any drama and stood up out the water in under 13 minutes. Its the longest transition in history up the steps and out into the road where the bikes were racked and once I'd got the 'c0ck head (helmet) on I was away. Basically its an out and back 20ks but I forgot about the rolling hills that sees you hitting close on 50k per/hr on some parts then struggle to hit 30 on others. Back into town feeling good and was happy with T2 before heading out on the path that hogs the coastline for the 5k run. Ticked along at 3.47 pace to the turnaround and then got a shock as 'Super Kev' gave a call out and was only about 50m behind. Was holding the pace but really expected the talented Irishman to come past at any moment. Tried to stay focused and lifted one final time with about 850 to go but not before I saw Pete Walker and 'Kenny flying along as well.
Its a great finish and I'm stoked to cross the line with a 19.23 minute run without Kevo catching me and see a finishing time of 69.48 for 39th overall and 4th in the A/G
Pretty happy with that for the first race and will now give me something to work with as I head to Wollongong in a fortnights time for the further Olympic distance (1.5/40k/10k)
Some great results from some of the other HuRTS guys that were racing, The pick of them was 'Kenny with a 65 minute finish, Super Kev not far behind on 66, Pete Walker 68 and 'Mrs Kenny (Renee) with a solid 74 although it wasn't enough to prevent Enda losing another $20 to me after he backed her with a 4 minute buffer.
Full results here;

Had a cracker of an afternoon in the famous Husky boozer, with some of my clients before Enda made his customary appearance about 9pm when everyone was well oiled, but even then I couldn't get my $20 out of him - Shameful.

Some pics from the day.

Husky at dawn before the race.
Out on the bike leg.
Two down and out on the run it is.
Last 200m and just holding 'Super Kev' to the line.
And then celebrating with him.
Along with 'Kenny' and Pete Walker.
Well earned beers in the Husky Pub post race.
It was getting late but Enda finally made a guest appearance, but still forgot his $20


Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Logging the Ks ..... In the Pool.

Warm once more but it wasn't a worry this morning as I headed to the pool for what turned out to be (for me) a monster of a session.
800m warm up to begin before a set was called for 25 x 100m working from a set time. Mentally tough and just tried to break it down the best I could. Once again helped by just sitting on feet and getting dragged along.
Started to feel the pinch at numbers 17-18 and was hanging on for pretty much the final 5 as I just had enough in the tank to reach the required 25.
100m cool down was about all I could manage for 3.4ks all up before heading for a well earned coffee and toasted Turkish bread at one of Erko's finest.

Rest day tomorrow as I head south to Husky for the Sprint Triathlon on Saturday morning. Not done one for a long time and although the swimming is going well and running is steady, I'm a little concerned about my lack of bike and hope that my general fitness will see me get through the 20ks?


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Pyramid Swim Set.

AM - 8ks very easy at no quicker than 5.32 pace that included Woollahra Hill in Centennial Park for the morning.

PM - Headed To P.A.P and caught up with an old mate where we agreed on the old Pyramid Set that consists of 1,2,3,4,4,3,2,100 reps, with the aim to do the second lot faster than the first.
Good session and without too much effort 2ks were all done and dusted.


Monday, February 13, 2017

3 x 2k Reps Centennial Park

A busy week and time just got away from me with no posts to blog for over a week now, although in truth not a lot to report in the way of training as the heatwave continued.
Thursday - Easy Swim 2ks
Friday - Back on the bike for 45ks knocking out some loops of the park
Saturday - Turned the arms over in the pool for 1500m , more as a way to stay cool as temps hit way over 40 degrees.
Sunday - Massive hangover but ventured down for a ocean swim at Bondi.
Monday - Rest.

Tuesday - Carried on the regular morning run session with Birchy although 'Larry Let-Down' Enda was a no show. Apparently his nanny didn't rock up for work and he had to make his own dinner and even missed his morning coffee that resulted in him texting me at 5.30am to say he was 'Too Tired' - Bless Him.
A couple of Ks warm up then 3 x 2k reps was the go and even with the much cooler weather I was struggling to find any sort or rhythm and had to battle all the way. The first K is always harder and then you get the slightly easier one to bring it home on each rep.
Best thing to report about the set was that I got it done.
Times: 7.18 (3.39s), 7.12 (3.36s), 7.13(3.37s)
Usual 6ks warm down with a client before a 20k bike set with another client to end the morning.

Can not finish without giving my report from the weekends footy. The Timmy Tip this week was for the big Stoke v Palace game. I had it down as a comfortable 2-0 win for the lads and although it was only 1-0 the score line was even more comfortable than it suggests. Stoke up to 9th now and I think its safe to collect my $50 from the lads (Birch, Stankard, Gleeson) who all made bonkers statements at the start of the season that will now cost them. As for the 'Tin Pot' Palace its embarrassing. A fan said he's been watching for 45 years and its the worst he's seen (*that's saying something) and its little wonder Sammy Aggers has gone into hiding.

Will be back in the pool tomorrow for a midweek swim.


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Centennial 6 x 1k Reps - In the Rain

Woke up to the sound of rain and it was bliss. Cooler morning and with a slight drizzle it was such a relief to run in. Met up with Enda and the Brothers Branagon (Super Kev & Marko) joining although was a man down when Birchy cried off with a little sniffle of a cold - soft lad he is.
2k warm up then away we were, didn't look at the watch for the whole first rep but it felt pretty fast and I was worried I'd blown the set early as I sat in with Enda and Super Kev. Very surprised then to see it was only a 3.33 and I was slightly worried. The boys picked the return up (wanting 3.20s) but I knew I was never going to hold so tried to keep my own pace under 3.30s. Felt I was working reasonably and holding well and managed to get the 6 done in control.
Times for the 6 were, 3.33, 3.27, 3.28, 3.27, 3.30, 3.27
The lads were on fire again knocking out between 3.13s - 3.20 for the 6 and Marko is some talent, seems to really have improved and the scary part is he's not actually training for anything just doing ad-hock sessions.
A 6k cool down with a client at the end gave me 14 for the morning, feeling the best I have at the end of a set since the start of summer I reckon.


Sunday, February 5, 2017

Weekend Wrap

Saturday - Striders 10k Homebush 39.23.
First proper race of the season and it was out west we headed. Always a tough race to start the year and even after Enda, Leech Birchy, Jac and I were sweating buckets just doing the 2k warm up I knew that all goal times for the morning were about to go out the window.
A good showing from the HuRTS team with Nicky Roberts looking to lay down a marker for the season lining up with all of the above as well as Hamish and NOTB boys Justin & Ben.
Tucked in with the NOTB pairing for the first 1k and up the rise to 2ks, but even before the 3k mark I was out the back and sadly it wasn't about to get any better. Around the back of the common was a labour and coming across the bridge before the half way mark it was race over. Saw a smiling Jac's on drinks duty in the car park and took time out for a quick chat (30 seconds) as I checked the watch that told me I was half way in 19.02  Just seemed to meander after that as the first two girls flew past at 6.5k and then at 8k I get a glimpse of Nicky R leading the way that will eventually see him first past the post.
Basically struggle to hold 4 min/ks by this time and happy to get back on the road for the final 200m cruise in to stop the clock in 39.23
Again very disappointing time but in truth its NOT a fair indication of my current training as I've been moving well but more the hot conditions - It just simply drains me. 
Still. will carry on and hopefully once it cools down I'll be in reasonable shape. Think everyone was feeling it though and the general consensus was that it slowed everyone by 60 -90 seconds (although I was closer to 2),...... unless your named Nicky R.

Sunday - Cole Classic Ocean Swim Manly 44.12
Out early for a 6am start and run with Enda, The Branagon Brothers (Super Kev & Marko) and Birchy knocking out 6ks before being joined by Jerome and Kanser as we headed out for another 6ks. Plenty of banter along the way, mostly at the expense of the Irish who lost in the rugby to the mad Jocks. A further 3ks and I was done running for the morning with 15k completed in 70 minutes.
Drove over to the Dark Side of the bridge for the Cole Classic Ocean swim starting at Shelley Beach that ends in Manly. Perfect conditions (thank God) as despite doing loads of swimming I'm still not confident in the open water. Tried to keep of trouble by staying wide and despite one or two hairy moments I came through unscathed. Jumped up out the water and up the beach crossing the line in 44.12 that I was more than happy with especially once I checked to see the GPS had it recording 2.45ks in distance and I was averaging 1.49s per/100m throughout.

Monday - PAP Swim .
A few Ks on the bike to start the week before heading to the pool to meet up with two of my old training partners , One was a gun swimmer (Ian) and the other the best triathlete I've ever trained with in Roger Souter. Old school and after his early days training with the likes of Trevor Hendy and Guy Leech in the Ironman (surf lifesaving) decided to compete in the triathlon scene in later years.
Nowhere near the fitness they used to have but still good enough to give me a shoeing in the pool as we knocked out the best part of 2ks

Tuesday. Looks like we may have a cooler day at long last (tomorrow) but will still continue with the early morning session within the park. Think its the 1k rep session and will be looking to hopefully push it for this one.

A few pics from the weekend.

Only the HuRTS Hardcore ventured west in such harsh conditions. Leech, winner Nicky R, timmy, Enda and Birchy.
Putting a marker down for the year - Nicky Roberts HuRTS current #1
I was already in the HURT box and it was only 2ks in.

3 weeks to go and Enda in good form leading to Tokyo marathon.
Alongside the 'Tokyo Twins' Enda and Birchy, I think Birchy found the run as tough as what I did?
A stunning day over at Manly before the start of the Cole Classic Ocean Swim.


Wednesday, February 1, 2017

More Running and Swimming

Tuesday. 4th successive early Tuesday morning run as Enda, Birchy and I were joined by POD, Marko Branagon and Nick M for some 10 minutes efforts on another sweltering day.
Usual couple of Ks warm up then away and I found myself sitting in with Enda through the first half before Marko breezed past. Decent clip working just behind the boys at 3.36 pace to complete the first of the 10 minutes.
Harder start for the 2nd rep and straight away was behind Marko, Felt the pace drop slightly and in turn then could hear PLOD breathing down my shoulder at 7 minutes only to hear a louder explosion on 8 minutes as he was to blow up and out the ball game.
Pretty much from the start of the 3rd rep I was struggling especially coming towards the Fox Gates and at the 2.5 min mark I was just reduced to a shuffle. Carried on for another 2.5 minutes before trying to blast the last 5 out at a reasonable pace. Got down to only 3.48s but that was about all I had in the tank before a 2k cool down with the younger Branagon to end.
Pace for the reps. 3.36, 3.39, 3.48 (5 mins)
A further 6k cool down with a client brought up 16 for the morning.

Thursday, A much welcome drop in the temps as I hit the pool for the Thursday swim set. A good warm up and a set of drills included banded legs before trying to get my head around a set that included 20 x 100m efforts off a set time. Luckily for me all I had to do was sit on feet throughout that made it much easier as I worked my way through.
Broke it down as much as I could and was happy to jump out with another 3.2ks done.

Forgot to post a few pics from Sundays long run

The Tokyo Twins Birch and Stankard, Boys in good form for the marathon in 4 weeks, especially the Irish Flash and anything over 2.35 will be a poor run from him.
Eoin the Leech post Sunday long run, sell out to anyone this lad, on every app going.