Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Choices & Decisions, Decisions.

Ooohhh my head was a mix today of making choices and decisions, started early this morning as i did my run. Run with Enda or Emma, Edna/Emma, Edna/Emma........Easy one this one, so ventured out and caught up with the Mermaid, who was with Sonya and Paul Birch (?) Thought it might have been easy pace, but the girls weren't hanging around and the pace was fairly hot. Knocked out a pleasant 12ks in 54.55 averaging 4.35 pace. Made for a great mornings run and it was nice not to have to listen to Enda's garbage for once :)
Been swimming on Wednesdays lately as well, but with Em unable to go today, next decision was do i still go? bugger it ...... canned that idea as it was raining (yes i know i am soft)
So ventured out for mid morning coffee instead and then couldn't decide, Muffin or toasted Banana Bread?
O.M.G........ this is all too much :)
Will have another easy day tomorrow now before getting set for the Striders race on Saturday, noticed old Kanser took a rebel tour across to Rushcutters yesterday in protest at Mikey's program that he sent out. Poor MC, and Kanser was almost at the point where he was calling for Mikeys head -  bit unjust if you ask me, and it may be time for the chairman to sort his boys out :)

This weekend is also the 46th Super Bowl and it wouldn't be right if i didn't mention this for our old Yankee readers. The Giants take on the New England Patriots, Will be cheering on the Patriots, and think they can overturn the result from 4 years back. Will take a look, more to the point will be looking out for quarterbacks Tom Brady's Mrs Gisele (if you are unsure who she is, do yourself a favour and google her:) )
Don't mind the game, although it seems to go on for days, and there are more people involved and standing on the touch line then what you will find at a Crystal Palace home game at Selhurst Park on a Saturday afternoon.
Lets hope they have someone who can sing the Star Spangled Banner a little better then Steven Tyler( Aerosmith)  did in the semi final recently or else J- Fen could be getting the gig next year, Check this out - classic. what was he on?

And finally, in another exclusive for the Trash readers, and again it involves our Chairman Tommy Highnam. Tom has a big swimming carnival tonight (A.B.C Pool if anyone wants a laugh).....anyway he has only gone out and got himself a Fake Tan can you believe. What was he thinking? it delayed the start of yesterdays session by up to 15 minutes as all the HuRTS were doubled up laughing at him. If only the Geordie boys could see him now, they'd run him out of town.
Well we have the first pictures of Tom having the treatment as he quietly slipped into " Tugga's TANtalising Fake Tan Studio'
*** WARNING - If there are any kids about then please turn away now ****
Check it out.

Tomorrow we have the latest on one of the HuRTs girls, and pictures that prove she may not be as innocent as first seems :)


Monday, January 30, 2012

15 x 400s McKay Oval

As mentioned yesterday i decided to swerve the HuRTS session today opting to do my own 15 x 400s down at McKay Oval in between clients this morning, rolling on every two minutes.
On a Sydney morning that was perhaps the muggiest of the summer and doing them solo i knew this was going to be tougher then normal. Decided early i wasn't going to smash them as quick as i could but run at a more controlled pace and hold them all around the same pace.
Sweating buckets even after the first 3 and had thoughts of only do 8 , then perhaps 10 once i got to 8, then 12 etc... but happy to report that i did in fact get through the whole 15 in one piece.. Did them all under 78 seconds so good enough session for me in the circumstances
Times were,
78, 77, 77, 76, 76, 76, 77, 76, 76, 77, 77, 77, 78, 77, 75

Still big talk of Old Harry Redknapp coming from back home and i have another pic sent through overnight - thought I'd share again (sorry for all those non football followers)  Gee he's getting some stick back home :)

Nice One 'Arry'

Tomorrow i will get away from the English footy and just to keep our American Friends happy will be giving out my Sunday Super Bowl tips and views - all i will say now is 'Go the New England Patriots' :)



Sunday, January 29, 2012

Monday Cycle

Early start for the new week as i had to work with a client on the bike, Was looking forward to an easy recovery morning but the guy i am training is getting into his triathlons and his bike leg is his strongest that meant i was working fairly hard for the duration, especially as it was very windy out.
65ks for the morning.
Will give the HuRTS session a miss this week, as I've noticed its the 45 min tempo and i feel i need a quicker leg turnover to sharpen up before the first race of the year this Saturday out at Homebush. Will knock out some 400s down at McKay Oval in between clients in the morning.

Just received this classic from back home in regards to football manager Harry Redknapp, who is under investigation for tax fraud. Looks like he could be spending some time doing 'Porridge'
I realize many of you won't have a clue what this is about (especially the Aussies) but if you are English you will know the greatest comedy show of all time was 'Only Fools & Horses' - Well the opening lyrics to the show have been replaced to give 'Harry' a serve on the terraces at football matches - Classic
I know its not up there with the Australian classic, 'Aussie, Aussie, Aussie...Oi, Oi, Oi chant that took years to put together , but i think you will agree it is rather clever

If  you know it - sing the tune in your head, to the above words

Talking football, my old team Stoke City continue there fine form these days and progress into the next round of the FA Cup, into the last 16 again and a return trip back for the 2nd time in as many years could be on the cards if they reach the final at Wembley in May.


Friday, January 27, 2012

The Highnam Obsession. Saturday Long Run

  • *** For Dave Kane****

  • dictionary.reference.com/browse/obsessionCached - Similar
    the domination of one's thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire, etc. 2. the idea, image, desire, feeling, etc., itself. 3. the state of being obsessed.

  • With a massive Saturday afternoon planned it was again decided to do our long run on a Saturday for the second week running. No Laura today mind you (think she had enough of us last week) but we were joined by the Italian Stallion Durante for the morning . With Kanser rocking up at his usual 15 minutes late, Mikey Conway was nearly blowing a gasket even before we started as i tried to stall for time.
    Decided we were going to do the 8k loops that we have but incorporate the extra 2k Woollahra(700mtr) Hill into each loop meaning an even 10ks each time around.
    Pace was on from the of today, with the inform Kanser showing the way, worked the first 8ks well, and then Old Kanser and i pushed the hill section leaving Durante & Conway puffing heavy behind, Completed the first 10ks in 44.35 (4.28 pace) with MC nearly having a heart attack when he found out.
    The 2nd was pretty much the same........only faster, as i crossed in 43.58 (4.24 pace), felt it too and knew that another 10ks at that pace wasn't going to happen. MC was going to pull the pin here until i said for him to join me and we'll just do another 5k easier. Kanser then went on his way solo, whilst MC and I did the 5k loop at at a more sedate pace of 4.37 (Durante was gone at this stage eating Pizza and Coffee in some cafe on the beach i presume)
    All up 25ks in 1:50.04 overall average of 4.28 for the morning - Not the 30ks i was after but happy with that as i hadn't factored in we were going to go sub 4.30 pace from the off.
    Kanser did the whole 30ks....BUT, the whole talk for the morning ( and possibly why i didn't want to run the last loop with him) was that he is Obsessed with Chairman Tommy Highnam :)
    It was , Tommy's doing this, Whats Tom doing up in the Valley?, Think Tom's doing to much?, Do you think i can get within 60 of Tom next week? Do you really think Tom's breakfast is better then mine? Tom's got cleaner runners then me.
    He really is obsessed, God, he's all out at next weeks  Striders to get within the 60 seconds over the 10ks, not sure if its just a pride thing or the fact that he will have to hand over $50 to Mikey if he doesn't succeed that hurts him most :)
    At the end though, just when i thought all talk was over it was a a 10k detour around Surry Hills to find some Fresh Rolls.........("Timmy, they need to be soft like Tom's were on Thursday'), to go with our Bacon & Eggs and cups of tea for breaky.
    Went down a treat as well, Even found the ONE person in NSW that hadn't seen the Enda picture that was posted 2 days back, Yes - 'The Good Wife' Liv (Kane) hadn't seen it, but like everyone else it wasn't long before she guessed correctly...............Once she saw the EARS :)
    Out now for a big afternoon Irish style BBQ, that normally goes on till the early hours, so no running tomorrow but will be back out either swimming or running on the Monday

    Recovery Day

    After a tough session over Manly yesterday it was a more sedate pace today on my recovery day, Met up with Kanser ( who was late again - Gonna have to take the Mikey Conway approach and just go if he's not there in future) and we did the outer loop of Centennial Park and a bit more. All up 9ks in 42.30 averaging 4.43 pace.
    Had to run with a client straight after and had him doing the 'Deek' 5k that he then completed in 24.05 averaging 4.50 pace.
    So all up 14ks for the day, ready now for the Saturday long run in the morning where i will attempt to knock out 30ks....... Better go to bed now and rest up.
    ......Lets just hope Kanser gets to the cafe in time or else I'll be starting by myself :)

    Have a great weekend

    Wednesday, January 25, 2012

    "Once Upon a Time....... "

    Well, where do we start with this one? hope you are all sitting comfortably and we will begin.....

    'Once upon a Time.....in the Irish County of Limerick sat a young boy contemplating his life away from becoming a 'Potato Picker' for the rest of his days in his native land. Reading his book he read about 'The Lucky Country' and what Australia may provide for a lad with nothing. Fed up with being bashed and ridiculed he was down to immigration in only the clothes on his back (seen in picture) for what was the start of a new adventure.
    How the hell young Enda met the Immigration criteria is a bigger mystery then the 'Bermuda Triangle' but in fairness after spending 2 years fruit picking his way around Australia he eventually talked his way into the corporate world of ING/One Path care of his good friend (and later lover Richie High) - after a few years of bludging and doing bugger all he was relieved of his duties only to be picked up by another of his countrymen Dave Kane who was happy to give him the odd job or two, even promoting him to 'Chief Coffee Boy' in order to get some extra beer and soon, nappy money.
    This was still not good enough for Echinacea Enda and he left last week to more controversy as he donned the converted 'Yellow Skivvy' once more as he rejoined his beloved 'Wiggles team'......... Poor Guy, lets just hope Immigration don't catch up with him and deport him back to where it all begun :)

    A young Enda, complete with 'Bowl Head, Patches on his knees and trousers about 4 inches short and shortage of socks in Ireland :).

    *** Many thanks to his sister for kindly donating the picture for our pleasure, as well as a certain HuRTS member (who shall remain nameless for fear of recrimination) for there kind words and story lines on Enda's background as i was unable to do the story justice on my own.
    Lets just say this person is NOT the sweet and innocent that they come across at training :)

    Best comment of the day when i sent the picture out to certain HuRTS members - was when asked 'Who is it'............. Reply back:  Timmy, not really sure to be honest, but looking closer and the ears, is it Enda ?
    Sonya take a bow - priceless :)


    Highnams Tempo & Tea.

    Wednesday, Torture is the only word to describe this swim set with the Queen of the Black Line in the Pool, Met Emma and she came up with a Pete Walker pyramid session of 4,3,2,100, and then back up. Felt terrible from the off and knew then it was going to be tough, Finished the 300 as Em was just coming in from the 200s, Managed to do the 200s before working my way back up as i didn't have the strength to do the 100s -
    All up 2ks for the day , and feel as if my tri season is over as my swimming has gone back to square one, Only swimming once a week will do that to me:(

    Had originally planned with Big Sam to ride the '3 Gorges' along with some of his mates and Sonya and Paul from HuRTS but with the shocking wet weather that has continued we postponed and decided to join Tom Highnams 16.5k Tempo run that he had organised. So it was another early start , and it was like 'Lindop's Combined Taxi Service as i  picked up Kanser (Surry Hills) and J-Fen (Kirriblli House) on the way before heading over to the North Shore to meet Tom, Bartles, Macca McClarnon, and Sam
    Knew this was going to be hard on a particularly humid morning.
    Set of on a fast pace with a 3.38, followed by 3.42,then a 3.49 - realised then that holding a 3.45 pace was never on the cards for me (i only run that pace tempo when i am running strong and running sub 35 pace for 10ks) Dropped of by the 5k mark and had those dreaded thoughts for about 2 ks with Sam struggling even further behind. Made it down to Manly beach about 8ks and i was about to pull up stumps and wait for the boys to return (would have meant a 14k tempo ) but Sam had some kind words as usual so decided to run with him, this helped as run together for the next 5ks, trying to hold the pace around 4 min/ks.
    Felt Sam struggling then so tried to pull him through, got a little lost on the way back but still managed to run 16.52ks for the session in 1:04;35 average of 3.54 for the whole distance.
    Happy enough with that as there is no hiding in a session like that and i think i am about 6-8 weeks away from where i want to be. Good runs from Tom and the man in form J-Fen, although Old Kanser was running well with the boys i hear he laboured home in the last 3ks working about 4.20 pace ????
    Great session this one and one that i will do every 5 weeks i reckon, Done right it's 'harder then the Magnificent 7' but i am confident on home soil in Centennial Park in Feb i can do the 60 mins.
    All the pain was forgotten after we jumped in the pool and then had a great breaky of Bacon & Eggs care of Kirst who dished up her finest along with numerous top quality Tea (not seen at the Kanes). Went down a treat, although Tom was getting a little alarmed when Kanser and I were on our 7th tea of the morning as he had only brought enough to last him and the family for his trip down to Kangaroo Valley for a couple of days.
    Made two new friends for the morning in young Charlie and Maggie Highnam, who i had a better conversation with then i do with Enda :)
    Very tired at the end and will probably take it easy tomorrow now before doing my long run on Saturday again this week

    Monday, January 23, 2012

    HuRTS 4 x 10 mins

    Yet another massive crowd today - don't know how much more we can get down there, for the HuRTS 4 x 10 min efforts. Rolled up feeling a little tired after a busy morning with work that had me running with all my groups as my bike is still with the mechanic getting fixed after last weeks mishap. Good crowd with all the regulars with J-Fen back , the welcome return of Sonya and at long last ENDA was given the key to his chain to get away from his desk for an hour (although he ended up only doing TWO REPS)
    Set off on the first and tucked in with Fats with Kanser slightly ahead, and Mikey Conway breathing down my neck all the way, as was the Italian Stallion, Had the extra burden of listening to Enda the whole 10 mins as well :) Happy with the 1st hitting 2.8ks averaging 3.34ks, enjoy the second one more (the downhills) and hit the gates in 9.37 (3.31 pace)
    The dreaded 3rd followed and i was even thinking of it whilst on the way home on the 2nd, again started off strong but blew/lost it/ couldn't be bothered (perm any one from 3) and really laboured to even hold 3.49 pace. Managed to get the head right on the last (again downhill :) ) to get home in 9.33 tracking the struggling Kanser all the way averaging 3.37
    All up 11ks for the session, bit disappointed to be honest as i still can't put together a full solid session as i want, Still it's early days and i should be happy with where i am for the time of the year.

    Big NEWS of the day , Again Enda has hit the headlines, and it is with a sad heart i report the demise of his rag... I mean his blog that has lasted all of 6 months. He was nearly in tears as he told me today that he simply can't keep up with the big boys especially now 5% Fats and Richie Highs have recently kept his out the Top 10 in the charts. Truth of that matter and the really reason so his wife 'Angel Angela' told the Trash is Enda was struggling to find any words over 4 letters to write and can only use 'The Cat Sat on the Mat' so many times before readers got bored.
    At the conclusion of today's session we had a minutes silence as a tribute, it was all to much for Enda though and he was nowhere to be seen, apparently he was already at his desk crying uncontrollably
    Personally i think its because he's got his Yellow Skivvy back and will be entertaining the kids throughout the country for the year :)

    Will be back in the pool again tomorrow with Mermaid Emma - here's hoping she has done about 7.3ks before i get there,
    Thursday seeing as its Skippy Day (Aust Day) i have planned on cycling with Big Sam doing the 3 Gorges ride, although the weather isn't looking to hot, if not its out with Tom and his crew for the 16k Tempo they have set up .
    Either way I'll be over the North Side as Highnam has promised me Bacon & Eggs and an unlimited supply of TEA for the morning - Sensational :)


    Friday, January 20, 2012

    Longish Saturday

    With a bit of an easier morning work wise it was decided we would do our long run on a Saturday this week and we were fortunate to get JP winner and HuRTS number one girl Laura grace us for the morning along with Mikey Conway and Old Kanser.
    Despite Kanser and i changing our days, Mr Conway wouldn't budge on his 7.30 start and as i didn't finish work til near 8am it meant i missed the first 6ks of the run ( cheers Mikey :) )
    Pace was kept pretty honest from the off though, with Kanser itching to pick it up each time around the 8k loops as he continues his recent fine form, whilst i was lucky just to hang in there.
    Did 22.2ks for the morning in 1.38, average pace of 4.28, whilst Mikey and Laura ended up doing 24k, Kanser went bigger and knocked out 30 for the morning i think?
    Talk soon turned to Striders Hombush in a fortnight, and Kanser has agreed to give me (a lousy) 90 second start on handicap, and Mikey bet Dave that he couldn't get within 60 seconds of Chairman Tom  - I think he could be right.
    If any Trash readers are wanting a flutter or bet on old Kanser , just let me know :)
    Morning off tomorrow now ,and a few social ones may be on the cards tonight now i got my long run out the way.

    No sign of Enda still after our latest revelations yesterday, and i even saw young Cara and Conor Kane still traumatised by it all in the park this morning.
    Got a bit of a serve YET again from Jimmy James over there in France about my literary skills in the recent blog, It seems our old 'Saint Cyprien Spelling Bee' Mate is more worried about how i spell - and all this coming from a Geordie of all people - charming.
    I knew i should have completed my uni studies at Oxford instead of taking that 'paper round' i had.
    Or maybe i should write the blog so he can understand my dialect..... "Please. canny man, gi's a lift i' yor cairt."

    Hopefully be back at 100% next week, until then.

    Also handed Mikey Conway his HuRTS year in review booklet this morning, after he wasn't happy at Xmas that Tom got one and he didn't despite ALL his hard work he does for the team.
    I left him a happy chappie in the park as he looked at the pictures, although it wasn't long before he had his business head back on and was seen at the cafe charging people 50 cents each to have a look :)


    Thursday, January 19, 2012

    Skivvy Scandal

    Forced day off today as my elbow and fingers got worse as the day went on yesterday and really stiffened up and swelled badly,  Got to the point late in the evening where i was nearly going to the hospital.
    Had to even cancel all classes this morning, so a relaxed day is in order. Hope to be able to run in the morning though as we have organised our long run for Saturday this week with Mikey Conway and LJ (Laura) gracing us for hopefully a two hour run.

    Anyway - enough about me, the big news of the day yesterday was the Yellow Skivvy Scandal that was the talk of the HuRTS session. It coincides with our man Enda going back into the work force, many believed that he was down at Shelley Street care of Kanser giving him a start, But the truth of the matter is that he has been in secret talks to get his old job back. Ignoring the fury and backlash that will be seen around many households Enda had little care for dumped former Wiggle Sammy Moran and was all set for the 'Hot Potatoe' return
    Its sent fans in to a tizzy with the following being sent to me;

    'Theres only one bloke who should be wearing the Yellow Skivvy, and it's not that Irish poof'....
    Charlie Highnam aged 5

    'Disgraceful roll model for our children'

    'But daddy, who is that horrible man on the telly... bring back Sam'
    Cara Kane aged 3 and a half
    'Oh no, i can't stop crying -its a disaster, i have been unable to run for two days'
    Jimmy James Highnam aged 50

    Enda back home with his new work mates :)

    Also noticed a new blog on the go - 5% Fats care of old mate Tony Fats, another class blog on the newsstands from a great runner. Will be a regular viewer on this one as he talks BEER and is known to brew his own drop or two. Might even get the invite over to taste one or two of his 'Ales' if things go right.
    What with Fats, and Richie's Highs blog (not to mention the Trash) things are on the up in Blog world.... now if only Enda, and Kane can lift there game, and write something more substantial then ' The Cat in the Hat' material :)

    Have a great weekend

    Wednesday, January 18, 2012

    Rushcutters 800s

    After a solid afternoon yesterday in the  Captain Cook followed by an evening watching the Twenty 20 cricket at the SCG, then with a busy mornings work the last thing i needed this morning was a drug crazed loony in Redfern taking me out on the bike on a blind corner. The result.... flat out on the street,with a busted finger, sore elbow,knee, levers not working, handlebars bent, and  a wheel that is now buckled:(
    What a clown this nutter was, flying at a million miles an hour, with no helmet on, on a bike 23 sizes to small for him................what do you do though? then to really rub salt into the wound i had a homeless guy ask me if i was OK and offered me a 'shifter'?????? what was i supposed to do with it, put my finger back in place?

    Anyway it was a sore and sorry (not to mention not in the mood) Timmy that made it over to Rushcutters for the changed set of 8 x 800s. good crew as well on a peach of a day. Well seeing as i made it over there i thought i may as well put the effort in. Settled behind the front guys and come through the first rep in 2.38 (realising it was long at 834 metres) moved the marker back then  a little and worked hard holding the pace working with Macca McClarnon on each.
    reps went;
    2.38, 2.33, 2.33, 2.34, 2.35, 2.35
    As you can see only did 6 instead of the 8 - but i was really sore in truth and didn't want to push it, despite running relatively well.
    made the long journey home via the bike that will now have to put in for a bit of work.

    One thing that did bring a smile to me today was reading Kansers and Enda local paper back in Ireland and how they promote good holidays...check this out:)

    Talking of Enda, he has not been spotted for the past two weeks, but the 'Trash' has the first photo's of him in his latest job.
    All will be published tomorrow.

    A broken and bruised Timmy:(

    Tuesday, January 17, 2012

    No Mercy from the Mermaid.

    In what was down for an easy day, i made my way down to the pool for what i thought was a recovery swim to meet up with Mermaid Emma at the Vic on the Park Pool, Broadway. When i got there, Mermaid was  in the pool and i was delighted to hear that she had already  knocked out 3.3ks . My delight soon turned to despair though when she nominated the set as 5 x 100, 5 x 200, followed by another 5 x 100s.
    Struggled though the first 5 -100s, and then thought 4 x 200s were the go instead of the 5. Laboured best described the effort whilst Em cruised up and down the little black line, Think she was miles ahead even doing 'medley (Fly, breast, back and crawl) whilst i could barely turn my arms over. Got through to the final 100s where i managed 4 , only for Emma to say 'I had one more to do' told her i was gone and unable to do any more, but there was no mercy coming from the Queen of the Pool and i was almost shamed into doing the extra lap whilst she did another 200 to bring her tally to 5.5ks for the morning :)
    Could barely drag my sorry ar$e out the pool before retiring for a much needed coffee and recovery.

    Received an email from Chairman Tom overnight , telling me that Kanser had requested to stay with the Highnams for the 6ft track weekend as Tom has hired out a fancy cottage upon the track in the mountains. He told me i am more then welcome, which i was delighted to hear - but on taking a closer look at my headquarters i might not take up the offer, just take a look where Tommy H is putting young Timmy up:)
    My 5 Star digs for the Six Foot weekend - care of the Highnams.... Gee Times are tough :)


    Monday, January 16, 2012

    HuRTS 8 x 5 mins

    Fantastic day in old Sydney Town again that meant another huge crowd for the 8 x 5 min efforts with a welcome return of HuRTS number 1 - Tucks, with Fats returning again and looks like he is getting set for another big year.
    Decided early that i was going to do 4 x hard and then 4 easy today, so set off tucked in with Tom & Tucks who were taking it easy and reached the 5 mins running at 3.32 pace,picked the return up averaging 3.26 then the 3rd and 4th were similar although the two boys were slightly ahead.
    I backed off then as i didn't want to overdo it and thought I'd run at half marathon pace for the final reps - found the 5th harder though as i was getting heavy legged, Was going to follow Kanser's and Durante's lead and pull the pin after 6 but decided to do the full 8.The old shoe lace trick stopped me in my tracks on the 7th rep with young L.J (Laura James) undoing my lace as she flew by.
    Pace for the 8 reps were;
    3.32, 3.26, 3.32, 3.28, 3.52, 3.45, 4.04, (shoelace),3.50
    Solid enough session especially after running Smithfield on Sunday, will rest tomorrow now with only a swim planned with Mermaid (hope she can keep up,as I'll not be waiting) before returning down to Rushcutters for the Thursday session with the boys.

    Hope this comes out OK and makes some sort of sense, as my computer is down and i am forced to write this in some dodgy Internet cafe in Newtown, some strange people  here in all sorts of raincoats etc... sure the guy to the right of me is Enda with a mac on a hat pulled down,wont tell you what he is looking at :)


    Sunday, January 15, 2012

    6ft Qualifier = DONE .

    Well after much angst i was forced out to Smithfield to run a Marathon in under the 4.20 cut-off time in order to get my 6ft qualifier if i am to do the run in March.
    So up early (4am ) on Sunday to pick Kanser up to head west to Smithfield, with the heavy rain overnight i feared the worst but it cleared and we were on for a good morning for the run.
    Started off nice and easy and decided early that we would just try to sit on 4.50s average., pretty uneventful course, and not a lot to see so for the first time every i was happy to run with Kanser and listen to his tripe for 3 hours to pass the time. Had a few characters run with us, one a 19 year old lad - named Trent, not a bad kid to be honest but as dumb as a box of hammers, must have told him the course layout about 20 times, as well as the pace we were on despite him having a GPS Garmin on? Also run with a strange guy with his shirt off,who we nicknamed the 'Shirtless Hippy' - turned it it was Paul Every?
    Came  through half way in about 1.42 - and then picked up the pace slightly in the 2nd half, and eventually dropping 'Brains Trent'
    The 5ks splits were ;
    24.07 (4.50 pace)
    24.12 (4.51)
    23.57 (4.47)
    23.58 (4.47)  20ks
    23.43 (4.46)
    23.17 (4.39)
    23.07 (4.37)
    22.44 (4.33)
    11.22 (4.27)

    3.20:38 average 4.42
    Happy with that and glad to get that out the way,told Colin (race director) as much at the end and hoped that i would get in the race,
    Made our way back to the recovery area, where i was hanging for a cup of tea...............and you wont believe that they had run out of teabags - Bloody Disgrace, told the young girl she'd better get herself down to Woolies to buy some then, think it went over her head. :) Drove back to normality of Surry Hills and Kanser out did himself when he got the best bit of 'New York Steak' on the go washed down with about 5 cups of tea. Sensational :)
    Many thanks to Kanser for that, as well as running with us for the morning, it certainly helped pass the time away, otherwise i reckon a tough morning may have been a whole lot tougher.

    Six Foot Track Here we Come................ Hopefully
    * this is a bit rushed this report as my computer has crashed and i am forced to write this at a mates house and doing it rather quickly*

    Thursday, January 12, 2012

    HuRTS Baywatch Boys & Girls are back in Town.

    Mikey Hasselhoff Conway rounded up his Baywatch troops and ordered them to start the 'Fisting Swim Squad' back up today, so it was down to ABC Pool for more torture, Good little turn out with Mermaid Emma, Pete W, Toddie, Christian, M.C, Sonya and the Italian Stallion Durante in attendance. No sign of Warrior Charlie D mind as he couldn't get his design a cozzie made in time.
    Set was 500 warm up then 5 x 300s going every 5.30 - with a cool down at the end.
    Worked it out that Mermaid and Walker were nearly having a cup of tea waiting for the 5.30 to come around before starting each rep. Just tried to sit on Mikey's toes for each one and did so for the first two OK before he started to get away on the 3rd and each one after.
    Bloody tough this swimming lark is and it seemed no sooner was i gasping for air at the end of each rep i was forced to go again (much to Pete's delight )
    Happy enough to get through though, and times went.
    4.58, 5.15, 3.30 (only did 200), 5.16, 5.30
    Despite the times drifting it was still as fast as i was doing the other day and i was having a 90 second break when i am by myself :)

    Team Leader Mikey Hasselhoff Conway, with Mermaid Emma before the start of today's session.

    Just had a call from Kanser who was telling me he is actually swimming 3 days a weeks, and will be out to smash us all in another 5 weeks, mentioned something about taking out the end of season Biathlon that we have planned. Reckons he's not far from knocking out a 15 min, 1 k ? Interesting.

     Earned myself a days rest tomorrow now before having to venture out West to War torn Smithfield on Sunday with Kanser, we must have rocks in our heads ?
    Will give a full report on Monday on what we are doing and why.
    Until then have a good weekend

    Oh by the way , couldn't not mention Chairman Tom's older brother Jimmy James (aka S.L.T(slightly less talented), aka Patrick Stewart) over in France is celebrating a milestone today .......No he hasn't beat one of Tom's running PBs, but is turning 50 years old today - We at the Trash and the HuRTS group wish you all the best mate (even though we don''t know you) and hope for a good running season :)
    Happy Birthday Mate.


    Wednesday, January 11, 2012

    HuRTS 4 x 2k Reps Hickson Rd.

    After my lame performance on Tuesday and with a stinging attack from Tom about 'Harding Up' ringing in my ears i made my way into town on the bike (leaving it at M.Cs work) for the HuRTS 4 x 2k reps with a purpose today.
    Decided that i was going to take the Stevie T approach and go hard from the start and see how long i would last (and hoped it was going to be more then the 1st rep). Good crowd in tow today with a welcome return of Fats and new dad Eoin for the first time in ages, as well as the Italian Stallion Durante, who despite being lazy for the past 2 years was right on my heels for each one (unbelievable). No sign of Enda mind you and there is a rumour that Kanser has him chained to his desk down on Shelley St and has already issued him a warning for being late on his first day and a 2nd is on the cards if Enda beats him at the next race:)
    Went out hard and found myself not far off the leaders, Tom, Charlie, Scott, and Andy H just behind, crossed the 2ks in 6.50 and was happy with that, 2 min recovery before the return leg that was in fact quicker at 3.18 pace in 6.43. Knew the 3rd is normally my Achilles heel, in that i always struggle so it was head down and stay focused, got a rev up as Clyde and J-Fen came running by at the 1k mark  and dug deep in staying on them to cross in 6.54 (3.28 pace). With one to go and with a lack of any long runs in the legs i was looking at just trying to keep it under 7 mins and was happy to finish it of with a 6.55 again trying hard to stay with Dolph (Clyde) as he came by at half way.
    Delighted with the overall session, and for the first time since pre Thailand i felt as if i was actually striding it out. Hopefully i have turned the corner and i can start to regain some lost form over the next 6 weeks or so. Got a doctors apt in the morning where i am hoping to get the all clear.
    Saw Greg out there today as well , who after his latest email is back on the comeback trail, looking about 20ks overweight, i did suggest to Charlie D, that he join him .........and nearly got a whack for my generous suggestion:)

    Also it wasn't just Tom giving me a serve the other day, i also see Jimmy James Highnam the older brother was on the bandwagon, Charming. The S.L.T member of the family (Slightly Less Talented ) thinks it's all over for Young Timmy, Well Jimmy Son, at least i am the fastest in my Family and have the runs on the board my friend. On top of that, and i know the family loves a bet, I'll offer you a 50 Euro bet on who has the fastest 10k time in 2012 - If you think i have goneski :)
    Its time to put your money where you mouth is :)

    Will be joining Mikey on his new session tomorrow in the pool before embarking on a tough long run on Sunday, will tell you more about it on Monday

    Tuesday, January 10, 2012

    Mid Week Swim

    Glorious Sydney Day so thought I'd better get back to swimming since its been weeks since I've turned the arms over.
    As you know i am bad at the best of times so today was always going to be ugly, and it was. Only managed to do 1500m that consisted of 5 x 300m efforts (if that's what i can call them)
    Times were, 5.20, 5.18, 5.25, 5.28, 5.28
    Had a bit of time at the end so dried of in the sun and read my book, 'The Slap', Very interesting, all I'll say is i don't particularly like any of the characters :)
    See Mikey Conway is recruiting his HuRT Hasselhoff's again for the Friday lunchtime swim, wonder if he'll get his old team together for more fisting etc...? Hear Warrior Charlie D was already getting his Red Speedo's ready:)
    Thursday sees the 4 x 2ks down on Hickson Road, lets hope the crowds are not as bad as Tuesday.

    Monday, January 9, 2012

    Nightmare New Session.

    First proper session for the HuRTS boys of the New Year and what a crowd there was as well. Mikey Conway had spent the festive season trying to come up with some new sessions and all he was to come up with was a straight 45 minute Tempo (22.5 out then return).... Well done Mikey.
    I can only say what a bloody horrible session it was to, crowds galore, very hot, not helped with my lack of fitness made for a long day at the office. I swear the crowds weren't that big at the Quay on New Years Eve, and i was reduced to a near walk at one stage and did more side steps then Freddie Fittler did in his last season as the 'Roosters'.
    It was supposed to be out in 22.5 mins but after nearly taking out half a million people i decided i was going to create my own session and tempo for 5ks, break and then do the same back. Struggled out just ahead of M.C and Big Sam and reached my mark in 19.40 (3.55 pace) walk/jogged then until i saw them again returning and venturing through the Quay again, the hills made a tough session even tougher and i only managed the 2nd 5ks in 19.53 (3.59 pace), before hitting the stone gates in 45.27.
    With the St George Cinema down at Mrs Macs and the kids on holidays, not to mention the Tammy Tourists around i will select my sessions for the next 3 weeks as i can't run like that again:(
    I think Thursday's session is down as 4 x 2ks on Hickson, so that should be a little less congested.

    Sunday, January 8, 2012

    Easy Monday

    Beautiful day in Sydney so rolled up for the easy Monday session with the group, smallish crowd today, and only really M.C, Big Sam, Laura, Jock Craig and a sighting of Jerry Springer who i really knew. Was surprised (and disappointed ) with Mikey's excuse as why he didn't run with us yesterday..... 'Too Drunk and Hungover' was his reply, WHAT ???
    Anyway had a good chat with all and even lined up with Sam to ride the 3 Gorges Cycle on Australia Day , did tell him to invite Tom as well, don't suppose he'll make it but we need somewhere for breaky and tea once we are done. and the Chez Highnam Manor fits the bill perfectly :)
    All up 14ks on the dot in 63 mins at an average of 4.33p/k, good couple of days running and that was my 3rd straight and theres more to come tomorrow with M.C putting a NEW tempo session on the calender ( he really is trying to make an effort this year, i suspect he wants that Year in Review i gave to to Tom last year)

    Saturday, January 7, 2012

    (Just Like) Starting Over....

    Weekend Double Dose.
    With the ipod on i made my way to Centennial Park on the comeback trail and with the words of perhaps the greatest songwriter ever lived i thought it was very appropriate that John Lennon's Starting Over was on the play list as i set off.
    Did a 4 k cruising at 4.23 per/k pace, then stepped it up and did a 5k tempo - Boy, struggled in this and knocked out 18.44 at 3.45 pace for the effort before finishing off with a k cool down, All up 10ks in 40.45 (4.05 average)
    Saw Kanser supping coffee at the end near the cafe with every Nanny and Au Pair in NSW looking after his kids whilst he hadn't a care in the world chatting away to his good mate Chris (Big Bear) who is also in training for the Dextro Triathlon in April. He like J-Fen is a Super Yankee and has a striking resemblance to movie start Ben Stiller :)
    So he will be affectionately named Ben from now on.

    After a fairly heavy and late Saturday evening i wasn't looking forward to the Sunday long run at all, rolled up though to fine Stevie T, aka Wildman, aka Stick Man aka, Norman, aka Westie Lover joining us for the morning, did our customary 'Lets wait 15 mins for Kanser to rock up' .....and when he did, well..... Poor Old Stevie T was nearly knocked out by the smell of Gargle(Alcohol) coming from Kanser. He's getting worse.
    Set off and the pace was really sedate working on about 4.40 pace and we needed to stop early (5ks) for our 1st water break for Kanser who was hanging big time.Settled a bit after that but upon looking at my watch and only seeing 13ks done i was already in the 'Hurt Box' ...oh dear. Hung on though as we bid a farewell to Stevie T, and then saw a flying J-Fen go by a couple of times doing 4 min/ks for the morning. I finished off with 21ks  in 1.36 averaging 4.35 with Kanser knocking out a couple more, before returning for the much needed 'Bacon & Eggs' and perhaps Kanser's finest cup of tea in history delivered complete with sugar.
    Talking breaky's Mr Fenton kindly offered us a American Style Breakfast over at his pad one weekend, so will look forward to that one Sunday, told him i don't want 8 hot dogs, and 2 kilo of Buffalo Wings, washed down with 2lts of Coke mind:)

    Not sure to run or not tomorrow or go for a swim but will be definitely at the HuRTS session on Tuesday.
    Good luck to HuRTS number 1 Tucks  today in the Bogong to Hotham race, think he's already eyeing getting performance of the year wrapped up in the first week in Jan....... Just to please Tommy H :)


    Thursday, January 5, 2012

    Washing Machine Tumble

    Well after what seems like a record of doing nothing (can't say i don't listen to my doctor) i gingerly ventured out this morning down to Clovelly for a swim, couldn't have picked a worse day to start again, with miserable weather, and high winds it was like a washing machine in the water and not the best conditions to restart my swimming career.
    I normally swim out to a certain buoy (approx 250m out) but there was no way i was going that far today so went to the 1st set of steps and back about 5 times in total. Wasn't the longest swim I've ever done but its a start.
    Will venture out on Sunday now for a run , where i will try to go for 18-20ks before the hard work begins starting on Monday then returning to the HuRTS session on the Tuesday...oh God i can feel the pain already.

    Spent the past 3 days at the cricket watching the Aussies in particular Clarke destroy the Indians, very good few days at the SCG in the members area supping beer for about 6 hours a day, i know i will be regretting it come Tuesday don't worry.
    Collected a few pics that have been sent to me over the past week, on my travels - Check them out

    My Xmas message, and the start of the extra kilos begin.

    Over at Kirst and Toms house, with Tom showing his Jamie Oliver skills on the BBQ.

    Then on to the SCG, Day 1 - lining up for the National Anthems.

    With my one (and perhaps only) Aussie HERO - Steve Waugh at the SCG - Not really sure why i like him as he normally destroyed us whenever we played against him.
    .........and last but no means least, Old Kanser on the drink again - drunk, after day 1 of the cricket at the Clock Hotel, Wouldn't mind but he never actually went to the game yet he is still twisted - SHAME :)
    *** Notice his Red nose, i think he's been on the brandy on the sly*****  :)

    Have a good weekend.

    Sunday, January 1, 2012

    Getting Fatter and Slower.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to all, and all the Best for 2012.

    Well since the last blog there has been absolutely NOTHING  done on the training side of things, sorry to report. Just had far to much on, and really enjoyed what the festive period brings with far to much food and drink consumed.
    Seem to have been out everyday, either at Twenty 20 cricket matches, drinking at Paddo, having cups of tea at the Kane's, or venturing over the dark side of the bridge to Chez Highnam Manor for the Xmas party. Had a great afternoon/evening at the Highnams, and many thanks to Kirst and Tom for the invitation and hosting for the day, HuRTS were well represented with loads there, including Bartles, J-Fen, Charlie, B- Grade, Enda, Big Sam (who seems to have lost about 20kgs,and may need a new name?), and Andy Heyden not to mention the 165 kids they have between them all . Drinks were going down a treat  with Tom's Gin Fizz the pick of the day - Poor old Andy Heyden was left in a sorry state after perhaps downing two too many and was last seen playing  in the sand pit with his bucket and spade bleary eyed rambling on about QPR winning the premier league before being taking home by his wife :)
    Got a week of cricket to attend tomorrow at the SCG, so it looks like training will be a no go again and will aim to make the big comeback next week now and have Jan 9th locked in for the pain to begin for the year:)
    Hope you all have a great year, and you all run PBs and stay fit throughout the year , and that all your troubles last as long as those New Years Resolutions that we make :)