Thursday, September 29, 2016

Swim & 400s McKay Oval

Wet and generally miserably morning down at PAP first up and the best place to be was probably IN the water with 25 degrees showing.
Another 3.5ks done and unlike the previous weeks I was feeling much stronger, and even at 2.8ks I was still holding my times and moving well.
Didn't get into the city at lunch but took the opportunity to work with one of my fastest clients who is only 14 years of age to do some 400s around McKay Oval. Just helped him out on each rep but to be honest I was working pretty hard myself and I'm not so sure I would have gone much quicker had I been solo. It was very windy, especially from the 200m mark to the finish so his times were pretty solid.
Times for the 7 were, 80, 77, 77, 77, 75, 76, 74.
Followed it up with a tempo white fence (3.6k) but the lad was pretty much gonski and could only muster 4.37s throughout ....... thank God for me, and I was more than happy to see out the session at that pace as a cool down.

Rest Day Friday, and will head out to Homebush on the Saturday for the 9th Striders 10k of the series. Its a flat course but I never seem to run that well out there and I'll be well happy if I can dip under 37 minutes.


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

10 Minute Efforts - Fail.

Into the city for the planned 4 x 10 minute efforts today and after yesterday I knew there was no chance of running them all strong so I had decided prior to do either,
A. - Run all 4 but at a reduced pace of about 4 min/ks
B. - Run 3 but all stronger around 10k race pace - hopefully 3.37s
......Sadly  I was able to achieve neither.

Big turnout on a windy day and went out reasonably hard sitting with Angus, Macca and a few others covering 2.75ks averaging 3.39s. It was a struggle to get back and I was about 30 metres shy of the Stone Pillars on the return. Even before the start of rep 3 I knew I was going to be taking option B and wasn't even keen to front once the two minute recovery was up.
Got a huge helping hand from Jerome though, and he was more than happy to play pacer and take the headwind around Mrs Macs Chair that made it slightly easier.
Once done it was a recovery walk before I met up with hipster Mitch who was doing the same and I then just jogged very easy back to the Stone Pillars with him
Pace for the 3 reps were, 3.39, 3.40, 3.38

Never felt great at any time but still happy enough to get another decent session done.

Rest day tomorrow

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Tough Monday Tempo -16ks

As a means of penance if I miss the Sunday long run I've committed myself to doing the early Monday morning instead, but working far harder. And yes you guessed it... I was forced out after I succumb to the drink after another massive Saturday evening.
Session today was 16ks tempo, broken down into quarters, First 4k easy, 2nd 4k harder, then 3rd 4ks faster still with the final 4ks easy.
Armed with my best Monday buddies in the form of 'Kels & Wrighty (Kelly Cates and Legend Ian Wright) on the podcast of Radio 5 Live -606 English footy I was set to go. The usual first 1k felt shocking and it pretty much took till the 4th before I was moving freely. A change of pace that I was hoping to keep the next 4ks around the 4 min/k mark that I pretty much did, before the 3rd change that I found so difficult. Barely made it through and was thankful the last section was back to easy pace or else there was no way I could have gone further.
I used to do these 16ks all at the same pace but struggled just to do even 8k at a decent gallop today. Still it was still a good workout as I averaged 4.12s for the whole 16ks in 67.04
Breakdown of the splits were
1.  4.51, 4.32, 4.29, 4.20
2.  4.04, 3.56, 3.57, 3.59
3.  3.48, 3.46, 3.46, 3.47
4.  4.33, 4.19, 4.19, 4.29

Shattered by the end, and really hope not to miss too many more Sunday long runs if this is what I have to put myself through to start the week.
Many thanks to Wrighty and Kels on getting me through, Quality show, if you get the chance take a listen. On a par with the Welsh legend Robbie Savage.

Talking footy my good mate Slim Sammy Aggers has been giving me a serve lately on the Potters misfortunes. Personally I think he's gone early in giving it large ones due to his Tin Pot (Palace) outfit wining a couple of matches. Still along way to go buddy and I'm not worried at all as the quality will come through from the Potters yet - you see.
Very, very unlucky on Saturday when a last minute equalizer stopped the boys taking the 3 points but the club are heading in the right direction.
Next up Man Utd away, what a time to collect 3 points :)

Tomorrow, back out with the team for the 4 x 10 minute efforts


St Peters Dog/Park Run 18.09

A free hour off work and a chance of a head to head with Enda meant it was a quick detour to St Peters for the 5k Park Run to start the weekend. Sadly he pulled the pin (sick once more) but I did find another Irishman Leech on the start line alongside Razor Wareham.
The big news was the change in course due to the Westconnex digging up nearby roads so was unsure of the course but did hear the big hill was still in the mix somewhere for the 5ks. The usual fast start though and with Tom De Canto miles ahead after 500m I sit in 3rd spot with Leech and Razor on my shoulder as we fly through in 3.19 Settle for the 2nd better and the hill comes into play far earlier on the new course at 1.7k that slows things downs big time. It's here the Leech breaks away and seriously must put about 10 seconds into me by the time we get to the top that I was never to get back. Despite the tough enough course we had to deal with about 1001 dogs roaming around and even the mild mannered Razor was giving out at one stage. If that wasn't bad enough we then had to fight our way through the slower runners as we head out for the 2nd loop and are forced to run the final 1k with those still on 3.5ks - nightmare.
I was struggling mind and wasn't happy with the last 1k or so as I seemed to labour over the line in 4th (or was it 5th) just behind Leech in 18.09 but just staying ahead of Razor. Still, a decent enough hit out and I'm even more confident I would run high 17's on a  flat (or short) course like Curl Curl?
Much prefer the old course, In that its more flowing and you don't have to endure the slower runners over the final stages.
Stayed around at the end as it was also some sort of Irish day with former Swans legend and premiership player from 2005 (?) Tadhg Kennelly handing out awards. Poor Leechy got all star struck and demanded his wife take a photo but was to shy to go solo so asked me to hold his hand.
Nice lad (Tadhg not Leech) and I think we impressed him with our 5ks efforts for the day.

Leech, Tadhg and I.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Friday Swim & Footy Talk

A little short on time and with the arms and legs tired I just found some free time to head to the pool for a few easy laps, more recovery than anything else.
Short warm up and then 1k straight was about as exciting as it got.

Still very early in the footy season but I'm constantly being taunted by some numpty's about Stoke and in particular manager Mark Hughes job security. All I will say is 'what a joke and cop on to yourself FFS. OK, results have not been going our way with 5 losses on the trot and a defence that is leaking goals big time BUT we have to many QUALITY players to worry or even talk about 'Sparky's position. The chance to win the league may have now gone but I'm still more than confident of holding a mid table position once more. That said this weeks game takes on a whole lot more with the visit of West Brom, in a match we must win.
Its not very often I say this or give you a cert, but get on the Potters to take all 3 points come Saturday afternoon at 4.45pm
Timmy's Tip Stoke 2 v WBA 0

* For the record I've got a $50 wager with Birchy who says Stoke will get relegated ...... Geez, he's either dafter than I thought OR he has money to burn? Silly boy.
** I reckon Swansea and actually West Brom will be searching for a new gaffer before Stoke will.

Have a good weekend
Train well and stay safe

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Big Day, Swim and 8 x 800s

One of my biggest swims that saw 3.5ks knocked out at PAP before I dragged my tired shoulders and arms for a much needed coffee and banana bread at the local in Erko.

City at lunch and with Rushcutters under repair I changed the set to Barangaroo for the 8 x 800s that brought a good team out. Scotty O'Connor seems to be joining us more these days and was leading from the front with new guy Kevin (who I found out after rep 4 it was 'Beer Mile' Billy Batt's talented son). Beside a good runner, he's a decent lad as well.
Conditions were tough with plenty of cross winds and got worse at half way when the rain came but found I was nicely tucked in with about 8 other sub 80 minute half runners that included, Mikey L, J-Fen, Hipsters, and Angus.
Pretty consistent throughout with times dropping only slightly on the 2nd half (I blame conditions)
Times; 2.35, 2.35, 2.35, 2.34, 2.37, 2.36, 2.38, 2.35
Great session and once again I feel as these sets suit me better than those longer ones.
A decent warm up and cool down, as well as an extra two (easy reps) to mark the course and I was up to a healthy 15ks for the day.
Buggered now.


Easy Midweek

Took the opportunity to jump in with my first group of the day and knock out 8.2ks. Started of with the stronger guys around 4.30 pace and worked my way back down towards 5.30s for the best part of 40 minutes.
Quiet day other than that apart from taking myself to the movies and checking out the new flick - Sully.
Excellent movie to check out based on the true story of Chesley Sullenberger who became a hero in 2009 after making an emergency plane landing along the water in the Hudson River, New York. Tom Hanks is brilliant as the captain and brings the near- tragedy to life and will keep you hooked (even though we all know the end result)
4 boxes of popcorn out of 5 - go see.

Will be back out tomorrow for the 8 x 800s set down at Barangaroo.

Early days from Sunday's Half as my troops start to form coming over the Bridge.


Tuesday, September 20, 2016

HuRTS Tempo Tuesday.

Despite the weekends racing there was still a big turnout for the Progressive Tempo session although I felt many were running at a reduced pace, Girl of the moment Renee was fronting up, as was Leech, Brendan, Mikey L, Angus and even Hoey was putting in a shift after I've been bagging him of late for his lack of committing to sessions.
Went out easier just chatting away to Angus & Leech around the 4.10 pace and decided just to make a few adjustments and hold that pace until the turnaround and then bring it home quicker.
Got to the STC and on the turn picked up the pace dropping it down to closer to 3.45s, all seemed a little quick for the Leech though and after hearing about his projectile vomiting on Sunday I was more than happy to push ahead. Got to Mrs Macs Chair before I started to feel it but was helped as you start to reel the slower runners in. Happy to get back to the Stone Pillars in 44.44 covering 11.2ks for the day with an average pace of 4 min/ks
Km splits for the set went:
4.11, 4.07, 4.10, 4.08, 4.07, 4.08, 3.44, 3.43, 3.46, 3.55, 3.59, 37 seconds (200m)
Decent enough set and happy with how I pulled up from Sunday - that said I hardly smashed myself.


Sunday, September 18, 2016

Blackmore's Half Marathon 90.30 - Pacing Duties.

Up at the ungodly hour of 4.30am to prepare for the Blackmore’s Half marathon that was starting at 6 over at Milsons Point.  Decided to do my bit and help out agreeing to be a pacer for the morning carrying  the 90 minute flag. Met fellow flag bearers and HuRTs lads Tommy H and Muzza (80 mins) before heading up to the start line. The aim for the morning was to run the 21ks sitting on 4.16s per/k even pace and was spot on for the first one but miles out with a 3.58 for the faster 2nd coming off the bridge.

Settled after that coming back through the city and by the time we came under the Harbour Bridge I had a loads of passengers on the bus, It was soon after I was joined by mate Gleeso who despite it early in the race was moving well.  Got chatting away to the team when I thought was appropriate and coming up Hickson Road I mentioned to the group that at the next marker - 10k we should be aiming for 42.40 and was happy to shout out 42.20 giving us that slight buffer.

In and around the back of Pyrmont that I normally struggle on when racing with the little pinch hills I seemed to enjoy today and gave a shout out to Tommy H and a few of the other faster guys as they were set for home. Next little goal for the group was at 15ks and we were still on target as 64 minutes was the go and we went through in 63.44, I know this is where the run is lost for many so was keen to continue with the chat and it helped with a flat course coming around Barrangaroo and Hickson road. Still had a big team on board as we left Barangaroo and once we hit the squashed car I suggested to the group that if anyone was feeling strong then they were to push ahead to see out for the final 2ks. Coming around the Quay area I knew I only had about 60 seconds to get home myself so put the foot down slightly but still crossed over the line in 90.30 – Wasn’t too concerned in truth as I did position myself pretty much close to the front on the start line and for many of the runners they were way back to begin.

Really enjoyed the morning and being able to help out whilst still getting a decent little hit out done working 21ks at 4.15s

Many a good run from the HuRTS guys and girls, with what now seems like a great course. A good few hit under 80 minutes including Darren J, Leech, Angus and Brendan but the Timmy Run of the Day went to Renee who smashed out a brilliant 83 minutes (3 minute PB)  and was beaming with delight as I crossed the line as she revealed her time to me. My clients ‘The Love Doctors’ Craig & Victoria had good runs with Craig keeping me in sight the whole way to finish in 91 and Vics stole a 3 second PB to stop the watch in 99.48


The usual afternoon / evening drinks were consumed and I’m just recalling all the evening shenanigans with ‘The Doctors’, Sweaty Neil, Jeet and Birchy


Rest day on Monday but will need to get back for the Tuesday session as the Melbourne Half is fast coming around and I sense it won’t be as cruisy as today’s run.

Good guy Muzza and Tommy H who were also on pacing duties for the morning, them on 80 minutes me with the 90 flag. Sadly Muzza only lasted 4ks before he pulled his calf muscle and had to pull the pin.


Wednesday, September 14, 2016

6 Gate to Gates - 910m efforts (2 mins rec)

A big swim to start the day down at PAP, once again mixing it all up with slower longer sets and quicker 50m reps as I racked up a healthy 3.2ks before heading for a well deserved coffee.


Into the city for lunch and every now and again the HuRTS website doesn’t list the given Thursday set. So after about 100 enquires I sent word out for an easy set with Sundays Half Marathon in mind. Unfortunately the message must have got mixed up as a ‘Timmy’s Hill and Tempo set was set down (WTF?) Pretty poor selection I felt as did the masses as only about 5 people fronted in what was perhaps the smallest HuRTS turnout for years.

Anyway not to be put off I cruised down to the gates near the steps around Farm Cove and decided to knock out an old favourite that we used to do before big races in ‘Gate to Gate' -910 metres. So solo I rolled out into a heavy headwind and was working hard from the get go.

The return leg felt easier and was reflected in a faster time and basically it was repeated 3 times for 6 reps in total, keeping all consistent once more.

Got a bit of support and High 5s from Brendan Wong, Steve Perry and Paulie Hannell who were all out in cruise mode for the day but other than that I didn’t spot anyone else.

Time and pace per/k for each rep went;

3.04 @ 3.22 per/k
3.00 @ 3.16
3.02 @ 3.22
2.59 @ 3.15
3.04 @ 3.22
3.00 @ 3.15

Easy jog back up to the stone pillars for a touch over 8ks for the day – happy with that, especially having to do a HuRTS session solo for the first time in 10 years.





Monday, September 12, 2016

Tuesday 5 minute efforts (90 sec recovery)

A decent session covering nearly 8ks with the ‘Love Doctors’ just before the HuRTS set saw me going into the 8 x 5 minute efforts already slightly fatigued and instead of the full set I decided that 6 good ones would suffice for the day.

Big crew once again with Barts and ‘Special Q’ leading although no sign of Highnam or Ho and although its spring it’s still not enough to get Crossy Lad back from his winter slumber. A decent clip to begin as I sat in with the usual Jerome, Brendan, Toby, Hamish, Mikey, The Hipsters (Mitch & Chris) and Angus covering 1.45ks averaging 3.30 pace feeling OK, slightly bit faster for the return leg and then managed to get further heading out on the 3rd rep. Number 4 was pretty even but kind of lost my way a little on the 5th as the group soon gapped me and I seemed content then to finish it off with the following group that included the likes of Sammy J.C, Champ and Pete Walker.

Somehow found something in the tank for the 6th which proved that I was just lazy and ‘sandbagging’ previously as I kicked it down to end with a 3.31

Pace for the 6 – 3.30, 3.27, 3.27, 3.27, 3.38, 3.31


A good cool down with Brendan, Sammy J, Leech and J.C  and I’ve never seen the boys move so quick to aid a lady jogger who dropped her credit cards in helping to personally give it back – It was embarrassing to watch.


Good session but pretty tired from it.

May rest tomorrow although if I can persuade Crossy Lad out I may go for a midweek swim at PAP.



Sunday, September 11, 2016

Monday Swim & Run to Start the week.

After a Sunday wipe out due to a massive Saturday out drinking, watching the Swans and then cheering the Celts home in the Glasgow derby game  it meant an early start to kick start the week with a run. Still feeling less than average even that was in grave doubt as I went through the first Km in 4.52 feeling as if it was 3 min/k. Pretty much settled down from that point and once I was leaving the park I was actually moving OK.

Managed to get through 10.6ks in 46.45 averaging 4.24s for the morning.


Beautiful Spring day so headed into PAP to do the session I was supposed to do last Thursday, No sign of Crossy Lad though although it worked well as this was a set best done by myself. A mix of 800 and 400s straight and then plenty of harder 50m efforts

2ks all up


Back tomorrow for the HuRTS 8 x 5 minute session


Thursday, September 8, 2016

HuRTS 3 x 2k Reps

AM. Time restrictions meant that wasn’t able to get the whole 3k swim in at PAP this morning but still had some time so jumped in and after a 200m warm up went straight in and punched out 1k. Nothing special and certainly wasn’t fast. 100m to cool down and I was done with 1300m to my name.

Better than nothing I suppose.


PM. Armed with my NEW Brooks ‘Asteria’ trainers I was into the city for the tough 3 x 2k reps starting down at the Passenger Terminal. Massive team and the strength in depth was unbelievable today with what must have been about 15-20 sub 35 minute 10k runners lining up.

After a rest day yesterday I was feeling refreshed and the aim today was to finally get ALL 3 reps under 7 minutes (3.30 pace) something that I’ve not done for ages.

The pace was on from the start as I settled in with the likes of Jerome, Mikey L, Macca, Hipsters Chris & Mitch, Skippy, Hamish, Brendan and Angus. I knew I was going too fast but wanted to get pulled along with the team and nearly had a heart attack when I crossed out with perhaps my fastest 2k rep in 6.41,  Was blowing hard and I needed every second of the 2 minute recovery before the return leg. Again sat in with the team, more with Hamish and Macca probably about 5 metres from the main bunch. Despite how tough it was the legs were turning over OK and I actually led Macca home coming around the Park Hyatt for the last 250m in 6.44

I was dreading the 3rd, but knew one more effort even at a reduced pace would get be enough for the day. Any desire I had to stay with the pack went out the window over the first 300m as they flew and the self doubts I could get through it hit me. Managed to get back to the entrance of Barangaroo and with 500m to go dug deep and worked off Hamish once again and somehow stopped the clock for the final rep in 6.52

Even with the pace slide on the final rep I was stoked to get all done in the following times – 6.41, 6.44, 6.52


A good solid cool down with Enda, Hoey and J.C back into the heart of the City feeling well satisfied and now thinking that maybe I can once again start running sub 36s?


Rest Day tomorrow although may try to fit that extra bit of swimming in that I never managed this morning


Even with limited time this morning the pool looked so good it was hard NOT to go for a dip. Best Pool in the City if you ask me - Prince Alfred.


Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Fartlek Battle

Not sure if it was due to heat, excessive crowds, the fact I run 8ks this morning or was generally tired but I just never got going to the HuRTS 5 x 9 minute efforts (broken down into 3,2,1 minutes with a 60 second break after each).

After an eternity explaining the set we were off and I sat in with Super Kev to start for the first set at least before he pushed on, Got through the 2nd set pretty much solo and had already decided before the start that 4 reps was the go but instead of turning for home I easy jogged /walked the 9 minutes before turning for home and picking up the pace again.

Got back with nearly 30 seconds to spare but it was anything but a good session as I only managed an average of 3.53s for the 36 minutes run time (4 reps) feeling less than ordinary throughout.

Still tired all the same and will enjoy a rest day on Wednesday before returning on Thursday for another tough one – 3 x 2ks reps down Barangaroo and Hickson Road


Sunday, September 4, 2016

Swimming with an Icon

A recovery swim today at PAP  and in truth it was about all I could muster. Just couldn’t get going at all and despite having the ‘floaty pants’ on I was struggling to even hold 1.40 /  100 metres at times.

Best effort being a 3.13 for one of the 200m reps. All up about 1500m done

It wasn’t all bad mind as I got to the chance to swim with 80s icon Nik Kershaw for the day who was swimming in my lane, although I did jump out when he started blasting out ‘Wouldn’t it be Good’


Legs tired but will be back out tomorrow for the HuRTS tempo


He may have aged slightly (with his 45th next week) but good to see Nik Kershaw join me for a swim today .

Father's Day Long Run - 28ks

Big team of what must have been over 20 starters for the 6.30am start and nice to have Jerome back after his failed North Shore WhatsApp never got off the ground. No sign of Stankard, Jeet or Fats though as news filtered through that Enda had gone down with his 9th cold of the season.

Got chatting to Renee and ‘The Sweaty’ Craig  for the first 6k as he was getting all excited about his overnight 18th birthday bash he was at as I was struggling just to hold the pace and we were only tipping along at 4.40s. Got back to the cafe at 7am to collect the late starters and headed out for the first 10k loop alongside Jerome that immediately felt easier as the pace quickened.

Still moving well once back at the cafe and was leading from the front with Hoey when I took one look behind to see the numbers had dropped dramatically with only Pearson, Laura, Shire Boy Haydon and the much improved Birchy still with us. It’s a long slog back up Anzac Parade until you get to the Captain Cook Hotel turnaround and was happy to get the slight downhill 1500m stretch back that brought us into the park for the final time for the morning.

26ks done and was keen to get an extra 2 in so continued on for 1k before returning and happy to get my longest run under my belt with 28 done in 2hr:04mins averaging a decent 4.24s all up.

The usual coffee stop in the cafe was made as we were joined by a passing ‘Flake’ Paul Bruning, who I think was edging for a bet at Blackmore’s but I feel as if he would be wanting more than a 5 minute handicap start so I steered clear of mentioning.


The arvo beers were simple brilliant with Newtown buzzing all day as the ‘King Street’ crawl was on with bands on in every pub that made for a great atmosphere way into the night.


Monday will be back swimming with HuRTS very own Nik Kershaw (photo to come tomorrow)




Thursday, September 1, 2016

Running in the Rain

Busy with work and bucketing down all morning so took the opportunity to run with my clients. About 19ks all up with the best coming in the form of 5 x 1k reps with one half of the ‘Love Doctors’ Victoria. Decent clip as well as she was averaging 4.15s for each.

Despite missing the Sunday long run last week, happy with the weeks training that has seen me make the tough Tuesday and Thursday HuRTS set as well as the Monday recovery run for 16ks.

Will be back for the Sunday long run this week and will try to increase the mileage from the usual 26 to either 28 or 30ks


No premiership footy this week due to the International fixtures, Means England are back in action for the first time since the Euro farce and time to put the Pride back into the jersey.

Take the Timmy’s tip and back the boys to win 3-0


Have a good weekend

Train well and stay safe




Rushcutter 5 x 1k Reps (rolling every 5 mins)

With Oval #1 under repair we had to relocate to #2 for the 6 x 1k HuRTS set today that brought out a big group including big guns ‘Special Q’ & Barts and nice to see The Chairman Tommy H make another rare appearance with the team.

Marked out a course that consisted of two whole loops and the straight on the 3rd ending just outside the cafe and once away found I was leading a 2nd group out with the likes of Skippy, Jerome, Mikey L and the much improved Brendan Fehon. Happy with a 3.16 to kick things off and basically held throughout although I was finding the boys were coming past on each rep around the 450m mark.

Decided early on (I think as Tom had planted the seed) just to do the 5 instead of 6 and was therefore keen to keep it strong and consistent at least despite me feeling goneski after the 4th. Tucked in with Jerome on the 5th and final rep as he makes it look pretty easy whilst I’m nearly flat lining but managed to hold on for a 3.17 to end the day.

Rep Times. 3.16, 3.16, 3.16, 3.17, 3.17

Great set and once again even happier that there were no blowouts on times that show I’m on the up at last.


Sight of the Day, seeing Old Sammy J walking around once again (not even sure he got through 4 reps?)  - not sure what’s going on but that’s 2 from 2 that he’s not completed. 3 and out I say.

No sign of Crossy Lad , Enda, Birch, Laura, Leech, Macca, Jeet or even Prince Ho (is his star starting to wane?)


Rest day tomorrow, not a bad thing either as I hear we are in for plenty of rain over the next 48 hours or so?
Forgot the pics from today .
Can always rely on the lads to give me a lift when I'm struggling, Skippy, 'Q' Tommy H, Barts and Jerome.
Some of the team after the 6 x 1k reps.

Proof Tommy H does make an appearance from time to time
A couple of the team finishing off strong