Tuesday, September 30, 2014

...and then it got even HOTTER.

If yesterday was Hot then today it was even hotter for the 8 x 5 minute session around Farm Cove, Despite the heat there was a massive showing from the team and once everyone had the instructions from Mikey to reduce their pace to accommodate the conditions we were off and running.
Took Mikeys advice and settled running with Clarkey and Macca for the first rep and went through 1k in 3.36 (as about all 5 watches beeped in sync around me) only for Mikey to call out some 40 mtrs behind me  ‘Too fast Timmy, that was a 3.24 (?) ….Told you his watch was faulty.
Got to 1.4ks averaging 3.38s in the end and made it back even quicker on the faster return in 3.32s. The heat was already taking its toll though with water bottles flying everywhere and left Enda foaming at the mouth.
Pretty much held a solid pace throughout the set but by the 5th rep I was starting to feel the pace and made the call to get back for the 6th and that would be me done for the day.  Would have preferred to do the whole 8 but thought it may have done more harm than good to be honest and didn’t want to drain the legs completely.
Pace for the 6 reps were: 3.38, 3.32, 3.35, 3.35, 3.39, 3.35

By cutting short I then had the luxury of a long cool down with ‘Mum to be’ Elle and Sonya knocking out another 3ks –but I was even struggling to stay with Elle by this part J

I believe the boys all jumped in the Harbour once done for a cool down, that I missed out on. A great way to finish the session off but I do worry when they do that, Especially for Tom as I’ve told him many times not to get into the water without his arm bands, or if he does then please stay close to Pete Walker.

Out again this morning (Wednesday) for some easy ks, and caught up with old training partner Sharonne for 10ks, Saw Birchy getting his last runs in and saw the ‘Wildman’ Stevie T in full flight getting his reps done in time for Saturdays big ‘Head to Head’ with the ‘Chairman at Homebush.
As many of you know, I’m a big Tommy H fan and there is NO better racer in the squad then the ‘Geordie Boy’ But I think he’s bitten of more than he can chew on this one. Stevie is on the comeback trail and looking good – after all he is ‘HuRTS’ fastest man (with a 30 minute 10k to his name) and I’m tipping he will relieve some of the Chairman’s money come Saturday.
Mind you I plan to do the same – 3.55 is the difference between us and I’ll be looking at running 36.55 – means he will have to break 33 to take the dosh.
I hope he’s in a better mood come Saturday, Jeez he was a soppy old git yesterday, due to his Newcastle team failing to beat the mighty Potters overnight. Never came near me all day, told him not to be too upset as better teams come to Stoke and still go home empty handed as well J

A couple of easy and rest days here on in till the weekend, with Striders Saturday and a final 20k on the Sunday.


Sunday, September 28, 2014

Hot, Hot, Hot.

Hottest day of the season so far to start the week and it was a perfect day to hit the pool. Unfortunately Mikey pulled rank and promised the Monday runners a bit of ‘Body Bashing’ and ‘Fisting’ at ‘Redleaf’ if they joined him for a trot that kept our usual numbers to a low.
Only Crossy, ‘The Leech’ and Champ there today and Coach Walker didn’t even leave us a set to do, so I improvised and after a warm up decided 10 x 200s were the go. After Fridays pathetic performance in the T/T I knew my place in the line today and was just going to be a case of hanging on throughout. Crossy is not as good a swimmer as he is runner but he’s no slouch either and the Leech is always pretty solid. Times varied depended on who was leading from 3.09s to 3.20s.
Buggered at the end but on a cracker of a day I was more than happy to get the session done.

Arrived early to get a few extra laps in before the boys arrived and met Lady Laura who was just jumping out after doing her 1k time trial ………….O.M.G – she told me she did 19.00 dead, Holy $h!te, I only did 18.45 on Friday and I got a bit of help by sitting on MrAce for the first 200, that means we are pretty much on the same pace and doesn’t bode well for when we do the upcoming biathlons L

Back out tomorrow with the HuRTS guys for perhaps the last of the tough sessions that sees 8 x 5 minutes on program.

Set those alarms for early in the morning and get up to watch Stoke give those daft Geordies from Newcastle a good shoeing in the English Premiership. Let’s hope so anyway – if nothing else it will make tomorrows run set seem slightly easier every time Tommy H runs past me.


Sunday Long Run and weekend Wrap

Went into Centennial Park early with every intention of doing a 5k hard session to see where I was at with  my training but upon arrival  caught up with C.T and his Melbourne Marathon students  – Pommy Birchy, Sonya and the ‘Skinny Doctor Ant who were out to do 2 x flat loops at pace.
After a couple of ks warm up I then decided to join their  session instead and we were soon away. C.T of course was fast away and soon out of sight whilst I also went through the first k way to fast in 3.24 Backed off after that before feeling the pace as usual around the tougher climb around Fox Studio gates and tried to lift for the final 700m or so to get back to the café in 13.15 (3.36 pace)
The guys weren’t far behind and after a 3 minute recovery it was away again for the 2nd effort – made a conscious effort to go out slower and keep it more consistent throughout and went through the first k in 3.35 that felt loads better. Still felt shocking at the Fox gates and was happy to get back only losing about 13 seconds on the first rep in 13.28 (3.39 pace)
Solid running from the others as well with The Doc getting quicker on his 2nd rep and Birchy & Sonya only losing a couple of seconds at most with me the furthest out with my 13 seconds.
Good tough session that I wasn’t really expecting, and the coffee and the banter after was even better especially when I had an old client come up to me for a chat and asked me what I had coming up in terms of races
Me: going to head to do the Melbourne Marathon in two weeks
Her: Oh Ok , where is that on at ?

Sunday .
After another late night on Saturday spent on the radio then a bit of English footy, it was back out for yet another Sunday long run and was greeted at 6.30am by C.T, Birchy, Jeet, Sam,  Sonya. Shire’s #12 Damo Bray and nice to see Enda back after another bout of ‘Ebola flu. Normal 6k starter loop to begin that passed in no time in 27.45 mins before the first 10k loop in and around the park working around the 4.39 pace to return in 45.49.
With 16ks done I was then keen to do another 10k loop at marathon pace, unfortunately no one else was keen so I was then forced to persuade Enda to at least do a flat loop (3.7k) with me at sub 4min/k pace.  Fair play to him for agreeing and I was very happy to be running at 3.57 pace and still holding a conversation to return to the café in 14.29 feeling pretty strong.
Bid a farewell to him at this stage as he then had to go and pick up his spanking NEW BMW motor that he’s purchased as I was then forced to go again and do another loop solo. Had intended to run it more at the (hopefully) marathon pace of 4.09s but was still feeling OK so just went with it and by pure coincidence I returned to the café in exactly the same time of 14.29 ……although I must admit to having to work harder to get it.
A further 700m to round out 24ks for the day in 1hr45 mins all up average pace 4.26s and I was done.
Plan was to do 26 for the day but that was with the 10k pace at marathon to finish but I only did closer to 8, still a pretty good weekend all up and have certainly gained some confidence from the past two days.  Is it enough to get within the following laid bets for Melbourne? I’m not sure but at least I can go in competitive for once J
C.T agreed to give me +20 mins
Jeet agreed to give me  +3 mins
Birchy agreed to give me 90 seconds
Sonya I have to give her 10 minutes

Plenty of bets laid then over the course of Striders and Melbourne – let’s hope I can deliver or else I ma y be forced to go with my cap in hand to Mikey for a sub or two.

Absolutely stunning morning in the park once more today, and YET again the gang were on fire with most if not all hitting over 30ks again with only two weeks remaining before the big dance.

Once all done whilst some of us headed for a morning coffee, a dip in the ocean or just a nice relaxing day. It all seems to be getting to Pommy Paul, who seems to be getting all ‘Clyde like ‘ and is in need of his angry pills. Even getting upset that someone talks to much in the group whilst running? Anyway as a means to calm him down we sent him to his favorite post run training salon in Double Bay to visit his mate Rupert – see below

Rest day tomorrow , but may hit the pool for a swim as the weather is supposed to be mid to high 20s (check Flakes blog for full details)

Birchy all happy again :)


Thursday, September 25, 2014

September 1k Time Trial - 18.32

What a way to make your swimming comeback – with the September 1k time trial at the A.B.C Pool. It was going to be tough enough at the best of times and when I see that the likes of Champ, MrAce and Brendan are all either going before me or starting at the same time then I knew I was never in the frame for a ‘Duck’.
At best I can swim 17.00 mins and after NO swimming for the whole of winter they marked me down as I could do 17.14 ….are they serious?
Nice day once more and a good squad lined up with the likes of MrAce (who I’ve not seen for ages),Brendan, Sonya, ‘Kenny’ and even Renee out for a dip. Tried to sit on MrAce feet but that lasted all of 150m before he powered ahead , Brendan was next to come past and I was doing well to hold Sonya off. Meanwhile the faster swimmers were in the next lane burning the pool up.
Pretty much struggled all the way by myself as I felt each lap get SLOWER, and the wall couldn’t come quick enough as I touched out in 18.32 –shocking
Golden Duck winner for the month (and joint fastest swim of the day) went to ‘Kenny’ who absolutely smoked it beating last month’s time by over a minute.  Kenny couldn’t hide his joy and was last seen dancing and screaming around the pool deck pretty much in tears declaring ‘how good it feels to be able to beat partner Renee at something for the first time in 2014’
Congrats to Kenny.
The punters weren’t happy though and a vote of NO confidence got passed in to ‘OUT’ coach Walker of his ‘Telstra Handicap’ duties.  Once this was declared it only left one choice ……step up the ‘T.O.S.S team (Timmy’s Overturned Swimming Squad)
Yes, the T.O.S.S will now be taking over handicap duties from now on in starting at the October T/T on the 31st.

A big weekend planned, first up watching the Swans beat the Hawks (hopefully)  then the BIG match in the premiership where Stoke entertain Tommy H’s Toon side at the home of footy – The Brit.  Stoke haven’t been playing well at home this season and if ever you were looking for a side to help kick start the season then NON better than playing  Newcastle
Take the Timmy’s Tip (with confidence this week) Stoke 3 v Newcastle 0

Sunday will see the team back out in Centennial Park for the last of the long runs before Melbourne in a fortnights time. Will aim for 26ks plus with the last 10k at marathon pace.

Have a great weekend
Train well, stay safe

Dual 'Duck 'Winner Kenny after taking out the August and September 1k T/T

3 x 2k Reps in a Storm

I think I may have done a ‘Birchy’ and went early in calling that Spring was here yesterday, as bang on cue just as we were about to start the session it was as if someone turned the lights out and a big storm was about to hit.
I rolled into town feeling shocking after a sleepless night after eating what felt like ‘Charlie’s Body Weight’ in a Rack of Ribs last night and a few beers. Big team on show once more and most pleasing was seeing the return of ‘The Italian Stallion – Michael Durante( he must have heard the HuRTS preso and ‘Harry’s Café 4 Pie Challenge  is not far away?).
Split into about 4 groups today for the 3 x 2k reps and if I was lucky enough to run with the ‘Chairman’ on Tuesday then today was even better as I got to run alongside #1 Andrew ‘Tucks’ Tuckey, who is slowly returning to normal after his epic 160k effort over 3 countries and decided to keep us company for the day.
Razor and Richard Mullaney (Mullo’s) set a fast pace from our group but I was happy to stop the clock on 6.58 for the first rep, Second was even faster although the boys were faster still as I was out the back but more than happy with the time. I knew the 3rd was going to be difficult, but was then really surprised that I was able to hold the pace and for the first time in ages  able to get all 3 done under 7 minutes.
Times were, 6.58 (3.29 pace), 6.50 (3.25s) & 6.51 (3.25s)

The front boys were on fire with the likes of Stevie Wildman, Quentin, Barts, C.T  and one or two others looking very strong, although no sign of Tommy H once again – starting to think his chances of beating ‘The Wildman’ are getting slimmer every day…………come to think of it, the chances of him beating me by the 4 minute handicap are near on impossible.
Despite the rain it was a great session to get done and happy with the way it’s been going the past few weeks as we enter the final 2 weeks before Melbourne.
Will take a rest day tomorrow , although if it’s nice weather I may head down for a swim at the A.B.C .

Well, well, well, seen it all now – the following photo has been used in helping promoting Athletics Australia’s 2015 Road Running Championships calendar , and who should we find?  Non other then Paul ‘Pommy Birchy’ Birch. Its early in the race but already he’s been ‘Chicked’ by some young girl and battling to stay with the 74 year old ‘Granddad’ J


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Spring has Sprung

Stunning morning in town that makes me think at last that Spring is here, wasn’t feeling the best and with heavy legs after a heavy workload of late I wasn’t looking forward to today’s run. Given up on finding or even asking about the BRAT /Hardmen so just cruised around for a lap before finding Sultry Sonya knocking out her 15ks. Proved a blessing as well, with the next couple of flat laps flying by in no time. Pace was pretty steady and 60 minutes later all was done for the morning with 13ks done.
Saw Pommy Birchy flying around looking as strong as ever and is focused for a big one in Melbourne, and saw an even faster Alex Rogers smashing some quick reps out – don’t think he was happy about ‘Our Wildman’ Stevie T beating him last Sunday and has taken to do some extra training to prevent a repeat in October?

Apologies to Kenny for yesterdays blog where I sold him short – said it was his first victory over partner Renee, It was in fact his 2nd after he took her at the Feb Striders race (unfortunately, he injured himself in doing it and never run since)
Confirmed bets locked in for the Striders 10k Homebush are:
Chairman Tommy H   + 4 mins to me    $20
Enda Stankard             +3.30 mins to me $20
Paul Hanley            minus -75 seconds    $20
Dave Kanser         minus  - 45 seconds   $20

Looking forward to seeing the return of Kanser – he’s been very quiet of late, but you just know he’s been banging out the ks in and around town. He’s even been spotted going later morning on Sundays to do his long runs….crafty bugger J

Also today it has been revealed that the first of the seasons A.B.C Duathlons is locked in – Thursday 23rd October has been set aside for the first head to head with Highnam / Stankard and the rest of the HuRTS team.
Let’s just hope Tom doesn’t try to bring his floaties this year.


The Chairman Tommy H this morning at Manly on completion of his first swim after hearing that the duathlon challenge is only 4 weeks away at the A.B.C

HuRTS Fartlek 45 mins (60 ON / 30 OFF)

Into the city early  for work that saw an easy 7ks prior to the HuRTS Fartlek 45 minute session (1min ON/30 seconds OFF) on a stunner of a day. Despite the Half only 2 days before it still brought a massive turnout and great to see the likes of Kenny and Laura back after recent injuries, as well as Travis after a couple of years in the wilderness.
Decided I was going to be sensible today and take it easy (Mikey style)  and with the Chairman still crook it meant I had the privilege to run beside him for the 45 minutes. Nice little group we had with Erika Ekland, Smolley, The Champ, Anto, Jeet, and about 6 others right with us for the ride. Had terrible trouble around the Quay with the crowds and school holidays that reduced the pace at times but managed to get to outside the theatre company on the 22.5 minute turnaround.
Pace picked up slightly straight away and once back inside the Opera House gates I felt it pick up even more that I seemed to struggle with as some of the faster guys came past around Mrs. Macs Chair, Tried to tuck in with Tom for the last 5 minutes and was happy to get over that last climb and still able to kick it home back to the Stone Gates as everyone had the same idea and about 5 of us finished together with 48 seconds to spare on the clock.

Good session, felt I took it pretty easy on the way out but was working hard on the return, not sure how many ks as NO Garmin today.
Pretty happy with that especially after Sunday’s half, but I do need to back it up tomorrow now with another 15ks early morning.

A couple of things come to mind during today’s session.
1.       Erika probably saw enough not to have to worry about me come Melb Marathon – pretty sure she will smash sub 3hrs
2.       Travis has been living in woop woop for two years but still has Enda in his pocket.
3.       Good to see Kenny back and beating partner Renee for the first time in the year – Kenny 1 v Renee 82
4.       Tom real is sick – telling me that he thinks Newcastle can beat Stoke this weekend at the fortress.
5.       Is Superflake really that bad? This bloke used to run sub 3hr marathons – now I see he only just broke 4 on Sunday.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Blackmores Half Marathon 82.48

After a night at the footy watching the Swans and a good few beers with the Chairman Tommy H, Enda and Cement Hanley on the Friday I was more than happy to head to Cloey for a dip in the open water after work on Saturday. Caught up with Taffy James, Crabby Van Beek (Sonya) and although Pommy Birchy came along we couldn’t coax him into his mankini claiming it was still a little too cold.
 A bit choppy and we just did some ‘In and outs’ thought it was about 200m each way but looking at the times I suspect it was more like 150. Taffy is only back in the water a few weeks but is looking strong ahead of the upcoming tri season and Sonya’s swimming has come on in leaps and bounds since last summer. Her Swimming may be good but the same can’t be said about her navigation – hence the crab nickname received throughout the morning,
About 1500m for the morning followed by coffee and breakfast with the others after.

Rolled up for my 4th Half Marathon of the year that is part of Blackmore’s Running Festival, With Melbourne only 3 weeks away I was keen for a solid hit out although went into the run on heavy legs and with a big week behind me so wasn’t really sure what to expect.  Met the regulars on the start line that included, Barts, Fats, Macca, Heyden, Quentin, Renaud, Birchy and Sonya before the tough uphill start to begin. Tagged on to Renaud for the first couple of ks over the bridge but knew he would run sub 80 so it wasn’t long before he then went ahead. Went through the first 5ks a bit too quick in 18.42 (3.44 pace), Enjoyed the Domain area that we are so familiar with but wasn’t really that comfortable at any stage and never got to run with anyone or form a pack that meant I was running solo for much of the time. Got a good look at the front runners as I headed over the expressway over Darling Harbour and it looked like Quentin and Barts were having a good battle up front with Macca toughing it out in his usual manner just sitting behind Fats. If the Domain was enjoyable then the back streets of Darling Harbour were soul destroying and when that hill came just before 17ks it nearly reduced to me a walk (not to mention bring me to tears) – Relieved then to get back on the freeway and then head for home via Hickson Road. Pretty much held the pace throughout without never been able to kick it down at any stage, although I thought I was starting to fade over the last 2ks or so that doesn’t’ bode well for Melbourne.
My 5k splits were.
5k 18.42 (3.44)
10k 19.43 (3.57)
15k 19.41 (3.56)
20k 19.47 (3.57)
1.2k 4.49 (3.46)

Finish time of 82.47 average 3.53s

Overall view – Solid race and think that’s about right time wise, Thought I was on for an 81 but the last 1k or so seemed to get away from me. Loads of work to do over the next few weeks if I’m to go the whole 42k in Melbourne? Starting tomorrow with the HuRTS team.

Some good runs once more from the team, notably from Birchy who is tuning up for Melb perfectly, Sonya puts another PB to her name storming home in 88.27, Fats was impressive but the Timmy Run of the Day goes to Barts who took advantage of Tom (sick) and Tucks (resting) no shows to be first home just edging out Quentin with a time of 71.25 for 13th overall and proved that he is on the comeback trail after a recent bout of illness.

Evening was spent post race in the ‘Golden Sheaf Hotel’ Double Bay, Smaller crowd then normal but it didn’t stop those in attendance from having a cracker of a night. Good to  see Barts join us after his run – although I didn’t miss the opportunity to tell him that ‘Tucks would have smashed him had he run’ Taffy, Sonya, Birchy, CT, Greta, Jeet and the Taffy all joined in the fun and as usual it didn’t take long for the banter to fire up (most of it trash from Taffy to be honest).
A few bets were put on the table and those that I can remember were.
Jeet – giving me + 3 minutes in Melbourne
Birchy – giving me + 90 seconds in Melbourne
Sonya – I have to give here 10 minutes in Melbourne (she’s even rorting me these days it seems)

Oh and come duathlon season a 3 way bet – head to head to head with Tom, and Enda on the run, bike, run race at Parramatta.

Timmy's Run of the Day - John Bartlett celebrates after his 71.25 run. C.T not happy although i think this was about as close as he was to get all day.

Whos' girlie legs and lovely socks do these belong to? and NO its NOT Laura ?

And despite over 50’000 at the footy Enda won the ‘Where’s Wally’ competition when he spotted this guy in the crowd. Enda also decided to take his tea towel to use as a scarf for the evening as well.


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Stand United

Better Together – United we Stand.

Down to Rushcutters and with the Oval G.U.R (Ground Under Repair) I was forced to mark out a course on the nearby park for us to do the 8 x 1k reps rolling every 5 minutes  that was on the cards.
Lovely spring day that brought many despite this week’s Blackmore’s Running Festival that is on. Only real absentee was the Chairman who I believe is resting and will be looking for a good run on the weekend?
Started strong not far behind the likes of Crossy (who was on fire throughout) , Quentin and Barts, coming home in 3.21, pretty much held it from there with Enda running beside me and Mikey just off my shoulder for the next 3 or 4.
Started to feel the pace on the 6th as Enda then pushed ahead but was pleasantly surprised to see the times remain consistent.
Times for day were, 3.21, 3.20, 3.19, 3.20, 3.20, 3.21, 3.21, 3.19
I think the distance was pretty spot on to be honest, with most of the guys reading 1k or slightly over, Off course Mikey was reading it about 250m long on his Thai watch that he picked up for 150 baht ($3.75) and swears that its exact.
Very happy with that and started to feel as if I’m finally striding out. Probably went a bit too hard especially with Sunday coming up but this week’s not a main race for me so I don’t mind so much

Back down to the pool today – absolutely useless, and the least said the better, think I only did half of the set at best as I spent more time standing chatting the end of the pool then swimming.

So the big news out of the U.K overnight is that the Scots stayed BRAVE and decided NOT to go alone and remain in the Union.  They know it makes sense, and maybe those mad Jocks aren’t as daft as I said they were. Looks like normal service has resumed then and that bloke Salmond should be done for treason.
Heading out now to watch the Swans for the evening and hoping that they can get the win that will see them in the G.Final.  Having a few beers with the lads first, might even go and fetch the Red Wig and kilt out with my Archie Gemell scrapbook to help celebrate staying with us.

C’mon everybody…..sing aloud “Oh Flower of Scotland”

Have a great weekend.
Good luck to all those are racing Sunday

Some of the HuRTS team after the 8 x 1k reps Rushcutters, i needed to stand the other side of New South Head Road to get the whole of Taffy James in the shot :)


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Crufts Dog Show in Centennial with C.T.

Easy 7ks at first around the park, said a quick hello to Birchy who was just finishing and saw C.T with his new number one client, Brutus….. a DOG ? Then caught up with the BRAT /Hardmen, for a loop – they were going pretty quick, working at 4.05s. Worked with them for about 4ks before C.T joined us (minus dog) and I then backed off a little to finish with.
12.5k for the morning. Bit short on the ks today but I need to go back out this arvo and will rack up another 6-7ks with a  client.


For the record , C.T actually said the dog is showing more potential than its owner.

2 x 20 minute efforts (3 min recovery)

A big turnout at the Stone Gates today for the 2 x 20 minute efforts, and great to see #1 Tucks back with us (although he was to do bugger all in truth – think he was only there to keep an eye and check on Tom?).
After a few decent weeks I thought I’d go out today around the 3.45-3.50 pace and to see how that felt and try to hold the return for as long as possible on the tougher climb back.
Nobody really took it out hard with only Muzza ahead for the first 1k (and possibly Razor?), Although I could feel the Chairman on my shoulder coming around Mrs. Macs Chair, Told him to do some work that he did and he carried me around Farm Cove area before he pulled away. Enda was next to come by and a brief chat with him before he too carried on ahead. Had a shocker around the passenger terminal, not only were the cruise liners in but road works and a Muppet with a lollipop stick nearly caused us a pile up (not to mention Coach Walker almost taking me down), Finished the first 20 minutes just as Mikey, Walker, King, Adrian Mc and a few others were about to come past,  covering 5.35ks averaging 3.45s.
Had the same problem on the return at the roadwork’s, but caught the first group around the Quay, before the wind almost took us all INTO the harbor once we came around the front of the Opera House. It was here that Mikey just put the gap into me and I never closed it from that point. Tried to work hard around Farm Cove as Tommy flew past and had the usual struggle on the hill around the pool area, Went past a few more on the flats and gave out a few encouraging words to #1 Renee and Corky O’Conner, then really had to work hard once over the expressway to get back in time. Kicked when Heyden went by and got back to the Stone Gates in 40.02 (2 seconds over).
10.7ks all up – average 3.46s

Then had to listen to Mikey give me the drum on going out to hard on the out, and that I should have stayed with him (he got back with 10 seconds to spare), Although it wasn’t half as bad as the $h!te the Warrior was about to come out with as I was deep in recovery mode “Ohhhh, nice of you to finish a session Timmy” . the guy must be on drugs, as I’ve finished everyone in the last 5 months if I can remember right?
…and all this from the very person who  pulled the pin at 3k of the 5k tempo last week?....... Very strange comment.

Knackered at the end again, some tough sessions lately I’m finding, still I’m expecting  them  all to be tough as I’m running on heavy legs due to the extra mileage each week?

Will be back out in the morning to try to do 15ks easy around the park, before we return to Rushcutters on Thursday for the NEW 8 x 1k reps.

Talking of seeing Tucks today, reminds me to share his recent UTMB race where he finished 6th overall in a world class field. It’s a great read – although give yourself plenty of time as it’ll take some time to get through it (it was a long race after all J )


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sunday Long Run, ....Ach aye the noo.

Jeez, these Sunday’s and the long runs come around quickly, Up and out early once more for another 30ks plus and met the group that included, C.T , Renaud, Birchy, Jeet, Hanley, Razor, Sultry Sonya,  Enda, Super Kev and Ben (or is that Bill ) Lowe (with his silly bucket hat that he wears)
First 6k loop as normal , although Enda changed his tune today and instead of harping on about his cold for a record 19th week  he played out the ‘Aston Villa are the  greatest’ card.  Pace was somewhat faster but OK at 4.36s as we returned to the café in 27.30
Headed out for the first 10k loop and all of a sudden everyone picked it up with Bill & Renaud flying out, with the Irish clan (Enda, Super Kev and Hanley ) forming their own little team just behind, whilst the rest of us were enjoying a cracker of a morning holding pace and chatting away. Got back to the café and made a quick visit to the toilet only to return  to find Enda and Hanley still there done for the day telling me everyone else had already gone – had to put in what felt like a 3 min k to catch them with only Razor coming back for me. Had a great chat with him then for the next 10ks as we did a copy of last week’s outside  the whole park loop although I was certainly feeling the effects of a big week gone. Renaud then did a Razor and somehow just appeared out of nowhere to run the final couple of clicks with us as we returned to the café once more with nearly 26k done.
I called on Ray then to help us out with the flat 4k loop at marathon pace and Renaud also came to the party. I was honestly thinking I had no chance to do this today but once we started I was fine and got back exactly on 4 min/ks in 14.42 (3.7ks)
Pretty much done by now but decided to do a further 2ks to finish it off for just under 32 for the day in 2hr.22mins all up averaging out at 4.33s
Once again wrecked by the end, and as we get within 4 weeks of the marathon it does have me wondering WHERE I will find the extra 10ks come race day? As I am pretty spent by 30ks.
Happy with that though as that’s about the 5th week straight that I have managed to get out and get a long run done and hopefully I will see some improvements along the way?

The guys are running so strong and special mention to Pommy Birchy, Jeet, and Sonya alongside coach C.T who all knocked out over 26ks yesterday as well – with 20k done at Marathon pace ….. very impressive. Expecting big things from them once we head south.

Well it’s been a BIG week just gone, with about 87 HuRTS members celebrating birthday’s that saw us all hit the town for a big night on Thursday, news of another ‘Royal baby came, Enda’s cold went into its 19th week, Kimmy Kardashian hits town that had HuRTS girls L.J, Lisa, Sonya, Elle and Corky screaming wild storming the stage out at Parramatta.  And it’s only  going to get even bigger this week with the Mad ‘Sweaty Socks’ (Jocks) going to the polls on Thursday to decide whether to sever ties with the ‘Mother Nation’ (United Kingdom). A massive day in Scottish history in deciding their future and it hasn’t generated so much passion since HuRTS boy Craig W lined up to try to break  50 minutes in a 10k race . It’s a very close call at the moment as I see it with a 50/50 split and I actually hope they do bugger off and stand on their own two feet although I’m betting  they WON’T and it will be turned down. Love it when I hear all the Scots say they ‘want it , only then when told it will cost them more to live all go…. “Ohhhh OK then , maybe not’
Friday morning Aussie time all will be revealed, that one maybe too close to call but one thing certain come next week’s Sunday long run  is that Enda’s cold will still be going way past  its 20th week.

Busy week ahead for me and will try to continue the good training, rest day tomorrow and will definitely be taking it. Heading out now for those well earned beers.

Ps, I may not be a Scots fan but I do love Lorraine Kelly, from U.Ks mornings telly show…. It must be the accent J

Friday, September 12, 2014

Junk Miles.

Very easy day starting off with clients and run much of the Blackmore’s 9k run that many are doing next week, Up Macquarie St and into HuRTS territory around the Domain before finishing at the Opera House. A quick transfer then to Centennial for a further 6ks (30 minutes) running with Sharonne.
15ks all up, but in fairness it was so slow it was more junk miles then anything and not sure if it was doing me more harm than good.
Got another 30k plus tomorrow with the team, might try for an early night although the footy is on with Arsenal v Man City the early game and if I’m still up at midnight when Stoke play then that plan will go out the window.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hills and Tempo Combo Set.

Big showing for the NEW Timmy Combo set that has been drawn up for the HuRTS session that includes 20 minutes of hill repeats followed by a 5k tempo run around the domain. All the regulars there including the ‘Ebola Twins – Stankard and Bartlett after the killer swine flu both have had to deal with.
Marked out a 150m hill that was going to take roughly 1 min 10 to complete that meant around 18 -19 repeats, Started off strong but was already feeling the pace and I was only on 5 minutes, was working OK and managed to hold form and was pleased that  nobody came  past me at any stage apart from Todd who was looking very strong. Was very conscious of keeping the pace honest on the downhill as well, although the frontrunners of Tom, Crossy and Barts all lapped me around the 15 minute mark of the session. Was absolutely buggered by the 20 minute mark and was dreading the next 5ks that was to come.
Had 3 groups for the tempo session setting off with a  4 min, 3.45 and a 3.30 pace. Went with the second alongside Mikey, Enda, Razor, Macca and Taffy and settled OK despite the legs feeling very heavy. Ran the first 1k in 3.40 having to carry Enda on my shoulders the whole way, Struggled a bit on the uphill section but was bang on the 3.45 pace coming through the 3k mark before Enda just opened up the gap on me. Coming around by the A.B.C Pool on the second lap I see Mikey and Warrior Charlie having a good chat walking back – done for the day, although there wasn’t much left in my tank at that stage either. The final hill just before the expressway destroyed me and when the Taffy Lad came past it was all too much for me and I gave in and was reduced to a 20 second walk to conquer the last climb. Barely got back to the Stone Gates as my time drifted out to 3.51s for the 4.8ks.
Wrecked at the end, it really is one of the hardest sessions on the calendar and doing the tempo after the hills on heavy legs is a real test.

HuRTS boys and girls were back out on the social scene last night, care of  chairman Tom Highnam, Renaud, and Sonya’s birthday. Good turnout with all the old regulars out, and nice to see Laura back with us, and new mum Mermaid Emma. Even Kanser was out with many making mention that he is now the size of a house. (Enda said he must be 94 kilos, which I found a bit harsh?). Plenty of drink was drunk over the course of the evening and it was no surprise then when Tommy H was assisted out the bar into a nearby taxi and sent home. I think in future I may as well just pre book his taxi for 10pm. Other news, Taffy was on his best behavior as his sister is in town, Birchy went home early, Sonya and the girls had the biggest cocktail glass on the planet, Enda still has a cold and poor Elle nearly overdosed on Lemon Lime and Bitters. I helped put Tommy H in the cab and then was refused entry back in the joint by some meathead guerilla on the door brought an end to my evening.
Cracker of a night – as it always is when we hit the town.
Laid a couple of bets throughout the night with even Fats opening an account and coming on board for the next Striders 10k at Homebush
They were; 
$20 with Tommy H - + 4 minutes
$20 although its double of nothing with Enda Stankard  - +3.30
$50 with Fats - +2 minutes (it was 90 before I realized the error of my ways ), and if I lose I also have to skull one of Tony’s home brewed Bender Enda drink that would strip paint.

Bad start to the day as woke with a massive hangover before heading into town and returned to the pool for the first time of the season. Coach Walker, The Champ, Taffy, Brendan, Super Kev and the Leech also was back on deck.
Session was 6 x 200 and 8 x 100, basically struggled all the way through and happy just to sit on the Taffy lads feet for each set. Had a choice of a lunch or swim and after about 250m I knew I had made the wrong decision. Times weren’t as bad as I thought though with each 200 around the 3.23 mark.
Need to get back in the pool twice a week now that the warmer weather is coming.

A few pics from the HuRTS social evening.

Sonya with the World's Biggest Glass...... She was on fire last night - knocking over about 6 of them.

The team love a night out, seen here with John, Taffy Lad,Tommy H, Barts and Fats.

"Timmy, can you start to call that taxi for me"

A Rose & a Drunk in between two thorns - with Fats, Tommy H, Sonya and the Taffy Lad.

Seriously - how drunk was the Chairman? Think Mikey needs to have a word.

Alongside side Irelands #1 and toughest bloke around Macca, with Irelands softest
Got a little angry when Enda asked me if i borrowed my shirt from Warrior Charlie? Told me then it was 4 sizes to BIG for me :)

Have a great weekend
Train well

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Midweek Medium/Long Run

No sign of any BRAT /Hardmen (too cold for them), Tom snubbed me for a lunchtime run (not sure why?), whilst Enda’s sniffles go on for a record 17th week, that meant despite the heavy rain I was forced to head to the park early to do the hard yards by myself.
Luckily I bumped into an old friend and knocked out an easy 10ks before deciding to go on for another lap solo,  My luck was to continue then as I run into Pommy Birchy, Dr Skinny Ant and Sonya building  up there ks before Melbourne. Tagged onto them for a good chat with Birchy  whinging once more  - this time about his back, when quizzed why? He told me that he was forced to carry Enda around for 10ks during yesterday’s tempo run.
With the heavens about to open up and not wanting to get his hair wet, the two boys detoured through the middle whilst Sonya and I knocked out a further 5ks.
All up 19ks done for the morning – in around 94 minutes. Glad to get the midweek medium/ long run in and will now set myself for the tough combo session tomorrow of the 20 minute hill repeats & the 5k tempo run, Bloody nearly killed me the last time we did this a week before City to Surf – I can sense more of the same to follow.

Happy birthday to 3 of HuRTS popular and friendliest guys around – Chairman Tommy H, old favorite Richie High (who we don’t see as often as we would like these days) and NEW dad Renaud ‘Allo Allo’ Herington. Have a great day boys and look forward to those drinks tomorrow – Is there any truth in the rumor that Enda is going to stick his credit card over the bar to shout the team a bevvie or two ?


Monday, September 8, 2014

The Timmy Tempo - 45 minutes.

Couldn’t make the HuRTS lunchtime tempo session so was forced to go it alone and do the hard yards solo. Never one of my favorite and even worse when you have no one to work off.
So after a 2k warm up then stood around ponced about for a further 10 minutes getting cold I was all set to go,  Lets felt pretty heavy from the get-go today and even as early as the 3rd k (12 minutes) I was wondering how the hell I was going to even finish? Managed to settle a little after that as C.T, J.Worsick and Paulie Hanley all shouted abuse each time they flew by on the bikes as I more than happy to get to the 22.5 minute half way mark covering 5.75ks (average 3.55s).
Turned for home retracing my steps and worked hard just to maintain that pace. Although feeling shocking I did manage to get back to the start line with 10 seconds to spare – A bloody tough old run but if I’m to be honest it’s still not as tough as the HuRTS lunchtime one, especially as I didn’t have any hills to battle as I came back to the café in the park as we do in the Domain.
So, 3.55 pace heading out and held it coming back for 11.5ks all up in the 45 minutes, Not great but I’ll take that one seeing I was by myself and after a big weekend.
Caught up with good friend Sharonne at the end and did a further 6ks with her, First run back  since her terrible injury on the Gold Coast weekend 9 weeks back saw us trot around at 5min/ks, and good to see her back.
All up just shy of 20k for the day, good to get the ks in the bank.

Returned home to find that England had kick started their European 2016 campaign with a comfortable win against world ranked #8 side Switzerland in Basle, Great win for the boys and I’m predicting big things for this young squad of players in the years to come……Sadly the same can’t be said for Ireland and the Socceroos on what I’ve seen J


Sunday, September 7, 2014

Weekend Wrap - Striders 37.10 & Sunday Long Run

Had the privilege of a lift out to North Head Manly with perhaps HuRTS fastest runner (at his best) Stevie ‘Wildman’ ‘Norman Cook’ ‘D Cup’ Thurston for the 8th race in the Striders 10k series.
Shocker of a morning weather wise although a massive turnout from the HuRTS team as I lined up on the start line alongside Tommy H, Barts, Clarkey, Angus, Walker, Taffy, Skippy Heyden, Sonya, Birchy,  Fats to name but a few, and that’s without mentioning the North Side (or should that be North Shore) boys Dickey Green, Ben, Jamie and Justin Bromley.
I had trained pretty well the past 4 weeks so was keen to see exactly where I was in terms of fitness but was still cautious of going out to hard so had set myself a target to try to sit on 3.40 pace that would hopefully get me home in 36.40
Always a fast start this one as you head downhill to the Stone Gates before coming back to the start line for approx the first kilomtre as I see 3.32 on the watch. Settle OK after that and tag on to Jeet, Bruce Lambert and HuRTS favorite Cameron Arnold  for the next 4k or so as we come around to  complete the first lap. Get a good view of the front runners and see Tommy H mixing it up with Alex Rogers and Neil with ‘The Wildman not far behind giving a good account of himself on his return. Was holding the pace although noticed Jeet had opened that gap on me that I wasn’t able to close at all and was disappointed around the 7k mark heading downhill to the old start area that it was perhaps my slowest k of the day (?- couldn’t work that out)  Soon after I saw ‘The Shire’s #11 Damo Bray on the side of the road,  race complete for the day, apparently he was short on gels (only took 5 out on the course with him)  Caught up with North Shore Benny Boy Streckeisen around 7.5ks going back up the hill and this is where I normally struggle so made a big effort to attack and pray he didn’t come with me. Lucky for me he didn’t quiet have it today and I managed to get away from him over the final stages.  Tried to kick it down over the last 1000m but the final 400 just destroys me and with a final look at the watch I then realized it wasn’t even going to break 37 minutes?
Crossed the  line in 37.10 average pace 3.39 per/k – happy with the way I run the race but slightly disappointed with the time. Like everyone it seems I had the course some 180 mtrs long – maybe Mikey Conway was right after all and we need to get Action Jackson back out there to re-measure?
The k splits were- 3.32, 3.39, 3.34, 3.42, 3.39, 3.41, 3.44, 3.41, 3.38 and final 1.2k @ 4.15 (3.37)

Some great times and runs from the team , once again the Chairman shows us all how to race. Coming home in 2nd overall in 32.47, Stevie T 5th in 33.15, and Muzza, Clarkey and Barts all getting in the top 10.
The Timmy Run of the Day though for me goes to Sultry Sonya Van Beek who PBed for the day to finish 3rd female home and on her watch (and calculations ) broke 40 mins - although in the record books she will have to be content with 40.04 J

I had a successful day on the punt winning 3 out of the 4 laid bets, Not only covering the 12 seconds on the Taffy Lad but beating him by over 2 mins , It seemed a little too cold for the  Irish boys as there was NO showing from either Enda or Paulie Hanley, and they know the rules for ‘NO SHOWS’ = Pay Up.
The only dampener on the day was losing to Tommy H who I had 4.20 in the bank only to lose by 4.24 (knew that 8th k would come back to bite me) and that will cost me a $20 payout when I see him for birthday drinks come Thursday. I think that Alex Rogers should pay half of it for me – as it’s his fault that Tom run that fast just by pacing our dear Chairman for the morning.

Enjoyed a good coffee with the team after in Manly  before getting back on ‘Home Soil’ for more coffee with the Taffy Lad in downtown ‘Erko’

Results in full.

The rain continued overnight and early morning as the 6.30am Sunday long run came around. Met C.T, Birchy, Sonya, Shire #14 (down 3 places after his woeful run yesterday), and  Jeet all backing up from Striders although no sign of Enda or Hanley once again? Did the normal 6k loop first up returning to the café some 28 minutes later (4.39 pace) but didn’t pick up anyone for the later start. Went out and did the 10k loop – picking up Razor Wareham who somehow just appeared out of some bush ( as he does) working at 4.34 pace. Then decided to do a ‘outer ‘loop of the park for another 9.5ks and was still feeling fine as the ks were ticked off.
Returned back to the café with over 25ks done and I wanted to do one fast finishing lap at marathon pace, I asked Razor for help on this one and he came to the party to keep me company. I wasn’t so sure it was a good idea though as early as the 500m mark I was bombarded with 150 questions and with 2 hrs running behind me going at 4 min/ks I wasn’t prepared to answer. Worked out well though in truth as I was able to hold the 3.7k flat lap dead on the 4 min per/k to finish the morning with 29.25ks in 2hr.11 average pace 4.33s
Very happy with that and for the second week running was feeling strong at the end and this despite racing 24 hours prior. Probably still a little short on the mileage as I should be heading up towards the 35k mark by now but still…..

As the afternoon came, so did the bright clear weather, just in time to head down to the Opera Bar to help celebrate Sonya’s birthday, cracker of a day with Birchy (with a new lady friend?), Taffy(with his bright white tennis shoes), Brendan Wong (with his $2.15 jacket purchased from Vinnies) and Lisa all making a day of it. Even had Dave Kanser Kane pop in for a beer to two (of course running late – said will be there at 4.30 then rocks up at 8pm).  He’s back running, even getting out for 17ks today with Stevie T of all people, He must be getting stronger as he was looking at wagering a bet for the next Striders race come the first week on October.  It was embarrassing though as he then demanded a 45 second handicap from ME (?), …WHAT ?????? I felt embarrassed for the poor bloke asking me for a start, He then went on and stated that he will then SMASH me off scratch come J.P Morgan time in November, (he must be serious)
Great afternoon as the beers and banter flowed well into the night and it was a battle this morning to kick off another working week.
Rest Day today but will be back out tomorrow for the HuRTS 45 minute tempo with the gang.

Brilliant running from the trio - Tommy H (2nd) , Stevie T (5th) and Sonya (3rd lady)

Sonya getting her rewards for 3rd lady -sadly she won't be able to claim a sub 40 minutes as the record books state a 40.04 .......bloody long course.

Fair play to the Taffy Lad on settling his debt after i got him by over 2 mins at North Head. Now where is Stankard and Hanley?

Taffy with his 'Tennis' Dunlop Volleys  - coming back into fashion in Wales soon.

Birthday Girl - very classy, we even get cake.

Opera Bar for Sunday drinks with Sonya, Lisa and Brendan Wong.

Tough times for our leader Mikey Conway at work it seems, now forced to go 'on the road' touring to help get the extra dollars in. No doubt Laura James will be front row in her hometown.