Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Xmas Eve Ride with the Dublin Boys

Christmas Eve Ride out to La Perouse with the Dub Boys Kanser and his best mate ‘Just for Men’ man Ronan – good crack and really enjoyed the morning just cruising. The boys are on an 8 day 500k challenge so I tried to help out for a few ks although in truth I think Kanser is trying to do more coffee houses then actual ks – wanting to stop every time we hit a red traffic light J
Great morning all up before returning to the house and starting the Xmas Festive season 24 hours early with the Lobster & Prawns and a few beers around the house
Getting set now for a big day tomorrow with the full monty

I hope you all have a great Christmas and a safe and Happy New year.  Best of luck for 2014 and I hope there is many a PB for you over the next 12 months

I will try to get out later in the week for a run or a cycle although I am hoping to head up to the Sunshine Coast for a few days to chill out and relax on the beaches
I will do the ‘Year in Review’ later in the week

Have a good one
Timmy’s Tip – get on the Potters to beat Newcastle up in the North East for the Boxing Day fixture and in turn look out for the Chairman Tommy H crossing over the bridge in his Santa outfit J
Take care

Out with Ronan this morning for a cycle, got a little worried when it heated up and streaks started to run down his crash hat :)

Ronan & Kanser, drinking more coffee then they do ks on the bike - great ride with the lads this morning, thanks boys :)

Xmas Eve in Erko - think i started a wee bit early with Lobster & Prawns and a few beers.

Have a great Xmas everyone


Sunday, December 22, 2013

BRAT Triathlon Heffron - 67.32

Horrific conditions for the BRAT Sprint Triathlon down at Heffron park this morning, Near 30 degrees, winds and very humid (again refer The Flakes blog for full weather details)
Had a late night so decided against the early long run with the boys preferring the more suitable time of 10.30am for a decent hit out – although had to pay the consequences for it over the next 60 minutes or so. Big fields although in truth I didn’t really know anyone bar gun swimmer Aaron Cook, and old mate and sometimes HuRT boy Jason Hayden as well as the oldest swinger in town Johnny Hill.
Pretty much just sat on someone’s feet for the whole 750 swim today and never felt as if I was pushing to hard, having said that it certainly wasn’t what I’d call easy as I come through for transition with a time of 12.40. Messed around then for an age before heading out for the 20k bike leg and seemed to struggle pretty much from the word go today. The top half a dozen cyclists were long gone and I seemed to be at times just to trundle around. On the back straight was worse when the winds got up and I was more then happy to get off the bike in and around the 34 minute mark.
Had Cookie and Hayden about a minute or two ahead I reckoned as I went out for the 5k run and tried to lift especially for the first 2.5k loop before realizing that I wasn’t making up much ground at all and I was starting to hurt big time as the effort started to go downhill pretty quickly.
Think I stopped the watch for the 5k run in about 18.38 that gave me a finishing time of 67.32 – slower then normal but that would be the same for everyone in such harsh conditions.
No official results are up yet, but will post when they become available.
Absolutely shattered by the end and it really was big week training for me, with running, swimming and even getting back out on the bike towards the end of the week.

Sunday Rant, Now, what is it with some of these BRAT people who come down to the club races spouting off about all these races they have done and have all the ‘Bells & Whistles’ on  not to mention the 15k bikes (but can’t ride them) and are kitted out in full suit with there names plastered all over there fat @r$es….seriously some of them were struggling to swim 20 minutes for the 750 swim today but to listen to them talk at the end you’d think they were up against the Brownlee brothers. Honestly, if they trained harder rather then posing around they would go much better. Call me grumpy and not in the spirit of things but c’mon people ‘get with the program, and for GODS sake STAY LEFT when cycling around the damn 2k technical course…OK, rant over, J

I think that pretty much wraps it up for me re training for this side of Xmas, although will try to fit one more swim in tomorrow sometime – especially as its due to hit in the 30s once more.

Great result in the overnight footy with the Stoke boys giving it to the Villa – even sent Enda a text to let him know, although I did also tell him to get on the Potters and that Crouch would bag the winner ……..Hope he took my advise J

Jeez, these Sunday arvo beers have never tasted so good J

Friday, December 20, 2013

5k Time Trial 18.34 - Flat as a Tack

A pretty good and solid weeks training left me feeling very tired even before the start of today’s session that I had planned. Wanted to do the 5k time trial that I have been doing over the past 5-6 weeks to see how my progress was coming on, unfortunately today wasn’t really the day to try it as I felt as flat as a tack pretty much from the 1st k. It wasn’t helped by the high winds around the park, although in truth I could have had a 100 mile per hour TAILWIND and it wouldn’t have helped that much.
Forgot the GPS as well although I know where the markers are for each k, and only went through the first one around the 3.36 mark, just couldn’t get going at all and had a thousand negative thoughts running through the head the entire way. Almost felt as if I gave up around the 3k mark and consigned myself to running about 4 min per/ks to get home around the 20 minute mark but just tried to see it out and got a little relief when I turned for home with 600m to go and found a nice tailwind to get me to the line in 18.34
Looking at the time it wasn’t as bad as I thought – as the fastest I’ve done (since coming back) is 18.20 and that was with Kanser and Taffy James helping me along the way albeit slightly ahead, and the last time only a couple of weeks back I did exactly the same time solo and reading the blog then I was feeling pretty good about that run…very strange.

So even more confident now that I can go sub 18 mins feeling a little fresher and I can keep the consistent training going over the Xmas and New Year break.

Suppose to get out in the morning with the team for a long run BUT will decide on that later, feel as if I need a sleep in at some point after a full week of early starts, plus it will be another late one this evening after the radio gig and also watching Stoke turn over the Villa in the early hours of Sunday J
No sign of Kanser again this morning, think he’s struggling big time to be honest and not letting on just how bad his injury really is. Think he would be foolish to even try to run a marathon in mid Jan now as he clearly hasn’t done the work for it. There has been a little money laid down though on whether or not he can knock over my 3.09 Berlin time amongst certain members of the HuRTS boys………now that could be a challenge for the kid? J


Akuna Bay Ride and 1k Swim Time Trial

Up and out early as it was a drive over to the dark side (and it was dark at 4.45am) to meet Tommy H. Ben S and one of Tom’s mates John for the tough Akuna Bay ride starting at Fairlight. Haven’t been on the bike for a decent ride in months and with the Chairman on his new machine who it seems has been training the house down I was already expecting a tough morning ahead.
No idea where we were heading to start with, but his mate John was in no mood to hang around pushing the pace from the beginning, was then surprised when John pealed off at 22ks with Ben and Tom then demanding we keep going and it wasn’t long before we were at the base of Akuna Bay and ready for the 3k brutal climb. It was just a case of head down for the next 10-15 minutes as I slowly made it to the summit (as I nearly took out a poor lizard sunning itself on the road as I battled to make it). Happy to get a little breather at the top before setting of on what is normally regarded as a faster trek home. Ben was pushing the pace at this stage before the Chairman was looking at me to have a go – ignorance was the best form of defense here as I had no idea of the way home and made him do a turn on the front instead. With him nearly at breaking point I then jumped the front wheel and safely got the Chairman back to the comforts of his home.
Great ride all up that covered over 60ks – tough enough and was more then happy when invited into Chez Highnam for a cuppa upon return, No sign of the Sticky Date Pudding that Slim Sammy Agnew was telling me about BUT I was honored when he got the famed ‘English Chocolate Roses’ out and we munched through them at 8am in the morning whilst the poor kids were only allowed Porridge.

A few hours break before it was time to cycle back into town for the monthly 1k swim time trial at the A.B.C Pool, only a very small turnout today due to Xmas parties etc, with Pete Walker, Elan, The Champ and Taffy lining up. Felt very tired before the start but was amazed when I went out hard and pretty much held the pace through each 100, Kept an eye on Taffy but realized he was NOT gaining at any stage and no one was coming past me either. Still had The Champ ahead who was swimming even better and I was unable to reel him in as he took out his 3rd Golden Duck Trophy in about 6 months. Talk about rorting the system…… Not since 1984 since Robbie Waterhouse’s Fine Cotton Race horse scandal has there been such underhand tactics and illegal scams going on in order to take out the duck. At least Robbie got warned OFF for about 10 years J
Very happy to take out 2nd again (for the 2nd month on the trot) But more importantly managed to swim a PB of 16.38.
The cycle home was tough as temps hit the mid 30s so I was delighted then to head back out this time for lunch to the famous Portuguese Chicken shop in Petersham Silva’s for a few beers and a good feed.

Shattered now but keen to get back out in the morning for a bit of a run around Centennial.

Big weekend yet again, back on the radio tomorrow night talking trash all things English footy, and two big games come to mind with Stoke taking on Enda’s Villa boys, whilst in London Slim Sammy Agnew’s Palace take on Toms Toon.
Timmy tips – Take Stoke to beat the Villa 1 – 0
And sit on the fence for the draw in the other match

Have a great weekend
Stay safe and don’t party too hard

Times from today’s T/T
Elan   13.09
Pete   14.22
Angus 15.23
Timmy 16.38
The Champ 16.57 …Golden Duck Winner
Taffy    17.03

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

1.2k Reps.... BUT not on Hickson Road

Another scorcher of a day in Sydney town so again I was forced to do my own session early doors around Centennial Park. Planed session for the HuRTS boys was the tough Hickson Road 1.2k reps x 5 and it is widely regarded as one of the tougher sets on the calendar. So I decided to replicate it myself and if its tough with the boys I can tell you it’s a whole lot tougher by yourself………Ohh La La, it was a killer.
Basically just did my usual 1k reps from the cafĂ© but on the warm up I worked out the extra 200 metres that was needed, Was feeling pretty tired even before the start after a couple of decent days training so once again I wasn’t looking forward to this one.
Still, underway and settled to what I thought was a solid pace working just under the 3.30 per/k mark to come home with a 4.10. Pretty much held the same for the next couple but died slightly on the 4th as all of a sudden I thought I was carrying a piano on my back going up hill. With the end in sight I then managed to somewhat recover for the 5th and drag my time back in line with the others
Times for the day – 4.10, 4.09, 4.10, 4.14, 4.11
Absolutely smashed at the end, but delighted to knock another session out the way and even better I didn’t have to head into town at lunch to do it, Times were down again on what I know I can do at Hickson but doing them solo must be worth a few seconds? And at least they were all done at sub 3.30 pace

Will have a rest day tomorrow on the running although its time trial time yet again in the swimming at lunch and I’ve promised triathlon Tommy H I’d go and have a cycle with him early doors and check out his NEW bike he has. ……….So no rest for the wicked.

Saw POD again this morning as I entered the park, as I said yesterday he’s going along nicely, he even managed to keep up with me for half a lap this morning whilst on my commute bike so things must be looking up for him? He seemed a bit grumpy though when I told him he was down to number 15th Irishman in the rankings and even tried to pass it off as it was only down to him racing 3 events throughout 2013 J

A sad day I see yesterday, with the passing of one Ronald Biggs aged 84. When I mention Biggs most of the HuRTS boys think I’m talking about Anthony, but the senior members will know whom I’m on about The Great Train Robber Ronnie. Made infamous by his 2.5 million robbery on the train way back in 1963 and then spent close on 40 years as a fugitive living in Rio and I think he even spent some time with Master Sweeney here in Australia at one point. Its believed he got 150 grand for his cut in the raid (about what Mikey keeps as loose change in his astray in his car), not much cash for all that time on the run.
Interesting Fact of the Day, Did you know that Stoke has a link to the robbery (no, it wasn’t my Granddad who stole the cash) but the train driver one Jack Miller who actually died in the raid came from Stoke On Trent …….Well there you go J

Ronnie Biggs in later years, giving his reply when asked by the police 'Where's the cash Ronnie' ?

Is that a Stoke scarf Mr Biggs is wearing ?


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tri Olympic Distance Training

Met up with the Hardmen this morning just for an easy 10ks in total, even saw Mr PLOD out there looking like he was moving OK(although he was to pull the pin by the time i joined in). So just Enda and a NEW Irishman on the scene for a 6k loop - told them one day they might even send a good one over?
Only 10ks as i missed the start with the boys as i had to race back to the cafe after realising i still had my clients keys in my pocket.
10ks average pace 4.14s

Prefect day in Sydney and felt it to good to waste so took myself down to the pool and added an extra swim session in for the week. Did 1.9k all up but that included 200 warm up /down. Focused on knocking out a straight 1500 rep and tried to keep the pace all the same for each 500. Think i just about managed it even if my overall time was down a little - with each 500 timed at 8.49, 8.48, 8.42 = 26.20

Looks like a bit of Olympic Distance training with those distances - 1500 swim, 10k run ...just missing the 40k bike leg to go with it. I can sense that coming (plus a little more) on Friday this week when i venture over the dark side of the bridge with Triathlon Tommy and his NEW bike.

Good to see the PLODster back out there this morning - Enda says they were running 4.05s for the lap, so watch out for him in his next triathlon wherever it may be. Lets just hope he finishes it better then he did this one below :)

Hard to mistake the big man :)

With an expected high of over 30 degrees again for Thursday , i might do the HuRTS session early by myself again in the park before it gets to hot. Think its the original 1.2k reps,


Monday, December 16, 2013

6 x 1k Reps Centennial Park (off 90 seconds rec)

After a massive weekend that saw the year’s biggest party on Saturday evening then backing up and hosting a few beers and a feed around my house on the Sunday I really wasn’t looking forward to today’s session. With the choice though of going into town on a 30 degree day and risk blowing up like last Tuesday or doing a solo 1k rep session I was left with only one option.
No Enda or Kanser yet again so had to go It alone, after a warm up I was straight into it as I felt the temps rising already. Surprised myself on the first rep to see a 3.25 as I crossed and then was even more surprised to see a 3.23 for the 2nd. Saw The Leech go by on the bike for the 3rd as he yelled out ‘Push it Harder’ ……..Not 100% sure he was calling to me or the guy sitting right behind him on the bike?
I was starting to feel the efforts of the weekend throughout the middle reps but was still holding pretty consistent times – although after the 5th I did seriously consider stopping and calling it a day.
Times for the Day were.
3.25, 3.23, 3.23, 3.25, 3.25, 3.25
Very happy with that all up and was faster then when I last did the session a fortnight ago when I recorded the following;
3.29, 3.29, 3.26, 3.28, 3.28, 3.27

So things are slowly getting better and hopefully I can continue the training over the next fortnight so by the time the Feb Striders comes around I can run a 36.xx? For the first race of the season.

Will be back out in the morning with the BRAT /Hardmen – good laugh last week and really does help pass the ks off even if you do have to listen to the $h!te that is dished up along the way J

Would be amiss of me NOT to mention the cricket, and firstly congratulations to the Aussies who should wrap up the 3rd Test this morning over in Perth and in turn REGAIN the Ashes with a unassailable 3- 0 lead with only 2 to play. Been outplayed in pretty much every session I’ve seen and we have no excuses, just simply not good enough with many of our players having NO fight in them. And you don’t win series when not ONE of your batsmen hits a ton. Some of the shot selections have been poor at best and I think it may be time for Captain Cook to stand down, very disappointed the way he has gone about his leadership, he looked lost for any ideas, Never been a fan of Pietersen either, I know he can win you games when on form BUT when your team is struggling you need to put the ego away and just knuckle down and do a job for the team.
Some very ordinary sportsmanship shown as well over the series – Warner probably the worst offender but there are others as well. England’s display was no better mind and one point comes to mind when Watson brought up his 100 and only about 2 Englishmen went up to congratulate him……..What’s all that about?
Anyway it’s all but over, and WHO CARES about Cricket? I’m more upbeat and ready for the WORLD GAME and the World Cup Final in Brazil on 2014 that will see our boys bring the trophy home for the first time since 66 ………stay tuned for more on that J


Thursday, December 12, 2013

HuRTS Biathlon at the A.B.C Pool - 19.04 ......those damn 4 seconds

A Big turnout for the much anticipated HuRTS Biathlon down at the A.B.C Pool Domain.  Record number of starters for this one with all the heavyweights out and looking for bragging rights although there was NO sign of Kanser once again who still refuses to race against the inform Enda, and one of the favorites Ronnie Biggs decided he wanted to check out the nearby Taylor Swift concert instead and declined to race.
The normal TRASH before the race as everyone was pumped up before the off.  Pretty pedestrian start with no one wanting to go out too hard, although it wasn’t long before Charlie, Tom, Enda and Kenny were to gap the field. I tucked in behind Taffy who was alongside Angus and MrAce feeling pretty comfortable. Can’t remember the turnaround but I do remember seeing The Champ only about 10 seconds behind that scared the bejesus out of me. Stayed with the Taffy Lad all the way home and got too the top of the steps as the guy called out 13.53 with MrAce and Pete Walker following in close attendance.
Thought my transition wasn’t too bad but Pete thought otherwise as he was then in the pool before me as I was just happy to sit with Taffy once again knowing I would be doing well if I could stick on his feet for 300m.Felt very easy for the first 200 before realizing he wasn’t going that well and it was my turn to overtake. Had someone on my feet but had no idea who it was and with 25m to go this person decided to kick for home – I responded and it was ALL ON from there. Had to laugh then as we touched out it was in fact MrAce and we were both credited with the same time of 19.04 (think I got the photo call though…by a nose)
Very happy with that overall as only a fortnight back I did 19.57 so I’ll take that improvement. Only blight on the night was the fact The Chairman Tommy H pipped me by 4 seconds overall coming home in 19 flat ( I’m blaming the Taffy for not swimming better) although I did have 25 seconds on the handicap so I’ll take that minor victory.
Champagne Pony Club Low took line honours with a blistering 17.18 with Kenny 2nd and Enda filling the podium. The Champ took the handicap stakes and will NEVER be given that type of handicap ever again after his impressive 19.12 finish

Over to the Tilbury after for the evening, as always a cracker of a night with the lads as the beers flowed and the TRASH talk hit new levels. If Champagne was the overall winner and The Champ the handicap winner then poor Taffy James was the amateur winner of the night when he decided to leave his phone with us to look at his photos. Oh my….think we even come across a few we shouldn’t have seen ………Poor Lad. Check them out J

Next HuRTS Biathlon planned for February – where I aim to reverse the Chairman Tommy H resultJ

As mentioned a record field of runners started last night and in turn it meant we had a record number of emails go through over the past 48 hours – 693 in (556 from Enda alone). Some of the comments were unbelievable that I had to read, here is just a sample from some of the lads

MrACE “What?  I have to give you 20 seconds???   Based on what?
I had to follow your feet in the pool all day on Monday, and then in yesterday’s run session you were in the group 200m ahead of me on the road!
*** This is MrAce who crossed the line exactly the same time as me J

Champagne Charlie “Mate - you've gotta chop some time off Enda, he's running quicker than he ever has, and you've given him 30secs! I was outside 18 last time I raced this course and I'm off 17.50?! Come on level it up a bit will ya.
*** From Low who ended up WINNING the race in 17.18 J

The Champ “I would like my handicap to be increased, I haven’t been running for a few weeks now and I just got over a cold.
From Handicap winner the Champ J

Cialis “Well if these odds allow for the handicap put me down for $10 on Champ”
*** Good punting from Cialis with odds with the Brendan the bookie offering 66/1 – nice $660 return

James ‘Kenny’ EverettUndecided. Without wanting to sound like a certain whinging Irishman, I've been sick the past week and still a bit blocked up and short of breath. Keen to race but I'll see how I feel this arvo
Kenny before finishing 2nd in 17.52

Ronnie Biggs “yes I love Taylor Swift’
Heard leaving the concert

And finally form the man himself
Enda Stankard (love his 3 points of view) “Timmy,

I have so many issues with these handicaps I don't even know where to begin...

Firstly hasn't Pony Boy done a 16:xx on this course...? Why then when he is in such good form got a time 1 min slower than this?

Also if the Leech can finish 3 seconds behind me at Striders 10km and swims 6 times a week can you explain why I am giving him time?

Also Taffy James has gotten off lightly and you have rorted your own time as usual....

*** Charlie runs 17.18, Enda then smashes the LEECH by over 20 seconds and Taffy ran exactly to handicap J

Big weekend planned once more so will try to get out in the morning for the long run

Full results and handicaps were;

Finish Time
Handicap Place.
1. Champagne Pony Club Charlie Low    17.50
jt 6th - 32 seconds
2. Jamie Stewart                                   18.40    + 50 seconds

3. Coach Pete Walker                            18.45    + 55
11th  - 17seconds
4. James ‘Kenny Everett                          18.50   + 1 min
3rd    - 58 seconds
5. Echinacea Enda Stankard                 19.00     + 1 min 10
5th     - 39 seconds
6. Eoin ‘the Leech Reville                        19.05    + 1 min 15
8th     - 23 seconds
7. James ‘Taffy Lad’ Matthews                 19.10     + 1 min 20
12th      0 seconds
8. Angus Boyd                                        19.10     +1 min 20
jt 6th - 32 seconds
9. Tommy the Chairman Highnam             19.20    + 1 min 30
10th     - 20 seconds
10 Mike MrAce Race                                  19.25 + 1 min 35
9th    - 21 seconds
11. Christian Cialis Ellis                              19.25 + 1 min 35
13th     + 87 seconds
12. Timmy Lindop                                       19.45 + 1 min 55
4th       - 41 seconds
13. Dave Kanser Kane                               19.55    + 2min 05

14. Marc Person                                        20.10    + 2 min 20
2nd    - 60 seconds
15. Champ ‘the Champ Phetiam                 20.25    + 2 min 35
1st      - 73 seconds



With the Chairman Tommy H who got the better of me by 4 seconds. you always get a fair bet with the Chairman and it normally comes down to just a few seconds difference.

The HuRTS team - Far out........Think Tommy, The Leech and Angus need to get out in the Sun a little, they look more like 'Casper the Ghost'

HuRTS girl English Lisa, doesn't miss any opportunity for a social.

The Welsh Wizard, Taffy James.

Taffy 'I love a Selfie' James..........Jeez, I'm getting worried about this lad :)

Have a great weekend
Train Safe