Monday, June 30, 2014

Rushcutters 6 x 600m Efforts

Down to Rushcutters for the alternative HuRTS session today that saw possibly the smallest turnout in history with only 5 and that included myself. Still, what it lacked in numbers it certainly made up for in talent as the likes of C.T ,Enda, Todd and Elle were all out to add there finishing touches towards this weekend’s races.
Marked out a course for the 6 x 600s that we wanted to do, and despite marking it twice before the guys got down it still worked out long when it came to the efforts (630m) Bloody hopeless?????. Anyway with C.T ahead, I had Todd sitting on my heals for most of the session, with Enda behind running at 3.45per/k (his race pace) for Sunday, Only a relatively short session but was pretty happy with the way it went today – not so much the times but how I was able to hold form, even if it was for only 3600m
Times and pace were;
2.05   @ 3.09 per/k
2.05   @3.09
2.03   @3.08
2.04   @3.08
2.06   @3.10
2.04   @3.07

Pretty much wraps it all up now before I head north Sunday, although will be out in the morning for one final spin around the park. Training has gone OK for this prep although have been disappointed with the last two races (Striders & Launy 10K) that knocked the confidence a little and I could have done without the latest cold over the past 8 days ? Still, I can’t do any more so it is what it is and we’ll see what develops?

The footy excitement continues tonight with two more matches to watch, My tip Argentina play the impressive Swiss team, that could spring an upset, as to could the Belgium against the U.S.
Timmy’s tip – Take the Argie Bargies & Belgium both to win 2-0

Elsewhere in news from the motherland comes that ‘Old Rolfie’ is going to be spending time in the Slammer come Friday after the Guilty verdict came down on him and his Wobble board. Jeez, he’ll be needing more than his 3rd leg when some of the naughty boys get a hold of him behind bars. Bloody Pedo….. can’t believe I grew up watching the likes of Jimmy and Rolf on the telly, whatever next? …….Don’t tell me,  they’ll be calling up George and Zippy from Rainbow .
Very Sad state of affairs.

On a brighter note , I’ll be going through all the runners for Sundays Half / Marathon and give you my predictions for everyone that may surprise one or two?


Sunday, June 29, 2014

Running Royalty with Wellings, Farmer ......and Bray.

Still felt less than ordinary as I met a massive gang at 6.30am that included Barts, C.T , Birchy, Jeet, Corky. Elle, Renee, Enda, Super Kev, The Shire’s #9 Damo Bray and leading 5000m Comm. Games girl Eloise Wellings gracing us with her presence before flying out to Glasgow this week. The sight of the morning being Jeet who despite it been pitch black at 6.20 had his sunglasses ON…..What’s that about?
Worked the normal 6k loop around the 4.36 pace before returning to the café and setting off on the 2nd loop, Only did 4ks with the team as I cut short as I had to meet another group (with clients) as a final hit out before the Gold Coast. Another big group this one and even found myself running alongside Pat Farmer who was talking about his latest ‘Middle East Peace Run’ over 1500ks that he recently completed.
Did the outside fence of the park that works out being a 7k loop, pace was nice and easy for this one – around the 4.50 mark before my GPS watch battery was to die on me. One of the girls then wanted to do the last 7ks at her marathon race pace (4.30per/k) and asked if I would run it with her. She wasn’t messing around either knocking out some of the faster sections around 4.15s that saw me battle to hold even that pace.
Still 24ks all up – pretty stoked with that all things considered. Never felt that good at any stage of the morning to be honest and will need to cut right back this week to give myself half a chance of getting a decent run on the Coast on Sunday.

So it was a case of running with royalty this morning, Eloise, then Pat Farmer and to cap it all nice to see a return of Damo Bray to the team, who continues to be baffled at his slid down the Shires rankings (not my fault more people from that neck of the woods keep joining us)

Afternoon beers were on once again, and it was to take something special to get me out of my Inner West Sanctum, and so it was over to Bondi for a young man’s birthday. Got on the “ A list’  from Cillian Stankard to help celebrate his 2nd birthday. Good team in attendance with Kanser, Super Kev, PLOD and Cement Hanley all getting in on the act as I had to settle my outstanding bets care of England’s horror show at the World Cup over the past 2 weeks.

A bit on the dark side (still didn't stop Jeet with his glasses) the team BEFORE todays start.

And then the 2nd group, with Pat Farmer (centre), all heading to the Gold Coast next week.

How should i see loitering around the cafe? Kenny on his bike, asking if it was his 'Right Side'? Answer..NO.

Settling debts time with Paul 'Cement' Hanley & Enda Stankard, thanks England once again :(

Man of the Moment -Cillian Stankard on his 2nd Birthday with proud parents Angel Ange and Enda.

Yep, its not been out for a while BUT Mrs PLOD was telling me yesterday that she have NEVER seen, So i have to keep my readers happy.


Friday, June 27, 2014

Slow Steps Back

Got up from the sickbed and really wanted to do some speed work but simply wasn’t able, so was left just to do some easy ks for the morning.
Met up with Sharonne in Bondi Junction before running the 2.5ks to the park where we did the normal Sunday 10k loop and returning to the junction. Really struggled again and felt as weak as a kitten at times but happy to get some ks in the legs at least.
15ks all up at a very pedestrian pace of 4.49s
Will try to get out in the morning for some form of running with the guys – won’t be going the normal sub 4.30 pace that’s a certainty if I do join them, and  thinking I may even be better running solo at my own pace as I try to shake this bloody man flu in time to be able to run the Half.

Stopped off on the way home for a coffee in Kenso and who should I find looking all relaxed, tanned,  reading his papers already on his 4th coffee with NOT a care or child in sight (despite his wife away in Ireland)? BUT Old Kanser himself. Unfortunately still out with injury, Dave has got the trusty bike back out in order to maintain some sort of fitness.  The disappointment of NOT running for Kanser is made all the easier in the fact that his beloved cycling top gets chance to get another airing (see below).

A rest day in the footy last night, but the knockouts start again on the morning with hosts Brazil taking on the impressive Chile, Could be a banana skin game this one and Kanser was telling me that he actually fancies the Chile’s to turn them over ?
Can see a close game but can’t see it happening
Timmy’s Tip – Take Brazil 2-1

Sad day today as I read that old ‘Soul Man’ Bobby Womack has passed away, Jeez, that takes me back to the days in the basement throwing shapes to the sounds of the Soul Train & Motown Magic. Many a fine hit were made but one that sticks with me was this classic – Love Wars

Dave 'Kanser' Kane complete with his favorite 'Alpe d' Huez' cycling top that almost finds its own way to the coffee house.


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Man Down with Major Man Flu

Dying of a head cold that would bring a lesser man to his knees, and although I was keen to get out to Rushcutters Oval for the HuRTS pyramid session it just wasn’t going to happen.
Did however get out around the park for an easy 12ks – although it was anything but as I struggled around big time and was happy to even finish as I was light headed and had the flushes all the way.
Worked at 4.48 pace for the 12ks before returning home to my sick bed for the day.
I think I may have been overdoing it the past 2 weekends. As well as not sleeping properly due to the World Cup football so will be looking to have an easy weekend this week before we head to the Gold Coast next week for the Half Marathon.

Congratulations overnight to the HuRTS top lads who ventured down to the ‘Shire’ to help out Eloise Wellings before her Comm. Games 5000m race, Looked a pretty solid hit out by all accounts with the Chairman leading the charges home to PB in 15.28 with C.T some 7 seconds behind and Barts not even in the home straight as the Chairman crossed the line J

The group stages are coming to an end in the footy, with the important knockouts coming up. Argentina are still looking good with main man Messi still producing the goods up front.
Big game tonight with the clinical Germans taking on the Yanks , that promises to be a good game, Think the States team may have missed their chance after conceding a last second goal against Portugal and I wonder how much it may have deflated them?
Timmy’s Tip – Germany 2 v USA 0

Latest Bottle Opener coming out of Brazil.

Suarez getting ready to get his teeth into the Italian defence.


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

HuRTS 4 x 10 minute Efforts (2 mins Rec)

Friday – Met up with the proper Irish #1 in Robbie Neil who after a weekend in Tassie from our touring trip agreed to join me for a session and he helped me knock out 5 x 1k reps at McKay Oval Centennial Park. Felt pretty good on the first rep with Robbie pushed me to a 3.19
Held the pace for the remaining, with Robble helping out and joining in on each set at the 400m mark to keep me honest.
Great session and will try to get him back out for more in the future.

Tuesday. – Had not done a Tuesday session with the boys for weeks so after a monster weekend away down the South Coast playing golf I thought I’d go in and do the hard yards as penance to atone for my sins. The session was 4 x 10 minute efforts. A good team out with #1 Tuckey starting to put together some stronger runs leading from the front, with Tommy H & Quinton taking the softer option of an easier session and good to see Taffy Jimmy back into it after his recent break to the ‘Valleys’
Felt OK going out on the easier part (downhill’s) even leading with Tucks (well for the first 90 seconds) before some of the quicker guys got into their stride and came by, Managed to keep it pretty even and was short of the stone gates at the 10 minutes by about 150m (?) averaging around the 3.44 per/k mark
I knew the return was tougher so had to dig in and felt it pretty much on the hills so was delighted to get back with 5 seconds to spare.
The 3rd rep is always the killer so I backed off slightly with the pace down from the first but was still holding my form and running OK. I had a word with the Chairman in the break and asked him if he could help out and get me home for the final rep? After he managed to finish his conversation with Razor Wareham I got his attention and he did as asked and he earned his pay for the day – sheltering me from the headwind on the way down to MMC and pulling me up the tougher sections of the hills. Very happy to then get back to the Stone Gates in 9.36 with still 24 seconds up my sleeve
Average pace per set and distance covered;
3.44 per/k – 2.7ks
3.43 per/k – 2.7ks
3.49 per/k – 2.6ks
3.42 per/k – 2.6ks (home in 9min36)

Good session done, and happy to get through it especially the second half of the set.

Well it would be amiss of me NOT to mention the footy World Cup – although Enda Stankard seems to have said enough for the whole HuRTs team with a constant barrage of abuse and opinions especially when it comes to his views on the English team.
Yes, It’s been very disappointing tournament from the lads, and I won’t hide from the fact we are simply NOT good enough on the World Stage. Although in truth the two games that we lost against the Italians and Uruguay were close and could have gone either way but that’s football.
I have watched loads of the games but in all honesty I haven’t seen the Aussies in action – by all accounts they did well and showed a bit of grit …………..But the gap in terms of class and skill levels they are still a worlds apart from testing the big names of the game.
There has been some cracking games, and a few teams have impressed me , the Dutch have been the most impressive although I love the way the Mexicans and Columbia play the game. My tip at the start Argentina have not hit their straps yet so watch out for them come the knock out stages.
As I’ve said Enda has been very vocal lately on all subjects and it must be costing him a small fortune at ‘Rebel Sports’ buying all these jerseys in an attempt to jump on the bandwagon? It’s embarrassing to listen to him and I’m actually embarrassed FOR him as his hatred for the English is comical. It took fellow Irishman Kanser to give him a serve last week to make him pull his head in and to put him in his place.  Kudos to Kanser on that score ;)

Will be back out tomorrow for the Thursday HuRTS set down at Rushcutters

More footy tonight
If you are looking for a tip?
Back Argentina to beat Nigeria 2-1 with my man Aguero getting a brace J


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Same Same - BUT different

Decided to continue with the tempo theme in a quest to find some improvement before Gold Coast in a fortnights time and stayed in the park after work for more of the same but without the floating breaks .
A loop warm up to begin before getting into it, felt pretty good early on and basically just rolled with it as I tried to tick the ks off, Struggled on the uphill 5th k that returns me back to the café that saw the time drift out  but happy enough to finish averaging 3.44 for the day with a faster 3.39 last one
12ks all up.

Big game in the morning for the boys – against the La Celeste, Uruguay team. Both teams lost the first match so a repeat will see them join Spain, Australia and Cameroon on the plane home after only two matches.
This is Timmy’s BEST bet so get on …….. England to WIN 2-1 (and hopefully progress into the knockout stages), I tipped you Sturridge to score against the Pizza Lovers, this time get on Shrek lookalike Wayne Rooney to smash the back of the net at some stage of the 90 minutes
I didn’t see the Aussie game (again) but I heard for a second time that they played well and came out of the match with credit and went down fighting – fair play to them and will be interesting to see how they play the final game against Spain now that the holders have also gone out the tournament?
Enda Stankard is hosting a 5am breakfast in Bondi in the morning – to get in you will need to be wearing the Red, White & Blue colours – so make sure you get around there early and sing your heart out for the lads. Doors open 4.30am with English Breakfast Tea served upon arrival.


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tempo Time - Yet Again

Still feeling a little dusty first up after the weekend’s events but knew that I had to get back out there and do the promised tempo session that has been constantly missed.
Lucky enough to catch up with Sharonne and coach Vlad in the park so just fell in with them – had planned to do a 40 minute tempo (turning at 20 mins) but changed slightly to do 3 x 12 minutes with a 90 second float between each set and regrouping.
A 4k flat loop warm up to begin and then it was into it , as I settled with a  3.46 per/k pace covering over 3.2ks in total, the second effort was tougher as I retraced my steps back to the café. Would have been happy to call time then to be honest as I felt I was laboring over the later parts of the effort but you always seem to be able to find something for the last rep and I somehow managed to get the dreaded 3rd rep done.

Distances and pace for the 3 reps were;
3.2ks @ 3.46 per/k
3.10ks @3.52
3.14ks @ 3.50
Happy enough with that although I really do need to be getting those tempo sets back down to around the 3.45 mark – and without the 90 second breaks. Still I’ll take that especially after racing on the Sunday.
14ks for the morning.

Just logged a few ks in and around the park, thought I may see Enda and the Hardman boys but there didn’t seem to be the crew around this morning? Although did see PLOD who was running pretty strong at one point, caught him in the middle of one of his 9 minute efforts that saw me tag along for all of about 3 minutes before realizing that it was too fast for me on my recovery day and I didn’t need to be doing things like that before bidding him farewell for the morning. (think he was going about 3.50s)
All up 12ks done average pace 4.29 ( and that included the speedier 3 minutes with PLOD)

Will be back out tomorrow , not sure what the set is with the boys in town although I may even just do another tempo by myself in the park.

This morning saw the first of the group games completed with hosts Brazil and Mexico battling out a scoreless draw – thanks mainly to the keeper from Mexico who made some brilliant saves.  Tomorrow it’s the Aussies up again, this time against the Dutch lads…….Oh dear, it could be anything this one after the way Holland spanked the Spanish on Saturday morning.
Timmy’s Tip,  Take Holland to win 3 – 0

A couple more pics from Sunday as well.

A Happy team - Tommy H, Elle, Pommy Paul, Corky O'Conner and Laura

Tom pleased to get within 2 seconds on Kenyan Kipsang on his way to a 32.07 PB ....and smashing Barts time in the process.

Pommy Paul, also happy after taking out his girlfriend as well.

It was all set up .........Sadly neither England or I could get the result we wanted :(


Monday, June 16, 2014

Launceston Ten - report

Launceston or Launnie if you wish to fit in with the locals was the next stop on the HuRTS tour chart following on from the success of Berlin last year and with it brought a new batch of travelers that saw the Chairman Tommy H, Robbie Neil, Pommy Paulie Birch, ‘Corky O’Conner, Laura, Elle, Skinny, Quinton(with g/friend Karla), and Charles all heading to Tasmania for the weekend.
Caught the first flight Saturday morning and with only Charles and Skinny doing the same I had a few hours to kill in the local bake house listening to Skinny go through his Strava/Nutrition/ and pre race plans for hours  before the team arrived later in the day.
A quiet evening over dinner and early night before we were all up and keen to sit crowd around the telly in anticipation for the England v Italy World Cup match (but more on that later).
On a bitterly cold but clear morning we made our way to the start area and had a warm up with the Chairman & Laura before toeing the line ready for the off. Had great plans to sit in behind Laura but that went right out the window when she flew out the traps knocking out a 3.16 first k whilst I could only muster a 3.28. Tried then to settle and got into a decent rhythm, but as early as the 4k mark I felt the pace drop as all of a sudden people were coming past me, Saw the lead guys on the return and I couldn’t get to the half way mark quick enough as I then got a shock to see ‘Dick Turpin (birchy) not far behind. Thought I’d got through the worst of it but realized why as I was only working about 3.53 pace and knew I had to pick up as even more people were leaving me for dead as they passed by.  A young Sydney girl (Audrey) was next to go past around the 8k mark when I said enough is enough and decided to try to stay with her to get me home – lead changed about 5 times over the last 2ks and when she took the lead 800m out I thought that was it but I tucked in and after coming off the highway I had enough kick to finish off the last 400 stronger to get (if nothing else) a minor victory.
Crossed the line in 37.30 – very average time and pretty disappointed if I’m to be honest as I did 37.04 six weeks back on the State 10ks and with some good training done in that time and with a near perfect day and course I was secretly hoping to go at least sub 37.
My disappointment wasn’t to last for long though as I then saw the team all with happy faces and stories of excitement as many a PB was to unfold over the next 4 minutes or so. Tommy H (as always) smashed his way to another great run, this time knocking Barts PB into oblivion to record a 32.07, other superb runs of the day to warrant a mention to go with the words PB were Elle, Corky, Skinny James, Charles whilst Birchy just missed out by a handful of seconds.
Times for the Day were.
Tom         32.07 (PB)
Quinten  32.46
Robbie    33.01
Charles   35.35 (PB)
Laura      36.03
James    36.43(PB)
Timmy   37.30
Paul B    38.46
Elle         39.05 (PB)
Jacqueline   40.34 (PB)

A quick change and the lads were back out, If in Berlin and Munich we were spoilt for choice on boozers, well  the same couldn’t be said for Launnie. Although we did find one dodgy one in some backstreet that we settled into whilst we waited for the girls to arrive, a quick trip then to the local Boags Pub and it was on to the one thing you can always rely on in any town and that is a pub with a bloody big ‘Tri Colour’ hanging from the rafters……The Irish Pub, Cracker of an afternoon/evening spent though and I don’t know what it is BUT we managed to find ‘Launnies Looney’ when ‘Stomp Lady’ wanted to show the HuRTS team her best moves on the dance floor. Tommy H is always up for a challenge and soon saw her off  and basically it all went downhill after that – must say young Elle can throw a good few shapes on the floor mind you but even so she knew it was a losing battle in helping Tom out when it came to dancing.

Overall a brilliant weekend, great event and course, and I’m sure it will see us return next year – let’s just hope that Stomp lady doesn’t.

In the footy – well what a bloody nightmare start for the boys, saw the first half and honestly thought we were doing OK, knew it was going to be close but received the bad news whilst in the warm up area by some official, It just makes the next match against Uruguay even more important now seeing that they lost as well.
Well done to the Skippy’s who despite losing went down with a bit of fight and dignity I heard (didn’t see it as I was flying) . It’s been brilliant so far with some great matches played and plenty of goals to go with it. The second round of matches begins tonight so let’s hope there is more of the same (except a better result for England)

Had a shocker in the betting stakes , first up Aussies scored to make it a less than impressive start to the weekend, then the Italian Stallion Durante’s boys relieved me of a further $20 then to rub salt into the wounds Dick Turpin (Birchy) smashed me getting within the allocated 1.45 (he got within 1.12)…Bloody Shark.

 A few pics from the weekend.

HuRTS girls Corky O'Conner, Laura and Elle trying to stay warm pre race.

Robbie, Birchy, Tom, Quinton, Elle, Timmy, Laura, Jacqueline and Charles,  Skinny was downloading his post race nutrition data at the time.

Robbie, Tommy, Quinton.

Corky O'Conner feeling happy to get back on familiar ground.

Birchy after rorting me for $20 after getting within 1.45 of my 37.30 overall time - well done 'Dick'

The 'NEW' couple Karla and Quenton - Karla has a famous twin, took me a day to work out but .....

Its Cassandra out of 'Only Fools and Horses fame 'Rodders girlfriend :)

Its starting to get late - Timmy with the Chairman celebrating his great run of the day.

But its OK, i got him back to the hotel and gave him a cup of tea - and he didn't leave his handbag in the pub either.


Thursday, June 12, 2014

Launceston Bound on the HuRTS Tour Bus

And so it begins. The office sweepstakes have been organized (I’ve drawn Columbia), the wall charts are up, the sticker albums are almost complete (see Taffy James) and a solid month of football lies ahead, and closer to home the HurTS tour bus part 2 heads out of town to Tasmania for the weekend to partake in a small 10k race and beers aplenty.
Despite the fact the games world governing body, FIFA has about as much creditability as the elections in Syria (or once again closer to home – Enda Stankard), that didn’t matter this morning when hosts Brazil kicked off the World Cup with a 3-1 win against Croatia.

After the rip roaring success of the first HuRTS tour back in September / October last year we are hitting the road yet again, probably NOT on the same magnitude as Berlin and Munich still….. Encouraged to see some of the NEW guard on tour that includes Quinton, Tommy H, Paulie Birch (with new nickname Dick Turpin) as well as girls Lady Laura, Corky O’Conner and young Elle should not only promise some fast and competitive times but also a lively post race function on the Sunday evening?
Looking forward to the race even if my confidence did take a little dent after Striders North Head last Saturday, It’s a flat fast course I’ve heard so hopefully I can get my times down to where I’m hoping …………….If at the very least stay 1 minute 45 ahead of ‘Dick Birchy Turpin’.

Race time doesn’t’ get under way till 10am on the Sunday, which means we can get up and have breaky and sit and watch England’s first up match against the Eyties (till half time anyway)
I love the World Cup as its one of those rare events – a sporting occasion which brings nations together , united in hope for an improbable DREAM. It doesn’t matter if you support Stoke, Crystal Palace, Aston Villa , Yeovil or even Newcastle Utd  the multimillion superstars (well maybe not Crystal Palace) are now OUR’S to support over the 4 weeks as one.
 As I’ve predicted yesterday I think we can get to the quarter finals at this campaign, I’m not expecting miracles, or even expecting beautiful footy at times …BUT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I do expect the National Anthem to be sung with gusto and the ALL the players representing our country to give their all. To show some passion.
Come on England. Do us Proud (you know it will make Enda happy in doing so)

Have a great weekend
Train well. Stay safe

At least this way James 'Taffy Lad' Matthews gets an interest in this years World Cup, a typical day whilst on his recent trip home back to Wales - Very Sad. :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

World Cup time

Opted out of a tough session today avoiding the HuRTS boys by just doing one loop of the normal 10k from the Sunday long run. Very easy to be honest and made even easier by having Sharonne keep me company throughout.
47.40 minutes working around 4.45s for the 10ks was all that was needed to keep the legs turning over before Sundays run.

Well its come around yet again, 4 years after Spain smashed Holland its World Cup time. Can’t wait and first match kicks off in the morning (although you wouldn’t know it looking around the Aussie households) with home nation Brazil taking on Croatia. Very open World Cup this time I’m thinking, although I’m going to tip Argentina to be lofting the famous cup come 13th July
England take on Durante’s Boys Italy  on Sunday morning (8am kick off), already had the ‘Stallion’ on the blower to me wanting to have a wager – He sounds pretty confident as well even saying that come mid morning Sunday that I will be wanting to change my name to Giancarlo Lindoppio once his boys get up.
A friendly $20 was bet , but I really fancy the outcome to be 1 -1  if I’m to be honest
Other bold predictions and some of my fancies are .
1.       Winners – Argentina
2.       England to reach the Quarter Finals
3.       Top goal scorer  Aguero (Argentina) 14/1 – with a sly few bob on Benzema (@ 25/1 e/w)
4.       Lowest Scoring Team – Australia (can’t see a goal being scored?)
5.       Sturridge to score against Italy
6.       Best Smokey (outsider) – Bosnia

A few other bets 1.– Enda, Kanser and Paulie Cement Hanley all have $20 saying that England will NOT get out of the group stages ( funny how they are all Irish?)
2. An hour’s FREE drinks with the local landlord that Aussies DON’T score a single goal
3. $20 as mentioned with Durante on the Italian game

Brazil first up in the morning – Timmy’s Tip , take them to win a less then exciting opening match 1 -0


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tempo - Back to Basics

It probably didn’t take a post race chat and breakfast with the Chairman Tommy H after the Striders Race to tell me where perhaps my training was falling down (as Blind Freddie – could see it ) but it’s still good to hear it all the same. I’ve been going OK over the past 6 weeks or so on the shorter 400,800 and even 1k reps but when it comes to the longer stuff then it all goes pear shaped when it comes to the important races.
It’s no secret of the fact that I go missing when the tempo sessions come around , so today despite a constant down pour in the weather and training by myself I was keen to get back to some basics and get the tempo sessions up and running.
I have an 8k loop around the park and after a flat 4k I was all set. My general rule of thumb for tempos is 15 seconds per/k under your 10k race pace and seeing I was only able to run roughly 3.45s on Saturday then anything under 4 min/ks would be acceptable.
Settled early and felt pretty comfortable as I ticked the ks away, the 3rd, 5th and 8th ks are the toughest so was keen to hold the pace when it came to the tougher sections of the park.
The 8 k splits were: 3.55, 3.56, 4.01, 3.58, 4.02, 3.58, 3.56, 3.53
All up 31.44 Average 3.58s

Happy enough with that and will now try to lock a session in like this on a weekly bases from here on in.

Had to go back out in the afternoon with a (faster) client for another 7 ks that included 3 x 2ks reps that he knocked out in 4.15s so all up it was a pretty solid day for me.

Will take it easy now for the rest of the week

Tomorrow with the Football World Cup starting on Friday I will give all my tips and selections on what we can expect over the next 4 weeks.


Sunday, June 8, 2014

Striders 10k & Sunday Long Run

North Head Manly was the venue for the 5th race in the Striders 10k series and after warm up with Lady Laura, Enda and the original Hardman J.C and a meet and greet with loads of the HuRTS team we were under way for the fast downhill start.
Happy enough with a 3.29 first k and settled for the next couple feeling OK, I didn't notice the pace drop much although was a little concerned when Anna Fitzy came by at 3ks and i just tucked in with her after that. Laura was soon on our tail, and i thought if i could hold on to her then we would be on for a sub 37.
Came around the half way mark pretty much on pace with a 18.21, but soon after i was on struggle street with the pace dropping dramatically (again), luckily Anna wasn't getting away from me but Laura was fast becoming a small spec on the horizon a few hundred metres up the road. Got to the 8k mark and J.C was next to go by, and at 9k Pete Walker completed the full quota for the morning. Tried to kick it down for the final 1000m as i got a bit of support from 'Kenny' on marshaling duty at the roundabout but in truth i was fighting a losing battle as i crossed the line with a disappointing 37.44
So not the time i was after and a bit of a blow to the confidence before next weeks Tassie trip, Still, just got to keep plugging away.
If i am struggling then the same can't be said about the team as there were some great results across the board with HuRTS filling the top 6 places and Lady Laura taking out the females (finishing 11th overall as well)
Congrats to Quinten on his first win, even more creditable after seeing him have a belly full of lagers with the Chairman on Friday evening.

Went with Tom and eldest daughter Bec for breakfast after in Manly before heading over to see the NEW Chez Highnam manor that he will be moving into within the next month or so.
Looks a good spot and can't wait for that first Sunday long run once he's moved in - i think bacon & egg rolls whilst sitting out the back will go down well.

Felt very tired even before the Sunday long run started but was ready to go at 6.30am alongside Laura, Enda, Barts, Pommy Paul, Jeet, Super Kev, Elle, Corky O'Conner, Allo Allo, and a couple of others to do the 6k starters loop, Pace was pretty honest at just over 4.30s before heading out to do the normal 10k loop, Barts took over at this stage making us go up the hill and then some cross country around the inner/outer  fence of the park before i detoured taking Birchy, Jeet, Jacqueline and Elle back with me to the cafe for 25.5ks all up for the day in 1hr.55 mins average pace 4.35s
Absolutely buggered at the end but glad to get another long run out the way and hopefully it will stand me in good stead for the Gold Coast half that is fast coming around.

Despite felling tired it was a then back out for the standard Sunday arvo beers, and caught up with Jeet and  Pommy Paul for a few, Both are running well at the moment so it was NO surprise to see both lining up to wager a few $$$ on taking 'Poor Timmy's scalp at the next race.
Yes Birchy wants $20 on beating me in Launceston next Sunday, and the cheeky bugger has rorted me for a 1.45 start with handicap, whilst Jeet is looking to reverse the S.M.H Half defeat and we have gone $20 on scratch at the Gold Coast
No wonder both left the boozer with smiles on there faces - as i was left to think I've been done again :)
NB. Jeet took some of Renaud (Allo Allo) advise on the weekend and went out to do the Park Run whilst the big guns were at Striders, Went to the glorious west of Parramatta for his glory hunting run, Good run from him but only came away with 2nd place beaten by the guy we saw sitting in the back of the police wagon on Anzac Parade this morning.

A day off today (Monday) before getting back into it tomorrow, with a tempo planned then will try to freshen up before hitting Tassie at the weekend.

North Head Striders winners -HuRTS pair Laura and Quinten

Lock it in for $20 - Gold Coast Half off scratch with Jeet

And left shaking my head after even Pommy Paulie Birch was shafting me - going $20 on himself with a 1.45 minute handicap start come Tassie on Sunday


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

HuRTS 8 x 400s at a WET Rushcutters

A big change in the weather brought plenty of rain to Sydney although it wasn't enough to stop the 'Hard-core' HuRTS group that made its way over to a wet and soggy Rushcutters for the 8x 400 & 3k tempo session.
Good team with Barts, Crossy and  'Grumpy' Chairman (Tom)who led from the front with me tagging in behind , whilst the likes of Mikey, Laura and many others taking the easier option of the 2nd group taking the extra 10 seconds on each rep.
Worked pretty hard on the first one but was surprised to see only 75 on the clock,  Held everyone after that all at the same time except the 6th and last one where i went a mere second faster. I think every ones times would have been down today with the conditions and even longer grass - i certainly felt as if i was working far harder then those times suggest.
Times for the day were; 75, 75, 75, 75, 75, 76, 75, 74
Not sure what was wrong with Tommy H today, seemed very grumpy, giving out to poor Laura,  Mikey and the team for supposedly not working hard enough whilst doing the 400s then taking Barts out whilst doing the 3k tempo that followed.

I decided prior that i wasn't going to push myself and do the 3k set, so sat it out and watched the team go around the triple loop that i had sorted.  As mentioned Bart took a tumble (or was he pushed?) but think he's OK.

Took a few pics of the team coming around the 1st turn to complete the first lap.

Lady Laura loves a photo, she almost throws herself on the camera when she sees it.

Mikey 'I'm just taking it easy' Conway, with Super Kev minus his shirt despite it being the coldest day of the year.

'Corky' Jacqueline O'Conner from Tipperary.

Jeez, It must be a slow news day - as even the 'Sweaty Sock' (Craig ) makes the blog - great effort mate :)

....and despite 'Captain Grumpy' taking Barts OUT on the first lap. Barts jumped back up and was soon back on his heels .......... that's why he is # 4 in the team after all.

Good work from all on a tough day


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Midweek Ks

Very easy 12ks in and around the park this morning, nothing to exciting to report as i just logged a few ks in final preparation before Saturdays Striders 10k.
Did see Enda running solo towards the end so knocked out a few ks with him, and looking at him run with his grannies head scarf on, its little wonder no one else would be seen with him....what a sight.
Tomorrow back down to Rushcutters for the 8 x 400s, and think i may even sit out the tempo set that follows.

Monday, June 2, 2014

3 x 10 minute Tempo Tuesday Time

Once again stayed in the park after work and met up with Sharonne (jeez, shes a tough cookie backing up from a 38k Sunday run) and decided we'd do the 3 x 10 minute tempo session with a 2 minute easy run recovery in between sets.
Legs were still feeling pretty ordinary after the weekends efforts so wasn't bursting out for this session in truth as the tempos are far from my favorite ones at the best of times.
Didn't try to smash the first rep but found i was actually moving OK which surprised me and covered 2.72ks at 3.42 pace, a couple of minutes chat and recovery before  the second rep that i found tough straight away starting near the Fox Gates hillier section of the park. Battled to hold a tempo pace and wondered where or how the hell  number 3 was going to come from? Battled on and was just happy to hold a similar pace to finish the set off and was left thinking that the session was much harder then it should have been for a tempo.
Pace/Distances for the day were.
2.72ks @ 3.42s
2.61ks @ 3.50s
2.61ks @ 3.50s
Cool down lap at the end to complete 15ks for the day.( Lap warm up as well at the start)

Tomorrow will be out for an easy 14ks before backing off in time for the 10k Striders run at North Head on Saturday.