Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Hills and 3k Tempo Set

A.M Headed to the pool to kick start a Thursday and knocked out 3ks in total, basically the same set as last week but I found I was loads stronger overall.

P.M. Post City to Surf numbers are always down a little as people take the week to recover and with Barts also sick I decided to join a small HuRTS team at the Stone Gates for the Hill + Tempo Double set for the day.
Small crew with only Fats, Marco Branagan and Rich Large from the regulars that I know well enough to have a bit of banter with.
10 hills that must be about 110 metres at best was first up and Marco was leading them out with Fats not that far behind, The key was not to smash them but run at a controlled pace and once I was sorted I found I was running the whole way with Mr Worswick. Time seem to fly pretty fast on this set although as I was coming to end #9 both Fats and the younger Branagan were about to come past completing there 10th.
A quick water break and about 20 of us set off as one and once a couple of the quicker boys broke away it meant I had this South American guy and Rich Large sitting on my shoulder as we headed to Mrs Macs Chair. Pace was honest at 3.37s and once 2ks was done Richie made his move and kicked for home putting a good 10 metres into me. Struggled on the final hill coming up over the expressway but still made it back to the gates in 10.50 averaging 3.40s (its just short of 3ks)
Only a small session of under 5.5ks all up but it was tough enough and happy to get it done.
Quick warm down with Fats and Rich High.


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