Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tuesday 5k Time Trial /Tempo Set.

Had planned on meeting ‘Cement Hanley’ for a bike session but the big soft lad was a no show after it threatened to rain, so was forced to join another group going around. With no Leech either I was happy just to sit in ‘group 2’ for the morning but was still working as I ticked off just over 40ks.
Stayed in the park straight after and did a flat 4k warm up loop before doing a 5k time trial /tempo session. Was working hard but not flat out although found it tough again around the 3k mark of the park and was happy to get it out the way. Even though I wasn’t flat out I still lost a little time on ks 4 &5 that I wasn’t happy with.
A further 3k warm down to make 12 for the morning.  Good mornings work out.

Saw ‘I Never Have time for ANY training Stankard’ running around for his 4th day straight and planned on joining him for a few laps , but whilst on the way I bumped into Sonya Van Beek and decided to run with her instead. Pretty cruisy to be honest but I was more than happy with that pace for the morning as I ticked off 45 minutes in total.

Striders 10k series run out at Lane Cove this Saturday, that I will head out to race. Tough to predict a time as like last month I’ve had a solids month of training but over the hilly Lane Cove course it’s hard to tell.
Sitting last night scoffing my face of chocolate eggs, and I get a text from Tommy H telling me he’s wagered a $20 bet on young Laura James to turn me over off scratch ………………….WHAT ?? Charming, thanks for the confidence buddy. Still the former #1 lady is coming back strong and I’ll have to be on my game to hold her out especially on the hills that she will fly up.
I’ve been a little more generous (and she’s taken advantage of my good nature) and offered her $20 she can’t get within 60 seconds of me …what was I thinking?

Should be good fun all the same and our mate ‘Taffy’ James Matthews will be running in the ‘England shirt’ for the 10ks care of his losing bet from his recent 6ft Track race. And don’t think Sonii Van Beek has escaped either – if she rocks up she will be forced into some attire as well care of the losing bet from the Melbourne Marathon last October.

Tomorrow night is the last Biathlon of the season that I will be doing. Always a good hit out, Laura has agreed to race it as well, so I’ll get a better form assessment of her from that race before Saturday J

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Sunday Long with the Karaoke King.

After missing for a few weeks I was back out for the Sunday long run this morning for a 6.30am start at Centennial. No Laura today but she did send up quality runner Eloise Wellings (fresh from her ‘A Qualifier’ race in the week) from the Shire as a substitute, No C.T either but we did welcome back Mermaid Emma as well as Enda who then proceeded to let everyone know that he’s done no training, smoked the equivalent of 4 packets of ciggies a day and taken a crash course in Karaoke all in the course of his latest China trip that he tried to pass off as work.
All the regulars were ready for the 6.30am start including Sweaty Sock (Craig), Jeet, Corky, J.Nesher with Pommy Paul joining us a little later.
The banter was on from the get go today and poor Eloise was left bemused by the Galway boys antics, Held a steady pace for the usual 6k loop before the return to the café and then on for the 10k loop out from the park.
Had a big dinner and more than a few drinks last night so wasn’t feeling the greatest at first but felt better the longer we went, Picked up Kanser around the 12k mark of the run (*Not sure if he was starting his run later or just rocking up for the normal meeting time?) Was still holding 4.30s throughout as talk turned to the upcoming races. Jeet agreed to a 2.05 handicap start my way for the Canberra Half in two weeks, and Enda was looking for a bet off scratch for the State 10k in May …… he’s got no chance, still on the banned list anyway.
Completed the 10k loop in good time and then was happy to listen to my NEW coach and mentor Eloise who was just going to do a flat lap for 20ks in 90 minutes for the morning and thought I’d do the same as we kicked it down to running 4 min/ks to finish with.

Again a little short on the ks but happy enough with that.

Out for the arvo drinks, could be a longer day due to the Cricket World Cup Final, should be a good game, can’t see the Skippy’s being beaten to be honest but will have my KIWI shirt on for the day (more for Sonya’s sake J ), although if the Kiwis DO win then one bloke we all know will be unbearable, still it’s got to be a better option than listen to the locals giving ‘it large ones’ not to mention  reading all the biased press on Monday morning.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

March 1k T/T Golden Duck Swim - 16.51

Beautiful day in Sydney town for the HuRTS March ‘Golden Duck’ 1k Swim Time Trial Handicap at A.B.C. Pool
A hot and quality field greeted everyone today and a NEW timing clock was out for its debut as well. Over 15 starters for this one and I made the call early  that Angus Boyd was the one to watch for today after some impressive training over the past month or so, and when he came out with his ‘Silicone Cap’ on to avoid his hair slowing him down then I knew he meant business.
Clock starts and a few of the others are away before me and I’ve enlisted the help of good mate Mikey to help out and lead a few laps, wasn’t long before we catch Paulie Hannell and Brendan as we pass through half way in good time in 8.21
Had a few of the guns fly past but wasn’t too worried as I knew they had to make up another 100 on the handicap to catch us. Felt so so comfortable as I seemed to just cruise with Mikey who I must say is the best pacer in the business (for my pace anyway) Thought I’d sit till the 750m mark then kick for home, 750 went and I sat, 800m went and I sat some more, likewise on 850 and it took till the 900m before I had the b@ll$ to go on my won.
I felt a tap on feet then at the 925m mark  - It was the Leech who pushed off harder than me on the final turn as I saw the Duck drift away, that was until I found that bit more and actually came back past the Dublin lad over the final 25 metres.
Touched the tiles in 16.51 and thought I’d actually won the Duck, until I looked up to see Angus standing poolside looking confused, He’d lost count and wasn’t sure if he’d done 8, 9, 10 or even 11 laps in all the excitement. Everyone then was forced to stand around for 10 minutes before the video evidence was to prove the he DID do the 10 laps and ‘Correct Weight was Called’ and deemed the WINNER.
Congrats to Angus, super swim knocking loads from his previous best to swim 15.20 for the day. That was nothing though compared to Smolley who decided to give it a go and swum a HuRTS record in 12.55
Times for the Day were
Smolley   12.55 Fastest of the Day (HuRTS Record)
Walker    14.38
Angus      15.20 Duck Winner
Todd        15.29
Charlie    15.34
Leech      15.55
Crossy     15.48
Pablo       16.39
Timmy    16.51
Cialis        16.51
Mikey     16.59
Brendan 17.05
Champ 17.14
Paulie   17.22

Great effort from all – although all those that sat on poor Crossy Lads feet the whole way making him do the work should be ashamed of themselves  .

Big weekend coming up – NO Premier footy this week due to International fixtures that see England take on the might of Lithuania , Shouldn’t have to much trouble getting rid of them
Timmy’s Tip take the 5-0 on offer and NEW boy Harry Kane to open his account

Will try to get out back for the Sunday long run this week after missing the last few.

Have a great weekend
Train Well , stay safe

HuRTS 8 x 800m Rushcutters Oval.

Down to Rushcutters but with an alternative World Cup Cricket match taking place  on the oval I was forced to mark out a second course on the adjoining oval over the far side of the park  for the HuRTS 8 x 800s.
As usual the Oval always brings out a big team and today despite the 30 degree heat it was no different, although no sign of the Chairman (running with School girls) or Enda(tucked up with his Chinese mates in some dodgy Karaoke bar), but good to see Laura, Corky O’Conner and Renee back for the ladies. Bit light on at the front end today and for the first rep I found myself not far behind ‘Mini’ Tom, with Bruce and Skippy Heyden right beside me. Got a bit excited coming in on 2.40
Barts was a late starter and joined us on the 2nd that saw the pace quicken but was keen to keep it constant throughout as I pretty much tucked in behind Skippy for the next 4 to 5 reps. Saw my pace drop on the 6th and had those quitting thoughts run through my head but dug deep to at least get the session done.
Had to battle on the 7th and was happy to make the starting line for the 8th and final rep of the day.
Rep times were 2.40, 2.44, 2.43, 2.44, 2.45, 2.48, 2.49, 2.48
Spoke to Barts at the end and he reckons that times we possibly about 6-8 seconds slower than the normal oval as the grass was a lot longer (swear I nearly saw Tarzan in there at one stage),measuring long, the uphill section coming back, and not to mention the 30 degree heat. Although the biggest distraction I had was at the 150m mark where we had someone soaking up the rays that we seemed to be getting nearer on each lap.
Times may not seem that fast but I was pretty happy with the session on the whole. Seeing that the first group  were also rolling every 4 minutes and I was only getting roughly a 1.15 break on most reps instead of the usual 1.30

Nice to see Kanser back at some stage of the session , but in true Kanser style he seemed to be running late and joined in around the half way mark.
Shattered at the end and will enjoy the rest day tomorrow, although in saying that  - It’s the HuRTS monthly 1k swim ‘Golden Duck’ time trial so it looks like another trip into town.


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

(Mythical) Tuesday Tempo.

Out early but very humid morning again for the tempo session around Centennial Park.  After a flat lap warm up I decided that 2 x 18 minute tempo efforts with a 2 min standing recovery was all I had time for this morning.
Felt pretty flat even before the start this morning and wasn’t even keen to do it but I knew it wasn’t worth the hassle from our Chairman Tommy H in not doing.  Set off working around the 3.50 per/k mark and basically held it all the way except coming around the Fox Studio Gates part of the park where it dropped and ended up averaging 3.54s for 4.65ks.
Its slightly harder on the return so was keen to work the first part harder in order to gain a few seconds in the bank, once more was happy just to sit on the 3.50 pace. Although in truth it was about all I could muster anyway. Managed to return to the start line with 7 seconds to spare with 17.53 showing on the clock.
Wrecked at the end and couldn’t even do a cool down, not sure if it was the Triathlon Sunday, the beers that followed or just a bad night’s sleep but it certainly wasn’t one of my better sessions.
Title of today’s blog comes after Tommy H constant badgering throughout the day questioning my commitment to the tempo session after failing to front for the HuRTS lunchtime set? Even went as far to suggest it was ‘Mythical’ ………………..  Well mate, it was far from Mythical, it certainly wasn’t pretty and there were many a folk (including a walking PLOD) that saw me battling it doing the hard yards.
Over 12ks for the day.

Monday, March 23, 2015

BRAT Triathlon - 66.27 2nd Place

No Sunday long run this week preferring to do the BRAT club triathlon at Heffron Park that also doubled up as the ‘Hanley Farewell Handicap’ in honor of Dubai bound Paul Hanley who’s leaving Aussie shores in April.
Lot of talk (well Trash to be honest) as the Irish boys came out to race, headlining was Ireland’s fastest on the planet – PLOD (Paul O’Doherty) whilst the rest of us were just there for the minor placing’s. ‘Baby Faced Assassin’ Evan, Hanley, and Conor were also there to help team Irelands chances but no sign of Enda who worked around the clock in order to find a flight to China just so he didn’t have to race also in attendance were a few French men but they already had the ‘White Flag’ out even before the race started.
Usual banter before the off and I was hoping to stick on Ev’s feet, that was until some Muppet thought he was faster than me and then let him get away as early as the first 100m and I was in no man’s land once again.
Had Hanley on my toes for the first 500m until I heard a massive explosion that told me he had blown a gasket at this point and that was him done, Happy to get out the pool on 12.30 and only about 30 seconds down on Evan (although POD was long gone by this time).
Out on the bike and worked hard early to try to reduce the deficit and didn’t take long to catch (supposedly) strong cyclist and coach Englishman Danny Moore, told him to jump on and work with me but unfortunately his hearts not as big as his belly and couldn’t respond.
After only about 6ks I saw Evan walking back to transition – race over for this young man as he blew a tyre (KARMA coming back to get him after he let the air out from my tyres in the Feb race J ). Managed to hold the bike pretty steady throughout but saw POD finishing whilst I still had another 2k lap to go as I then came in around the 34 minute mark for the 20ks completed.
Out on the run and I knew POD had injury concerns but even after the first lap I could see I wasn’t making hardly any ground on the ‘Big Man’, Still, it’s a handicap race so tried to push on regardless, upon finishing my first lap I see Irishman NON Finisher #2 for the day in the shape of Hanley walking around heading for the kids playground  - yet another Heartstring’ pull with his work for the day done.  Managed to hold a steady 3.45 per/k for the run leg to come home in 18.15 for a finish time of 66.27
Pretty happy with that all things considered , POD of course was first and covered the handicap as well as he came home in 62.xx ? So 2nd spot again for me…..Geez, this is getting a common occurrence – I’ve had more seconds than a Fat Kid at the School Canteen it seems.
Conor Mac was the last Irishman standing so took out the final podium spot within our own race,
Will Post results once I get them, but the interim were
1st POD
2nd Lindop
3rd Conor
4th Hanley – DNF
5th Evan – DNF

The Sunday arvo drinks were held at the Coogee Pavilion where many drinks were consumed, killer day as the ‘Pints’ were back on display. Forgot how tough the pints were and for the second time in the day both Hanley & Evan performed badly , and POD showed that he’s more than just a top triathlon with another solid performance over the course of 5-6 hours.
Great all round day, although the alarm was nearly battered when it was going off at 5.10am on the Monday morning.

Busy couple of weeks racing ahead, 3 weeks straight with the Striders 10k, Canberra Half  and then the final Kurnell triathlon on the 19th April.
Rivals setting up for the race - Irish boys Evan & POD.

L-R, Conor, some French man, Monkey man Hanley, Evan, Timmy and POD.
Working hard on the bike leg.

Post race drinks with Hanley, POD, Kroney, Cookie and Evan.

English and Ireland's top men.

Meanwhile Enda was some 5000ks away telling the poor Chinese people how good he is at running and then acknowledging the crowd – What a Wally.


Thursday, March 19, 2015

A.B.C Friday Pool Swim.

Lovely day to hit the pool to end the week and rocked up ready to start and only Todd was with me. Sat on Todd’s toes for a 400m rep coming in on 6.30 before the rest of the team decided to arrive.
A series of 200 and 100m efforts was the go today, nice team with Pete working from the front , with the likes of Todd, Angus and Charlie not far behind, I was happy to sit on Zoe Williams feet throughout the session – although was battling at times to even do that. Zoe, Brendan, Pablo (Escobar) and I all took it in turns to lead out a 200 and I was happy with my effort of 3.09 (even if I was stuffed once completed).
Finished off with 6 x 100m all done sub 1.34 pace and then got paired with Angus for the regular Friday 2 x 100m relay, unfortunately the pairing of Todd & Pablo were too strong for us and relegated us into 2nd spot (not helped by me trying to impress with a  tumble turn failure – missed the wall altogether in a pathetic attempt to save a second or two)
Over 2ks done in total, ticking along OK in the pool (for me at least)

Massive weekend ahead, in the footy its GAME ON as mate Slim Sammy Aggers Crystal Palace team come to the Potters to sample a proper football atmosphere and crowd.
Hopefully it’s another 3 points in the bag , take the Timmy Tip and back the Potters to win
Stoke  2 v C. Palace  1

On Sunday it’s the ‘Hanley Farewell Handicap’ BRAT Triathlon that’s been organized by the Cork boy before he departs to Dubai, He’s called in all the Irish BIG guns for this one PLOD, Evan, Kroney, Hayden, Conor and Hanley himself (noticed Enda didn’t get the call?) A Sprint race 750/20/5k on handicap with PLOD giving us all a healthy lead.
Hopefully despite getting rorted again on the handicap I can hold the boys at bay and get bragging rights over a few beers for the Sunday session that will follow.

Have a good weekend
Train well , stay safe

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

10 x 400m (Rolling 2 mins) on a HOT Rushcutters.

A  sunny 30 degree plus day, Oval in pristine condition, Chairman Tommy H back (with his NEW N.R.M.A like t-shirt from N.Y) the old favorite 10 x 400m session was on the program set for Rushcutters today.
Big crowd out and once Tom had demanded more effort from the troops we were soon off breaking into 3 groups with the first rolling every 2 mins, Barts, C.T  and Tom were fast away and I led out Angus, Todd and Super Kev for the first couple coming in on 71.  After about the 4th rep I ask the boys to work together but got blank looks all around as I think we were all in the same ‘hurt box’ by this time.
Got to the 7th  and then I felt the pace drop slightly as Super Kev and Angus were about 5 metres ahead although the pace must have been too hot for Toddie who dropped back into the 2nd group at 5 with Laura and Craig Wisemen. Really seemed to struggle on 8th & 9th rep but lifted for the final one to cross out with a 69 as I then joined pretty much everyone else sprawled out on the grass upon completion.
Tommy asked for extra push on the reps and I think everyone delivered today with faster times all around, and there looked a lot of tired bodies at the end and that was only with 4ks done  – the heat played a major part though I suspect.
Times and Heart rate for each rep were (loving this NEW H/R function on the watch).
1.       71,   average h/r 116 – max 131
2.        71                           159    - max 171
3.       71                            157    - max 160
4.       72                            154    - max 171
5.       72                            149    - max 161
6.       72                            160    - max  173
7.       75                            153   - max  160
8.       74                            160   - max  172
9.       75                            157    - max 168
10.   69                            170   - max 182

Great session all round , and despite feeling shocking at the end I really do think these speed sessions are the go in an effort to get those 10k times back down.


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

HuRTS 8 x 5 mins on Paddy's Day

Arranged to meet Paulie Hanley for a session on the bike, but when he came back to me late last night and said he was just going for a ‘Miss Daisy’ cycle to La Perouse I thought I’d stay and work harder with the man in form Eoin ‘The Leech; Reville. Continuous 7k loops so in a group of about 6 I was pushing it just to hang on. I actually felt like the ‘Leech’ as I was unashamedly on Eoin’s wheel for the bulk of the morning.
Returned home shattered but with 57ks done.

A change of starting point for the lunchtime HuRTS 8 x 5 minute session but it didn’t deter the big crowd from the tough session. All the big guns were out, Laura and Sonya represented the ladies and even Tucks was running despite only completing the 6ft Track run 72 hours before (although not sure what he was doing – someone actually said he was ‘bird watching?)
Tucked in on the first with Brummie Richard M and Macca, working around the 3.37 mark for 5 minutes, always tougher on the hills returning but got back with 10 seconds up my sleeve that I was happy with. The two boys got away on the next rep and I found I was in a nice group  beside Jeet, Razor, Angus,  Renaud, and solo Irishman for the day Super Kev hitting the same mark. Only got back with about 4 seconds remaining as I was starting to feel the pace.
Seemed to fade on the 3rd rep but amazingly I was getting to the same point each time on the outward journey and holding to get back under the allocated 5 mins. Had thoughts of only doing the 6 but pulled together enough in the 90 second break to toe the line for the last rep and battled hard to stay close to Angus Boyd. Really tried to push it home for the final part of the session and both Jeet and I kept each other honest coming over the flyover for the final run in 90 seconds although ‘Big Clarke’ came flying past as if we were standing still.
Bloody tough old session but a good one all the same , made so much harder on the returns with those hills but really happy to hold 3.37s-3-38s throughout hitting 1.4ks for each rep
11.4ks for the session and somehow got my watch to read heart rate as well – Average was 152 and Max 176, So I really was working hard.

As mentioned earlier only Super Kev out today from team Ireland due to the others all in the boozer celebrating St Paddy’s Day, although my spies did spot a few friendly faces around, check what I’ve been sent.
He may not have made the run training but Enda did find time to get to the pub on his bike.

Seriously, you can't take the boys anywhere.

... and, 'to be sure to be sure' - doing my bit for the Irish community.


Friday, March 13, 2015

The Week that Was.

Sunday – Long Run, decent team out although no sign again of Stankard who it appears is still sick with worry about Macca,  I started at the earlier 6.30am time slot as I had a lot to do post run, Normal 6k loop to begin and had a good chat with Eloise and Laura throughout. Back to the café at 7am to pick up the late starters including Birchy before setting off at a faster pace for the 10k. Felt pretty good despite the race the previous day and averaged 4.27s for the morning.
16ks for the morning before a busy day ahead with a  few Sunday beers and BBQ in the afternoon.

Tuesday, With a forced rest day on the Monday I was back in the park early Tuesday and had Sharonne join me for a flat lap (4ks) followed by the tough 3 x 3ks reps with a  700m float recovery. Tried not to run them flat out but more controlled and was happy enough to keep all 3 reps within 4 seconds of each other.
15ks for the morning.

Wednesday. Early start again and planned a few easy ks with Sonya but got snubbed when she decided she preferred to head out with Pommy Birchy for a lunchtime run. Not to be deterred, I caught up with the BRAT Hardmen to whistle away a few laps, that was until they all decided to pike out and I was left to run with man in form ‘The Leech’ , had a good conversation to be honest as we talked about his upcoming Melbourne Ironman as well as the Churchill Cup (swear he wants to run for the English team?)
Cruisy morning and only 10ks in total.

Thursday. Bloody hot again as I made my way into town to the Passenger Terminal for the HuRTS 3 x 2k session. Smaller crowd today with a few doing 6ft track on Saturday, Tommy H O/S, and a few injuries it meant there was only Barts and Banksy ahead as I sat in with Irelands #1 Macca and Heyden for the first rep. Too fast for me to be honest as I once again confused my ability with ambition but was happy enough with a 6.45 finish. Macca and Heydo’s decided to go when Barts did for the 2nd rep, so that was my cue to take off as well (only getting a 1.30 break instead of the 2 mins). Tried to stay with Macca, and succeeded until the final 200m, as I crossed out losing 5 seconds to stop the clock in 6.50
Was pretty much spent after that and was going to go in the next group with Super Kev and Angus for the 3d but thought I’d take my chances again with the Mac Lad, Struggled once he broke me and basically just hung in for the final 1500 to finish it off with a 7.05
First 2 reps far too fast, but talking to Barts he reckons that you need to back yourself on these kind of sessions and see where it takes you? He was on fire once more though as he was stopping the clock around the 6.07 mark despite running from the front without anyone pushing him – impressive.
4k warm down with Barts, a couple of the Scrap Dealer (West Ham) fans,  Mr. Jordan (Erika’s hubby, -   was delighted to tell me he is now the fastest in the household) and met Jono along the way – 12ks for the day.

Friday. Down to the A.B.C Pool to finish the week, stark contrast to the previous day with cloudy and cooler temps.  Only 8 of us and was happy to sit on Super Kev and Leech’s feet for the whole set. Felt pretty good for the 2k plus session and was capped off beautifully when we paired up for the 2 x 200m relay where Crossy and I spanked the Irish pair of Leech & Super Kev to draw first blood in the annual Churchill /Sands Cup.

Good luck to all running 6ft Track on Saturday, Tucks will be out to gain some street cred, and I know two time winner and class act Fats will be out for a good one.  Keep an eye out for Quentin and Muscles (Jono) as well to run well, and old mate Taffy James despite an interrupted training program will be out to run a sub 4hr race – have a bet with him that should he break 4hrs I will wear the (dreaded) Wales Rugby jersey, and should he fail to break 4.10 then he will be in the prestigious English Red Rose one.
I think he’ll look good in an English jersey next race - J

Big weekend, in the footy Stoke travel to West Brom , tough enough and I’ll be happy to come away with the draw.
Timmy’s Tip – West Brom  1 vs. Stoke 1

Out tonight for a few drinks, so I think the Sunday run could be just a dream this week, Sunday I put my Plastic Paddy Hat on and go out and celebrate with the boys for an afternoon of ‘Guinness’ and ‘to be sure to be sure’ talk, doing my best Michael Flatley jig  all day
Always a good day and catch up with loads of friendly faces during the course of the afternoon.


With HuRTS #1 Barts - if in doubt ...... Just ask him :)
and the 'Green Stuff' the North Shore boys drink..... very strange

Saturday, March 7, 2015

North Head Striders 37.34

I’m back, bigger, better and stronger……. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for my racing.

And so it was out over the bridge to North Head Manly for the 2nd Striders 10k, massive turnout again from the gang and after travelling over with Taffy James (YES he was even on time) and a warm up with Macca I was then promoted to chief drinks station man after the Highnam kids went out on protest and never fronted.
All the guns were out today so fast times were anticipated. I decided to chuck the watch for a change and run on feel and after a few solid weeks training I was in good spirits.
It’s always a fast start so was keen to hold back a little and soon settled in a nice group with the likes of Jeet, Asian Dave, first lady Julia Degan and another of the Chinese twins that are always around. Could see the two North Shore boys( Dicky G and  Justin) holding hands slightly ahead but was happy to sit for the time being. Was feeling OK, but (and I don’t know why) both Jeet and Dave somehow had got 30 metres on me without realizing…... talk about going to sleep.
Coming back to the Stone Gates I was now running solo and had a good look at those behind me to check how far I was ahead, Taffy was close, and was surprised that Warrior Charlie wasn’t even that far back at halfway. Sensed that the 2nd and 3rd girl were homing in as well and at 6k I was struggling. Amy (2nd girl ) was now on my shoulder but that meant she was at least keeping me honest through ks 7 & 8. I tried to lift at the 9k mark but had nothing and when she came past just before the Stone Arch for the final time I was almost at breaking point. It’s a strange sport is running though, as something then kicked in to say ‘bugger this, race on’ and I somehow found an extra gear and kicked it for home up the 300m hill to the finish line. OK it wasn’t pretty but it proved effective as I crossed out in 37.34 beating her home by a couple of seconds.
So, the wash up- 4 weeks of solid training and I finish in exactly the same time as what I did at Homebush in race 1 – how’s that work ?  Not sure if no watch helped or hindered? And once more I was too quick to settle for the easy pace when the going got tough what was disappointing. Still, we carry on and hope it will all come right J

As predicted the times were good today, and I have to take my hat off to Barts, sensational run and the boy is on fire with another 32.19 (?). I’ve give him stick in the past but I’ll admit he is the NEW HuRTS #`1 without doubt at the moment (Tommy 2 and Quentin 3). My mate Tucks won’t like it one bit, but I’m afraid he’s done nothing to warrant even a top 5 place at the moment and I’m siding with Tom on the importance of all these walkathon events beating the likes of Elvis the Taxi Man? In fact I’ll go one step further and say I think that it’s unlikely that Tucks will ever come back to match it with the lads in a road 10k any time soon?
Solid efforts from the boys and perhaps non better for the 2nd month running then ‘The Chinese Detective Michael Ho – who run with Tom all the way and smashed another 30 seconds from his PB. Macca reclaimed the Irish crown after Enda was up all night with worry and didn’t front.
On the betting stakes, Good morning all around (even if some of it was be default  - they know the HuRTS ruling) , Lost out to Tom (minus 4.15 ) again and think I’ve nearly put young son Charlie through school with the amount I’ve paid to Tom’s account in recent times.  Won $20 from Taffy after giving him an 80 second buffer (he came home in 40 plus), $20 from Jeet who couldn’t beat me by more than 51 seconds (had 60) , and Paulie Hanley never fronted (soft @r$e) after I give him a massive 2.30. No sign of Laura either who I generously gave 90 seconds and as stated Enda worried himself sick and left poor Birchy standing like a ‘Shag on a Rock’ waiting for a lift that never showed.

Finished off with a top breaky at some joint in Manly , pretty good to be honest with the Bacon and Eggs rolls hitting the spot, us boys usual drink coffee with it although it seems those North Shore boys drink some “”kale’ Green Muck…. Not sure what that’s about , will post photos  later.
Around to the Chairman’s after with Taffy James where daughter Maggie outdid herself on Tea duties (would put Kanser to shame ) as we chewed the fat over Taffy’s 6ft race next week, with us both predicting he won’t get anywhere near his sub 4hrs.

Not the best of mornings race wise , but a cracker all the same with the team ……. Even if I did have to travel to the Dark Side.


25 years its taken to find a half decent running photo - and i was only warming up :)

It wasn't to last long - the final 200m

With some of the team, Barts, C.T, Q, Hoey and Taffy.