Sunday, September 3, 2017

Sunday Log Run 25ks

Even earlier start then normal as I was awake and decided to sneak 5ks in solo before the usual 6.30am start time. Small team again with only the Irish team of Enda, Marko Branagan, Dub Vince, Brendan Fehon and Gerard to begin.
Usual 6k loop as we heard about Enda's lack of sleep and Brendan's PRO cycling days that may result in him returning for our Nepean battle in October? Returned to the café at 7am to nobody and we soon left the park to venture out to see some of Sydney's finest and pristine beaches along the East Coast. Up to Randwick, down into Coogee, Gordons Bay, Cloey, through the Cemetery and back up to Bronte battling the hills at the same time. Enda departed at Bronte to continue home as Gerard, Marko and myself made our way back to the park via Queens Park to complete a stunner of a 14k loop.
Got back to the café with 25ks done in 1hr:55 again averaging 4.36s for the morning that I was happy with especially factoring the hills and Saturdays effort.

Will take a rest day on Monday but be back for some speed work on the Tuesday.

Some good news to report and that our Chairman Tommy H has got his 'Times' like blog back up. Great for the insomniacs of the world but more importantly for my good mate in Singapore Michael Durante as it makes it so much easier for him to track this blog down.
If you are struggling to sleep check it out



  1. Timmy it is no problem been using Slim Sammy A's blog to get to your blog.....prob a better read than Tom's :)


  2. I have a geographical tracker to my Blog, Durante. I seem to get about half a dozen hits from Singapore every day.