Friday, October 31, 2014

A.B.C 1k Time Trial - 17.19

Down to the A.B.C Pool to finish the week for the monthly 1k time trial. Normally work it on Pete Walker’s handicap and although Pete is one the nicest and straightest guys within the team his knowledge on working the handicap system leaves a lot to be desired.  For example how one guy can win 5 out the past 7-8 handicaps and his time only changes by about 8 seconds is beyond me?
So I worked on a NEW ‘Timmy’ system to make it fairer all round – Again for example last month I swum 18.32 , I knew I had improved over the past 4 weeks so brought myself in for an estimated time of 18.00….. Fairs fair, I say  J

Good showing as well on as glorious day as temps hit 30 degrees, brought out J.C , Pete, Taffy, Kenny, Renee, Liam , Kirk, Sammy J and a few others, worked hard for the first 300m then Kirk came past and from there I worked harder in trying to stay on his feet.
Did so until the 800m when I thought I was going better then he was but wasn’t confident enough to actually go past him, so decided to swim under the lane rope and switch lane.
Somehow managed to bring it home over the final 200 better than I thought was possible to stop to the clock in my fastest time for months in 17.19

The usual banter took place with many a fine swim done, with PBs from J.C, Kenny and the Leech I believe, Will post all the times once Pete sends them on to me.
*** And Yes for the record, I did win the Golden Duck for my performance that saw me swim 73 seconds faster than 4 weeks ago – Hope Enda doesn’t get to hear about it

Big weekend with the Striders 10k in the morning, Few bets riding, with the following
Tom Highnam  +3.30
Enda Stankard +2.20
Paul Hanley      - 75 seconds
Also, fair play to Sonya Van Beek who will be paying her debt and running in fancy dress of my choice, can’t see her being too happy about what I have planned for her but she’s a good sport and I hope she takes it well ?

Stoke play high flying West Ham at the home of footy
Timmy’s Tip – Stoke 2 v West Ham 1

Coach for the Day , J.C who had the fastest swim with a 14.20 and me after taking out the October T/T

And then the 'Leech' trys to claim the winner - typical Irish.

Happy Halloween for today - come across this photo which i thought was very funny.

Have a good weekend
Train well and stay safe

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Enda Patrick Oliver (E.P.O) Stankard

Never before in the history of HuRTS or the blogs has so much been written about one man, But when that man is one Enda Patrick Oliver Stankard (E.P.O. Stankard to his mates)  then it appears as if there are no boundaries.  In a year that started so promising for the Irish #4 it has sadly all gone downhill since his Gold Coast Marathon way back in July.
HuRTS presentation is in 4 weeks and he has campaigned  to everyone that he should be nominated for the Performance of the Year and also ‘Sprit of the Year’  when the annual awards are handed out, but in truth the only trophy heading back to Bondi will be the ‘Serge’ Under Achiever Cup if the squad vote in the fairest order?
So with his running career in ruins and after a failed attempt at Triathlon Enda has found a new venture for 2015  - and was last seen in deep conversation with a HuRTS member (who wishes to remain anonymous) , who in turn has sent this to the TRASH ……………………Has this guy NO SHAME ?

A desperate cry for attention…?

In a bizarre twist of events not unusual when you consider the culprit, Enda today announced that he was going to focus on the World Duathlon championships in Adelaide next year.
When quizzed how he was going to do this given that you needed to earn a spot on a national team, he simply replied “anyone can get on an Irish team – I got an email this morning asking me and I reckon I’ll take a spot”.
Where is this man’s sense of pride…of hard earned respect and achievement at working towards a goal…has he simply given up on making it in one discipline and now feels it might be easier in two…sad times indeed

He will need to dust off his bike he advised today..

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Farm Cove 5k T/T - 17.42

With the BIG J.P Morgan race only two weeks ago I called on the option of ‘an alternative ‘ session for the team that included the ‘Farm Cove 5k T/T’. So was very surprised when I rocked up into town to be greeted by over 50 members who then all bar about 7 of us decided to take the easy option to cruise and chat for 2 x 20 minutes tempo?
Still not be deterred good mate ‘The Italian Stallion’ Durante joined me along with Hamish, Bruce Lambert, Adrian and a couple of others who I still don’t know.
Marked out the course turning at 1.25k meaning it was out and back twice.

Kicked off and worked well with Durante, Bruce, Adrian, Hamish and I all bunching  for the first k going through in 3.25 , held on the turn and repeated on the 2nd k, just felt the other 4 pull away as my pace dropped heading out on the 2nd lap, then went past Adrian around the 3.5k mark but wasn’t happy as my own pace dropped dramatically even allowing for a bit of crowd disruption out to a 3.43.
Lifted once I got the hairpin turn (3.75ks) and was happy enough as I crossed it out in 17.42 overall. (ave 3.32s)
Splits as I had them, 3.25, 3.25, 3.34, 3.43, 3.33
Pretty solid hit out, disappointed with the 4th k mind you , and it now looks like the dream of taking Durante at J.P is well and truly over as the’ Pie Eaters’ form (and class) has already come back as he knocked out an impressive 17.19
Hamish 17.09
Bruce    17.12
Durante 17.19
Timmy    17.42
Adrian    18.30
A.N. Other
A.N.Other 2   ?????

A good cool down at the end , back up to the Stone Gates and was shattered come the end of the day as I has also cycled in the morning for 50ks meeting Paulie Hanley and Baby Face Evan around the park for a few laps.

Easy ks first up and then met up with Paulie Hanley for a flat lap where we chewed the fat and continued the banter for Saturdays race where I have agreed to give him a 75 second head start at the Striders Lane Cove 10k. He’s a tough bugger and he won’t be making it easy for me but I’m just hoping his lack of running ( especially 10k races) may stop him getting close to me.
Met up with friend Sharonne once Hanley had departed and knocked out another 10ks making it a healthy 20ks for the day, and all done by 9am having coffee and banana bread.

The 3.30 against the ‘Chairman’ on the other hand will be far more difficult even with the 3.30 start ?? And as for Enda???......... well what can you say? Poor bloke is claiming a cold once again (19th of the year) and is now reneging on the 2.25 start bet we had …… typical.
Saw him yesterday and he didn’t look to good mind you.

Enda doing it tough after another bout of Flu.

Sight of the Day,
Haven’t seen much of the Taffy Lad , James Matthews of late and was therefore surprised when he rocked up (late again) to the session yesterday in his new running apparel. He’s not known for his fashion sense ( well he is welsh) but it was 30 odd degrees out. What was the Spaceman thinking ??


Sunday, October 26, 2014

To Phaff or Not to Phaff?

Sunday drinks turned into a massive evening going to watch the impressive Lisa Caruso perform a little gig – brilliant and if you get the chance you should check her out. Think she is even doing a small gig in Erko in a couple of weeks so I may venture back for more.
Anyway feeling a little ropey and with the Chairman Phaffing around all morning and even yesterday after I text him a thousand times I didn’t make the planned 400s that he had penciled in. So it was a quick trip down the pool once more for a dip and to continue with the swimming.
Only a small team today with Coach Walker, Toddie, Crossy, the return of Mermaid Emma (and 4 month old Max) and Liam whilst Angus was doing his time trial today instead of the planned Friday. More 4s, 3s, 2s and 100s and I think there is a marked improvement (not much) but I am now able to sit with Crossy on some of the reps and even help out by leading the odd one or two.
Probably close on to 2ks including the warm up – and dare I say it …….. It felt slightly easier today.

Now I best go and check out if Toms stopped phaffing around and see if he decided to go and do his 400 session.

Will be back out tomorrow with the boys, think there are 2 options with 2 x 20 minutes or a 5k time trial to choose from?


Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sunday Run with the League of Nations.

Another stunning morning for the long Sunday run that pretty much brought the ‘Who’s Who and the League of Nations out to run with us as the popularity of the East Side gang continues.

English gents – John Meagler (makes Tucks mileage look Micky Mouse and 8.40 Iron Man time) , Lindop, Birchy.
Jock – Craig Wiseman returning but spent more time taking photos and checking in at the airport.
Irish – Stankard telling all about his latest cold and now why he should be nominated for ‘HuRTS Spirit Award’
Italian – Durante, back on deck and you can tell there is a big race coming up.
Aussie – C.T (fresh from his 60k yesterday) and Superflake (not so fresh from his Melb Marathon)
Kiwi – Sonya, continues to improve and impress to finish the year strong.
Abdul Ali – One of the Shire boys and will be looking to take Tom and Barts down very soon.
Aussie – Dave Clarke in an attempt to halt his slide down the rankings that has seen him nominated for Underachiever, joins the team.
Pro guy – Todd Israel (?)

Normal 6k flat loop done in 27 minutes and then we repeated last Sunday’s effort taking in the Coastal path around Coogee, Gordon’s Bay, Cloey, and then Bronte. Clarkey, Abdul Ali and Enda weren’t hanging around mind you and soon split the group powering ahead pretty much by the time we even left the park, a quick regroup at Coogee for a water stop ( and a thousand photos and airport check in from the ‘Sweaty’) and we were off once again.
Tough section around Cloey with the steps and also with the extra people out for ‘Sculptures by the Sea’ and then it’s the even tougher section coming back up Bronte Road. Tried to hold form and run strong and had Enda for company on this section before the downhill past Queens Park then returning into the park for the final 2ks.
61 minutes for the Coastal section and 20ks done for the morning averaging 4.33s  - happy with that again although I was getting tired towards the end as the heat was starting to rise.

Great morning and delighted I actually got out and run as I was undecided last night as I sat having a few beers.

Even better to see the Italian Stallion Durante return to the team after a 4 year break – not sure why but he’s certainly out to smash me at J.P and is getting serious ? 
There was a little standoff between both Durante & Pommy Birch at the start as the ‘Battle of Harry’s’ cafe will take place on presentation night. Durante still holds the Hot Dog record x 5 but Birchy has good form ( you should have seen him demolish the Bacon & Egg Burger last week) and it could go either way?

Back out tomorrow – Think the Chairman has some 400s lined up for us ? although Sunday drinks come first, just hope I don’t go overboard this arvo J

Enda still trying to explain to C.T as to why he should be nominated not only for HuRTS POTY but now wants the 'Spirit Award' to go with it ???

It was getting hot out there and thought it was time for my English Monthly Shower, Sonya, Birchy, Clarkey and C.T nearby.

And Dave Clarke who run with us this morning was suprised when he had not seen the photo of Young Enda in his short trousers , and demanded i post up.

Photos care of Craig Wiseman - thanks mate


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Back at the A.B.C for more Swimming.

Stunning day to head into town for a swim to finish off the week, Big crowd as well with Coach Walker, Brendan, Taffy, Crossy, Bi champ Angus, MrAce with all his toys a couple of other new guys,  and the return of the original Hardman from Kona J.C
Set was 1 x 500, 4 x 200, 1 x 300 and 3 x 100.
Already felt tired before the start and basically I just sat on either Taffy or Brendan’s feet for the duration, until the last 100m then I pushed up and sat on Crossy lad to come home in 1.34
Good week done with training and happy with the way I have recovered.
Talking to Tom last night and have already locked in next week’s Striders 10k at Lane Cove but he also mentioned that I should also give the 5k T/T ago that they have penciled in for Wednesday, so I may have a look at that.

Big weekend in the footy once more, Stoke have a tough one – away to Southampton who smashed 8 past Sunderland last Saturday , who in turn beat us by 3 the previous week. So with that logic I’m going to take the draw.
Timmy’s Tip; Southampton  2 vs. Stoke 2

Have a good weekend
Train well and stay safe

Batttle at the A.B.C Bi

It was time for the small talk, banter and sledging to stop and just get out and ‘Do It’ that saw a good team head down for the first HuRTS Biathlon of the year at the A.B.C Pool.
Toed the line alongside Sonya, Sharonne, Sammy J, Paulie Hannell, ‘Georgie the Greek’ Angus, Taffy James and main rival Tommy H who I’ve constantly baited about his swimming prowess.
Frenetic start and was delighted to see Tommy H boxed in that meant the run gap wouldn’t blow out completely, I then got boxed myself  on the first tight left turn and with only a narrow path struggled to get past G.G (Georgie Greek)until after coming back past the starting line at 1k.
The hill coming up to the expressway killed me again and was happy to reach the turnaround in 7.01. That joy was short lived as I then saw Taffy only a few seconds behind and Sammy J, Sonya and Paul far too close for comfort closing in.
Worked hard to try to reduce the gap with Angus who was about 20 metres ahead but couldn’t although did catch two of the frontrunners as we hit back to the steps where the timekeeper shouted out 13.53.
Took my time coming down the stairs and waited….and waited…. And Waited? Not sure why – wasn’t sure if it was to bring the heart rate down or just the thought of 300m scared the bejesus out of me. Finally jumped in (by which time the two I’d just overtaken were already in the pool) and made my way down the pool for the first 50m. Saw Taffy not too far behind and knew I’d be doing well to hold him off for another 100m and so it was as he came past with 100m to go.
Managed to hold his feet for the final 50 and when I saw one swimmer just ahead flapping away  my hopes raised as I thought I may be Tom?  Touched out in 19.35 a few seconds behind the Taffy Lad, My hopes were shattered then when I looked deck side and there is the Chairman grinning like a ‘Cheshire Cat’ basking in his glory already sending the news out via face book that he’d scored another winning $20 from me.
Some great times from the team and Angus Boyd took the honour of first HuRT home and Sonya not only took out first HuRT Female but first lady home overall.
Sammy J run well and will be looking to take me at the next one and Paulie Hannell was already lining up at the pub to get a bet with me come December.
Times were
Angus     18.23
Tom         19.00
Taffy        19.30
Timmy     19.35
Georgie P 19.53
Sammy J   20.xx
Sonya       21.32
Paulie H     22.40
Sharonne    23.57
Ronnie Biggs  D.N.S
Enda                  D.N.S
Paul Hanley    D.N.S
Next race planned will be the rematch on Thursday 11th December , hoping a few of the other guys may step up to the plate and race.  Amazing how many strong runners we have in the squad BUT very few will be brave enough to put it to the test that also includes a mere 300m swim. That’s where despite my constant badgering Tom gains massive respect and never shy’s way from a challenge.

Over to the Tilbury after for a few bevies, cracking night as the beers flowed and banter was in full swing in a packed pub that included Jessica Mauboy all glamed up after doing a corporate gig for the ‘Sony Foundation’.
Was just about to call it a night ( and be sensible) when I get a call from Pommy Paul Birch , who was nearby and wanted a drink. Fast forward 3 hours and it was a stagger to the taxi and another tough first up class to start a Friday morning  J

Some photos from last night – don’t need to put the losing bet photo up as Tommy H already has it posted on his blog .

Winners are Grinners – first lady home Sonya and Tom (with girlie t shirt) after taking the win over me

Tommy H, Taffy James, Sammy J, Georgie the Greek and I before drinks.

Enda was refused entry last night at the A.B.C Pool – when his latest cold broke out

...and then the real reason WHY Enda didn't drop in for a beer with the team last night?
told you he was upset about NOT getting nominated for HuRTS POTY :)


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

HuRTS 10 x 3 Minute efforts

You always know a big race is just around the corner when you rock up to HuRTS and find everyone in attendance.  J.P Morgan is only about 3 weeks away and with City to Surf and perhaps the SMH Half Marathon no other race draws so many out for training. Only 3 notable absentees today that I can really recall – No Clarkey (oh , how he has fallen from the lofty heights going into the  City to Surf), Kanser (oh, how he has fallen…full stop) and no Taffy James (he never actually got off the bottom)
10 x 3 minutes was the go and despite still feeling heavy after the marathon some 9 days prior I was feeling OK and was keen to give it a good hit out. With all the big guns out front I found myself not far behind Macca on the first travelling around 3.24 pace , A slightly faster return and I noticed the ‘Italian Stallion’ Durante following me and sticking close by, although the poor guy only lasted about 6 reps and will need to improve some in the coming weeks if he’s too upset me.
Unfortunately Mikey had to pull the pin at the conclusion of the 3rd rep when his Hammy went and now must be a worry for him for the up-coming race?
Had a good group to work off through the middle reps with Angus Boyd & ‘Super Kev’ who are running well were keeping me more than honest.  Just started to feel the pace a little after the 7th rep, and had to dig in for the 8th.
Then called on Enda to help us out for the 9th and tried to stick to him throughout still maintaining the pace.  Pretty much had done my dash at this point and needed to keep it strong in order to get back to the Opera House gates for the final rep. 57, 58, 59 seconds and I was just about to ‘Give Up’ when Tommy H ran beside me and told me in no uncertain terms to keep it going and finish it off. Squeezed that little extra out and for the remaining two minutes   run shoulder to shoulder with the Chairman and Enda for a 3.12 min/k finish.
Wrecked at the end and after a little cool down with Tom, Barts, Tucks, C.T, Quentin and Russell Chopstick I was happy to get home and retire for an hour before I had to get back on the bike and cycle to Centennial Park that I could have really done without.
Pace for the 10 reps were: 3.24, 3.19, 3.21, 3.16, 3.20, 3.16, 3.21, 3.20, 3.21, 3.12
Very happy with that session and hopefully after a full  weeks recovery from the marathon I can now continue with a good 3 weeks training before the big ‘Corporate’ gig.

Good to see the Stallion back out there as well, I heard he was jumping fences, scaling building walls and pretty much walking on water on the Monday run with the guys? Unfortunately for him there is none of that over the 5.6k route in Centennial. Still Tommy H saw enough to back the ‘Pie Eater’ over me  and he has himself wagered $20 with me ‘head to head’
So Two bets laid.
$20 with Durante
$20 with Kanser
Both off Scratch

Feeling tired and was mighty relieved when I saw Sonya Van Beek in the park so we just did 2 flat laps easy before she departed. I then stayed on for one more to knock up just over 11k for the day.

Big night tomorrow with the first Biathlon of the season, and the Tommy H v Timmy rematch, To be honest I haven’t a hope, simply on the bases of my swimming – it’s very poor. Still we’ll go and give it a go. Not sure who else is showing? Sonya said she will race, let’s just hope she doesn’t swim over both Tom and I J

Big News overnight comes the news from Sth Africa about Oscar getting sentenced to 5 years in the clink.
They may have a problem though?


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Swimming with the Duathlon Champ Crossy.

Bloody cold and blowing a gale to start the week as I headed to the pool in order to get my swimming season started.
Very small crowd indeed today with only Crossy and the Leech to keep me honest, with Lady Laura doing her own 1k rep in the next lane. With a biathlon coming up on Thursday I picked what I thought would be a good session in preparation and went with 6 x 300m. Pretty much struggled on each one as both the boys were always about 12 -15 seconds ahead on each meaning I was swimming solo for the whole set.
Times weren’t good (in fact they were bloody terrible) but at least they were consistent.  Tommy H used to reckon he needed a 60 second buffer on the run leg in order to hold me off in the water, but in the present state I reckon he could be only 20 seconds ahead and would still beat me.
I might go cap in hand and see if he will take pity on me and call on his generous nature to see if he will offer me a handicap start to even things up ?

Back out with the boys tomorrow for one of my favorite sessions that is the 14 x 3 minute efforts, although I’ll call it now and say I won’t be doing all 14 reps.

Congrats to Andy Cross who took out and WON the Oceania /Australia Duathlon Championships in Adelaide on the weekend, another champ in our ranks – great effort Crossy

Was enjoying my regular Sunday beers up the local boozer yesterday when who walks in to settle all outstanding debts…… Dave Kane. Yes Kanser is a man of his word and after failing to show for the recent Striders 10k where I was giving him 45 seconds start he came to pay up.
You can tell he’s running more and is getting confident as he started to tell the pub that he would smash me in the upcoming J.P Morgan race off scratch. So the next wager has been made for that one.

Kanser settling his debts, think he's keen to get it back come J.P.Morgan time though.


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Sunday Coastal Run.

Well after the success of last week down in Melbourne it brought out all of Sydney’s ‘Elite’ to join in with the Sunday Long Run East Crew on a cracker of a morning. Stevie T, Shire girl and Olympian Eloise Wellings, Shire #14 Damo, Enda, Renaud, Barts (who wants to be known as an eastsider), C.T,  Abdul Ali (also from the Shire) and a rejuvenated Dave ‘Kanser’ Kane were all set and ready to go for the 6.30am start.(well Kanser 6.40)
Normal 6k loop to start done in 27 minutes (4.30 pace) before setting off and leaving the park for the Coastal run that sees us take in the delights of Coogee, Gordon’s Bay, Cloey and around to Bronte Beach.
Felt Ok throughout and even the normally long Bronte Hill didn’t seem to be the usual slog today, before getting back up to Queens Park and then into the park. Worked out to be a 13k loop done in 58 minutes averaging 4.29s which was pretty good considering the hills and stairs around Cloey and Gordon’s Bay area.
Just a tad over 19ks done for the morning in 85 minutes averaging 4.30s – Happy with that especially after running last week and even doing the 5k Park Run at Syd Park yesterday.
Stunning morning all around, only downside was having to endure Enda crap on about how he should have been nominated for HuRTS Performance of the Year for his 2.38 Gold Coast run back in July. Told him had he run his supposed 2.36 then he may have an argument. At this stage he started to ‘Sulk’ and sprinted off putting in a mighty effort up Bronte Hill to prove his worth leaving us all in his wake.

Will take a rest day tomorrow, but may hit the pool to help get the swim season underway.

Damo Bray spoiling an otherwise good photo, with Eloise Wellings joining the East team for the Coastal Run. I do wish Laura would hurry up and return so we can ditch the Shires #14 for someone a little classier.

2.5k into the Sydney Park Park Run – notice the killer of a hill. The antlike people at the bottom are the giveaway. Not saying it was high but I nearly got a nosebleed half way up, can’t wait to head over to Curl Curl one week to run on a flat course like those North Shore boys.

Apologies – In all the excitement yesterday, I forgot to mention that HuRTS #1 Female lady was also at Sydney Park, Yes, Renee Simon - not only did she run the 5ks but then carried on and continued with her long run for the week.
Geez, Little wonder ‘Kenny’ can’t catch her these days J


Friday, October 17, 2014

Sydney Park Parkrun - 17.57

Well after a week of doing nothing apart from eating sh!te junk food and drinking beer I ventured out to the local Sydney Park to support Ronan and his team on his 40/40 challenge for event number 38 that saw us take in the popular weekend 5k Park Run.
Wasn’t expecting anything at all in regards to a decent run and was met by man in form Stevie ‘The Wildman’ T, Muzza (all the way from the Shire) , Ronan, (Mrs. Fats) Amanda, Greta T, and Dave ‘Kanser’ Kane.
Lined up and we were soon off, the  first k as its downhill is always quicker and surprised myself with a 3.24, had about 5 people ahead of me at that stage as I tried to cut back and settle over the flatter second k. The killer hill comes smack bang in the middle of the run and was glad to see the ‘City skyline’ once at the top, Lifted a little coming down and bridged the gap on the guy ahead although couldn’t get past him.
Legs started to feel the effects of the Marathon around the 4ks and the uphill final 5k was a battle as I knew the pace and cadence was dropping quickly.
Crossed the line in a respectable 17.57 on what is deemed NOT only Sydney’s toughest Park Run but maybe the World’s toughest ? As I don’t know many that would have a massive climb in it at 2.5ks ? Reckon if I was to go north over the bridge I could break 17 mins on a flatter course ?
Stevie T was first home in 15.33, Muzza didn’t have a watch, whilst Kanser although not racing reckons he saw enough of me to issue me a bet on JP Morgan ‘Head to Head’ off scratch ……….. so that should be interesting, (lets hope he loses a few kilos before November 12 in that case)

K splits for the day were, 3.24, 3.35, 3.47, 3.37, 3.45

Good catch up with the gang after over coffee and banana bread, and will hopefully bounce back in the morning for the normal Sunday run. Although might head out tonight to watch the footy Syd F.C v Our Westie mates from the Wanderers over a few beers so we’ll have to see how that pans out.

Stoke take on the Taffy boys tonight at the home of footy, once again get on the Potters for victory.
Timmy’s Tip , take Stoke 2 v Swansea 0

Have a good weekend
Train well , stay safe

Some of the 40/40 pre race , with team leader Ronan 3rd from right and Stevie 'Wildman' T hidden (some say best place for him), Kanser is not in the photo...... He was running late ;)

Monday, October 13, 2014

Melbourne Marathon 2.58:09

Flew down to Melbourne on the Saturday morning and met up with the rest of the crew for an early dinner at the pasta place recommended by Irelands toughest man Macca with everyone in good spirits as the big day loomed.
Woke to (apart from roommate Heyden’s snoring)  a beaut of a morning after fears that it was going to hit a high of 29 degrees and jogged over to the start with Heyden, Birchy and Jeet to find the place a buzz with loads of nervous energy among the team.
Good banter on the start line as I lined up alongside the big guns Quentin, C.T Macca, Justin and Skippy Heyden before the gun goes and we were away. Settled pretty easily into my pace and was conscious of not getting carried away too early. Took my first split around the 5k mark and found I was working pretty much on 4 min/ks as the clock ticked over 20 minutes . A nice part of the course followed around Albert Park and the first double back meant I saw Quentin leading the charges as everyone (as expected ) was looking strong. Went through 10k in 40 minutes and was moving well and tucked in with Lauren Hamilton (‘Run Sydney’ 10k female winner) for the next 5ks or so.
Got to around the 18m mark and saw the 7 leaders coming in the opposite direction at half way for them all looking so smooth and our own Quentin still out front from the HuRTS team with Macca also putting a huge gap into Heyden.
Another hairpin bend around the 19.5 mark and I got my first glance at Jeet who was right on my tail. He came by right on the half way mark as we both passed in around 85.25.
The next 5ks down to the final hairpin at 26ks was tough and was very happy just to sit on Jeet for this time, but once that turn came I was starting to fade and he was soon to pull away. I had put a special drink in to be picked up at the 27.5k marker and was hanging for it only to find at my horror no truck, no drinks….zilch ……….W.T F.  a few chosen words were aimed at nobody in particular and the first of the negative thoughts passed through my head. Told myself to get to 30ks and we can reassess, As I had Tom Highnam’s words of keeping it together between 30 -35k mark ringing in my ear.
I think those wise words fell on death ears because right on 30k and as the half marathons joined us I had to contend with my first walk of the day. After a quick self talking to I tried to lift by passing many in the half, only problem they were 6 min/k runners. Came back up St Kilda Road before entering the ‘Tan’ and if things weren’t tough enough they were about to get a whole lot tougher when I spotted a ‘HILL’ ….where did that come from? Another walk came as I tried to do the calculations in my head to see where I was at and honestly thought that the next people to come past would surely be North Shore Benny Boy and Erika who were both on for sub 3hr times.
38ks done and I take a positive and tell myself only one lap of Centennial Park to go (as I do that every day) but it didn’t seem to help me as it was honestly a struggle just putting one foot in front of the other at this stage. Came back up past Flinders station and with only 1500m to go had the dreaded ‘Walk of Shame’ again, this was getting embarrassing and I had one bloke help me out big time when he offered some kind words to run home together.
It seemed so simple with less than about 2 minutes to the finish line,  BUT you won’t believe it then when I had one final walk to give with only 400m to go.
Barely crawled over the line to stop the clock in 2.58:09 into the waiting arms of C.T , Macca, Heyden and Jeet, absolutely spent and didn’t know if I wanted to stand, collapse as I was staggering around like Tommy Highnam on a night out I heard Erika’s name being boomed out as she wasn’t far behind me.

It’s a long time since I’ve run a marathon, as I can’t really count Berlin last year as I wasn’t pushing the pace, and I had forgotten how hard they bloody are. It’s amazing how you encounter every emotion going over the 3 hours, feeling good one minute, shocking the next, enjoying the occasion then promising yourself never to do another.

My 5k splits were;
5k   20.00 (4 min ks)
10k 20.04 (4.01s)
15k 20.03 (4.01s)
20k  20.13 (4.03s)
25k 20.25 (4.05s)
30k 20.46 (4.11s)
35k 22.56 (4.36s)
40k 22.48 (4.35s)
 2k  10.07 (4.23s)

 A day to recover and think about the run, looking back I’m very happy to be back running sub 3hrs and stoked to have a 2.58 against my name, Disappointed with the last 12ks and its certainly not how I envisaged the latter stages of finishing the race. My long runs, although very consistent every week were perhaps a little short on distance, With many of the others hitting 34- 36ks I was only hitting around 30 -32 each week.

As for the team, it was a mixed bag, the successes without a shadow of a doubt were the girls , Erika and Sonya both with massive PBs and Pommy Paul who ran the race of his life to stop the clock in 3.05:17 after a real solid training block,  C. T delivered with his 2.34 and overtook Quentin who didn’t have the best of days and faded badly over the last 10ks,  My talk on Stoke City must have proved fruitful for roomy Andy Heyden who run nearly the perfect race to beat Macca home as well in 2.38:06. Macca had a good run but will be upset he lost the title of Irelands fastest marathoner of the year by a mere 4 seconds to Enda Stankard , that will mean the Galway boy will be telling everyone for the next 2 months all about it. Still. I think many within the HuRTS club will know who the real #1 is
Times were;
C.T 2.34:07
Heyden 2.38: 06
Macca    2.38.37
Quentin 2.41.50
Jeet         2.53:07 (PB)
Timmy    2.58:07
Erika        2.58:36 (PB)
Birchy     3.05:17 (PB)
Sonya     3.09:27 (PB)
Benny    3.15:30
Justin    D.N.F

Barts   71.20
Anto   82.39
Sammy 86.08
Olivia    1hr.45

Timmy’s run of the Day – Erika, brilliant effort and to break sub 3 hours is something to be proud of. I knew once she broke away from those North Shore boys and joined the East team great things would surely follow.
Talking of which, without team captain Tommy H the north boys crumbled, with ‘Q’ blowing up, Macca not even getting the #1 Irish tag, Benny Boys shocker and Justin deciding at 30ks he’d had enough for the day it wasn’t what was expected.  Meanwhile the East gang enjoyed the spoils, with PBs the order of the day. Looks like we may have a few new faces by the time the next marathon comes around at this rate? All the banter and $h!te talk every Sunday morning must do something when it comes to relaxing you for the big races?

After a quick freshen up it was back to the important stuff, caught up for a few ales with the north shore team before they took an afternoon flight back to Sydney then celebrated in fine style throughout the day with Birchy putting on the style not only with his fancy hairdo but pushing the boat out with his spanking NEW brogue shoes.
The day was getting messy , and after a bite to eat it was left to the hardcore, C.T, Birchy, Jeet, Sammy and I to lower the tone and hit the local Irish bar to finish of a top day.
Woke this morning feeling as ‘rough as Tarzans feet’ and had to endure a stressful Birchy all over town as we raced to meet a waiting taxi to get us to the airport in time for our flight back to Sydney.

Bets for the day – Even split , lost to C.T (with 20 mins) and Jeet (with 3 minutes) although got my own back on Birchy and probably the best one , Sonya after giving her 11 minute start – beat her by about 18 seconds that will now see her in a costume of my choice at the next Striders race at Lane Cove.  She already had a tutu out for me had she won.

Another great tour from the HuRTs team , the final one for the year although we do have the presentation evening to come in November that will bring the team together once again.

Will rest up a little over the next week or so , but still want to keep the training up as I want to run the final Striders 10k and this year’s J.P Morgan event in November to hopefully finish the year on a high.

A few pics from the weekend.

Pre race Carbo dinner with the team.

Not sure who is holding who up here? with Jeet, Birchy and Skippy Heyden.

Birchy proudly displaying his NEW dancing shoes.

Jeet, PB time and also gets to take another $20 from me. I can see us having some good battles over the next 12 months.

The Eastside happy team , with Sonya, Greta, Jeet, Oliva & Sam and Birchy enjoying those post race beers

Well done to everyone.


Saturday, October 4, 2014

Almost There....Last Sunday Long Run.

Last long Sunday run before Melbourne next week , and up for the 6.30am start that saw Enda, C.T , Sammy Johnson, Sonya and Barts of all people make the effort for the early start despite losing the extra hour due to day light savings.
Normal 6k loop to begin and talk soon turned to Striders run with Barts giving it large ones that he would have got 3rd place- although it didn’t take long before Enda and I soon shot that idea  down.
Worked around 4.39 pace before returning to the café to pick up Jeet and Birchy who decided they  wanted the extra love in …I mean lay in for 30 minutes and we were soon away for the 10k loop. Pace picked up slightly here and I could feel the heaviness in the legs as we were ticking of 4.30s to return to the café for the 2nd time in 45 minutes.
The boys/girls were then just keen to get the 20k done but I had wanted the faster finish and once more called on Enda to help out and we then proceeded to do one flat lap at 4 min/ks similar to last week.
Again was feeling pretty good even managing a conversation as we went around to returned in 14.20 – 3.55 pace (14.29 last week)
Temps were already starting to get pretty high at this point in the morning and was glad to be finished at 20k for the day.. No idea of overall time and pace today as the GPS packed in around the 17k mark
Busy morning in there and I even saw and chatted to old Flakey (Paul Brunning ) who was just running a little late or would have joined us,
To cap the morning off just as I was about to have coffee who should I see run past but none other than Stevie T and Old Kanser , and this after Kanser telling me only yesterday that he never runs with the ‘Wildman’ after I quizzed him…. Busted.

Went down to Cloey beach after for a dip and a few ‘In’s and outs’ with Sonya and Sam to help with recovery on a bloody hot day. Perfect day for it, and can only get better with a few afternoon ales watching the footy, helped by knowing we have a public holiday tomorrow. Birchy already promised me he’s coming out BUT NOT drinking …. what’s all that about? Told him he’ll never run a PB if he starts to go all serious on us J

So that just about wraps another marathon prep up , it’s been a good couple of months certainly helped with the guys and girls being very consistent every Sunday to help tick those big ks off. The team really are in good shape so let’s hope they get the rewards for it.
Later in the week, I’ll give out MY predictions and tips for the race…..just pray Erika isn’t reading, wouldn’t want to put any extra pressure on her like what the ‘Chairman’ did in the week J

Disappointing night in the footy so the less said about it the better.

HuRTS fastest man - Stevie T enjoying the sunshine in the park on a Sunday morning - hang on, is that old Kanser next to him after telling me he doesn't run with him at any time?
Kanser, consider your next time/bet with me OFF SCRATCH


Striders 10k Homebush 37.15

Snagged a lift from neighbour Stevie ‘Wildman’ Thurston out to Homebush for the 9th Striders 10k race and he was like a cat on a hot tin roof constantly asking (certainly NOT worried) wondering if the Chairman Tommy H would rock up seeing that they had staked a bet and Stevie was certainly keen for a collect today.
Perfect morning for a run early doors and a decent turnout was on show with the North Shore boys well represented when about a dozen of them jumped out from the ‘Highnam Hilux’ bus including Macca, Dickie Green, Justin, Benny Boy, Craig Mac and a host of others.
Usual banter on the start line and we are off, settled OK and  went through the first k too fast (as normal) in 3.27 alongside Macca and Justin. Had a bit of a chat with Macca who tells me he is out to run 36.40 ( 3.40 pace) in preparation for next week’s Melbourne Marathon so I think ‘Beauty’ I’ll sit with him for the next 30 odd minutes.
Worked well as we past Benny Boy (who went out far too hard) at about 2.5ks and we soon came around for the first loop in good time of 18.15 .
No sooner had we come out the car park for the second time and I felt the temps or more precise the humidity rise big time and my pace dropped dramatically once the 6k went by.  The boys gapped me at this point of the race and was surprised then when Skippy Heyden joined me at 7k. Many a negative thought went through my head as I battled along the back path and around the common but was happy to hang in without anyone apart from Skippy actually coming past me at any stage.
Crossed the line in 37.15 – once again slightly disappointed with the overall time as I thought I was on for a 36.40 even at the 6k mark of the race, but faded and lost about 30-40 seconds from there on. Still I think everyone was battling to hold on at that stage as it was that kind of day and the fact nobody overtook me was pleasing.
Just checked my splits and they were:
3.27, 3.40, 3.33, 3.37, 3.45, 3.36, 3.46, 3.47, 3.43, 3.44

So a decent final hit out 8 days out from Melbourne and now will rest up and take it easy till then. Have an easy 20ks tomorrow that should feel like a walk in the park after all the 30k plus runs over the past 2 months.


Congratulations to Stevie T who took out the overall win today – the man is all class, and goes without saying he took Toms cash in the process, and gets the ‘Timmy run of the Day for his efforts.
Talking spondoolies, you’ll be pleased to see ‘Young Timmy’ can eat this week when he cleaned up on EVERY bet laid for the race. Don’t actually like winning by default ( a NO SHOW) ..but its Tommy H’s rule and who am I to argue? So the winning bets were,
Tommy H $20 He gave me a 3.55 start – won with 10 seconds to spare (he run 33.31)
Enda S       $20 He gave me a 3.00 start – won with 60 seconds to spare (He run 35.16)
Kanser      $20 I gave him a 45 second buffer – he was a N/S
Fats           $50 He gave me 2.00 mins start – he was a N/S
Cement   $20 I gave him a 75 second buffer – he was a N/S ( but agreed to roll it till November –that’s the type of guy I am )

Big night tonight in the footy, Stoke travel north to Sunderland,
Timmy’s Tip – take the draw 2-2

A few photos from this morning

Just about to cross the line at the 10k mark - not pretty.

More hills - who said this course was flat - just coming back up to the bus lane.

Enda "Oh NO not again, i've lost another $20 in losing bets to Timmy"

L-R, Stevie T, Enda, A.N.Other, Macca, Craig, Tommy H, Justin, Dickie and Benny Boy.

With HuRTS #1 Female, Renee, North Shores #1 Tommy H, Eastside #1 Timmy and a homeless shirtless guy - not really sure where he fits in?

Happy Couple - HuRTS #1 Female Renee with 'Kenny.

The North Shore Mafia - Dickie Green in good form, Justin very solid although Benny Boy (even with his black socks) blew a gasket at 2.5ks