Friday, January 30, 2015

'Golden Duck 1k Time Trial - 4th in 16.48

Tiger Woods, Roger Federer, Phil The Power’ Taylor, yes…. Now I know what it feels like to have everyone trying to take you down.  And so it was I ventured down to the ABC Pool at lunch in defence of my ‘Golden Duck win from last December. It meant all the big guns were in attendance with Champaign, Super Kev, Crossy, Angus, as well as the inform Leech were on the starters block looking to win the first award of 2015.
Also there was ‘Dick Turpin’ otherwise known as Paulie Hannell who sneaked in with a +1.40 handicap meaning he would swim around the 18.20 mark, and was in fact first to away followed by Champ and me another 4 seconds later. The Champ went out like a rocket and within 200m had me already behind by a good 10 seconds and resigning myself that the Duck was gone and I wouldn’t be beating him today.  The gun swimmers came past around the 450 – 500m but was happy as I knew they till had to do an extra 100m to beat us.
Was then surprised at the 700m when Super Kev came flying past …… and you guessed it The Leech was stuck on his feet and Eoin was more than living up to his nickname. I then decided that was my opportunity and I jumped to get a lift with the Two Irishmen to help me with the final 300m. With a 100m to go I reeled in the Champ and on the turn kicked it down to touch the tiles some 2 seconds before him, and thinking Super Kev still had another 100m to go but was surprised when he was already done. Not as big as surprise when I looked up to see Paulie ‘Dick’ Hannell already out of the pool leaping around, parading with the prize duck finishing in a blistering 17.12
I ended up 4th with a pleasant 16.48 for the day, and although the duck was gone I can at least claim an ‘Honest’ race, with Paulie rorting the handicapper, Super Kev didn’t even have a handicap and the Leech’s working ethics needing a complete overhaul J

Some great times across the board and when Durante is the slowest in the pool coming in on 17.50 it shows how quick some of the others are.

Times were:
Pete Walker 14.27 fastest of the day
Super Kev     15.46
Champaign   15.46
Crossy  Lad    15.48
Leech              15.49
Angus             16.24
Timmy            16.48
Champ           16.54
Paul Hannell  17.12  Duck Winner
Stallion Durante 17.50
Sugar Ray      18.12

Big weekend and the Potters are back in action at home to Skippy Heyden’s QPR , we should get the home win but in the past this season Stoke have dropped silly points against the $h!te teams , but we won’t slip up here
Timmy’s Tip
Stoke 2  v QPR 0

Have a good weekend
Train well and stay safe

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

HuRTS 3 x 2k Reps - Passenger Terminal.

Pretty easy week so far but with the two races on last weekend in hot conditions and then the ‘Big Wet’ over the past 3 days I wasn’t too concerned, and was back feeling good and happy to return for the HuRTS 3 x 2k reps starting down near the Passenger Terminal.
Good break in the weather meant a decent crew and nice to see the return of The Leech and (once again) the Italian Stallion Durante back out, With some the fast boys out front I found myself in group two for today but still had strong company throughout.
Front runners were way ahead but found myself sitting on Crossy Lads shoulder (he was taking it easier) , alongside Macca and Bruce stopping the clock on 6.38 (3.24 pace) – I was measuring about 30 metres short  in truth but a few of the others were saying it was close?
Was then keen to stick with Macca and Crossy again on the 2nd but they decided to run in the first group so I was forced to lead the 2nd out and Andy (?) came with me but I felt the pace was never as fast without having to chase the quicker runners.
Was knackered all the same after the 2nd and even contemplated not doing the 3rd but refused to take the easy option and pretty much just tucked in behind Angus, Razor and swimmer Dave to come home in 6.46
Times for the 3 were; 6.38, 6.41, 6.46 ( I reckon it were 30m or about 8 seconds short ?)
Still happy with that, and I used to say if I were knocking ALL 3 out in under 7 mins then I knew I was getting fitter and on the right road.

Decent warm down with Paulie Hannell, the Stallion, Jono and a few others around the gardens of the Domain ‘Smelling the Roses’ whilst Tommy H was getting withdrawal symptoms from the fumes so headed back up Hickson Road to get his fix.

Time Trial time again tomorrow at the ABC Pool – and as current holder (December) I have the pressure to retain the Duck, Let’s just hope handicapper Pete Walker hasn’t been to tough on me?

Sight of the Day, when I had finished and walking past the Art Gallery, I see Taffy James and Champaign Charlie come hop, skip and jumping past me holding hands on the way to Woolloomooloo wharf for a nice picnic on the water …… pair of soft lads.


Saturday, January 24, 2015

BRAT Sprint Tri 65.48 - 2nd Place.

With a start time of 10.30am for the first(slower) wave  it meant we weren’t entering the pool much before 11am on the 2nd wave for the start of the BRAT club tri and with temps up in the mid 30s once again it was going to be a battle.
Yes, missed the Sunday long run and chose to do the BRAT triathlon instead, although with the heat I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea, The Swim leg was nice and I just sat on this guy who had managed 4th in his age group last week at Kurnell in 68 minutes and said he swum around the 13 minute mark. Felt pretty easy and touched the tiles bang on the 13 min marker, stuffed around in transition and saw ‘Sparks Elite’ Man ‘Sugar Ray get on the bike the same time as me and Biathlon Champ Mike (who can keep Tom company on the run  at the ABC) also leaving transition about the same time.
10 x 2k laps on the bike and managed to drop Sugar but Mike was always close by for the duration, Saw sometimes Hurts man Jason Heyden some way ahead courtesy of his swim leg but was reducing the gap on each lap. Off the bike in around 33 minutes, coming in with Mike not far behind and Jas about 50m ahead on the run. The run leg is 3 laps of about 1650m each time and we soon caught Jas , and basically for the first time for me it was race on between the 3 of us. I knew Jason didn’t really have the run leg, Mike does but wasn’t sure how much the bike had taken out of him, and for me? …… Well I was hurting and just hanging on.  Dropped Jas on the 2nd lap, and was tucked in but always felt Mike had plenty left in the tank and could find another gear if needed, think he put about 10m into me and that was pretty much it.
Despite the heat I hung in though and was more than happy to finish 2nd with an overall time of 65.48
Will post up the official results when they are up , but I think I was running about 3.45 pace on the run, that I will take and hopefully I can repeat in 3 weeks when I give the Kurnell Sprint a go?
Wrecked now, that heat just smashes you, but very pleased with how the 2 days have gone over the weekend. Will probably go and undo all the hard work now as I have a massive Aussie Day BBQ to attend – and this is the biggest of the year J
Rest Day tomorrow.

Yesterday I had the privilege to head to the Shire (or God’s Country – as they keep telling us) and met up with HuRTS fastest lady over the years, but has been on the sidelines injured for much of 2014. On the comeback trail once again is Lady Laura James after a horror past 12 months. Had a good chat about where she is at and some of her goals for the year as we went all healthy on the fruit juice before saying ‘bugger it’ and headed to the Cronulla RSL for a beer that is more our style. Tried to get Eloise to join us but she was away altitude training but was left devastated when she found out I was ‘in the hood’ and missed out, as for the Shire’s #32 Damo Bray, ….. well we just didn’t call him J
Keep an eye out for her, as she will be back before long and no doubt kicking our @r$e$ along the way.
Only saying late last year that the HuRTS girls had a stellar year running, unfortunately they didn’t finish the year off as well or even start this year in style with Laura injured, Erika stepping on all sorts on those dirty North Shore beaches, Sonya struggling to stand after a night on the turps breaking her collarbone and Elle pregnant its left only Corky O’Conner and HuRTS #1 Renee to carry the female flag.


Friday, January 23, 2015

St Peter's Sweat Box - Park Run.

Managed to get the morning off work today due to the Aussie Day long weekend so took the opportunity to do not only Sydney’s but perhaps Australia’s toughest 5k Park Run at St Peters.
Stinking hot and humid once more and knew it was going to be tough when I was sweating buckets and that was just in the 2k warm up.  A few quick hellos before the start to Mrs. Fats (Amanda) , ‘Blue Dog’ (Wayne Gregory), Taffy Lad who was out for a hit out, and father of HuRTS Under Achiever himself ‘Serge’ – Jose Carvelho who still runs strong at the age of 58.
Gun goes off and boy they go out hard and I find myself in about 10th position after about 500m, Reel a few in before the 1k mark as I see a 3.31 pass by at which point old man Carvelho is about 5 seconds ahead. Pass a couple around the 2k mark and can see the winner who breaks away from a pack of 6 about 50m ahead. The hill is a killer and make no ground but try to at least come down stronger, There is a hairpin turn about 2.6ks and work out I am about 20 seconds ahead of Taffy Lad, Then bridge the gap on Jose and go past at 3ks – he’s a wily old fox (like Sergio) so I expect him to come with me……. Thank God he didn’t though and I gap him. Feel my pace drop even more coming around the 4th mark but actually close in on 5th & 6th guys and run with them for the undulating last 1000m. Felt the pace pick up especially with about 400m to go and the two boys decide to ‘Race On’ but I was gonseki and more than happy to see the run out as they beat me by about 4-5 seconds.
A good hit out for me, and happy with that. The heat and humidity were a killer and I reckon on a good flat course it was perhaps worth 30 seconds ?
I think everyone was in the same boat though , and Taffy was perhaps 60 seconds behind me on finishing time?,  so he lost even more than I did over the final 2ks or so.  The big test will be in two weeks mind when we venture out to Homebush for the first of the Striders 10k series – let’s hope I can at least put a marker down in the sand for the opening event?


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Struggling in the Pool.

This Hot weather brings just about everyone out – and more so  for a swim , big crowd with all the guns flying, the good swimmers left miles behind whilst the rest of us plodders weren’t even in the same suburb today.
Hardman J.C (even with baggy shorts) led all day with Walker and Todd hanging on for dear life, I struggled big time today, not sure why? And battled just to hold on to Karim’s feet with Brendan sitting right behind me.  Real struggle, and was seen on many occasions standing at the end of the pool  BUT I wasn’t the only one as a good few either blowing up or needing the longer recovery including the ‘Salmon’ Karim, Wiseman, Brendan, Paulie Hannell and even Pete Walker had to get out at one point.
Still despite the poor effort it was still great to be in the water on such a hot day and happy to knock out around 1600m for the day.
The usual 2 x 100m team relay and I got paired with Sammy J, He swum a good first 100 in 1.17 but it won’t cut the mustard with the likes of J.C  and Walker, Last week Karim took the title when he was paired with Champ, today he was lucky to get the talented Crossy Lad and with a combination like that no one was going to beat them.

Big weekend coming up with the Aussie Day holiday on the Monday , need to try to keep the long runs going on the Sunday as starting to feel the benefits. Although I may head to the BRAT triathlon instead, but heard it’s going to be 36 degrees and with a 10.30am start it could be getting very warm by run time.
No Premier footy this week but the F.A Cup 4th round is on with Stoke heading to Rochdale on Monday evening  - never easy games these but we should still be strong enough to progress
Timmy’s tip  - Rochdale  0  vs. Stoke 2

Have a great weekend, and throw an extra lamb cutlet on the BBQ to celebrate ‘Skippy Day’
Train well
Stay safe

6 x 1k Reps and Big Bash

Big turnout at Rushcutters Oval on another scorcher of a day that saw the return of HuRTS Performer of the Year’ for 2014 – Quentin as well as  #2 in his household Kenny, and even Mikey was back from his 3 month holiday up in Byron Bay.
Marked out the course for the 6 x 1k reps rolling every 5 minutes and once Barts and Quentin had flown off we had a nice little 2nd group that included Razor, Hayden, Jeet, Angus, Andy and a couple of others who I still don’t know.
Despite the heat the oval was in great shape and armed with the replaced GPS watch I was feeling good and set to go. Led the first rep out and stopped the watch in 3.23 measuring slightly longer  then 1k (1.05). Repeated for the 2nd then decided to put out the call for someone else to do some work that Skippy Heyden stepped up to. Razor took the 3rd before Kenny had a go for the 4th rep, started to feel it on the 5th but tucked in beside Heyden once again and was happy to finish the 6th rep without losing much.
Rep times were, 3.23, 3.23, 3.25, 3.28, 3.29, 3.27
Happy with that especially seeing it was over 30 degrees.
Even happier with the watch – it’s the same model as before but somehow it tells me all my heart rate stats for each rep now including average and max heart rate, No idea how that’s come up but found it interesting all the same.
Rep 1. Average h/r 112, Max 156
         2.  Average h/r 156, Max 168
         3.                           159,           170
         4.                           165             172
          5.                          167             176
         6.                           149,            164

Buggered once all done and reckon I drunk about 5 litres of water straight after.

Had a good evening as well, ventured out to the SCG for the local Big Bash Cricket Twenty /20 with the Chairman Tommy H, wife Kirst and the kids, great entertainment for the best part of 4 hours over a few beers on a balmy summers night. The Sydney Sixers got up with a  win on the last ball that saw the crowd going berserk, and Tom getting out some of his dance moves not seen since the Launceston trip back in June.


Monday, January 19, 2015

2 x 3ks & a PLOD with POD.

Miserable morning out but perfect running weather especially after all the hot and humid conditions of late. Thought old Renaud was going to join me this morning after he put a call out but I suspect once he saw the rain that was enough for him as he never fronted?
A flat 4k warm up then decided on 2 x 3k reps, still without the GPS so run to feel and tried to relax as much as possible doing them. Felt OK and loved the rain that helped as I came through the first rep in 11.11 (3.42s). A 700m float easy recovery before the 2nd and pushed the pace slightly and focused more of the stronger finish coming in on 10.56 (3.39s). Thought about a possible 3rd rep but then noticed ‘Top Man’ POD behind me on the recovery so ended up doing another flat lap (4ks) cool down with him. Always good to chat with PLOD, and will always offer some good advise along the way, probably shouldn’t say but he’s even give me a tip or two on how to take down Enda at Striders?
14ks all up for the morning – Loved it.

Talking Enda, at last we have a fair bet worked out in time for the coming 10k Striders race in Feb, It’s taken some time and a ‘Independent Adjudicator’ has been brought in but it’s been settled that I will receive a 1.45 start on handicap. Was looking for 2 but I’m getting stronger and happy enough with the 1.45 as I think Enda will run close to 35.15 then it’s up to me to break 37 ????
$20 on the table.

Just away now for a couple of days – for what Mikey would term ‘ A well earned rest’ up the Coast, but will be back in time for my favorite HuRTS Rushcutters session come Thursday lunch.


Saturday, January 17, 2015

Stunning - Eastside Coastal Run.

Smaller team out this morning and thank God for the likes of Corky O’Conner and HuRTS #1 female Renee who at least added a bit of class and  conversation to the run otherwise it was only Enda, Pommy Birchy and the softly spoken Nick (Enda’s Irish mate) out on a stunning morning. No sign of C.T (running Manly Dam), Craig (counting his Scottish money he found  from last week). Sonya still injured, Barts back running with the Pittwater Road fumes and even Jeet who couldn’t make it due to overdoing it last night with TWO Gin & Tonics.
Started with the easy 5k section of the 10k loop we do before heading down into Coogee,  around Cloey Beach  and taking in all the sights following the Coastal track. A quick regroup once through the cemetery and then the big climb out from Bronte. Surprised how much easier the hills are feeling and with Enda covering every move on my shoulder  smiling away it was soon out the way. Dropped back into  Queens Park before returning to Centennial, fare welled Enda and Corky at this point but with only 18k on the clock Birchy and myself took in another 5 for the day to record a decent 23 for the morning and 1hr.50 mins in total. No GPS watch again- still in for fixing so no idea of pace.
Still a little down on mileage to be honest but happy with that – 23ks and feeling pretty good doing it, unlike this time last year where I was gone and getting dropped after about 9ks. All helped by doing plenty of hills that is surely building some good strength along the way?
Only January but the team has kicked off the year strongly, Corky is ahead of the pack running strong as a few of the other girls are battling injuries, Birchy is regularly clocking over 85k weeks, and hate to say it but even Enda is getting it all back and even though I’ve trained right through I’m thinking that the 2 mins start for the first Striders 10k could come down to a few seconds either way ?
Mixed with the beautiful people of Double Bay after when Birchy shouted the mornings coffee’s – nothing like adding a couple of ‘Northern Monkey’s’ in the mix to bring the standard down J
Supposed to be even more cultured this afternoon with a day at the Opera, not sure it’s my go to be honest BUT Birchy has really taken to it, Not seen at training all week, preferring to set up his little tent front and centre in the Domain to get the best views and booked himself in to see his favorite hair stylist Rupert to mark the occasion.

Rest day tomorrow, but may swim at lunch with the lads.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Anyone for Cricket?

Seem to be saying it a lot these days but it was ‘bloody hot’ again and no finer place to be then the ABC Pool to end the week,  A smaller team today with coach Walker away we were led by birthday boy Angus (40) and joined by Todd, Leech, Champ, Kalim, and Brendan the Bookie Wong.
Felt pretty good and just basically sat on Todd’s toes for the whole session, made easier as he had his feet banded together.  A series of 300, 200 and 100s before we did our Friday relay where we pair up, and today was 600m with each person doing 3 x 100m. Even after his woeful performance last week I gave Angus another chance and partnered up with him once again, Leech got Brendan , strong swimmer Kalim got the Champ, whilst we dragged Jeet who was out for a easy swim  to end the week in the next lane to partner up with Todd.
Angus was pretty strong on the first 100m coming in under 1.20 before I powered off way to fast and paid the price as early as about 35m – The good thing about the relay though is you get a long break after each rep. Thought we were going well and was ready to forgive Angus’s inept performance last week and prepare the victory speech to the Leech but once touched out I saw BOTH Kalim and the Champ already standing at the end of the pool – victorious.
We got 2nd , with team Leech 3rd and Todd 4th
Angus despite his birthday is now officially sacked and I will be on the lookout for a new partner for next Friday.

Afternoon and evening spent at the cricket, top old day with Tommy H, Lisa, Sammy the Salmon & Olivia despite the result  (we’ll never win anything with an Irishman in charge of the team), as normal when you are out with Tom far too much alcohol was consumed as we even kicked on once the cricket was all done and dusted. Result was I was dying this morning for work and that swim at Cloey Beach was a godsend to help clear the head.

Sunday run on tomorrow but fear I’m out tonight so may have to see how that shapes up.

Big weekend on the footy, Stoke travel across the Midlands for the tricky game against Leicester. Tough one but take the Timmy’s Tip and get on the Potters to win by the odd goal
Leicester  0  v Stoke 1

Have a good weekend
Train well, stay safe

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

HuRTS/Timmy's Double Tempo Set.

HOLY MOTHER OF GOD – that was tough.

In what is considered by many to be one of the toughest sessions on the calendar  and then throw in an over 30 degree day and we were all struggling at the double header of a session.
First up is the 20 minute 100m (approx) hill tempo set, Barts took off and I was surprised to see the chairman, Muzza and Tucks all behind me for the first few reps as I tucked in with Crossy (also taking it easy) and Razor Wareham. As usual on this set I was knackered by the first time I glanced at the watch and saw a tick over 5 mins. Found I was going ahead of Razor on the ups but he was coming down at a faster rate. Run a few with Tom towards the end but was happy to see the clock click over 20mins  as I was recovering  half way back down the hill – Buggered.

Part 2 is the 5k tempo around the Domain, and with only two groups today we set the slower (4min/ks) people first, with Tom, Muzza, Tucks, and Crossy all going easier they said they would help us out and run about 3.45 pace that I was after. Felt OK as we went through the first k bang on 3.45 but by the time I got to Mrs. Macs chair I thought I was gone and pretty much told Tom as much. Hung in though on the return but once more had the negative thoughts at the start of the second loop. Kept getting encouragement from Crossy, Tom and new found (plastic) Irishman John Bourke to stay with them and surprised myself in doing so. Managed to get over the final short hill before coming back up over the Express flyover and tried to lift and kick it down for the final 400m. Not sure how, especially with the way I was feeling at the 1.5k mark but I got back to the Stone gates in 18.54 running shoulder to shoulder with the Chairman. Think it was about 100m short of 5k to be honest but I certainly wasn’t complaining
I would hardly call it a tempo run, as I certainly couldn’t have gone any better/faster today but delighted I managed to hang in where over the past 3 months I would have probably thrown the towel in.
Big shout out to the boys – Crossy, Tom and Bourkey for helping out mind and listening to my drivel for most of the way around (when I could actually speak that was)
Thank God that this session is out the way and won’t be coming around again for another 6 weeks.

Rest day tomorrow, but will head to the pool for a dip at lunchtime before I have an afternoon at the cricket watching the English boys hopefully give those Aussies a shoeing with Tom, Sammy J and a few others.


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Easy Wednesday

Nothing special this morning. Still no GPS watch so just run for time. Did a real easy 40 mins first up then went and joined the BRAT /Hardmen that were running around. Met Kroney,  T.B and Enda at the bubbler and thought I’d knock a further 6k loop out with them. That was until Enda decided to play ‘Pussy #2’ for the 2nd time in 3 days saying he couldn’t do it (Too tired) so just run with Kroney as T.B was running about 4 min/ks somewhat ahead.
Run till I had done 60 minutes on the watch, felt tired but the heat and humidity certainly didn’t help once again, sweating buckets.

Been a lot of talk and flak about certain North Shore men struggling to complete runs over the past week. Wouldn’t have believed it myself but its true by all accounts – due to the strict diet some of them are pursuing ?
I was sent some photos this morning of Benny Streckeisen and the Chairman Tommy H to prove all is well though so no need to fear.

Benny Streckeisen heads out for a run hoping to be able to run more then 5ks.

Looks like the Chairman Tommy H is on the same diet.

I see the first barbs were fired yesterday from the Irish camp in regards to the Churchill / Sands Cup coming up for the SMH Half in May. Team captain Enda is full of confidence after seeing the Leech back running strong at yesterday’s session. Throw in Kanser,  possibly PLOD, and if they play the cards right Robbie O’Neil then we may at least have a challenge on our English hands?
We won’t stand for any nonsense this year mind as like we did 12 months back where they pulled every trick in the book in wresting the cup for the first time, No handicaps, no NON Irish runners , and all members will have at least had to have done 2 sessions of some capacity (either running, swimming, or drinking socially) to be up for selection over the past 12 months.
Sure we will hear more in the months to come.
Timmy’s Tip – Take the early odds and get on the English boys NOW

Tough session tomorrow – 20 min hill repeat tempo , followed by a 5k tempo run around the Domain. Praying it’s not as hot as it has been the past week or so.


Monday, January 12, 2015

10 x 3 minute efforts (60 seconds rec)

Managed a morning off work and despite the wet weather headed out on the bike and joined in the BRAT session conducted by the ‘Hobbit’ himself (Hilly), Loads of new faces around that I didn’t know and no sign of any of the gun riders about but still decided to go with the 2nd group. Loads of short reps going up Woollarha hill each time, thought I was going OK until I saw a few girls from the 3rd group fly past me at one point. Mind you after seeing the size of their legs it were hardly surprising. Supposed to have been about 6-8 in the second group but we were all over the place to be honest, with some flying off, whilst others were dropped, and many of the 3rd group ahead by about half way.
A good solid hit out for the morning, although I can’t really say I enjoyed any part of it  - it was always going to be tough but with no one to work off, no craic, and no personalities within the group, it really wasn’t my scene.
Still a quick fire 50ks for the morning won’t hurt.
Lunchtime into town for the 14 x 3 minutes efforts and another big turnout and nice to see the Chairman back after a 4 week break, and even longer as he seemed to  avoid me since the start of December by his NO SHOW for the much anticipated Thursday ABC Biathlon?  Nice to chat with Rich Mullaney, and even saw ‘The Leech’ doing a few reps.
Sat in with Irelands #1 Macca for the first few , with Rich , Jeet, Super Kev, Todd and Angus all nearby, With No idea of pace as watch is buggered Macca told me we were working at 3.33 pace and that was getting us to the far side gates. Pretty much held it at that same pace for each rep with Macca slightly ahead (going through the gates) and me just short.
Started to struggle coming home for the 8th rep but run beside the Chairman for the last minute as he was coming past that seemed to somehow help out. Temps seemed to rise by about 5 degrees for the 9th but still got to the gates and was happy to get back to the starting line in under the 3 minutes for the 10th.
10 solid efforts were enough for me and so thought many others as we recovered under the tree nearby. A long cool down with Jeet, C.T and Enda to finish.
Happy with that, tough session but I do enjoy it for some reason.
*Sight of the Day, Was witnessing Tommy H bring out a plate of baked Potatoes kindly cooked up by wife Kirst, Seems as if those North Shore boys struggle to get past the 5k mark if they go more than 7 days without the good old ‘Spud’. And after hearing this news ‘Mrs. H didn’t want to see the ‘Silvertails’ struggle so was busy overnight making sure they get those carbs into them.

Will be back out in the morning for an easy run , and then it’s the killer session Thursday – double header, Timmy’s 20 min hill repeats, followed by the 5k tempo run around the Domain


Saturday, January 10, 2015

Sunday Long Run and 30ft Waves.

Earlier start than normal today as I had to drive over to Enda’s gaff first, met a little before 6am and besides Enda was greeted with Dave ‘Clarkey’ Clarke. With Barts deciding not to come and preferring to stay with the North Shore men and choke on the fumes of Pittwater Road, Clarkey was more than a worthy replacement for the morning.
Tough start heading up out of Bondi getting to the park after 6ks to meet the team for the 6.30am start, C.T , The Sweaty (Craig) and the ever improving Corky’ O’Conner braved the downpour and were set to go as we hit out on the City to Surf course again for the 2nd time in as many weeks. Picked up Jeet, Pommy Birchy, and Skinny Doctor Ant at Rushcutters along the way, felt pretty good I must say as we hogged the coast line around Catalina before the ‘Chinese Detective’ (Michael Ho) did a Ray Wareham and appeared from the bushes?
Cruising along near the private Cranbrook School  nicely chatting away to Clarkey and Enda , when all of a sudden we hear a big ‘Thud’ …turn around and see Craig Wiseman face down kissing the concrete. Apparently one of the school kids dropped their 50c dinner money on Friday and in an attempt to collect it went ‘@r$e over T!t. Now the Jocks may be tight but they make em tough in Glasgow he wasn’t to be deterred  and we were soon on the way again.
First big climb came at Heartbreak, seemed to fly past as we turned off ¾ of the way up and headed down to Watsons Bay Hotel , taking in the sensational Parsley Bay on the way.
Another big climb out, around the coastal path coming out at the 10k mark at City to Surf before the decent down back to Bondi, Clarkey , Enda and myself opened up a little at this point and finished the morning strongly as the others knew they still had the climb back out from Bondi after that. Ended up at the Nth Bondi Surf club in 1hr.55 and with no watch Enda told me we were good for 24.5ks all up
Happy with that , although after a quick glance out to the water and my fears for the morning were just about to start with what lay ahead in the 1k swim
Back to Enda’s post run and quality breakfast was served up by ‘Angel’ Ange , who also told me more about Enda’s ‘Nana Naps’ he knocks out every day, before the real drama started…….. Upon leaving Enda then made the call ‘NOT TO SWIM ‘ citing too rough conditions and conceded defeat even without leaving his lounge room??
Walked down to the beach and met up with ‘The Salmon’ (Sammy J) and Olivia, good chat with them although my nerves were hitting fever pitch by now ( actually think Olivia feared for me at one stage?) as I really didn’t fancy my chances in the horrific surf ? Saw J.C and his 2 twin 11 year olds who looked as calm as anything and before long we were off.
First buoy took an age as I battled the waves and breakers and I thought my time was up even just getting to it, Settled a little after that, and once I hit the 2nd one I knew the easier leg for home lay ahead of me.  Got passed by plenty including loads of girls who started in waves behind me but was more than happy to find sand beneath my feet and cross the line in 20.38  Found my way to find Sammy J who had a good swim in 18.2x (?) and then met J.C who did even better with a 14.05, Thought I may have even got close the Twins times but then sheepishly walked away when I found out they both did 17.25 – unbelievable.
Brilliant morning all round even allowing for tough run conditions with the rain & hills not to mention  nearly dying a thousand deaths over the course of 20 minutes in the swimming,………..  think I’ve earned those Sunday arvo beers once again.
Have a good one

It normally looks a lot better in the brochures ? 30ft waves meant a battle lay ahead J

It was never going to be pretty, but at least with a ‘little heart’ I got through it

With 'Sammy the Salmon' at the end who showed me how it should be done with a solid 18.2x

And when all else fails, you can always rely on a win over Enda, who refused to come out from his lounge room to swim after his heart gave way just looking at the surf conditions. J


Thursday, January 8, 2015

Swim to Finish the Week

Another day over 30 degrees and no better place to be then A.B.C Pool for the Friday swim set with the HuRTS Hasselhoff’s. Nice to see #1 Swimmer Élan back with us and good to see Sammy J join us for a proper session. But the big news of the day was seeing Enda back after a 12 month hiatus. Tells us he’s done nothing but I know he’s been practicing every morning down on Bondi before work, and there is no way he would show his face with us if he hadn’t .
Top day and some of the finest sights seen at the pool for ages, and with Élan back the pace was on, only Pete could stay with him so the likes of Angus, Super Kev, Sammy the Salmon, Champ, Craig, Enda, Brendan  and I were doing our own thing.
1 x 300, 4 x 200, and 8 x 100 was the main set. Happy to hold all the 200s around the 3.06 – 3.13 mark and then with the 8 of us we all took it in turns to lead a 100m as each progressively got faster with the slower swimmers starting off.
Finished with a 2 x 100m relay with the top ranked (Élan) partnering #10 (Craig) , 2 got 9, 3 got 8 etc… I was given a chance when I was selected with Angus.
Élan was simply too good and set up Craig for the win although Sam opened up the shoulders over the last 40m to just miss out by about a stroke, with Angus a metre further behind for 3rd.
Poor Pete Walker would have been selected for the Australian Olympic team had he managed to overcome the handicap Enda was to give him and needed a 52 second 100 to win from his position

Great set all up and over 2.3ks done for the day

This Sunday will do the long run but will also head to Bondi after for the 1k swim that’s set, convinced Enda to join in as well so looks like our first Head to Head of the summer in the water. It will be close.
Enda has been training the house down whilst he’s been on his recent China trips and the ‘Trash’ has obtained some of his training – the mans a fool J

Big weekend on the sporting front once again , I see it’s the start of the Asian Cup – no real interest to be honest with 3rd rank countries playing and everyone getting excited saying that the Socceroos can win the tournament ?
In the BIG league Stoke travel to Master Sweeney’s Arsenal, and although Stoke have the wood on them in the potteries , it’s a different story at the Emirates. Still will be another close affair I’m thinking
Timmy’s tip – Arsenal 2  v Stoke 1

Have a great weekend
Train well , stay safe

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

HuRTS Double Header at Rushcutters

Hot , Hot, Hot, again but it didn’t stop a big crew heading over to Rushcutters for the double header of a session. Only the first week into the year but seemed to pick up TWO new members, (or I thought they were new) , one, was a homeless man, unshaven and a little disheveled who seemed to run OK, and wasn’t till the 4th rep I realized it was Andy ‘Skippy’ Heyden, the other was a skinhead, who looked as if he’d just mugged some old pensioner on the way and looked harder than usual – JC.
7 x 400s and 3k tempo was the set, and with Barts leading from the front I found myself once more tucked in with Enda, Super Kev, Durante, Craig Nesher (?) with Angus sitting just behind for the first couple of reps. Measured it slightly longer as it meant starting and finishing under the tree in the shade and was coming in anywhere between (fastest) 72 and slowest 75s

For the 3k tempo we have two options, the first is that you can do 7 and a half laps around the oval or a 1k loop x 3 , I prefer the 1k loops and was happy to see the faster guys doing the same as it at least gave me something to work from.
Came around the first complete lap in 3.32 right with Super Kev and some other guru, dropped slightly on the second as the boys opened a gap and lost 5 seconds (3.37)on the next. Had to stay focused for the 3rd and could so easily have done a ‘Durante’ (and pulled the pin) at 2ks but hung in and picked it up on the home stretch for a final 3.35 last lap to stop the clock in 10.44 for the 3ks

Despite the heat  I was pretty happy with that session and I do enjoy all the sessions on the Oval, whereas I’ll normally not be seen for the tempo sets in the city, you won’t see me missing any of the Rushcutters sessions that are on the calendar.
Tough set, but happy with my form especially for this time of the year.

Embarrassing moment of the day (well I was embarrassed for him) was listening to Enda talk to good mate JC at the end and telling him that he will smash J.Cs two kids in the Bondi 2k Ocean swim this Sunday, wouldn’t be so bad only the eldest boy only turned 11 two weeks back, and Enda then asked for 2 minutes start and requested to wear his wetsuit …………………The Shame.

Rest day tomorrow, although will head into town to rejoin the HuRT Swimming team for a bit of a dip at A.B.C Pool followed by a much needed massage


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Double Up on a Scorching Hot Day in Sydney.

Been promising many times but finally managed to get out on the bike first up for an easy ride down to La Perouse, enjoyed the company of HuRTS # 1 female Renee (who’s as strong  on the bike as she is a runner ), David ‘Sugar’ Ray, and after an absence of two years (or so he says) Enda decided to join us.
Beautiful morning as we cruised down before we upped the pace for a couple of ks on the way back that got the heart rate up.  Must have been moving well as we actually caught PLOD up at the set of lights at one stage.
A few easy laps upon the return to the park before riding home for 50ks done – felt good and nice to be back.
Into town at lunch for the first of the HuRTS sessions for the year, and boy was it a HOT…. Bloody boiling and with the humidity I knew we were in for one hell of a session. Set was 4 x 10 minutes but decided beforehand that 3 would see me for the day.
Good team out with regulars Fats, Tucks, Enda, Jeet, Macca, Renaud, Biggsy, Renee (backing up from the bike), Warrior, Skippy, Muzza, The Italian Stallion’ Durante  and a host of others.  Fats led the way out on the first whilst I tucked in a nice group of Macca, Enda, Jeet, and Renaud making it back to the ‘Burns’ statue near the Stone Gates working at 3.44 pace. With the undulating course (not to mention the heat) the return was a killer. Macca just opened the gap although I was still moving OK, got to about 8 minutes though coming up the final hill before the Overpass and I went ‘all wobbly’ legs got heavy and head lightheaded. Managed to hang in and get back to the gates in 9.54 (3.41 pace).
A two minute recovery was never going to be enough and when the ‘Stallion ‘ came up for a chat and said he was done that was my queue to bail out as well as I was more than cooked at this point.
Pretty disappointed that I had to pull the pin on 2 reps, although with temps up over 32 degrees I think It was madness to continue, Most people also had the same opinion, as I saw Fats pull out at 1.5, Durante 2, Enda & Jeet 3, and not sure what happened to Macca after 2 ? Fair play to Warrior who I see battled it out for the 4 …. That said the pace he was doing, he could have knocked out 44 J

Another boiler of a day to begin, and met the Hardmen, only knew PLOD and Krone though and had a good chat with them for a full 6k loop, PLOD was as meticulous as usual, telling me how many litres of fluids you need to replace every 27 minutes, how many revs per second you need on the bike, and what E=MC2 real meant (No stone is unturned with POD that’s for sure). Pace was kept honest and did over 7ks with them at 4.25 pace, A quick drinks break, and then decided to do my 3rd 10 minute effort from yesterday to finish with. Struggled, and was only able to do 3.49 pace for it before a final 600m to cool down for a sharp 10k for the day

Set for 30 degree day tomorrow but will be back for the HuRTS session at Rushcutters – 7 x 400s followed by a 3k tempo.

'Sugar' Ray, Enda and I after catching POD on our first ride back for the season.

We did have to wait an extra 10 minutes for the arrival of Enda before we could set off.


Saturday, January 3, 2015

City to Surf in Jan? .... All Hands On.

A New Year and a tough morning in the heat and humidity that saw a good team out for the earlier 6.30am start, that included  C.T, Jeet, Birchy, Enda, Renaud, Craig, Ant, Corky O’Conner and ‘wannabe’ Eastsider Barts.
Up the Woollahra Hill to begin and even at 1.4ks leaving the park I was sweating and knew it was going to be a battle as we did the City to Surf course down into Bondi. Think everyone was in the same boat this morning as talking was kept to a minimum and even Enda’s twaddle didn’t seem to have the same spark as normal as we labored up Heartbreak Hill and to Watson Bay lighthouse.
A drinks stop at Dover Heights was much needed and I don’t think we could get to Bondi quick enough coming down the hill as we were all in need of a dip in the water. So with Mikey away we decided on going around to Owen St and the Conway Castle and stormed his lap pool for a cool down much to his butlers disgust ( I pray he’s not reading this blog whilst he’s on his holidays).
Enda departed at this point and wasn’t keen on inviting us all around for the Bacon & Eggs so we were forced to solider on for the slog back up Bondi Road to the junction. Amazingly  I felt a whole lot better post swim and led the team back getting to the café in a touch under 20ks for the morning.
Everyone looked wrecked at the end, but fair play to Birchy and Jeet who went on and knocked another 2ks out (as per program) whilst Corky, Jockman Craig , Renaud and I all sat under a shaded tree in recovery mode for 20 minutes unable to move.
4.37 average for the morning – pretty happy with that when you factor in Heartbreak and Bondi Road Hills, and at times it certainly felt more like 6 min/ks

Rest day tomorrow and those Sunday beers will taste good this arvo

Darts final in the morning – Stoke boy  Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor turned over ‘Barney’ this morning and will now play the ‘Sweaty’ Flying Scotsman  Gary Anderson in the final. C’mon The Power (for the 18th time )
Stoke play Wrexham in the F.A Cup 3rd round as well – Get on the Potters to keep the good form rolling that will see us go in the bag for the 4th round come Monday
Stoke 4 – Wrexham 0

·         If you see the Chairman Tommy H on your holidays ask him who Newcastle have in the 4th round?


Thursday, January 1, 2015

Faster Speed for the start of the New Year.

Went early and enlisted the help of Enda before he got his first cold of the year, although in the state he rocked up I doubt if any bug could have lived with the amount of alcohol he had in his body.
Asked him if he could help out with a faster tempo style 10k run looking around the 4 min/k mark, After a two k warm up we were set, hot and humid morning and was feeling the effects of the festive season as early as about the 3k marker (11.53),  Seemed to  settle and hold the pace fine through the 4 and 5ks, but once into the 6th  I seemed  to struggle. Had to dig a little going back up the uphill section of the park but once 8 was down then it’s funny how the mindset changes and I felt fine again for the final couple of ks.
Completed the 10 in a time of 39.50, averaging 3.59s so happy with that, works out over 2 minutes faster than I did the first Striders race last Feb so things maybe looking up, especially for this time of the year. J
A couple of ks warm down to give us close on 14 for the morning before heading down to Cloey for a few ins/out swimming – water felt lovely and was the perfect way to recover before retiring back to Randwick for coffee and bumping into Irelands #1 triathlete PLOD. Good chat with him discussing all things for the coming year and how he aims to knock Enda’s PBs off over the course of the next 12 months.

Back home and time for footy and the darts, hope you have been following the Potters , another good result overnight,  1-1 against Man Utd giving us 7 from 9 points over the festive season.
‘The Power’ is keeping the Stoke dream alive in the darts as well as the semis start to take shape. You have to check this out – the grand entrance on stage of the players is quality. Peter ‘Snakebite’ Wright with his ‘Endalike trousers, and Birchy hairstyle,  with his merry dance with the cheerleaders. I swear if my running doesn’t improve this next 12 months then that will be my next calling I reckon J

*** Didn’t help him much though as he got smashed 5-1 by the Flying Scotsman Gary Anderson in the Quarter Finals.

Will be back out in the morning , might see what Kanser has in store?