Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Crook Calf

First tentative steps this morning as i joined TBs group of runners in Centennial Park for there 10k time trial they do. Got asked if i could pace one of the girls in the group to break 48 mins - and to be honest wasn't sure if i was even able to do the time.
Settled and to cut a long story managed to get her home in 47.47 average of 4.46 per k, happy with that but could still feel the calf big time and not sure i can actually race come Saturday? Will rest up until then with no training and hope that's enough recovery time to make the start line. The banter has already started up, and it looks like its on for all money at the business end, with Tucks not 100%, Tom aiming from sliding from #2 in the rankings to #6, and the ever improving Bartles, J-Fen and Scott pushing them all the way. Much talk has also centred on if Big Sam can avoid being 'Chicked' for the 2nd successive month by Laura, and whether Mikey's Hammy can stand the rigours of a 10k run? As for me, well all bets are off as if i even make the start line I'll be happy.
Seems to be alot of injuries, colds, heart strains etc... of late, and even our Master Sweeney up in Sunny BrisVegas is not ammune to a spell on the sidelines with a touch of Plantar (told him to ask Kanser for advise). Sweeney normally one of the fittest guys in the country (for his age - 64) has seen his fall from grace almost complete over the past 2 months as he has joined the Lycra cycling waxing boys up north. Armed with his new 'Jesus' sandals he has vowed to get himself back into shape despite his balloon in weight. All up its been a tough year for 'The Master' ...what with injuries and then forced to watch his beloved Arsenal suffer yet another year without winning anything with possibly the worst defence in the clubs history.

Master Sweeney, showing what no training can do for you - as he recovers with a little help on the bike, A far cry from his winning days at Loughborough :)
Just purchased (with the help of Sam) the new Garmin 610, so look forward to testing that out over the next week - Lets just hope it comes complete with a little built in motor and makes me run faster then the current model i have :)


Ps, Oh yes...............I saw it, but i don't believe it - Enda out running this morning.........AND IT WAS RAINING (get ready to hear about his latest cold and that he will have to withdraw from Melbourne Ironman :) )

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Now Six Foot in Grave Doubt?

A late call in to the Chairman Tom last night saw me venture over the bridge again to run with him and about 8 others this morning. Jogged down with Tom to meet the boys and knew it was going to be a toughie when i saw the likes of Jamie, and known trekkers Dickie Green and Johnathan Worsick in attendance and armed with belts, backpacks and more water then what was donated to Ethiopia during the Live Aid days?
Knew it was going to be trail running, but this was plain ridiculous as it was total rocks galore and i could have been in the Rocky Mountains for all i knew, just concentrated on looking at the guy in fronts shoes checking where i was going to place my feet.
Felt my calf as early as 5ks and thought i could be in trouble over this terrain, and it wasn't even a fast pace (5.24s average), managed to get down to the Narrabean Sports complex and thought relieve was in sight when i saw a flat oval only for the boys to line up on the 100 mtre mark and race down the straight - lunatics.
Laboured my way to the 18k mark before i succumbed to my first walk ( up a mountain of a hill) the next 5.5ks were just torture for me with loads of run, walk, run, run walk, walk, and more walking ..... before i decided to pull the pin just before 24ks, as the calf was just screaming at this point - told the boys to continue and i would walk the rest of the way ( had no idea where i was mind you )
Did another 6ks walking and got up to 29 for the morning in 3hours;12 before Tom put me out of my misery when he gratefully picked me up in the Porche back to his house.
Felt terrible and could do little else but sit there with my feet in his pool contemplating 'If Six foot is now a race to hard for me at this stage?
With Kirst away back in the UK, there was no sign of any bacon & Eggs today with Tom telling me earlier in the morning he hasn't cooked in 10 days and has been a regular at the local takeaways. I was feeling that bad at his stage even his customary Cup of Tea didn't even hit the spot today and didn't have the same appeal as normal.
Had a good chat with Mr Highnam ( Toms Dad) who is in town and gave me the run down on his children, he has Tom , another in Melbourne who has lived here for 14years now and then he 'kind of' mentioned 'Old Jimmy James' who was banished out to France.... as he thought he wasn't tough enough to make it out here in Oz land. Also mentioned that he has always been the L.T.O ( least talented one) of the trio... but could play a mean game of snap:)
Will take tomorrow off now and see how i pull up on Tuesday before making a final decision on my next couple of races.............But the way I'm feeling now, its not good:(
Just out for a few beers up in Newtown, sure it will seem loads better about 9pm tonight :)


Friday, February 24, 2012

Mixed Bag.... Of nothing really.

Had planned to kick my long run out today of 30ks plus, but once i started i soon run into an old client who has been out injured for 12 months and on his first run back so did 5ks with him real easy and chatted. Pushed the pace for the next 12ks settling in before catching up with more friends and the pace dropped dramatically again for the next 7k. Stopped for a chat and said our final goodbyes, at which time it was past midday and very warm. Couldn't be bothered to do any more so retreated to the pool where i cooled down and frolicked (does anyone frolic any more ? ) in the water, Ended up doing 4 x 200s and then sat on a lovely young girls toes as she was about my pace and i happily knocked out 1k straight in no time...perfect :)
So all up not a bad day , although not the quality stuff that is needed for Six Foot, so it means i am back out there tomorrow - going over to see Chairman Tom and his fast crew who i believe are doing some trail running, just hope i can keep up. Oh well if all else fails at least i get chance to get the 'Best Cup of Tea' in Sydney at the end :)


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Recovery Swim Friday

Easy day as i went down to the pool on a very sunny day for a few laps to turn the arms over, Just knocked out 5 x 300s and was very consistant (slow pace) for each.
Nothing to get excited about as it's not high on the priority list at the moment, Tom has already come in with an excuse not to make the biathlon on the 29th - reckons he is racing the night after (told him he should have finished the swim in that time:) ) So he is looking at bringing it forward a week to the 22nd March.

Have to get out either sometime tomorrow or Sunday to knock out 30ks, and i believe Kanser is away swimming with Sharks or something like that so i might be forced to go solo on the long run, hear it's going to be a warm one as well to make it that much tougher.

Have a good weekend

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Woollarha Hill Repeats x 8

Detoured from  the HuRTS set yet again as i continued with my Six Foot training that forced me out onto the Woollarha Hills (700mtres ) in Centennial Park. Had a bit of a warm up, seeing a fast running Vlad go by, then at the other end of the spectrum saw a slow plodding Enda complete with his latest Pod Cast listening to his new found Life Coach:)

Session today was 8 x Woollarha Hill repeats, had intended to run these on heart rate after talking to Richie Palmer and the way that champion triathlete Mark Allen used to run to, but after arranging with Enda to borrow his Heart Rate he phoned me early morning to say it was no longer working - told him he broke it as his heart rate got to high last time, either that or it NEVER found a pulse last time he wore it :)
So with 8 reps, all i was trying to do today was to keep them all relatively even paced without the H/R going through the roof - First one is always the hardest and upon reaching the top wondered where the next 7 were going to come from?
Settled a little for the next few, and surprised as i got slightly faster despite it getting warmer as the morning sun came up. Started to feel the pinch after about the 5th but dug deep to stay on the pace.
Rep times were:
12ks in total and happy to get through that one, still nowhere near enough for the big race - but i suppose it all helps.
Been getting some stick from the Chairman and even Kanser, questioning my mental toughness and that it appears i am going SOFT in staying away from the HuRTS sessions of late..........Mmmmm, probably right, i have nothing - although they are not so keen these days to lay there money where there mouth is against 'Old Struggler Lindop' ? and i find it good coming from Tommy H the former HuRTS # 2 who has quickly dropped down to #5 in the charts these days and could go lower if Kanser smashes him next week?
Just received an email from Mikey Conway (tell he's in good form) wanting to know what start i will give him at North Head next week?.................. Pleeeeeeeaaaassse Mikey, does it look like I've just come in on the last Banana Boat? :), you'll get now't.
Talking of people running well, Enda is on fire - so much so this morning he stopped me and told me our next 'Head to Head' will be the Syd Half in May, and has agreed to give me 90 seconds, don't know if my mind was on the hill session i was about to start or what but i reluctantly agreed to said bet... i must be crazy, he does it to me all the time .


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hilly Brick Session

With Roger back today after a weeks absence with a head cold it was back on the old Wednesday brick session in Centennial Park. I decided the session today would be 2 x loops bike (8ks) then 1 x Woollarha Hill and back down to the bikes (1.5ks) x 3 overall.
I know that i don't have the bike legs at the moment so wasn't to concerned with the time there but was looking at running the hill  (750mtre) and then back down strongly.
With the effects of Sunday still in the legs i jumped off the bike in 12.17, then hit the hill and covered the 1.5k in 5.20 (3.34 pace), could have happily called it a day then but with Roger around these sessions are never easy as he constantly pushes you whilst looking like he is doing nothing. He trains on an old bike that must be 15 years old and rattles and creaks around and despite him not doing anything on the bike for 12 months still hangs close to me.
2nd effort was a lot slower on the bike and indeed the run , and the 3rd was a case of getting through the bike and with the way the handicap worked it meant i was chasing Roger on the hill, managed to catch up near the top and grab a slight lead only for him then to open up on the downhill and i was forced to really stride it out to keep the lead - Totally spent at the end and near exhaustion.
Times for the 3 were:
Bike 12.17 Run 5.20 (3.34 pace)
        12.50        5.30 (3.40 pace)
        12.48        5.18 (3.32 pace)
Great session this one, and although i am well short of hill work in time for 6ft, hopefully these will make me stronger in the long term and in the upcoming 10ks races?

Mentioned how well our mate Enda did yesterday down in Husky on the weekend, what i did forget to mention and possibly the reason behind his success was his new found formula he has. A little bird tells me that Enda now has a 'Life Coach' to help him achieve his goals and to get his 'Head Right' in his attempts to beat  Young Timmy ? .......... Life Coach?... I've never heard the likes, I'd love to sit in on one of these sessions and listen to the nonsense he comes out with :)
Next time you see him ask him about it, he reckons its changed his life.......... Although old man and 'Hardman' JC still kicked his ar$e at Husky on Sunday so some things don't change, and i will do likewise in our next 10k battle, you see :)

*** A link for Enda's,shrink, sorry i mean Life Coach, take a read of Enda's testimonial - i am not joking :)


Monday, February 20, 2012

Shot Quads

Another all to familiar morning in Sydney with heavy overnight rain and a wet and windy morning, Legs felt absolutely shot especially in the quads after Sundays tough run. Had to do two running classes with my groups first for 16ks in total before taking myself over to McKay Oval for a some 1k reps. Wasn't even sure if i could do any so was happy to roll around and knock 4 out.
Times were not fast (or flat out) but about the best i could muster today, rolling every 5 minutes, and were:
20ks for the morning - happy with that, seeing i thought I'd be lucky to run at all.

Very quiet in the park this morning, with all the soft Triathlon cyclists staying in bed due to the rain , although did see Marshmallow Man (Clyde) continue to call my name each time he completed a lap for some reason?, Saw Enda alot later (when it stopped raining ) just floating around, and congratulated him on his top Husky effort on the weekend, also congrats to HuRTS lady Sonya who smashed it down there and managed a podium finish i am told. Did see Benny St cruising on the inner lap as well.

I see the HuRTS hierarchy have come up with a new set and slightly altered training sessions working on a 6 week turnaround, some of the old favorites remain as do some of the dreaded ones. Not sure about some of them to be honest, but that's just a personal thing and i can do my own sessions on these occasions.
Biggest NEWS though is that it looks like the HuRTS training team has gone big time with its very own website,check it out http://hurtsquad.com/ don't think there is much on there at the moment , but may be worth keeping an eye on (especially once Mikey starts his selling posts)
There is talk about getting members to write articles etc... on races and things of interest, Kanser is first up i am told, going to tell us about his injuries over the past 12 months .........Best grab a seat, it could take a while.


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Striders Equalizer 14ks, Time 60.29

Well about the only good thing to come out of today's race (beside smashing the Irish) was that i learned how to walk loads of hills in preparation for the upcoming 6ft track.
Out early to Belrose for the 14k internal Striders Equalizer over trails, that saw a nice little turnout from the HuRTS boys, with Fats, Eoin, Hamish, Christian, along with D. Tongue and the 'Super Crumble ...sorry 'Flake' back from his American holidays.
Tough old course this one, and with the recent weather we've had i knew it was going to be even tougher, Managed to snag a 3rd spot here last year and in the process beat Fats, but he was in no mood for pleasantries today as he told me prior to the gun going off that he would smash me by over 2 minutes over the 14ks ahead.
The first 3ks is all downhill and sat in 4th behind Fats and Tongue, with Criniti already half way around by this point, the first of the climbs then for a couple of ks and i knew then i didn't have it as two guys came past, Happy to hit the road at 6ks and get a bit of a reprieve only for another guy to go by ?
Kept them in sight for a few ks and even thought i was closing on them and then 'Mountain Man and 'I eat trails for Breakfast' Dickie Green got me on the 10k point of the race. With still loads of hills to go for the final 4ks i was then reduced to practising for 6ft as i nearly walked EVERY hill out there - Luckily every one behind must have done the same as no one else came by.
With 1k to go i could see the 3 ahead and tried to catch them and break the hour mark, but it was all to no avail as i crossed the line in 8th or 9th in 60.29 (nearly 90 seconds slower then last year)
A big, big reality check for me today with 6ft in less then 3 weeks, and has knocked the confidence somewhat and maybe need to reassess my goal times as i simply haven't done the work on the hills and time on my feet for this type of race?
Still on the plus side 60 mins is solid enough and if i can continue to get a couple of solid weeks in it will make it easier come race day.
Talking to Flakey after, (yes i hung around for a long time ) who came home in 80odd mins and in the process not only got chicked by the winning goal, but nearly 75% of the females out there( he out sprinted Barbara Becker, and he was thanking his lucky stars that  87 year old Frankie Dearn wasn't around :)
There was nearly a riot at the end as well, when the breakfast host (lovely young lady) laid out a full spread of food and drink, only when Eoin and i went for a 'Cuppa' found NO MILK ...... After a few chosen words that saw the lady nearly break down in tears  she then run over and broke into the school canteen returning with 2 ltrs of milk in hand :)
What is it these days that makes it so hard to find a decent 'Cuppa Rosie ' in Sydney, First out at the Marathon clinic, no Tea, House of Kane has no sugar, and now NO milk..........thank God for Chez Highnam who makes the perfect 'English Breakfast' Cup.

Will be back out there this week, and i think the first thing needed is to find some hills to work on.
Out now for a few ales, might even call around Kanser's for a bit of his birthday cake left over from yesterday.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

.... It's All Happening'

In the words of famous cricket commentator Bill Lawry.... 'Its all  Happening' what with Heart Murmers, Sickness, Triathlons, and Birthdays, and throw in a bit of training  its been a busy few days for the Trash reporters.
Today had intended to go into town for the HuRTS swim, but thought it was too fast for me so just decided to do my own swim at the local pool instead. First time in ages so set myself to do 8 x 200s, Surprised on the first few but knew i was going to die in the ar$e at some time. Held them all around the 1.45s per/100, so I'll take that as a pass mark for me.
Times were; 3.26, 3.29,3.28, 3.27, 3.32, 3.33, 3.33, 3.36 -
Need to get back into my swimming before we have the last Biathlon of the season on the 29th March - or else i may have the distinction of Tom swimming over the top of me :)

As i said, its been a busy week - Yesterday i asked the question where was everyone at training on Thursday? Well -  Tom is trying to take Enda's crown from him for the year with constant colds and man flu that he is on antibiotics for the 9th time in 7 weeks.
HuRTS #1 Tucks, has something more serious, a heart murmur, which doesn't sound to good - although he does tell me its fine it means he can only push it so hard from now on and promises to revert back to beating Tom by the customary 8 seconds.
This is turn started a trend with Big Sammy also coming out and saying he has the same thing ........and surprise surprise, Old Kanser couldn't go without one as well ( and even said his was bigger). I felt a bit left out yesterday as all of a sudden it was the in thing :)
Had Enda badgering me all day, trying to get me to Husky for the tri this weekend, wanting an easy victory as he knows i haven't swum or cycled in ages........Very Sad.
AND THEN the Big news for all readers is .................... Tomorrow is old David Kanes 39th Birthday, Yep the old boy is clocking on the years now and so he has invited ALL HuRTS team around to his pad from 5pm tomorrow to help celebrate, all food and drink is provided. Just rock up and tell him Timmy sent ya :)
And Finally after many months of waiting ( and slagging the race director) i can now confirm i am officially IN for this years Six Foot Track 46k Marathon race in the Blue Mountains on the 10th March. So more importantly i better get the old snooker cue out as i aim to clean upon the green baize over Highnam. Kane and Tuckey on the Saturday evening :)

It seems a few people were not happy with my latest movie review, with some Plonker even taking up the 'Mouse' option to avoid being found out ????? Shame on you .... and i will find find out :)

And even 'The Master ' questioning where it strays from reality? , All i will say is 'Great Movie, but i don't believe despite being very frail these days, she is senile and sees Ghosts of old Husband Dennis ???

Have a great weekend all, I will be out doing the Strider's Equalizer on Sunday in prep for training for the 6ft Track


David Kane blowing out his candles on his last Birthday 12 months back, Happy B'day Mate :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rushcutters 10 x 400s

Another alternative session demanded by Kanser and Highnam that saw a small (but quick) band of the team assemble down at Rushcutters for the 10 x 400mtr session, Although there was no sign of the two, nor J-Fen, Tucks, Walker or Mikey?
So with the speedy, Italian Stallion Durante, Bartles and Big Sam we rolled around the first rep in a solid 71 secs. going every two minutes the 2nd rep was similar with Bartles and Durante a second or two ahead. Kanser made his customary late appearance in time for the 3rd (this despite him sending emails to everyone that he wanted to start 10 minutes earlier?)
Sweat was pouring out of me by the middle stages but was happy as i was even paced , with Big Sam just behind on each keeping me more then honest.
Durante pulled the pin at 8, whilst we then finished the last two, Sammy was that disorientated after the 10th that he was on the starting line wanting to go again thinking he'd only done 9 - He was all over the shop, even talking about how good Crystal Palace were in the 80s :)
Very happy with the session, and looking at the times it was probably as fast a set as I've done for a long time, so hopefully the training is paying off for me. Times were.
71, 70, 69, 70, 70, 70, 71, 71, 72, 70, ( And i know Tom wont believe this but best part is we measured it long between 414 - 424 metres :) )

Haven't given my movie review for a long time, but been watching all the latest releases and non better then Meryl Streep's performance of Margaret Thatcher in 'Iron Lady' - Great film although i have to say not sure it gives a true or honest portrait of the women.
Timmy's review........4 boxes of popcorn, go see it.
* Had a call from Enda, who wasn't even sure who M.Thatcher was and thought Iron Lady was the female equivalent of Iron Man.............. God , that lad is a worry :)  *
On my book worm review, just started a new read - Jasper Jones, quality.... can't seem to put it down - although it might be a bit heavy for our Irish friends who are more into Finn McCool and the Great Fish.

Will give myself a rest day tomorrow now, and might even venture down to the pool at lunchtime to see how the HuRTS Hasselhoff's are going on in the swimming.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Antartic Bell and then Brick Session

In the park early this morning after arranging with HuRTS member Terrence Bell to join his running team that i will be looking after whilst he goes on YET another adventure/expedition. Was waiting for about 10 minutes before what looked like famous explorer Robert Scott approach me that turned out to be Terrence himself complete with new beard :)
Session planned was 6 x Woollarha Hill repeats, great session for me with six foot in mind - run them all with clients some fast some slow - Even saw the Wednesday Hardmen (and Marshmallow Man Clyde) on the hill at some stage - I actually run past them on the way up when i was with the slower clients :) Even saw Enda being carried up there at one point - you can tell it wasn't raining this morning.
9.8ks in total.

Had also arranged to meet Roger for another Brick Session, but he woke with Endaitis and pulled the pin on me, saying he had a nasty head cold. Still i went ahead and did the session by myself. Very difficult with a heavy wind around the park  as i knocked out  2 x loops bike ( 8ks) and then 2 x flagpole run (1k) x 3
Times were
12.35 & 3.29
12.36 & 3.28
12.48 & 3.26 ( nearly got skittled on the bike around Randwick gates that saw me half way down the straight in the racecourse, before doing my best Clyde impression giving the driver a gob full of abuse for the trouble )

Will be back with the team tomorrow for the Rushcutters 400s - will be interesting to see how i go in that one.

Robert Falcon Scott aka Terrence Bell prepares for his latest venture in Centennial Park this morning


Monday, February 13, 2012

McKay Oval 6 x 1k Reps

Had intended to do some hills today but with a busy morning it meant i had to take the bike to work  and therefore had nowhere to leave it so had to make the change to McKay Oval for the 6 x 1k rep session.
Cooler again and with a slight drizzle it made for perfect run conditions at 8am this morning, Normally a tough session this one but felt OK this morning just rolling around despite doing them solo again. With the first rep completed in 3.20per/k i was looking at going on the 5 min cycle, but in truth i was taking the full 2 minute recovery. The 2nd and 3rd reps were even faster before it then started to get harder, but held the pace well and was feeling as if i was at last 'striding it out'. Times for the 6 were;
Very happy with that, and probably the best session i have done this year, Gives me more confidence and its only February so hopefully come May time i will be cracking that sub 35 mins again (as well as cracking Richie High when he returns 12 kilos overweight after his constant consuming of the 50 cent beers). Also looking good for the next Strider's race in the handicap with Tommy H ( he has to give me 2.21 start..... Think he will have to run 33.39 to beat me ? :)
Suppose i have no chance of getting 90 seconds from Kanser now for that race after he reads this ?????

Had J- Fen on the blower last night - asking where i was and if everything was OK, Well i say that, i think he only phoned to give me more scandal from the HuRTS team. I did have to tell him this was a respectable blog and to take his gutter talk to Kanser :)

Back out there in the morning for the 'Brick' session with Roger, and may return for the HuRTS session on Thursday if the Chairman can over ride Mikey and do the 400s at Rushcutters, instead of a 32 minute Fartlek as per program :)


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cremorne Pt Goat Track

Had the privilege to run with HuRTS # 1 today, Andrew Tuckey, after putting in a call to see who was out and about he was the only one available, with everyone else either sick, at swim squad with MC, or plain soft.
With a busy weekend ahead i thought i would knock out my long run today so did 12ks in and around the park before running in to met Tucks. We then set of heading over the 'dark side' of the bridge making our way to Cremorne Pt... bejaysus, I forgot how hilly it is over that way, and was forced to do the old 'Shoe lace has come undone' trick a few times to slow Tucks down and to give me a breather. I felt like a bloody mountain goat going up some of those climbs whilst Tucks just smiled away keeping me amused how he plans to keep the Chairman in his pocket again for season 2012 :)
All up about 14ks with Tucks by the time we went our separate ways, not a fast time averaging 4.47 per/k , but it was tough enough with doing 12k beforehand.
I then went into 'FastGear Sports' on York St to pick up my drugs and saw the original 'Hardman' JC in there as well - tells me Enda's been soft and not cycling in the rain lately and that if it rains on Ironman day in Melbourne  Enda has requested to do the bike leg indoors on a wind trainer ?

Then had to run back to the park which was a further 4ks back , had great intentions of running but with the rucksack on my back weighing a ton it was near impossible and was reduced to a walk even forced to stop on Oxford Street when i saw a 'Special ' Coffee & Banana Bread offer to good to refuse :)
All all for the day 30ks (including the 3k walk), happy with that especially after doing a big 3 days prior to today.
Earned myself a break now, and i have a big party to attend in Kirribilli tomorrow so the Sunday run might be put on hold.

Mentioned before, but Tucks reiterated once again that if Tom beats him at Six Foot Track he will race this Years City to Surf in his best suit, He did say that he would even beat him wearing it ...but that's another story :)

Will we get the chance to see HuRTS number 1 wear the famous suit again ?

Have a good weekend

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Centennial 4 x 2k Reps

**Strewth Ruth, Stone the Crows Cobber, Fair Dinkum Mate, that was a tough session.

Early start again with work and then stayed in the park and knocked out one of my hardest sessions that i do in there, The 4 x 2 kays Woollahra Hill Reps, that includes going up a step climb for nearly 700mts within the 2ks.
Had already run 8ks with clients before so was well warmed up for the set and was soon on the way, Tried to relax on the hill and then bring it home strong on the 2nd half of the run - Buggered even after the 1st rep and was wondering if i could get 4 done, surprised on the 2nd then held on for the 3rd. Knew then i could get through the last despite feeling terrible.
Times were;
Very happy overall with that and more happy in the fact that once i got to the top of the hill i didn't die (as normal) and was able to kick it on for the 2nd k on each rep.
Hopefully getting stronger with each session.

Had a phone call last night from dear old friend Kanser, who gave me the run down on whats been happening in HuRTS land over the past week since i haven't been attending, And these are his findings i will share with you.... He's getting a right telltale :)

1. Tom H - Sick has Endaitis, and not been spotted all week
2. Big Sam gets ridiculed on Tuesday after being CHICKED and has vowed to smash Young Timmy at Lane Cove next month, and was talking very aggressively
3.Mikey Conway in tears after Kanser's delay in $50 payment from last week
4. Enda to get Fired at Macquarie on Friday ...oops Sorry, perhaps i wasn't meant to say that :)

** In reference to the opening line for today's blog, many of you will not be aware that our Irish Mate Enda Stankard is now a Fair Dinkum Aussie after getting his residency in the week, so i thought i would talk in his new lingo to make him feel at home. On closer look you will see where they have removed half his brain and left a scar................that means he'll be twice as daft you watch :)


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bricks are Back

Well what a cast of thousands were spotted in the park early this morning - seems everyone was out for a trot, it was like a who's who out there.Young Sonya, Paul Birch from HuRTS, Stevie T Wildman, Hardmen, and BRATS all running as well as a labouring Enda :)
Got the phone call from training partner Roger to restart our old Brick sessions back up, so after a busy morning work wise it was back on the bike for double loops and then flagpole runs. Lost loads on the bike returning 2 laps in 12.30 (when in form can get around in under 12s), Felt good on the run though with 2ks worked in under 3.30 pace each time.
No real target triathlon wise for this season, as i have lost so much in the swim and not done the work on the bike of late. Will just try to keep it ticking over, so it gives me half a chance over Enda when he gives me 5 minutes start in the next race we do.
Been brought to my attention that the last Biathlon is on the 29th March - and the HuRTS boys and girls will be all out for there moment of glory ( as well as the prestige ), Big question on eveyones lips is 'Can Tom beat ANYONE home in the race', Its getting to the stage where you will be ridiculed if you don't beat him :)

Talking about seeing everyone out this morning, noticed all the so called 'Hardmen' out there training for the Ironman coming up in Melbourne, saw the fast guys including Stevie Stickman Thurston come through first , before two clowns came up Woolhara Hill ... Enda and Kiwi Clyde Rossa,  Actually seeing Clyde it reminds me its getting near Easter again, as i remember him last year, my God did he put the weight ON.  Happy to report that he has not lost any, as the picture below can testify.... and we still have Easter to come

Marshmallow Man Clyde Rossa, flying around Centennial Park this morning, looking happy (for once) as Easter is just around the corner.

...and Young Enda, (again) not sure why i am putting this back on, just that i think its a classic and gets a good laugh :)


Monday, February 6, 2012

McKay 10 x 800s

With another wet and miserable morning that seems to be the norm for our disappointing Summer we are having it was down to the McKay Oval in the park for a session i thought would work well.,
Decided again to miss the HuRTS session and do 10 x 800s, with the aim being to run them all slightly slower and more at race pace (10ks) and reduce the break down to 60 seconds after each rep.
Despite the weather conditions were perfect for running as i settled for the first rep, For some reason the 800s were measured long and i was getting a reading of 840 mtrs each that added a few extra seconds, Even running at a reduced pace i was thinking that 10 of them may have been a bit ambitious as i rolled around for the 1st rep in 2.51 (3.23 pace), settled for the next few and actually was tipping along nicely - Did notice though that one would be slightly quicker then the next the pace was down.
Was very happy with the whole 10 completed and the pace for each of them worked out well, and i was particularly happy with only taking 60 seconds break. Pace per k went;
3.23, 3.23, 3.22, 3.18, 3.16, 3.12, 3.19, 3.15, 3.18, 3.13,


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Striders Homebush 36.53

Waited for the official results to come out and found I'd lost 3 seconds somewhere to come home in 36.53 and got 22nd overall. Don't know why but everyone seems to measure that course long as well, i got 10.21ks today?
As mentioned tough old morning with many of the boys slightly slower then expected , Happy with the overall time though and will look for improvements over the next couple of months and try to get back around that 35 min mark.
Despite getting my long runs in lately i really did struggle home for the last 2.5ks and was expecting Sammy and company to fly past at any point from there on.  Splits went;
3.25, 3.37, 3.36, 3.34, 3.48, 3.34, 3.39, 3.43, 3.33, 3.41

Also got done in the Head to Heads by Tom who was giving me 2.06 and beat me by 2.20 so that will be the new handicap for March. Got one up on Big Sammy though so it wasn't all bad, Noticed Sam not only got  CHICKED by Anna White but also by HuRTS number one Laura..... Oh Dear Sammy :)

Just got back from a weekend down the South Coast at Husky, spotted J-Fen, with Toddie roaming around laughing flashing Tom's money around, kept my distance as i didn't want to get caught up in such Shenanigans as i was there for a bit of R/R :)

Noticed the tempo session is back on again tomorrow, might mean i do my own set within the park early - Although Kanser's probably on to it to get it changed as we speak.


Friday, February 3, 2012

Homebush Striders 10ks = 36.50 (provisional time )

Right this has to be quick and please excuse the speling and grama :) (I know Jimmy James will hammer me for it but...)
Rolled up for the first Striders 10k of the season, and what a great turnout from the HuRTS boys (and girls) there was to, All the big guns were on the start line with Tuckey out to prove he's HuRTs boy number 1 once more, Highnam. Big Sam, Macca, Eoin, Eamo, Laura, and the much improved Kanser who was out for a big run. No sign of Conway, Walker or even J-Fen who i heard a rumour was last seen heading down the South Coast with a big swag of $$$$$ under his arm after being paid off by Tommy Highnam NOT to run :)
Tough old day the first race of the season and i was happy enough with my time of 36.50 as expected, the wheels really did fall off at the 7.5k mark and was happy just to stay ahead of Laura and Sammy.
Will post more about my race on Monday, but Tucks was first home beating Tom by over 20 seconds, i think Tom did 34.30 (so beat me on the Handicap :( ), Paul Mac did 35.50 , Whilst Old Kanser let his wife down, let the fans down, let the kids down and more importantly let himself DOWN labouring home just ahead of me in 36.40 (?)........ Terrible, and what made it even worse was he lost $50 to Mikey Conway, Who was sitting at home rubbing his hands together.
'B Grade Binfield was also out there this morning , but pulled a heart muscle at 5ks and was a forlorn figure walking back to the start line, Whilst Big Sam got a 1st for the morning..............Being the 1st HuRT Guy to be CHICKED for the year as he took a nice fancy to Anna Whites (back) for the whole 10ks coming home moments after.

Anyway like i say it's only a quick report as I'm away down on a scouting mission now to the South Coast for the weekend to see if i can spot Mr J-Fen and find out the real reason why he didn't race this morning.
No long run for me this week either, so not sure what Kanser's going to do, rumour has it he may head over to the North Shore to run with Tom and Sammy, but after today i think it may be to fast for him so i suggest he gives Mikey Conway a call and run with him..............just bring an extra $50 :)

Have a great weekend

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Short and Sharp.

As stated earlier in the week i decided to miss the HuRTS sets deciding to do my own sessions in prep for this weeks Striders 10k.Wanted to try to get a bit of speed work back in the legs so Tuesday it was the 400s and today decided on 1 minute ON, 1 minute OFF x 12 (24 min session), Tried not only to keep the efforts honest but also the floats as well. Turned at half way and then was conscious of getting back to the start line where i begun.
Tough enough session although it doesn't take to much out of you, and hopefully it will stand me in good stride for Saturday. Don't really know what to expect for the 10ks, I do know though that i need to get within 2.16 of the Chairman to go one up on the Head to Heads, I've offered Kanser a bet that i can get within 90 seconds of him - He's refused, but i honestly don't think i will get close this week and think he has missed an opportunity to take some Timmy Dollars from me ??? I also think Pete Walker will take us out this week over 10ks...........
If i can go sub 37 mins, I'll take it, and be happy at this stage of the season :)

Been inundated lately of readers sending me pictures of fellow HuRTS and training partners up to no good (mainly Enda) and it will have to stop at some stage, as i can barely keep up. Its normally the male contingent that brings the SHAME to the good name, but today its the girls turn......... Yes, that's right, many of you will know Lisa ( L.L) as the mild mannered 'English Angel' of the group, but Andy Heyden has proved to us otherwise, after he spotted Lisa in his local pub out at Rooty Hill RSL last Tuesday evening as her alter ego 'LisaGaGa'.
Unconfirmed reports that Emma and Sonya were also on stage as back up singers at this stage.

As many of the group will know Lisa ( L.L) ... the perfect English Angel

And in her 'After hours' work as Lisa GaGa.... Shameful, What will Tommy H, make of all this ? :)

Also spotted in Centennial this morning - Enda, Clyde & POD in there cycling group known as the PedalPhiles - giving out there customary abuse to all the poor innocent people within the park.
Kanser, doing his 400s, well 372s to be honest , cutting to many corners as per the norm
Big Bear (Chris) , on his bike kitted out in all the 'Stars and Stripes' ready for Super Bowl :)

Easy Day tomorrow , and might even venture in for a swim