Saturday, June 29, 2013

Soft Dogs and Englishmen.

With all my regular training partners absent, think Mikey (hols), Enda (Lions), Laura & J.C (Sat runners), Kanser (recovering from operation) , J-Fen (injured) and B' Grade (lining up for the Monorail) i was forced to put an S.O.S call out to the chairman late last night and get him to come over the bridge to join me for the Sunday long run.
Never one to let me down Tommy H and his trusty sidekick Dicky Green braved the big Sydney wet as we were the only ones in the park at 7.30 this morning. A loop of my 6k Woolarha Hill rep first up before leaving and heading down Ocean Street and onto the City to Surf course was the outward journey that included 'Heartbreak Hill'. Felt pretty good despite the deluge and made it up to Dover Heights (city to surf 10k mark) turning at 16k on the watch.
The heavens opened up even more coming back down the S's and even the local Dogs out walking were all rugged up and had there coats on that had Tommy H remarking that all the Dogs in the Eastern Suburbs must be soft :) Always good coming back down the hills and felt fine coming back along by Rose Bay although started to feel the pinch a little as i entered Double Bay(22ks) and the hill coming up to to Edgecliff was torture. The traffic lights were a Godsend and never been so pleased to see 'A little Red Man' stopping me from crossing(in fact i reckon i witnessed him 3 times before i decided to cross the main road) Another long stint back up Ocean Street before re entering the park and getting back to the cafe with 26.2ks all done in two hours bang on averaging 4.34s for the days work.
Tommy H who had gone ahead of me for the final 5ks carried on to do his customary 30ks for the morning, and was finishing right on cue for the Sun to come out and blue sky to appear.
Delighted to get that distance done and hopefully no problems with the Achilles, and just need to build on that for the next month or so.
Many thanks to the two boys for joining us this morning and keeping us company as without them i reckon i would have just plodded the park and called it quits once the heavy rain came along.

Disappointing result overnight with the Lions boys going down to the Aussies by a point,  Well played to the Skippy's and it now sets it all up for the final 3rd Test in Sydney next Saturday night.  Pretty ordinary game i thought (despite the result) with the game laden with errors. Can't really understand why so  many errors were made as it was a perfect night with not a drop of rain on the ground, no wind and a near perfect playing surface? - yet still the dropped balls and turnovers were very high.
Five changes were made for the 2nd test and after watching that i reckon at least another 3 need to be made as well, I'm a big fan of Davies in the centre but i reckon he got found out a little, Young's is not even good enough to get into my English side and well... the less said about Vunipola's performance the better.
Still we keep the faith and it's all to play for next week - early tip , take the lions by 6 :)

Lets hope this weather clears for a decent weeks training ahead

Friday, June 28, 2013

Totally Soft.

Famous words from swim mentor Pete Walker yesterday aimed at me when i missed the swim time trial due to the severe wet weather around town that prevented me from even getting to the pool.
It was a pretty poor excuse really not to swim but i couldn't get myself to cycle to the pool in the first place.
So it ended up a rest day in the end with nothing being done.

With 5 changes made to the line up, the British Lions go into tonight's 2nd Test just 80 minutes away from an historic victory. Lets just hope that history doesn't come back to repeat itself from 12 years back where we also won the first test only to lose the following two.
Still find it hard to believe we WON last week and yet still make 5 changes to the team? Although with HuRTS man John Bowe's son Tommy coming back into the side after his broken hand i am sure its a stronger team but the lose of O'Connell is huge.
I know you've been waiting for it all week but the Timmy's Tip is ....... Take the Lions for another win, this time by 10 points with Sexton for the first try scorer.
Enjoy the Game, C'mon the Lions :)

Have a good weekend

Thursday, June 27, 2013

HuRTS 1.2k Hickson Road Reps

Back for the original and best session (even if it does hurt) on the HuRTS calender that is the 1.2k reps down Hickson Rd and with J-Fen forced to serve his first week of suspension for his timing misdemeanour last week there was still a good turnout and good to see the Leech back as to the Mermaid.
Was a little concerned to see the Chairman Tommy H rock up a little the worse for wear and it looked (and smelt) as if he had come direct from nearby 'Jacksons on George' to join the team for the opening rep.
I was out for a rather quickish 10k this morning with a client and despite the Achilles feeling OK i wasn't sure how I'd go with this one today. Went out sharp and with a slight course variation once again that saw us some 60 metres short of the normal 1.2k i stopped the clock in 3.44 (3.21 pace)
Nearly fell over from the fumes on the second rep as Tom run beside me but was quicker in the process before starting to tire for the next couple, but still managed to hang in there for the last one and for the first time in ages felt i was actually striding it out with all 5 reps under 3.30 pace.
Times for each were. 3.44, 3.40, 3.46, 3.45, 3.47
Normally get 2 minutes recovery on each set but the new #1 Bartles wasn't having any of that and demanded we go on his 2 minutes meaning i was probably only getting 1.35s? Wait till Mikey hears about this. I think the fame has gone to Barltes head as i could never imagine former #1 and the peoples Champion Tucks ever reducing my recovery time :)

Sad news of the day was returning home to find that J-Fen is in the broken wing club going down with a case of Osteitis Pubis (O.P) that will now rule him OUT of Berlin unfortunately - A cruel blow but i do hope he will still come over for the trip as he's a good guy to have on the social front, Plus, It will also solve Tommy H's problem of getting his race drinks served to him that he was so worried about last week
Not to mention that he will still owe me two Steins from our bet :)

On the bright side i did actually see one David 'Kanser' Kane out running around the town after his latest Op today, so hopefully he is back on track and ready to begin his 12 week program. He's giving Enda a big start but I'm still confident he can beat him by at least 5 minutes over 42ks?

Huge congrats also to Fats who i hear got picked to run for Australia (WHAT?????) ....Yep, he got selected for his Mountain Run /Walking they do later in the year in Poland. Delighted for him although i did state that he would have to fore go running for England next year in the Half Marathon.
Talking of that, I see the Irish lads are still to settle there debts for the latest Churchill /Sands Cup from the S.M.H. Old 'B Grade Binfield  was on the phone to me demanding i get it sorted - so i best get on the case.

Tomorrow sees us back down the pool where coach Walker has lined up the 1k Swim Challenge on handicap. I've got rorted once more so will have to see how i go.

Here are the start times he has listed and estimated finishing time

Start time


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Slippy the Bush Clanger Roo

A weekend spent in QLD travelling to watch the Lions Boys in action in the first test match against the Aussie Wallabies. Went up on Friday and the town was a buzz with Red shirts on every corner and pub within the city. Magic atmosphere and the few hours before the game heading around Caxton Street was amazing, met up with Ronan who's hair had gone another 10 shades lighter for the occasion and his wife Niamh and shared an ale or two before heading into the ground.
Brissy in my opinion hosts the best ground to watch football in the country and with a build up of intense excitement things were at fever pitch even before a ball was kicked and we sensed something special was on the cards.
The next 80 minutes didn't disappoint either as both teams went hard at each other with the Lions holding on to secure a 23 - 21 win with wingers George North and Alex Cuthbert both scoring memorable tries that saw me out of the seat in a state of euphoria not seen since George Eastham scored the winning goal for Stoke in the 1972 League Cup Final.
Fair play to the Aussies though who i thought were superb, especially after losing as many as 3 players going off injured early and made it very difficult all the way for the boys (but they always do) and even in the dying minutes found a scrum that was good enough to win them a penalty that could have won them the game. Fortunately for us (and this is where today's title comes in) Young Kurtley Beale couldn't take a leaf out of Halfpenny's earlier efforts and kick the winner. I love the headline - typical English Journalism at its best and maybe i should get the guy to come on board and write for the 'TRASH' :)
So its down to Melbourne this week for the 2nd test and hopefully the Lions can wrap up the series there, Personally think they still have another 25% to give whereas I'm not sure the Aussie lads have much more in there armour?
The night was young once the match had ended and we celebrated long and hard into the wee early hours just like hopefully we do come the Sydney Test in a fortnight to make it 3 zip for the series.

Brothers in Arms - moments before the kick off.

Best Ground in the country to watch footy.

The after party - Spreading the Love of the Welsh.

Brisbane Airport with Man of the Match - the very talented Israel Folau.

Another Wallaby who came of second best when he tried to tackle a Lion - Pat McCabe ( a top bloke though)


5k Time Trial - E.S Marks

After a massive weekend spent in Brisbane watching the Lions (more to come on that later) i oohed and aahed all day deciding  if i was going to head down to E.S Marks for the monthly Time Trial that Enda's new coach for Berlin Angry Boy Clyde had put the call out for.
Despite feeling like Rat $h!te i ventured down and met Enda,Hardman J.C as well as Chairman Tommy H who had also graced us with his presence along with old time BRAT member Tony (I can talk under water) Golden.
With the Chairman on fire flying away from us early it seemed we were all running solo as Enda didn't take long to put daylight into yours truly. Managed to come through 2ks in 7 minutes but felt i really struggled from here on in. Only managed to hold a 3.45 pace for the remaining 3ks crossing the line for a 18.18 finishing time.
My splits were (approx) 3.24, 3.36, 3.44, 3.47, 3.43
Not great by any means but faster then last months 18.55 so I'll take that especially on the back of the weekends shenanigans.
As mentioned Tom run very well, as did Enda who also improved by over a minute on his last effort and J.C is shaping up for a good Gold Coast Marathon run finishing some 30(?) seconds ahead of me.
Hopefully looking ahead i can dip under the 18 minute mark come the next T/T that is on the end of July with a good 4 week block of training to come.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

BrisVegas Bound

A couple of quiet days since Tuesdays session, Went to go easy on the Wednesday but couldn't find Enda and the boys so seeing as it was also pouring down i decided to give it away. Thursday had intended to go into town but work called so it meant just a run around the park for 10ks (slow)
Still the extra few days rest should help as i wont be doing any running over the weekend as i head north to Master Sweeney's territory, I see the old bugger has been posting some great photos lately, so i might have to find the time and pay him a visit and introduce myself properly:)

Big weekend on with the 1st test for the Lions, Take the Timmy's tip and back the boys to win between 12 and 14 points, with Cuthbert to be the first try scorer

Have a good weekend

Monday, June 17, 2013

RED CARD - Jonathan Arnold Fenton (J.A.F)

In a HURTS first today (and no Mikey didn't shout the drinks in at the bar,or even J.C keeping his shirt on for the whole session) but something far more important that had the Chairman Tommy H running angry. Not seen Mr H so upset since 1996 when his Newcastle boys blew a 12 point lead over Utd that lead to the infamous rant from Kevin Keegan and it all started with one Jonathan Arnold Fenton (J.A.F) or J-Fen to his mates, who saw his moment of glory to call the shots for today's session. Unfortunately for J-Fen who was starting his reps even earlier (due to work meetings) he went before the gun and decided to start the HuRT session BEFORE the allotted time that saw half the team standing around scratching there b@ll$ wondering what and where everyone was during the first rep.
Anyway the Red Card was banished to J-Fen and now must await his hearing once Mikey gets back and the committee sets up its first Kangaroo Court.

So onto today's session that was 14 x 3 minute efforts, and i had decided early to try for 10 decent ones as the Achilles was feeling fine and was keen to give it a bit of a hit out.  Settled on the first running around 3.30 pace and made it 30 metres past the far side gates and picked it up slightly on the return leg.  The gang (who were on time) joined in on the 3rd rep and with fire still raging Tom flew by me as i sat just behind a group that included Razor Wareham and a few other guys who i don't actually know.
The Taffy lad James (running well) joined me for a couple and was wanting to chat about the Lions games but i wasn't up for any chit chat around this point of the session. Started to feel it around rep 7 but was keen to hang in there and was happy enough to manage to keep all the reps around the same pace.
Pace for each rep (covering around 870 metres) was;
3.30, 3.24, 3.23, 3.24, 3.23, 3.24, 3.24, 3.25, 3.25, 3.24

Had a good chat with Tom (who had finally cooled down at this point) on the way back to the office as we discussed all things Berlin, Agreed It seems to be coming around fast - and we need to get every one fit and on the start line as there are still some struggling with injuries.

Will be back out in the morning around Centennial where i will no doubt bump into the Hardmen fooling around.

Another big game tonight for sports fans as the Lions are in action again, this time against the Brumbies of ACT in the final warm up game before Saturday. Got a few injury concerns but should overcome even with a 2nd string team on the field.
Also see the Footballers are out in the final game to make Brazil for the World Cup Finals, Find it hard to get excited about them to be honest although i hope they make it for Slim Sammy Agnew's sake, who seems to get more excited about it all especially with his mate Holger at the helm (lets just hope he keeps his mouth shut in his post match interview this week)


First Red Card handed out to Fenton that could see him banished for 3 weeks?

Sunday, June 16, 2013

More of the Same.

Determined to get out again and log a few ks so decided to basically repeat the Saturday session minus the final 4ks. Worked the regular 10k Saturday loop in 44.45 (4.28s) then picked the pace up for the final 4ks. A little tougher then on the weekend with the guys and was struggling to hold 4 min ks coming in on 16.08 (4.02s)
Happy enough with that though and felt as if I was moving OK for 14ks in just over 61 minutes average pace being 4.22.
Had a client about an hour after so was forced to do another 7ks with her, more of a cool down but still it meant 21ks for the day. Slowly on the way back and you can tell 'young Frankie Dearn' I'm coming to get him at the next Striders 10k race in July:)

Missed the lunchtime swim with the guys as work commitments meant I was struggling to get there for start - looks like I'll have to find time tomorrow now.

Anyone seen or heard from the Chairman Tommy H? Only he hasn't updated his "Times' like blog for the past 4 days - I know he's been hitting the drink a bit too much lately and I left him in a bit of a state on Saturday evening, ( I do hope he’s OK). He might be in super form on the race track but i think he needs to lift his game somewhat before the inaugural trip to Berlin come September :)


Queen Laura Calls the Shots

Friday. A quick trip to the Acupuncture place first up was the order of the day as i continue to recover from  what seems a never ending injury.
Down then to the Prince Alfred Pool (PAP) and arrived early to meet a client of mine who is in triathlon training and agreed to do a straight 1k with him before the guys got there. This guy is normally very slow so i thought just sit on his feet for the next 20 minutes and everything would be nice and easy. Unfortunately he has been swimming the house down over the past 6 months doing over 20ks a week and i was battling just to hang in there over the first 250 metres. Managed to stay with him and couldn't believe it when i saw 16.39 for the rep and probably the fastest Kay ever for me.
Buggered then even before the guys rock up and coach Walker sets us 6 x 200s, followed by 6 x 100s as Brendan, Eloquent, Cilais ,and Dave all looking at one another with no one keen to lead the lane at anytime.
Struggled through and held pretty much 3.15 -3.20s for the 200, and 1.34 -136 for the 100s depending on who took the lane.
3ks for the day.

Saturday. No Mikey (holidays yet again), No Enda (too cold) and No Kanser (injured) so met up with HuRTS #1 Lady Laura, Hardman J.C, Glen, , Ben and the Sweaty Sock (Craig) for the long run. Started out doing the normal 10k loop before Queen Laura stamped her authority on the morning and changed the route a little taking us all the way up Anzac Parade to Moore Park Road. It was also at this point they decided to run at marathon pace of 4 min ks.  10ks done in 43.45 (4.22 pace) and then took off for a another flat loop at the same pace. Couldn't believe i couldn't stay with J.C despite him already doing 26ks at this point and i was working at 3.59 pace for the 3.6k, A more sedate pace for the final lap as the guys were then done and Enda was passing so tagged on with him at 4.33s
18ks all up for the morning average 4.20s - pretty happy with that and touch wood the Achilles felt fine.
Late afternoon spent around the traps of Paddington in the company of Enda, Tom, PLOD, The Leech, Taffy James, Slim Sammy Agnew,  and what appeared half of England crammed into the tiny Grand National Pub. Great afternoon before heading across the road to watch the Lions give the Tahs a good shoeing. Fair play to the Tahs who i thought actually played well but the Lions were just to strong and powerful as they fine tune there game before next Saturday's first test.
Decided we hadn't had enough beer before so went back to the pub after the game  and this is where things started to get a little hazy.  I had Taffy James trying to blast out his best Tom Jones 'Delilah rendition, Tom in one ear baffled as to why Johnny Bartles keeps smashing him and wondering how he'll ever get back to #1, and Enda in the other continuing with his excuses and doing his best to keep his sister away from me :)
Cracking night had and can't wait to hit Brisvegas next weekend for the big one.

Lions Tour of Duty with Enda, Slim Sammy Agnew, Chairman Tommy Highnam, and Taffy James.

All on the same team for once , England, Wales and Ireland come together as ONE.

Enda after dragging me away from his sister who has promised me some more 'Young Enda' Photos in the next week or so :)

Lions on the way to another try against the Tahs.

...and YES there was ONE Aussie in the boozer, In fact it was Enda's Shrink Spark's in his Green & Gold that was later seen cleaning the floors.

Back out in the morning for another 15k run and will try to fit a swim in as well.


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Base Building

Easy 16.5ks around the park this morning, probably a little too easy to be honest pace wise although just want to build some ks back up in the legs for the time being and not worry to much about speed work.
Got another session at the acupuncture place tomorrow then will do my long run (well 20ks) on Saturday morning as its another big afternoon session planned with the Lions in town to take on the Tahs and i can't see myself getting out on Sunday . Talking of which Enda met up with the team today in the local gym in town, Oh Gawd help them if they all now go down with that flu he's had for the past 7 years, he'll have some explaining to do if they all go sick and we end up losing the series.

Will also try to get back to the pool in time for the Friday lunch swim with the guys

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Performance Optimisation’ session

Easy Wednesday morning run around the park with a few Woollarha Hills with my group then caught up with Enda and the Laughing Policeman Sambo for a 6k loop. Pretty solid pace working around 4.19s that included the 700m hill. A few extra ks at the end for 10k all up.
Headed over to Bondi after to see a NEW Physio that i have lined up for the HuRTS crew to check out. He is doing a FREE Performance Optimisation Assessment to check out your ability to move functionally & perform efficiently. No surprise to see my range of movement in the hammies and hips are very tight and i got a grand score of 13 out of 21 overall. He then give me some exercises and drills that will hopefully free me up and get more flexibly that will in turn help make me stronger in my running.

Another good win for the Lions last night, although in truth the opposition weren't up to much and i think Warrior Charlie, Richie Palmer and Angry Boy Clyde could have shoved the forward pack around easier then what the Combined Country managed to do. So enough of these warm up games i say, lets get the real thing going and let the fun begin.

Will be back out again tomorrow for another run as i am hoping i am slowly getting over this injury now ....fingers crossed

Have to hold over the big injury news on Kanser after he issued a court injunction on me to prevent the photos being published, so i have left them in the capable hands of our top lawyer Highnam and await the outcome. Stay tuned.


Tempo Tuesday

Big weekend on the social with the Monday off for the Queens Birthday public holiday, Had a break between clients this morning so decided to do the tempo session that was on the program although thought 36 minutes instead of the 45 would suit me better in my current condition.
Achilles felt fine, it was the rest of me that was buggered as I was working harder then what I should have been just to hold 4 min/ks, Turned on the 18 minute mark covering 4.5ks and just tried to hang on for the return leg. Managed to pick the pace up (albeit slightly) to 3.58s for just over 9ks all up (average 3.59).
Did manage 8ks prior with my group as a means of a warm up and a 5k warm down at the end for 22k for the morning.
Saw Enda cruising around before the start, looked like a fail on his part on trying to do the session, mind you he did say he still has a cold ....Bless him.

With missing the swim set yesterday I arranged with Eloquent to meet at the pool at lunch, with no Pete Walker, or MrAce barking orders I thought we may do an easier set. But any chance of that went out the window when Cialis (Christian) rocked up.  Led the first, 3rd and 5th rep whilst Cialas did the honours on 2 & 4
Times were 6.58, 6.49, 6.45, and 6.49. 7.02 (Julia did the first 100m) - Wrecked at the end and so much for a recovery swim as I could barely cycle back home.
Will back up in the morning and try to join the BRAT /Hardmen who run around on Wednesday mornings - always good for a sledge or two if nothing else especially if J.C is in attendance.

Tomorrow - Find out the REAL reason why Kanser has not been spotted at training, in a story with photos he would prefer I didn't show  - all will be revealed (and it's not pretty, so be warned )

Lions game 4 of the Tour tonight against the NWS/QLD Combined team, hopefully turn them over and keep the win lose ratio in tact. Big game coming up this Saturday against the Waratahs, or more importantly the first BIG session watching the boys go around with an afternoon in the pub pre and post game around Paddo:)


Friday, June 7, 2013

Banana Split

Friday, Met the guys that included Pete, MrAce, Dave, Brendan, Champ. Taffy James and the return of E.J (Julia) for the usual lunchtime swim set. Haven't been the past two weeks so thought today was going to be a tough return. Set was 5 x 200s, 8 x 100s with the first 50 hard and then a 100 chucked in the middle counting how many strokes you do?
Got through OK with all of us doing our bit at the front (although we spent 10 mins before each set deciding)
2.2ks all up for the day.

Saturday. Wanted to get out and try to run and was keen to get it out the way early as I am out tonight and didn't fancy backing up on Sunday morning. More then delighted to see Enda agree to run with us although NO sign of Mikey this morning? His work colleague Jeet wasn't about to wait around for him either and said 'bugger him' and along with Ben(?) we were soon on our way on the first 10k loop.
First one done including Woollahra Hill in 44.11 (4.26s) before a couple of the lads dropped out leaving the Irishman and I to go around again. The amount of trash coming out from Enda was unreal but I was happy just to listen as it meant the ks were been ticked off at the same time.
Happy to stop at 18ks for the morning, (Enda 28ks) and I will be even happier if I can just continue with 18-20k for the next couple of weeks before I get into the big 12 week training block leading into Berlin?
As mentioned out tonight for a big party (& watch the Lions game) although might try to get down to the park in the morning as there is a run going on in there, not worried about the race itself BUT the organisers put on the best breaky post race going. The Pancakes are to die for and are possibly worth missing my cups of tea around the 'House of Kanes' for.

Well its seems as if there has been BIG BREAKING news over the past couple of days within the HuRTS squad? I've waited until I got the story 100% before publishing (the Trash readers wouldn't want it any other way). Anyway I CAN confirm.... Yes CAN confirm that unfortunately two of our team have gone there separate ways. Sad I know, but the writing has been on the wall for some time as Dave Kane and Enda Stankard continue to snipe away at each other. Talking to Enda this morning he said " Timmy, the man Kane is a fool, with the amount of training he does he should be running 33 minute 10ks but he can't even beat me over that distance, and I can't wait to finally show him who the number one Irish runner really is come Berlin over 42ks'
Kanser then was straight on the front foot replying 'Timmy, Timmy, Timmy, that Enda can train the house down and he still wont break 35 minutes, tell him he's got more chance of beating Mikey then he has of getting within 5 minutes of me come September time'
So there we have it guys, Splitsville it is as the Bananas Split, J- Fen hasn't stopped crying since the news broke late Thursday afternoon :)
Still these things happen, and life goes on. Read here for the full story covered by the local rag;

Have a great weekend
Train well and stay safe

'Go the Lions' tonight against 'Master Sweeney’s QLD 'Rednecks :)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

On the Bike

First time out on the bike for ages on a cold morning in Centennial. The thing about the bike is that you never seem to warm up  and I was even forced to stop at the cafe toilets at one point to warm my hands under the hot dryer as I’d lost all feeling in them at one stage.
Just cruised around and did the odd faster lap throughout the 40ks for the morning - best I could manage for a full lap was 6.03(and even that felt hard)
Still no running, but will try to get back out this weekend for a slow easy run after taking a whole week off. Getting very frustrating and I’m fearing that time could be running out re; Berlin.

So little done in terms of training but there is still plenty happening on the sporting front,  The Lions continued there winning ways last night albeit against a very lacklustre Western Force team over in Perth, and hopefully QLD can provide us with a sterner test this weekend.
Still one down and only another 8 to go.....
See the Aussies are struggling in the cricket (love it) as they prepare for the upcoming Ashes Tests and was laughing after reading one of my favourite old players and England captain David Gower has stoked the fires already by describing Australia as a country with no culture and their cricketers of having an "animal mentality". And asked if England's long-standing rivalry with Australia was a clash of cultures, Gower said: "I'm tempted to say, how you can have a clash of cultures when you're playing against a country with no culture? That would almost be sledging."
........Bring it on.
In the footy a draw was about as good as it got for the Green & Gold against the Japs, I can see Aussie's having to go into the play off draw against the 3rd place European team if they are to get to Brazil next year.

Back to the physio in the morning for more work on the Achilles and will try to get back to the pool for a lunchtime swim as well.


Sunday, June 2, 2013

Berlin News and Early Predictions.

No training of anything since last Thursdays 400 reps as I was just to sore and broken basically and after talking to my physio Nick it was decided I back right off and rest up more if its to ever improve any.
So basically nothing to write home about although the Berlin Boys did get together for a few bevies last Thursday evening to discuss what’s to be done before we go in regards, singlets, lederhosen etc...
Once the 10th schooner was consumed all talk then got serious as times and race predictions for all runners were cast. Everyone gave a time for each runner then in some 'Pythagoras' way we come up with a solution more alike to e=mc2?
Anyway it appears as if the 'Chairman Tommy H will be running the fastest time of the day with a sub 2.30 closely followed by Barts and C.T. Can't believe my mate Tucks can't even get a spot on the podium? That's sure to fire the Welsh Dragon up when he sees that.
Nobody really fancies my chances (not hard to see why), although on the plus side it does mean I am getting over 9 minutes start on Enda.
Got my first 2 bets of the campaign as well one with C.T and the other with J-Fen, who after a little deliberation with Tom agreed to give me a 13 minute start (loser gets the first TWO steins once we get to Munich)

Good turnout for the night with Bartles, Tom, Rene 'Allo Allo', MaccaMcClarnon, Warrior Charlie, Enda C.T, and J-Fen all out. A few injury concerns though in the ranks with Kanser struggling, Slim Sammy Agnew still having issues with his foot, "Allo Allo's hamstring restricting his training, as well as Macca's old joints giving him grief.
Hopefully all will be cleared within the next 4 weeks or so - then we can all focus on getting a solid 12 weeks in enabling everyone to hit the start line in peak form?

Biggest talking point of the evening though was Tommy H's TIE he had on - What a shocker! Looked like he dug it out from his old Uni days back in the 80s. I've never seen anything like it, It was like a piece of carpet he'd cut up from his living room and actually had fur on it.
...... And don’t even get my started on Rene's Hand Bag :)

Berlin Boys, Warrior Charlie and Tom.

J-Fen, MaccaMcClarnon and HuRTS #1 Bartles.

Boys predicted times - on the right is the finishing order - Notice Tucks down in 4th.....Surely not?

And "Allo Allo' leaving with his handbag that contains the important above document with all the times in

The 'Tie' , what was he thinking?

And Finally, Enda got there late so didn't get any snaps of him, but don't worry i didn't forget about him and his fans.

Berlin Boy Enda, I'm sure there's still someone who has not seen the photo :)