Tuesday, June 30, 2015

HuRTS 12 x 3 minute efforts (60 seconds Rec)

Even allowing for Gold Coast weekend coming up it was perhaps one of the biggest showings for the year as all the big guns were back out to put the final preparations in place before Sunday.
The longest set on the program saw everyone ready at the gates for the favored 14 x 3 minutes (60 break) set, although even before the start people were stating they were only going for a few taper reps at reduced pace.
Found myself in a good group alongside Enda, Angus, Jeet, a few others and even Macca for once as I was running some 850m at 3.34 pace, Return was slightly faster and basically from there pretty much held all the way. Loads of the team pulled the pin on completion of the 6th, and once Fats was sprawled out on the grass after the 8th rep, done for the day it was left to Quentin to lead the way with Renaud not far behind.
I started to feel the pace on the 9th but was still hitting the same spot and holding pace throughout that I was pleased with, Decided even before the start I was only in for 12 and stayed with it even though I felt I had another two in me if needed.
Pace times for the 12 were:
3.34, 3.32, 3.34, 3.34, 3.30, 3.28, 3.30, 3.31, 3.30, 3.31, 3.30, 3.30
Best session I’ve done since the Half marathon and Thailand trip back in Mid May.

 As mentioned  loads started the set but I reckon only about 6-8 were there for the 14th rep. One of which was HuRTS #1 female – Renee Simon, who was looking strong and good to see her back showing some form. If Renee was the performance of the day then the ‘PPP’ (PiSS Poor Performance) of the day goes to the ‘Comm. Bank’ pairing of Pommy Paul Birch and Sonii Van Beek who were to knock out a measly 3 reps. I know Gold Coast is just around the corner and taper time etc…. BUT 3 reps, Geez, I wouldn’t have got togged out for that many and I’m betting it took Birchy that long to tie his shoelaces. No fear of those two going into the Marathon ‘over cooked’

With the first half of the year now done I thought I’d add my two cents worth if the HuRTS awards were based purely on the first 6 months of the year (just my own individual thoughts and this is NOT official so please don’t be getting upset)
Performance of the Year – Tom, no real reason other than the fact he never wins anything and someone always pips him late in the year. (suppose his Half was OK though?)
Female P.O.T.Y, Erika Ekland  - fine Half Marathon in May.
Most Improved – Darren Jordan, really lifted his game in order to become #1 in his own household.
Under Achiever of the year:  A few nominations here;
Mikey, Still done bugger all …. Except hand his keys in.
Enda, Still living on his early 2014 season form despite going on run camps all over the world.
Laura, Failing to carry out 40 minute pacing duties in May despite running a 3.26 first k, and a 3.16 last one – finishing in 40.21
Birch & Van Beek,  Failing to get to 10 minutes in a HuRTs session with a  paltry 3 reps yesterday.

Will be back out tomorrow for another ‘Double Header’ that is the ‘Timmy 20 minute Hills followed by the 5k tempo.


 A Few of the Under Achiever Mid Year nominations.

Laura James, the new 40.21 pacer.

Paul '3 Rep' Birch.

Sonya Van Beek.

Mikey took to the treadmill to find some form before giving it all away.

And Finally.

Enda, At least he's not asleep. On completion of yet another average race to Bondi.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

2k Swim to Start the week.

Numbers have been very low for the usual Monday swim so had to rally a few to help me out to begin the week down at P.A.P. Managed to coerce  Angus and the Leech, although Élan was also present he’s that far ahead he may as well been swimming by himself.
Arrived early and did a good 600m warm up, and then decided on a 300,200, 100 set by 2.
Angus led and I just basically sat on the ‘Leech’s feet the whole way, Was feeling the efforts as early as the first set and really had to dig in not to lose the Leech the second time around. Times were slightly slower but I’m happy with the following times
4.58, 3.15, 1.36, 5.02, 3.22, 1.35
A 200m cool down that got me 2k for the day to start the week on a good note.

Tomorrow it’s the 14 x 3 minute efforts, a favorite of mine (when running well) but with the Gold Coast this weekend I don’t suspect that we’ll get many doing the whole 14 reps – although I don’t have any such excuse and will be out to do at least 12.


Saturday, June 27, 2015

Sunday Long with a big team.

Fears that today’s turnout was going to be low because of next week’s Gold Coast were soon put to bed as I rocked up for the 6.30am start to find one of perhaps our biggest attendances  for ages.  Good showing from the ‘Shire’ (Laura, Damo, Elzy and a few others) Girls were out in force with the likes of Corky, Sonii, and a pleasant appearance from Mermaid Emma. Irish had Leech, Super Kev, as well as the regulars Renaud, Jeet, Birchy, with Manc Lad Glesso making his Sunday debut, and not forgetting the token Jock, Craig Wiseman.
Just sat in for the normal 6k loop chatting away with Glesso already feeling the pace although it was perhaps only 4.40 pace. Once back at the café the 10k loop was next up and it didn’t take long for the front group to break away but I was more than happy to stay with Birchy, Sonii, Corky Sweaty, and Gleeso as the chat and banter was spot on at a more leisurely pace.
The guys had 18ks on program so I took them on one of my 2ks loops to get the required amount.  85 minutes for the 18ks, average all up working at  4.46 per/k
Probably a little short on distance again but for the first week back I’m happy enough with that.

A nice morning was topped off with coffees all around (served by quality South American staff) with Benny St pulling up a chair and stopping by for a quick chat.

Had a top evening on Friday night to farewell MrAce, massive turnout from the squad that just proves how well respected the lad is. Good to catch up with everyone as the beers flowed well into the evening. I was dying yesterday as a result that saw Taffy, Leech and Mermaid Emma kick on till all hours.
A few photos from the night.

Canadian bound MrAce, Mermaid Emma, Fats and I.

Glesso, Brendan and Todd.

Pete Walker dresses up for the occassion.

With 'The Chairman' not sure what time it is here but looking at his pose i suspect around 7pm, as he didn't even get to his curfew time of 9.45 before departing. The mans getting worse.

What is it with Taffy and his fashion? Seen here in his idol Tom Jones shirt from 1973.

Pommy Paul Birch reckons Taffy has based himself on English comedian Harry Hill?

Late at night - last ones standing 'The Leech', Taffy, Mermaid as i was just about hanging in.


Thursday, June 25, 2015

June Golden Duck 1k Swim - 17.58

Down to P.A.P for the monthly 1k swim time trial and after no swimming for the past 4 weeks once again I knew I was going to be in the hurt box for about 18 minutes or so.
Small turnout with only Pete, Angus, Champagne, Élan , Champ and I, and I was the first away (being the slowest), I was already struggling at the 400m mark but somehow had managed to drop Champ who was on my toes from the off.  It wasn’t long before the quicker guys started to come past for the first time as my pace was getting even slower as each 100m was covered.
Barely moving by the 900m mark and that last 100 was torture as I was to touch out in 17.58 over 60 seconds slower than what I normally knock out. It seems everyone’s times were down with Curly (Angus Boyd) the only one swimming to handicap as he was to take out the prized duck.
Times for the day were
Élan               14.40 fastest of the day.
Curly             15.47 Golden Duck winner – June.
Champagne 17.24
The Leech    17.35
Timmy           17.58
The Champ  18.25

Need to get more swimming done over the winter months if I am to do the Half Ironman later in the year.

Big afternoon planned as we say farewell to good guy MrAce (Mike Race) who is leaving to head to Canada with his family, A top bloke Mikey is and will be missed. And I wish him  and the family all the best on the new adventures that lay ahead.

Just been going through some of my holiday snaps and already wishing I was back there (especially after the way I’ve trained this week) Cracker of a holiday that had everything from Motor bikes, Mud Baths, Markets, Massages, through to Beer, Beaches and some of the best food I’ve tasted in years.
Here are a few samples.

Food tasting tour on the back of bikes.

Local markets to get the food for cooking class.

Mud Bath - Bliss, looked about 20 years younger once i'd finished.

Cooking Class, don't think Chef Ramsey has anything to worry about.

Love the beaches.

...and not a bad place for a few cocktails and beers with old mates ..... and making new ones :)

Will return for the Sunday long run this week although i suspect many will be going shorter due to the Gold Coast the following week - that suits me fine.

Have a great weekend
Train well, stay safe

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Double Header = Double the Pain.

A 6k warm up with a client around the Domain before the quick dash over to Rushcutters Oval for the HuRTS ‘double header’ session that was 7 x 400s and a 3k tempo.
Good showing again with front runners Barts and C.T leading the way, I once again had a nice little group with Angus and Toddie once more giving me something to work off.  Came around for the first rep with a  79 second effort and with running late I didn’t get time to lay out the cones that meant we were staying closer to the fence and running longer (445 metres) , and Barts suggested it was adding 6 seconds on to the time and who am I to argue with HuRTS #1 ?
Pretty much held the rest in and around the same time, even had the privilege to have Sammy the Salmon Johnson running beside me for most of it as he continues to improve. I was puffing pretty hard from about the 5th but was keen to hold onto Todd throughout.
Times were: 79, 79, 78, 77, 78, 79, 78
A quick 2 minute recovery and it was time for the 3k tempo, track was very slippy due to a shower prior to the set beginning, that made the sharp right turn over the bridge that much more tricky. Came through the first lap (1k) in 3.45 and was hoping that I could hold that for the remaining 2.
Drifted slightly on the 2nd but managed to keep the pace steady throughout to stop the clock in 11.17 (average 3.46s)
Although working hard and taking in the big ones, I’m pretty happy with that all things considered.

One thing I did learn today is that ‘Muscles’ Jono CAN’T COUNT – he rocks up late then says on completion of the 6th rep that he thought we were done, and then on the tempo stops after the 2nd lap saying he thought it was only 2 laps…… although the way he was puffing I don’t think he had another in him.
On current form I think he could be owing #1 Barts a few $$$$ come the end of the year, (he doesn’t stand a chance of running the time he made the bet for and he wouldn’t even break 34 minutes at the moment)

Rest day tomorrow, although will get down to the pool for the monthly 1k swim time trial. Think this could be an even harder workout then Tuesdays run set as I’ve not done a tap for the past 4 weeks in the water.


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

'The Return' - HuRTS 4 x 10 minute efforts,

Returned to the group today for the first time since returning from holidays and boy what an absolute killer that turned out to be. The best and only good thing to come from it was the fact I finished (unlike many)
Rolled up to find a mass of people (must have been 50+) and we were soon away, just sat in with Renaud, Angus, Todd and one or two of the others for the first rep. Was ticking along OK although coming around Mrs. Mac’s the boys just started to pull away, not to worry though as Minhy (Michael Ho) soon joined me to finish the first 10 minutes off. Happy to cover 2.7ks sitting in around the 3.40 average mark.
I know the return leg is always tougher but felt OK for the first 5 minutes until I hit the hill around the A.B.C Pool then it all went belly up – legs just went and it was a battle just to get back. Suffice to say I was nowhere to be seen at the Stone Gates at the 10 minute mark and it even had Birchy out with his binoculars looking for me.
Already consigned myself with running at 4 minute pace for the 3rd but knew I was struggling when Taffy Lad was to fly past after 5 minutes, and was finding it tough to even run by this stage of the session. A quick hello to HuRTS #1 lady Renee was about as much as I could muster as I went in search of the local water bubbler  before the return for the final time. Somehow got back to the Stone Gates just as the clock ticked over 10 minutes but it wasn’t pretty.
Not sure what happened to the rest of the mob? 50 odd starters and I’m betting there were only a dozen at most to finish the set – Tom, Barts, Skippy, Angus, Biggsy, to name a few.
Just over 10ks for the 40 minutes running – woeful, and I think it could be a long way back, why oh why do I drink & eat so much when on holidays I  was to spend the afternoon asking myself.

Easy 7ks with clients first up, although even running at a slower pace it was anything but easy. Then met up with Enda for a 6k loop and was soon joined by POD on his bike who looked more of a forlorn figure than I did as he recounted his recent Half Ironman in Cairns where he walked for 19 of the 21ks ????? very strange.
Just shy of 14ks for the morning, and at least I was back out knocking out a few ks.

Will be back out tomorrow for the Rushcutters ‘Double header’ session that is the 400s and 3k tempo set.


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

McKay Oval 10 x 400s (rolling every 2 mins)

Despite calling for a change in session with the team I still wasn’t able to make it down to Rushcutters today as too busy racing around before I depart tomorrow.
I did however find time to squeeze in 20 minutes at Centennial Park for the 10 x 400s on McKay Oval, Struggled to get into it but wanted to keep them all consistent at least. Times were a little down, but running solo and with little enthusiasm knowing I was in holiday mode, I was more than happy to average around 75 -76s throughout.
Times were: 74, 76, 75, 75, 76, 75, 76, 75, 76, 74

That’s me done now again for another 11 days – will take my ‘Mikey well earned break’ and hopefully I can return fully refreshed and charged up for a bigger and better 2nd half to the year.

Good luck to all those racing on the weekend – I will be keeping a keen eye over results whilst I’m on the beach supping cocktails.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

HuRTS 8 x 5 minutes (90 seconds recovery)

Epic long weekend and was still feeling the effects as I made my way into town for the HuRTS 8 x 5 minute session. Only Tucks leading from the front today but I need not have worried about that as I had more than a good group of guys to work around for the day. Found myself in the mix with Renaud, Angus, Todd, Adrian, Jeet, Ronnie (Biggsy) and one or two others working at 3.36 pace covering 1.4ks
Slightly faster return at 3.33 pace saw me go through the gates beside the Opera House and was moving OK despite feeling very dehydrated and I’d only done two reps.
Was pretty much getting to the same spot each time but was finding it tougher each time as the others were simply getting stronger and further. I got to the 5th and upon completion knew I only had one left in me and was just happy to get back within the required 5 minutes. 
I wasn’t alone in dropping out at 6 and despite some strong works from certain quarters it still wasn’t enough to coax me out for a 7th and 8th rep.
Distances, pace  and heart rate went.
1.       1.40ks  ave 3.36 per/k . Ave H/R 113, Max 131
2.       1.41ks          3.33 per/k                      130,          141
3.       1.39ks          3.37per/k                       136            143
4.       1.39ks          3.36per/k                       138            146
5.       1.36ks          3.39per/k                       141           149
6.       1.38ks          3.37per/k                       142            151

Tough set, not helped with my dry mouth feeling like Gandhi’s flip flop once again for most.

Saw Barts floating around. Looked like he was knocking out some 1k reps, Looks pretty keen and told me that he hopes to see out the next few weeks strong (till the end of June) and remain HuRTS #1. He has the Launnie 10k coming up this week and if he can continue his stranglehold over Tom he will certainly have completed the first half of the year undisputed champion.
Looks like a descent group heading over for the race with Barts, Tom. Birchy, Laura, Corky O’Connor, Jeet all looking to record a fast time. Disappointed to be missing to be honest, although I think I can put up with a Vietnam alternative.

Will be back out for one more session at Rushcutters on Thursday before I fly out on the Friday.


Thursday, June 4, 2015

Running with Sammy and Mosh Pit Mikey.

Into town yet again but not for a Friday swim but a Friday RUN, Yep, made arrangements to catch up with Mikey and Sammy J for a change for an easy run. Decided to run a lap of Centennial Park and back,  Nice and easy pace as we pretty much talked about every topic going ranging from the recent Mediocre Cup, to matchmaking certain members (mmm, very interesting), through to Mikey’s Mosh Pit days listening to Kurt Cobain …… still trying to get my head around Mikey with long hair slamdancing and going ballistic  J
Time flew by and before we knew it I was back at the Art Gallery having covered 15ks in 75 minutes. Great run and I really should make the effort more to do these kind of runs.

Big weekend once more, unfortunately NO premier league footy any more but we do have the Euro Champions League played between Juventus & Barcelona, Tough game to pick but I’ll go the underdogs here and go the upset with Juventus to turn the Catalonian boys over.
Timmy’s tip Juventus 1 vs. Barcelona 0
On the international  front England travel over to Ireland to play at the Greenhouse,  and I believe Enda will be at the game? Just pray we give them a good shoeing or else he’ll be unbearable for the rest of the year.
Let’s sit on the fence with this one - take the 1-1 (it means more to them then us)

Will be out for a few tempo ks in the morning around the park, not sure about Sunday yet as I have a big party on Saturday night so that’s very much in the air J

Have a great weekend
Train well, stay safe

Long Hair Mikey in his Mosh Pit Days before he took on the HuRTS top job.

3 x 2ks Reps (2 min rest)

Another 5ks with a client just before the lunchtime session that seems to work as a good warm up for me as what I did on Tuesday, then headed over to the Passenger Terminal for the start of the  3 x 2k reps.
Looked like a smaller crowd to start but numbers started to appear from everywhere before the first rep and good to see Taffy back in the fold, but we were light on with no front runners Tom, Barts, Tuckey, Fattorini, or Skippy Heyden anywhere to be seen?
It meant I was in a nice little pack at the front with ‘Little Tom (Thumb)?, Macca, Adrian and Angus Boyd for the first rep, wasn’t superfast but was happy enough to come in bang on 7.00 minutes. Tried then to hold for the 2nd rep but the lads had other ideas and had broke away by the turnaround mark at the 1k. Still happy enough to come in the same time right on Adrian McGarva’s heels.
For the 3rd rep the lads were out even faster than the 2nd with ‘Little Tom’ leaving the field for dead, I thought I was starting to struggle but was happy enough to come home with a 7.03.
A good warm down through the city and back to the Art Gallery with Sammy Johnson for 14ks for the day.
Pretty consistent for the session and I think it helped by just slowing the first rep down a little. Need to try to get more ks in the legs as I feel that’s one of the reasons why I’ve been struggling – some weeks I’m only doing about 40s total.
On that score I’ve locked an easy 12-14ks tomorrow lunch with Mikey instead of the usual Friday swim set.


Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Logging Midweek Ks.

Another cold one to start the day with morning temps down to 7 degrees that meant the tights were out for the first time. Very easy 5ks before hooking up with a friend and knocking out a further 11ks.
Just about thawed out once I was done
Will be back into town tomorrow for the HuRTS 3 x 2k lunchtime session.

A couple of pics from the recent Thailand tour.

View from my pool overlooking Kamila.

and playing Tammy Tourist.

Typical evening seafood meal.

My hotel staff who looked after me.

The best way to get around for short journeys.

And who knows, you may even get Samual L Jackson sticking some gas in for you.

How i looked chilling out for lunchtime beers and food.

..... and how i looked after only one session back after taking over Mikey's BIG roll within the HuRTS team.


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tuesday Fartlek 45 mins (60 ON /30 OFF)

Into the city earlier today and basically did a 5k warm up with a client before I met a big team for the 45 minute Fartlek session, Pretty much all the regulars in attendance and after giving some brief instructions (that nobody listens to) we were off.
Started to run with the Leech and Angus for the first 10 minutes or so but thought it was a tad quick so was delighted when ‘Allo Allo’ boy Renaud  and Jeet picked me up before the Opera Gates.  All of a sudden it seemed so much easier as we held sub 3.55 pace around the Quay and Passenger terminal.
Managed to get outside the theatre company on the 22.30 half way mark reaching 5.75ks (ave 3.55) before turning and then getting a nice surprise to see English Top Chef Ainsley Harriott standing curb side giving Jeet, Renaud and I a High 5 as we went past (Renaud had to go the extra mile and embarrass himself with a ‘selfie)
Got a good sight of Tom(who was cruising), and Pete Walker, with a big group  around the terminal & quay area and had them picked up coming back into the Opera Gates. Started to struggle with about 10 minutes to go but was keen just to hang in.  Tom was basically just running even so would come past me on my easy 30 seconds only for me to ease past on the minute efforts. Dug deep coming past the A.B.C Pool and then again for the final hill before the expressway and only just had enough left in the tank to reach the Stone Gates as the 45 minutes ticked on.
Very happy with that as I covered 11.5ks for the session in the 45 mins averaging 3.55s thanks mainly to Jeet and Renaud who hauled my fat @r$e around with them for the session.

Pretty sad start to the week yesterday as our main man Mikey Conway decided he wants a break from the HuRTS team and ‘handed his keys in’ (his words). Says after 15 years that he no longer wishes to run fast and would just prefer to train socially going forward.
I know we all have a laugh and enjoy the banter in training , but Mikey has done so much work for the team over the years in helping build a great team and social way of lunchtime running for all.
Mikey will be missed but I’m sure we’ll see him floating around keeping a watchful eye on proceedings.  
Mikey then asked me if I can fill his big shoes – OMG, sure he only offered it to me as I had more ‘cones’ than anyone else , but I’m more than happy to help out and I know we still have plenty more people who do as much and can look after when I’m not there.

Had a big Sunday over in Manly for the Mediocre /Churchill Cup drinks, a nice turnout that saw Taffy, Tom, Pommy Paul, English ‘Wannabe’ Leech, Darren & Erika Elkand and Jeet talk an afternoon of TRASH.
Seemed everyone wanted part of the Churchill and Mediocre Cups and the big talking point was that Tom is a secret Stoke fan, only to happy to parade around the pub in the red and white colours.
Some photos from a top afternoon.

Stoke fan Tommy H and I celebrating Mediocre Cup.

Churchill Cup winners, Birch, Highnam. Lindop and Jordan.

Our next genration of Churchill winners - a young Jordan.

Birchy wanted this one to send to Enda personally.

Captain and 4th overall on the day - The Chairman Tommy H.

Even the local Brazilian ladies couldn't wait to get there hands on 'Winston'.

And finally, whilst the Jordan’s arrived in the Swedish 4 wheel drive Volvo, Taffy walked, I made my way care of the Manly Ferry, Tommy H’s mode of transport was his NEW ‘Mrs Daisy’ bike ( I kid you not) … he even carried his late night kebab home in his little basket as well.

Even Erika Ekland was keen to jump on the Stoke FC bandwagon, much to hubby Darren's anger :)