Thursday, August 3, 2017

Getting back into it.

Tuesday. After a week in Uluru with limited sleep, excessive alcohol and averaging about 4 buffet breakfasts each day I knew my first session back was going to hurt. Met up with once again a small team at the Passenger Terminal and once Brendan had barked out his orders for the 2k reps we were away. You can tell it was a smaller team when Brendan is leading the first group out and I was happy just to piggy back on both Enda and Angus Boyd to help carry me home in 6.56
Return leg harder as Macca and Marc Ashworth were my help but by the time the 2ks were done I was pretty much the same. 3rd rep and I was dropped as early as the bridge at 500m and basically just happy to tempo the rest of the way tucking in with Champ and Big Sam T.
Times, 6.55, 7.03, 7.30
A decent cool down with Enda, Brendan and Jack the Lad got me to 12ks for the day.

Wednesday. 8ks first up with clients and after heading into the city I was surprised to see Hoey and Taffy2 Craig waiting and ready to join for the final City to Surf midweek run with me. Pretty easy heading out enjoying a chat before the steady climb up Heartbreak, No one really pushed with Hoey about 15m ahead of me and I the same for Craig. Pace picked slightly on the return as I got back to the car at Woolloomooloo with just under 15ks done averaging 4.44s
23ks for the day

Thursday. Swimming been slack lately once again so found the time with clients to knock out a steady 2ks. Nothing hard but really do need to keep it ticking over especially in the colder winter months.
Down to Rushcutters at lunch and set up the cones for the 400m efforts, Small but decent team out and with the 'Elites' doing there own thing it was Lewis leading the charges around. Once again I found myself behind Angus and keeping Enda honest throughout.
Times down slightly but was coming in each time around 75-76 and somehow managed to finish it off with a fast lap 68

Friday. Headed to Centennial on the bike for a few cruisy laps, cold but lovely morning although the park was pretty quiet and I found myself getting bored until some Galah decided he wanted to suck my wheel the whole way and sit in. Annoying at first but it did mean I was being kept honest as I ticked the Ks off. A good 60 minutes on the bike before returning home.

Not a bad week back in the end. Striders 10k tomorrow, not sure I'll get to do due to work but its a great run at Lane Cove especially with City to Surf only one week away.

Have a great weekend
Train/Race Well
Stay Safe

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