Thursday, July 20, 2017

12 x 400s and 2 x 1k Rushcutter Oval

Down to Vic on the Park Pool first up and with my smaller than usual swim squad due to the forced change whilst PAP is under repair I jumped in and basically did the set session with my team. After a warm up it was 10 x 200m and just took it in turns to lead the lane with my fastest swimmer I have.
A decent cool down and jumped out with 2.5ks under my belt that I was pleased to get done.

After getting snubbed by Crossy lad citing it was too cold and he only wanted to run easy I was forced to lift my game when I agreed to run with the men in form Scotty and Barts for a session down at Rushcutters Oval at lunchtime.
Massive set from the #1 and 2 with 16 x 400m followed by 2 x 1k but I had already decided that 12 x 400s were my limit especially if I were to follow up with the 1000m efforts to end. Didn't want to kill myself to start with but even on the first I knew it was going to a tough session as the wind on the far side of the oval around the 330m mark was a killer. Kicked it off with a 75 second effort and happy enough to say that I managed to get them all around that with the slowest being a 77
Rogered at the end but still had to endure 2 x 1k reps and basically just put the head down and got through them best I could, trying to break each rep down into smaller sections
Times. 75, 77, 76, 77, 75, 76, 77, 77, 76, 77, 78, 76
1K Reps 3.26, 3.26

Tough old set certainly, made harder by the fact I was pretty much running solo especially into the wind on each lap and although the times are not that flash the effort was certainly there today.

Rest day tomorrow, will try to get entice Crossy Lad out for a swim, might help if I tell him we will swim indoors at the Ian Thorpe Pool ?


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