Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cheer Cheer the Red and the White

Got the early mark on Saturday with work as some clients were away for the long weekend that meant i had the opportunity to have a hit out on the bike. No real structure to the session but wanted to just keep a pretty good pace for 40ks to see how i felt. Did some laps by myself and tucked in with others on certain parts of the park, Started to feel it a little at 30ks and was relieved when 5 rather quick guys came by that meant i jumped on there wheels for the final 2 and half laps(10ks). Had to work hard just to stay on and it certainly pushed the average speed up for the morning in doing so.
40ks done averaging 35.4 k per/hour - Good extra session done and happy to get more time on the bike, As i was leaving the park i saw PLOD, Hardman (J.C) and 'The Laughing Policeman (Samsy) just putting there bikes away and getting ready for there run, Jeez the boys are looking fit, (well probably not Samsy) but POD has World Champs coming up in October and J.C has a date with Kona again in a few weeks Both are flying at the moment so I'm sure they will both go well. Got a bit concerned though when J.C had his top off and was taking about Liposuction, and then asked me about going to Thailand to get it done - Think he may be getting confused of what the procedure entails over there :)

It was then out to watch the Swannies in action against the Hawks , and what a good game it was with both sides going toe to toe with the Swans prevailing at the end that saw all us Cheer Cheering the Red and the White, not to mention shaking the thunder from the sky
Back out today to watch the League Grand Final and hoping the Storm will turn over the Bulldogs to then complete a good weekend of results for me , Swans, Liverpool Stoke, Arsenal been beat , and Crystal Palace even winning for my mate Slim Sammy Agnew. On the down side, it looks like J-Fen's men 'The Yanks' are giving us boys (Europe) a bit of a touch up in the Golf.

A day off tomorrow and have plans to go on a long ride with the boys, but having a big afternoon planned today may put that in doubt as they roll out from the park pretty early.

BTW, anyone seen or heard from the Chairman? not seen or heard from him since he turned 40 a few weeks back - maybe he's slowing down a little, He's not even updated his rag of a blog and I'm starting to get nightmares from the Kanser photo he has up every time i check it out :)

I will be making my return to the HuRTS team this Tuesday, just checked its my favorite set the 14 x 3 minute efforts, and the one that i actually did the injury about 6 weeks back so will take it easy and see if i can knock out 10 ?

Friday, September 28, 2012

Quick Brick

Into the park on a very warm Sydney day for a Brick session , Only really had time for a shorter set so did a flat lap with Woollarha Hill chucked in followed by a 500m effort running of the bike  x 4
Even with it being very warm the wind was up that made it tough coming around near Fox Studio gates - tough enough session again,  feeling OK on the bike but i really need to do more mileage i think, bit of a  struggle to find the time when everyone else is out on the bike .
Had intended to go in and do some more swimming but run out of time so missed out on catching up with the HuRTS Hasselhoff's' and now will have to wait until next week before i get the chance again. Although i have pencilled in returning to run group next Tuesday.

Big weekend of sports coming up with all the footy finals over the weekend , Will be barracking for the Swans tomorrow , although i can't see them getting over the top of the Hawks to be honest.Will be giving all my tips and predictions on the Sporting Shout blog
Just on the Swans though - I love the AFL tradition on many things they do especially the club songs they sing at the end of the games, So hopefully we will all be singing 'Cheer, cheer the Red and the White'... But tell me, whats with the lyrics ? I've heard many a footy song over the years, but .... 'Shake down the Thunder from the Sky" ........give me a break

Also just had word come in that its Master Sweeney's Birthday today - So many happy returns to the old boy , 57 today and still going strong. Although he has been out injured for the past few months and has taken up cycling, but has also spent a lot of time on the Bintang Beers whilst holidaying over in Bali and is now on the same diet as Clyde is:)

Master after his recent holiday , preparing to get back on the bike

Have a great long weekend guys,
train safe

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Getting the all Clear.

Wednesday - In the pool for another 2.7ks

Thursday - Up early for work and was on the bike with clients in Centennial , saw Sultry Sonya looking good on the bike as she flew by at one stage, and then as i was taking it easy PLOD came by even faster so i jumped on the back of his wheel, Had to work hard just to stay with him and was delighted when he got three quarters around then finished his effort just as i was about to have a heart attack. A bit of a chat with him and J.C before taking myself for the 3rd swim of the week down to the pool again.
Knocked out only 2ks today but brings the total to 7.3 for the week again so happy enough with that, and although still slow i managed to knock out my fastest 1k straight of the season and dare i say it but it is starting to feel a little easier and hopefully another 4 weeks of the same training will see me OK come race time in November.
Might even be brave enough to go back in tomorrow to join the lunchtime HuRTS Hasselhoff's at the A.B.C Pool, i might even be strong enough to stay on there feet for the first 100 metres ?

After the swim it was time to head back to the Physio , and was delighted to be given the all clear to start running and that the calf is now healed. Will get back into it next week , and be back to the HuRTS sessions as from Tuesday  - just need to remember to take it easier for the first couple of weeks and not overdo it to early in the peace.

Nearly forgot to show this photo from last week at the movie evening, as i mentioned i sat with Durante on one side with Kanser and Ronan on the other - Beside the 8 boxes of popcorn Kanser munched on he also showed up in the most outrageous gear on the night I've seen in years, Apparently he had been in BrisVegas all day and got talking to Master Sweeney who then borrowed him some of his latest outfits.
.... You can't take him anywhere:)

Ronan Centre and Kanser right with there 3D glasses ready for the movies
BTW...Yes that is a fake tan Kanser has on :)


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

More Swimming

Only did 11ks yesterday and my legs were a little sore today so was happy for the day off from running and was back in the pool early this morning. The swimming Madmen were back after a weeks break knocking out there 7k efforts so was happy to fall in with them.
Basically there session was all speed work based around 200s, so i was doing every second one , and when they kicked there times even further down i went and did 100s. Once again buggered come the end but it helped as i knocked out 2.6ks for the session.
They also do a set that is breathing every 11 strokes for 500mtres, Jeez......I had a go and was gasping after about 5, so was then forced back to do 3 :)
Not sure what to do tomorrow ? Get back in the pool or try to have a run with the Hardmen lads around Centennial?

I see Enda has give me a serve about having two Blogs on the go - Fair enough, although if i were him I'd only be reading the Sports one ............less chance of him being abused on that site, unless he takes up playing  football (god help us then)  :)


Monday, September 24, 2012

Psychological issues

Back on the Bus today to start up once again post injury, Was out back in the park early and after running easy with a client (used more as a warm up ) I decided to do 3 flat loops on the path ( 3.7k) to see how the injury was. So armed with the 'Best of British' Music on the trusted i tunes but minus the GPS i was off on the comeback trail.
Felt OK on the first lap coming through bang on the 17 minute mark, and got a boost as 'Love will Tear us a Part' blasted out as i begun the 2nd. Tried to pick the pace up slightly and was still feeling OK even if i was breathing heavier. Legs started to feel it on the 3rd but held the form and was happy to finish off in 49.26 for the 11.1ks
Laps were 17.00, 16.30, 15.55
Glad to get through that one and was pretty tired this afternoon, even missing my Monday swim, although will be back in the pool tomorrow and hope to knock out a bigger set then.
So Back on the Bus for me, now i just need to get Enda back racing and Throw him UNDER the Bus :)

Forget to mention yesterday , after running around the park in the morning, I called over Davie Kanes house for a cuppa ( or three) and the poor chap seemed to have a lot on his mind ( and it wasn't just looking after the kids whilst the Good Wife was out on the town drinking ) ..........No, this was more serious - and this is where the title of today's blog came from. It appears Kanser is having a few psychological issues in that he is still to get his head around running a good Marathon time. Chairman Tommy H has picked up on it a few times and Kanser still has yet to master one?
It got us then thinking who else in the HuRTS team is also having the same problem? and this is what Kanser came up with ( probably trying to deflect some of  the attention away - if you ask me )

Mikey Conway - Unable to run sub 35 mins for 10k, Despite training the house down Mikey has still to run a sub 35 after having 294 attempts, not to mention costing Tom and Kanser a fortune in lost bets and is still looking for that elusive first.

Tommy Highnam,  The 8 second Man, seems unable to beat former HuRTS #1 Tucks despite running very close and applying much pressure is unable to get within the 8 seconds ?

Dave Kane - Unable to string a good marathon together despite having a 'Masters Degree in the Art of Marathon running.Still to run a sub 2.40 ..........Will it ever happen, probably not until Kanser has travelled the world trying to find one that is only 39.9ks ? :)

Enda Stankard, - Unable to get one over young Timmy in a Half Marathon Race, Tried everything in the book to beat me , travelling interstate, sitting on my shoulder for 20ks, even going to the trouble to hire a full time psychologist in Spark's.........all that did was in fact drive Spark's to find help himself and was last seen drinking himself into oblivion
As time goes on surely Enda must find victory over the 21ks someday ?

Also for those of you that do bugger all in the day - except read blogs and drink coffee ( or just bored) i have set up another blog, mostly just focusing on all things Sports related but has a strong football connection.
Still in its early stages yet and like most good things will take time to really deliver - but surely it must already have more substance then some certain J' 'B' Graders blogs :)
Check it out


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Getting Dizzy

After a big afternoon/night watching all the footy codes i ventured into the park this morning for an easy run, Found it busy in there with the 100/50k races taking place. Saw Chris Truscott( C.T) coming through so tagged in with him, he had done about 30ks at this point and was running at 4.20 pace, had a good chat along the way and did 2 flat laps with him reeling in first spot from Timmy Cochrane, dropped back a little then and meet up with old training partner Damian Tancred who was going at a gentle 5 mins pace and kept him company for another 2 laps, was happy to get through my longest run in about 6 weeks for about 15ks in total in 69 minutes - No clue exactly as the GPS have finally given up the ghost and is now Kaput.
Beautiful morning out there and saw J-Fen doing his long run and stopped to have a chat with him , even give him the watch to sort out for me only to be told that it is a 'Lemon'.... very technical, thanks mate.
Good to see Wildman, Norman Cook, aka Stevie T back out there running after having a bit of a break, seemed to be going OK was well running behind Benny St, did call out a little abuse and i have a NEW nickname for him but i best run it by him first ........As i don't want to be upsetting him :)
Congrats to C.T who went on to WIN the race and cover the 100ks in a fast time of 7hr.51 - unbelievable. There were others out there who were struggling and they were only on about 30ks, God knows what they will be like adding another 70k on?

Big Game tonight with Man U vs Liverpool match on , despite Liverpool's very ordinary start to the season i can see them getting something from tonight's game, although its hard to see where the goals are going to come from
Timmy's Tip - Take the draw 1-1

Also congrats to Slim Sammy Agnew and his Palace team, went to bed last night with Palace 0 -2 down and awoke this morning to find they had ended up winning 3-2 , Sammy is somewhere around the Manly area now celebrating there first win in about 8 months, and now may even rejoin the HuRTS group to continue with his training after originally saying he will not return until they get there 1st win of the season.

Will have a run in the morning , try to do another 4ks at about 4.30 pace and hope to pick it up a little over the next week or so.

Congrats to POD as well on his 3rd Overall in the Biathlon out at Parramatta Park this morning, things are looking good for the big man with World Champs coming up in Auckland next month.


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Brick Set

Fairly quieter morning in the park which was good as i was back on the bike and decided on trying a bit of a brick session again. Been a bit slack of late on these due to injury and the fact Roger isn't there anymore for the Wednesday session due to him doing other specific training.
Thought i would do 3 x laps bike - 3 x flagpole runs,
                              2 x bike           2 x runs
                              1 x bike           1 run (500 mtr)
Felt OK on the bike for the triple set without really killing myself and then run a little over 4 min/ks for the 1.5k effort , Tried to up the pace slightly on the doubles and was working a little over 6 mins per lap finishing in 12.10.
A few kind words to Usain about giving the single lap a go and pushed hard to complete the set with a time of 5.44 for probably the best I've managed this season.

Dragged myself down for the final swim set of the week after that and really didn't feel in the mood today, especially as i was there by myself and could barely do 1.9ks all up. Bit of a warm up and then 1 x 500 & 1 x 1k rep was about as much as i could do - Still happy enough with approx 6.3ks for the week, down on previous weeks although only done the 3 sets this week.

Nearly forgot to mention the other night at the movies - caught up with Old HuRTS boy and talented if not lazy the one and only Stallion Michael Durante. Must say for someone who holds the 'Harry's Pie & Mash, with HotDog record he looks in pretty good nick. He says now he has had his knee fixed up he will be back and hopefully joining us over the summer and is keen to start back and get his confidence up with a victory over Tommy H at the biathlon in October to continue his 100% dominance over the Chairman.

The Italian Stallion M.Durante with Timmy at 2XU Store Paddington.

In other footy news - Big game of the week is the Man Utd vs Liverpool clash, on paper Man Utd should batter them but you never know in these big matches, and wouldn't be surprised if Liverpool snick it.
The Trash may come out with ....well Trash at times, but last weeks bold predictions came true about Stoke getting something out of City and that Kane and Stankard wouldn't run under 76.30 - hope you all collected :)

In even bigger news closer to home - don't mind Del Piero we have someone BIGGER ( about 25 kilo bigger to be exact) step up Emile Heskey. Those of you who are not up to date with English footy take a look at this clip - and this was when he was good :)

Unbelievable - i reckon if i don't get over these injuries  i might even get a start for the Perth Glory over in the West sometime throughout the coming season.

Have a great weekend, train well.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Town of Runners

Easy day today just cruised around the park this morning for about 25k on the bike with some clients, before running an even easier pace for about 14ks ( 5.30 pace) - Leg feeling OK so will just continue with some more 10k runs at about 4.30 pace for the next week or so.

Was out last night at the movies for the premiere of 'A Town of Runners' but first stop was at the 2XU store in Paddington for a few drinks and catch up with Vlad and the others, Friendly old chat with MrAce, Mikey, J-Fen, Angus, The return of the Fat Italian Stallion and HuRTS Pie Eater Champion Durante,  Charlie, Slim Sammy Agnew with son Tommy, Kanser popped in as well as did Andy Heyden who made his way straight to the bar and never budged. Even the HuRTS girls were well represented with Anna Fitz, and Lisa.
A few minute walk to the cinema ( although i hear Heyden stayed and consumed another 6 pack before leaving )  and as Kanser was buying 3 buckets of Popcorn we were all set to go, The movie is a documentary about young runners from the Ethiopian rural town of Bekoji, home to the current Olympic and World Champions Tirunesh Dibaba and Bekele.  The film follows three children as they move from school track to national competition and from childhood to adulthood.  in truth its an average movie for me, didn't really set me alight as i was thinking it was going to be more about champion athletes, was watchable and i will give it 5 popcorns out of 10.
Best bit was the Q & A after and with Terence in the Hot Chair doing his best Michael Parkinson style interview, he opened the floor up for questions to Benny St, and Lara. No surprise who was first in ....

Terence, 'Yes, guy in the corner still eating popcorn, pink shirt?'

Kanser,  'David Kane, Maquarie Bank, 2.40 Marathoner - Benny you want to run a Marathon, what time do you think you can run? , and don't you think you are a bit on the larger size to run one" the room goes silent.

No sign of Tommy H last night who i also heard was in the Gold Coast, although the crafty bugger tried to pay his City to Surf Ten Pound debt, without having a photo taken handing the cash over. He gave the money to Slim Sammy Agnew to pay me. On closer inspection of the note i realised Tommy may not be in the Gold Coast at all but over in France somewhere visiting his brother 'The Less Talented One ( L.T.O)
Check out what he tried to palm of on me.

Shameful Tom , Shameful.....

Also had yet another request from someone who tells me they never saw the photo of 'Young Enda' - so to keep everyone of the readers happy . :)

Young Enda, at home .............think those trousers get shorter every time the photo is published :)


A Night at the Flicks

Finished work this morning and saw the Hardmen Crew coming through that included Clyde, Enda, Hardman J.C, Conor, and Hilly of all people so joined in for an easy lap of the park running about 4,30 pace. Plenty of banter and sledging particularly from Clyde who continues to hate and not rate anyone except Richie McGaw and his Mrs (Krone).
Went for another swim after and knocked out a further 2ks, 1k straight and then 5 x 200s - Pretty much the same thing, not much to look at expect a little black line and not much to chat about whilst doing it.

Night out to tonight to the Flicks to watch a premiere movie called a 'Town of Runners' that a good few of the HuRTS boys are attending, Will give you a run down tomorrow.
Sorry its brief , but gotta go as just heard there's pre movie drinks going on at 2XU - Don't wont to miss out :)

Monday, September 17, 2012

Back to B Grade, and Struggling.

Managed to wrangle the morning off today after most of my clients run on Sunday so told them to rest for the week that gave me the chance to get out and do a proper bike session.
The BRATs are out on Tuesday early that sees many of the 'A Graders' flex there Lycra around Centennial, good crowd out with Mr Angry, Hardman J.C, Conquest, 'The Mad Mexican( Juan), Mrs Clyde ( Krone) as was Charlie Low, got given the set that was 1 x flat loop(4ks), and 1 x hill loop( 6ks) - Five times total 50ks
Getting set to roll out only to be told "Lindop, stay , not good enough" by Clyde, so ended up rolling with the 2nd group that included good cyclists Captain Josh, Kiwi Benny, Sweaty Scott Milson, and Irishman
Evan, as well as a couple of others.The pace was on from the start and i was just happy to sit in for the first part thinking no way could they hold this pace. How wrong i was, i was knackered and I'd only done 23ks of the 50 and had to dig deep just to hang on ( and this was only B Grade).
Never been so happy to finish the 5th set covering 51ks - my legs were shot, Averaged 38.2k per/hr for  the set before doing one more easy lap making it 55 for the morning before retiring for the much needed coffee.
The A Grade must have averaged over 42ks per hour i reckon and if you include the 700m metre Woollarha Hill included 5 times in that if gives you some idea how strong the lads are riding.

Happy enough with my effort though and really do need to get out and try to do more of these sessions as like running its very hard to do the speed work solo.

Another trip after to Physio Nick in Bondi for some more dry needling - things are on the improve and is happy for me to run but give it another week before i start picking up the pace.

Back into the pool tomorrow for another 2ks plus.

Guess Who is Back,
 Can you guess who this calf belongs to ( no it's not me )
Clue, He was racing his first race since joining the 'Veterans group' - unfortunately his poor calf was not able to stand the rigours of more then 100 meters - very sad to see the demise of one of our more popular members .... and the only person more disappointed then the guy himself was Enda :)

Starts getting Hard when you are over 40.


Sunday, September 16, 2012

S.R.F Wrap up

A picture perfect day greeted the lads for the many that lined up for the Half and a couple in the Marathon unlike the hot conditions we were made to suffer last year.
Was injured  so had to sit this one out although was keen just to have a little trot around for 10ks so lined up at the start and had a chat to the usual suspects Richie H, Kanser, Macca, J-Fen, Heydo's, Enda,  HuRTS Girls Anna, Olivia,  and Olympian Benny St.
Gun goes off and i settle of cruising into my 4.39 pace and am amazed at how fast many are flying by me - they must think its a race just to get over the bridge.I have a brief chat with Billy Batt and Olivia as we cross 'The Coathanger' before they press ahead. Really enjoyed the run out and got to about 6ks at the Domain when i saw the lead guys coming out, Decided to stop here and get the trusted camera out and wait to see who was doing what positional wise in the race. First to fly by was Fats....alone, with J-Fen, Heydo's and Macca in a nice little bunch, a further 45 seconds back was a puffing and looking as he'd just left the pub Kanser, and i was nearly going to ask the old lady if i could have her deckchair i was waiting that long for Enda to come out. No sign of Richie High though, and it appears that his first race since turning the BIG 4..0 was too much for the body to handle and pulled the pin all of 100 metres.........after the start line.
Mikey Race (MrAce) was next out but the signs were there that he wouldn't have a run he would be after, Elvis( Costello) on the other hand was looking good and even went out of his way to guarantee a photo by taking an extra 10 yards yelling 'Look at me, look at me, i want in on the TRASH report'
Ambled on back down to the Quay and positioned myself up outside the Museum of Contemporary Art, and waited for the return of the boys as they then had a final 800metres to go at this point.  Didn't have to wait long for Fats to storm though looking even stronger leaving the boys miles behind, with Macca and Heyden having a ding dong battle and one that the 'Englishman' got the better of. J-Fen was again next along but there was a Asian girl ahead and i think a comment made as he went by was enough to make sure he didn't suffer the indignity of being 'Chicked' and out kicked her on the final 200.

With the English side decimated with injuries, that forced Tom, Charlie, B'Grade, Slim Sammy Agnew and myself out and Dickie Green on Marathon pacing duties it was left to Fats and Heydos to step up to the plate, and step up they did making sure the Irish trio were nowhere to be seen.

Run of the Day - Tony Fats  72.55 say no more
Flop of the Day - Dave Kane, 76.58 talked it up all week and was upset with me when i said he couldn't run under 76.30. Needs to lift his game if he's to mix it with Macca and J-Fen in future and may have to curb his drinking exploits as its obvious he struggles after a night on the town.

Times ( that i know )
Fats          72.55
Heyden     74.51
Macca       74.53
J-Fen         74.57
Kanser       76.58
Stankard    77.37
Renaud       77.55
MrAce        81.07
Anna Fitz     82.45
Elvis           84.22
Billy Batt    87.16
Olivia         89.31
Richie H     DNF ( couldn't get his 40 year old body beyond 110 metres )

A few pics from the day

Macca and Fats
Enda with J-Fen
Kanser, moments before the start looking like he's just come out the boozer.

The boys in full flow - Macca, J-Fen and Heydo's

MrAce, about as close as he was to get to the 80 minute pacer ( C.T) all day

Macca just ahead of Heyden before the Englishman kicked for home

Post race with Kanser, HuRTS #1, alongside with  Benny St :)
Don't know what this was all about - but I'll have a bit of that.

... and of course Enda had to have a piece of the pie .......Shameful

and finally from the SHAME files

Andy Heyden with 'Willy the Wolf (Telegraph Mascot) , Andy bowled six 4 year old out the way who then went crying to there mummies after he wanted his photo taken first, 

More photos to come
Well done to all - the next BIG race for bragging rights will be the J.P Morgan in November where nearly every HuRTS runner will be out.

Getting Back into It.

Start of another new week and after been forced to sit out racing yesterday's Half i am even more keen to get back amongst it - especially after witnessing Kane and Stankard's average effort and knowing they were ripe for the picking yesterday had i been fit enough to line up.
Calf and Hammy feels OK and after an easy trot around the course for 10ks during the Half, it was with renowned vigor that i was out for another 10k run in the park first up this morning. Very quiet in the park - i suspect many were resting or getting over there running yesterday, decided i was just going to do 10ks consisting of the two 5k loops i have. Started of nice and easy and settled into a decent pace coming around to complete the first loop in 22.50 (4.36 pace)
Picked up the pace on the 2nd and still felt OK despite working up a sweat and worked down to 4.22 pace. For 10ks total in 44.20 ( average 4.28s)

A quick break before heading down to the pool again, very quiet down there and even had the pool all to myself ( apart from a 83 year old lady - breaststroking probably faster then Tom ). Training partners were away up the Gold Coast so was forced to get through it solo.  Found it a lot harder today, not sure if it was because i was alone or the fact i had run prior. Nevertheless, knocked out a 1k straight, and then 4 x 300s, the last one done as a cool down. The 300s weren't pretty,losing time on each one with the final rep some 10 seconds slower then the first.... Oh Dear. 2.2ks for the day.
Just have to tough it out i suppose and work my way through it on the swim leg, I know its only early days as well but it feels good to be able to be back running again even if i was only doing 4.30 pace.

A big couple of months ahead with plenty to aim for in October and November - I have the Penrifffff Triathlon out in our Glorious West at the end of October, Noosa the first week in November, before flying out for my Thailand venture once again , and you can also throw into the mix the A.B.C Biathlon on 11th October that will see the HuRTS boys looking for bragging rights, as well as the abuse and p!$$taking that goes with it at the post race drinks .

Will post how the events folded yesterday with some photos and how  i saw it all from the sidelines - and YES find out who brought SHAME to the HuRTs name this race.  We even  have the pics to prove it.


Thursday, September 13, 2012

More Swimming...Told you i was ill

Yet another day swimming bringing it to 4 for the week , I told you i was ill, i must be to do 4 swims. Still no running so knocked out another 2.2ks, on top of the 2.5 yesterday bringing the grand total for the week at 9.1ks - Must be a record for me as i wouldn't normally do that amount in 2 months.
Still not fast mind you although i do feel as if i am breathing easier and actually grabbing and pulling through the water better these days. doing reps of 1,2 and 300s and concentrating on just trying to hold the pace on each rep.
Got another trip to the physio on Monday and hope to be given the all clear to return to easy running and then try to pick it up over the next 6-8 weeks.

Mentioned before that the S.R.F is on this weekend and with many of the Big Guns out injured or overseas i am tipping good mate J.Fenton to be the 1st HuRT home, with Macca Mcclarnon and Skippy Hayden filling the minor placings. In the 'Battle of the Blarney', i am tipping Old Kanser to continue his dominance over Enda by at least 60 seconds but can't see either of them going under 76.30 ???
Good luck to all running, i will be out and about on the course at various points with the trusted camera so make sure to give us a smile as you pass by.... that was smile boys NOT abuse.

Footy returns this week after a weeks break due to the international matches, and Stoke have a toughie against champions Man City, could be a bit of a banana skin game for City and wouldn't surprise if points were dropped against the Potters, and Michael Owen couldn't possibly score on his debut could he ???

Have a great weekend, train or race well.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Double Hit - Bike Swim

With Roger pulling the pin for the next 6 weeks on our Brick sessions due to him doing specific training for the Coolangatta Gold, that sees him concentrate on more swimming and boarding i am now left without my regular Wednesday training partner.
Still not to be put off i was out on the bike this morning and after work i knocked out a tough 30ks going over the same course that i did whilst on the time trial last week. Wasn't smashing it but was certainly working hard enough. All up by the time i cycled home and with the cool down was 60ks
Saw the regular Hardmen going around at various stages of the park with Cylde, POD, and even Enda (at certain times) floating around as was 'Over' the Hill ( Johnny Gnome) who was trying his best to still come out with some smart comments. Don't know what it is but his banter is just not what is the norm and i am starting to find him about as irritating as a dose of  'Thrush'

It was straight down to the pool after, and again caught up with the boys who were only doing 4ks today as they are tapering for a big swim meet this week up in the Gold Coast, I managed to knock out 2.2ks in total doing more short but faster reps that nearly killed me.
Will try to get back again in the morning for another hit out to build the ks up.

Had an email come through last night - telling us about the 1st Biathlon of the Season down at the Boy Charlton Pool on the 11th October? Will have to drum the boys up for this one, to see who can get the  bragging rights for a few months as well as to check out if Chairman Tom has improved his swim leg and managed to rid himself of the armbands this year.
Early Favorite and we are still over 4 weeks away is undoubtedly, Richie High after his many swim squads he's been seen doing all over the winter months, although Pete Walker will no doubt have something to say about that. I believe J-Fen is also making his debut this season as well, and Enda's swim suit has officially been BANNED :)
......plenty more to come on this race, ..... to be sure.


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Balance in Motion.

Start of another week and it was straight back into the pool early this morning , Time was a little tight today so only managed to knock out 2.2ks in the time that that i had. Nothing special but happy to get through another session before i rushed to an appointment with the Physio.
POD had referred me to this guy Nick at Balance in Motion saying he was very good - even managed to sort out Enda, so it was a trip to Bondi to see if he could help me out.  Was very impressed with him as he worked the calf and dry needled it before giving me the exercises he wants me  to do. He seems to think there is a tear but is on the mend now, and suggested one more week of no running then coming back and doing 8-10ks at 50 % and building from there.
A top bloke and someone who knows his stuff OK , so if you are struggling or in need of help get yourself over to see the 'Balance in Motion' Man

Just seen Andrew Tucks result - seems it was a tough slog for our former #1 in Switzerland in the hills as its not often Tucks loses places in races as he went from 45th to 62 in the latter part of the run?
Not seen or heard how Richie P went yet , but i do know conditions were brutal out in Vegas with near 40 degree heat that saw carnage in the medical tents all day. Fingers crossed he went well.
Congrats to both on taking on two tough races.


Saturday, September 8, 2012

BRAT Duathlon - 64.24, 2nd AGAIN

The last race in the BRAT Winter Duathlon series today and despite injury i thought i would go down and at least try to have a hit out if only on the bike for 20ks. After four 2nds in the previous races and with no POD who was  away with 'Team Sparks' up in Noosa i knew fully fit i would have had a chance for the possible win.
Had little option but to take it out easy as John Hill went away in the distance as i sat in 5th spot behind another lad who went out hard and French Vincent Van Gogh and Georgie Lass Sian slightly ahead,  Was feeling OK sitting with Sian but decided to push on a for the 2nd lap and was happy enough to complete the honest 5ks in 18.50 (3.46 pace)  Out on the new bike for its first real test, but as usual down at Heffron the wind was up every time hitting down the home straight on each lap. Could see Hilly each lap but wasn't making any ground on him and felt the calf's after about the 7th lap. Jumped off the bike in around 34.50 (ave 36.1) including the transition and was forced to stop and stretch out the legs for a short time. Was in a world of pain even before setting out but knew i was sitting in 2nd by a couple of mins so was happy to try to sit on 4 min ks and finish in the runners up position once more. 10 minutes dead for the final 2.5ks and a 64.24 overall time.
Like i say it wasn't a pretty sight as i crossed the line and the last thing i really needed was for John Hill to start giving it 'Large Ones' and asking why i couldn't beat him?  Now, for those that don't know - Johnny has been in Spain for the Australian Winter for the past 3 months in full training mode in line for Kona ..... and here is his giving out to me even with an injury,..... The Condescending Cockney Tool needs to get a life if you ask  me, and as i stated to Captain Josh if that's all he's happy with then he has issues.
You never saw POD acting like a Pork Chop after he smashed me at the last race and i was in good shape then - Little Gnome Hilly should perhaps have a word with POD to see how to win gracefully.
Anyway rant over - Its been a very good winter series and hopefully i can keep the tempo going into the Spring especially on the bike.
Just out for a few well earned beers up Newtown now, before getting set for another week starting with a pool session first up Monday.



Word coming through from Ryde 10ks that Mikey missed out again after his NO SHOW, citing Flu ( man he's getting worse then someone else we know) , and Enda Stankard forget what is his Left & Right as he took the wrong turn after a Marshall told him to take the next left and he went right and ended up in Old Mrs Winterbottoms Granny Flat.
Kanser was also a NO show after once again OFF LOADING his kids to one of his may nannies to take the 'Good Wife' away for a Dirty Weekend :)

Friday, September 7, 2012

3k Swim .......With Hangover

The best cure for a hangover i always say is a dip in the water and so it proved today as i made my way back to Vic on the Park Pool this morning following a massive evening lats night care of the 'Birthday Bash' for Highnam, High & Ven Beek at the Cargo Bar.
Felt bloody awful first up but was eager to knock out the 3rd swim of the week to finish off, Good set of guys down there again as they did there 7k session. Surprisingly i was moving OK once in the water as i worked the black line. Seemed to be there forever mind you and was even forced out the water twice for a toilet break (must have taken about 8 litres on board) Happy to report 3ks down in all making it 7.8 for the week - My God i must be ill :)
Tough week with no running again , but on the positive side it does mean i get out and do more on the bike and in the water which is what i really do need to do before the big race on the 26th November. Just hoping the calf doesn't keep me out for to long

Best of luck this weekend to two of the HuRTS boys, Former #1 Andrew Tucks is away on another of his 100k trail walks in Switzerland and needs a good performance if he's to stand any chance of silverware come the HuRTS presentation in December.
And over in Viva Las Vegas old mate Richie Palmer is going around in 40 degree heat for the triathlon - He's done about 62 hours a week for the past 19 weeks training for this event so he's in good shape
Good Luck

As mentioned earlier i was at the Cargo Bar last night - Very good crowd there, but notable absences were Kanser, who was on some Gangster & Ho Down out at Homebush (don't ask??), Slim Sammy Agnew was another no show as he has stated he is not leaving the house until his beloved Crystal Palace win a game of footy - So we wont be seeing him around till Aprl next year. Mikey Conway couldn't afford to pay his 14 year old babysitter the $7 per hour going rate so was forced to stay at home and look after his kids for the evening much to Terence Bells displeasure.
I had a good old chat with Macca Mc, English Paul, and Kenny Rogers lookalike J- Fen ( complete with new beard) and also good to see Charlie, MrAce, and Billy Batt in attendance. The girls were out in force as well - plying me with far too much alcohol care of the these Goldfish Bowl drinks they were getting. It was some form of 'Punch' drink, don't ask me what was in it? But it certainly made for wobbly legs once i hit the dance floor.
The most shameless point of the evening came again when Enda meet up with Birthday boy Richie High, it was embarrassing watching the two of them, so much so that Lovely Lisa (L.L) even gave them $49 to go to the local 'Formula 1 Hotel.
I had a good chat with Fats to finish off the evening, Top bloke Fats is although i suspect he'd had one too many as he was inviting me over to his house to sample his Home Brew and wouldn't shut up about his cooking skills and all his cake recipes he has :)
Good night had as usual with the team and now look forward to the next big one - the HuRTS presentation in December

Some photos from the evening
Birthday Guys - Rich, Sonya and Tommy Highnam.

Rich and Sonya - with the deadly Punch drink that did the damage.
The Beasts..........English Paul, High, Robbie, Tommy, Enda, Macca, Harrison, and Fats

and the Beauties.

Olivia, Natalie Imbruglia , Sonya and Lisa

It was starting to get late for the 'Old Boy'

English Paul, 'Mr Smooth' High and Young Timmy

and Finally

Richie and Enda moments before departing together for the evening :)

Have a good weekend

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

2k Swim

Busy morning working so missed some of the swim session with the guys down at Victoria on the Park, but that was OK seeing they knock out 7ks per session to my measly 2k plus. Did originally get an invite from Mikey Conway telling me that he was starting back in the water as well with Bonds Man -T.B and Pete Walker but they are in a different league to me so steered clear.
Caught the back of today's session and did some 3s,2s and 100s - felt OK and even managed to knock out a few 100s going on the 1.45 (coming in on 1.36) after sitting on Rogers feet mind you  ......Near record for me :)
2ks all up and happy with that on top of the 2.8 on Monday i did, will be back for a 3rd swim tomorrow to finish off the week. Could be a struggle mind you as its another 'HuRTS' evening, Well a Tommy H and Dickie High Birthday Celebration night to be honest as we honour the two legends on turning 40.
Tom has given me the nod to invite ALL Trash readers along down the the Cargo Bar anytime from 6pm to mark the occasion - But don't forget to wish both the boys a Happy 40th on entry.
Don't be late though as the Chairman has only promised to put his card over the bar for the first 5 hours and i don't want you to be missing out :)

Big News in the EPL with home club Stoke City making a massive signing overnight, welcome Michael Owen, Now for those of you that don't really follow footy, Michael was a very good player in his day ( 12 years back) but has been riddled with injury ever since and played about two games in the past 3 seasons. He was finished when he played for Newcastle about 5 years back , so at the ripe old age it was time Stoke signed him up - unbelievable . Good job Old Stanley Matthews is 6 feet under or they may have called on him next.
Just got the latest photo sent of Mr Owen in his new Stoke attire

Go on Michael, get some Lard Cake in ya Son, looks like you've eaten half the team already :)

tomorrow a full report on the evening with some photos - lets hope the team is on best behaviour


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Usain 41.25k Time Trial

After the disappointment from yesterday i thought i would give Usain his first real workout and decided a 40k time trial was the way to go to see where i am starting at on the bike for the upcoming tri season. I think i now have the bike but pretty sure i don't have the engine on board to make full use at the moment. Nevertheless i was interested to see how much work is really needed.
Last time i did this was way back in November last year when i put Enda to the sword whilst he scooted around the park on his motorised buggy, I knew i wasn't anywhere in that shape and even after two laps i knew i would struggle. Its a 6 x 7k loops of the park that goes up by York St Gates and up Woollarha Hill each time to make it that much harder at the end of each lap.
The first two laps were identical in time before losing it on the 3rd, then recording the fastest on the 4th, and then trying to hold on for the remaining two. Knew i was struggling but just tried to get through it best i could,
Overall time was 70.02 for 41.25ks average pace 35 ks per/hour,
Lap times - 11.38, 11.38, 11.45, 11.25, 11.47, 11.46
Nearly 5 minutes down on last November with Enda, here's how it was reported back then;

Buggered at the end , but delighted to get through it and will do more of these kind of sessions over the next couple of months in order to get stronger, 5 minutes seems a million miles off though at the moment compared to last November.

Took myself up to Bondi after for another Acupuncture session after, feels good after but will still take time out. POD has given me a guy to check out who may be able to help ( even worked wonders for Enda's injuries in the past apparently).
Talking of our Irish mates, i saw them out on there self acclaimed Wednesday Hardman Run with J.C, Clyde and Clyde's Mrs - Kroney trying to keep up with Geordie Lass Sian.

Another Guess Who from the files.
Clue,  Loves a Burger or two, Big Lance Fan and does have a tendency to fire up on occasions, and does talk with a funny accent?
The Gay Red Shoes may give it away :)

Yesterdays Guess Who - It was Young Eoin , and no Enda you don't get a prize despite texting me 85 times with the correct answer :)

Back in the pool tomorrow, before getting all set for the big 40th of the Year in the evening


Monday, September 3, 2012

Calf Kaput

With the Hammy and the calf feeling fine after a two week lay off i decided to venture out this morning to McKay Oval and do some 800s on the grass. After a warm up i was set to go and gingerly took the first rep out at a steady pace, The first 500 was OK then i could feel the calf starting to get tight, tried to convince myself it was fine and just to work through it and finished the 800 in 2.48.
A quick 90 second break and set off for the 2nd but only got as far as the 200 mark before pulling up, with the calf now Kaput, Very disappointed and dispirited again after taking two weeks off i thought i would be OK, I have another appointment with the acupuncture tomorrow so hopefully that will help again - I fear the worst and have a bad vibe that i may have a slight tear in the calf.
Looks like it means i will have to carry on and do more work on the bike and in the pool for the next few weeks, and will now have to give the Half Marathon a miss.
Its unbelievable to believe that only 4 weeks back i was training well and was all set for a solid City to Surf run .... now i cant even make it around for a 800 metre rep :(

Had a call from Enda last night and after he read my blog asked me if i could put a photo of Clyde's (Marshmallow Man's) girlfriend/wife from Saturday evenings party. I did tell him he wont be happy but he demanded i post it ........So just for Enda :)
Clyde's better Half ..... Mrs Rozza (aka Kroney) .......i do worry about that mob.

Also Guess Who ???
clue, Despite the flag he is not English, but would love to be.
        sometimes referred to as the Leech
Answer - Tomorrow

This Thursday 6th September is a Special night for some of the HuRTS crew, in particular Chairman Tommy Highnam, Shark Richie High and the Sultry Sonya as they all celebrate there birthdays,  Looking forward to a night on the town to mark the occasion with both Tom and Richie hitting the 40 mark and Sonya hitting 30 ( Tom has been telling me he is only 39 now for the past 4 years so its nice to hear that he has finally accepted reaching the milestone)
Hope to see many of the crew out for this one, and lets just hope the boys behave :)


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Welcome Back.

After a fortnight of no run training which has seen no blogging much to Angry Clyde and Enda's disappointment i have just got lazy as the hammy injury just got the better of me that resulted in me been forced to take time out.
Despite no running i have (to a small degree) been trying to keep it ticking over on the new bike and even turning the arms over in the pool. Nothing serious but surely better then doing nothing at all?, I even ventured out with the Colonial Convicts ( Tuesday Centennial Park Cyclist) that is PLOD, Clyde, JC, Champaign Charlie, Eoin and a few others (no sign of Enda mind?) worked my ar$e off for about a lap and a half trying to sit with the guys only to be abused by Clyde (surprise surprise) for not doing any work - wouldn't mind but i was sitting on 48ks per/hour at the time - Go figure. things must not have been to bad mind as i was then invited to join the lads for a coffee - although PLOD only agreed to 'shout' me one if i give him special mention on the blog and to remind everyone that he is still 'Irelands #1 Triathlete :)
A few swims also as i have been trying to knock out 2ks on each visit, still bloody ugly but hopefully by the time the Thailand Tri comes around again on November 25th it will have improved slightly.
Will start back running tomorrow, hammy feels OK after a fortnights rest with the help of massages and Acupuncture so will test it out, might be a bit soon to rejoin the HuRTS team at the moment but hope to get back soon.
It seems a little quiet lately around the running traps, although the big news of the weekend came with Mikey Conway targeting another shot at sub 35 mins for a record 218th time, By all accounts all was going well for MC until 34.59 then he realised that the course was perhaps 100mtres to long as he then laboured another 55 seconds to cover the extra distance to cross in 35.55 ?? He has not been so angry since been made to go the bar to shout a round in 2006 and has since called for a full course re measurement :)

If the running has been quiet of late the social side has been running overtime with the "Trash' being inundated with scandal, photos and yet more shame for the HuRTS boys. Personally i was at a BRAT party on Saturday night with a theme 'Shock your Parents' - Fortunately i was due to go as an Irishman but when Enda didn't deliver i thanked my lucky stars that wouldn't cause my folks further embarrassment.
One photo that was snapped and may surprise many is that of old party boy himself 'Champaign' Charlie Low. Many wouldn't know but after returning home for the recent Olympics he was gifted a new addition after his trip 12 months prior.

Charlie and Son Winston Low at the BRAT party

....... And maybe Mummy, getting the young one started early :)

To save any embarrassment and to keep his reputation i shall not reveal what Marshmallow Man Clyde went as although i was slightly worried when his boyfriend Kroney rocked up in a frilly nightgown with Bra and Pants for all to see ?????

Argh...... good to be back