Thursday, November 27, 2014

November 1k Swim T/T - 16.47

Beautiful day in Sydney to finish off the week and so it was back into town to the A.B.C Pool for the monthly HuRTS swim 1k handicap time trial. A smaller team than normal with the tri guys all opting to rest up before heading out to our glorious Western Suburbs for the Half Ironman on Sunday.
Still a good team of 12 were on the starting blocks that included English lads Crossy &  Mike Gleeson, The Leech, Walker, Angus and even a Sweaty sock – Craig Wiseman , who after taking this bet with me is super keen NOT to lose $20 to the ‘Old Enemy’
Mike and ‘Brains’(Liam) started the clock, and I was next way having to wait over 2.28 before I could go. Been swimming OK lately but had no one to work off and without a watch (left it on the side for official timekeeping) I had no idea how I was travelling.  I did notice however that the Leech and company were not making any ground on me and I didn’t feel as if my pace was dropping at any stage?
Managed to touch out and look at the watch in 19.15 overall and when I deducted my 2.28 I had somehow swum a 16.47 for the day – nearly as fast as I’ve ever gone.
Thought for a moment I’d won the ‘Duck’ when I didn’t see any of the big guns standing around, but it appears that Mikey Gleeson had snuck in under the handicapper and rorted the system when he was down to swim 20 mins, went well under to do 18.43 …..Yet another bloody shark in the ranks J
So 2nd again but delighted with my swim time, I must tell the Taffy Lad that I actually swum faster than he did J
Pete Walker was the fastest of the day with a sharp 14.10.
All other times were
Walker   14.10
Dave       14.20
Crossy    15.34
Angus     15.52
Leech      15.59
Karim       16.39
Timmy     16.47
Taffy        16.56
Champ    17.29
Sweaty   18.40
Mike        18.43  Duck Winner
Liam         20.20

Busy weekend (again) with plenty on, Big weekend on the sporting front , Stoke travel to Liverpool although it’s not as daunting as it usually is and a win would not surprise – I’m not game enough to back the boys though especially as we haven’t won there in over 55 years.
Timmy’s Tip Liverpool  2 vs. Stoke 0
One game I am more confident of tipping is the England vs. the Wobblies at Twickenham on Saturday night ,
Timmy’s tip – take England to win 13+

Good luck to all the lads heading out to Penrith for the Half Ironman on Sunday , look forward to hearing all the reports at the recovery swim come Monday.

Nearly didn’t even make it to the pool today , as just as I was leaving there was a knock on the door. Greeted by a stunning looking  lady who was from the Jehovah’s Witness Organization. Well of course I had to invite her in being the gentleman I am and sat her down on the settee ….. after a minute or two of stony awkward silence, I thought I’d better get the conversation started ………  Me, “so what would you like to talk about”
Her “ sorry, I don’t know I don’t normally get this far”

Have a great weekend
Train well, stay safe

Congrats to Mike Gleeson November Duck Winner, so excited he was unable to even leave the pool. tells me its the first thing he's won since his 'Court Case back in England some 18 years ago :)

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Rushcutters Combo - 400s & Tempo Set

Headed to Rushcutters for the Combo set that has proved pretty popular over the 2nd half of the year and included  7 x 400s and a 3k tempo set.
Decent crowd with the likes of Tucks, Barts, Jono, Crossy Lad, Clarkey (all in the front group), with Mikey, Sammy J, J.C, ‘Sweaty’ Craig, and the #1 girls Erika and Renee leading the females . Good to see Enda back for his first session since the new arrival of baby Mia last week (although he was still carrying on about his lack of sleep and only getting a mere 8 hours now instead of his regular 10 a night )
Marked out 400s, but basically with the fencing moved in I just made it one complete lap (most had about 430m, but Mikey had his regular 625m on his $2 Garmin)
Worked with the front runners today and was happy to hold 74-75 for the whole 7 reps – talk was it was adding about 3-4 seconds to each rep that I felt was close to the mark.  The good thing about the 400s is that it’s all done pretty quickly especially when you roll out every 2 mins.
We then had a breakaway when the front guys asked if we could do the normal 1k loops outside the oval that we used to do instead of the 7.5 laps (400m) ON the oval.
So whilst Mikey wasn’t budging we ventured outside for our tempo set,  It’s supposed to be run at tempo pace, but everyone shoots out (including me) despite having run the 400s hard.  I was working well feeling pretty strong as I was holding 3.30 pace for the first lap or so, and was happy to cross it out in 10.23 (average 3.31s ) although it was coming in about 50 metres short on 2.95ks

Said it before, but there must be something about that oval that I like as I seemed to run well again today despite feeling tired beforehand. The front guys were making it look easy and even Tucks seemed to be putting in some kind of effort for once. Mikey wanted to show that his ‘Under Achiever Award’ last week was well earned by ‘Taking it Easy ‘ once more , and had Enda keeping him company for the whole set, and there was NO sign of the Chairman today, who I heard was doing his own ‘pussy’ session on the North Shore early morning ?

Came home only to hear the terribly sad news about the death of young cricketer Phillip Hughes who never recovered after being hit by a bouncer on Tuesday, Absolute shocking news and hard to comprehend that anyone can go out and be playing a sport they love one minute and something like this can happen.
Warrior Charlie gave us a talk last week at the HuRTS presentation and although this is a different set of circumstances it really does make you value the life we have – Very Sad day

Will be back out tomorrow for the monthly Swim 1k time trial, I best put the effort in as the Sweaty Sock – Craig Wiseman has challenged me next week at the Boy Charlton Biathlon and I have been forced to concede 65 seconds to him on handicap for a $20 wager. I know I’ve been shafted when a Scotsman accepts the first offer of 65 seconds and is willing to part cash on the outcome ……… he must be confident J


Monday, November 24, 2014

Centennial Park 6 x 1k Reps - Part 2

It seems to be coming to that time of the year where all the speed sessions seem like a struggle. Not sure if it’s the heat & humidity , no races planned ahead, tired or any other Endalike excuses but the enthusiasm just doesn’t seem there at the moment.
Still I’m keen to battle on this festive season and try to train through it as much as possible over the next 5 weeks so the New Year won’t seem as bad as some of the previous years gone by.
Once again stayed in the park after work and decided to see if I could manage a session I failed on last week and that was to do the 6 x 1k reps from the café and back. Purposely went out a little easier today and was keen to group the times as close together as I could for all 6 rolling every 5 minutes.
Another humid morning and was sweating and blowing hard even after the first one coming in on 3.27 Managed to get to 4 holding form though with the 5th rep mentally the hardest for me but still working under the 3.30 mark.
Tried to lift for the final one coming home but it wasn’t by much in truth and was pretty much done at that stage, as I managed about a 1k cool down before the coffee and banana bread was calling.
Times were, 3.27, 3.26, 3.23, 3.24, 3.27, 3.23
4k warm up, so all up 11ks for the morning.

More pics from last weeks JPMCCC

The Leech, Sonya, Taffy James (who managed to keep his shirt on this year) and Elle.

Barts, Kanser, Tommy H (with his tea towel shirt again), Adrian, and the Jockman Craig Wisemen.

Mikey moments before he was to get the 'Under Achiever Trophy' again.


Sunday, November 23, 2014

BRAT Sprint Tri - 7th in 68.09

Missed the Sunday long run again due to work commitments but still managed to knock out 40ks on the bike before going to do one of the dumbest things I’ve done throughout the year.
Despite it being over 30 degrees I decided I’d go and do my first triathlon in over 12 months down at Heffron Park in the BRAT club race. With an 11.30am start it was perhaps the hottest part of the day by the time the run leg was to come and boy was I to suffer.
The swim leg was a nice relief and was happy to sit in with one of the boys from the Wednesday Hardman, David ‘Sugar’ Ray. Never really pushed it and was happy to exit the pool in about 13.28 on my watch before the first of 10 laps (20k ) on the bike. Felt I was riding solo the who way as most who cycle about the same pace were at least 2 minutes out the water before me. Did manage to catch Jason Heyden on lap 7 so I mustn’t have been travelling that badly as I know he’s not a dummy on the bike.
Off the bike in a solid 34s minutes roughly, but couldn’t believe that my back seemed to have locked up after sitting down in the tri bars and struggled for the first 100m at least. Held a decent pace on the first lap of the 3 lapper, but once I started the 2nd I was struggling. Pace went from about 3.35s to about 3.48s and I was hardly moving upon completion of the 2nd lap. The 3rd was just torture with the heat and just putting one foot in front of the other was a challenge in itself. To make matters worse the GPS packed in so had no idea of time or pace (although in truth I was past caring at that stage)
Ambled across the line in 7th position overall in 68.09, which in the scheme of things wasn’t that bad, at best -  I can normally do these races around 64-65 so I’ll take that for my first race of the season in that killer heat.
Race results

Never have I enjoyed the Sunday arvo beers as much and I reckon the first half dozen barely touched the sides and were certainly well earned after that effort.

Now, I know I’m not the most photogenic person around, In fact I don’t think I’ve ever seen a decent photo on me during any race /events over the years. BUT the one taken of me yesterday at the BRAT tri just about takes the cake.
Looks like I’ve just been shot and the agony only really tells half the story…… and to make it worse, I still had to go and do another bloody lap J Shocker.

Ohhhh GOD,Goneski ........ and i still had another lap to go :)

Monday was a rest day and decided to take myself for a much needed massage, Hopefully i'll have recovered enough for the Tuesday speed work.


Thursday, November 20, 2014

HuRTS Presentation 2014

With venue prepared, not a billiard ball in sight,  pool table stored away, Enda boycotting (after his non nomination for POTY) and Tom’s taxi pre booked for 9.45pm the scene was set for HuRTS presentation 2014. Massive turnout (biggest ever) descended on the Tilbury hotel with the girls dazzling on the ‘Red Carpet, whilst the Chairman and Fats continue to appear in the best tablecloth that doubles up as a shirt? Unfortunately Mikey doesn’t seem to be able to pull of his ‘MC Hammer look with his custom baggy pants attire. Whilst Pommy Paulie Birch looked like a ‘Burtons Dummy’  after spending yet another 185 quid at the hairdressers.
Quality night and Tom outdid himself this year in that he was able to string two sentences together throughout the presentation (something he was unable to do for the past 2 years), Lucky enough to get Australia’s #1 10k runner Benny St Lawrence to hand out the awards, with the first one of the night heading to Pete Walker who seems to have a mortgage on the Triathlon title.  Constantly cleans up in his age group and is always at the pointy end of races across the 3 disciplines.

Triathlete of the Year - Pete Walker.

Next up was the Spirit Award and I was delighted (and surprised to be honest) to collect here, It could have easily gone to Mikey or Tom who do loads of great work, but we shouldn’t forget the likes of Charlie and Greg who do more than enough behind the scenes to ensure the web site is kept up to date. Told Mikey he only needs to spend $2.49 on a few cones and he could get the vote back next year J

Timmy with the Spirit Trophy.

The Under Achiever Award has more stigma attached to it then the Performer of the Year I reckon, and despite loads of lobbying from Enda and 10 minute sleep in a recent race it still wasn’t enough to get him over the line and Mikey was left reluctantly to step up and collect the prestigious ‘Serg’ title for a record 3rd time.

Mikey with the famous 'Serg ' Cup.

Tucks took out his customary Walkathon/ Ultra title and as a bonus we chucked in a ‘Travel Pillow’ for him to use on his next venture when he decides he needs a little ‘shut eye’. His Johnnie Walker bottle was soon shared around throughout the night as well by all.

Not very often Tucks walks away without a trophy (or a bottle and a travel pillow)

For the Most Improved title it was the females who took it out again for the 2nd year straight, Renee Simon had a great past 12 months with PBs across the board and I was delighted to see her efforts recognized. A nicer person you wouldn’t meet, and I love the fact that she is still the fastest person in her and ‘Kenny’s relationship J

Renee collects 'Most Improved'

I thought the girls had a great year, and for the Female Performance of the Year we were to have a changing of the guard – step up to the plate Erika Ekland and thanks to her stunning 2.58 Melbourne Marathon effort it was to give her the top billing. Although her times in the half’s weren’t half bad either.
I like to think us Eastern Suburbs helped somewhere in her performance although I don’t think the North Shore boys will agree?

Erika with the Female Performance of the Year.

The big one of the night went to Quentin for his City to Surf run back in August, doesn’t get better than that and it really was a cracker, he’s been very strong over the year has ‘Q’ and always keeps Barts, Tom and C.T on their toes and you have to be at your best to get a win anytime over our adopted  American friend?

Once all the runners were done it was time for the Swimmers to have their moment, and if we had ‘Star Man’ Benny St to hand out the trophies for that part , we then got “Swims like a Brick’ Tuckey to do the honours for the water boys and girls.
Time Trial Award (and no surprise ) went to Champ. Pete Walker took Swimmer of the Year, I was lucky enough to collect another Participation/ Spirit Award and Sonya Van Beek’s impressive improvement was rewarded with the ‘Rising Duck’ ‘Newcomer with a lot of Potential’ Award.

Some of the winners - Sonya, Renee, Pete Walker, Mikey, Timmy and Champ.

The night was about to get into full swing once all the awards were done and dusted with Tucks ‘Walker’ bottle lasting about 10 minutes. The Pests (Durante & Wildman) were just starting to fire up and Kanser was in fine form telling all about his many races he has coming up and that 2015 ‘will be HIS year’
With the Chairman still with us (awake at least) it was over to ‘Harry’s Café for the one final showdown for the evening between the Champ ‘Italian Stallion Durante and challenger Pommy Paulie Birch for the Hot Dog/Pie eating event. Well to be honest it was a letdown as the Englishman was NO match and went down without as much as a whimper.  With Durante demolishing about 3 as a warm up. The NEW challenger next year could well be Barts who seemed to be putting them away with ease.

Can anyone beat him, Durante enjoys his 6th Hot Dog of the night , with Birchy failing badly.

Barts enjoying "Harry's'

Told you the girls were all 'glammed up. Sonya, Erika, Greta, Benny, Corky O'Conner, Laura, Renee and Elle.

More photos to come tomorrow

Brilliant night and congrats to all that attended.


800s in the Heat

Bloody Scorcher of a day (30 degrees plus) in Sydney as I made my way to Rushcutters for the 8 x800s and even marking the course I was sweating and knew that it was going to be a tough day at the office.
Despite the heat a big crowd ventured over and Mikey split us into 3 groups rolling off 4 mins, 4.15 and 4.30 – found myself in the first group with the big boys Tucks, Tom Crossy and one or two others who I don’t know and was puffing hard after the first one as I crossed out in 2.36. Wasn’t about to get any easier either but battled away until the pace dropped on the 4th rep.
Decided then to have an extra break and drop into group two that still saw speedies Macca, Fenton , Jeet and Laura flying around and came in with Macca for a 2.38. I was pretty much cooked on that though and was feeling a little light headed so was forced to sit the 6th and 7th rep out much to the delight of many nearby.  After an extended 8 minute recovery I decided to see what I had left for one final double lapper and to see if I could get the better of Irelands toughest (and fastest) man Macca.  Went at it hard and got away early and pretty much held it all the way to finish the day with a respectable 2.27
Tough session and there was a lot of tired looking bodies out there at the end, glad I only had to walk back to the car instead of the jog back into town.

Two things to note, one was the Chairman whipping the top off from the start and proudly showing his Phil Dove ‘Sculpture’ like body of for all to see – Nasty
Also, upon arrival I said a quick hello to Sammy J and Sonya – looked around after the 2nd rep but NO SIGN ???? doing a disappearing act after 1 x 800 ……Must be some sort of record that ?

Times for the day were, 2.36, 2.37, 2.38, 2.40, 2.38, x.xx, x.xx, 2.27

Happy enough with that overall and reckoned I earned my drinks that were to follow in the evening at the Tilbury Hotel.


Sammy J and Sonya seemed pretty happy with the token 1 rep during the HuRTS presenatation.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Easy Wednesday.

Easy day just cruising around the park early before catching up for single lap and a chat with Sonya.
 12ks all up still pretty tired from the past two days efforts .
Tomorrow its back down to Rushcutters for the 8 x 800s , before we get set for the presentation evening – can’t wait

Monday, November 17, 2014

Fats, 'Holding Back the Years'

Monday is normally the rest day but as I’ve pretty much done bugger all for the past week except for JP Morgan (19ks done for the whole of last week including the race) I thought I’d better get out and knockout some ks especially as I once again missed the Sunday long run with the boys.
Cracker of a morning and with fresh legs everything just felt right from the off, Decided to do 2 x the 10k loops that we do on the Sundays and straight away I was working away on 4.15s. Kept it ticking over and without really having to force it returned to the café in 42.31 (4.15s)
A quick 60 second stopover for a drink and it was out for lap 2 – Wasn’t sure what to do ? Back right off , hold the pace or try to kick it down and finish stronger ?  Without even realizing I upped the pace and was still moving well on the turnaround point (5ks) beside the racecourse. Started to feel it around the 17k mark and tightened up but was more than happy to complete the 2nd loop in 41.01 average pace of 4.05
All up 20ks average pace of 4.10s – amazing what you can do when you are fresh and not running on heavy legs?

Oh dear, how things can change in just 24 hours.  Stayed in the park this morning after work as I knew I wouldn’t make it into town for the HuRTS session so caught up with friend Sharonne and after a 4k warm up decided we would do 6 x 1k reps.  Was feeling very heavy and sweating just in the warm up and the thought of 1ks didn’t excite me at all.
Haven’t done this set for a long time and  was keen to do, but straight away I knew I was in for a killer day. Worked far too hard on the first rep and stopped the clock in 3.18, and then repeated on the 2nd on the return trip back to the café. Could have happily walked away then and gone for coffee (and probably would had it not been for Sharonne) The third rep saw me running on eggshells as I lost a couple of seconds and it was all I needed to declare that the 4th would be my last for the morning.
Tried to lift for the final stint back and was happy to repeat the time from the first couple but it wasn’t pretty.
Times were . 3.18, 3.18, 3.21, 3.18
Great session normally but these days I really struggle to go back to back and yesterdays was definitely too fast, especially with speed work the following day

Another flat lap (4ks) to cool down and 12ks done for the day.
Will be back out in the morning for an easy 10ks or so and will hopefully be fresher for Thursdays 800s down on Rushcutters, another of my favored sessions.

Thursday evening is the BIG HuRTS night out for the presentation at the Tilbury Hotel, all votes have now closed and it should be a cracker of an evening, tomorrow I will give my thoughts on who I think will be the lucky recipients of the night.

Not really seen much of Tony Fats lately , no sign of him at JP, not at training and now the  TRASH can reveal why? In another major embarrassment the Chairman Tommy H could well do without before Thursday night it appears our resident ‘Ginga’ has taken to use his ‘ginger’ features to his advantage.
Not sure what Mrs. Fats will make of it all  (hopefully it was pre Amanda days)
I was sent in this about ‘Our Tony’

Tony Fats latest claim to fame ........ another shameful admission from one of HuRTS finest.

And where it all begun.


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

J P Morgan C.C - 19.34

One of the biggest races of the year (alongside City to Surf and SMH Half) and it meant ALL the HuRTS boys and girls came out to play for the tough 5.6k J.P Morgan race around Centennial Park.
Everyone, and I mean everyone was in attendance including the Irish boys in force Kanser, The Irish Assassin (Eamo), The Leech, Enda and the toughest of them all (and still #1 Irishman) Macca McClarnon, all the girls , Laura, Sonya, Erika, Elle, Olivia and #1 Renee, then all the old brigade and usual suspects, but unfortunately both Muzza and Pete Walker were ruled out with late injuries L
Part of this race being so good is the banter and pre race warm up I find not to mention the tension before we hit the start line. I place myself on the  front row alongside Enda and welcome back Laura in her first race since her long layoff.
Gun goes and it’s the mad frantic pace for the first 350, before the dreaded climb up to Paddo Gates, sit in with Mikey and The Italian Stallion Durante trying to keep the breathing in check as we go. First kilometre down in 3.28 and then settle, the 2nd isn’t as easy as it should be as it’s a gentle climb up to the Woollahra Gates before a nice 700m when we start to open it up. Make a big effort on the downhill and go past a few but was surprised how easy Chopsticks (Russell ) fly’s past me.
Keep the pace honest around the 3k mark and get a ‘C’mon Lindop’ from ‘Renaud as he goes past, started to feel the pace drop slightly around the 4k area and just before the Fox Gates I thought I was gone for all money, But I’d told myself pre race that I needed to ‘Man Up’ when the going got tough and when Laura came up to me at 4.5ks into the race it was the lift I needed and gave me the  jolt I was after. I think she actually went ahead at one stage but I was determined to hang in and just before the Dickens Ave right turnoff I somehow found a little burst and got away from her.  I run this course everyday but I can honestly say that I’ve never found the café so far away once you hit Dickens Ave. Finally you come past it and can see the finish line but it’s still close on 400m to go and I try to kick it down one final time as I come onto the grass area. With any kind of form gone out the window I cross the line in 19.34 looking as if I’ve lugged a Grand Piano around for 5.6ks .
Pretty happy with that time all up – I had penciled in a 19.30 (3.30 pace) so wasn’t far from it, Kilometre 4 to 5 was the killer and saw time drift but pleased I didn’t throw in the towel and saw the race out
K splits were.  3.28, 3.27, 3.24, 3.36, 3.42, 1.54 (last 600)

Once I’d recovered a good night was just about to get a whole lot better when results from the team started to filter through, Fastest of the night was from ‘Wildman’ Stevie T – absolutely amazing to finish 3rd overall behind Dent and Hunt in 16.35,  great runs from Quentin, Barts, C.T and Crossy Lad all getting in the Top 10. Many a PB was run and congrats to Warrior Charlie and Erika Ekland on theirs (sure there were many more as well).
But the Timmy Run of the Day AGAIN (and this is getting a little laborious now) was ‘The Chairman’ Tommy Highnams 4th placing in 17.05 to finish off the year as HuRTS #1 . A cracker of a year from the Geordie Boy and I think he may have run PBs in every distance over the past 12 months?

On the betting stakes – not much damage done , I run what was expected but Tommy PBed to smash me by way over the 2 mins, Durante beat me by 37 ( had 20 seconds) and Jeet just covered the 15 on me by a mere 2 seconds (like Tom you always get a very fair bet with Jeet)
On the plus side I’ll take Kanser’s and Taffy’s dosh – although I suspect they will both get a lot stronger so I best make the most of it now.

Just when the day couldn’t get better it was over to Allen’s tent once again for what the HuRTS boys and girls do best. Good showing as well with everyone in fine form , The ‘Perpetual Pests’ Durante and Wildman were starting to get into old ways before we ventured up to Oxford St, whilst Sonya was doing her best ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ Patsy impression with a bottle of ‘Bolly’ tucked under her arm all the way.
Things started to get messy around 11ish when the first of the shots were lined up on the bar, and after that it becomes a little hazy.

Cracking day and evening all round and many thanks to Tom for hosting us all once again. Best part of it …. We get to do it all again next Thursday at the presentation evening in the Tilbury Hotel

A few photos from last night.

Battling it out with Lady Laura , and yes i did get the better of her on this occassion .... just :)

Some of the team post race , Jeet, Greta & C.T, Erika, Tom, Laura, Timmy, Clarkey and Macca.

Enda finally getting one over his running nemesis Elle alongside Erika and Niamh

Taffy Lad, settles his bets early after a beating.

Good to see Kanser and Billy Batt back out running , enjoying the drinks with Tom and I.

I do worry about these two when the drinks start to flow – ‘The Pests’ Durante and Wildman’ start to show a little man love

Its starting to get late, dont believe me ? 'look into my eyes'

The last photo of the evening and probably the last thing I saw last night before the alarm was nearly chucked on the street at 5am today.  The shots destroyed me J


Monday, November 10, 2014

Remembrance Day.

Rest Day today and took the Chairman’s advise and literally took the day off in the hope I can go into tomorrow’s run that much fresher.

Famous Day on the calendar today as it marks Remembrance Day (or Poppy Day as we knew it growing up) and a time to remember the British Soldiers who died in World War 1 nearly 100 years ago.

I love my footy BUT these old boys (soldiers) could teach us a thing or two about courage and determination. Now days we get footballers saying they are too tired to play two games a week despite earning over $150k a week ??, and I wish photos like this could be handed around and shown the next time people talk about BRAVE footballers.



Sunday, November 9, 2014

Tapering with the 200s

Very light on with the ks over the weekend (well zero to be honest) as I missed the long run yesterday due to a big party on the Saturday evening. Best I could manage on the Sunday was a 2k swim down at the A.B.C Pool during the day – more to clear the head than for the actually exercise aspect.
Monday is normally a rest day,  but I was out running with clients first up as a means of penance, and then was fortunate to see Sonya so did a flat lap with her as well as I ticked off 11ks all up with 3 laps of Centennial.
Had also lined up with the Chairman Tommy H to head down to Rushcutters at lunch for a few 200m strides. Marked out a course on the Oval as he rocked up with Barts fresh from his impressive State 3k run on Saturday.
Never smashed any of them to be honest, although the boys were certainly doing them a lot easier then I was as each was done around the 38-39 mark.
Barts pulled the pin after 6 whilst we did an extra two and the final one with a little kick towards the end, but the Chairman’s  competitive juices were still evident and he still wouldn’t let me have my moment as he changed gear to crossed just ahead  with a final 200 in 35 seconds.
Felt pretty good, and will take another rest day tomorrow before the much anticipated JP 5.6k race on Wednesday evening.
Got loads riding on the outcome of the race as well that also adds a new dimension to the event – I could be eating bread and dipping come Thursday if I don’t run well BUT on the flip side a full rack of Ribs could be on the menu at ‘Hurricanes’ if things go to plan J
5 x $20 bets have been laid.
Vs Tommy H with a  2 minute start
Vs Stallion Durante with a  20 seconds start
Vs Jeet  with a  15 seconds start
Vs Kanser off a scratch start
Vs Taffy James have to give him a 13 seconds start

Had a shocker in the tipping stakes over the weekend with Stoke actually getting the win and even Newcastle coming away with the 3 points, as pointed out by both Tom and the ‘Flake’ . Poor from me although I just didn’t’ realize how bad the Tottenham Spuds and WBA really were.

Don’t forget tomorrow – Wear your Poppy with Pride and honor those British Soldiers that died in World War 1 at 11am for a minutes silence.


Thursday, November 6, 2014

On the Manly Ferry ...... to the Dark Side.

Back into the A.B.C Pool on a picture perfect day for a swim to finish off the week but actually had to go early due to an arranged lunch. Met up with Sharonne and decided on 20 x 100m working on a strict 15 seconds recovery after each. Took it in turns in leading the lane that made it somewhat easier every 2nd rep.
Was knocking them all out sub 1.40s that I was happy about, the lane got pretty busy once the HuRTS boys joined in around the 16th rep but managed to hold the pace.
Was pretty tired once done though and that lunch was well and truly earned today.

Seemed a good group down with the HurTS, led by Walker, I notice the Taffy Lad, Brendan, MrAce Super Kev in his NEW bright canary board shorts (geez, I nearly had to run for the sunnies), and Liam. As well as seeing young Anna Fitz in the nearby lane doing her own thing.

Busy weekend planned, going to hit into town now for a few beers with the Chairman and promised him I’d catch the ferry over to Manly with him and his ‘Fancy Friday Crew’ that descend on Manly wharf for a few at the other end.

Even bigger weekend in the footy – Stoke travel to White Hart Lane to play the ‘Spuds’-  tough game, and I honestly can’t see any joy, although they did play in Europe in the week so you never know?
Timmy’s Tip. Spurs 2 v Stoke 0
One match I am more confident of is the West Brom vs. a rejuvenated Newcastle team , But I still expect the Baggies to take the points
West Brom  2 v Newcastle 1

Have a great weekend
Train Well and stay safe


A.B.C Biathlon 19.15

Easy 8ks on the Wednesday morning (mostly spent trying to find Sonya who was also in there somewhere?) and then took the rest of the day as a recovery.
Morning spent working at the Prince Alfred Pool (PAP) and took the opportunity to take a dip once all done, although Taffy let me down as he promised he would come down? , pretty easy to be honest and did 1600m all up.
Had the chance in the evening to head to the A.B.C and to sneak in a cheeky Biathlon with friend Sharonne. Smaller turnout than normal although the guy that won the previous week and stuck close to Tom was on the starting block so I knew the winner before the off. Only two faces I knew were a mate of MrAce who has been attending the HuRTS swim squad Kirk, and seeing he’s a better swimmer then me I knew I would have to stay ahead on the run leg, and Adrian McGarva who runs AND swims better than I do.
Mad start as normal and found myself in with a group of about 10 for the first 800m or so, before breaking away from a few as you come past the pool start at the 1k mark.  Struggled on the uphill 2nd k but felt I was moving well and surprised myself to get to the turnaround in 6.57 (same as last week) and ahead of Adrian in 3rd position.
As always the return is quicker  and I made a big effort to up the pace, and in doing so I managed to reel in the 2nd guy with about 1k to go . Saw Adrian come up to me and actually went past at one stage but I kicked it down more and was happy to get to the timekeeper on the gate still in 2nd spot  in 13.45
Still not the best transition although it was far better than last week’s pathetic effort and was in the water not long after MacGyver (Garva), the breathing was better and even though not moving fast I was happy with my swim leg. Had about 3-4 guys come past me around the 225 – 250 mark but kept MacGyver in my sight for the whole way touching out in 19.15 (20 seconds better than a fortnight back)
Happy with that, and if I can just improve the swim leg and sort those transitions out then surely a sub 19 minute is possibly? If so then Tommy H had better watch out come the rematch on the 12th December J

Delighted to see Sharonne take out the women’s race coming in on 22.00, and she will only improve more once she gets her stronger run leg in order following her nasty injury from the Gold Coast in July.
Evening complete then when for the first time in about 8 seasons I actually won something in the raffle that follows – a pair of swimming goggles ……….Perfect, that’s guaranteed to make up those 15 seconds come the next race.
A few bevies in the Woolloomooloo Bay Hotel to finish off a satisfactory day – Happy Days.


Monday, November 3, 2014

Melbourne Cup - 400s at Rushcutters.

With the Melbourne Cup on a few alternative sessions were planned, with Tommy H calling a 11.30am start at Rushcutters Oval for 400s the one that took my fancy. Unfortunately for the Chairman he couldn’t make it and asked me to look after so I was out even earlier marking the course on the original Rushcutters Oval that is back in good shape.
Nice team ventured over with Stevie ‘Wildman’ Thurston getting there even earlier to start his 10 reps, Durante, Clarkey, Rich Mullaney, Jeet, Sammy J, Pete Walker and a few others were also out to find some speed before next Wednesdays JP Morgan run.
Great session this one and I managed to sit in with Clarkey, Durante and Rich for the whole set, even giving out to Clarkey at one point to do some work instead of sitting on my shoulder. Course was measuring long and I had over 420m for each one (440 for the last?)
Kept each one very consistent, and was crossing between 71 for the fastest and 73 slowest. Very happy with that and hope I can keep as close to Durante next week as well.
The ‘Wildman; was looking good – timed his first 3 reps and he was flying around solo in 62-63s.

Cup Day in Melbourne, normally go out and have a big day but it’s a pretty tame affair this year, so I may just head up to the local for a few quiet ones and a little flutter.
Timmy’s tip is #22 Lucia Valentina  and best roughie ‘Whoshotthebarman’ to be included in my trifecta’s
Good Luck

Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Fall from Grace ......Part 2

When it comes to the BIG news stories within the HuRTS camp no one does it better than our own Enda Stankard, and so it was on Saturday at the Striders 10k that Enda brought what Mikey described as the best ever in the history of HuRTS.
My pain of the days racing quickly disappeared for what transpired over the course of the next 20 minutes really had to be seen to be believed (and I’ll be hard pressed to do it justice in just writing). 
As the clock was ticking away over 40 minutes and we first saw Birchy, and then Elle (with her impressive 48 mins) we all wondered (and perhaps even worried) on Enda’s whereabouts? Still with the Bacon & Sausage BBQ in full swing we knew where our priorities lay as we stuffed our faces full of pig.
Things were then starting to get serious then when Elle’s father (60 year old) came through in 55 minutes and still no sign, as a search party was just about to be sent back out, a forlorn figure cut around the home turn.
With shirt off and staggering like a drunken Tom Highnam on a HuRTS night out, Enda was to reemerge out of the darkness to stop the clock in 57.44 with cut and bruises on arms & legs and his face beaten and torn.

….And this is where the story starts,
It seems with a little over a kilometre to run Enda started to get a little delusional and veered of the road straight into another pathway (???) and before he realized the error of his ways was deep in the scrub before he lost all consciousness taking a fall and lay ‘sparko’ for the next 15 minutes whilst the rest of the field run by without realizing?
*** Well I did say that I thought I heard a snake in the grass?

It wasn’t till some morning walker with her dog came to his aid and stuck him back on the right road for home, as he then had the battle to get back to the finish line in the cut off time of 60 minutes.
Upon returning Enda was still banging on about not getting HuRTS POTY or Spirit Award and said he thought of another way to try to get some votes in the Ultra Award as he was told all you had to do to win such an award was to go off road, have a sleep and you were in with a  chance? So here was his opportunity.

So they say 12 months is a long time in running? This race last year Enda was the reigning champion (that he never lets us forget) running 34 minutes , and now he only just beat the clock and Frankie Dearn to a career low of 57.44
He also reminds me that the ‘Under Achiever Award’ should always go to the person that is so far away from their potential time. So I think if that’s the case you’ll be hard to find anyone running some 23 minutes outside their  best 10k pace over the past year within the team.
Think we may need to change some of the votes in this category.

Enda take a bow son…… You’ll go down in HuRTS folklore for that one, Mikey still had tears in his eyes 5 hours after the story was told to him.
Somehow all I could think about all day was Spike Milligan and his tombstone that read ‘I told you I was ill’ ….. very Enda like

BTW – Yes I am claiming my 2 minute winning bet from his as well.

What a way to end the year - you are looking at surely the Under Achiever Award recipient for 2014 ?

"Ok then Tom, maybe the HuRTS Performance & Spirit Award are gone but surely after that effort today I'm a chance to challenge Tuckey for the Ultra? Bush treking and a little snooze.... easy"


Saturday, November 1, 2014

Lane Cove Striders 10k - 38.30 ...Part 1

Rocked up to Lane Cove for the final race in the Striders series feeling pretty upbeat after a decent few weeks training, that confidence was short lived though when driving over I noticed it already 26 degrees by 6AM so knew it was going to be a tough morning ahead.
Great HuRTS crew on show again and did the warm up alongside Erika, Birchy, Tom, Macca, Barts, Quentin, Enda, Krone, Benny Boy, Fats and making his first appearance Cork Man – Cement Paul Hanley.
Took it out easier for the first two ks just keeping Macca slightly ahead, and although not fast it was already starting to feel a little uncomfortable going up ‘Scribble’s at the 2.5k mark. Sat on a ‘Little Cubs’ shoulders for a while before dropping him then made an effort to pick up Macca , which I did although that only lasted for about 300m in truth. The first big test came around the 4k mark as you start to climb and it’s safe to say I failed miserably – it wasn’t pretty. I stuffed the watch up at 5ks when instead of lap splitting  I actually stopped  the clock and was then mighty pleased for the drink station going up the hill.  Meanwhile a good battle was heating up at the business end as I saw Tommy H leading the charges home with only ‘Q’ sitting with him and Barts dropped altogether. Was surprised then to see Enda ahead of Fats and Macca but not actually too far ahead of me time wise.
Turned for home at the top and picked up the pace, but once I got back on the flat I was cooked, and I was barely holding 4 minute pace as  about 8 people were to come past over the last 2.5ks. I was even forced to stop at the 8k water aid station to take some fluids on board as I then labored my way to the finish line. I went through the 9k mark and thought I heard something in the bushes that scared the bejesus out of me thinking it was a snake and it got me moving that wee- bit faster  (but more on that later)
Managed to stop the clock in 38.30 for the day, somewhat disappointed but conditions certainly played a major part in the outcome that’s for sure with Macca only coming in on 36.53 and Fats failed to even break 37?
It didn’t seem to stop the Chairman Tommy H once again though as he powered his way to 2nd overall beating ‘Q’ and Barts for 4th – Another ‘Timmy Run of the Day ‘ to the Geordie Boy for that effort.
Good work also to Erika (3rd female) and Hanley on sub 40 mins that saw him collect over me when I gave him a 75 second buffer – well done mate.
Also lost out to Tom (+3.30) bet, although he gave me good news as I crossed the line when he told me I’d beat Enda who was still to finish????????? Hang on…Wasn’t he ahead of me at 6ks?  Confusion reigned for the next 20 minutes before the ‘Human Headline’ was to emerge, and what was to follow had to be seen and heard to be believed …………..and needs a special part 2 to explain all  J
Full results.

Post race, Krone, Hanley, Elle, birchy, Timmy, Neil, Erika, Fats and Pete Walker.

Fats explaining to 3rd home Erika where it all went wrong.

I think its safe to say that Paul Hanley (aka Cement) was pleased with his result and getting within the 75 seconds of my time?

Love to be able to say that i stormed home over the last 50m in the final race of the year..... Sadly it wasn't to be, as Angus Boyd was to take the photo on the home straight.

Have held over part 2 on the 'Human Headline' Enda Patrick Oliver (EPO) as he's due around soon and i'm keen to get the full story over a few beers..... stay tuned, I'm sure he's got some story lined up ?