Monday, May 30, 2016

10 x 3 minute efforts in the Pouring Rain.

Cold, bucketing down and generally miserable but made for perfect running conditions for the HuRTS 14 x 3 minute efforts and despite the weather it couldn’t keep a big team from fronting. Nice to see Enda back, as too Kanser  and even Warrior Charlie braved the elements although no sign of Tommy H, Crossy (too cold) or Hoey (too tough), whilst the sight of the day went to Jeet who rocked up in his ‘sunnies’ (I’m sure he thinks he’s a rock star these days) ??????

Decided early if I could get through 10 all strong then I’d be happy, if not then I would do the extra 2, and from the start where I felt I was moving OK I was keen to hopefully be able to call it quits on 10.

A great little pack for me to work with that included Enda, Toby, Stevie Perry, Brucie, Super Kev, Daren Jordan, Mikey Lichtwark with Hardman Macca huffing and puffing just behind. Pretty much had the path to ourselves and we were making it through the far side gate on each rep and very happy to be able to run them all sub 3.30 pace. Made comment to Enda after the 5th that I may have pushed a little too hard in the process but somehow was able to keep the same pace for the next 5 that was pleasing.

Pace for the 10 reps were; 3.27, 3.24, 3.23, 3.20, 3.23, 3.22, 3.25, 3.23, 3.25, 3.21

My best  session to date this year.

Will ease up a little for the rest of the week now to give me half a chance going into Saturdays Striders 10k at North Head and finally breaking that 37 marker that has not been broken for over 18 months,



Sunday, May 29, 2016

Monday Run and Swim.

AM. Missed my Sunday run yet again with the team yesterday so was forced out early to knock a few ks out to start the new week. Christ at this rate I’ll be needing a 10 minute head start from Enda in the half at the Gold Coast if I don’t pull my finger out.

Plan for the day was 12k doing 2 x 6k Woollahra Hill loops of the park sitting around the 4.30 pace.  Pretty straight forward and nothing really to shout home about as I ticked off the first 6k in 26.51 (4.29s) and then slightly faster on the 2nd loop in 26.28 (4.25s)

12ks in total in 53.20 average pace 4.27 – pretty easy stuff.


PM. Over to PAP for an easy swim with some drill and technique work thrown in by coach Pete Walker. Supported with Champ (with Fins), Angus (feeling the cold),Leech (out of form) and Crossy lad(with camera again) we knocked out a series of 100s then 5 x 200s with the pace increasing with each one. I was to kick off with 3.20 and hopefully decrease the time by 5 seconds thereafter.
Champ took the 2nd, Angus anchored the 3rd leg followed by Crossy and Pete was to bring us home.

Tough going but happy with 3.20, 3.14, 3.10, 3.04 and 3.06 – just struggled on the last rep once I’d been dropped at the 100m mark.
2ks all up in total.

 Good banter in the pool in between drills and I may have been called a ‘big log’ and a ‘goldfish’ but hey.... It looks like I’ve just knocked Andrew Crossy lads  1k PB off in the water after last week’s T/T,  so all can’t be that bad J


Will be back out tomorrow for the best session on the HuRTS calendar – the 3 minute efforts. Will either do 10 at 3.30 pace like last month or stick the extra 2 on for 12 and do them more at race pace (3.42s)?



Thursday, May 26, 2016

Golden Duck May T/T - 15.19 Massive PB time.... with Wetsuit

Time trial time once again down at PAP and you can sense the change in the cooler weather as there was NO sign of Crossy Lad for the May ‘Duck’ that was on offer.

Nice little team all the same with Coach Walker, Champ, Leech, Krone, Angus and a surprise appearance from Paulie Hannell, I’ve not swum in 8 days now and there was talk that all toys, paddles and even wet suits were optional but that was put to bed earlier in the week. Still, I thought I’d take one for the team and go the wetsuit all the same and take the 60 second penalty that goes with such.

Paulie first away followed by Champ then Leech before I was let go, and man did the suit make a ton of difference? Found myself catching the boys within the first 200m all the while swimming oh so easy. Didn’t even look at the watch at any stage as I ticked off each 100m and even had speedy Angus working hard just to stay on my toes. Pete Walker was the only one to fly past at the 900m mark and to help out for the final 2 laps. I sat in with him for 75 before putting in the ‘big ones’ for the last 25 to record without doubt my fastest 1k in 15.19 ( pretty safe bet to say that will never be seen again).

First to the wall but in fairness it was a shallow win due to the suit so I let Coach Walker take the Duck as he swum closest to his given handicap.

Times for the Day.

Pete    14.43

Timmy  15.19

Angus   15.31

Brenda  16.39

Eoin        17.38

Champ   18.04

Paulie     18.10


Big weekend coming up, Heading out to watch the Swans tonight in the top of the table clash vs. Nth Melbourne , and I’m taking the Swans by 23 pts.

In England it’s the play-offs for a chance to play in the Premier league with the big boys, Sheff Wednesday take on Hull and I’ve tipped Hull to return with a 2 – 0 win.


Hope to get out for a the Sunday long run this week, but as usual have a party to attend on Saturday night once more so I could be missing for my 6 week straight if you take out the SMH Half L


Have a great weekend

Train well and stay safe



Leech, Duck Winner Coach Walker, Wetsuit Timmy and Paulie Hannell post swim.
* It was too cold for Crossy Lad as he and his camera were nowhere to be seen.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Double Session 400s and 3k tempo to Farewell Mikey.

The Sun shone, the grandstands were full and the HuRTS masses responded with a massive turnout (although NO sign of Highnam, Kane, Cross,  Bartlett or Stankard – poor) for what was to be Mikey’s Farewell session down at Rushcutters Oval for the double header 7 x400s and 3k tempo.

I love these sessions and from the first rep where I tucked in just behind the likes of Nicky Roberts, ‘Mad Man’ Moyle’s, Jerome, Mikey Lichtwark and Andy Heyden to cross out in 72 seconds

That was basically the story for the next 12 minutes as I repeated 6 of the 7 reps on 72s and finished with a 71 feeling strong all rolling off 2 minutes. A few minute recovery whilst everyone regrouped and we were set for the tempo, Once again just had 4 of the 5 ahead of me for the best part of 2.5k before the ‘Leech’ (who else) came past, and with 200m to go Jerome decided he wanted to kick it down for a fast finish.  I was more than happy with my 10.33 for the 3k (ave 3.31s) for what was perhaps my best time for this session since it was brought in last year.

Not sure what it is lately? But everyone seems to be putting that extra 10% in for these shorter rep sessions and it was certainly showing as we came over the line on completion of 3ks

Great to see ALL the girls back out as well, it seems like an age since the last time they were all out at the same time.

A nice touch at the end as a few group photos were taken for the last time before Mikey gave his farewell speech (sure I saw Jeet and Sammy the Salmon crying?)

Great session, and starting to feel some improvement ... at last.


Swim day tomorrow, and its 1k time trial time at PAP.



Tuesday, May 24, 2016

HuRTS 4 x 10 min efforts (2 mins recovery)

4 x 10 minute efforts was the plan and I pulled rank and changed the starting location to the Opera Gates (that was the original start anyway for this session) as I thought it then meant the 4th rep was easier coming back down the hills instead of everyone labouring and killing themselves on the final effort.

Big team out and Mikey was back barking out the orders to the troops for the penultimate time before he leaves us, with Special ‘Q’ and ‘Paddy to be’ Nicky Roberts leading from the front. I found a nice little pack to head out with that included  Jeet, Brendan and French pair Jerome and Dom. Pace was good without smashing  it and we ended up half way down hospital road on the 10 minutes averaging 3.45 pace covering 2.7ks

The return was always going to be faster and the boys went out hard, holding 3.30s as we managed to get back to the start area with a good 45 seconds remaining. The 3rd rep is tough and we were joined by Enda for this one, Brendan pushed the pace and I was just hanging in before I started to struggle beside the ABC pool hill, Super Kev was close by and encouraged me to hang in with him, only managed that until the final hill before the flyover and then I basically blew my gasket on 8 minutes.

Cruised and walked the remainder before catching the boys during recovery period and then decided to push if for one final rep home, Jerome led this on and I was able to sit the whole way once again getting back to the start in 9.15

Pace for the 4 reps was; 3.45, 3.33, 3.46, 3.33

Felt good today and was moving well although I still struggle on the hills, decent confidence booster all the same just being able to run with Jerome and man in form Jeet was nice.

With only 10 weeks to go before this year’s City to Surf it could be time to start heading out and do some hills and prepare the same way I did 12 months back up on ‘Heartbreak Hill’ on Wednesdays.


Rest day Wednesday, but will be back for early swim Thursday before Mikey’s Farewell session at Rushcutters.... There won’t be a dry eye in the house I’m tipping  J



Monday, May 23, 2016

Trying to fit it all in.

Been a little slack of late with the blog updates as been a little busy, although in truth not much been happening on the training track. Here is the latest 4 days or so with a few photos as well.


Into town for work and caught up with Corky O’Connor for a trot before heading around to Barangaroo and knocked out a few 800m reps as part of the City Mile Dash training I’m helping out with. Returned back through the Quay and Domain for close on 10k in total – but feeling less than ordinary after a big Thursday evening farewelling Mikey.


A free window opportunity with cancelled work so lined up Pommy Paul Birch and Jac ‘Corky’ O’Connor early to do some tempo work and after a flat lap warm up we decided to do 2 x 3.7k loops. Was happy to guide the pair around and set the pace for each lap as both looked strong doing them. First of the two done in 15.09 (ave 4.08s) and then a quicker 14.38 (3.59s)

Over 11ks all up before retreating for coffee nearby.


Mikey’s Farewell – Palisade Hotel.

Well he’s pretty much been the heartbeat of HuRTS over the past 10 years so it was only fitting that a big contingent came out to honour Mikey Conway for his farewell drinks in the Rocks at the newly refurbished Hotel Palisade. Massive team out and nice to see all the old heads that of course included Tommy H, Charlie D, Enda, Kanser, Ronan, Fats, C.T , Barts, Jeet, Birch, Ho, Renee, Sammy and pretty much everyone that has run with Mikey during the HuRTS history. Fantastic evening and I love these nights out (although me head didn’t the next morning at 6am with work),  Nice to see Enda back after his 6 week stint in Honkers although we did have to endure 6 weeks’ worth of sh!te all in the space of about 4 hours, and I can’t honestly believe he was still harping on the fact that his ‘Team Ireland’ won the recent Churchill / Sands Cup, this despite (a) He didn’t run, (b) Kanser didn’t even get out of bed, (c) Corky got a big DQ, and (d) Robbie Neal pulled the pin at the 12k mark

Top night and Mikey will not only be missed by the team for the work he’s done, but to me personally as I’ve enjoyed his friendship for the best part of 17 years and has helped me out many times over the course of that time. Mikey – enjoy the new adventure mate but just steer clear of those funny fags they have up those parts.

Some pics from the evening.


Old heads maybe but still some of the last to depart - include, Leech, Birch, Hannell, Fats, Tommy h, Nicky Roberts, Jeet, Enda and Kanser in his NEW $2 cheap suit.
Alongside two of the most influential men of HuRTS -Tommy H and Mikey.
Mikey, Renee, Gleeso, Timmy and Jac 'Corky' O'Connor.
Enda, Jeet and the Mad Jock - Craig Wiseman.
Team England with Tommy h and Fats.
And some of Team Ireland - Kanser, Enda, Leech and Ronan, with Nicky Roberts who was born in Hammersmith London. Do they have no shame ?
And one can only imagine the conversation between these two jokers - Enda and 'Mr weetbix' himself Renaud.

Back out today for the HuRTS 4 x 10 minute efforts



Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Roll Up, Roll Up.... Mikey's at the Bar.

Down to P.A.P for a swim early doors after work and boy what a battle that was. It wasn’t fast, nor pretty but at least I got it done and that was about the only positive to come out of the morning.  Battled away, breathing felt out of order, arms heavy and every 50m lap felt like a 500m rep.

Still 2.8ks done all by 8.45am and the coffee and toasted banana bread went down well after.

Too busy to make the lunchtime session , did put the call out for help to run earlier in the day, but sadly once again the response was disappointing.


Big night tonight – 10 years in the making and this could be the night? ......... Mikey shouts me a beer ;)



Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Barangaroo 4 x 1k & 4 x 500m Reps


Recovery swim with Crossy Lad, Angus , Manly Steve and young Phoebe down at PAP. Pretty easy and only knocked out less than 1.5ks in total that suited me just fine.



Changed the HuRTS session as it had down a 45 minute progressive set that I thought may have been too much after Sundays race. I thought a nice change would be to do a set around Barangaroo and with some guidance from Tommy H we settled on 4 x 1k reps (off 5 minutes) and 4 x 500m .

With Tom back he pretty much led from the front alongside Crossy and Nicky Roberts whilst I surprised myself by being able to sit just off Skippy Heyden and ‘hipster’ Mitch to see out the first rep in 3.14

Was already blowing hard but basically repeated on the return leg with Angus and Frenchman Dom pretty much on my heels the whole way.  Pace dropped slightly on the 3rd but was still holding well enough, and by the time the 4th came around I was glad there were no more to do.

Happy with that and for the shorter reps thought I’d help out Corky & Renee instead of overdoing it, although they both pushed the pace holding close to 3.30s to cross  out in 1.46s

Times for the day, 3.14, 3.14, 3.17, 3.19, 1.46, 1.42, 1.47, 1.45


Bloody tough old session and many had the old ‘Wobbly Legs’ and even more were on all fours at the end of the set. Had Angus Boyd even remark that the 45 min progressive is far easier ?

I seemed to back up OK, and it makes me think perhaps that I didn’t run hard enough after all on Sunday ?

 A good cool down at the end and got chatting to Macca who was ‘Talking the Talk’ but wasn’t prepared to ’Walk the walk’ when he said he would run a sub -35 minute race before I run a sub 37.... Geez, the man is going soft.


Busy week ahead, and tomorrow we honour Mikey Conway with his leaving drinks before he heads to Byron Bay. Looking forward to it and should be a fun night, although after looking at my recent batch of photos from Sunday evening and some of the people who will be attending I’m slightly worried about who I’m hanging out with. Check them out.
He may be the man in form, but I think he's losing it.
8pm ..... Yes, time for C.T to go home.
'The Love Doctors' Craig &Victoria on the other hand are always the last to leave.
Even Laura James sometimes needs a helping hand.
Taffy James with his beer goggles on.
Hard to believe but I look like I'm enjoying the Half .... and this at the 17k mark




Monday, May 16, 2016

SMH Half Marathon 83.20

Stunning autumn morning made for great conditions as the HuRTS masses lined up for this year’s SMH Half Marathon.  A good warm up with Tommy and Taffy Lad before doubling back and running with the ‘Jordan’s’ and in the process got a snub from man in form Jeet who simply blanked all three of us (and Erika even had her name on her bib). The obligatory photo at the Stone Pillars before the gun is fired and we are off.

Had the honour of The Chairman Tommy H helping me out for the morning and after giving him instructions on the pacing I was set for some good company for hopefully a sub 83

Settled early for the easy first 2ks (even if it was a little bit fast) and got over the first little climb of the morning down near the Quay, Moving along fine and all of a sudden we have our own little ‘unofficial’ pacing group as about 10 people asked and decided to join us. Was ticking the ks off pretty much as I wanted as we made our way around the mazelike Pyrmont area and then got a shock when Laura James appeared from nowhere (at the 7k marker) as she started her relay leg. Felt my first drop in pace coming around the 10 marker where I was starting to feel any little climb but was happy enough then to be able to make it up on the downhill and latch back with the group.

Back on the expressway and I was happy to leave Pyrmont and Darling Harbour behind and even happier when we caught up with North Shore boy Justin and Cookie (BRATS) who had blown up and were in the hurt box at 14 ks. A bit of relief as the crowds appear on the corner of Sussex St and then hit the trek back down Hickson Road before the fun really starts at the squashed car. Pete Walker and Paulie Hannell give a big shout out and I’m struggling to get to the top of the hill, needed all the kind words of encouragement from Tommy H to get me up that one, but that was easy compared to the one that gets us up to the Bridge.... Bloody Hell, that nearly broke me and my only saving grace was on the hairpin back down I couldn’t see Erika Ekland or any of the 85 minute pacer boys. Once again make it up on the downhill through the Cahill but pretty much onwards from the 17k mark I was in survival mode. The pack started to get away from me coming up Macquarie Street and great to see Champ having the run of the day staying with them in the process. At the top of Macquarie you see the finish line and the top 3 are all just coming in but I’ve still got the best part of 4ks to go even if it is on familiar ground. I give a huge shout out to Hoey who is another having a blinder as I try to focus on lifting the cadence on the easier section down to Mrs Macs.

Once more anything less than pancake flat and I’m whinging about more hills and I swear the gradient in  that last hill before the flyover trebled since last Tuesdays session.

One final blast from ‘H’ to lift to finish strong was called for but as much as I wanted there wasn’t much left in the tank, Got loads of support over the last 200m that seemed to help and dare I say it even managed some sort of kick for the final 50m to the line. Stopped the clock in 83.20 that all things considered I’m relatively happy with. Averaging 3.55 pace for the day’s work. The 5k splits that I had were;

18.55, 19.15, 20.12, 20.26

Tommy H had a list of all the individual ks that I will post up in tomorrow’s blog.


Once again there were some fantastic times from the gang, with another host of PBs across the board despite it being one hell of a tough course. Great runs from Jeet, and Brucie , and the Prince continues to impress with another superb run to get a top 10 placing. Jac run well for a 92 (course PB) – even if she did get DQed for not starting in the right group.

The Timmy Run of the Day though goes to Champ who said from the start he was going to run with me and executed it well with a massive 5 minute PB to stop the watch in 83.01


Many thanks to the Chairman Tommy for all his help this morning it was great to have him running with us and to see him back out running, I didn’t finish as I was hoping,  as secretly I was looking for 82 something, but on a tough course with the hills I honestly would have struggled to break 85 I reckon without his help.


With the running out the way the serious stuff was to get started in the afternoon on the social side, did a little crawl around Slurry Hills before heading over to Double Bay to meet the gang. As usual top night had as the banter flew and great to see Jerome out with us as he took his Irish beating in good grace as part of the Churchill /Sands Cup.

Funniest sight of the evening was seeing a very merry birthday girl Laura carried OUT the boozer by b/friend Wol, as Taffy then had his Beer Goggles on and Jeet was in cocktail mode as his eyes were going in all sorts of directions, not to mention Corky O’Connor wanting to join team England next year.

As usual great night had by all and we’ll be doing t all again this week for Mikey’s farewell on Thursday.


Some photos from the race day and evening .

A few during the race and its not often you would get to beat 2 out the 3 top HuRTS runners in a race but that what I did - claiming both Barts and Tom by a mere second.
HuRTS Top 4 - apart from Prince Ho at #1 , I'm not sure of the batting order after that on todays results.
Pre race with the team.
and post race from Tom's office.
Run of the Day - Champ.
and let the celebrations begin - Churchill /Sands cup winners - England with Darren Jordan and Anto Yule.
token Irish boy - Jerome (French) was left to pay all losing debts.
Irish gal Corky O'Connor is always good for a social , and I think she was happy England won.
Taffy Lad had his beer goggles on last night.
I think Jeet may have overdone it on the cocktails.
A 'double bunger' $40 from Craig for last weeks 10k and his failure to cover the healthy 5.05 minute start I gave him.  Happy Days.



Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Return as the Toon Drop

Very fitting on a day that his beloved Newcastle got relegated to the Championship in the footy that Chairman Tommy H made his first appearance back since the London illness that ruined his big day.

Smaller team today with SMH Half being run on Sunday, but good to see ‘H’ back (albeit carrying a few extra Newkie Brown Ales on him), Barts, Birch and Kanser from the old heads also showing.

7 or 8 – 400s was the call early with a 3k tempo added for all those not running on Sunday, and from the first rep I felt I was moving freely as I tucked in behind the Chairman as I came home in 72. Rolling every 2 minutes I was happy just to sit in behind both the big guns (Tom and Barts) who were obviously running at a reduced pace with only really the talented Jerome coming past on a few reps.

Held even pace for the 6 and then tried to go out hard for the last one as Jerome kicked ahead on the 7th, managed to hold for about 300m before I started to drop off, but not before I crossed out with a final 68

As always Rushcutters suits me especially with the shorter reps and I always seem to enjoy the sessions down on that oval. Feel as if I’m moving well, just need to start converting now in the important races.

Times for the day; 72, 72, 73, 72, 71, 72, 68


Kanser was pestering me at the end for a scratch bet again this Sunday, not sure I want to take it to be honest as he always seems to forget the previous bets he made. I have offered Birchy 4 minutes for Sunday, and asked Jeet for 5 .... but both have been slow in getting back to me.


Rest day tomorrow, may just fit in a swim at lunch.




Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Swimming & Forever Blowing Bubbles.

Missed a fair bit of swimming lately and had the opportunity to get a midweek swim in so enlisted the help of Crossy Lad, Deano ‘Duathlon Champ’ Degan and a friend of mine Phoebe for a quick fire set

Series of 5 x 200 and 5 x 100s and after a good warm up Crossy the gentleman that he is made poor Phoebe lead out the lane for each rep – disgraceful behaviour.

I was getting dropped pretty early on each despite me coming in on 3.02 – 3.07s that I was more than happy with. The 100s I was much closer knocking each one under 1.30s. Crossy still with no shame made Old Deano even led some of the shorter reps.

Times for the 200s, 3.02, 3.03, 3.03, 3.07, 3.05

Sight of the Day, Watching Deano with ALL his toys, and I mean all, He even had the floating noodles cut up in lengths and stuck them behind his compression socks for more buoyancy – unbelievable.

Good warm up and cool down and jumped out with 1.9ks done for the day.

 Noticed old mate Slim Sammy Aggers was giving me a serve for not mentioning the latest footy results. Apologies indeed and yes his Tim Pot Palace did take 9 points of us throughout the season and congratulations to the Eagles on that, but boy they had more Jam than Hartley’s in doing so. Criminal how they got away with such daylight robbery. Anyway Aggers should be buying me my beer for the next 3 months as a thank you because without those points they’d be playing Championship footy come August with the Villa and Newcastle. In fact had it not been for a lucky FA Cup run then the classless manager Pardew would be picking up his P45 by now I’m tipping

With the season nearly over with only one match to play, there was a cracker last night with West Ham v Man Utd for the Happy Hammers last home game at the famous Upton Park. Alongside Anfied in full voice and The Brit (Stoke) there is no finer place to watch footy, especially for midweek matches.

A great club steeped in tradition and have always tried to play good football that I’ve always enjoyed watching ..... I’m sure Villa and Newcastle could certainly learn a thing or two from the ‘Scrap Dealers’

Will be back out tomorrow for a trot although will be going easier with Sundays SMH Half coming up.

 A few pics from swimming today and from Saturday’s State 10k run
Crossy handing Deano the 'Bling' from the Duathlon last year.
When he wasn't ordering people to lead the lane out, Crossy spent more time taking photos.
Jeet thought he had 'Run of the Day' in the bag after his impressive 34.42 and demanded I took a photo of his good side.

Quality runs from the Jordan's - Erika & Darren, although the former did steal my pacer in Prince Ho.

Nice runs from Angus, Corky O'Connor, Ruth and The Jock Boy - Craig.

Although Pete Walker was ruled out with illness, Taffy broke 40 mins (and took out the Clydesdale division) and Steve Perry broke 35 minutes - happy days.

Sammy T and Sammy the Salmon , pleased with there runs.



HuRTS 6 x 5 minute efforts (90 seconds recovery)

Busy morning with work and with 13ks done early with clients it meant that the HuRTS 8 x 5 minute efforts was always going to be a tough ask and had decided that if I could knock out a solid 6 then I’d walk away happy.

Big group and nice to see Barts back with us for the first time post London, as too Macca, Warrior Charlie and Mikey for a guest appearance before he soon departs to Hippy Land in Byron Bay. Lord, we even had Irishman Robbie O’Neal making a first appearance of the year.

With no real fast guys out I found a good group to sit with that included many of the sub 35 minute runners from Saturday, Steve Perry, Brucie Lambo, Hamish, Hipster Mitch, Dom, Renaud, Super Kev, Angus Boyd, Robbie O,  and even Barts was happy to run at our pace. Decent pace covering over 1.4ks at 3.33 pace for the first 5 minute effort, The return is usually faster but today it  was anything but with the high cross winds that made it tougher to get back to the Opera Gates. Managed to get back though holding similar, and did likewise for the next two. Rep 5 I was starting to feel the squeeze as the pace dropped slightly and was then mighty happy I made the call to call it quits after the 6th

Pace for the 6 reps, 3.33, 3.34, 3.34, 3.33, 3.37, 3.36

Warm up and cool down meant over 11k done bringing a healthy 24 for the day.


A nice little chat with Warrior Charlie at the end, the usual good banter with Renaud ( that man really does need some NEW sledging material) and I even had enough left in the tank to give Fats a blast (for basically doing bugger all to ever help me out when its needed)



Monday, May 9, 2016

State 10k Homebush - 37.11

One of the top 5 races on the HuRTS calendar is the State 10k on a fast Homebush track and it’s here the massive team turned out for a rather successful morning for many.

Collected Taffy, Corky and the doctors on route and then met with pretty much the whole group as we warmed up as the smog and haze refused to clear from the nearby back burning. No sign of the big guns Tommy H, Barts, Special Q or Prince Ho (although I did later find out he was on pacing duties with Erika after letting me down ... AGAIN), Also missing were Irish trio Stankard, Kane and the Leech.

Always a frantic fast start this race but tried to hold back for the first 1k, and then settled going through the 2nd before getting a look at the leaders for the first time at the furthest turnaround point. Was feeling OK and moving freely before the first climb back up towards the stadium but found I was once again running pretty much solo with only Julia Degan just ahead.

Came around the starting post and headed back out for the second loop and got a nice few words of encouragement from Pete Walker at the 5k mark as I had a quick glance to see 18.25 that I was happy with.  Knew though I’d have to maintain for the tougher 2nd half if I were to break the tape for a sub 37.

Seemed to go through the motions a little around 6-7ks  and at the last hairpin I got to see all those that were behind me and were probably looking at running me down (ala Erika and her personal pacer). Tried to hold it together for the final climb before even more pain as you hit the far side of the stadium (hill) before entering with a final 400m to go. Lifted in the hope of catching Julia but failed as I crossed the line in 37.11 average pace 3.41s

Solid run but in truth yet again I thought maybe I was in late 36 shape and still failing to break 37 is a big disappointment. Feeling stronger though so I’m hoping there is at least light at the end of the tunnel.

My k splits for the day went. 3.30, 3.35, 3.36, 3.39, 3.42, 3.41, 7.34(7 &8ks), 3.42, 3.38


Some fine runs today with a few of the team breaking that magic 35 minute barrier, Stevie Perry (34.58), Brucie, and I was particularly pleased for Jeet who’s great training paid off as he also dipped well under (34.42) taking yet another $20 from me. I was thinking it was the ‘Timmy run of the Day’ but on closer inspection I’ve gone Toby Hedgeland who blitzed it with a 33.50 ..... bloody hell, this lad normally runs the shorter reps around Rushcutters with me. Others off note were, Angus Boyd, Crossy Lad , both the Jordan’s (Erika & Darren), clients Craig(breaking 40 mins) and Victoria nabbing herself a PB for good measure. and nice to see the Taffy Boy sneak back under the 40 minute barrier despite running over 100 kilos.


Enjoyed  a good coffee and breaky post run with Corky, Taffy, Birchy, Ruth and Vics to round out a top morning.


I’ll post the photos in tomorrow’s blog.







Thursday, May 5, 2016

HuRTS 3 x 2ks Reps

Morning. First Thursday swim back at PAP  in over 3 weeks and was happy to knock out 2.5ks in no time at all with a decent set completed.


Lunchtime into town and a long warm up down to the Passenger Terminal for the tough 3 x 2k reps around Hickson and into Barangaroo . Decided even before the start the plan of attack was 1 x hard, 1 x race pace, and 1 x easy and was met by a massive team on a stunner of a day.

Front group was Frenchie Jerome, Prince Ho and Mad Dog Moyles and as they flew out I realized I was moving pretty well myself as I went past half way in around 3.18s. Only hipster Chris slightly ahead that was keeping me honest as we entered Barangaroo for the final 500m but held on OK to stop the clock with perhaps one of my quicker times with a 6.39

Two minute recovery and in this time had words with Crossy Lad (who was taking it easy ) and agreed he’d run with me pacing race pace ( I asked for 3.40)  for the return. Alongside Brendan it felt pretty comfortable as we hit half way in 3.34 time and then held to see it out in 7.06 overall.

Still feeling good I stuck to my guns and decided the last would be done at a comfortable pace and had the chance to help out #1 female Renee who told me she was running 7.45s for the previous. Not sure what happened in the two minute recovery because she wasn’t running that pace with me , she flew and looked in great shape to end with a 7.25

A good warm down back to the start with Crossy , and then carried on back through the city with ‘The Prince’


I know I’ve had some pretty average sessions over the past but today I actually felt good for a change and was moving freely, Don’t want to get carried away but could this be the weekend where I can finally put a half decent time back on the board ? Fingers Crossed.


Real easy day tomorrow, Normally swim but I’m thinking I may even give that the boot tomorrow.





Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Swimming and Tempo Running


 Planned on an easy swim at PAP but with Crossy Lad, Angus and Coach Walker joining The Champ and I that was never going to happen. Pace was on from the start and really battled with the 200s and was getting dropped early into each set. Drastic action was called for and put the ‘Dinner Plates’ on ( the hand paddles) and boy didn’t they make a huge difference. Went from 3.15s to hitting 3.00 minute efforts and was even called up to lead one of the 100m efforts that was on the set that I knocked out in 1.27.

Ended up a strong lunchtime set with 2ks done.
Crossy Lad brought his NEW toy down to swimming and spent more time taking photos than actually swimming. Seen here clowning around with Pete Walker, Champ and I.




Those eagle eyed HuRTS boys were quick to point out that there was no session on the website so had to source one before heading into town and with keeping with the regular Tuesday tempos I went with a 9,6,3,1 minute efforts x2 (with 60 seconds break between each). Wasn’t one I was after but happy to start the set and see how it panned out with Saturdays race in the back of my mind.

With all the big guns away it was Jeet and I that actually led the team out (must be a first?) but after about 5 minutes I was joined by Dom, Toby, Rich Large, hipster Chris and a few others. Pace was honest and I tried to pick it up slightly on each rep, happy to reach Barangaroo on the 22.5 minute turnaround before the start of the 2nd 9 minute rep. That got me around the back of the O.H and I was harbouring thoughts on how many more to do when I bumped into oncoming Kanser. Mind then made up as he turned with me and we basically cruised it back home with him telling me all about recent liner cruise holiday.

Pace for the 9,6,3,1,9 minute efforts completed were.3.46, 3.42, 3.42, 3.36, 3.44

Nice to see Prince Ho back from holiday, floating around with old favourite Mikey who will sadly be leaving us soon. No sign of the Chairman Tommy H mind, even after promising me he would run with me ???



Rest Day,


Couple of bets that were laid on London Marathon evening that need to put on record.

Jeet has agreed to give me 2.09 handicap start for a friendly $20 (its about time I won one after he’s cleaned me up plenty recently)

Love Doctor – Craig, I’ve had to give him 1.40 start on handicap for $20 (Jeet suggested 1.30 but as I’m a fair bloke I gave him extra 10 sec)

Kanser – Scratch bet for $20
Others on request


Will be back out tomorrow for the HuRTS 2k reps, but will be done at a reduced pace.



Sunday, May 1, 2016

Darkes Forest 10 Miler (16ks) - 65.29 5th


Got an invitation from Crossy Lad to head down south and join him and his Sutherland Run Club for a 10 miler (16ks) trail run, didn’t realise at the time I’d need to take my passport and change about 5 times zones to get there mind as I headed deep into ‘Shire town’ near Stanwell Tops at a place called Darkes Forest. 

Took Birchy and Taffy along as well and after a quick course run down (out 4ks and back twice) we were off,  Crossy flew out and with club mates Nick Bennett and one other not far behind I was happy with 4th place working around the 3.52 pace to the first of the turnarounds. Had 5th place pretty much sitting off me all the way back as the pace dropped thanks mainly to a decent climb on the start of the return. He eventually took me about 500m before completion of the first lap and I was contemplating on pulling up stumps and not even bothering to head back out for the 2nd.

Still, it wasn’t worth the abuse I’d get from Crossy so headed out again and sat with the lad on his shoulder all the way until the last turning point at 12ks. Blowing very heavy coming up the hill and as much as I tried I had nothing and was broken that in turn reduced me to a walk/shuffle for about 30 metres as he opened the gap that I had no hope of clawing back. Wanted to at least finish strong but kind of laboured for the final 10 minutes or so but was still happy enough to cross the line in 65.29 average pace 4.06s for 5th place

4k splits – 15.36 (3.52), 16.16 (4.05), 16.34 (4.08), 17.00 (4.15)

Great effort from host Crossy Lad on taking out the win and breaking the 60 minutes, and good runs from the Birchmaster and Taffy that will stand them well for the Half and Comrades races they have coming up.

Sat in the road post race with drinks that Crossy supplied and went down well even if it was the Queensland trash XXXX before the long journey home, I swear I could have gone to Thailand in quicker time.

Bloody tough afternoon, but figured these type of runs are perfect for toughening up the legs and hopefully help me come SMH Half in a fortnight?

Many thanks to Andy Cross and his Sutherland Run Club for hosting – I will be back, although next time I might fly down.




As tough as it was I was happy to get the run leg out the way on Saturday this week and it meant I could get the last of the official ‘summer’ Ocean swims done. Had to venture over to the ‘Dark Side’ (NOTB) to Curl Curl for it mind you and with rain and heavy cloud I really wasn’t that keen. Nice little turnout as we gathered in the Surf club before heading down the water’s edge for the start.  Pretty flat conditions that made it easier but even after about 2 minutes my breathing was all over the shop. I just never got going and seriously contemplated just saying ‘Stuff it’ and return to shore.  Persevered and tried to slow it all down and bring the heart rate to a reasonable level but had a shock when I looked at my watch some time later and only saw 13 minutes done. Knowing it was a 2k swim and a 40 minute timeframe was the order of the day it wasn’t looking good. Thankfully I did settle during the second half and found some rhythm as I counted the 10 buoys down until I could see the beach at Freshwater.

Happy to stand up and tried to hold it together for the run up the beach and crossed the line in 35.30

Very happy with that time, although I’m 100% sure it was way short (maybe 200m?), but can honestly say it was the longest 35 minutes of my life, Not sure why I do these ocean swims as I can’t ever say I enjoy them at anytime.

A nice walk back around the heads to the Curl Surf Club for the sausage sizzle , and to my horror more beers and yes you guessed it ..... XXXX. Twice in two days, nightmare.  Then had to put up with a quirky band that were poncing around playing an electric range of tunes on the ukulele’s. Looks like NOTB entertainment was working overtime.


Great weekend of training, even if I probably didn’t feel like it at the time



Winner Crossy Lad and I post run.

And then joined later by Eastern Suburbs finest - P!$$ Heads, Pommy Paul Birch and Taffy James Matthews.