Sunday, September 3, 2017

Striders North Head 38.24

Warmed up with a revved up Macca out at North Head and Ireland's #1 was my boy for the day as I'd had a $20 bet with the Chairman that he would get within 90 seconds of Darren Jordan plus in doing so I thought if I stayed with him in sight then I could go low 37s for the day.
Smaller turnout these days for the Striders although I did see the likes of Hoey, Hamish, Renee, Nicky R as well as favourite Scotty toeing the line.
Fast start but keen to not go crazy and keep Macca in view just ahead trying to find a pack to get carried along with. Find myself running solo from about 3ks though that makes it a hard slog as you head back to the start line. Had Hoey sans pushing a pram nearly take me out at the roundabout at 4ks as he tried to go past on the inside that forced me wide and resulted on the pram on two wheels that I felt was unnecessary and I will be having words for it when I spot him next. Down to the Stone Arch and back out for loop two and I was battling hard to stay on my 3.45 pace per/K. Just tried to break each K down though and enjoyed seeing the faster guys on the way home at the 8k marker with Scotty and Criniti battling it out, I would have put my house on Scotty for the win at that point, however I later hear that old Uncle took him by 10 seconds.
Time was drifting and I was now running 3.48s but still on for a sub 38 run if I pushed hard for the last 1K, Saw the 10k click over on the watch with a 38.08 but unfortunately I still had another 100m up hill before I crossed the line and I basically crawled over with the annoying Anna White just ahead with her usual crying / collapsing antics over the finish line that I could have done without.
So a disappointing 38.24 finish when I was aiming for 37.45 I seem to be miles off every race lately although maybe I am a 38 minute 10k runner these days and have to forget about trying to get back into the 36s?
Still I'll keep plugging away.
Run of the Day, Macca with his 35.xx, and I'll collect the $20 at the same time as even if Darren would have run I doubt he would have run low 34's ?

Back out for Sunday long run tomorrow.

It must be early in the race as Macca #1361 is still in sight of me.


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