Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Run and Swim Day in the Heat

With over 32 degree day on the cards and a snubbing from Tommy H to do a bike set I opted to once again stay in the park after work and log some Ks before the heat kicked in. Started easy on the 6k loop that takes in Woollahra hill along the way, cutting over to Paddo Gates and back down. Picked up the pace on the 4k flat section and happy enough to record a 43.20 time averaging 4.20s
Temps really cranked up throughout the morning and when birthday boy Crossy Lad came calling for a dip I wasn't about to miss the opportunity to get my 2nd swim done for the week. Joined by Gus Boyd and even though the two boys are way faster than me I was still able to smash out 2ks along the way.
Quote of the Day came from Crossy, (this is true) despite it being 32 degrees and a heated pool of 25.8, after jumping in he came up with this pearler 'Ohhhh its cold' .... Unbelievable.

Will be back at the pool in the morning and will need to try a run set of some description at lunch.


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