Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mikey's (not so) 400s Rushcutters Oval.

With predicted top temps to hit 32 today i put out a call to the Chairman Tom to see if he wanted to get the session out the way early but when he refused to cross the Bridge on his day off it meant i was stuck with Mikey and the boys for the regular lunchtime set.
Session again was the same as last week, Full laps of Reg Bartley Oval, Rushcutters (450m) rolling off 2.10. After Mikey's struggle last week to remember the recovery time, i was given permission from the Chairman to blow the HuRTS budget and purchase a new 'High Alert Beeping Clock - that signals (when set up) when the time is right to go (every 2.10 today).
Good crowd in attendance once more and with Tucks leading from the front and a guest stint from Dave Clark (fresh in from Switzerland) on his tail i tucked in nicely with Bartles, Mikey, Enda, Skippy Heyden and Slim Sammy Agnew in our own little group.With a 81 first rep and then an even faster 2nd in 78 i knew today's set was going to be a tough one, the rest of the set pretty much followed suit although i noticed i was dropping off a second or two over the final 50 metres or so.
Felt a slight twinge in the right hammy on the 7th rep - so actually pulled the pin after that as a precaution, think its' OK but didn't want to upset it any more before Sunday and will now just rest with 3 days to go and hope it settles down before the race
Rep times for the 6 completed were; 81, 78, 79, 81, 81, 82, 82

As stated a tough old session this one, as everyone seemed to be working pretty much to the max (apart from Warrior Charlie again who was on about 45% and having longer breaks at that )
Felt sorry for Enda once again, as at one point i thought an ambulance was going to be required, as he was out sparko - See the photo below, and that was only after the 3rd rep of the day :)

.....Eight, Nine, Ten.....OUT ..Enda seconds after the 3rd rep of the day.

And Slim Sammy Agnew doesn't look much better, Although the poor guy is fast fading away, might have to talk to Jacqueline Agnew about feeding him, Tucks is in background, and NO that is NOT Warrior Charlie having a spew over the fence.

I was a little worried when the boys rocked up for the session today - still dressed up in last nights costumes care of Halloween night. It took me a while to figure out who was who, although with the big Pumpkin Head i knew that had to be Enda, See if you can guess the rest :)

The Boys on arrival at Rushcutters, L-R - Enda, MrAce, B'Grade and Skippy Heyden getting one in the Ghoulies from MrAce
Out tonight for the annual BRAT/Hardmen 'Golden Shoe' Award night that HuRTS boy Eoin 'The Leech' Reville took out for his 2.57 Marathon this year, heading down to Hurricanes to feast on a rack of ribs and a few beers, sure there will be plenty of banter flying around with the likes of Eoin, Enda, Charlie, J.C around, although Angry Man Clyde is there as well so i better not wear my Lance t-shirt or that may fire him up even more.


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Thai Tims

Out for an easy run this morning and even caught up with the BRAT Hardmen running around - Enda on his 9th straight day running despite his continual bleating he is doing nothing.
Just 10ks in total with a flat loop then a 6k Woollarha Hill loop with the boys that went pretty fast as the banter was on from the off. Enda must be getting fit as he even offered me a 41 second (not sure where he got the one second from) for his favorite race of the year........ J.P Morgan in two weeks time.  He normally runs 18.4x and my best is 19.03 and i am nowhere near that form and will be lucky to break 20 this year, but i reluctantly took the bet once again just to keep him happy .
Straight down to the pool after for another 2ks - after doing loads of shorter stuff over the past couple of weeks i did 4 x 400s that i managed to keep all pretty consistent again, although it was tough today even having the lane to myself.
That's pretty much it now till Noosa, although i might try to get out with the boys tomorrow for a fast 400 session down at Rushcutters Oval and try to squeeze another swim in somewhere.

Anyway with just over 3 weeks before my big race of the year - Phuket Triathlon in Thailand, and i get a phone call overnight from old friends in the 'Land of Smiles' asking me if i was bringing back Enda with me this year after his brief visit last time around.  They were delighted when i told them he wasn't available and wont be coming, when i asked why they said -
"Ahhh bad man Mr Timmy, you leave him for 10 minutes to teach children to read and not only are they all now bed ridden with colds, he teach them Football songs and behave very funny and have many excuses not to come to school"

It seems i can't take him anywhere, and he has even tried to pass my good name of onto the kids - Mind you the little lad on the left of the teacher does have a striking resemblance to our man from Galway ?
Check out Enda's latest venture, here; ( is that his mate Conor on the guitar as well at the end?)


Monday, October 29, 2012

McKay Oval 6 x 1k Reps off 5 minutes

Went with my own session today rather then go into the city with the boys as i figured that 1k reps were better suited with upcoming races then the tempo (that i hate anyway) that was on the HuRTS program.
Legs were still a little tight before the start doing a 6k warm up and wasn't really in the right frame of mind to do this one solo but knew that i needed to get it done,
Started off and was travelling OK without actually feeling as if i was working flat stick, and hit the cone in 3.22, with a little over 90 second break, the next couple of reps were identical and if yesterday i was Mr Leech then today i was Mr Consistent as every rep was around the same times. Felt as if i was running out of steam on the 5th but dug deep knowing i only had one more to get through after that.
Rep times were ; 3.22, 3.22, 3.22, 3.22, 3.23, 3.21
Was reading everyone slightly longer then the 1k so very happy with that effort and dare i say it but i think i can see 'Light at the End of the Tunnel'

A glorious morning down at the park and it was made even better nearing the finish when i saw a group of young kids getting set for a cricket match on the oval. It was an under 15s State Selection trial game and who should be standing right at the end of the 1k rep where i was finishing but none other then my sporting hero (well Aussie anyway)  Steve Waugh who was down to keep an eye on his young son.
Had a brief chat with him about the game and even asked him how the Aussies will go against the Proteas this summer. Great bloke and just wished I'd have had my trusty camera on deck to have a snap with him.
There's not many Aussie sportsman (or women) that i look up to - But Waugh is one that i have always enjoyed watching (even if he did terrorise us for years) and if there was ever a batsman you would put your house on to dig in and stay at the crease it was this guy.

Urgent Help Needed. (this is NO joke)
One of our HuRTS colleagues has sent me the following request - if anyone can help out then PLEASE PLEASE do so and reply direct to Clyde ,aka Mr Angry, aka Marshmallow Man aka Rozza, aka 'I Love Richie McGaw and want his babies'.

Dear Timmy, can you please ask around or even put  a request out for me on the Trash Blog.
Serious question. Does anyone have a skin suit I can borrow for the Calga TT on Sunday? Must have large arse area.
yours faithfully
Clyde Rozza.

Update. Happy to report that one of our team came to the rescue and Clyde is now a happy man as you can see in the below pic.........many thanks to Warrior Charlie in helping out :)

Clyde in his new Skinsuit as he gets set for his Galga Time trial on the bike on Sunday

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Leech

No, the title of today's blog has nothing to do with Eoin Reville who is affectionately known to the HuRTS crew as the Leech but more myself today as i meandered down to the A.B.C Pool for what i thought was going to be a recovery swim.
Should have known it was going to be anything but when i saw the likes of 'On Fire Walker, Richie High and the Mermaid Emma in attendance. Did a few easy warm up laps before the guys arrived and then Pete tells us the session that would consist of more 1s and 200 reps. With Mermaid leading the lane and Pete following i just tried to hang on to Rich's feet for every rep, and when Pete called for a hard 200 there was no way i was going to lose the leash that i had on him. touched out the 200 in 3.11 (fastest ever for me) and was ready to sit and bask in the sun after that happy with the days work. Unfortunately the guys demanded another 5 x 200 after that so was forced to delay the sunshine for a little longer.
2ks all up for the day, and again happy with that especially on the back of yesterdays race, Will get back out for a run session tomorrow, not sure if I'll join the HuRTS boys or just knock out some 1k reps in the park instead at this stage?
No sign of Enda again at the pool today - Came out with YET another excuse not to swim that saw even the very meek and mild Pete Walker to give him a serve. Still it was probably just as well he wasn't there to see how close i was to Richie all day in the pool trying to stay on his feet - he may just been just a touch jealous :)


Nepean Triathlon 1.45:50 42nd Overall

Very early start as the alarm went off at 4am for the trip out to Perriffffffff for the Nepean Triathlon, didn't sleep well but was happy with my prep going into the days race,
Met up with Pete & Row Walker before the start as well as some good friendly banter with Richie High before the 1k walk down to the swim start. Wetsuit swim that i was happy with and when the gun went off i was keen to see how the recent training was working out.  Felt pretty good throughout without pushing to hard and stood out up out the water on 17.06 (happy days) a quick transition and was delighted to get on the bike beside Christian Ellis who is a far better swimmer then i am.
Got on the 'Mean Machine'(Usain) and worked the first lap hard(15ks) with no sign of Pete Walker going by, not sure if i faltered or the wind got up on the 2nd lap but i felt the pace drop slightly but was still very happy to keep the lead. Got off the bike as the clock ticked over 48 minutes for what was 31ks, averaging 38.2 for the day. Knew then that my run leg is not the best at the moment so was reluctant to go out to hard but was surprised when Pete flew by at about 3ks and then gaped me even more. The only positive was that no one else was to go by me as i kept the 3.46 per/k pace for the remainder of the race, managed to cover the 10ks in 37.36 (by my watch) for an overall time of 1.45:50 and snag 42nd overall and 2nd in the age group to Pete despite him smashing his way to a 16th overall 1.37:46 (unbelievable)
Happy enough with that to be honest, swim was solid and my bike is perhaps the strongest it has been, its just my run that is letting me down to a certain degree now.
Best part of the recovery was seeing 'The Shark - Richie High' who came home in 1.44:17 and was giving me a 3 minute handicap start for the day, so it looks like a nice few beers in the bank there:)

Had a good chat with the HuRTS boys post race with many doing pretty well for the day , a great race this one as it always attracts a good field ( Olympian Courtney Atkinson), and is very well organised.
Looking at my times it was very similar to last years race so hopefully i can repeat last years Noosa times although i know my run leg is nowhere near what it was 12 months back.

HuRTS times for the day

Pete Walker     16th Overall, 1st A/G -  1.36:46  (14.39/46.47/36.19) 
Richard High    33rd Overall  3rd A/G - 1.44:17 (16.46/51.24/36.05)
Tim Lindop     42nd Overall 2nd A/G  - 1.45.50 (17.58/50.16/37.36)
Nick Marvel    85th Overall 12th A/G - 1.51:33 (19.30/54.08/37.54)
Christian Ellis   86th Overall 15th A/G - 1.51:33 (17.06/55.18/39.09)
Champ Phetiam 280th over  22nd A/G - 2.06:05 (23.57/58.37/43.31)

so one more week before the trip to Noosa , so will have a pretty easy week but will get a few swims and bike sessions in , as well as the HuRTS sessions on Tuesday.

cheers, and apologies if this Blog is a little out of sorts ,  but i have had a few of my post race drinks on the normal Sunday session and a little tired now  - normal service will resume tomorrow :)

Friday, October 26, 2012

Reluctant Run 12ks & Swim

Had planned to stay off my feet today and take the day swimming but a client i have been training is in his final week before his New York Marathon and i had to do a 12ks tempo run with him at 4.45 pace that i promised him but was reluctant to do.
Did that feeling already tired after a busy weeks training before heading down for my 3rd swim of the week as well, Nothing fast today and was just happy to get through 2ks, it was pretty boring actually with no one else in my lane i seemed to be there forever. Still more ks done and that is 6.5 for the week with another one to come at Sundays race.
Was supposed to swim with Enda and Pete Walker at lunch but run out of time as i had to pick my serviced bike up and is now ready to race once i slap on the disk wheels.
Been bombarded again all afternoon from good guy Richie High trying to suss out how i am going and if it will be a wetsuit swim or not.
Gave both him and Pete Walker a sneak preview of my selected times on how the Big 3 HuRTS Triathletes will go on Sunday.( me included)

  1. Peter Walker 1.40:18  swim 15.21, bike 48.30, run 36.26
  2. Richie High    1.41:51 swim 16.42, bike 48.38 run 36.30.
  3.  Lindop          1.44:56  swim 18.45, bike 49.17, run 36.53
So it looks like the 3 minutes will NOT be enough that Richie has kindly given me :) - All i can do is try my best though.
All set then, swimming is done, bike is ready to go, running is slowly coming back, a Rats tail is growing, the Winnie Blues are up the shirt sleeve, and the Woodstock Bourbon is in the esky for the day trip to our affluent suburb that is Penriffff :)

Have a good weekend all
Train well and stay safe

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Not the Rushcutters 400s

Big day as i cruised around the park first up on the bike for 40ks then turned the arms over for a very casual 1500m swim, in total throwing in a few 300 efforts as well.
Had to drop the bike into town then for a service in time for Sundays race before heading over to Rushcutters and the 400 session that was on the cards. Rocked up super early and strategically placed the cones out for 400 metres and even went as far as placing them every 100 as well, Saw J-Fen just finishing his set as he was there early before departing interstate for work. The lads soon arrived with a big crew again as we gear up for the J.P race in mid November. It was here all went pear shaped with Mikey once again pulling rank and demanded that we do 'full laps' of the oval and not the 400s, he even went as far as moving the start/finish line - Even the normally mild Tucks was left flabbergasted whilst the Chairman just stood standing blank faced.
Anyway set of on the 1st rep at a pretty handy pace and followed Tucks and Tom around crossing in 81 seconds for what i measured out anything from 450-460 metres, The second was slightly faster and pretty much held the first 5 reps OK. After the 5th rep Mikey again pulled rank and made us turnaround and then run in the opposite direction, All of a sudden the session just seemed to get a whole lot harder - Not sure if it was just my lack of fitness or it was slower but my times dropped a couple of seconds on each thereafter. Thought Mikey was going to make us run with our Hands on our Heads for rep 8 as he was getting that carried away he couldn't work out his recovery times at one point :)
Managed to hang in for 9, and got the customary 'Burglar' jib about the 10th, went out hard but could feel my pace slowly going around the 300 mark, tried hard to finish it off and was happy enough with a 77 last effort....even if i was nearly throwing up and coughing up a lung or two moments after.
Rep times for the 10 were (rolling every 2min;10)
81, 80, 80, 81, 82, 83, 82, 83, 83, 77

Bloody tough old session that one, with the heat today and the extra 50-60 metres each go i certainly noticed the difference. Good old Enda joined us after about 8 reps as well after running late, I half expected him just to do the 2 remaining but fair play to him he knocked the 8 out solo in pretty good times as i stayed around watching  and is starting to get some form back on the board.

As many of you have seen over the months, 'The Trash' gets many photos sent in of the HuRTS boys training (or just messing around), but one sent to me overnight really does take the cake ( and NO it's not even Enda or Kanser this time) It is in fact none other then HuRTS Superstar to the Stars Champagne Charlie Low after his recent overseas trip to Kona. Now i know compression gear tights and shorts is one thing but take a look at the latest fad.............. Compression Socks with the toes cut out, Spare Me :)
I'm pretty sure Champagne would NEVER scoop so low to read Trashy Blogs as such, so i think i am pretty safe on posting this .................If not I'm sure he'll once again be having words in my shell-like (ear) :)

"Piss Off, I'm Champagne Charlie - no photos please" :)


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Easy Day & Making Bets

Legs felt pretty tired and heavy after the past 3 days racing and training so just cruised around the park this morning for a few easy ks. Actually met up with the 'Hardmen' Crew that included PLOD and Enda standing around having a good old chat. Ended up doing a 6k hill loop with Enda (at 4.26 pace) and in the process managed to wrangle a bet out of him that POD can confirm.  Have agreed to a Head to Head over a triathlon anytime before the end of Summer, go gives him plenty of time to fire up and get his swimming back to a decent level. $50 was wagered :)
Also on the betting scale (think i may have already mentioned) I have $50 on with L.T.O, Jimmy James ( Tom's brother) on who has the fastest 10k before the end of May. Fair play to him i see he run a 2.51 Marathon on the weekend, so he must be going OK. $50 was again wagered.
But first up i have to get over our very own Richie High on Sunday out at Nepean Tri in our glorious west at Penrith, I watched Richie fly away out of sight on the run yesterday so it looks like he is starting to hit good form again, plus the fact that he has been swimming squad ALL winter and i think i may have my work cut out to to stay within 3 minutes of him.

Will be back out with the HuRTS boys tomorrow down at Rushcutters for the Pyramid session on the cards ( what its not a tempo ???? ) - will take it slightly easier mind with the race on Sunday.


15ks for the day done.

Monday, October 22, 2012

HuRTS Tempo 45 Mins ( 60 On/ 30 Off)

Big crew in attendance  for the tempo that is 60 seconds hard, 30 seconds easy for 45 minutes turning at 22.5.... then hopefully getting back to the starting point.
Still nowhere near strong enough with my running post injury so have to let the guys go ahead of me and sit at an easier pace despite many saying i am 'Sandbagging' on the way out.
Sat in with the ever impressive Smolley again on the way out, feeling OK and was working just a tad under 4 min/ks, Got to about 250 metres past the Theatre Company for 5.75 ks. Picked the pace up straight away upon the return as i knew with the hills late on i would lose time, Smolley is pretty smart on these sessions so i knew if i hung on to him i wouldn't have any problems hitting the Stone Gates in under 45 minutes. Went past a big group that included English Paul and Billy Batt around the Opera House,but Smolley was just getting away from me at the same time. Had to dig deep to get through the hilly section and was happy no one else actually came past me on the return leg. Got back in 22.10 with 20 seconds to spare averaging 3.48
Overall covered 11.5ks ave 3.54 - Still way down on past times, but slowly getting there.

Usual trash talk once everyone had recovered, and the High Jinks started when Richie High started his ' i can only run 5 min ks off the bike routine' and even had Enda telling me that i should give him a start at the Nepean Triathlon this Sunday ? .... the mans on drugs.

Mikey Conway continues his impressive form of late, averaging 3.41s for the whole session and giving it to both Enda and Richie over the final 5 minutes.  Surely NOW is his time ............... (to run sub 35 min 10k?)

The Night of Nights Date has been set with the HuRTS presentation been set down for Thursday the 13th December, Will look forward to that one and i must get my votes into Tommy H for the year,

And Finally - Centennial Parkland's Rangers ( and the Trash ) are appealing for witnesses who may have seen Mr Angry Marshmallow Man Clyde take a tumble off his bike this morning - Last seen moving at 12ks an hour ( i kid you not) a stick came under his wheel and brought 'Our Lance' down. Apparently Richie Palmer was on the phone to me soon after asking me if there was an Earthquake happening in Sydney as he felt the earth move as well up in the Newcastle area :)
Happy to report all is OK, and he will be back out in the morning complete with his stabilizers.


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Building it Up.

A late change in plans late last night with work meant i was free first up this morning so headed down to the pool for a 5.30 start with the 'Madmen 7k Team' - Felt pretty ordinary getting there but you soon wake up once in the pool and it was a tough start just to hang on.
There was one set in the middle they do that is 4 x 200 going on 3.15, then 4 x 200s going on 3 minutes - so i was never going to complete that one on those times :) ...still hung in there and missed a few but still managed to knock out perhaps my longest set for the season and jumped out with 3ks under my belt.
Over for coffee and Banana bread before work, then a really easy 6ks ( used that as a warm up ) before getting the Monday run out the way. Decided to do 12ks in the Park and was just looking more of a recovery run after yesterdays event but armed with the trusty NEW GPS (works well) and the tunes on the ipod i was ticking the ks of pretty well. Despite the ordinary weather with high winds around ( check the Flakes blog once again) i was working them all under 4.20s, some tougher then others but was happy to do the 12k in 51.31 average 4.18 all up.
K splits on the new Garmin were ; 4.26, 4.14, 4.15, 4.21, 4.18, 4.17, 4.15, 4.24, 4.14, 4.13, 4.14, 4.15,

Will be back out tomorrow with the HuRTS boys for another dreaded Tempo run that seems to appear every session these days, not sure what that is about.

Race results are up from the BRAT  race yesterday (not sure how/where they take the transitions?)
Happy to report Clyde is now OK after his failure yesterday where he got his @rsed spanked from his Mrs and will be back hurling abuse at little grannies in the park on the bike in the morning.

Huge Congrats to POD and Pete Walker on there 5th and 2nd places in N.Z great times and a super effort from both . I believe POD run a 35.07 OFF the bike ....smoking

Also to J-Fen on his podium at the 10k St George race, unfortunately the same can't be said about Irishmen Stankard and Kanser who both were pretty ordinary running 35.54 (Enda) and 36.18 (Kane) and in the process not only got Chicked, but were even beaten by a guy dressed up in the Dragon Suit - Shame
Still it wasn't enough to stop Enda interrupting my beers in the afternoon with a barrage of texts saying that 'Kane hasn't beat him for over 6 months now'
Dont' know where this leaves Kane? He's supposed to to be doing Dublin next week but his confidence is shot looking at him after yesterday's run.
Personally think Tommy H is spot on with his comments about his Marathon times, Still if he gets his head down he should still  be able to run sub 3 hours? :)


Saturday, October 20, 2012

BRAT Triathlon - 5th in 63.46

Big turnout for the first race in the BRAT triathlon of the season that also saw some of the big guns from the 'On the Couch Sparks Elite Team' also out that included 'Team Captain Josh, Angry Man Clyde, Juan (fresh from Kona ....WTF?) 'The Leech Eoin' Sweaty Sock Milson, Benny and an even bigger support crew out for Ronan who brought half of Ireland down to watch him race including wife, kids, Kanser, Nannies, Uncles and even Father Ted.
Always a bit of a $h!t fight to start in the swim with the crowds so held back and let them go and just tried to get through it best i could- Touched the wall for 750 metres in 12.52 and jumped out the same time as Ronan, a quick transition and it was on the bike for 20k (10 laps) soon got away from the Irishman and was travelling OK , got sight of Angry Man Clyde (complete with his ITU All Black Cossie with name and country blasted all over, Good job he has a Barge @rse or he'd never fit his whole name Rosanwski across the backside), Anyway he must have seen me bearing down on him as he then 'Pulled the Pin" citing
a. The Thought of an Englishman beating him was to much to bear?
b. Emotionally to Unstable to continue after seeing his boyfriend Richie McCaw headbutted last night?
c. Unable to go past the 3rd lap once the BBQ had fired up and couldn't wait no longer?

Was off the bike in around 33 minutes with about 6 guys now ahead and knew that i could chase down Danny Moore ( good cyclist, average runner) and was happy to overtake him on the start of the 2nd 2.5k lap, Saw Eoin just ahead but was unable to chase him down as i crossed the 5k in 17.34 ( 3.34 average)
Stopped the clock overall in 63.46 for 5th overall behind.
Sweaty  61.xx
Benny    62.xx
Josh       62.xx
Eoin       63.25?
Timmy    63.46
Clyde     DNF , although PBed for the day wolfing down 9 Sausage Sangers,before i had even finished.

Good old hit out and was just what i was after before Nepean next week where i take on 'Good Guy High' and then the week after up in Noosa when i continue my battles with Ronan :)

Will post official results when i have them from the BRATS.

Funniest site of the day was watching Eoin pack up the car at the end of proceedings, The Reville family have a small Robin Reliant 3 Wheel car ( ala Del Boy style ,Fools and Horses) , and to see him taking his bike apart in about 72 pieces was a sight you had to see, the buggy then was dismantled into Ikea like parts and then his poor wife was made to sit on top of the car - unreal :)

Will be back out for a run in the park in the morning and will try to continue my lunchtime swims , although Pete Walker will not be there as he is over in N.Z, Hopefully Todd can continue his great pacing duties for me, and lets hope Enda shows, if for nothing else - just to give us a laugh

Out now for my afternoon of Sunday Beers

For the record - I lost my bet with Captain Josh today and owe him a few beers because of it , Always going to be tough especially when he swims less then 10 mins and is strong on the bike.
Well Done Josh.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Swimming Breakthrough.

On the 1st September i had a goal to set out to work on my swimming for the 3 months throughout the spring months to see if i could get my swimming to a half decent level ( for me that is, still bad by other peoples standards). I thought by doing this then i could go into the Phuket Thailand race with some confidence and not miles behind coming out the water.
Over the past 6-7 weeks I've laboured and toiled along the little black line and felt as if I've got nowhere and sometimes wondered if there was any point at all and that swimming was one sport that i would always struggle in. Well today ( and perhaps this week) I finally felt that i have had a swimming breakthrough, ( again lets not get carried away - I'm Still Sh!te but...) by knocking out the quickest reps i think i can manage in the pool, even going sub 5 minutes for the 300s :)
Another 2ks for the day, and 4th swim of the week - so going along nicely at the moment and there is still another fortnight before Noosa and 5 weeks till Thailand to improve more.
........Now, if i can just get this bloody running going in the same direction. Might give Kanser a call to see if he can help or has any tips for me:)

Cycled into town later in the day to see Slim Sammy Agnew and get my new GPS watch that i have had replaced, lets just hope this one works better and is not a 'Lemon' as J-Fen would put it.
Pretty barren year for Sammy so far as he has had bad luck with injuries and work commitments but look out for him come 2013 as it could just be his year ?

BRAT race down at Heffron on Sunday for the triathlon that i will use as a hit out before more important races over the next few weeks so hoping to test everything out to see where i am exactly.

Have a great weekend, Train safe

HuRTS 8 x Gate to Gate - 910mtrs

With the HuRTS divided into 3 groups today i opted on the Gate to Gate session instead of the Hills or the 400s some of the others went for.
That meant it was a smaller then normal turnout with Mikey, J-Fen and the highly popular Richie High making a comeback in time to smash me next week out at Nepean. With Mikey leading from the front i settled just behind him on the first rep whilst Richie was behind and J-Fen was having a stroll with Razor Wareham about his recent Melb Marathon working about 30 %.
Tried to stay with Mikey for the session but to be honest he is in good form and was getting away from me on the last 60 seconds of each rep beating me by about 5 seconds i reckon?
Richie pulled the pin after 6 - apparently he'd seen enough and was seen laughing all the way back to the office thinking that's another winning bet he has against me in the bag?
I was struggling on reps 6 & 7 and just hung on to get the session done in the end.
Times for each 910 metre effort were;
3.07, 3.03, 3.06, 3.06, 3.07, 3.11, 3.11, 3.04
Again times down on normal but at least they were all done running sub 3.30 pace - something i haven't managed since before the injury, so that's a good sign.
Also out today was an old friend/training partner from about 4-5 years back who has been a frequent trainer lately with the HuRTS boys as well as with the Centennial Crew, Damon Bray used to train more then anyone in the Eastern Suburbs in his quest for some good triathlons. Unfortunately Damo's results never really matched his efforts in training but he does hold ONE record that i am aware of that will never be broken. I once saw Damo just beginning one of his long 20k runs with about 23 High 5 Gels in his hand ready to go - and remember asking him what Ultra he was set for? Old Johnny Hill has a lot to thank Damo for in setting up his business.
Anyway he's back, and he even run past me one of the reps today - So good on him and good to see him back, i asked what his goal was over the next few months to which he replied 'To Make your Blog....... but please don't Slag me' :)

From there i went over to the A.B.C Pool and knocked out an easy 1k - unfortunately it was anything but. Jeez i struggled out there big time today, and after running and a set on the bike first up i was buggered and could barely cycle home.
Will take a rest day tomorrow and just freshen up a little before i give the BRAT tri a hit out on Sunday.

All the best to Pete Walker and POD who are heading over to Kiwi Land for the World Champs in triathlon this weekend - both are flying especially POD so look out for some quick times from the boys.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Getting the Ks In.

Really easy day today but in saying that i did manage to knock out 18ks in total, Actually split it into 2 sessions and run the first 10k this morning and then backed up with a further 8 late this afternoon. Both were done with clients who are in preparation for upcoming races so the pace was done slightly slower working around 4.47s for the 10k and 4.49 for the 8.
So easy day today but back to it tomorrow - On the bike first up in the morning and then promised Richie High i would go in and join him and the team for the 8 x Gate to Gates at lunchtime. Might even take the swimmers and go straight to the pool after if its a nice day to help recover.

I was out last night for the evening and working all morning today, and came home to see the computer overloading with messages and newly written blogs up ( all pretty much giving me a serve). Noticed Chairman Tommy H has done a piece on me, all pretty spot on from my mentor and someone i admire and look up to  (well he is #1) although i did take him to task when i read about my blog being number 2 on the list. He did state that a certain 'B Grade rag was his favorite..........My God, i told him that in my opinion after reading  such it would 'Close a Glass Eye'

Flick over to my blog and i see the Chairman's brother 'Jimmy James' or the 'Less Talented One (L.T.O as he is referred in the Highnam household) then pipping up and offering a bet to see who can run the quickest 10k time as he fancies his chances after seeing my ordinary times of late.
For the record i have offered him $50 on the quickest,  anytime before the end of May 2013 - My only worry is he may be in cahoots with Kanser and find one of his 9.68k races somewhere in Ireland to partake in :)

Also just in to the Trash received some photos a member has sent me of Enda collecting his bling after his recent 3rd place in a Half Marathon, to save him embarrassment i will NOT submit the photo of him receiving his 'Weetbix Key Ring.


Monday, October 15, 2012

6 x 1k Reps Centennial Park

With a predicted top of over 32 degrees for Old Sydney Town today (check Flakes blog for full B.O.M details) I thought the smarter option for the day was to get out early before the heatwave took effect.
It worked well as i had a break in clients early so i decided on the old staple session that is the 6 x 1k Reps - Normally a good indicator as to where you are in regards to 10k races this one, so was keen to see if had improved since the last Strider's race a few weeks back.
After a 4k warm up i was into it and was keen not to go out to hard and just focused on keeping it pretty even paced. Managed this OK although after the 4th rep it was starting to get harder to maintain the pace and it wasn't exceptionally fast either.
Times for the 6 were: 3.31, 3.28, 3.28, 3.28, 3.29, 3.30
Happy enough with that, even if it is alot slower then when i am training well - Still looking at those times would suggest i am in about 36.45 shape for a 10k so heading in the right direction......Hopefully.

Down to the pool for a few hours after , nice easy swim just to turn the arms over before retiring to read a book and dry off in the afternoon sun ............Tough isn't it :)

On Toddies Toes

A bit dusty this morning after a Sunday afternoon spent in the beer garden that lasted way to long. Cycled into the city to swim with the boys but found NO Pete Walker as arranged, apparently he was having problems with his work changing locker and had that much money stashed in there he couldn't shut the door.
There was a massive crowd on hand as i rocked up to the pool - apparently word had got round that Enda was making another guest appearance at the A.B.C and they were selling tickets such was the entertainment on offer last Monday. Much to the crowds displeasure unfortunately he never showed.
Went ahead and did the session anyway, with Todd calling the shots starting off with 10 x 100s, and after a 500 warm up and with Todd taking pity on me (unlike Pete) , he swam with his feet banded and the pool buoy with a ball and chain attached to slow him down a little meaning that i could try to stay with him.
Felt so easy for the first 3 that i thought i was nearly stopping and tapping Todd's toes but was amazed to see times on 1.36, 1.37. 1.37 for each, Kept the breaks short as well, only taking 10 seconds between efforts. Got through the remaining 7 fine with the slowest being 1.38. Pete then made it and then we knocked out 5 x 200s that i was still able to hold a reasonable time for each.
2.5ks for the session and probably best swim session I've managed this term - thanks mainly to Todd's pacing and help.

As mentioned yesterday there were some super runs from the Melbourne Marathon with many of the boys running PBs for the day - Sensational effort is all i can say, although i have been bombarded with emails all day from a certain HuRTS member who is now questioning the distance of the run - Outrageous Claims if you ask me.
All this from the guy that would travel 12'000 to find a race that is short in distance and is a professor of Marathon Running.
Here are just some of the messages the Trash has received ALL day

'Lots of negative splits in the Melbourne marathon, which is interesting'

'The split for 30-40k seems to be the outlier. For some strange reason the majority of runners have run this one a tad quicker. sure it was 400m short'

'To be honest, I can’t find anywhere on the site that’s it was measured by an IAAF official. Strange really..don’t read anything into that comment'.

'If I'd of run it i would have smashed Tom's PB as well'

I'm sure Fats, Richie P, MrAce, Razor Wareham, Conor will all be sending you an email Mr Kane with there thoughts :)

Will try to get out for the HuRTS 2 x 20 minute tempo session tomorrow although i have a busy day and the temps are tipped to hit 32 degrees so may try to get it down earlier in the day even if it means i go solo.


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Waterfall Bound

Out on the bike early this morning heading south down to Waterfall, met up with old mate and Clydesdale(90k Plus) Ian Depree and then met up with another group heading in the same direction so tagged on to them.
Pretty cruisy heading out and then we get the normal 100 miles an hour on the return, It was on pretty much on the whole way back until we regroup at Sutho Service Station. I reckon Ian was going faster then when he drives his State Bus - he's pretty good on the bike especially on the shorter and downhill sections. Kept it honest even from the break at Sutherland coming back through Brighton Le Sands and the Airport before getting back to the park with 90ks ticking over for the morning.
A quick shoe change and chucked the bike in the car then it was off for a 10k run that consisted of 2 x 5k loops that i have worked out. I could have easily wrapped it up there and then and gone for coffee but with 3 big weeks ahead of races that wasn't an option.
Settled for the first loop and crossed in 21.00 (4.12s) then stopped to take some drink aboard before trying to pick it up on the 2nd. Was feeling surprisingly good up till about the last kay then i had to dig deep to hold the required pace. 20.21 to finish off so 41.22 all up averaging approx 4.09s for the day.
Met Captain Josh from the BRATS as i was finishing who then reminded me about our bet we have for next weeks BRAT race at Heffron ( he must be confident), Mind you i would be as well when he will be 4 mins out the water before me, swimming like a fish doing about 10mins for the 750 metres. His Bike is as strong if not stronger then mine as well so it looks like i will need a big effort to try to chase his down.
All up pretty happy with the days training and how it is tipping along at the moment, lets just hope it continues over the next month or so.
Will probably take a rest day tomorrow, although i should go in and do the lunchtime swim with the boys.

Huge Congrats to ALL the HuRTS boys that raced a big weekend of races today - Melbourne Marathon was on and 'Run of the Day' without a doubt goes to Tony Fats on his 2.33 run (think it may knock Tom's PB off?), and will surely put him in the reckoning for some bling at the seasons presentation? Who knows....Tony may even invite us around to his house now to try his Home Brew ? :)

It seems that Melbourne is fast becoming the BEST Marathon to do in Australia these days with some super fast times coming out over the past 2 years.
Kona was also on today with Pete Jacobs taking out the gruelling event over there in the Lava fields, Unfortunately it didn't go the way he wanted for our man Champagne Charlie who was forced out after about 10ks on the run? Will have to find out what happened there?
.....Last but no means least, there was a Half Marathon around town as well. And who better to send out to this 'Weetbix Event' then Enda, Of course i wasn't there but he has given me a full rundown of events and how he got 3rd spot overall with his 79 minute run. Tells me that Kanser didn't show and was intimidated by him, and that a 'Young Cub' was sitting in 2nd spot trying to break 'Our Enda' only to blow himself up - again, more ks needed for that lad i say :)

Just out now for an afternoon of well earned beers up at the local

Thursday, October 11, 2012

A.B.C Biathlon Wrap Up.

Rolled up for the first in the 20 week series of Biathlons over the summer months on a generally cold and miserable evening in the Domain. Had drummed up the opener with the HuRTS boys over the past month or so was expecting a big crowd but what was on show can only be described as a P!$h Poor Performance from the team, with only Pete Walker, Smolley, Angus, Mermaid Emma, Champ, and Ronan bothering to have a go.
A bit of a warm up with the Mermaid before the start and a good chat with the team and then the gun was set to start us off. A frantic start over the first 40 metres saw one girl who thought she was 'Queen Bee' nearly bring the whole field down - as i was left to let out a few explicit words in her direction.
Settled coming around Mrs Macs and was just happy to sit on Pete's shoulder all the way to the turnaround, reached the half way mark in 7.13 as we then set sail for home.  We pushed the pace slightly and only just sat off the leading gang of 4 (including Smolley) by about 15 metres. I started to suffer coming in off the run and that little climb back to the pool hurt as i entered the gates in 14.11
Tried to bring the heart rate down before the swim as i dived in, felt OK to be honest and was moving along nicely without anyone coming by for the first 150metres, although i could see a small group not far back and i knew then i was about to get swallowed up over the next half of the race. Made it to the 250 mark before the inevitable happened and i think Angus got me about here, Just as i was taking off i heard "The Mouthy Girl' still giving out behind me about something but i was just focused on getting to the far end of the pool without HuRTS Mermaid flying by and getting 'Chicked'
Touched the wall in 19.44 and was pretty happy with that time all things considered - My run was solid 3.33s and the swim felt fine.
Congrats to Smolley who took out the winners flag and is the HuRTS Biathlon Champ, doing it easy to be honest even swimming backstroke most of the way can you believe. Pete was 2nd HuRTS home (3rd overall) and Angus made up the top 3
Went over to the Woolloomoolloo Bay Hotel for a few beers and had a good old chat with Smolley, first time I've really ever chatted to him and not only is he a good guy but is a very talented triathlon with a 9hr.15 Ironman under his belt. His swimming is his strength and when he can put 1 minute over Pete Walker in the swim over 300 metres it will give you some idea just how fast he really is.
Spoke to Matty Anderson as well ( the Guy who runs the race) and he was asking me about putting on a 'Winner Takes All' kind of race for all the quicks with $500 at stake. Would be a good race with Smolley, Charlie and a few others putting it on the line, with even the faster runners going out harder to see if they could hold out on the swim leg?.

Last Nights Times were'
Smolley   18.20
Pete W    18.45
Angus      19.31
Timmy     19.44
Emma      20.34
Ronan      20.46
Champ     21.xx

No Shows - Excuses
Tommy H - Wouldn't let him on the bus with his Floaties to get to work so refused to race
Rich High  - His Brittle bones could not stand the pace to last 4ks since he turned 40 a month back
Enda      -  Perm any one from his book of 750
Kanser   -  The Good wife wouldn't let him go
J-Fen   -    Still crying after the Ryder Cup Defeat in the Golf last weekend
Tucks   - Decided on taking a walk around the National Park in preparation for his next race
Christian  - Still working out what day it was on
Andy H - Had a job to do entertaining the kids at Cirque Du Soleil
Mikey C  - On his 9th holiday for the financial year

So as you can see a load of no shows - disappointing and  I think i may take a back seat from now on and wont bother trying to organise any future events especially on these smaller races

Have a good weekend
Train Safe

HuRTS Pete, Smolley, Champ, A.N Other (?) and the Mermaid Emma.

Ronan showing the score i hold over him after last night and Saturdays race - although the Big One, Noosa is the one he wants on November the 3rd :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Biathlon Day

Wednesday was out for a small brick session in the park again and worked on 3/4 lap efforts on the bike x 8 then just turned the legs over for an easy couple of Ks after, nothing to difficult.
Today went out and had planned to ride but with the heavy rain making it a miserable morning decided against it and just returned home after work doing bugger all for the morning. Did also think about going for a swim but will just wait now till this evenings Biathlon that is on down at  the Boy Charlton.
Looking forward to a hit out in what will be a very tough 20 minutes for me - Seems the HuRTS boys ( and girls) are dropping like flys with a few non starters already.
I can see me finishing stone last to be honest on the bases that i can barely run and my swimming is very poor, but we will see how it goes.
My top 3 in order are
2. Pete Walker
3. Christian Ellis
Although Tom is not running strong at the moment he will still be miles ahead of me on the run and i don't think i will be able to swim him down over the short 300m
Will be interesting to see how the man himself goes - Kanser, who is running well and in fact was having lessons earlier in the year. J-Fen is also on debut and we shall see how his swim training has been going with his buddy Micheal Phelps has worked out?

A full report and photos will be up tomorrow

A damning report released overnight in the world of cycling has tarnished Old Lance Armstrong's case even more. Don't want to get to caught up in it as the whole thing is a mess from the start. But i will say how can someone be found guilty when he has NEVER tested positive (in over 500 tests) and the only evidence against him is from witness testimony ( his teammates, who are all drug cheats - so where is there credibility? )
Anyway as i say, what do i know? The only person who really DOES know everything about the whole sorry episode is a certain HuRTS member from over in the 'Long White Cloud' Country who would have Lance hung for such horrific crimes to mankind if he had his way.
It was only a few years back that he was his best mate on the 'Tour' ..........Oh how times have changed :)

Will express more views on the sporting blog.

HuRTS member along side Lance in the glory years.


Monday, October 8, 2012

HuRTS 45 minute Tempo

Cycled into town for the HuRTS 45 minute tempo session, turning at 22.5 minutes for what is normally a bugger of a set and one that i harbour a great dislike.
Big crowd out with all the usual suspects lining up at the Stone Arches, set off with former #1 Tucks who was taking it easy after his 2nd at Fitzroy Falls on the weekend and it wasn't long to see everyone disappear out front, Had a good chat with Tucks, as Chris Graham and Old Warrior Charlie run with us - felt pretty comfortable and managed to reach outside the Theatre Company ( 5.6ks) before the turnaround. Made a big effort to pick up the pace, and was automatically too quick for Tucks who continued at the same pace, caught a group ahead at the passenger terminal ( yes there were people slower then me ) and then passed the Warrior outside the Opera House. Knew i would get back and had time in the bank but wanted to keep the pace up to see what i had left. Didn't feel that strong on any little hills though and was glad once i had gone past the A.B.C Pool.
Luckily enough no one passed me on the way back so I'll take that as a positive - but i was a little perplexed when i saw Kanser near the Art Gallery as i knew he hadn't come by at any stage. Got back to the start line in 43.59 so a minute quicker. Pretty tired after that in truth but happy to get over 11.2ks done in 44 minutes.

Will be out on the bike for a small brick session in the morning followed by a swim if i get the time.


PS, For the Record;
 Found out later the reason i didn't see Kanser come by me was that he took a short cut, as he didn't want to trouble his Achilles.
Lets hope he doesn't feel the need to do the same in the Dublin Marathon he plans to do later this month :)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Drama at the Boy

With only 27 days to go before the big Noosa Tri up in the Sunshine Coast coming up and after seeing how i went last Saturday it was time to refocus and get the head down training wise for the next 3 weeks or so.
To kick start the week it was into the park and decided on the 2 x 6k Woollarha Hill loops that i do, Had the ipod all set and was looking forward to a bit of Bowie and Co when the battery died before i had even started.
Had no GPS watch either so i just run on feel today and completed the first lap in 26.44 (about 4.27 pace) then held the 2nd pace to slightly under to do a 26.20(4.23s) - Pretty happy with that, it didn't seem much slower then i raced on Saturday :)
12ks all up in 53.05

It was then down for the lunchtime swim at the Boy Charlton Pool where i met up with Pete Walker, Toddie, and Champ for a tough old session ahead. Was just tipping along nicely at my own pace when we are then joined by non other then the man himself .........Enda Stankard, and his mate Irish Kev. We do a couple more 200s before Pete calls for one fast 300 rep so we could assess our times ahead of Thursday's Biathlon. It was about this time the drama was about to unfold, Enda made me go ahead of him so he could sit on my feet ( easier) I worked the first 100 well and was surprised to see him already dropped, kept up a solid pace for the 2nd and despite falling off the guy ahead of me i held the 3rd 100 in a rather decent time for me. After a short recovery i then proceed to look back down the pool to see Enda flailing his arms all over the shop and looking in a world of pain. It wasn't just me who was concerned, the two Lifesavers on duty for the day had to put down there Ham & Cheese Sarnies to check out that he wasn't about to cark it before retreading in fits of laughter.
Luckily for us he was OK, as we then knocked out 8 x 100s, and with every swimming aid going - pool buoy, paddles, flippers ( i drew the line though when he tried to bring his lie low out) he was all set to go again,
Pretty happy to get through this one , and this pool is certainly faster then the one i have been swimming in over the past 6 weeks. With the salt water making it more buoyant i reckon it adds about 4-5 seconds per 100 meters.
Poor Enda was a broken man come the end of the set, and when he said he hadn't swum in 6 months, the normally quiet Pete Walker pipes up "looks more like 6 years" it was more then he could take.The Ambos were called to fish Enda out the water to take him up to St Vincents to recover.
For me.........Well, looking back i had a half decent footy career over in England, played abit of cricket in my day, class myself as a average club runner who has taken a few scalps in races over the years. But when it comes to swimming the list of achievements is very bare with only Chairman Tommy Highnam that i can have claimed to beat, that was DOUBLED today as i can now add one , Enda Patrick Stankard on the honours board.  Yes all those boring and laborious hours swimming up that little black line have paid off :)

After witnessing that Enda's odds have fallen big time with bookie Paddy Power and is now rated at 81/1 to take out Thursday's event with those closer suggesting that he wont even front. The only money coming for him is that he is now odds on 4/6 that he will have a cold come the big night.
The big winner who will be looking on is Tommy H who must also fancy his chances of turning Enda over in the pool as well it would appear?
Pete Walker firms in the market, and with Richie High's old calf's playing up and Champaign Charlie in Kona the only worry for Mr Walker is whether his mate Smolley will show up?

Will be back out there tomorrow for the dreaded 45 minute run tempo session

Enda at the end of today's swim session - poor lad, struggles on Saturday and then again in the pool :)


Friday, October 5, 2012

Homebush Striders - 38.44, The Comeback.

Boy oh Boy that was hard, but good to be back.

Out to Homebush this morning for the 9th race in the Striders series that also doubled up as the "Ballykissangel 10k' with every Irishman in town except "Father Ted'  out to get there glory and pound a flesh against 'Young Timmy' who was returning after his recent injury.
Good crew out there with Enda, Conor, Ronan, Walker, Richie P, Eamo, Macca. 'The leech', Elvis Costello, John Bowe and top HuRTS girl Swedish Anna looking to give the girls race a good shake. No sign of Kanser mind you who it seems was running scared of Enda after making a $50 bet that he would beat him giving him 40 seconds start ? Good banter before the start and even got on for a few bets with the Irish contingent, Enda giving me 3 mins start, Palmer +3 mins,  and Conor/ Ronan of scratch
To be honest i knew this was always going to be tough but as i always say you need to know where you are and these races are a great way to find out, that's why i am a regular at ALL these races.
Gun goes off and quickly settle behind Pete Walker , whom i know is in good form, stay on his shoulder for about 2.5ks before that was about the last i was to see of him for the morning, start to feel it around the 'Common area at 4ks and as i complete the first lap am surprised to see Anna join me - Jump on her for a k or two and get dragged along only to be dropped at the 7k mark, Next up was Robbie Costello (Elvis) having the run of his life to go past and spit out Lindop you English Pig as he flew by. Had loads of negative thoughts at 8ks and was just hanging in and was wondering who else would be next by, managed to hold out till the 9.4k mark coming back up on the road and nearly had a heart attack when i saw Conor about 5 metres behind and that was enough to spur me into action for one final kick for the last 500 metres to cross the line in 38.44
Bloody tough morning for me , but in truth delighted to get through it and hopefully in another 4 weeks (before Noosa) and 7 (for Thailand) i can hopefully get some sharpness and ks back into the legs.
Had the customary abuse as i was dying on the finish line with Elvis jumping around after getting a PB (huge Congrats) - not seen him that excited since the late "Mr Fixit' Jimmy Saville announced on "Top of the Pops' that "Oliver's Army' had hit the number one spot on the charts back in 1979.
Despite my ordinary run i managed to win some dosh from Enda who run poorly and only beat me by 2mins.59, and i collect from Conor, Didn't get a cash bet on with Ronan, but he left saying "Timmy, you may have won the battle today , but you haven't won the war" ( In relation to Noosa i think he was referring to)
Some indifferent runs out there from the HuRTS crew, as mentioned Elvis with his PB, and winning girl Anna were the standouts, average runs from Eoin (melb next week) and Pete Walker ( world tris) who should be firing at this stage, Flop of the Day would go to our mate Enda, after talking the talk all week and been flying in training, mixing it with Kanser could only come up with a Mikey Conway like 35.45 for the morning ( at least he got something out the wreck by getting a collect from Kanser's no show)
Race results from this morning;

Will be out in the morning for a few miles around the park, hopefully i will have pulled up OK from this morning

Congrats to Tom and Tucks who both took out 2nd spots in the Fitzroy Falls 10k and Marathon respectively, not sure on Tom's time, but heard Tucks knocked out a 2.48 - wont be enough to get him the Performer of the Year, but solid effort all the same.

Jason Heyden, Pete Walker, Timmy, Ronan, Enda,  Homebush
Smashed by the Irish Lads , Elvis and Enda..........Oh the Shame.

Even more Irish boys, The Leech ( Eoin) and Eamo, It must be an Irish thing this hands on Hips ?

Pete Walker & Christian Ellis

Beaten by Elvis and 'chicked by Anna, could things get any worse?

HuRTS girl New #1 - Anna Fitz after taking out the women's race( and Timmy) this morning :)

Note. Upon returning to my car in the car park, i see a now delirious Elvis atop of my car on the roof doing an Irish Jig blasting out the words to 'Fields of Athenry' ..............My God when will it end? ....I can tell you, It will be at the J.P Morgan 5.6k at Centennial Park when the English team will be back to full strength and firing on all cylinders, so LOOK OUT :)

Have a great weekend

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

On the Up

Wednesday morning was spent in the park again with work and i got the chance to do a bit of a Brick session with a client, wasn't at full tilt but more miles in the legs nonetheless. Saw Enda YET again for the 2nd day straight on another of his NONE training days....this guys getting worse.

Thursday, Did mean to go into town with the lads but thought better of it when i saw the temps hitting 30+ as well as didn't want to overdo it as i am running at the Striders on Saturday. So headed  for the safer option of a swim ( first for the week) and as a confidence builder decided to do 2ks straight . Surprisingly felt pretty good and only lost 12 seconds on the 2nd Kay - Still not fast but i am more then happy with that, and at least i know that i can do the distance and things are certainly looking up.

Will rest up tomorrow and just go swimming again before heading out to Homebush for Saturday's Striders run,
Next week is the first really challenge/test for many with the opening of the Biathlon down at the Boy Charlton Pool, already had a few who said they can't make it, But we can all rejoice as the Chairman is still pencilled in, as to is former #1 Tucks, could be an interesting battle between the two.
Will frame a betting market over the weekend after i but a call through to Paddy Power :)
Can tell you though that Pete Walker is already at unbackable odds, the guy was flying on Tuesday at running.


Monday, October 1, 2012

HuRT 10 x 3 Minute Efforts

A beautiful spring day in town as i returned to the HuRTS fold for the first session back post injury, This session always seems to bring the crowd and today was no exception with all the usual crew out although noticeable absentees were Highnam, High and Slim Sammy Agnew, On the plus side it was good to see Bartles back out there as it was to see former #1 Tucks back running after his 100k walk overseas recently. Let the front guys go on the first rep and tucked in with MrAce and Adam Conquest on the first rep, with no GPS anymore i asked MrAce what the pace was and was surprised to hear him say 3.30s, got back with a few seconds to spare and then basically was getting to the same spot on each one after that. Even had Elvis working off us for the remaining 8 (when did he get fast - last time i saw him racing Tommy Highnam was making a balls up of the pacing duties as he tried to break 40 mins), also hot on my tail was Bill Batt who looked as if he was moving OK.
Decided even before the start today that i was only going to do 10 - and i think it worked pretty well, the calf feels fine so it looks like i have made first base.

A milestone was achieved out there today with Irish lads Kanser and Stankard both completing 10 sets for the first time ever, ( Enda's previous PB was 7.5),  He did look a bit pale though at the end as he and Kane were pushing the final rep, and don't be surprised to hear him come out with another ailment tomorrow. He actually started telling me about his recent woes on the 3rd rep and was still going at the conclusion of the 7th.

Had a chat with Mikey on the way back to the office , who gave me the rundown of events from Sunday at 'The House of Kane's - A good time was had by all accounts although Mikey did say to me
"Timmy, you weren't wrong about it being an Aldi House, there was the Aldi BBQ, Aldi outdoor setting, Aldi Sausages, Aldi Sauce , and was even serving us Aldi $1.99 bottles of wine - it was great and now i know where i can go to save some money when i am asked to go buy a bottle of plonk for the boys"


The 3 Gorges Ride...126ks Done.

After a monster weekend with all the footy finals and a 8 hour spree spent in the boozer yesterday it took all my willpower to be up early today to meet the boys for the big 3 Gorges ride up North. Meet up with Mr Angry (Clyde) , Mrs Clyde (Krone), Laughing Policeman ( Samsy), Champagne Charlie Low, The Leech (Eoin) Geordie Lass Sian, Kiwi Benny Lowe and picked up Captain Josh along the way.
Knew this was going to be a big one but was keen to get a long ride in before the upcoming tris, Happy to just sit in as we made our way up to Hornsby, and then on to Galston before the first of the big 3 climbs for the day. Loved the downhill before that though as we flew down at high speeds, Got through that OK and then enjoyed the countryside before heading down to Berowra Waters and the ferry across before the 2nd hit out. With 70ks ticking over we then meandered down to Bobbin Head and then back up for the final hill of the day before stopping at the top for coffees and then witnessed Clyde smash down the biggest piece of cake in a record 2 minutes (and that was just for starters) then getting back on the highway for the final 30 ks home.
Tough old ride and by the time i got back home i had done 126ks for the day - The longest I've done for a very long time, Great day and happy to get through it - and the best part of it all ..........I didn't get yelled at once by Clyde, Got the customary 'Don't confuse your ambition with your ability' line as i dropped him on the first climb only for him to go past me about 1k further up , but i knew I'd done OK when that was all i heard from Mr Angry himself :)

Will be interesting to see how i go tomorrow now as my legs feel tired and heavy even now - so God knows how the first session back will be?

Not seen Kanser over the weekend either, I did hear through the grapevine that he had a Grand Final BBQ around his gaff yesterday but Young Timmy here didn't make the 'A List' apparently my ticket went to Mikey Conway ..........Charming :) i think i must have upset him a couple of weeks back when i said he wouldn't run sub 76.30 at the S.R.F and the poor lad has taken it to heart.

Also just had the latest in from Hawaii with Kona only a couple of weeks away our man PLOD has been asked to do an interview for American TV on how the other HuRTS and Centennial Park guys will go. Check it out as he tells how Champagne Charlie will go.