Friday, June 30, 2017

The Week that Was.

Well what a week that was since my last post on Monday. There are many types of Flu out there - types A, B, Bird Flu, Asian Flu and I can now add the latest and most deadly of them all .... 'The Timmy Flu'. Jesus Wept.... Its a killer and would be enough to take an army down. Been bed ridden for 3 days straight but managed somehow to get off my deathbed and cycled into the city to meet old mate Crossy Lad for a trot.
Nice run around Darling Harbour dropping behind the Fish Markets, Blackwattle Bay, over the Anzac Bridge and back into the city. Great little run and nice change of scenery as we covered bang on 10ks by the time we returned back just on 45 minutes averaging 4.31s

Yep, its been a tough old week beside the cold, my left hammy was giving me grief all week, shoulder/neck was playing up, and it took a trip to the acupuncture place to help me even see the week out. Shame really as I have put together some pretty solid training over the past 6 weeks or so and was looking forward to giving the Goldie a hit out in the half. I'm not too concerned about the missed week in training as I feel I won't lose much in that time its more how much the 'Timmy Flu' has knocked out of me?
Anyway it is what it is and its not going to stop a good weekend to come up the Coast.  A big team is heading north and as normal we'll have all the ding-dongs going on but I'm looking forward to the following 3.
1, How Marko Branagan will go in his first marathon? Will be a good battle with the Leech.
2. Seeing if Tommy H and C.T can last out later than 7pm before we order them both a taxi?
3. Seeing who is last man/lady standing? My hard earned is on Taffy Lad Jimmy Matthews.

Full report and photos to come early next week.
Until then, have a great weekend,
Stay safe and train/race well

Great to be back out and typical to have Crossy have his trusty camera positioned at various points on the run - this time crossing over Anzac Bridge.

This is the place to be this Sunday - Party central. I've told Birchy and Tom to bring out $15 for the day, that should be enough to seem them through.

I see my old mate - Enda Stankard's many trips to Asia have paid off for him. Got a bit of clout these days it seems?

I have been a bit crook this week - one day you will listen to me.


Sunday, June 25, 2017

Monday Easy 10ks

Forced into the city to kick the week off due to missing my Sunday run yesterday. Decent little team out but I was happy enough to chat away to the Leech for much of the session as we meandered around the usual route. Hoey & his mate Yum Cha emerged around the half way mark so engaged with them around the wharfs and into Barangaroo.
Nothing really to get excited about, 10k in just over 45 minutes average for the day 4.37s

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Park Run St Peters 18.08 - 3rd

A rare Saturday morning off work that gave me a chance of fitting in a Park Run, wanted to head to Curly but Tommy H was not available so I tested myself locally on the 'Worlds Toughest' at nearby St Peters.
Lined up and didn't know anyone put with the gun just about to go Enda appears from out the bushes stinking of booze and looking as if he's just checked out of rehab after a big Friday night watching the Swans.
Bark my orders to him but fear he may not be any help in his condition and as the gun goes I just try to sit in with a decent group of 6. Boys then start to split and luckily Enda comes good as we go through 1k in about 3.25 and its here I was to just latch on for the remainder of the race. Struggled early as usual going up the hill despite putting in some good training recently but found I was able to recover and come down well that pleased me. Pick up a place along the way and then about 3k in we take 5th place guy. Its a bit of a slog after that with another steady climb and the self doubts creep in but know I'm travelling well as we take another scalp with 1k to go. Fair play to old mate Enda who can probably sense I'm battling and offers up plenty of encouragement as we run into the back of the slower runners as we complete the 2nd smaller lap. With less than 500m to go I get within striking distance of the lad in 3rd place who looks like he's carrying a piano on his back so put in one final effort so he can't come with me as both Enda and I go past. 
Coming into the home straight and Enda's work is done, still unsure whether he just collapses under the strain of alcohol  or kindly just steps aside to give me my moment of glory over him as I stop the watch in 18.08 to take 3rd overall with Enda a second back.
Happy enough with that and finally looks like some of the training is paying off, Would have been nice to break 18 but I'll take that on that course.
Splits were.3.25, 3.45, 3.37, 3.47, 3.27

Big afternoon / evening spent watching the Lions get beaten by the classy All Blacks, Happy to go into the break only 5 points down but a few errors that you can't afford to make against the Kiwis and it will always be punished and the game was pretty much gone by the 65th minute.
One down with two to play, its not looking good.
Had planned on a quiet day so I could do my Sunday long run, SADLY that wasn't to be, and when Taffy Jimmy Matthews is around its always dangerous as come midnight like the Lions I was never in the ball game.
Will have to back up now on Monday lunch to fit in a run to make up.


Thursday, June 22, 2017

Rushcutters 10 x 400m (rolling every 2 mins)

Stunning winters day in the city as we headed to Rushcutters with a big team that included regulars Laura, Enda, Jerome, Marko, Jac, Renee, Leech, 'Hardman' J.C, and man of the moment Barts (who then preceded to do his own thing)
10 x 400m is another favoured session although after two tough days wasn't sure what was left in the legs for the speedy set that lay ahead? Tucked in behind a single line that included Mikey L, Jerome and Boyd to roll around in 75 to get things underway. Held the same for the next 4 before the start line was moved forward some 5 metres that probably meant a second quicker for each rep thereafter.
Pace was solid and controlled throughout but after rep #8 thoughts were already on the last and in truth I backed off and just cruised #9 in order to smash out the tenth and final rep of the day.
Went out hard, and just tried to hang on to the talented Frenchman and somehow managed to do just that to stop the clock in 68 seconds. (although was nearly on all fours once crossing out)
Times.75, 74, 75, 74, 74, 73, 73, 72, 76, 68

Then enjoyed a warm down around the waters edge with Marko, Enda and Laura before Enda dropped the bombshell that he wont be joining us on Saturday night to watch the Mighty Lions tame the most arrogant All Blacks in the Union for the First Test.

Another solid session logged in, time for a rest day tomorrow and got myself a massage lined up.


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

More Med/Long on Heartbreak Hill - 16ks

With regular midweek partner Tommy H away on another works O/S jolly to 'Honkers' I went up the list and called on current #3 and #6 - Hoey and Crossy Lad to help out (Tom's at 7 BTW) for the 16k trek out to Heartbreak and back.
Nice addition as well to have 'Warrior' Charlie D & 'Yum Cha' Wong have a trot out with us although neither got anywhere near the Hill before returning. Also in attendance were Marko Branagan and Promoter James from last week.
Nice easy pace out to O'Sullivan St then upped the anti with Hoey & Crossy sitting at 3.45s, before Hoey pushed on as I did my best to sit in with Crossy. Held till about half way but no real match for him but was happy enough to get to the top working at 4.06s overall (4.15 last week. 4.10 before that) with Marko just coming past me over the final 50 metres or so.
8Ks to the top before regrouping and it was a faster pace on the return as Crossy was fretting he'd not make it back to get his daily lunch orders out for his workers?
Not sure of the time or the overall pace as the watch packed in coming back through Rushcutters around the 14k marker.
Once more tired legs after backing up from yesterdays session but feeling loads stronger and 16ks doesn't seem that long these days.

400s planned for tomorrow, never easy but the positive is that its a quick session and all done within 20 minutes.

For the record, Got thinking about the current  HuRTs Top 10 for the first half of the year and come up with the following (especially after the weekends results)
1. Scotty O'Connor
2. Barts
3. Hoey
4. Quentin
5. C.T
6. Crossy Lad
7. Tommy H
8. Heyden
9. Micky L
10. Jerome


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Tuesday 3 x 2k Reps

A good 3k warm with Crossy Lad to meet the team down at Passenger Terminal for the tough 3 x 2k reps and after a nice chat with 'Queenlander' Muzza who informs me that he's recently moved to 'Banana Land' we were off.
Found myself in a great group that included The Branagan Brothers, Rich Large, Boyd, Mikey L, and new coach Simon Wozniacki as well as few others who I still don't know.
Happy with the first and rolled around with a 6.54 and the focus for the day was to try to get all 3 done under the 7 mins,  Really conscious to hold Rich on the return, which I managed although was working hard for the final 250m coming around the Park Hyatt Hotel.
The 3rd rep is usually where it comes crashing down but was still feeling OK and for the first time for many a while I was able to hold sub 3.30 pace
Times for the day 6.54, 6.55, 6.53
Happy with that, strange session mind as I felt I was moving well at times, not so later on but still able to hold a consistent pace that I usually struggle to do.
Who knows..... maybe just maybe I'm getting stronger ?

3ks warm down with Crossy, and a fit looking Kanser who was seen banging out his 800m reps (all done in 2.30s he tells me)  and 12k banked for the day.

Back out tomorrow on the hills of 'Heartbreak' for the midweek medium/long run.


Saturday, June 17, 2017

Long Run - City to Surf 27ks

Decent team out at 6.30 with the Branagan Brothers, Rich Large, Enda back, Kanser, Neil, Laura, Jac and a few others as we cruised around for the first warm up 6k loop collecting Hoey along the way.
Once back at the café for 7am we picked up Leech and Jerome and decided prior that we would leave the park and head out onto the hills of City to Surf on a beaut of a morning. Enjoyed a good chat with Hoey (not before he nearly had me killed by a motorist) and then had to get the head down for the climb up Heartbreak. Once again tough enough but got over the top OK as we continued our way to our turnaround at Dover Heights.  Bid farewell to Enda and Large and with Hoey, Leech & Jerome already turning earlier it only left Jac, Neil and the Branagan Brothers for the long slog back.
Enjoyed the run back down the hills but had forgotten my gels and was feeling the effects by the time we had a water break at 'Redleaf'.
Dreaded the climb coming out of Double Bay , made even worse by then turning into Ocean Street and with 25ks already under my belt I was in the hurt box once more. Nice relief on re-entering the park and getting the downhill and I was pretty happy to get back to the café just as 27ks ticked over.
27ks in 2hr:06 minutes averaging 4.41s for the mornings work.
Happy with that especially with all the hills involved.

Enjoyed a post run coffee with Laura and the other girls who had hung around after waiting for us, and those Sunday afternoon beers will be a nice reward for another solid weeks training.

Rest day tomorrow, with only a swim to come, that's if I can coax Crossy Lad out from his warm office at lunch?


Centennial Park Run 5k T/T - 18.20

Planned on running the St Peters Park Run but got stuffed around with work that meant I couldn't run it only to be told last minute of a cancellation that in turn would have got to me to the start line in time had I known.
Still, I was in the park so decided to do my own Park Run over a 5k loop I have and after a 3k warm up I was ready to roll. Went out pretty hard and pace was steady until the tougher 3k part around the Fox Studio gates then faded slightly. Managed to pull back a little on the 4th but still not finishing reps strong enough and was only able to hold the 5th Km in 3.41
18.20 all up averaging 3.40s , solid enough but I felt I was running stronger then the time suggested?
Splits were: 3.37, 3.38, 3.43, 3.39, 3.41
2k Cool down for another 10 for the morning.
Back out in the morning for the long run and will hit the City to Surf course again on the hills. Will be looking at another 26ks


Thursday, June 15, 2017

Friday Swim.

Crossy Lad went all quiet on me and I suspect it was too cold for him but I ventured down to the pool all the same to end the week with a swim. Very small team once more with only Pete Walker and Champ around and after a good 600m warm up solo, Pete then called a set mainly of 100m efforts. Hard enough but made somewhat easier when Pete decided to swim his efforts at about 50% enabling both Champ and I to sit on his feet throughout therefore coming in on a reasonable time.
A few drills later and soon enough another 2ks was racked up.
Third straight week of some decent training now, and as always will need to make sure that Sunday long run gets done again, especially with only 2 weeks to go before the Gold Coast.

Footy fixtures came out in the week and its a tough old start for Stoke with the first 3 homes against the big boys Arsenal, Man Utd and Chelsea. Still the games you need to lock in (especially for a guaranteed 6 points) are Jan 1st and May 5th vs Newcastle and Crystal Palace respectively.
Memo to mate Sammy Aggers. Got you a ticket for September 30 so you can witness what a proper atmosphere is like with a visit to 'The Brit' after our Berlin Marathon tour. You wont be disappointed.

Have a great weekend.
Train well, stay safe.

Rushcutters Pyramid Set

Down to the pool early but like last Thursday just jumped in beside clients turned the arms over pretty easy that ended with a cruisy 1800m all up.

Over to Rushcutters for lunch but with oval #1 closed due to the weather we transferred over to #2 with a makeshift set up.
Pyramid set that is 1,2,3,4,3,2,1 laps that worked out at roughly 450 metres per lap and I find this set tough mentally as well as physically with the end of each lap on a slight rise.
Rolled out the first lap in 1.31 that worked out at 3.22 pace and thought I maybe able to get through all running sub 3.30 pace. Tucked in behind Irish trio Enda, Leech and Super Kev for pretty much the set but found I was starting to lag especially on the 4th and 3rd laps. Once the 2nd 3 lapper is done you are home and despite being in the hurt box I knew I could then get it done and come the last single lap I was able to push through to end with a strong 78.
1 x 93 @ 3.22 pace
2x 3.06 @ 3.27
3x 4.45 @ 4.45
4x 6.30 @ 3.35
3x 4.46 @ 3.29
2x 3.08 @ 3.30
1x 78  @  2.55

As tough as it was I really enjoyed the session especially as I really wasn't looking forward to it before I went. Helps though when I see old favorites Tommy H, Enda, Laura, Leech Jerome, and the Branagan Brothers all in attendance offering support and help not only to me but to the rest of the team and enjoying the banter that goes with it.
A good cool down after and another 12ks banked for the day.

Earned myself a rest day tomorrow after 3 straight days of running, and may just hit the pool for a couple of Ks to end the week.


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Midweek City to Surf Training with K.O.M

Usual midweek run with Tommy H as our City to Surf preparation continues but we were joined by ladies Jac, Renee and Elle for a change as well as a new lad 'James'. Very easy pace heading out past Rushcutters and up onto New South Head Road bearing in mind we had Elle who is 28 weeks pregnant the pace was over 5.10 min/ks.  I think Elle lasted till about the 5k marker before deciding to return and at the 6k point that's where we push the pace for the best part of 2ks that includes Heartbreak Hill. King of the Mountain (K.O.M) title is up for grabs each week, but unlike last time Tommy H wasn't about to give me a head start this week and went out hard from the get-go and was never headed. Really seemed to struggle after that and could only hold 4.15 pace for that stage (think I was 4.10s last time)
Regrouped at the top before retracing the steps back to the city, but not before we had to endure part 2 of the K.O.M section coming out from Double Bay to Edgecliffe.  A shorter segment but just as tough and the same result as earlier with Tommy H feeling good (must have been as he missed Tuesdays session?)
Once again really enjoyable run especially having the extra company as I returned with just under 16.5k done in 78 minutes, averaging 4.49s


Monday, June 12, 2017

Barangaroo 6 x 1k Reps

After a hectic long weekend I cycled into the city for a good warm up with Crossy Lad and met a smallish team out although there was a strong showing from the ladies with Lady Laura, Renee, Kathy, Jac, Ash, as well as the always 'bubbly' Elle out for a trot on the 1k reps.
Started out strong and sat in with Mikey L on the first rep but was hit with the high cross-wind coming around past the 'Cove' that made the last 300m or so a battle. Knew the return legs would or at least be faster but I felt as I was working just has hard to even hold the pace.
Got some good support once the Leech rocked up ( he missed the first 2) and then it appeared as if we had our own run coach for the remaining with some guru - Simon W (?) barking out orders, telling us relax, keep a high cadence and even positioning himself as a wind break on the 5th rep. Obviously NO help at all as I was in the hurt box by then but it did bring a chuckle out of both Leech and I.
Once again happy to keep them all pretty consistent, but it certainly felt harder then the times suggest.
Times were. 3.23, 3.22, 3.23, 3.25, 3.26, 3.26
Enjoyed possibly the longest warm down in history with the ladies and Elle led us all around back in the Quay area before I realized my bike was miles away back at Crossy Lads place of work - D'oh

Backing up tomorrow with our City to Surf training, up to the top of Heartbreak Hill and back, Lets just hope Tommy H has sorted his injured, Twisted Sock out and can join me?


Sunday, June 11, 2017

Sunday Long Run - 26ks

Despite NO Enda, Jeet, Jac, Wiseman and Rich Large it was still perhaps the biggest crowd for sometime for the Sunday long run. Honoured to have the North Shores Top 3 boys join us in Barts, Scotty O'Connor and Frenchman Jerome for the morning and once the first 6k loop was done we somehow settled down as the group then stayed together that made for a pleasant morning. Enjoyed good socials with Barts, Hoey and Laura throughout, but perhaps the highlight along the way was my link up with old Kanser who was making his first show for the year.  He doesn't look in bad shape to be honest (actually remarked that he lost about 10 kilo since I last saw him) as he was able to knock out 16ks.
Was happy to run just a touch over 26ks for the morning running 2hrs on the button averaging 4.40s. Furthest I've run for a while, and another solid week in the bag.
Enjoyed post run coffee after with most of the team also joining and Kanser wasting little time in getting into the big brekkie.

Afternoon spent around Paddo for social drinks as we celebrated Taffy James win in the premiership tipping comp we run. Quality afternoon with the lads as once again the trash talk and banter was taken to new levels. I think at last count I was up to about $400 in bets ranging from the next race in the Gold Coast through to Stoke finishing higher than Newcastle next season.

Big week coming up with 3 straight running days ahead.

With NOTB Top 3 - Barts, Scotty and Jerome.
Post Run coffee with the team.
Kanser wasted no time in getting his energy levels back up with the big brekkie.
Tipping Comp Team, Taffy took the title for season 2016/17
Always guarantee a top afternoon out with Birchy, Kanser and Tommy H.
The NOTB made a journey to the East, Tommy even brought wife Kirst's scarf out for the day.


Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Barangaroo 400m Reps.

Wild and wet weather in Sydney overnight kept my swim squad numbers down to start the day so took the opportunity to jump in to pace some of them out for various reps. That meant a pretty easy session and only picked it up when I knocked out 12 x 50m efforts once they were all done to end with.
2ks in total.

Put an SOS out for numbers to join me for some 400m efforts later in the morning but it was only *Crossy Lad that was to come up trumps for me. Cycled into the city and after a long warm up (again over 3ks) we were down on Barangaroo ready to roll for 10 x 400m reps.
Sussed out on the warm up that the return reps were going to be the tough ones due to the high winds especially on the final 200m and once the set was under way this was to be proved right.
Happy just to tuck in with Crossy who in fairness was running at a reduced pace in order to help me out and felt pretty comfortable running at a controlled pace to tap out a 78 to begin with. True to form the even reps were tougher and was certainly working harder but somehow managed to hold the times consistent.
Saved my best till last and with 150m to go put the hammer down to get up to Crossy Lads shoulders but he found another gear to kick away even though I was happy to end with a 75
Times for the day, 78, 77, 78, 79, 78, 78, 77, 79, 78, 75

A slow return back to the city saw another 10k in the bank.

* Found out two things about Crossy Lad today.
1. Little wonder he was happy to front at lunch today as he confirmed he had a quality nights sleep due to his 'electric blanket' he switches on every night. (told you he doesn't like the cold)
2. He's a magnet for the old dears. Yet again two old ladies were interested in the Shire lad in between reps, it was embarrassing to watch him first hand flirting away.

Decent week again so far, now I've just got to continue on Saturday morning and more importantly back it up with the long run on Sunday.


Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Pyrmont 1k Reps x 8

Best intentions of joining the HuRTS team but when Crossy Lad put in a call mid morning with the offer to join him for some 1k reps around the back of Pyrmont I was keen for something different.
A lot tougher set than normal as you start on a hill for 200m before getting it back after with a steep downhill for about 60m that gets a faster leg turnover. Its then a flat 500m along the waters edge but made the more difficult today with the heavy headwind coming back at you.
Crossy wanted 10 x reps initially but with over 2.5k warm up just to get there we changed to 8, Was keen not to go out too hard especially with the hill start and was happy to kick things off with a 3.37 A 400m very easy recovery jog that got us back to the start again and we basically just repeated until the 8 were done.
Pleased to report (for once) I actually got stronger as we chipped away at it, Had a 'I can't do this' moment at the beginning of the 6th but found I lost nothing time wise and come the 8th even offered Crossy a challenge with a handicap start. With a healthy 20 seconds buffer I was away and half expected to be caught around the 850m marker but I surprised myself as I was able to see it out with a 3.16, and even with a 3.02 from my training partner he was unable to cover the handicap.
Times were. 3.37, 3.35, 3.34, 3.30, 3.28, 3.27, 3.28, 3.16
Easy return back into the city saw 16k racked up for the set and without doubt the best I've run for a while. Great session and one that isn't the basic 1k flat/straight set and means you have to work in different ways with each rep.
Will be keen to do again next month and perhaps we can do the whole 10?

All photos and info course info care of Crossy Lad and his trusty camera - yet again.

Crossy went to extreme measures to get the correct 1k course - Even Google Maps.

Its not exactly the #1 blog but here is Crossy Lads write up on how he saw it.

Its never pretty, but it was good enough to get me through a tough set.

...and hamming it up once its all complete - Happy Days.

And finally from my recent trip to China, just to prove to Enda how cultured I am and how I love to mix with the locals and even travel with them.


Monday, June 5, 2017

Recovery Run/Swim

Tired after my first solid week back and decided I'd stay in the park post work and just try to knock out a few easy Ks. Armed with my latest 606 Podcast listening to the experts deciding on if Cristiano Ronaldo can now be considered a 'great' in the footy ranks after his latest in the Champions League I was happy to tip along at a moderate pace of 4.45s. Even that seemed a battle and once I got back to the café with a tad over 6ks done in 30 minutes I was happy enough to call it a morning.

Down to the pool later in the morning and it was welcome back to regular partner Crossy Lad who seems to hibernate this time of the year when the cooler weather comes along.  With travelling and recovery weeks I've let my swimming go a bit as well over the last month or so and today it certainly looked like it.  Happy to get through 2ks in total but it was the longest 2k in history, what with tired arms, leaky goggles and having to endure Crossy going on about his head cold, and that was all before he decided to get his trusty Go-Pro out and demand a 30 minute selfie pose with his new $8 haircut on show.
Battle all day in both the swim and run but glad to get it done.

Will be back tomorrow for the HuRTS set, think its the 10 minute efforts?


Saturday, June 3, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up

Saturday. Had every intention of doing a 10k tempo but when good mate Paul 'Pommy' Birch rocked up after passing his first Standardized Field Sobriety Test in about 3 months who was I to deny him his chosen session of 6 x 800s that he preferred?
Over to McKay Oval it was then and after a gentle starter to get going I found I worked the rest pretty well without either killing myself or trying to force each rep.
Times for the 6 were; 2.50, 2.46, 2.44, 2.42, 2.42, 2.39.
A decent cool down along with my 6k slow warm up with a client made for a solid session before enjoying coffee and brekkie with Birchy.

Sunday. Extra early start to begin the day watching the Champions League Final between Real and Juventus and quality footy we see akin to that played at the Brit each Saturday afternoon.
Decent team out for the morning but no sign of Stankard, Birch or Jeet anywhere ? Usual first 6k at reasonable pace but once again disappointed with the break up even before we left the park as the group split.  Happy enough though to find a chatty group that saw Renee, Rich Large and the Sweaty Craig Wiseman tap out the Ks. Enjoyed the banter along the way and once back at the café was joined by Lady Laura who then had the misfortune to listen to my trash for one final flat lap alone.
24ks all up in 1hr:51 mins averaging 4.38s. Happy enough with that although I really do need to start adding in a few Ks going forward, and getting to 28-30s
Spoke to Tommy H yesterday and he was saying that I need 10 consistent Sunday long runs in order to start getting the benefits in races  - So that will be the goal leading to this years City to Surf in August.
Enjoyed the morning coffee and recovery with Laura, Leech and the NEW Undisputed Irish #1 Marko Barangan who goes from strength to strength each week who knocked out an impressive 40ks. Look out for him in the Gold Coast Marathon this year.

Returned home to news about the tragic events in hometown London. Like many it makes my blood boil and I really do think we need tougher action on these bastards. Wishing that all my mates back home are safe and well and I know that the people of London are a tough breed and will be carrying on as normal come tomorrow.


Thursday, June 1, 2017

Rushcutters 400 ON / 200 recovery

Met the team at the Art Gallery for the short jog to Rushcutters for the 5k that consists of 400m efforts with a 200 float. After two tough days prior I was feeling it in the legs even before the start and as soon as the first rep came and went I knew I was struggling. Tucked in with Brendan and a few others to begin but even on the float they soon got away from me. The Leech was next to join me by the time the 4th rep came along and I did my best to try to sit in with him but once again struggled.
I got to 6 then saw Brendan standing in under the tree and thought he needed company so joined him for a quick spell. Saw Jack (the lad) coming around for his final 400m soon after and joined in for one last lap to keep him honest to see out the set.
Shocking session by me in all honesty, started the 400s in 80 but was struggling to hold 90s come the 6th rep.
Easy jog back into town with the Leech and Hoey.
Well earned rest day tomorrow although will head to the pool for an easy 2ks before I head for a massage and prepare for the weekends running with 25ks planned for Sunday.