Friday, June 29, 2012

Bali Olympic Triathlon..2.21:48 12th Overall

WOW.... What an experience that was.
Well its nearly been a week since i ventured over to Bali and competed in the Olympic distance tri they have on over there and in turn has given me some time to think and reflect on my thoughts.
If the Phuket triathlon is the BEST and most scenic race there is to do then surely Bali must go down as the most DANGEROUS, my God how someone has not been seriously injured or killed out there is beyond me. Ventured over last Thursday for a few days before the race to check  it all out and immediately  fell in love with the beachside setting and where the swim woud take place. But even walking the streets i had reservations of what the bike and run leg would be like with the volume of traffic around.
Started the race on the beach of Jimbaren Bay and thought the markers were set for a full Ironman they were that far out, with limited swimming under my belt i thought i best not push to hard for the first leg and felt comfortable throughout but was surprised when i stood up out the water and saw 31 mins on the clock (was hoping for 28?), never mind and after a quick transition it was out on the bike and this is where the fun really did begin. I did about 2ks then hit motorcylces on the left and right of me as i headed out of town, and then almost came to a complete stop as i hit the first roundabout of the day. Went out for about 10ks before returning and hitting speeds up to 45ks per/h at one stage then all of a sudden a motor bike comes out from the medium strip right in front of me..............i thought my time was up, as a hot flush went through me and i saw the 'Pearly Gates' flash before my eyes. Had to sit up then and take stock as a guy came past and said what a 'close call that was', as i was sitting up (and travelling at about 15ks) i saw a little sign that said "Turnaround 2nd Lap" , so i stopped and asked the guy if that was so whilst many of the others just flew past and didn't see it .......Unreal :)
Never been so happy to be off the bike as my watch ticked off 67 minutes for the 40ks, but  unfortunately things didn't get any better as on the 10k run it was like running through the middle of George Street in peak hour. I was literally in the middle of the road thinking what the hell am i doing here as the sun was baking down on me. The first 5ks pace wise was OK but on the return i thought i was struggling big time and really laboured home in about 38 mins (3.50 pace?) Crossing the finishing shoot in 2.21:28 for 12 place overall. 
  Absolutely spent at the end, these overseas races are bloody hard, not sure what it is, maybe the heat, not knowing the course/layout, even a lack of talent i hear some say :) Still even at this time of the year its been hard to do the necessary swimming and bike training in order to get the quicker times i was looking for, and hopefully when i go back to Thailand in November i will be better prepared and have done the required training.
My times were OK , but if you look at how much time i am giving to my age group competitors in the swim leg - its not hard to work out where i need to focus some of my trianing come the warmer months.
Overall thoughts, Great exprience and the race is still in its early stages (6th year) so they will get better, but they really do need to close the roads and make it safer if they do want to build the race in future years. In last years race the lead guy who was on the bike actually got hit by a truck at one point, the 2nd guy went the wrong way, leaving the 3rd place going on to win the race :)
Race results from this year :

Had a great post race party in the famous 'Rock Bar' in the Ayana Resort in Bali sitting right on the water supping my Caprioska Cocktails throughout the evening before going on for a few days to meet my adopted family for some pure bliss....Sun, Sand, Sea, Surf, Sex on the Beach ( thats Cocktails for the Irish boys...settle down :)

Run leg in between all the traffic ...unbeliveably

Few pictures taken from race day. (sorry so small - but can not download from Marathon photos?)Start of the Swim leg on the beach at Jimabaren Bay.

Also some BIG and exciting NEWS whilst i have been away is the new arrival of young Cillian Stankard to proud parents Ange and our old mate Enda. I realise some of our Aussie readers may struggle with a name like that and its not as simple as your more sought after Bruce, Wayne, Dwayne,or NoBrain but i like it and i am sure he will in turn be a far better runner then his old man ever was and hopefully  i may get the  chance to race him at the Gold Coast Half in coming years :)
Here is a photo of the 3 of them ( at last we get a half decent photo of Enda) i hear he already has his mothers looks, thank GOD he didn't get Enda's

 Ange, Enda and possibly Ireland's future Number 1 Triathlete Cillian Stankard :)

Finally, Good luck to all those up at the Gold Coast this weekend, big crew up there and everyone is flying so i look forward to hearing all the post race reports and more importantly the shenanigans what goes on at the parties, Will be the first one i've missed in about 7 years to be honest , but after a weeks full of Bintang Beer its probably not the best move to be racing 21ks .

Have a good weekend

Monday, June 18, 2012

....All but Done.

Went into the City to meet the lads for the 45 minute Tempo session that consists of 60 sec on / 30 off, decided beforehand to take it easy today as i try to rest up a bit before Sunday. Very good crew in attendance once more on a super winters day - All the old heads were there, Tom, Tucks, Bartles, J-Fen, Fats, Warrior Charlie, as was the HuRTS girls Mermaid and Sonya. But it was the return of Mr Social King himself Richie High that excited everyone (in particular Enda - who was also there).
Run out with High and Stankard, pretty cruisy before i think i was cramping there style a little and they pressed ahead just a few minutes before the turnaround. Got to around the Barangaroo turnoff 5.70ks (average 3.56 per/k) just as Adam Conquest approached , and then run back together through C.Q and Farm Cove, The 'Lovebirds' (Enda & Richie) went past me at this point and Adam also pushed ahead, i caught on to a struggling Pete Walker who lifted and came with me for the final 5 minutes or so as i got back to the Stone gates in 44.48 with 12 seconds to spare. Average on the return being 3.47 and 11.7ks all up.
Despite taking it easier today i still found the legs to be pretty heavy and very happy to rest up between now and Sunday with only a few light swims when i get over there.
The boys are flying at the moment, seriously and i am expecting some good times come the Gold Coast weekend. Even Richie High - despite no training for over 3 months can still come out and spank us over the session and left me thinking that the 90 seconds he has offered to give me in the City to Surf will not be enough :)

Had a call from old mate and training partner Richie Palmer earlier today - seems to be going well, as always training the house down, getting all set for his Vegas Triathlon in September, Got talking about how cold it is on the bike these past mornings.................And you wont believe what he comes out with?
"Timmy, the key is you need a beanie (hat) i have just got one on the weekend they are magic - They are on SPECIAL at Aldi as well as loads of other stuff i picked up ....Blah blah blah "

Pllleeassssssssseeeeeee, do me a favour - not another convert, so it looks like the next time i go up to visit Newcastle we'll be having 4 kgs of Packham Pears and a bunch of Rhubarb care of Aldi. Alls we need now is J-Fen to invite us around for the 'Amercan Breaky' one Sunday to find him dishing up  the 'Aldi Buffalo Wings' Specials?

Finally the plane has been sent to take the weakest Irish team to leave the Emerald Isle back home - Pish poor effort from them if you ask me - Still they did score A GOAL so all is not lost, Its the turn of England again tonight and just looking to avoid defeat and it will take us into the next knock out round against Spain. Enda has been down to Rebel Sports today to buy the Ukraine jersey - he could be returning in the morning to buy the Spanish one for the next round  :)

Well that's about all in terms of training for me, feel a little underdone on the bike as not really done the mileage, but confident i wont lose to much time there, my running is going OK and hopefully can pick up a few minutes and places on the run leg.... as for swimming - just getting out the water feeling OK and i will be happy, as my race will start at that point.

Results are in from Sundays duathlon -


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Where theres HOPE

Later start today due to having a few to many Frothies yesterday afternoon up in Newtown, so it was getting near midday before i ventured down to the pool for what will be probably my last swim session before i fly out later in the week.
Set today was to try to do 3 x 500s all under the 9 minute mark, A little ambitious i know but thought i would give it a try. Just as i was about to start for the day i noticed a sign writer in the sky writing the words 'HOPE'............ Was this for me i thought? and was he trying to tell me something?
Well with the words 'HOPE' now ringing in my head i set off with a new found urge that maybe i could get through this session. Felt good early and all of a sudden i can feel as is i am actually moving in the water now as opposed to frantically flapping away getting nowhere.
Touched the wall for the first 500 in 8.54, pleased with that as its also the first time i have gone under 9 this year, although i thought 2 more of them seemed very unlikely. The 2nd set was slower but tried to hang in there and touched just outside the 9 minute mark. Had the lane to myself again, which is great but i would have loved someone else there so i could swim on there feet for the last rep as i knew my best was now done for the day. I could have had a cuppa my break was that long before attempting the 3rd and it took everything i had to try to keep it as close to 9 as i could.
Times for the 3 x 500s were:  8.54, 9.01, 9.06
So although i only managed 1 from 3 under 9 minutes i was happy with that overall, and despite still being slow i have seen some improvements over the past 4 weeks.

Will get out for one more run session tomorrow, not sure if I'll make it into town to run with the boys or do my own stuff in the park at this stage, will just depend on time and how work goes.
Getting all excited now before i jet out again, put the bike in for a service this morning (told him to put extra gas in), made a few calls overseas to 'Team Timmy' who will be attending to all my needs and making sure i hit the start line in tip top shape :)
Had PLOD emailing everyone this morning with some scurrilous remarks on the Thai venture, no idea what he was getting at? Although i did promise him a picture of 'Team Timmy', lets just hope he doesn't jump on a plane and try to do the race also in order to get in on the act.

Team Timmy..... 'Saucy Sue, Massage girl Mai, and Chef Cookie

Lets get the party going :)

.."But please Mr Timmy, do not bring that Enda this year, he bad man - he give everyone head cold when he here last year"

Tonight also sees the final game in the Euros for the Irish lads before returning home - basically went to script although they did manage one more goal then i thought they would. They play Durante's mob tonight Italy.
Timmy'sTip - Italy 1 vs Ireland 0
Noticed the highly fancied Dutch clog wearing tulip eating dope smokers were knocked out as well, big surprise that one. England only need to draw against the Ukraine on Wednesday morning to advance and will probably play Spain in the quarters that will get Enda all excited :)


Saturday, June 16, 2012

BRAT Duathlon 61.37 - 2nd

'Forever the Bridesmaid'.. 2nd is the 1st Loser... Its getting like that after taking out 2nd again to running hotshot  Robbie Neil at the BRAT Duathlon.
Rolled up today looking for a good final hit out before next Sundays race, and immediately saw some good competition in Robbie, 'The Sparks Crew - Laughing Policeman (Samsy) and Krone, as well as training partner Roger.
Without trying to kill the first 5ks i was looking at just keeping Robbie in sight and tied to stick within about 60 seconds of him on the run, with Roger sitting on my shoulder it helped to keep me honest and i crossed the line to get on the bike in 17.24 (3.30 pace). i could see Robbie ahead and focused on realing him in and knew i had to be OFF the bike before him to stand a chance of victory. Went past Krone on lap 6 a full lap behind and give him gob full about being soft that sparked him into action :), and about the same time went past Robbie with the aim of putting time into him on the last 3 laps.  I was thinking if i could get 25 seconds then i would maybe hold him on the 2.5k final run. Thought i was going OK but must have fallen asleep on the 10th and final lap as with about 500mtres he seemed to come from nowhere and took me on the home straight .......D'oh :) I put in the big ones at this stage and knew my only chance was for a quick transition that i achieved and set out on the run first. Bike time was about 34.39
Held my pace well working around 3.30 pace, and turned for home (1.25ks) still slightly ahead, Held for a further 200mtre before the inevitable was to happen and he came up to me  - surprised myself by kicking and going with but he was too strong over the final 500 and he crossed the line about 10 seconds ahead of me to relegate me into 2nd once again. I finished in a respectable 61.37 a couple of minutes faster then last month, so I'll take that and happy to beat training partner Roger by 40 seconds. The Sparks Boys (Samsy & Krone) finished in 5th and 7th i think and then proceeded to demolish all the snags on the BBQ (man can those boys eat - even put Clyde to shame i reckon)
i still think there is room for improvement and hopefully by the end of winter i can break the 60 minute barrier........maybe just need PLOD there to help us out, when he's not Hoola Hooping :)

Just out for a few well earned beers now, and i will be giving you the overseas rundown later on the week on the blog.


Friday, June 15, 2012

Lions Smash Sweds in Kiev.

On a cold but pleasant morning with a sprinkling of rain it was perfect conditions  for running as i was back in the park for a 10k trot.
Decided on the 6k Woollahra Hill loop then a flat 4k for this morning and armed with the ipod and a certain song on high rotation it felt good to be out this morning. Went through the first 6ks with the hill in 25.45 (ave 4.17s) and then without any extra effort did the flat loop in 16.32 (ave 4.07) - All up 42.19  at 4.13 for the morning.
Just as i was finishing i saw young Enda on his bike complete with his new Lycra English cycling top on (didn't even know they out yet?) had a good chat with him about the Euro games and now that the Irish are gone he is adamant he will support England.
By the way the song i had on high rotation this morning which probably explains the extra spring in the step was; (i know you'll sing along )

Onto the Euros - it was another night of excitement over in Kiev when England took on Sweden, it was not without the usual fanfare (when is it not with England) as we came from 1-2 down to win 3-2 and now must just avoid defeat by Ukraine to progress to the knockout stages.
Got a little scary when we went 1-2 down and i could almost hear the text coming through from Enda at that point, but our never say die attitude saw us home. OK we might not have World CLASS players this year (Gerrard excepted) but what we do have is PRIDE, HEART and Youth that will see us go a long way.
One final note on the Ireland vs Spain game yesterday - I see Spain had over 800 passes over 90 minutes against the Irish - the only way England could do that is to enter Wayne Rooney in Mastermind.

Finished off the morning sitting having a nice coffee, when who should walk past me and say hello? ... Mrs PLOD, Yes English Elaine (Paul's wife), and i think she may have just let the 'cat out of the bag' when she proceeded to tell me all about the next challenge the Irish boys have lined up in order to win back the Churchill /Sands Trophy.
She was sent out to shop for the 'Hoola Hoop' and armed with a trolley load she was returning home for the boys to practise.
So team England it looks like we have out work cut out on this one - stay tuned for more :)

Ireland's next challenge - Hoola Hoops in order to win back the Churchill/Sands trophy.

Good Luck to Davie Kane over in Tassie for the Burnie 10ks - will be interesting to see how he goes, i have every faith in him unlike some (Tom) Its a pretty fast course by all accounts and not even sure if it is 10ks to be honest, you know old Kanser he'll go anywhere to fish out these 9.82k races
Timmy's Tip - Kanser 34.04 :)

Out to the BRAT duathlon in the morning for a final hit out , lets hope it clears up and stays dry


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Viva La Espana - The Final Countdown.

Early start to the day to witness Ireland vs Spain in the Euro's from Poland - and watched probably the most one sided men against boys game of footy for years. Saw until half time (2-0) and thought getting out to do my swim was less miserable then to carry on watching,... but more on the Euro's later.
So back to the pool for the 2nd swim in less then 24 hours and tried for the 3rd  Friday in succession  to knock out 1500 metres straight. Following yesterdays positive swim i wanted to push it harder today to see where i stood and purposely took it out faster. Realised at about 900 that may have been a mistake and once more with the lane to myself felt as if i laboured for the final 500 metres touching in 28.12
500 breakdowns were;   9.06, 9.26, 9.38 = 28.12
Last Fridays were           9.26, 9.34, 9.34 to finish in 28.35

So with a little over a week to race day at least i can see some signs of improvement :)
Will try to get two more swims in before i leave and will also get a couple done whilst there before race day.

Had intended at going in to watch the 1600m race in the city , but was to tired to be bothered  At the time of writing i still don't know the result but would bet Tommy H will take some beating today?

Busy weekend ahead, will get out for a run in the morning sometime and then on Sunday the BRATS have there 2nd Duathlon in the series, so will give that a hit out as well. Lets hope previous winner Robbie Neal is a no show :)
I think Kanser is away down to Tassie this week to run a 10k - so it looks like there will be no breaky or any new Aldi specials on show for this week, and looks like I'll have to grab a snag from the BRAT BBQ instead of the tasty Cumberland's I've been having.

Tonight's a big night (well in the morning) when England are back in action against the Sweds, Tough game again with us having a very poor record against them. Still i fancy us to get the win and hopefully carry us through to the next round.
Timmy's Tip - England 2 vs Sweden 1
As mentioned watched Ireland earlier today - what a complete shambles of a team, it was embarrassing. i predicted a scoreline 3-0 and wasn't far out with 4 although it could have been more. Enda was crying to me all morning with texts and emails going on about 'how proud he was to be Irish' and best fans in the world' rubbish. Seriously they need to change there mentality when it comes to football, the fans enjoy the game - YES but surely they would prefer to be watching decent WINNING footy. if all they  wanted was a  jolly good knees up and sing song then get down to the local boozer or RSL instead. Will be interesting to see how many Durante's Mob of Italians can put past them in the final game.
On a final note, if that David Silva from Spain is not one of the best midfielders going then i don't know who is? .........Maybe Stoke should sign him in the off season:)

Have a great weekend

PS - Just to compound Enda's miserable sporting week -Clyde's Kiwis will smash Ireland in the Rugby as well. Lets just hope the Taffies can turn the Aussies over :)


HuRTS Gate to Gate x 8

With drama reigning over the HuRTS team concerning #1 runner Andrew Tuckey's fitness before tomorrows Barangaroo 1600 metre dash, he was made to do a fitness test on the HuRTS Gate to Gate session in front of Chairman Tom who was in attendance with camera sitting in the gardens picking flowers.
With word filtering through that a replacement may be called for - it was left to Slim Sammy Agnew to pick up the baton and lead from the front today despite complaining about his 'Trouble & Strife (wife's) cooking that has left him with crook guts for the past week:)
I sat in for the first few with S.S.A, T.B and Tucks, with Razor Wareham doing his usual not far behind, just knocked out the 1st rep in sub 3 minutes and thought that was harder then it should have been. Settled after that and kept the remaining reps all around the same pace or slightly faster.
Got a helping from Tom who finally decided to stop smelling the roses and do some work on the last rep and kept me honest as i tried to kick it down about 4 times in the last 60 seconds
Times for each rep - Gate to Gate were:
2.59, 2.58, 2.53, 2.57, 2.52, 2.57, 2.56, 2.48
NOTE ; Once Tucks had passed his fitness test and was included in the 'A team' for tomorrow he retired for the day and it left Slim Sammy Agnew to ponder what might have been, he was distraught not to be included in the team so much so he didn't even finish the last rep?

From there it was back down to the pool where i met up with Ian again and knocked out 3 x 300s, 3 x 150s and 3x 50 metre efforts. happy to report i held the pace on all 3 - 300s today with times 5.20, 5.20  and 5.16 - So maybe things are finally looking up.
Will have to return in the morning though in order to get my 2nd swim done for the week, then i will head into town to watch the 1600metre race
Timmy's Tip - Tom to beat Tucks :)

Also watching the footy - and the Germans roll on with a good win over the Dutch overnight and are looking the goods. Its the turn of the Green Men again tonight up against the Spanish - could witness plenty of goals in the Irish net for this one.
Timmy's Tip - Ireland 0 (if they are lucky) vs Spain 3

Enda has some very exciting news overnight that he wanted me to share - No, No, baby hasn't been born....something more important then that ........ he managed to get his first correct tip right in his tipping contest thanks to a last minute wining goal by Portugal :)
He has laid a bet with me that he will beat me in the above comp as well - with the loser made to wear a footy jumper of the winners choice. He was even over here today trying it on for size and i sneaked a photo whilst he had it on. check it out

Enda in the number 7 Stoke shirt made famous by Stanley Matthews, Terry Conroy, Garth Crooks, T. Lindop.......... that he will be forced to wear if he doesn't lift his game in the tipping contest,
Lets hope he loses his Man boobs and gets a bit fitter before the nominated day :)


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

More of the Same.

OK enough is enough........... this rain is driving us all mad here in Sydney town, Yet another drenching and to make it even worse i was out on the bike doing the brick session.
First up though it didn't seem to bad whilst i took the first class, and even saw Ronan (waiting for Kane once more), Kate flying around, and the '3Wise Men' parading around as 'Hardmen'...Marshmallow (Clyde), Laughing Policeman (Samsy) and new to the group and class runner 'Irish Robbie Neil'
Got the text early from Roger telling me that he would meet me but was full of cold and didn't want to push today, so i started early and knocked out a series of 2 minute hard efforts on the bike before he arrived. Once he joined us we were happy just to cruise around for the next hour pretty easy getting the kays up. My bike is nowhere near as strong as it was at the end of last year pre Thailand trip and i think i could be doing it tough next week come race day, but we'll see how we go.
45ks for the morning - then had another run client and did 40 minutes tempo at easy pace - @ 5.20pace , Don't know if that counts as a run although the way Flakey's form is going downhill he'd be happy with that :) Poor lad tried for about 15 years to get a preferred start in the City to Surf, he got it once and now he's struggling to even get a start in the 'Yellow Pack' - with Mums pushing Prams. Maybe Dave Kane should take him under his wing and give him a few pointers?

Will return tomorrow for the HuRTS session, not sure what it is yet but hopefully i'll  make it into the city to meet up with a few of the boys.


Monday, June 11, 2012

Centennial Cyclone 1k Reps x 8

After yet another wet and windy long weekend it was back into the park this morning for the start of another weeks training. Despite the rain having stopped it was blowing a force 10 gale it seemed at one point. Decided as i was in the park with work i would fore go the HuRTS set and do my own 8 x 1k reps with just 60 seconds break in between each rep. With the extra few i wanted to focus more on just running at race pace ( 3.30s hopefully) rather then smashing each one out.
As mentioned the wind was against me on every one going out from the cafe but it was a nice tail wind that got me back home - so that's why every 2nd rep was slightly quicker.
Even with an easier pace i was still working hard out there this morning, with the park looking more like a ghost town with very few venturing out in such conditions.
Times for the morning were:
3.32, 3.27, 3.30, 3.24, 3.30, 3.27, 3.33, 3.27
Happy enough again with that, and all up 25ks for the morning that included a couple of easy sessions with clients.
Backing up again in the morning with my final brick session before the big overseas break coming up.

E- Watch - otherwise known as Enda Watch. My spies tell me that Mr Enda was out running this morning and has started his quest to beat Young Timmy at this years City to Surf. Seen out doing his Hill reps on old Heartbreak Hill despite the heavy rain and cold weather must mean he's serious about this one :)
Still he is in a dark place at the moment after setting up a Euro Championship tipping contest he has somehow managed to tip 0 from the first 8 matches.... Quality, and to make it worse for him a certain Stanley Matthews is looking down from the top of the perch.

On the Euro's, England kicked off there campaign overnight with a creditable draw against Jimmy James (Tom's brother) French Frogs, Happy with that and i think both teams would have settled for a draw prior to the start. Ireland on the other hand got beat 1-3 but surprised me as they actually scored a goal.
Match of the 2nd round is my tip Germany vs Holland who will be smarting from there first up defeat by Denmark, It could be a good one.


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Medium Long Run - Faster.

WOW.... The team is getting quicker and this weekend saw many of the HuRTS boys  turn the volume up another notch in there training as Gold Coast gets closer, First we have Tom  knocking 20k out at 3.34s (on hills), J- Fen constantly knocking 4.05s out on his 2 hour run, Clyde losing 8ks in 24 hours and 'Team Kanser' ( Ronan, Kate, Laura, Mikey and co) flying, Enda back out there, and PLOD supping 8 coffees in 40 minutes..........whats going on?

Out early to meet Kanser for his long run after he texts me requesting for help as he wanted to knock out 7 x 14 minute efforts in Centennial Park at sub 3.50 pace.
Knew there was no chance of me doing 7 especially after yesterday plus its not me who has to run a Marathon , so with strict instructions i told Kanser i would do a few as long as he kept it at 3.50 pace and no quicker.
Anyway after a lap warm up i settled into the first rep and covered over a full lap in the 14 minutes working at 3.48 pace, Needless to say Kanser was ahead working at 3.46 ? (read his blog for full details), 60 second break and it was into the 2nd - this was the same, as was the 3rd. Decided on a break at that and joined J-Fen on an easier lap, chatted away with him until it dawned on him that the pace had dropped , and he wasn't about to hang around :)
Running by myself starting to feel a little tired and with the showers starting i called it a day - only knocked out 20ks for the morning in truth and not as long as i wanted to do ( had intended on 24) but after a solid hit out yesterday I'll take that.
Average all up today was 4.17s and that included the 60 seconds break, basically doing bugger all.
Kanser was looking strong each time around even working by himself, think J-Fen helped him out on the last as well.
36ks for me over the weekend, all at a decent pace and there were not many junks ks within it so happy with the way its going.

After all that it was back to the 'Aldi House' ...i mean Kansers for breaky, and boy oh boy, what a treat was lined up today - Fresh from his 6th visit to Aldi for the week all the trimmings were laid on today. Must say in all honesty it was by far the best Breaky I've had - with English style Baked Beans, Cumberland Sausages, Bacon and Eggs, E.B.Tea ... i was in heaven. and when the Hobnob biccies came out, well...
He even had the catalogue out for next weeks specials, are times really that bad at Macquarie Bank these days?
Talk turned to J-Fen, and the fact that he still hasn't supplied the great Yankee Breakfast as promised 6 months ago, kind of looking forward to 2ft Hot dogs with Cheese, and the Buffalo Wings :)
This is what you are up against mate:)

The Special Aldi Breakfast at the 'house of Kanes' complete with HP sauce, Cumberland sausages, teapots  and the Beans, Kanser even wanted his Garmin watch to show his days workout :)

Big upset overnight in the footy, with the the Dutch going down to the Danes in an upset, no worries for the Germans mind you. Tonight sees Ireland's first up match..... should be interesting?
Looks like Enda knows as much about footy as he does running with 0 from 4 in his tipping so far and with Ireland tonight it looks likes it will be 0 from 5, long may it continue :)

Back in the pool tomorrow, will see if Mr Walker and company can help me out at lunchtime


Friday, June 8, 2012

BRAT 10k...36.19 1st :)

Into Centennial Park early on yet another brisk morning with the temp at another low 6 degrees, saw Team Kanser (Laura, Kate, Ronan, Mikey Race, and Eoin ) getting there weekend long run out the way and going well. Also saw a fit looking Sonya and Olivia from the HuRTS girls cruising, and it wasn't long before two reprobates came puffing along as well in Enda and Marshmallow Man Clyde ( although he has lost 8 kg - he must have missed dinner last night), Plenty of trash talk went on for the next 20 minutes before i thought i had better so something and was on my way.
Did a 5k warm up and saw some of the BRATs gathering for there monthly 10k race they do, saw a few friendly faces ( Krone and Hilly) so decided to give it a go. Decided on more a faster tempo run and see how it went for the first lap, with nobody coming with me i settled in at about 3.40 pace and basically held it all the way, Saw 'Rodders' PLOD sitting sipping his 8th coffee of the day at the cafe each time i passed who was hurling abuse in his best new 'Ocker Aussie slang'
Came home in 36.19 but in true triathlon form i realised the course was 120 metres short as i got 9.88 on the GPS, good enough hit out and happy with that seeing there was nobody else around to work off. Not a major victory by any means but first is first and if these little races/events are good enough for HuRTS #1 Tucks then i am going to follow his line seeing he gets performer of the year at each presentation :)

Will check with Kanser to see what hes up to in the morning, although i think hes keen to go the 14 minute efforts and think they will be to fast for me, especially if i have a jar or two tonight :)

A few pics from this morning at Centennial Park.

Soft Lads complete with gloves Enda and Clyde (less 8kgs, after missing his tea last night)

'The Leech' and England wannabe ....Eoin.

Public Enemy Number 1 - Ronan, who is out to smash me at Noosa Tri this year - I'll have to watch my back with this guy :)

...and finally at bit of class in the park (at last) Young Kate and HuRTS #1 Laura - both shaping up well for good runs at the Gold Coast in 4 weeks.
** No sign of any Scones this morning mind you ** :)


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Plodding Swim

Out early to the coldest morning of the season, and took a reading of 6 degrees on the car temp before stripping down and jumping in the pool for the 2nd swim set of the week. Copied the session again from last Friday that was 1500 metres straight and had the lane all to myself ( no other fool would be out in such weather)
1500mtres is not a long distance, but to me its likes running a marathon, although in a marathon i kind of enjoy it till about 32ks - with swimming i struggle basically after 200m. Tried to break it down into more achievable goals, so looked forward and took splits every 500.
Times went 9.26, 9.34, 9.34 to finish in 28.35 about 5 seconds slower then i did last week. Still happy enough with that and dare i say it - it did seem slightly easier today, and not as forced.
Had planned to have a run at lunchtime today but struggled to find time after messing around trying to pick up a bike bag that Echinacea Enda had promised me :)
Although a long weekend planned i will be out there running this weekend, not sure who else will be around, but I'm sure there will be a few friendly faces to help pass the time away around the park. Wonder what surprises and hot specials Kanser has lined up this week from Aldi Supermarket?

Just had more photos sent in (when will it stop?), this time its the ex captain of the now defunct Irish team PLOD who captures the attention. After having his passport taken from him following the heavy defeat by the English lads, PLOD has decided he wants in on the new challenge that awaits the Aussie team and in turn has taken up Skippy Citizenship.
Seen below he looks like a boy scout - and reminds me so much of a famous English Comedy show (probably the best ever) Only Fools & Horses and the character Rodney........Yes, he was a PLONKER too :)

Plonker PLOD in his new outfit ..... and its not true that POD was last seen trying to smoke the tree.

Rodney and PLOD lookalike from Fools and Horses

And Finally the Euro Championships begin tonight in the footy - For the first time in many a years England's hopes are not that high, with certain players out, and new managers etc.... Can not see us troubling the comp much but we will still get to the knock out stages , before Spain knock us out. For the Irish - i am predicting they will get 3 games only, and will actually struggle to score a goal along the way, (they are very poor)
Timmy's Tip to win it come the 1st July ( and hate to say it) ...... GERMANY

Have a good weekend

Rushcutters 400s, Plus Swimming.

Down to Rushcutters again today for the 10 x 400s rolling every two minutes, A big crowd in attendance although its a little embarrassing as i don't know 80% of them these days, Only knew, Bartles, Angus, Eoin, Slim Sammy, Adam TOJ,  and the return of HuRTS #1 Tucks.
Despite how tough this session is i somehow always manage to get through it OK (must be because its less then 20 minutes in duration) and sat in just behind leader Johnny Bartles on the first rep to cross in 72, pretty much held them all around the same times with Tucks battling it out with me on a few of the reps to keep me honest and to prove to himself that he is getting over his 100 kays Walkathon.
Had a few burglars for the last few (Tom would have gone of his brains had he been there) and i even kicked it down for the final rep to stay ahead of Adam Conquest so thought i must be going OK.
 Times were today;              72, 68, 70, 70, 71, 70, 70, 70,72, 66
2 weeks ago Times were -  74, 70, 71, 70, 71, 70, 70, 70, 71, 66
No sign of the Chairman Tom (who i have since heard was slapping arses elsewhere), nor Pete Walker, Kanser, Rich High or even Enda Stankard ?????
Big news of the day was the training of new 'HARDMAN' Mikey Conway, after his heroic run on Saturday bandaged up he was out today knocking out 2ks reps in 6.51s.... Very impressive, and now surely he will run sub 35 in July?
*** I only know this news as he was sending emails to everyone via email within UBS only moments after getting back to his desk***

Straight from Rushcutters it was down to the pool where i enlisted the help of old friend and fellow BRAT Ian Depree to get me through another 2ks. Now Ian is a big unit and goes OK in the water and on the bike, but told me at the start he has NOT been in the water for months now - Great i thought maybe i can sit on his feet, That proved a NO NO as he powered the first 300 in under 5 minutes.
Again my times weren't anything fast but it did feel (slightly ) better, The 5 x 300s went as follows
5.09, 5.20, 5.29, 5.36, 5.45 - Yes i know, blowing like the wind :)

Will have to return for my 2nd swim of the week sometime tomorrow, but also may see who's out and about at lunchtime as well for an easy trot?


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

God Save the Queen.

Another late night spent watching the continued celebrations in London and then woke to wet and grey sky's, howling winds at 100 miles per hour, trees branches down in the park as i was out to do my Brick session at Centennial. Decided on a series of 2 minute efforts (flat out) with 60 seconds recovery for the bike today - My, it was tough felt i was going backwards on one of the efforts where i would normally hit over 40ks/per hour. Struggled through and then did 6 x 500mtre runs around the flagpoles, going on the clock every 2.15.
Felt Roger sitting on my shoulder the whole way on the first rep as i crossed in 1.45, and every one after he more or less did the same - even though i was getting faster. Reps were;
1.45, 1.42, 1.40, 1.38, 1.36, 1.33
Very tired now although think it had more to do with a lack of sleep last night due to the wild weather that caused havoc throughout the evening in Sydney.
I was all settled at home enjoying the delights of St Paul's Cathedral for the Queens Jubilee Service when i get annoying texts and calls from the clowns Enda and Kanser once more - What is wrong with these Muppet's?  Had Enda asking ' does this rubbish ever end' all whilst he sat watching Modern Family, and then to cap the evening off i had Kanser asking me if i could get down to the Waterloo Aldi store at 8.30am in the morning to pick his weekly specials up from his new found favorite shop in town. He even send me a list of things that are on special (i kid you not) that he wants, including Baked Beans and Hobnobs biscuits  :)

Kanser's shopping list of things he needs from Aldi :) ........Unreal

Will be out for the HuRTS Rushcutters session tomorrow - But PLEASE boys, give me an evenings peace :)


Monday, June 4, 2012

Jubilee at the Palace

After a non event yesterday after such a big day on the Sunday i was back into it this morning. I decided to miss the HuRTS session after hearing the latest weather forecast for the day plus the fact i hate the planned 45 minute tempo set and went solo in Centennial Park doing 4 x 2ks reps.
Have a good little course mapped out that sees a steady climb for the first 500 metres then a flat 1k and downhill for the final 500. Don't know if i was just tired from the weekend, lack of motivation or what but i never really got going today - Went through the first 1k in 3.47 and tried to bring it home throughout the 2nd. Times were all down on what i can normally do, but at least they were all consistent and doing them by myself was always going to be harder.
Times were 7.08, 7.07, 7.05, 7.04
Will be back out in the morning for the regular Brick session and then again for the HuRTS set on Thursday with the boys, missed my Monday swim yet again yesterday as i basically find even moving from the front lounge a struggle at times. Sunday was spent celebrating my win in the annual English Football tipping Comp we do, beers, cash winnings, 'Green'Jackets' and the most prized 'Wobbly Head' trophy - What more can a boy from Stoke want :)

Being presented with the honours on Sunday , and NO that is not Enda on the right :)

A perfect Sunday

If you fancy your chances of winning the 'Wobbly Head' next year - let me know
Ps, Kanser was in this year - finishing 2nd.... LAST

Also just had Slim Sammy Agnew on the phone to me getting all excited about the title of Today's blog - Sorry to report though Sammy  that Crystal Palace haven't won nothing (think we will need to wait longer then 60 years for that to happen) , Unless you have been living under a rock you couldn't have helped but notice all the Pomp and Ceremony that has been going on in the 'Mother Land' as the Jubilee Party & Celebrations continue. It looks absolutely brilliant with the country gripped in a 4 day party. I have heard Enda is throwing a party  as well this weekend for all those that are keen - again just rock up in anything Red, White or Blue and tell him i sent you :)

Another one of Stoke's finest was sent to kick off the Jubliee Concert overnight - check Mr Williams out here.



Saturday, June 2, 2012

Wet Recovery Sunday Medium/Long Run.

With very heavy legs i made my way down to the park later then normal this morning to find the guys already into the session as i stood warming up. J -Fen was soon on the scene waiting to run for the morning with Marshmallow Man Clyde, had  a quick chat to him before joining HuRTS #1 Girl Laura, Kate (strider's winner from yesterday) Elvis Costello, Mikey Race and Ronan and joined them for a few 9 minute efforts they were doing about 4.27 pace, Met up with a flying Kanser then who was looking for help doing the same 9 minute efforts (at a faster pace) so helped him out with his fastest one for the morning running at 3.43 pace - realised towards the end of the rep it was to fast for me for today (anyway) after the last 24 hours and that i didn't need to be doing this so left him to finish the last one by himself, as i continued on at a more sensible pace. Not a massive session k wise for the morning - All up 19ks in 80 odd Min's averaging 4.35s, but happy with the mornings work
Saw Clyde and J-Fen on each lap, and i don't know what it is with 'The Marshmallow Man' but he seems to want to call out to me and give me some abuse each time around, and this morning was no exception - One of the quips as he went by was :
Clyde, 'Hey - Timmy, you want to get your running  under control'
Timmy 'Yes i know and you want to get your diet under control as well'
and so it went on...........
Many of you wont know the famous English Comedy duo from the 80s - but there was a couple on called 'Little and Large, and watching J-Fen and Clyde run by brought back some memories for me. I'll let you guess who's who :)

Once done it was back to the House of Kanes for the Breakfast (first time in weeks to be honest) - BUT there were to be NO Bacon and Eggs today, more of a 'Bertie Bassets (Allsorts ) going on, Banana Breads, Raisin Bread, and the much loved Cumberland Pork Sausages not to mention the cups of teas.
Got a bit worried when Kanser then brought out all this Compression Gear that he picked up at  Aldi Shops (El Cheapo) , if that wasn't bad enough he then tells me the Banana bread came from there, as did the Raisin Bread, Cumberland Sausages, and Tea Bags...........the mans gone Aldi Mad, Think he even picked his kids up in there, and think he's looking for a new job working there.

Out this afternoon for the Big one of the year, the annual English Premiership Tipping Comp Presentation with the English and Irish Lads, Lucky enough to win the Wobbly Head Trophy we have as well as the much sought after  'Green Jacket' (Ala the Golf ) we don to the winner each year.
.........And the 2011-2012 winner is .....'Young Timmy Lindop'......... nice
Pictures will be posted tomorrow

Have a great Sunday

State 4 x 4ks Relays - Miranda.

After a short break and with the rain teaming down it was south for the state 4 x 4k team relays down in the 'Shire' after Tommy H roped me in a team some weeks back, Seemed like a good idea at the time but after racing the Striders 10k in the morning i was having second thoughts.
Was locked in to run the 2nd leg in the over 35 team, watched the first guys go around slipping and sliding all over the shop and knew then it would be tough. Set of and was cautious the first lap trying to avoid the mud and keep to the better ground, it proved a pointless exercise so on the 2nd lap just ploughed straight through. Bloody tough going for a little over 4ks and averaged 3.43 pre/k coming home in 15.26 - shattered.
Good old set up though as i watched the Captain (Tom) go around, as Tongue(HuRTS #2)  killing it with a solid time, and poor Chris Truscott forced to do a back up run for us. In the process of all this was Flakey Crumble who stood chatting to Tom and I with his trash only for the gun to go off before realising he was first man off and already some 150 metres behind as he quickly made his was to the start line.
Despite the cold and wet conditions and how tired i felt it was made ALL the worthwhile when HuRTS #1 girl Laura rocks up with Mum Lyn with a lovely tray of Scones for the HuRTS team........I say HuRTS team as everyone else looked on in envy as Tommy H scoffed about 6 before he even looked up and didn't offer anyone even the time of the day. Must say they were the business and i have already submitted my order for next week to arrive for Tuesdays session. I did have instructions from Laura to save one for teacher (Dave Kane) but sorry to report that all but lasted about 3 minutes once she left :)
Many thanks to Lyn and Laura for the days supply. Poor old Chrissie Truscott is no longer talking to me as we finished them all whilst he was out doing the double leg for the team.

Striders North Head 36.26 - 22nd

North Head Striders always brings a big contingent from the HuRTS boys and today was no different, with Tom, Kanser, Slim Sammy Agnew, Heydo's, Eoin and all the other usual suspects. A warm up with Heyden, and Eoin and i was all set to give this a bit of a push today after a good weeks training.
Settled in a perfect group with Jamie, Sammy, One of the Gibson twins, "Allo Allo' - Rene (British Sitcom) and a fired up Pete Walker as we ticked the first 3ks off in 3.26, 3.30, 3.29. Held on for the first lap and wondered who would be the first to drop - praying it wasn't me, that wasn't to last much longer as i felt i was dropping off the pace before the 6ks mark, managed to hang in there but was losing plenty for each k after that . thought to myself as i kept Sammy a few seconds ahead how bad he was looking and struggling and then wondered what the hell i was looking like as i wasn't gaining. Tried to lift for the last k especially on the downhill before the killer last 500mtres, turned for home and got a fright as i saw first lady Kate Coburn only about 30 seconds behind and thought that she may even take me. I came off the road up the final 40 metres and i swear i thought i was back in the pool - i could almost have swum it faster i was that slow.
Crossed about 6 seconds after Slim Sammy and 10 behind Peter Walker, very disappointed with that to be honest as i thought i was in 35.xx shape still move on and its no longer an easy course if you ask me and most if not all the HuRTS guys were alot slower overall this morning. No excuses today, just wasn't good enough although i do think the tough week took abit out of me, not to mention the course being 150metres + longer then the 10ks?
Nobody really got Run of the Day today to be honest although Pete Walker must go close as to is a good return to form for Mikey Race.
Other notable events from today's race as the paper headlines scream were :
1.Timmy smashes Tommy Highnam - as Tom can only manage 38 minutes for the morning
2.Slim Sammy Agnew evens up the ledger on the Head to Heads once more to make it 3-3 for the season.
3.Kanser paces young Niamh to sub 50 minutes - BUT can not make the time and the poor girl misses out by 12 seconds as he comes home in 50.12 - she is distraught :(

....and Finally

4. Mikey Conway gets knocked out by his wallet and taken to hospital. After seeing Young Timmy over a minute ahead on the final bend Mikey gets his wallet out to pay a losing bet only to drop a dollar on the ground as he bent down to pick it up it hit on the back of the head resulting in 7 stitches being inserted at the nearby hospital. Only now MC is claiming the knock on the head has resulted in him losing  his memory and has no recollection of any bet made....typical.

A few hours rest and it was out to the 4 x 4ks Team Relays out at Miranda in the afternoon - will post more later, just out now for a few well earned yeasts .