Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Swim and run Day

Even after my big midweek swim yesterday I was still keen to keep the regular Thursday morning going so it was back to PAP for the 3rd time this week.
Starting to log bigger Ks these days and even if I'm not going faster I'm certainly getting stronger with it all, as in the past I'd be dying and ready to jump out by 1800m I'm now able to get over 3ks done within the session. Today's set was built all around reps of 300m in different ways and I was happy to depart the pool with 3.5ks done for the morning.

Feeling tired I gave myself the rest day from the HuRTS set that was organized by Barts and in truth the session was of no benefit for me so I decided to get out early and lined up Jac O'Connor for a few easy ks around the city. Nice little trot knocking out 10.3ks in total in 58 minutes averaging 4.47s

Think I've earned a well deserved rest day tomorrow.

The Chairman Tommy H has been pestering me all week as he tries to cope without good wife Kirst for the week whilst holding the fort with the kids. Poor bloke seems at breaking point and I for one will be glad when she's back in the country tomorrow.
Just received the following photo of what he's been dishing up for the kids - It beggars belief.

Tommy H giving his latest instructions to Charlie, Maggie and Claudia.


Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Wednesday 3k Swim at PAP.

Second swim of the week down at PAP and arrived early to knock out 900m before being joined by Crossy Lad and The Champ who was making a rare appearance.
Took charge and set up the session that sees us do 2ks broken down as follows;
1 x 400m
8 x 50s (off 60 seconds)
1 x 300m
6 x 50s (off 60 seconds)
1 x 200m
4 x 50s (off 60 seconds)
1 x 100m
2 x 50s (off 60 seconds)

Tough set especially pushing the 50s hard. and struggled towards the end.
100m cool down and happy to add another 3ks to the total for the week.

Crossy Lad brought his trusty camera down to the pool today for more selfies and the hope his lady friend would be around (sadly she wasn't ), but he did snap the following.

Won't make the Thursday HuRTS set this week, although I've left it in the capable hands of 'Me, Myself and I' man - Barts.


Monday, October 24, 2016

HuRTS 8 x 5 Minute efforts (90 sec rec)

Sammy J remarked before the start of today's session 'Geez Timmy you can tell J.P is fast coming around' and he wasn't wrong with a massive showing on a stunner of a day. Nice to see The Leech and 'Special Q' back as too was Jimmy James Matthews (albeit carrying extra luggage).
Felt pretty flat even before the start today so was cautious on not going too hard to begin and sat in running beside Mikey L, French pair Jerome & Dom as well as Leechy boy at 3.40 pace. Return was slightly faster and basically held the same pace for the first 6 reps.
A big drop out for many at 6 including Barts (minus his sunnies) and the front guys that I found surprising as I then decided to complete the final two but at reduced pace taking the opportunity to run with the Welsh Boy Jimmy.
Pace for the 8 were; 3.40, 3.36, 3.40, 3.36, 3.41, 3.39, 3.52, 3.51
Another good session banked.


Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sunday Run

Smaller team out than normal post Melbourne with only about 5 starters for the 6.30am start that included Marko Branagan, Shire lass Shannon, Nick M, and the two new pests of the group Sweaty Craig Wiseman and Brendan Fehon.
Pretty easy first 6k look and even at half way I was beginning to think that I wish I had have joined the NOTB Curry night when the 'pests' were in full flow. Back to the café in 28 minutes to pick up the late arrivals including Hoey, Laura, Richie Large and Jacqueline for the usual 10k loop. Picked up the pace slightly as I chatted away on the front with Hoey knocking out a steady 4.34 pace.
Had every intention of a further 8ks for the morning but Jac wasn't feeling the best so dropped back and run with her for a flat 4k loop (4.42s) before calling it a day with 20k under the belt.
20ks in 92 minutes average 4.39s

No sign of Jerome & Leech today (think they've still fallen out since Leech refused to wait that day), Jeet was on Tracker App watch, Birchy had women troubles, Taffy was with his Mountain Men, Enda was claiming rib injury from laughing too much at comedy night, whilst Super Kev was in the gutter from a drunken Saturday night out.
Enjoyed a post run coffee after with the girlies as all talk turned to the upcoming important Beer Mile Race coming up at the end of November.

Monday, Rocks up early at the pool to find Crossy already kitted out, found it strange initially but when I checked out the next lane it all fell into place. His NEW lady friend (aged 62) was in the pool smiling away at him that then took us an age to get going. Joined by Angus Boyd who barked out orders for us that included sets of 100m progressively getting quicker. Also had Hipster Chris join the action as well and was good to see down for the first time.
2ks all up and once done talk turned to the upcoming HuRTS presentation award night, think Crossy was getting a little worried when I mentioned that his name MAY be up on the shortlist for the Under Achiever of the Year. To be honest he shouldn't get it, although he's done bugger all this year and surely he can't keep harping on about his Silver/Bronze Medal (whatever it was) in the World's Duathlon 2 years back.

Can't finish up without a big shout out to my mate Flakey - Paul Bruning for his constant support and photos whilst I was in Melbourne. The mans a legend and despite him not running Melbourne (injured) he's never far from the action. He has a blog going as well and once you read it actually makes our Chairman Tommy H's  blog seem interesting. Still, its holding it place in the charts in 3rd spot (behind yours truly and Sammy Aggers) partly due to the fact he hasn't written anything for a few months.
If Hoeys is not already sending you asleep out the 'Flakes' on .... guaranteed to be out for the count within 90 seconds

Tomorrow back out for the 8 x 5 minute HuRT set.


Thursday, October 20, 2016

3 x 2k Hickson Rd/Barangaroo Reps

Started the day down at PAP for a swim and after a 1500m warm up and some drills I was asked for a 1k T/T that wasn't expected that took me by surprise. Battled through it best I could and was all set for the changing rooms before being told to do another 500m easy to make it to 3ks for the morning.
Finally exited feeling wrecked.

Will I, Won't I ? Yes, No ....was left with the conundrum as to head into the city for the HuRTS 3 x 2k rep session after a couple of big days and feeling tired. Decided to head in and at the very least run them easy. Big team out and once there I pushed the first rep at sub 3.30 pace, It took a lot out of me but pushed ahead for the second return rep and despite the stronger wind was able to get back quicker. Pretty much done by then but Tommy H rocked up during the recovery and somehow convinced me to go again and he'd pace me out. Must have caught me at a weak moment as I agreed but by the 500m mark under the Bridge I was cooked, Eased right back and was then happy to see the remaining 1500m out around 3.40 pace.
Times for the 3 were: 6.55, 6.53, 7.19
A nice 2k easy return back to the start with Jerome before Tommy H caught back up with me and made me do perhaps the longest cool down in history of the best part of another 5ks back up to the Stone Pillars around the Domain & Mrs Macs Chair. Not helped with him nearly having me in tears as he regaled with a colourful account of how stressful his life was during morning family breakfast when he couldn't decide if daughter Maggie had an Apple OR Orange with her Ham &Cheese sandwich in her school lunchbox? Talk about being stressed right out.
About 15ks all up in total.

Rest Day Friday, and a much needed massage planned.

Big weekend of footy coming up and the Potters are on a high after 4 points in the last 2 matches ( are you watching Sammy Aggers ?). This week we travel to Hull and another 3 points is in the bag I'm tipping.
Timmy's Tip - Hull 0 v Stoke 1, I'll even give you the scorer this week .... Bony.

Have a great weekend
Train Well, Stay Safe

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Fartlek 35 Minutes - 7,6,5,4,3,2,1 (60 sec rec)

Tuesday .
Despite running the Half on Sunday I couldn't honestly say I smashed my legs up too much so it was back into the City on a cracker of a day for a set designed by the 'chairman' Tommy H after the HuRTS website left a blank that nearly brought the City to a standstill.
Went out fairly hard and found myself sitting off the back of a decent group and in a small pack of Marc Ashworth and Frenchman Dom. Was surprised to see Tom then join me towards the end and from that point on was happy to stick with him throughout. Found I was keeping it more than honest with each rep around the 3.40 pace but Tom was able to keep his 'float' at a higher pace than I was and therefore getting away during the 60 seconds recovery.
Just under 9ks completed within the 35 minutes with the pace for each rep as follows
7 mins @ 3.41
6 mins @3.37
5 mins @ 3.38
4 mins @ 3.38
3 mins @ 3.45
2 mins @3.40
1 mins @3.37

A good cool down back through the city with Renee, Corky O'Connor and Tom to end with.
Good set and happy with the way I run.

Had lined up a run with Crossy Lad but he let me down (again) after he forgot his coat and it was deemed to cold to run for him.
Decided then to join a strong 20 plus team that included Renee, Jac, The Branagan Brothers, Sammy J, Brendan Fehon, Brendan Yum Cha, Tommy H, Hoey as well as a host of others for a trot out to my office in Centennial Park and back. Enjoyed the run up through Rushcutters, and then Ocean Street as the banter started to fly about the 'Battle of the Blogs'. Poor Hoey was devastated when Jac O'Connor said she read his after 10PM in the evening as a means to help her sleep, whilst Tommy H was left shattered after learning Jac doesn't even read his that left him mystified just who is the 2nd reader each day?
Once Centennial Park was done it was back up Driver Ave and back to the City via Oxford Street where Brendan Fehon was doing his best in trying to kill us all by running every red light.
13ks all up in 60 minutes averaging 4.45s
26k for the day after completing 13 as well during the morning, wouldn't normally count those but today was run at a decent gallop with some of my faster clients.
Pretty tired now.


Melbourne Half Marathon - 86.09

The HuRTs tour bus travelled south to Mexico and it once again brought some big numbers for the running of the Melbourne Marathon/Half weekend.
I got lumbered in digs with Birchy, Jeet and Brucie Lambert and after a nice early pasta dinner on the Saturday we woke to howling winds on the Sunday that was to make for a tough day ahead. I've not been in bad form training wise but I knew that I'd have to reassess my goals with winds up to 55ks per/hour forecast.
Lined up with Jac O'Connor and Birchy and got chance to wish the 'Chairman' all the best before the guns goes and we are away. Blimey, even the first 1k seems tough up a hill before I settle coming down St Kilda Road to some great support from the travelling 'Highnam clan'. Get joined around the 4k mark by Erika Ekland and we exchange some chit chat for a good few minutes before the horrors were about to begin turning into Albert Park at the 5ks. Sense her struggle and drop slightly so bark at her to just tuck into me to avoid the wind. Its a long stretch of about 3ks and by the time we hit 8 I'm toast (although Erika is still on my shoulder). Get a little break at the top end, but I'm unable to take advantage of it and its here that Mrs Jordan pushes on (and never seen again).
Back up Pit straight in Albert Park to more high winds and I'm a broken man and I'm mighty relieved to get that part out the way and turn for home. Thinking the worst was out the way I was sadly mistaken as I headed back up St Kilda Road to another bloody headwind. I knew any sense of time had long gone and for the best part of 5k home it was little more than a Sunday Long run pace. Gave a good shout out to Mikey L, 'B Grade Binfield and Robin Vonk who came past in the marathon that gave me a little boost but when I saw the bridge about 800m from the famous M.C.G I was nearly ready to chuck myself in the nearby Yarra I was that over it and even the lap on the inside field of the ground couldn't lift my mood as I crossed out in 86.09 for the days work.
One of the toughest I've had to endure to be honest and when Sammy J came for a chat about 60 seconds later I offered no more than a grunt as I tried to regain some sense of normality.
Pretty disappointed but I know the conditions played a big part in the times for everyone and it was estimated that it cost between 2 - 2.30 (although I was about 4)
Splits were.
5k  19.00 @ 3.48s
10k 19.56 @4.00s
15k 20.31 @4.07s
20k 20.54 @4.11s
1.3k  1.37 @4.13s
 86.09 Average 4.02s

As you'd expect there was a very mixed bag from the team, The good was Jeet, Laura,Yido Darren Jordan, and Biggsy (all sub 3 hrs in the Marathon), Tom was average at best with his 74, Jac, Eastside and Birchy all got a pass mark and the ugly went to roomie for the weekend Brucie Lambert who had a race to forget with a 3.35 marathon time.
Hard to give a Timmy Run of the Day as I think the following 3 were all worthy on such a tough day for different reasons, so in no particular order I've gone
Michael Ho - 2.32:02 Class act and once again showed he's the master of the marathon within the team and despite only being 35 kilo wet through the wind didn't seem to slow him as he took out 12th place overall.
Mike Lichtwark - 2.40:02 Normally the 'King of the Biathlon Mike has once again proved he can go long as well as his run in 6Ft earlier in the year also proved.
Erika Jordan   84.07 The Swedish girl is one tough cookie, when the going got tough she motored on when others just gave up. Brilliant run in such conditions.

The afternoon /evening was the usual cracker when the team came together to exchange stories over a thousand beers. Poor Tommy H didn't even last till his Uber came and departed at 5.30pm, C.T was about the same, Sammy the Salmon took the easy option of a Sunday flight home and it was left to the regulars Birch, O'Connor, 'Sweaty' Pearson to kick on throughout the evening.

Another top night and weekend even if the race didn't pan out as expected.
Few photos from the weekend and race

I was looking OK, Pity it was only the first 1k
Not so at the 20k marker.
and the famous finish on the MCG
I was worried about my flatmates before the run - Jeet here in the zone.
And Bruce was always going to struggle with ONLY 12 gels to get him through
With Hoey and The Chairman Tommy H
The English lads on tour - Birch, Lindop and Highnam
The gang love a social
Great to have Laura back running well, seen here with partner and #1 supporter Wol.
C.T, Jeet and Jac O'Connor
A run he would want to forget - Bruce on his way to a 3.35 ... Look at the stride length


Thursday, October 13, 2016

Getting the Swims In

Thursday. Promised a client a 1k swim handicap race about 4 months back and had to front up and in the process give her a healthy handicap start. Luckily for me she hadn't been doing the swim training needed over the time and I was fortunate to walk away with the victory .... and the FREE dinner as part of the wager. Happy Days
Only 1400m done for the morning in total.

Friday. Was pestered by Crossy Lad all Thursday evening and Friday morning to return to PAP as he was keen to see his 'new friend' from Monday but was a little scared to venture down by himself.
Don't think either of us were too enthusiastic about the swimming today (Crossy even less after his friend wasn't there) and it actually took the lifeguard to give us a set to get through that included plenty of 100s with each one getting quicker.
Jumped out with 1800m to my name and happy to end the week with another swim done.

Down to Melbourne for a few days  tomorrow for the half on Sunday. A big team heading south with what should be a fun weekend. Seems most people are in form and ready to roll and I'll stick my neck on the line and give what times I think some of the regular team will do.
Hoey  2.30:46
Neil    2.33:12
Bruce  2.47.10
Jeet     2.49:33
Laura  3.03:19

Tommy H  70.51
Sammy J    90.11
Birchy        95.52

Seeing as I've ONE bet only this week with the Chairman Tommy H and he's give me 11.15 handicap start on my predicted times I'll have to run a 82.06 to collect the cash .... It's a big ask.

On the footy, the Premiership returns this week and its time you got on the Potters and get ready for the first 3 points of the season, A home game against fellow stragglers will see the boys start to climb that table this week.
Timmy's Tip. Stoke 2 v Sunderland 0

Have a great weekend
Train well and race even better all those in Melbourne.
Stay Safe

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

2 x 20 Minute Efforts (3 mins rec)

Chatted away with Jeet prior to the session and the plan was to head out around the 3.55 min per/k pace and try to return faster at 3.50s for the 2 x 20 min set that was on the cards.
Big turnout yet again with Fats making his 3rd appearance on the spin as he tries to deflect the attention away from his Underachiever nomination as well as leading the race for the 'top job' at HuRTS come the New Year.
Felt pretty comfortable heading out and sat in with Angus, Jerome, Mark Ashworth and Marko Branagan. Usual struggle around the Quay area with the crowds but was happy to get too 5.25ks at 3.50 pace for the first half of the session.
Was thinking it may be a tad quick especially for the tougher return to come but found a perfect partner in Razor Wareham to get me home. Immediately went out faster and despite the high winds across the Opera house forecourt I was making up good time. Started to catch the first of the slower runners coming back into the Domain and really tried to stay focused on the pinch hills at Mrs Macs Chair and the A.B.C Pool, The final group I caught was Dicky Large, J.C and the Hipster Chris and that also helped as they somehow lifted and that was enough to get me back to the stone pillars with a good 19 seconds to spare.
Out at 3.50 pace and back home at 3.43s covering 10.6k for the session that I was pleased with and was as good as I've managed this particular set for a long time.
Many thanks to Razor for the big help out.

Will rest up now and try to freshen the legs up before Sundays Half in Melbourne. Notice the Trash talk has already started with Tommy H the first to fire the barbs. He seems pretty confident once again of taking my $$$, and I must say I would as well seeing as he only has to give me 11.15 handicap start.
Tomorrow I'll be getting my crystal ball out and predicting some of the boys and girls times for the Full and Half Marathons.


Sunday, October 9, 2016

Pool Swim with Crossy and his Mrs?

30 degree day and no finer place to be than the pool for a dip, Knocked out 1k first up before being joined by Crossy Lad and Angus Boyd where the call was a set of 2 and 100s. The boys are simply too fast for me but with the aid of my floaty pants and hand paddles I was able to hang in and come home in 3.05s for the 200s, and 1.30s for the shorter reps.
A decent 2.2ks done in total and probably the first bit of speed work I've done for ages.
Highlight of the Day, Watching Crossy Lad flirt with some old Yankee lady who was old enough to be his mother. He must have spent 10 minutes helping her look for her goggles at one point - I wouldn't mind but they were on her head the whole time. Shame Crossy Lad shame.

Back out tomorrow for the 2 x 20 minute session with the boys

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Sunday Medium - Long Run 20ks

Good turnout early although NO ladies this morning for the usual Sunday long run. With Melbourne next week I decided on going shorter today preferring just 20ks but with the aim of going slightly quicker.
Easy first 6k mind you as I sat up chatting with Irish pairing Stankard and Kane, Before upping the pace for the start of the regular 10k loop where the lads soon dropped off and were replaced by Leech and the Branagan Brothers (Super Kev & Mark). Was still moving well and the Branagan team seemed to pick it up even further on Anzac Parade and I was happy to go with them as we returned to the park in in 43 minutes (4.18 pace) for the completed loop.  A quick regroup and it was time for a flat loop (4ks) at a more sedate pace that basically saw out the morning running with Jerome, Leech and Kanser to cover the 20ks in 87.29 averaging 4.26s
6k 28.03 @ 4.41s
10k 43.00 @ 4.18s
4k 16.25 @ 4.28s

Happy enough with that, will get out for one more tough session on the Tuesday and then freshen up before next Sunday's run.

Enjoyed a coffee and chit chat with the boys post run with things of interest and note from this morning were;
1. Enda and Birchy's run apparel for the morning. Enda with an Ironman 1983 shirt on and Birch with an outrageous bright orange outfit  (believe it was a Freebie, but still ?)
2. Poor Jerome after Leech refused to wait at the Harbour bridge for him that then forced the Frenchman to run solo to meet up. Poor Form
3. Neil Pearson actually buying a coffee post run.
4. The Mad Jocks (Scotland) letting me down on my footy coupon for a clean sweep of 8 teams - you can never rely on the b@stards.
5. Seeing Lisa Bowman running around the park, getting in some secret training for the upcoming JP Morgan event.


Friday, October 7, 2016

Friday Swim 2ks

Training partner was still not well enough to return to the pool but with the warmest day since April it was too good an opportunity not to head out and get a few laps done.
Going solo meant I was never going to be able to knock out the 3.5ks but tipped along OK to get a steady 2ks done all up.

No premiership footy this week due to International fixtures with England back in action for the first time since the Big Sam shame. The boys should have no trouble in getting over the line against Malta.
Timmy's Tip. England 4 v Malta 0

Will be back out on Sunday for a long run.

Have a good weekend
Train well, stay safe

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Timmy's Hills and 5k Tempo Combo

With coach/swim partner not feeling the best we decided to delay the session by 24 hours so I just jumped in the pool solo and knocked out a cruisy 1.2ks to get the arms turning over.

The 'HuRTS Hardcore' sign went up today for the toughest session going and it was all too much for mates Kane, Stankard, Jeet, Highnam, Birch, Gleeson, Walker, James, O'Connor and Taffy who were all no shows whilst Champ and Hoey did the smoke bomb just as the team was meeting.
Still a good turnout with Scotty O'Connor once more leading from the front with Special 'Q' not far behind and good to see Warrior Charlie D back as well as Crossy Lad (although he seems to spend more time taking selfies these days whilst actually running - what's all that about?)
Settled into a decent rhythm early working just over 4 min/ks and was surprised when Scotty flew past lapping me with only 7 minutes on the clock. Kept it steady and it was around the 13 minute marker that Angus and Jerome finally went ahead of me. Just tagged onto them for the remainder but was absolutely wrecked once the 20 minutes was up.
Covered over 4.8ks averaging 4.08s
Bloody hot day and the water bubbler took a hammering with everyone lining up to replace the fluids before taking off for the 2nd part of the double.
Tucked in with Barts and Leech for the first k going through on 3.47 but got dropped soon after on the climb out of Mrs Macs as the pace dropped closer to 4 min/ks. Caught the next bus to come by with 'The Hardman' himself J.C and Dicky Large and basically they just dragged my sorry arse home as I returned to the stone pillars in 19.08
Carnage back at the finish line with the effects of a tough session and a 28 degree day doing plenty of damage through the ranks.

Friday usually is a rest day but will head to the pool to get the swim set done, made slightly easier with the forecast of another 29 degree hot day.


Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Midweek Easy 12ks

Cruised around the park for an easy 12ks in total with clients, although did chuck in a couple of 4 min/ks along the way to get the heart rate up a little.
Pretty uneventful morning, so much so the highlight was seeing Birchy and Eastside Elle flying around.
Back out tomorrow for the 'Killer' double compo set - Timmy's Hills & 5k Tempo, with a  hot day predicted that will make it even tougher.

Monday, October 3, 2016

HuRTS 14 x 3 minute efforts (60 sec rec)

The best session on the books and it was important that I got through it and completed the whole 14 reps of the 3 minute efforts that was on today.
Decided prior that I was going to go at a reduced pace to make sure I didn't to do much damage early and was happy to be holding sub 3.40 pace. Found company for the first 7 reps in Sammy Johnson and Elle who were both running well, and despite it being a stunning day the wind was making it that much tougher on the return legs throughout.
Went through 9 -12 solo as many pull the pin around 10 (8 if your names Hoey) and by the time I was heading out for the 13th found only Fats, D.Tonge, and Angus actually ahead of me as I was still keeping the pace consistent.
With job nearly complete, I still had some gas left in the tank and pushed the final one home with J-Fen and A.N.Other into the wind at a healthy 3.29 pace
Paces for the 14; 3.40, 3.40, 3.38, 3.38, 3.38, 3.38, 3.39, 3.39, 3.39, 3.39, 3.40, 3.38, 3.39, 3.29

Felt great to complete the set as I did and got a little confidence back. Kudos to #1 Renee who did the 14 (she always does), as well as J-Fen, Angus, David T, and special mention to old mate Fats who also got through them all. Think Fats was only going to do 12 but didn't think the P1ss-take was worth it by not doing the final two.
Good to see Barts back floating around for 10 reps at a reduced pace, but what was Prince Ho playing at ? 8 reps ? Someone remarked it was hardly worth changing for that few.


Sunday, October 2, 2016

Striders Homebush 38.38

Up and out early to Homebush as I had to get my volunteering roll done for Striders before the 10k itself. Very easy though with holidays it was perhaps the smallest turnout on record for a Striders race. Nice little HuRTS group with the likes of Leech, Hoey, Walker, Champ, Hamish, man in form Scotty O'Connor, Birchy, Kanser as well as NOTB boys Justin & Ben lining up.
A bit of banter on the starters line as I was giving out to Hoey for his duty as the 35 minute pacer that actually served no one and was about as much use as a chocolate fireguard.
I've been training solidly for weeks and was confident I'd be able to break 37 minutes and despite going a tad fast sitting with Hoey for the first 1k (3.30) all was on track. Didn't last long though as by about 2.5ks into it I felt as sick as a dog and wasn't even sure how I'd make it back to the end of the first loop at 5ks.
Never been so happy to see 'B Grade Johnny Binfield who was dishing out water at the 5k marker and I took the opportunity to stop for a quick chat before making the decision to keep going. Somehow got to 7k before the next breakdown and it was Peter Walker along with a nice group of about 8 that I jumped onto and that just the boost I needed to get me home.
It was just a battle to get home and the thought process was just to try get something out the wreck and hold out P.Walker,  A small victory was achieved and even found a little kick albeit for about 50m coming over the bridge to finish off.
38.38 time wise and must say I hated nearly every minute of it. Putting it down to sickness and hopefully nothing more as my training indicates a faster (better) performance than that was on the cards.
Run of the morning was Scotty O'Connor who took out first place and the more I see of this lad the more I reckon he's the real deal and I'm tipping he'll beat the Big 3 very soon within the team.
Everyone else was pretty average as well, with Hoey even struggling to run to pacing duties, coming in on 35.20 and Kanser nearly has the underachiever wrapped up for certain as he's now down running 41 minutes and Birchy was no better with a 44 recorded.
K splits for the morning;
3.30, 3.41, 3.36, 3.39, 3.54, 3.43, 4.17, 3.48, 3.47, 3.51, 48 sec (270m)

Brekkie and coffee after with Birch & Kanser although wasn't really with it and just wanted to get home.

A few hours rest and recovery and I was fine and ready to go for a big footy final long weekend.

Winner and future HuRT #1 Scotty O'Connor

The Tokyo 'Sumo' Twins - Birchy and Kanser looking very happy after the 44 and 41 minute runs - Shameful.