Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Windy Barangaroo 1k Reps

Cycled into the city and after a short warm up with Laura I soon realized that today's session was going to be tough due to the high winds that was sweeping over the water.
Intended on going more controlled pace anyway today instead of trying to blast each one out but with a big enough group I think the key was just to tuck in where I could to avoid the cross-winds.
It was like Paddy's Day all over with the likes of Enda, Macca. Leech, Jac, Billy Batt and Dave Casey all in attendance and once the front 3 (Q, Fats and Mikey L ) all got away I found myself running much of the session behind Macca & Enda but in with Jack the Lad, Marko,  Marc Ashworth and the Leech.
A steady 3.27 to kick off and I was keen to hold that for the rest that I was for once able to do. All 6 reps pretty consistent and once done I saw Jac who was keen for another and offered to pace her thinking a steady 4 min per/k would work perfectly. Unfortunately she was having non of it and decided that it would be her 'Hot Lap' and preceded to romp home in 3.39 Luckily #8 back to the start was more a cool down before I collected the bike and returned to the Inner West cycling like Mrs Daisy.
Reps; 3.27, 3.26, 3.26, 3.26, 3.27, 3.24, 3.39

Tomorrow I get to see first hand what all this fuss is about with Tommy H as I've agreed to do a few laps with him on the bike, Here's hoping I can even keep up.


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