Thursday, August 25, 2016

Thursday Swim.

Hit PAP for the now regular Thursday morning swim. Felt pretty good throughout mixing it all up with sets of 4 and 300s always followed by loads of faster 50m efforts

I say I felt good, little wonder as I took the easy option today and was in the trusty wetsuit – it’s almost cheating as I reckon it takes at least 6 seconds per /100m off the normal time.

3.3ks done.



Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Midweek Easy

Got out early and dodged the heavy rain and just worked with the clients for an easy 8ks for the morning. Legs felt pretty tired from yesterday and happy to keep it at 5 min per/k pace for 40 minutes



14 x 3 minute efforts (60 seconds recovery)

Best session on the cards and it soon came around again that is the 14 x 3 minute working off a 60 second recovery. Big team and the aim for the day was (1) to run ALL 14, &  (2) at a more controlled pace between 3.40 and 3.45 pace.

Obviously the first rep felt so easy as I covered over 800m working at 3.42 per/k pace, with the return slightly faster due to the tailwind.

Basically that was how the set panned out as I was getting to the same spot on each rep thereafter. Numbers thinned out around rep #10 as always and it was here that I thought I’d try to pick it up and to see what was left in the tank.  A touch faster on the 11th and 12th, and perhaps for the first time ever I got to 12 still feeling strong with the heart rate under control.

Last rep time and decided to kick it down from the start and see what I could hold and finish with and couldn’t believe the watch had me moving at 3.15 pace that I was stoked with.

Pace for the 14 went, 3.42, 3.37, 3.42, 3.40, 3.42, 3.40, 3.43, 3.38, 3.43, 3.38, 3.40, 3.36, 3.36, 3.15


12ks in total then did 2k cool down with Jeet and Hoey to end.


About 40 odd started the set, and only a handful finished and kudos to Renee, Champ and Hoey who were amongst those to see it out.



Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sunday Long 26ks with the Colour Run.

After a relatively easy week I was keen to keep the Sunday long runs ticking over as I feel they are the key to me running and racing well. A big turnout although no sign of ‘The Sweaty Pair’ (Wiseman & Pearson), C.T or Jeet as the feud  between him and Birchy continues.

Pace was honest even for the first 6k warm up loop and by the time we arrived back at the cafe to collect the 7am starters we were already averaging just over 4.30s.

Sat in with Enda for the first 10k loop talking all overnight footy as the pace quickened up even more to return with a 44.41 lap (4.29 average)although was still feeling pretty good that I was pleased with.  Out for loop #2 but as I looked over my shoulder we seemed to have lost ¾ of the team with only Hoey, Trigger (Krone), Birchy and the girls Eastside Elle and Laura still in for the duration. Think most of were feeling it with about 5ks to go although it was little wonder as the pace was perhaps the quickest I’ve mustered over that distance for some time as it was hitting down to 4.20 pace to finish with.

26ks all up in 1hr:55 minutes averaging 4.26 for the morning.

6k in 27.21 ave 4.33

10k loop 44.41 ave 4.29

10k loop 43.25 ave 4.21


Retreaded to the nearby cafe once done but it was bedlam with about 20’000 teenagers and kids getting ready for the ‘Colour Run’ that was in the park, Sat around for about 40 minutes waiting for coffee before giving up and heading to Double Bay for a quality Bacon & Egg Burger that even Prince Ho would have approved off and one that the NOTB boys can only dream of getting.


Great morning out and happy to get a strong 26k done, Run of the morning though went to Eastside Elle who is in great form and continued her City to Surf run backing up with 34ks and looking good for Melbourne in October.



It was a long wait for morning coffee post run this morning , seen here with Flakey( who was getting a little hot under the collar with all the girls in tutu's) Trigger, Laura, Eastside Elle, Shannon and Birchy.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Double Header 400s & Tempo

Wednesday. Took Monday and Tuesday off recovering, and then got back out easy on Wednesday for about 13ks all up running with clients spread over two classes. I say easy the 2nd of the classes was anything but as I took one half of the ‘Love Doctor’s’ Victoria for a set of 800s on Rushcutters Oval and she’s in pretty good nick knocking 6 out all between 3.11 – 3.19


Thursday. Early start with the 3k swim and struggled yet again to get through it, My arms are cactus once I’m done and I really do have to get back to adding Monday and Friday into the program if I want to see some progress.

Headed over to Rushcutters at lunch for the double header of a session and numbers were down obviously after Sundays big run. No ‘A Graders out, and many were actually asking if there were any ‘B Graders’ with only Jerome, and Enda although nice to see Muzza back as too Erika Ekland.

7 x 400s and a 3k Tempo was the go and even feeling tired I was ticking along OK as I sat in just behind Jerome for each of the 7 and keeping it consistent once again.
Times. 71, 70, 70, 71, 71, 71, 70

A short break before the tempo ,and was going to go easier but found I completed the first of the 3 laps just on 3.30 pace,  pace dropped slightly on the 2nd down to 3.34s and I was starting to tighten up and instead of pushing too hard I pulled the pin after 2ks as the clock ticked on 7.05 (3.31 & 3.34)

Love these double sets, even if I didn’t complete and happy with how I’ve pulled up from the weekend, Really want to keep up the training now till Sydney Half in September, with the view of finishing the year with a return to Melbourne for the full in October.


Back with another long run on Sunday, will be keen to do 25ks


On the footy front, the English Premier kicked off again last week, really looking forward to this season with many of the big guns all looking to improve on last season. Hate to say it but I’m tipping Man Utd to take it out , I’m a big fan of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and can see him being top scorer for the season, and with other good signings Pogba,Mkhitaryan and Bailly they will take some stopping. Other fancies are Liverpool for a top 4 position with Hull, Burnley and Sammy Aggers will hate me but I think either Tin Pot Palace or West Brom might be the 3rd team to go down.

Our HuRTS Mediocre Cup has come to an abrupt end as we don’t have Toon, Villa, this season so it was basically a walk over with Stoke only having to finish higher than the ‘Eagles’

Stoke to finish 7th for season 2016/17



Monday, August 15, 2016

City to Surf 52.07

Well I say it every year and this year was no different, the annual City to Surf is my favourite race day on the calendar and I went into this year’s run in good form and confidence high after a solid block of 8 weeks training. Just a slight bit of apprehension though with the marathon in my legs from only two weeks back kept me a little grounded mind.

I think one of the highlights of the run is the warm up and getting the chance to mingle with everyone around the start area, Saw pretty much the whole team at one point or other before toeing the start line standing beside latest man in form Scotty O’Connor.

It’s a fast start and I’m keen not to get too excited especially as I hate that first test up to Edgecliff at the 2.5k mark of the race, then it’s the fast section as you head into Double Bay and the ‘Golden Sheaf’ where for the first time in about 25 years I don’t hear ‘Mustang Sally’ blasting out from the pub rooftop that has me thinking that I must be behind time. Start to settle and feel as if I’m moving OK as I can see Jeet just ahead before the 5k mark that tells me he’s either struggling or I’m up on time. Hit the 5k mark at O’Sullivan Street in about 18.20 that was slightly down and had a shock as I went past birthday boy Jerome who it seemed was done for the day and confirmed this race as one of the toughest going and takes no prisoners. Tried hard to bring the heart rate down before ‘Heartbreak Hill and seemed to get up over the top without too much damage done and then got a nice surprise as Jerome was back on and offering up encouragement to me as we then seemed to drag each other for the next couple of Ks as we turned right at Watsons Bay and into Military Rd. The worst section of the race for me is always at the 9.5k  and its torture in just getting to that 10k sign, A quick check of the watch sees a 5k split of 19.43 (slower than my goal of 19) as overall time hits 38 mins and I know I’d have to boot it home from there to better my time of 12 months ago.

Even at 10ks the long 600m drag is slow and torturous for me as instead of the pace coming down it goes in the opposite direction and I’m relieved to see the water that means I can kick it down all the way home. I have Mark Ashworth shouting out behind me to keep it going and I see Jeet & Jerome  just ahead as I somehow find something in the legs as I must be travelling around 3.20 pace for once.  Surf Club at 13k comes and know the last one is tough but then get the shock of my life when I see Ireland’s finest Enda staggering around looking like he’s just consumed 12 schooners in the nearby Surf Club, Surely can’t be a repeat of last year’s epic? I then try to find something extra and go past strong as I know he will fight tooth and nail not to let me get one over him. A new turnaround at Curlewis St sees a slightly faster ending and turning into the car park only leaves you about 200m to go and I try to sprint finish to get close to that sub 52 time.  Sadly I was 7 seconds over as I stopped the clock in 52.07, a solid enough effort but I didn’t quiet have it over the later hills at the 9.5k stage and lost 30 seconds between there and the 11k.

Like the start of the race the finishing area is special as you see all the team all within the space of about 5 minutes as the success stories start to unfold. As usual many a fine run although across the board most people’s times were slightly down ? The good came in the shape of Eastside Elle, Bruce, Angus, Jac, Gleeso, Roberts and Champ, The Bad came from Jerome who I  was predicting big things for and the horrible came from Mr Stankard again who once again failed to deliver in the ‘World’s Toughest’ Race coming home on all fours for the 2nd year in succession.

The Timmy Run of the Day’ though (and I’m getting sick of saying it) goes to good mate ‘Geordie Boy’ Tommy H – does this lad ever run a bad race? Brilliant effort in being first home to record a time of 45.28  to continue his dominance over ‘Me, Myself and I’ man Barts.


Some of my splits from Sunday

0 - 5k      18.20

5 – 10k  19.43

10 -14k  14.09 (3.33 pace)


Once all recovered I then had to help Enda stagger back to his house as he kindly hosted brekkie but with regular cook Super Kev absent I was the chosen one to keep the regulars happy all the while Enda was sat with feet up  on the couch enjoying watching Mo take out the 10’000m. A decent crowd enjoyed a top brekkie and many thanks for the ‘Angel’ Angela and Enda for once again keeping the gang all fed and watered.

The day is not complete without the ‘Allen’s marquee tent with the host Tommy H opening the doors once again, Quality afternoon over the course of the next 5 hours or so as the banter was in full flow.  It’s here that winning and losing bets are settled and first up Sammy J joined the Lindop party handing over his $20 after he failed to cover the 2 minutes, Jeet next up did likewise, and Birch didn’t escape either. On the down side ‘Shark’ Highnam’s reputation as a fair punter took a massive dive south when the 5 minute handicap ( I was never going to win) meant I was handing over. So bad I think Tommy  was embarrassed about it ( I know I was for him).

Over to the Bondi Hotel to end the day for the final few hours and ‘The Chairman’s fine day was almost over before he got in as he got the ‘tap on the shoulder’ even before his taxi had arrived this year.

Again. Prefect day but boy was I to suffer on the Monday.


A couple of rest days now but then back into it as I feel I have some decent form to head to the Sydney Run Festival and run a solid Half come September?

A few pics from the weekend


 PS, If anyone sees that Wrexham Taffy Craig tell him he owes me $40 after his failure to get within the 5.15 handicap time J
Early doors, alongside Jeet and Bruce.
Run of the Day - Tommy H leads a team into the tunnel.
Another one done and dusted.
Finish line with Skippy, Jerome, Macca, Nicky Roberts, Yido Darren Jordan and Craig.
Breakfast time at the Stankards - top food.
With 'Leech' Eoin and Jerome.
Big Improver - Nicky Roberts. Man's in fine form.
With my team captain - Barts who let his team down.
You can take the girl out of the Shire.. but...
Time to pay up - thanks Sammy J.
While Jeet looks less happy
Rorted. Say NO more.
With two of the best around - even if they do try to shaft the little Stoke battler.
With the team enjoying the day at the Allen's tent.
Its a day for everyone as Macca and I catch up with 'Cat Girl and friend,




Thursday, August 11, 2016

Tapering - Mixing it Up with some 800s


Easy 15ks, pretty comfortable.



A.M – Have been very slack once again on the swimming front over the past 4 weeks, although hardly surprising as I’ve been more focused on the C2S as well as interstate  for 6 days to the Red Centre. Still nice to get back in the drink this morning to turn the arms over and I basically struggled through the best part of 60 minutes as I knocked out 2.8ks in total.

Very tired at the end and my arms have been killing me since.

PM. -  With C2S on Sunday I wasn’t expecting a big turnout for the 8 x 800s at Rushcutters but even without any ‘A Graders’ in attendance we still had a good team out that included  Jerome, Mikey L, Laura, Renee, Sammy J and Leech (although for the amount he did he could have brought his deckchair).

Decided before the start just to do 5 x 800s and even that was modified with a fast 400m then a 400m float. Went out hard on the first rep with Jerome and Mikey behind as I came through the first lap in 71 seconds, had the masses come around me at different stages as the 2nd lap was done much slower in 1.34

Rolling every 4 minutes I was then delighted to hold the remaining 4 reps all at 71s as I tucked in with Jerome on the 5th as he started to open up for his final 800.

Times for the Day;

1.       71 & 1.34

2.       71 & 1.38

3.       71 & 1.36

4.       71 & 1.35

5.       71 & 1.37


That finally wraps up ALL training for Sunday, will rest up for the next two days (except run with client easy in the morning), Been very happy overall the past 6-8 weeks and looking forward to Sunday. Still got a few reservations though with the recent Outback Marathon still in the legs but we’ll see how it goes.


Not got as many bets on this year as many are either wanting silly bets or simply not ballsy enough to back themselves? Even some of the usual members have not come to the party, still, there lose. Fair play to both Sammy J and client Welsh Craig who have both wagered and will be interesting to see the outcome.

My Trifecta for first home is 1st Barts, 2nd Tom and 3rd Quentin

My run of the day prediction – Keep an eye out for Jerome who if he fires up will post a quick time.

One thing I can guarantee though – It will be a magic day and look forward to seeing everyone out and about during the afternoon and hearing all the stories over a beer or two.