Sunday, September 10, 2017

Recovery Swim at PAP

'Hi my name is Timothy Lindop and I am a d!ck'
Yep there you go, after putting in one of my better weeks last week at training that saw solid workouts in the pool, on the bike and running I then went and undid it all with a 3 day drinking binge. Absolute stupidity and with less then 2 weeks to Berlin its certainly not the thing I should be doing and I know I'll be cursing when I hit the 30k marker come the big day.

Anyway another week and hopefully I get back in the groove this week? Started very gingerly this morning and even 7 min/ks with clients was a battle and was hanging out for that first morning coffee.
Took myself to PAP later and eased into a 1k to begin before trying to work harder for 10 x 100m reps off a certain time. Certainly nothing spectacular again but felt a million times better for it once it was done
2ks all up.

Will be back running tomorrow for the 3 x 2ks reps ..... Its going to hurt.


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