Sunday, August 27, 2017

Bike and 1k Swim Time Trial

An hour spent in the park on the bike that included a few 'Hot Laps' but as it was as windy as all hell the closest I came to breaking the 6 minute per lap was only 6.03 despite me working harder than usual.
30k in total.

Down to PAP for a lunchtime swim and it was time for the time trial. This month added a little more spice as it was the one and only time you were allowed to swim with wetsuits, paddles fins, basically any toy that may aid you over the course of 20 laps. I went with the wetsuit and paddles although many others did have 3 metre bloody flippers that I thought was taking it a bit far.
Good turn out and with the suit on I was certainly quicker as I stopped the watch in 16.33, that I worked out was about 1 minute quicker. Still no match for the flipper brigade though and Champ took full advantage being first home in around 15.30 ( he would normally be around 17.30) and got the prestigious 'Golden Duck' for the month of August.


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