Saturday, May 31, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

Saturday – 2 x 6k Woollahra Hill Loops.
Hit the park and decided on my regular 6k loops and wanted to push the pace a little today and worked on how I was feeling instead of looking constantly at the watch. Felt OK and was surprised when I came through the first one in 25.44 at 4.17s. Then tried to lift on the 2nd loop but this time kept an eye on the clock, started to feel the pace around 9ks and struggled going up the hill around 10.5 but came over the top to finish off strong to register 24.54 at 4.08 per/k
All up 12ks =  50.38 average pace 4.12s – Happy with that

Afternoon it was down to Miranda for the State 4k relays , but really who gave two hoots about that . this was more about ‘Scone Day’ care of Lady Laura’s mother Lynn who kindly baked up a batch of the finest to go around.  Top notch I must say and they went down a treat and I’ve not seen a bigger bunch of Vultures hanging around in order to sample. Tommy H must have been good for 5 and even the normally mild and placid Tony ‘Fats’ Fattorini was like a man possessed as he wolfed down a further half dozen.
Highlights were,
 1. Getting Tom Highnam’s kids all lined up scoffing scones whilst he was struggling running up the uphill section and ‘young Charlie’ shouting out’ C’mon Dad, no scones left by the time you are finished
2. Tommy on his 5th and forgetting that he even had his kids and seeing one old bloke carrying his youngest and asking if she was his child seen roaming all over the oval?
3. Toms kids all agreeing that Phil’ The Sculpture’ Dove looked YOUNGER then Tom , and then eldest daughter seen asking again ‘’Is that man REALLY older then you daddy?  
**** Phil Dove is 47 by the way ***  - Honest

Sunday – Long Run 24ks total.
Good turnout to start at 6.15am with Lady Laura bringing Olympic Royalty to join us in the likes of Eloise Wellings before she jets off for the Comm. Games in Scotland in July, Joined by Laura, Barts, Razor, Corky O’Conner, Enda, Birchy, Elle, Jeet, Brendan and Renee for the first 6ks done in 27.28. Then set about the first 10k loop that was kept pretty honest as well coming in on the 45 minute mark (4.30s)  A quick regroup and check what everyone was going to do for the next 10k pace wise and we are off again – With Enda and Razor setting the pace at 3.45s I settled into roughly 3.55 pace , knew I’d be doing well to hold that but thought I’d give it a go all the same. Got to the 5k turnaround point before the GPS packed up for the day and it wasn’t too long that I was to follow suit, pretty much held on for a further 2ks (7k mark ) and when It came to re-entering the park for the final 3ks I was gonski and cut short returning to the café to make it a 8k loop instead of the planned 10k
Not what I had intended in truth but perhaps I went too hard on yesterdays set ? Still a good 24ks done for the day with 16 at roughly 4.30 pace and another 7ks at 4 min/ks
A good solid session all around mind and the girls and guys all seem to be finding a bit of form , great news with the upcoming Tassie and Gold Coast trips not too far away.

Saw PLOD go by at one point – I gave out some encouragement but didn’t get any answer and he looked like he was in the ‘Hurt Box’ , think he needs to find something if he is to take out my PB in the Gold Coast over the Half in 5 weeks time.
Managed to get ONE bet on from this morning’s run – got $20 with Irishman Evan on the Half in the G.C – I have 90 second start . Will have to run well as he run a 82 dead at Sydney two weeks back…..could be a good bet this one ;)

Also bad news from yesterday on the bikes with both Renee taking a fall as well as Paulie ‘Cement’ Hanley, Paulie broke his collar bone I’ve heard, BUT it will take more than that to stop Renee from joining us for the Sunday run this morning. Someone best tell Hanley to toughen up ?
Take it easy out there guys – especially when it’s been raining.

Rest day tomorrow (from running ) and will head out for a swim at lunch

Time for Sunday arvo beers 

Tom with Kids and the 'Younger' looking Phil The Sculpture' Dove in the background.

Fats coming back for 2nds..... or was it 3rds? or even a 4th helping ???

Oh Yes, there was some running going on - Tom battles the hill section of the course.

Whilst Laura looked liked she was enjoying far too much.

...and after missing out last year, Fats was determined to get home faster this time around

Well done guys


Friday, May 30, 2014

P.A.P 1k Swim Time Trial - 17.29

Sledging, Banter, Shenanigans and getting beat up ....... no it’s not a continuation of the Churchill /Sands Cup but what has become the norm for the monthly swim time trial at the pool.
Smaller crew today with only 9 on the starting blocks that included Coach Walker, Angus, Cialis, QLDer Dave, Todd, Brendan, The Champ, MrAce and myself.
The Champ was first away and I was forced to give him 11 seconds start after my win last month at the A.B.C Pool, Worked hard to catch him within the first 300m and then overtook and tried to sit with what I thought was Todd's feet - didn't get anywhere near as it was Coach Walker who flew past (and wasn't to be the first time) Then had to contend with MrAce and Brendan sitting on my feet for the next 400m as I did all the work. I knew I was battling to hang on as any resemblance of form went out the window BUT still no one had come past me so maybe the 'DREAM' of another Duck was on the cards. Just about to turn at the 900m mark and then.....BANG, lights out, got a kick in the bonce from Pete Walker as he was in full tumble turn mode that left me seeing stars and no idea where I was. Still battled on for the final 100m (as you'd expect) but I knew my day was over.
A good finish was on the cards though all the same as Pete Walker went toe to toe with dual duck winner Angus and on this occasion the Coach got over the line by the merest of margins .....1 Second
*** An official protest was lodged immediately for rough tactics………..But was dismissed (By Walker himself) ***
Congrats to Pete Walker and great to see him get on the honours board
Times were .
Pete   14.20
Angus  15.51
Todd     16.29
Cialis   17.18
MrAce 17.25
Timmy  17.29
Brendan 17.37
QLDer Dave 17.40
The Champ   18.00

Next T/T is on the Friday 27th June

tomorrow I will be out in the morning for an easy 12ks , then heading down to the Shire to watch the State relays over 4ks .........or more importantly to go and eat the BEST scones in the business, care of Laura's mother. that is if she is still talking to us after The Chairman's foul mouth rant. It’s outrageous and I think I may need to take some soap down with me to wash his 'Potty Mouth' out ..........Shameful

May Duck Winner - Pete 'Coach' Walker - happy to finally get a win after 12 months of trying
Congrats Pete, well deserved


Thursday, May 29, 2014

HuRTS 8 x 800s at Rushcutters

With a kids carnival happening on Rushcutters Oval I had to mark out a double 400m metre course for the guys nearby for the 8 x 800s that was on the cards for a Thursday.
Decent size with C.T, Tom, Crossy, Angus, Mikey, girls Laura & Renee and good to see former #1 Barts and birthday boy (AND current #1) Tucks back in the fold. We split into 2 groups again today and I managed to sneak into the faster 1st group with Tom. C.T , Dom and the huffing and puffing Barts leading from the front. It’s a bloody tough session this one and I went out way to hard (then spent the rest of the set regretting it) to come home in 2.34 Held onto the back of Dom for the next two with the times drifting slightly. Really struggled on reps 4,5 & 6 as too was Barts who I thought was going to have a heart attack at one point as he sounded like hard working Macca with his breathing.
Didn’t think I was actually going to complete the session at one stage, and on the 5th rep I thought about doing only a 400, on the 6th I even contemplated on it being my final one. But in the end I dropped back a group to join Mikey, Angus and Laura and somehow found a lift that got me over the line and saw me do all 8.
Times were. 2.34, 2.37, 2.38, 2.40, 2.40, 2.42, 2.39, 2.38
Stuffed at the end and happy to get through that one, the front runners were moving well – Tom in particular was doing them in around 2.20s (?), with C.T not far behind, Barts has some work to do if he’s to get close to C.T in the Gold Coast, whilst Tucks was just cruising and even helped me out on the last rep. Mikey and Laura were consistent coming in on each around 2.40s

Rest day today (Friday) although I do have the Golden Duck 1k Swim time trial to defend, which could be a tough ask.

Will be back in the park for an easy 12ks tomorrow morning.

Photo of course courtesy of Angus Boyd - Tough course coming back to the start line each lap with a slight climb.
Mikey reckons it would add on about 3 seconds to the normal oval times???

Ok, Its not exactly international standard - but its not a bad makeshift course for the HuRTS 800s
Thanks to Angus for the download.


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Easy Midweek Session

Pretty easy 12.6ks in total after bumping into C.T at the start for good chat whilst we covered the first 5ks, before running into Hardman J.C and Enda. It was then a 10 minute stand around whilst the boys dished up their normal TRASH  talk whilst everyone tried to jump on the bandwagon and shaft poor C.T in bets for the Gold Coast.
Detoured out from the park at this stage and joined the two boys run into the City before upping the pace coming back past the SCG and Footy stadium to return to the park
12.6 all up average pace 4.29s

Four bets were made this morning ; for the record
1.       C.T at the Gold Coast with 9 minute buffer for drinks during the afternoon in the Surf Club.
2.        With Paul ‘Cement’ Hanley $20 he says England WON’T get out the group stages in the World Cup from Brazil
3.       Enda $20 – Head to Head in the World Cup Tipping Contest starting in a fortnight
4.       Hardman J.C  Double/Nothing on $20  – Head to Head in the next 10k Race (I took the first one in the Half )

In all the excitement from last week’s Half I forget to mention Enda’s latest victory whilst out at the Charity night last Friday week. I think he has found his calling in life when he took out the Big Heads/Tails contest. Again there was talk of rorting the system and rumour going around that a double sided Tail’ coin was used with his good mate Kanser also in the loop. The lengths he will go to ……..Shameful.

Stand by for some exciting NEWS re a HuRTS competition set up specifically for the City to Surf – without giving too much away it will be based on a TEAM event that everyone has a chance of winning.

Enda claiming his first major win in 37 years - taking out the big Heads/Tails contest over Chairman Tommy H and Irishman Conor

Rushcutters 8 x 800s tomorrow


Monday, May 26, 2014

May 5k Time Trial Centennial Park

Decided once more to stay in the park early today and caught up with Sharonne and Vlad the Destroyer who was also in town for our May 5k time trial. Still wasn’t feeling 100% after the weekends efforts but knew I had to get it done so prepared myself for a tough 18+ minutes of pain that lay ahead.
A 4k warm up and I was into it, As always  pretty fast first k as I went through in 3.26, and then saw 7.01 for the 2ks. Started to struggle coming into 3ks up the hill as the pace dropped and was just keen to try to hold and limit the damage to see out the 5ks. Still not great as I lost up to 15 seconds per/k over the second half and it’s something that really needs to be sorted (and that’s only over 5ks)
Time was 18.15 average pace 3.39
4ks warm down to bring up 13 for the day

Although not fantastic, still think I could go sub 18 if I was in a race – might try out that Curl Curl one the boys get out to one Saturday morning ?

Will go longer in the morning and back up for the HuRTS 800s on Thursday down at Rushcutters


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Monday Swim

Yet another beautiful day to start another week , and I wasn’t the best after a heavy weekend celebrating Ronan’s 40th and then backing up yesterday for the ‘Wobbly Head Premier league footy tipping presentation. So I figured that a swim would at least be good to help clear the head.
Small crew today with only , Walker, Super Kev, Angus, Kenny, The Champ and I to start, just sat in last for the first 400m before pushing myself up to sit on Super Kev’s feet for the first of 5 x 200s, Came home in a quick fire(for me anyway) 3.10 and decided to have a long break for the 2nd rep, repeated the same on the 3rd & 5th once more sitting the even one out.
Mr. Ace and Eloquent Julia made late appearances and then we paired up for the final 400m relay with each person doing a 200m hit out, After his lackluster effort last week I dumped ‘Kenny’ in favour of Super Kev thinking that it may have been strong enough to get over Coach Walker and Julia? Unfortunately Kevs Irish heart came out to play and failed miserably as Julia actually beat him over the first 100mtrs
Relay results
1st Walker /Julia
2nd Mr. Ace / Kenny
3rd Lindop / Not so Super Kev
4th Angus / The Champ

Buggered at the end but felt loads better then when I at least jumped in the pool some 40 minutes earlier.

I posted a photo of a young HuRTS member the other day……..Had NO takers on who it could have been, although I did have one person come up to me at Ronan’s on Saturday evening and asked me if it was ‘Wee Jimmy Krankie’ ? (you may need to be English to know that one) J

Speed work in the morning and I think it’s the tough 5ks T/T  - Ouch


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Grecian 2000

Easy morning but only managed to knock out just over 10ks and run with Sharonne and Neil Pearson who is back after running 3 marathons in 13 days recently
Nothing too exciting although it was a glorious morning around the park, hard to think that we are only a week away from winter.

Out tonight for a few scoops to celebrate Ronan turning the Big 4 Zero – so no running in the morning and will have to try to get out Monday, having said that I am hosting a football presentation on Sunday so that may be in the balance as well.

Ronan all set to celebrate his 40th Birthday Bash tonight after a special trip to visit his hairdresser.

Also , Just in to the TRASH latest 'Who Am I ' photo - from younger years. Free schooner to the first correct answer?

Guess Who ?? I think we are looking at the guy on the left (in the lovely Xmas sweater)..... tough one this.


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Double Set, 400s & 3k Tempo at Rushcutters

Pretty easy week after the half that was until Thursday’s HuRTS session where I ventured  down to Rushcutters Oval for the altered session that the Chairman pulled rank on. Tommy  H had us doing the new double set that included 8 x 400s and then a 3k tempo tagged on the end.
Smaller crew today but I was very impressed with the likes of Tom, Jeet, Erika Elkland, Dom, Angus and Greta who were all backing up from Sundays half, as was Warrior Charlie from his 50k walkathon the day prior. Also brought down good friend and runner Sharonne to the group for her first time.
Split into two groups today with the first rolling every 2.00 mins and the 2nd going every 2.10 – pushed myself up a spot to join Tom ,Darien, Dom and Angus and decided to at least give it a go and see how I pulled up.
I’d marked a different course out for today’s session as the normal was closed and after the first rep realized it was some 20-25 metres long as I come home strong but only saw 76 on the clock. Basically just held the remaining 7 reps coming in just behind Dom each time although Angus got the better of me from rep 6 onwards.
We had the same 3k tempo course marked out as last time that consisted of 3 x 1k loops and there was NO drama this time from the Chairman who seemed to understand the layout far better than he did some 4 weeks prior.
Again split into 3 groups for this – a 12 minute group (4 min/ks), 11.15 (3.45s) and 10.30 (3.30) on which I drove the middle bus out sitting on 3.45s. Strangely I felt pretty good especially during the first two loops and then caught the slower group with about 500m to go, got a little lazy here and just sat in behind Erika Elkand and co before  Warrior Charlie gave me a c’mon Timmy’ jolt . Crossed the line in 10.39 average pace on 3.36 with the course measuring slightly short on 2.96
Times for the Day, 76, 77, 75, 77, 78, 78, 77, 78   - 3k Tempo 10.39 (3.36s)

Love these NEW sessions, and happy with the way it’s going and how I pulled up from Sundays race. Just need to keep it ticking over and make sure I manage to get those long Sunday runs in………. although I won’t be doing one this week as I have another big party to attend on the Saturday night that pretty much puts paid to that.

Supposed to have gone out last night to celebrate my Mediocre Cup win with the lads, unfortunately it didn’t happen as some of the soft C@ck$ let me down badly by refusing to come. Pretty pish weak to be honest and only the Chairman was willing to attend, and to rub salt in the wounds cancellation didn’t come through till 5.30pm, after which I’d cancelled classes to make it. Wasn’t a happy bunny  L
Still, it appears as if some will put themselves out for plenty whilst others don’t and it’s something I just have to accept.

With NO long run Sunday I will try to get out tomorrow after work and knock some decent ks out, At a bit of a loose end now without my footy fix on a Saturday night now the seasons over, although it’s the Champions League Final this week between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid in the all Spanish decider.
Timmy Tips – Take Real to win the big one 3-1

Have a good weekend
Train Safe

Sunday, May 18, 2014

SMH Half Marathon 82.58

In what is regarded as possibly HuRTS biggest attending event alongside City to Surf, the S.M.H Half Marathon around the city was the scene that brought a huge crew together on a cracker of a Sydney morning.
Met up with a cast of thousands at the Stone Gates and after warming up with Mikey then the group photos and of course the sledging that went on it was soon over to the start line outside St Mary’s Cathedral
I’d had a pretty good few weeks training over the past 5 weeks since Canberra so was looking for an improvement in my 85 minute time. Went out pretty hard , which was the plan as its mostly downhill for the first 5ks and saw 17.53 flash up (3.34s) Despite running well it was at this point that Angus, Jeet, Pete Walker and Lady Laura all came flying past, Was reluctant to pick it up any further and just decided to work off them and try to restrict the gap from opening too much.
Went through 10ks in around 37.10 and had those ‘bad moments’ around the back of Darling Harbour that I just had to get through before returning to some good support on the edge of the city that saw PLOD and his Cork partner Paulie ‘Cement’ Hanley yelling abuse (or was it support?) as well as Slim Sammy Agnew doing his best ‘David Bailey ‘ work on camera duties.
Coming over the Cahill Express around the 15k mark I could see Jeet looking like he was in the ‘Hurt Box’ and somehow I set about trying to reel him in (or at least get within the 15 seconds of him), Coming up Macquarie Street was a killer and barely made it to be honest as the pace dropped dramatically . I was tempted to head straight down the finishing chute at the end of the road but we are forced to drop back into the Domain for another 4k loop that sends us back down to Mrs. Macs chair and back up. Just on the downhill section I make a quick burst and go past Jeet and pray he doesn’t’ come with me ………..(thankfully he must have felt worse then I was and didn’t).
After one final climb it was then the nasty 500m down College Road and back up , and was in a world of pain as I stopped my watch in 82.55 (later official time of 82.58)

Very happy with that although I did feel it did get away from me over the last 5ks or so , and that’s where the long runs need to come in a bit more, The speed work is coming back and hopefully another month or so and I’ll be stronger yet again. Think the ‘HuRTS Tour Bus’ is heading to Tassie in Mid June for a 10k race so may head over to see what I can knock out before giving another half a go up on the Gold Coast in the first week of July and hopefully sub 80 may be on the cards?

Some fantastic times from the group with many a PB run again, special mention YET again goes to Renee who smashed her way around for a 5 minute PB in 89.40, Angus 81 (PB), Erika Ekland 83.05 (8 min PB) and old mate Enda’s rich vein of form continues with a stunning 75.36 (PB). BUT the Timmy Run of the Day for me was from the Chairman himself Tommy H, Taking advantage of Tucks on Walkathon duty in the Mountains and Barts having a spell on the sidelines , the former #1 was giving C.T a good shoeing on his way to a fast 72.21
The Geordie Boy is all class and I’ve said numerous times that he NEVER runs a bad race, and even more NEVER misses out on a good social night either.

On the betting stakes I went OK , although I did lose out to Enda can you believe , but it couldn’t have been closer. We went 7.21 difference and the OFFICIAL time was 7.22 (Enda 75.36 /Lindop 82.58) so I was $20 poorer for it .
Managed to collect from Jeet, Ronan , Kane and take some beers from C.T (who still has a lot to learn).

A good night followed in the ‘Sheaf’ post race and plenty of drinks replaced all the lost fluids , The Irish were in fine form after taking out the Churchill/ Sands Cup for the first time , although not without controversy (AGAIN) , we won’t dwell on it BUT I really do think we need to review the rules more closely for next year, in regards to certain people running and the finer points like running with the group and attending social events??
Congrats to Enda and his team though, they all run well and it was a close call between the teams.

Will be back out in the morning to continue with the training.

Also huge congrats to HuRTS favorite son Andrew ‘Tucks’ Tuckey who  was as mentioned in the Blue Mountains for the North Face 100k Walk, Great effort from Tucks who took out 2nd spot overall and I’ve heard it was a sprint finish over the final 400m.
Rumour going around last night that they both actually broke the 6 minute per/k to finish off the run – something they didn’t manage for the previous 99ks J

Team England with Slim Sammy Agnew (complete with teenage mutant ninja turtle jacket), Timmy and 'The Sculpture' Phil Dove.

A 'TRUE' team England with Anton, Timmy, Fats and Phil Dove ....Enda spoiling the photo in the background.
* Captain Tom is missing - he was in the toilet yet again for the 8th time

Timmy's Run of the Day - Tom 'The Chairman' Highnam - Great run on his way to 72.21

Working hard to record a 82.58

this was the easy part of the race.

A collect from Jeet of $20

Only to hand it over to Enda

A TRUE Irish girl Jacqueline 'Sinead corky O'Conner with the winning Churchill /Sands Cup

With another TRUE Irishman - Good Guy Ronan with the winning drinks that we had to shout.

And despite Enda's great form of late he really does need to finish the races off with a little more grace, its getting a little embarrassing

Enda getting a helping hand from the English Gents, Tommy H and Fats.

And who could forget this on National T.V ?


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Medium Long Run for Midweek

Had every intention of doing only 12ks today but ended up running about 10ks first up with clients that I hadn’t planned on before promising a friend that I would run 14ks with her.
Ok, the 10k was done at an easy pace but still time on my feet, after that we left the park and run down Oxford Street into the Domain and around the more regular HuRTS route that is  Mrs. Macs Chair to the Opera House before retracing our steps back to the park.
Pace was steady and averaged 4.43s for the 14k on another perfect autumn morning. Did see the BRAT/Hardmen running around early doors that included Enda, J.C with his shirt off again and good to see the ‘Shire’s #3 back running with the lads…Damo Bray.
23.7ks for the day , and now time to freshen up and take it easy for a few days before Sunday, Will  take a day off tomorrow and just head to the pool on Friday.

Friday evening sees us all head over to Randwick Labour Club for Quiz night with Dave ‘Bamber Gascoigne ‘Your starter for ten’ Kane as the host. It’s a charity night for good guy Ronan’s charity so hopefully it will be a full house and that the HuRTS boys turn out in force for support.  Not sure about some of the boys general knowledge but see Mikey has stacked his table with a lot of geeks in order to take the title so will be interesting.
I’ll be submitting my own table but if anyone would like to join our ‘Eggheads’ then please just drop us a line …. You’ll need an IQ that’s not in single figures to get a spot though (so that may rule a large % out)

Tomorrow with NO training I will give a brief on the Churchill/ Sands runners for Sunday and what we can expect J


Monday, May 12, 2014

Tuesday (Faster) Tempo Time.

A 5k warm was the go to begin today’s session before deciding to knock out 2 x 3k efforts, Although I wanted to try to push the pace I didn’t want to ‘kill myself’ at the same time with the purpose of working more of a tempo pace.
I’ve got 2 different 3k paths marked out within Centennial so thought I’d do them both,
For the first rep you get a good downhill start before a flat second and the tougher climb back up to the café for the 3rd kilometer.  Happy to work around the 3.42 pace to stop the clock in 11.06, although I’m not so sure it was tempo pace as suggested. A couple of minutes break then it was over to route 2 and the 2nd effort, again felt I was moving well and just tried to keep it relaxed and as comfortable as possible. Came home even quicker in 10.51 (3.37s) but was working hard over the final 500m for that time.
A further 3ks cool down to bang out a pleasant 14 for the morning and it was coffee and toasted banana bread time all by 8.30am ……..Happy days and saved me a couple of hours trek into the City at lunchtime.

The banter has started up big time as mentioned yesterday for the upcoming Churchill /Sands Cup on Sunday, and it appears that Irish Captain Enda has already shown signs of ‘cracking’ under the pressure of trying to wrestle the Cup from English hands, Tells me now that he may be injured (that’s normally a sign he’s in best form and will run a PB) and even phoned me ranting on about English dirty tactics that reminded me very much of footballer Kevin Keegan  who famously lost it in a rant against Sir Alex Ferguson in the 1996 Premier League title race.
Read more:
The English are not without injury concerns either but we won’t be airing them for all to see and will just get on with the job or trying to get the sought after trophy back in its rightful home ……..Tommy Highnam work office.

Will be back out in the morning for an easy 12ks and then will just back right off for the rest of the week to try to freshen up for Sundays run.


Mother's Day Long Sunday Run

C.T, Enda, and Lady Laura were the early starters with me for the long Sunday run as we first did our little 6k loop we do before we pick up the later 7am arrivals.
 27 minutes for the 6k (average pace 4.30)
Smaller crowd today due to I presume Mother’s Day and only collected Jeet, And Kroney, But the pace picked up pretty much straight away for the first 10k loop.
Felt pretty good though and it was just one of those days were it all felt so easy (which doesn’t happen too often), Good banter for the morning with Enda and C.T going head to head, although I fear C.T has so much to learn when it comes to beating against the Irish champ.
Completed the next 10 and then a further 9 where it worked out we were doing 4.20 pace and haven’t managed that for a long time
25ks all up in 1.48 average pace for the morning 4.22s

Seems as if everyone is after some Timmy Dollars with Jeet the latest to wager a bet on the upcoming half , despite smashing me by over 3 minutes only 4 weeks back at Canberra the best he is offering me is 15 seconds (he must have attended the same betting /shark school as Enda?)
So officially it looks like this for Sunday
Tim v C.T  + 11 minutes  for 3 schooners
Tim v Enda + 7.21 minutes for $20
Tim v Jeet  + 15 seconds for $20
Tim v Kanser off Scratch for $20
Tim v Ronan  minus 4 mins for $20

I best be ready for this one and bring my ’A’ game to the table or it could be a costly race J

All talk has turned to the upcoming Churchill /Sands Cup for the S.M.H Half with teams submitted , not without controversy as you’d expect, Irish Captain is still crying out for Aussie Rich Palmer can you believe ? Whilst we called in ‘The Sculpture’ Phil Dove to help steady the ship.
Irish are favorites for this one I reckon as we are without Low, Heyden, ‘B Grade Binfield, Dicky Green, Agnew just to name a few whilst the Irish have a cast of thousands. But we will just give it our best shot and see what happens?

Swim set with Pete, Super Kev, The Champ, Kenny,  Angus and Julia good session that was 1 x 400, 2 x 300, 3 x 200 and 4 x 100s – once again felt pretty good and the session was made even more interesting when we had a relay race where I teamed up with Kenny and just got done on the post by team Walker /Champ
Angus and Super Kev were DQed when the Irish lad went too early …………typical

Big session tomorrow , the last tough one before Sunday

Friday, May 9, 2014

Logging the Ks

Busy morning working but managed to squeeze in a very easy 10ks to keep the legs ticking over and trying to keep the mileage to a reasonable level.
Nothing to eventful today although I did see a steely eyed C.T literally flying around looking good, Enda looking very serious doing efforts (he’s very focused on taking Tom and my money next week I’m telling you) Just hope he’s not peaked too early? Even saw the ‘Sweaty’ Craig looking the worse for wear after trying to keep up with Renee and Elle and managed to have a brief chat to them once they were done.
To complete the morning ‘The Leech’(Eoin) was walking by with the kids not looking so happy, I know he’s had an Achilles issue for a month or so but he seemed a little upset and it’s little wonder after he told me his latest news.
Following on from Kanser’s misfortunes earlier in the week, the Leech has continued the Irish shame. I’ll let you read more here – again names have been changed to avoid further embarrassment to our Dublin friend:

Back on the radio this evening for the final time this season to give all the expert tips and analysis, and to review Stokes successful season and where they take the next step going forward.
Back out in the morning with the guys for the long Sunday run as well.


I'm a Savage for 'Bacon & Cabbage'

Down to the pool to end the week and like yesterdays run set the group split into 2 but unlike yesterday I knew my place was in the slower lane for today’s session.
Good crew and in our ‘slower’ lane was Brendan, The Champ, QLDer Dave and myself for the 1 x 400, 5 x 200, and 5 x 100s
Once the 400 was out the way we all took turns on leading the lane and I was first up bringing it home in 3.16, After the 4th rep poor Brendan drew the short straw and was made to do the 5th from the front and that was basically him done for the day after that.
The 100s were last up and the final rep saw us having a handicap race with each leaving 5 seconds apart with The Champ first away but it was Super Kev who took today’s honours.
2.1ks all up for the day.

Had a cracker of a night last night when two of HuRTS most sociable members and I were out for a bite to eat and a few beers. Chairman Tommy H and Enda Stankard took time out where Enda paid his dues for the last 2 bets made for Canberra and the State 10k last weekend. Went to a friend’s top restaurant in Chippendale that offers up fine Irish tucker …………. And no it wasn’t just a plate of potatoes. Bacon & Cabbage, with Boxy Pancakes went down a treat. A fine night although poor Tom and I did have to endure Enda harping on about handicaps still trying to get one over us before the SMH  Half next weekend.
The outcome was –
Tim vs. Enda  $20 with myself getting 7.21 start
Tom vs. Enda $20 with Enda receiving a 2.34 start.

So I have C.T and Enda to wrestle with for the tough 21ks next week, anyone else want to take my cash give us a bell.

Big weekend on the footy for the final time, and it’s come to a showdown between Tom and I for the Mediocre Cup that the boys have been playing for over the past 9 months. Tom holds the upper hand s Newcastle are 2 points clear of Stoke but have to travel to Liverpool , whilst the Stoke boys are also away to West Brom.
Timmy’s Tip – West Brom 2 vs. Stoke 2……………. I know , I know – victory to Tom L

Enda looking less then happy to hand over another $20 - lets hope he's doing the same again next weekend.

Have a great weekend
Train Well
Stay safe

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Pyramid Time at Rushcutters

Back down to what is fast becoming my favorite venue regardless of the session that is Rushcutters Oval for the Thursday HuRTS set that was on the cards. The Oval isn’t actually in the best of shape with the recent weather and the footy that is now being played but I still enjoy running there.
Decent showing as well with old favorites Tommy H, Mikey back from hols, Muzza,  #1 Tucks and Lady Laura continuing on her comeback trail.
Split into two groups today for the 1,2,3,4,3,2,1 Pyramid session and made the decision early to join the big boys in the first of the two – wasn’t so much about running with the top guys, more that I wanted to reduce the breaks as much as I could.
With Tommy H, Tucks and C.T leading out I tucked in behind the ever improving Super Kev and on the shoulder of Dom for the first single lap. Pretty much the same for the double and triple laps and just tried to relax and keep the rhythm going for the dreaded 4 lapper. Normal procedure on this set is that I die second time around so was really focused on trying to repeat the times from earlier and finish strongly.
Despite having those ‘I can’t do this’ thoughts , I actually held it together pretty well as the times indicate and even felt I had some kick for the final 450m last lap
Times for the day were:
83, 2.50, 4.21, 5.52, 4.20, 2.52, 78
Very happy with that, as the slowest pace for all was a 3.19 per/k on the 4 laps (1.8ks)

Last did this on the 19th March with times of
86, 2.54, 4.27, 6.12, 4.36, 3.00, 79

So the improvement does continue – even if it does seem a  slow process.

Got chatting to C.T PRE session (thank God it was PRE) and locked in my first wager for the S.M.H Half – the good man has agreed on an 11 minute handicap buffer in my favour. C.T worked on himself running around 73 and me an 84 ………………..Sounds about right to me ;)

Talking bets, out tonight with Tommy H and Enda where the Irishman will honour his Canberra Half bet over dinner, Will work on him over our ‘Bacon & Cabbage’ and no doubt a few potatoes thrown in meal to see what we can work out for the big one next weekend..Stay tuned.

HuRTS guys in action at Rushcutters, include, Mikey, Gretski, Ericka, Lady Laura, and Liam

Hang On, Is that Mikey stopping his watch BEFORE he hits the line ?????

And Lady Laura finishes with a smile on her face making it look easy.


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

3 x 2k Centennial Park

Didn’t get time to get to the city on Tuesday  with the HuRTS boys so stayed in the park after my early class and decided to knock out 3 x 2k reps. My usual preferred route was hampered as they were still clearing the remains from the ‘She Runs the Night’ Nike run from Saturday that then meant I had to rearrange my course and add a small hill early in each rep.
Didn’t feel that great to begin with on a cold morning and basically struggled to even get motivated at one point. Battled to hold 3.35 pace as stopped the clock in 7.13 for the first rep.
Felt only slightly better on the 2nd and then it was just a case of knowing there was only one to go and seeing it out.
Times were 7.13, 7.06, 7.07
Not the best session in truth but happy to just get another one under the belt, and perhaps if I was to run with the rest of the team then I maybe could get around that 7 minute mark?
Had to endure the daily abuse from cyclist Paulie ‘Cement’ Hanley each time he flew by…….Still no clue what he says in his deep Cork accent, all’s I get is ‘Is amadán tusa Timmmmmmmmmy’ , Gobshite

The Sydney Striders running club released a set of 10k handicap times yesterday for all involved. Very interesting and at long last something that we can all go on without fear of any shafting, rorting and any other Irish Shenanigans going on for future races. I see Enda has to give me 3 .37  for the next 10k race ( and he only gave me 3.30 last week) so hopefully I can continue to add to the little ‘Kitty’ that is building J

Was supposed to head into town today to run with the Enda and the Chairman himself, but I’ve heard (and he’s not stopped crying about it) that Tom has a Killer cold that would bring down an elephant, so I thought better to join them……………..he probably sneezed once last Monday, It still means that we can expect Enda to have his monthly epidemic now come the weekend.

Will try to get back with the boys for the Thursday session tomorrow

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday Long Run - Centennial Park

Big crowd in the park for the Sunday long run which was impressive especially with many backing up after the State 10k only 24 hours prior.
Tommy H , Barts, Enda, C.T, and Laura were the first to start the first 6ks at 6.30 joined later by the likes of Pommy Paul, Jeet, Elle, Renee, J.C and Curl Curls new #1 ‘Allo Allo’ . The usual Sunday banter was flying around as the pace was kept more than honest as we also picked up a late running Dave Kane after about 12ks
Couldn’t believe how well the legs felt and how I was moving throughout the morning as we ticked off the ks, although they did start to struggle around the 22ks and I was happy to call it quits once I’d returned to the café with 24 done for the morning.
24ks in 1.46 average pace 4.26s

Great afternoon spent over a few beers later with Lisa & Keith and the Taffy Lad watching the ‘A League G/F, entertaining game with the QLDers taking victory.

Monday. Down to the Prince Alfred Pool (PAP)  for the first swim of the winter season and good to see the return of Eloquent Julia and QLDer Dave joining regulars Coach Walker, Angus and The Champ’  Tougher pool to swim than the A.B.C and made to work far harder in just maintaining the times.
 Session was 1 x 400, 4 x 200, and 8 x 100.
Sat on The Champs feet for the first 400 coming in on 6.39 and did the same for the first of the 200s. Then pushed up a spot and was made to work even harder as I sat on Angus feet for the remaining 200s coming in on 3.15 and 3.17 respectively.
Finished with the 100m efforts coming in between 1.35 -1.37 for the 8.
Great pool this one but boy it’s a tough session.

Will back up tomorrow and get out although not sure I’ll make the HuRTS session due to work so I may be forced to go solo and get it done early.