Saturday, May 30, 2015

Sunday Long Run - 20ks

Rolled up for the 6.30am start to fine not a soul around, very strange and had thoughts I may have to knock out the long run solo until Pommy Paul Birch came running down the hill soon after. A few more joined us but none of the regular Sunday big crowds that we have been getting of late. A team (mostly girls) went out yesterday, and with C.T on hols, Enda away and one or two others injured we really were down to the bare bones today.
Started off nice and easy and was happy to see the ‘Leech’ join us for the morning after about 500m, knocked out the first 6k in a pedestrian pace of 4.53 per/k (29.12) before picking the next 10ks up for the longer loop.
The 10 were done in 46.10 ave 4.37, I then called on the boys for one faster 4k loop to finish with.  Felt OK as I basically just tucked in behind the Leech the whole way as we completed the flat 4k in 15.38 – ave 3.55s (3.53, 3.50, 3.59, 3.57)
20ks done in 91 mins – average for the day was 4.33
Didn’t exactly feel great to begin but worked my way into it I suppose and was happy with the way I was able to finish it off.

Good to see Glen back running with us after a long absence, he worked well and was actually working in front of Leech and I for the 4k finish.

As good as it was to run with the Leech, I had to endure his TRASH talk all morning and his bleating about getting beat in the recent Churchill Cup, It was that bad he was even trying to get Jerome (who joined us this morning ) a FRENCHMEN to be part of the Irish team based on the fact he has an Irish girlfriend can you believe? Shameful behavior

Pommy Paul was looking strong as he carried on to do his 36ks, even saw Kanser out later in the morning who I hear helped in for the final 18k.

Just out for a few Sunday arvo pints, unfortunately I’ve got to head to the ‘Dark Side’ over the bridge to Manly for them though as Tommy H, Taffy and the Boys don’t seem to travel that well.
Should be a good afternoon mind, just pray Tommy H doesn’t embarrass himself by regaling stories about his past football career.

Rest day tomorrow, although will head in for the Monday recovery swim


Friday, May 29, 2015

Saturday Meander

Busy Saturday morning but as I am in need of some ks I was keen to stay in the park after work in order to get some mileage up for the week. Very easy to be honest and basically just averaged around 4.47 per/k for 11.5ks.
Nothing really to report, saw Sonii and Corky O’Connor at various times knocking out 30k plus long run, and run a few ks with Ronan’s wife Niamh along the way.
FA Cup tonight between Master Sweeney’s Arsenal  vs.  Enda’s Aston Villa boys, should be a good game, won’t get much sleep as I need to be running at the park at 6.30am in the morning.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Tempo & Time Trial Time - 1k 17.24

Started the day with an easy 7ks with Greta Truscott and her group around Centennial Park before deciding that I needed to do some tempo work in order to try to get back into shape.
Only 5k but was working hard enough and even as early as the 2nd k I was feeling the effects, tried to not force it but found the 2nd half very tough.  Stopped the clock bang on 5ks on 19.10 averaging 3.50s
Once all done spotted POD plodding around and found time for a good chat with Irelands #1 Trlathlete who offered up some good tips for me if I venture into a half Ironman later in the year?
12ks for the morning.

Lunchtime it was into the PAP for the monthly 1k swim time trial, Smallest turnout ever with only 4 starters on the blocks but I knew I was never a chance. Even taking into account my holiday I was rorted again on the handicap system – How does one swim 17.05 last month, goes on holiday with no swimming since then gets given a new handicap of 16.50????..... Work that one out.
Anyway with no one to swim off I battled my way through and the final 300m was ugly to say the least as I stopped the clock in 17.24
Congrats to Coach/ Handicapper Pete Walker on taking out the Golden Duck for the month who swum an impressive 14.25

Busy weekend ahead, the showpiece of English footy is on with the FA Cup final between Arsenal and Aston Villa, can’t see the Gunners slipping up here and I can see them running away it as Villa will need to try to push the attack and open the game up.
Timmy’s tip: Arsenal  3 vs. Aston Villa 1. And take Giroud to be first goal scorer

Will have to get out for a long run on Sunday with the team and will then head over to Manly for a few ales to celebrate my Mediocre Cup (English footy comp) win with Tommy H, Taffy James and a few of the others.

Have a good weekend
Train well, stay safe

5 x 1k Reps rolling every 5 minutes

Back with the team after a 10 day break over in Thailand that is  the ‘Land of Smiles’ and it was down to Rushcutters for the 6 x 1k reps on a  cracker of a day that was more like spring then winter with 23 degree temps.
Knew it was going to be more than a battle since not running a step since the SMH Half and decided early on that I was only going to try for 5.
Good show with all the top boys around, and nice to see the finest of the HuRTS females as well in Erika Ekland, Laura and Renee back with us.
Pretty much just tucked in with Angus for the first rep and rolled around in 3.24, although in truth I was blowing hard and it felt more like a 3 minute k. Did the same on the 2nd rep and was joined by the Leech and was really working hard come the 3rd rep as the rolling 5 minutes was coming around all too fast.
I was already in survival mode by the 4th and basically just did my best to even get the 5th done as the rest of the boys went on to do the full 6 that was on the program.
Times for the day, 3.24, 3.23, 3.26, 3.29. 3.36

Amazing what 10 days of no training can do, but surely wasn’t helped by the constant supply of food and alcohol consumed whilst away. Will put in a solid 2 weeks now in order to regain some sort of fitness before I head away for another ‘Mikeylike’ well earned break once again in mid June.

Didn’t get time before I went on my travels  to write a SMH Half report – although in truth it was very disappointing and there weren’t many positives or encouraging signs to write anything of note. Still, many at training today (especially ‘the Hoester’) are demanding it so I will pencil a report and post sometime tomorrow.

BIG NEWS of the Day, was the revelation that Chairman Tom has doubled his blog readership after Angus Boyd today confirmed that he actually reads the ‘Times like’ journal (the other sado being The Italian Stallion Durante)

Back in the pool tomorrow for the monthly 1k time trial – another killer session no doubt.


HuRTS Lost & Found File,
 Lost one Churchill Cup, last seen in the Golden Sheaf Hotel at 9pm on the evening of the SMH Half with Sonya Van Beek & Laura James drinking out the famous trophy, if found please return to me or deliver direct to level 16 of the Allen’s office (English Headquarters) in the city.

Part of the winning English Churchill Cup squad, Pommy Paul, Chairman Tommy H, and Champagne Charlie.

Tommy H and I love to celebrate.

The Cup last seen with Van Beek and James.

The Fashion Police were back out for the post race drinks with the Tea Towel boys in action. Tried to keep the heads out of shot to save any further embarrassment. No sign of regular tea towel contributors Heyden and Fattorini but Jeet, Birch, Pearson and Highnam kept the flag flying for them.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Churchill Cup winners 2015 - England.

A full report to come , but in short…………. The Churchill Cup is coming home, Yes after a victory by the English boys the Cup will be returning to its rightful place on level 27 of the ‘Allen’s’ office
Congrats to all involved, Tommy H, Skippy Heyden, Darren Jordan, Anto Yule, Tony Fattorini, Craig Bell, Birchy and I was only there for the numbers.

All details to come soon, but off now for a pint or two to celebrate.

OK Kids, happy faces back on .... the Cup will be back home tonight.


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

HuRTS 7 x 400m (Rolling every 2 mins)

After the coldest morning of the year that saw me freezing my b@lls off standing poolside at 6am I eventually thawed out enough to get over to Rushcutters Oval for the 7 x 400m session with the lads.
Smaller turnout today due to the SMH Half on the weekend although the big guns were out, including Barts, Tom and Crossy Lad, and good to see MrAce, Charlie and ‘Sammy the Salmon Johnson all giving it a go.
First rep is always tough and was happy to go through in 74 and would have been happy to get them all done around the same time. Found myself working 4th wheel behind Barts, Tom and Crossy through reps 2,3,4 before Irishman Burkey started to fire up and push ahead. Had a bit of a shock then on the 6th rep when Sammy J flew past on the inside – Geez, ‘Inside Lane Kane’ may have a bit of competition for future sessions, that saw him almost go straight up the cricket square.
Held pretty well throughout to keep an even pace, although I won’t get too excited as it was only 7 reps for a distance of 2.8ks
Rep times, 74, 73, 72, 73, 73, 73, 72.

Some of the lads then went on and did the 2nd part of the normal session that sees a 3k tempo, but I followed the Chairman and Barts lead and just rolled around for 1k at 4 minute pace.

Happy enough with that and once again I seem to be getting the training done without too many problems, just need to be able to convert the times in races.
Will rest up now, got an appointment at the best Acupuncture place in the business tomorrow over at Bondi so hopefully that will help me more in time for Sunday.


Monday, May 11, 2015

Manly..... A bit on the nose.

Lovely day to kick off the week and down to the PAP for a dip, Speedy Élan led the lane followed by Walker, Angus, Crossy Lad and a return by Champaign Charlie whom I just sat on his feet the whole way (well for the 800m he did before departing).
Felt OK again and sat on 3.10s for the 200s, and thanks to Crossy I was able to sit on 1.30s for the 100 metre efforts, although he did get upset when I pulled the pin at 4 instead of 5.

4 x 10 minute efforts on program and after headman Mikey gave everyone a pat on the back during his speech for everyone’s efforts last Thursday we were off.
Tough session this is at the best of times and with Sundays race coming around I wanted to do 2 x hard and 2 at an easier pace. Massive turnout with everyone getting some last minute training in. Went out hard on the easier first rep and surprised managing to hang on to the back of the Irish pair Enda and #1 Macca pulling up just short of the Opera Gates at 3.30 per/k pace. Harder on the return and as early as Mrs. Macs Chair the lads had created that gap on me. Tried to hang in but was way short of the Stone Gates in getting back only reaching the Mad Jock sculpture some 100m shy.
Decided to run the 3rd rep with Mikey and his Merry Men who were running at 4 min/ks, nice little group and somehow towards the end I noticed both Barts and Tommy H were also on the bus. A bit of banter during the break and basically just held slightly quicker to return in under 10 minutes.
Good session and pretty happy with that, The 3.30 pace was way too fast and perhaps the 4 mins was too slow- hopefully I can hold sub 4s for the whole 21k come Sunday?

Saw former #1 Andrew ‘Tucks’ Tuckey floating around Centennial Park this morning, taking in all the FRESH AIR that the east brings in. Seemed to be doing his own press release before his big race in the Mountains over 100ks. We don’t normally see him over this way, might need to chase him up to see if he wants to join the Eastside Elites for the Sunday runs?
Talking about fresh air, it appears as if all is not so rosy over the NOTB, Found this little article over the weekend. Hardly surprises me.

Tucks (Yellow shirt) in Centennial Park this morning before he takes his Bushwalking Tour out West on Saturday.

So it’s not just the Pittwater Road fumes the NOTB boys have worry about, It seems it’s a little ‘on the nose’ around the Chairman’s Manor?. Don’t have these problems around the glorious East.

Two of HuRTS finest, One with massive potential, and the other has a 27 minute 10k to his name. Many thanks to Benny St Lawrence who came down to one of my groups to offer some last minute tips before Sundays SMH Half.


Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day Long Run.

Rolled out early for the 6.30am start but a bit of a mishmash today due to Mothers Day, with Laura and Elzy joining us later, Sonii, catching us at half way, Birchy taking it easier (running at 5 min ks),and no sign of Jeet or ‘the Sweaty Sock. It basically meant I was running at the front with only C.T and Enda for company, although Hoey also appeared and knocked out a few ks with us and was good company – especially when he started giving Tom’s blog a serve.
After a late night cooking up a storm and watching some footy I was tired as we knocked out the regular 6ks before the bigger 10k loop was all done around 4.30 pace. Surprisingly at 16ks C.T called it a day (preparing for his 100k next week), Enda departed, and both the Shire girls left to rejoin the Mothers Day Classic Fun run in the Domain.
I had planned only 20 today myself with a fast last 4k flat lap finish but when Sonii came cruising in wanting to do more ks I was happy just to float around at a more sedate pace to complete the mornings work.
20ks total average 4.35s in 91 minutes
First 6ks; 4.52, 4.41, 4.49, 4.38, 4.35, 4.37
Next 10k; 4.28, 4.23, 4.28, 4.30, 4.23, 4.32, 4.32, 4.27, 4.26, 4.34
Last 4ks: 4.40, 4.43, 4.50, 4.19

Ticking along all OK , pretty big week done and will have a good session Tuesday before easing off before next Sundays S.M.H Half

Great night in the footy, Stoke battered Spurs to get to the magical 50 points for the season, and even better I officially take out the Mediocre Cup Comp, looks like another afternoon on the drinks care of the boys.

Rest Day tomorrow, but will try to get down for the Monday swim.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Special Mums out there.


On the first run of the day, must have been early as form is still OK, Notice Warrior Charlie in the background in his fancy dress suit.

Laura was to follow in her first stint and was supported by Mikey and I

Friday, May 8, 2015

Relay Team Win at PAP

Spent the morning down at Martin Place for the end of the ‘OutRun’ Cancer event before breaky with Tom and Enda. Then on to the PAP for the Friday swim with the team.
Wasn’t really looking forward to it after a big day yesterday but once in I felt fine and ready to go. The pace was honest but I just did the English version of the Leech today and just sat on Eoin’s feet for the duration of the set.
All 5 x 200s were done between 3.06 and 3.09 and the 5 x  100s around the 1.30 mark – probably as good as I’ve ever knocked out.
Finished off with the team relay and paired with Angus (yes I gave him another chance) we actually took the title today for the 400m beating Crossy Lad & The Leech in a blistering time of 5.34.

Big weekend planned , really want to go long on Sunday and knock out 25k plus again in preparation before next week’s SMH Half. Although I do have a social event on Saturday, let’s hope I can have some self control for once.
On the footy front, the Mighty Potters are back at the Fortress ‘Brit’ against the ‘Yid Boys’ Tottenham.  Tough game but one that I think we can take the 3 points that will see us over the magic 50 mark and more importantly see me win the famous ‘Mediocre Cup’ that Taffy, Heyden, Stankard, Agnew and Highnam are all involved in.
Timmy’s Tip – take Stoke 2 vs. Spurs 1
Only 3 rounds to go , getting exciting at the bottom of the table, and looks like Skippy Heyden’s QPR have already gone BUT surely Tommy H’s boys Newcastle can’t join them …….. can they ??

Have a great weekend
Train Well, Stay Safe
And DON’T forget your Mother this Sunday J

OUTRUN CANCER 24 HRS with the Team

What a 24 hours that turned out to be.
Finished work around 11ish then run into town from the Park  for the 24 hour nonstop ‘Out Run Cancer’ Charity event to see Mikey just starting his 60 minute shift on the bike, whilst Tuckey was doing likewise on the 30 minute treadmill.
It was only mid day and yet the faster HuRTS team had already knocked out a 2.14 combined effort to run a marathon (Barts, C.T , Hoey,  and Quentin)  and it basically set the tone for the next 20 hours or so. I watched in admiration at Tuckey rolling out 3.05ks and then I was set to go, started at a steady 3.45 pace myself only to be told by manager Matt Kaley that more was required. After 7 minutes I started to get the hang of it and picked the pace up and was soon running faster than I have in recent races at 3.35s, with a final 10 minute burst of sub 3.30s to record 8.4ks for my 30 minutes.
Was very lucky to have Laura sharing the stage with me and she followed, as we both tried to lift each other’s efforts, she went well and finished with 8ks to her name to add to the overall total.
I was already feeling the effects of the first run and thought I was going to struggle to even start the next but held a steady pace of 3.39s to begin and worked it down over the next 20 minutes. Despite having great support all through I was hanging in for dear life towards the end and I was searching for the clock and asking how long to go with 6 minutes remaining.  It did actually cross my mind that I could become the FIRST person to DNF at one point but with Laura finding the secret sweet stash it was enough to get me home. Covered another 8.4ks in total that I was more than happy to manage.
No time to rest once done as Laura was back on the treadmill and I was to follow ‘The Gangster’ Jason Ibrahim on the bike for the next hour,
Basically just spun the legs over and was happy to have Pete Walker, Jason and Champ pass the time with me, and then Sammy the Salmon and Renee also came to offer some nice support.
I felt I’d been on the bike a week only to see 12 minutes had passed and still had plenty to do, Managed to hold 110 + RPM for the remainder and covered over 42ks in total.
Wrecked at the end and then still had to get back to Centennial for a couple of hours more work.

So I was done for the day but there were still some 15 hours remaining as the Chairman Tommy H came for his shift in his now famous ‘Milk Tray’ Black Skivvy that he seems to wear everywhere. What is wrong with the man? I think he’s lost it recently…… still it gives the rest of the team some amusement. I actually had people come to me asking if Tom had lost a bet during his 30 minutes.

As I relaxed for the evening on Pizza and Beer and slept like a baby, the true HuRTS Hero’s were out doing the hard yards on the ‘Graveyard Shift’ during the early hours. Take a bow Pommy Paul Birch,  Gangster Jason, Matt Kaley, Jono and Inkson (?) who at 2am were smashing out mighty efforts.
With about 2 hours  remaining the team had dropped slightly under our goal time of 400ks, and it was time for the BIG boys to return to the fray, First up was Hoey, then Barts, who passed the baton to Tom, and finally Tucks for the last 30 minutes to try to get us back on track. All were forced to do roughly 9.4ks which wasn’t going to be easy.  But we are not known for out softness and if you had to put your last 50 cents on one person to get you over the line then many wouldn’t go past  Andrew ‘Tucks’ Tuckey.
As the clock counted down, our overall total edged over the magic 400ks mark and as the TRUE man of the hour (or is that 24 hours?) LUCA TURINI also picked the pace up, 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 . with barely a dry eye in the house and over 210ks to his name he was done. Absolutely remarkable effort, and I honestly don’t know how he did it. He seemed fine once all done and to plenty of support not only from the HuRTS guys but many people on the way to work he took the time out to thank everyone for the support shown on his journey.
Luca Turini you are  a LEGEND mate.

Just on the ‘OutRun’ Charity event the HuRTS team did, I think it’s fair to say that over the years we have  had some incredible results, from outright wins, team victories, cracking social nights but I doubt if any have brought the team together in such a success as what the  past 24 hours have?
Quiet breathtaking watching it all come together and everyone getting involved, not only the runners and cyclists but just the support as well.  Many thanks to everyone for taking part, and in particular Matt Kaley for his constant updates and run listing getting us all in order, Mikey for doing the same on the bike leg, Already  mentioned  the ‘Graveyard folk, But old mate ‘Dracula Birchy (only comes out at night) really excelled.
Personal highlights , watching everyone working hard all the whilst trying to smile and look good.
Quentin knocking out two 30 minute stints of 9.8 & 9.7k efforts
Watching The Gangster and Pete Walker either side of my bike leg, absolutely smash it with nearly 50ks done in the  60 minutes.
Seeing Tommy H’s Milk Tray skivvy in daylight at Martin Place.
Warrior Charlie in full ‘FLASH ‘ outfit for 60 minutes during his bike leg.

Some of the details for the team:
400.13km in 24 hours - a great team result; really something.  
Other milestones were:
  • Marathon in 2.14.20
  • 100 km in 5.31
  • 100 miles in 9.01
  • 200 km in 11.20

...and over $12,000 raised.
Individual results below:

Many  photos done and will post up and make a special album to mark the occasion
Well done girls and guys

The Man behind it all - Luca Turini, 24 hrs NON STOP, amazing effort.

Costume of the Day - Charlie D as Mr Flash.

Having a go , must have been early as i wasn't looking like this for the final 6 minutes.

..and on the bike leg, flanked by hotshots Jason' Gangster' Ibrahim and Pete Walker.

Lady Laura, always smiling and offered me great support when i most needed.

Mikey got a late call up and impressed with a solid 8ks in 30 minutes.

and not to be left out , the 'Milk Tray Man' made a late afternoon appearance.


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Wednesday PLOD with POD

Easy morning and after about 6ks I run into the BRAT Hardmen running around that was Ireland’s #1 .. Triathlete POD, J.C and ‘Excuses Enda’ who has taken Saturday’s defeat very hard as he’s still moaning about it and the fact that Macca is the undisputed #1 in the ‘Green Corner’
Had to endure plenty of flak from the boys about my own substandard performance on Saturday, but suppose as I give plenty its only right I take my own medicine in return.
12.5ks in total all up.

Only 11 days before the SMH Half and still NO word out of the Irish camp about their team – very disappointing effort from them in truth. I know captain Stankard is away but the response has been pathetic. Still, with no team submitted it looks like an English win by default that we will have to take? It’s not in the manner we want to win but what can you do?
I think this will be the final year of the Churchill /Sands Cup if that’s all they can offer, and we may have to get a NEW concept up for season 2016 with the stronger Aussie team for the renamed  Cook / Kelly Trophy. It will certainly be a lot tougher to win for our boys up against Truscott, Bartlett, Tuckey and the likes but hey, we are always up for a challenge.

Tomorrow is the Cancer 24 hour Charity Challenge, all the boys have been called to run/ cycle for a period of 24 hours in total , I’ve been called for two 30 minute stints on the treadmill  and then have to find another 60 on the bike. Should be a bit of fun and I’ll go in early to offer a bit of moral support for some of the team who are on before me.


Monday, May 4, 2015

2 x 5k Tempo's at Centennial Park.

Hectic morning working and fending off constant texts from Enda about the pressure of being the #1 Irishman meant  I wouldn’t have time for the lunchtime session with the boys so was forced to go it alone in the park for the dreaded tempo.
One lap 4k warm up then decided on doing 2 x 5k tempo efforts. The course is the one I do my 5k t/t on and the first half is easier until you hit the 3k mark where the hill hits you and then again about 4.2ks.
After a massive weekend of racing, long runs and even bigger Sunday arvo session that saw the mother of all hangovers yesterday  I wasn’t exactly feeling the joys of spring before the start, still it had to be done and before long I was out going through the first k in 3.44. Knew it was too fast and eased off a bit after that, although by the time the hill arrived the pace had eased anyway. Got to 5ks in a solid 19.07 that I was happy with (3.50 average) and now the key was trying to hold for a second time around?
A 3 minute recovery break and part 2 was under way. The first half was much the same but just like in recent races the wheels came off around the 4th and 5th as I was to lose roughly 13 seconds for the same section compared to the first rep to stop the clock in 19.21
Reps time and splits;
1.       19.07 (3.44, 3.48, 3.56, 3.52, 3.46) Ave 3.50s
2.       19.21 (3.47, 3.48, 3.55, 3.56, 3.55) Ave 3.53s

14ks done for the morning and happy to get that out the way.

Although I wasn’t at the HuRTS lunch session there has been talk and rumors about the Chairman’s position within the HuRTS hierarchy? Not been seen for an age now and  has left many questioning his commitment to the team? Some of the cynics have maybe suggested we may need a new man at the helm? Although the self promotion of one Enda Stankard doesn’t really carry much weight by many. It will be interesting  to see what Mikey’s take is on the matter  when I catch up with him at the AGM on Thursday during the Charity Event.
Stand by for some big news to prevail.

Is the popular crown starting to slip on our Chairmans time at the top?


Saturday, May 2, 2015

Sunday Long Run - 24ks

Even after a hard run yesterday it still didn’t stop the Eastside crew from the usual Sunday long run , with State Champion Eloise, C.T, Enda, Birchy, Jeet, J.C, Renaud, Razor, Super Kev(and his brother) all ready to roll at 6.30am and let’s not forget the NEW 40.20 official pacer Laura James who was to take major teasing for her efforts yesterday in failing to run the nominated time (*for the record I did support her all morning)
After a steady first k and sledging a plenty the pace was pretty strong for the regular 6k loop, we were then out for the 10k circuit, You need thick skin to run with us these days as the barrage of abuse continued. Laura continued to cop it and it was suggested she is the first nomination for the ‘Under Achiever of the Year’ award come the HuRTS presentation, Enda copped it (as usual) about Macca spanking him, even Eloise wasn’t exempt after allowing some ageing Geordie bloke to beat her yesterday. All the while Poor Birchy was moaning about what the rain was doing to his new Tints in his hairdo.
I wasn’t feeling too bad throughout the run ,and at the 21k mark I asked Coach Elzy if she could pick the pace up and run the final 3 with me for a strong finish.  Happy to oblige we then kicked it back to the café running slightly over 4 min/ks to complete 24k for the morning averaging 4.29s in 1hr.47 mins
Had Kanser’s new super watch, checked all 24k splits for the morning;
4.52, 4.38, 4.40, 4.31, 4.29, 4.29, 4.37, 4.21, 4.30, 4.33, 4.29, 4.35, 4.36, 4.27, 4.20, 4.30, 4.36, 4.27, 4.30, 4.32, 4.23, 4.10, 4.08, 4.08
Happy with that, just need to do it more often and be more consistent with the long runs.

Heading out now for a few bevies to watch the ‘Big Fight’ Mayweather vs. Pacquiao, not a big boxing fan to be honest but I’ll be taking a peek over a few social ones with the lads for the afternoon
Rest day tomorrow, although will get a swim in at lunch

Laura James official 40.20 pacer - Checked her splits this morning , first k in 3.40, last faster then Eloise in 3.11 BUT still couldn't get home in under 40 mins.

Striders / State 10k Homebush - 37.29

The May Striders 10k also doubles up for the State 10 at Homebush always brings the masses out to Homebush and with a fast course it normally guarantees a few fast times &  PBs along the way – and today was no exception.
Rolled up early to be greeted by a massive queue just to collect the bibs, a few quick words to the powers that be  and Birchy ,Enda and I soon had ours on and were heading out for a warm up. Saw plenty of the team along the way and after a nervous wait/delay we were away.
Very fast start as everyone flew for the first km, I have a quick glance and see 3.23, far too fast and try to settle after that. Have ‘B Grade Binfield come past soon after and try to stay with him but soon realize he’s moving well and fall back as I see the 2nd km in 3.34
Pretty much hold on for the next two, and coming back up the hill at 4k I get a tap from Rich Mullaney who offers plenty of encouragement to go with him and sit on his shoulder. He helped big time on the tough section but unfortunately I wasn’t  able to go and that was the last I saw of him.
Julia Degan was the next just about half way and thought I could stay with her? Sadly another fail on that score , but I was trying to stay positive and even though I was struggling Jeet who was just in front never looked like getting away from me.
The final hairpin at 7k was pretty much the finish of me as I was battling just to hold 4 min/ks, and upon the turn I could see Pete Walker getting too close for comfort only about 20m behind. Tried to lift but had nothing and when that final hill comes that leads you back into the stadium I really had to dig deep to keep Pete at bay as I knew once back on the track I had the kick on him for the shorter stuff.
All in the head I reckon, as when I got to 200m to go I was able to kick for home and open the gap even more to finish in with 37.29

Very disappointed once more with the overall time, as I really thought today was going to be a sub 37 day? I’ve done the training BUT it’s certainly not showing in the races. Still, It is what it is and I won’t lose any sleep over it, there’s always other races and perhaps I’m just not as serious or as motivated by it all as I have been in the past?
What upset me was if I could have stayed with Richie M I would have got home in 36.12, or even at worse Julia Degan with 36.40… my predicted time.
Went through half way in about 18.15 but fell to pieces in the 2nd half as my 1k splits can testify;
3.23, 3.34, 3.33, 3.42, 3.49, 3.47, 3.50, 3.56, 3.57, 3.45
I will definitely continue with the tempo runs and see if I can improve any before the SMH Half in two weeks but will then take a month of whilst I head away for a Mikey ‘ Well Earned Break’

Some absolutely cracking runs out there today, the front two – Barts and Tommy H (PB) never disappoint running 32.04 & 32.07, Macca proved how tough he was and took out the Irish Crown again, the N.O.T.B boys/girls run well with Craig Mac, Justin, Erika  and Jamie Stewart all recording respectable times. The Leech will be happy as will Angus and there were PBs galore for the ‘The Sweaty Sock, Darren Jordan, and the big bloke Biggsy. Jeet was upset with his 37.00, Birchy (with NEW hair tints) was average, Hoey was below par, and #1 Renee couldn’t get under 40 minutes either.
As mentioned plenty of good runs but the Timmy run of the Day goes to the Biggsy on his 35.xx big PB – well done mate.

On the betting front – lost out once again to Tommy H despite having a 4.40 start,  took $20 from Kanser who never fronted and that was about it.
Just on that, Some of the boys really do need to take a good look at themselves – getting tired of many coming to me and wanting a big start/ or only offering me a small handicap. Spare me …. I’ve been working on me running 37.00 minutes (something I’ve not broke for over 12 months) and offer all bets on that time. Tommy H is the fairest man in the world – always offers a decent bet and despite me putting all his kids through school lately it’s NOT from being rorted, more me not holding my end of the bargain up.
I had the ‘Sweaty Sock’ following me around (like a bad smell) wanting 2 and even 3 minutes start from me today – I offered him 40 seconds then 60 and he still wouldn’t take it only then to finish some 38 seconds behind….WTF
Enda is another, (and the King of it) again I knew I would run 37.00 and him 35.15 – so offered 1.40 (and 1.55) , he didn’t take and runs 34.30…WTF
The Leech offered him 1.15 handicap, he didn’t take and runs 35.02 ….WTF
Pete Walker offered him scratch bet , he wanted 60 seconds, I beat him by 4 seconds ….WTF

The list goes on – so I have compiled a League of Shame, the Top 10
1.       Enda Stankard
2.       Micky Ho
3.       The Leech
4.       Craig Wiseman
5.       Richie Palmer
6.       Pete Walker
7.       Paul Hanley
8.       POD
9.       The Champ
10.   Crossy Lad (only offering me 3.30 on the last race – shocking)

Anyway on a lighter note, Tommy H despite not getting the Timmy Run of the Day, wasn’t going to come away from Homebush without some sort of accolade. The Fashion Crime of the Day’ …… See him rolling around the warm up in his ‘Slim Fit’ Milk Tray Black Sweater, OMG, what was he thinking?

Tommy H dressed today for the part of the new 'Milk Tray Man'

Some of the team (l-r) Macca, Bruce, Biggsy, Erika, Hoey, Timmy, Birchy, Laura, Justin, Enda, C.T, Kanser, Ana and Jeet.

HuRTS #1 and 2 - Renee and Erika - Sadly Erika can't claim the fastest in the household after hubby run 36.50

i must have known something pre race - with Run of the Day & King of the Rorters.... Biggsy and Enda.

A queue to pick up your big was bigger than what is seen at premier side Crystal Palace on a Saturday arvo.

Long run in the morning - back on the horse