Monday, November 30, 2015

Back on the Bike as the Heat comes for Summer

First day of Summer and boy didn’t it bring the heat with it nearly 34 degrees by the time I got in to meet the lunchtime team.

 Managed to get out on the bike at the crack of dawn for a change and knocked out a steady 30ks averaging 28.5ks per/hr before taking time out for work then was fortunate to see old mates Ronan and Kanser cycling around so joined in with them for a few more. By the time I got back home I had just a tick under 50ks all done by 8.30am

The heat had fired up big time a few hours later but it didn’t stop a big team for the 45 minute Progressive Tempo the was on the program, A few of the lads deemed it too hot and ran easy over to ‘Redleaf’ for a dip. I had decided in the heat to just try to run 40 minute at a constant 4 min/ks throughout that meant I was running at the front with Barts, Tongey, McGarva and Brummie Rich Mullaney to start with.

Ran pretty much solo through the busy Quay and Passenger terminal area, and took my break on the 20 minute mark. Knew the return wouldn’t be as easy but reeled a few in around the O.H and around Farm Cove as I was working closer to 3.55 pace – Buggered by the pool and was forced to walk that hill but wasn’t alone as Gleeso was doing the same just ahead, Got going again knowing I only had about 5 minutes to run but that final hill just before the Expressway reduced me to a near standstill. That was until I got a blast from none other than Barts of all people who was very positive and asked me to run the final 500m with him. Despite feeling like rat sh!te I actually lifted and went stride for stride with the Big Man all the way back to the Stone Gates

Not exactly the fastest but happy enough to record 10ks in 39.29  averaging around 3.56s – even if I did take the break at half way it was more than an honest type of effort in that heat.

I didn’t actually see too many of the boys back at the Gates when the 45 minutes ticked over – in fact I didn’t see even half the numbers return that started ?


Rest day tomorrow


Sunday, November 29, 2015

Ocean Swim - Wedding Cake Island, 41.29

Original plan was to do my first Half Ironman out at Western Sydney but with NO work done on the bike that idea was canned and I decided to do my first ‘Wedding Cake Island’ Swim over at Coogee. The thing that puts me off these type of events is the adverse conditions it can throw up and without being a strong swimmer I just pray for nice flat calm conditions.

So you can imagine my horror at 7.36am when the text comes through that we won’t be swimming around the Island due to high waves and unsafe swimming conditions.  Almost went back to bed there and then but somehow lined up on the start line all the same

Good support from Taffy Lad and Birchy for the morning and looking out I would have been happy to stay on dry land and head to the nearest coffee house.

Got the call for my wave start and we were off, let the masses go and stayed far left as we headed out, ......Jesus, even just breaking the waves nearly killed me and after about 10 minutes I looked up and thought I was getting no closer to the buoys.  Had a stop and the lady on the surfboard asked if I was OK? Confirmed YES but was happy to hold on to the board for a minute for a chat and do my best to bring the heart rate back down.

Thanks Annabel, nice to chat but on I must go as I headed to the furthest turnaround point at 800, A little easier on the turn and finally after about 20 minutes I feel as if I am swimming more controlled. Manage to find a decent pair of feet to sit on for the next 600m or so and was mighty happy to take the final left turn around the chequered buoy to get back to the beach,

You normally see people sprinting up the beach for the final 50m or so ...... Well. I certainly wasn’t one of them and it looked like I’d gone about 5 rounds with Mike Tyson as I stopped the watch in 41.29 coming over the line.

Man, I know one thing and that’s I’m NO Ocean swimmer – despite being in good from as my PB from Friday suggests it did little to help me in the big sea.

The swim leg was about 400m short – I got 2.1ks on my GPS , but I wasn’t complaining.


Prior to the swim I did manage to get to Centennial first up to knock out a few ks with the guys, Only really had an hour so did an easy 11ks all up at 4.49 pace mostly with Birchy and The Sweaty (Craig) nice to see Laura back with us after an extended break and holidays, not that I got chance to talk to her much as she was way ahead J


Nice BBQ post race then the usual Sunday arvo beers back in the Beer Gardens of Newtown.



HuRTS 'Beer Mile' - Rushcutters Oval,

City to Surf, S.M.H Half, State 10k and JP Morgan now you can add the ‘Beer Mile’ to the elite Top 5 races that is a must do on the HuRTS calendar list going forward.

Massive turnout for the 2nd running of the race and with the its now top billing the big guns were out to take the title with Low, Herington, Macca, McGarva all fronting but the wildcard was a certain Nick Haines who is relatively new to the group and the bookies weren’t going to be taking any chances.

Marked out the 400m course and with beers all set up it was soon revealed that we were a case down on numbers, A quick double count and I  realised I’d left in the other side of the fence upon arrival. Went to get it and much to my horror some ‘Tealeaf’ had done a runner with it – outrageous behaviour.

A quick race over the road to fix up and after sorting two groups out we were off. Into the faster group 1 for me  but even before the start I wasn’t feeling that good and thought I could be in trouble.  NOW.... although I was never a chance to win the event I honestly thought the first beer would get slammed down no problems, how wrong could I be? Got about 2/3rds down and was struggling as Nick Haines and Charlie were gone.

Still found myself sitting in about 5th as I come in for beer 2 – Absolute shocker here, as I was barely sipping and only just managed to finish it. Confidence was destroyed then when the Chairman and Birchy flew past on the second lap and by the time I was coming in for beer 3 I had doubts I was going to keep it down. Spent an eternity in transition as the crowd got great entertainment and despite huge support from my boy “The Stallion’ Durante I offered nowt. The big floodlight at the bottom of the oval was looking favourite for me to deliver near 800mls of VB on it at one point but somehow it was saved as I come in for the final time. Barely had time to open the contents and I looked over to see newby Nick Haines storming over the line in a PB of 6.58 .....Holy Shite, and then Champagne putting in a final surge to tip out Macca for the silver medal.  It wasn’t pretty but one by one the others started to come home and  I just had about enough energy to ‘High 5’ the Chairman as he stopped the clock in mid 7s as I had done everything bar pull up a deck chair.

Ambled my way around the final 400m with head bowed in shame as I crossed the line in something over 10 minutes (10.38 to be honest I think it was)

The second race was about to start and this was part of the evening I enjoyed as the ‘Westpac Boys’ Durante, and the girls were all involved. The surprise in this group was Darren Jordan who looked pretty impressive I must say, Sonii  and Corky were having a right old dingdong as Durante was starting to fade during the later stages. Sonii first out for the final time but the Irish lass found something over the final 200m and took out the female race, almost reeling in Paulie Hannell at the same time.


Saw a few ‘Chunders’ throughout but I think everyone had a ball, a good chat after over some ‘Corona’s that I had also picked up before we headed to O’Malley’s’ for more social and get the full run down. Had a great chat with everyone especially Billy Batt and Dave Casey, and then couldn’t believe it when I looked across to see  the Westpac Boys and girls were slamming down ‘Cocktails’

The official handover of all losing bets took place as the line was half way down the ‘Golden Mile’  as the punters left poor Timmy cashless once more.

As always a quality night with the guys and Skippy Heyden took the ‘Most P!$$ed guy of the night , that said I’m not sure many of us can remember leaving or getting the cab home.


Only downer of the night was the NO SHOWS from certain people who had promised me and let me down – again, the invitations may not be as forthcoming for future events.


A few photos from the night.

Group photo of the runners and supporters that made it a great night.
Corky O'Connor in full flow as she takes out the Female title

Now I know where Macca and Renaud get the haircuts they have.

This hurt me more the race itself..... handing a 'Shandy' drinker $20 over after he beat me - sad day.

Two decent Irishman (and one from Galway of all places) - Dave Casey and Billy Batt. Great banter with the two over a few pints.

And the girls still had time for Cocktails - 2nd Sonii and 3rd place Erika Ekland.

Hamish(left) still had time for a cocktail even though he was forced to do a 5th lap thanks to him bringing the contents back up on beer 2 & 3, seen here with Batman aka Steve Perry.

.... and one that the 'Stallion' Durante would prefer wasn't published - nice work mate.



Friday, November 27, 2015

November 'Golden Duck' 1k T/T - 16.33

Big crew and plenty of excitement for the November 1k handicap swim with Hoey making a debut, The ‘Two Brendan’s’ looking confident, Gleeso parading around in his fancy swimwear, and Kroney taking it one step further by wearing a ‘speedsuit’


Hoey was first away with Gleeso not far behind, my first aim for the day was to try to reel the Champ in who I was forced to concede 25 seconds to, after about 400m there was still no sight of him as I was swimming solo, changed lanes and jumped on someone’s feet who it turned out wasn’t even with us and proceeded to stop at around the 600m mark.  Saw Kroney at the 700 metres stage of the race so changed back lanes and tagged on him for a short time as he was flying and I basically had to finish the last 4 laps by myself.

Touched out in a PB of 16.33 that I was delighted with but it still was only good enough for 3rd as Kroney took out the Duck and a much improved Champagne wasn’t far behind.

Congrats to Kroney on the win, he really has improved over the past two months knocking nearly two minutes from his September T/T – Wonder how much that ‘Speedsuit’ helps though? And to think  I got bagged and given a 60 second penalty the last time I wore my ‘Floaty Pants’

The lads are getting faster with loads of PBs for the day, which bodes well for those heading into the triathlon season.



Kroney with his prized 'Golden Duck'

He may have a case to answer at the tribunal though with the Speedsuit.

The full story on the above and a whole lot more to come ..... Oh Dear.


Thursday, November 26, 2015

A.B.C Biathlon 4th - 19.49

Thursday AM. With temps predicted for near 40 degrees it was already over 28 at 6am in the morning as I headed to PAP for the regular Thursday morning swim. Despite what was ahead it’s a great way to begin the day and after a short warm up we were into the 3ks set.  A mixture of repeats 400, 300, 200 and 100s with ‘Paddles, buoys and then ‘free’ style

Tough set – and didn’t feel as strong as previous weeks but it’s another 3ks in the bank all the same.


PM. Was dreading the biathlon all day with the high temps, luckily it had cooled down enough by 6.30pm, unfortunately it brought the high winds instead that made it even tougher. The out section up the hill is hard enough without the conditions and I really struggled to get to the turnaround at the Stone Gates in 7.21 this week. A bit easier coming home that was until the final pathway beside the water for the final 300m when you were up against the headwinds once more coming into T1 at the pool.

Time called 14.21 coming in 5th place and was happy to come down the stairs slowly in order to bring the heart rate down. Even then I was still in the pool before 4th place as I worked my way down for the first 50m. Had a glance up and couldn’t see anyone to chase down and with heavy arms I was just happy to get through the 300 metres ahead.  Had a lane rope malfunction with 50m to go as it drifted all over the place that caused mayhem and I was forced to stop for a few seconds (telling Matty it cost me at least 30 seconds though J )

Didn’t overtake no one and wasn’t caught as I stopped the clock in 19.49 – swim time 5.05

Time was down from previous but it was all in the run leg that didn’t surprise me, the lad I normally have the battle with went out like a shot and I was never near him (think he run sub 14) and certainly wasn’t close enough to swim him down this week so the victory was his as he reversed the form from last race.

Only two more races in the series that I will be keen to see out.


Tomorrow is the ‘Double Header’ – first up the 1k Swim time trial and then in the evening, the much awaited  HuRTS Beer Mile’ , loads of TRASH talk for this one ...... now’s the time to ‘Walk the Walk’

My top 3 for the race will be Charlie, Renaud and Adrian McGarva – with Macca not far outside the top 3.

First Lady – Corky O’Connor.



Monday, November 23, 2015

HuRTS 6 x 5 minute Efforts (90 sec rec)

Hot day and big turnout for the 8 x 5 minute HuRTS session but not sign of the Top 3 (Hoey, Barts or ‘Special Q)? But C.T was there to make sure some of the faster guys at least had something to chase.

Knew I’d struggle today with the recent lack of running not helped by a big weekend and despite going out easier on the first rep I had already accepted that 6 was the ‘magic’ number to get to.

Had a decent team around me for the first rep with the likes of Angus, Steve Perry, both Lambo’s and made sure I was standing beside the ‘Happy Hammer (James Gosnell) on 5 minutes in order to give him a blast about his beloved West Ham who got hammered 4-0 on the weekend

Return I always find easier and got back with a good 10 seconds to spare,  The 3rd and 4th reps were pretty much identical but was certainly working far harder.

The start of the 5th was OK but lost it after about 90 seconds so decided to run the rest out with the ‘Sweaty (Craig) and #1 Mrs Kenny (Renee) at 4 min/ks. Picked it up a little on the final return and tried to help out ‘Babe’ Ruth on the early stages with one final effort for the last 90 seconds or so.

I think most had the same idea as me with the 6 reps as it was carnage once done with bodies everywhere, and even poor Frenchman Jerome was miffed as he was  trying to get the gang started of only a 60 second recovery instead of the listed 90.


Struggled although the pace for the first 4 wasn’t as bad as I was perhaps feeling.

Pace per/ks 3.40, 3.34, 3.39, 3.36, 3.59, 3.48

A good warm down with the likes of C.T, Macca, J-Fen as talk turned to the upcoming ‘Beer Mile’ on Friday.


Nice to see Muzza, Rich Mullaney  &  ‘Tea Towel Tony’ Fats back with us, Geez, he really has lost it lately – even I was ahead of him for the first rep.
Another happy punter – this time Gleeso paying his debts thanks to our little wager at the recent Lane Cove 10k.
Nice one Gleeso, next up the Husky Long Course Triathlon in Feb, where he’s rorted me –  I’ve to give him 8 minute handicap start, despite the fact he’ll murder me on the bike leg and there is nothing in it on the swim.


Sunday, November 22, 2015

P.A.P Monday Swim

Perfect day to start the week, and after what started with Crossy Lad and myself a couple of months back for more a recovery swim has now built up with the likes of Coach Walker , Brendan Krone, Angus, Champ and Cialis all joining on a more regular bases, thus meaning the pace is nowhere near as easy as it once was.

A good 300m warm up and then called the ‘Pyramid Set’ that is 1,2,3,4,3,2,100m with the emphasis on the second half faster than the first. Basically just sat on Kroney’s feet the whole way as the times were more than honest.

1.29, 3.02, 4.40, 6.01, 4.36, 2.56, 1.22

Nearly killed me the final 100m and again I don’t think I’ve ever swum as fast for a final lap. Just hope it all pays dividends in the next tri ?

Had the ‘floaty pants’ on again though and they make a huge difference in times.


Need to harden up and get back on the running program tomorrow again, been very slack lately and its certainly showing , No use doing all this swimming if when the run leg comes along I can’t even run 4.30s

Will be back out with the HuRTS team tomorrow for the 8 x 5 minute efforts




**** For the record I did 100m cool down to make it 2k for the day – just saying as I wouldn’t want that Crossy Lad to give me a serve.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Swim Time in 43 Degree Heat.

Hottest day in ages as temps hit 40 degrees plus, and thought the sun had muddled my brain when I rocked up to find Hoey, Mikey and ......Barts at the A.B.C Pool? Surely it can’t be right. Fair play to Hoey and Mikey for having a go although poor Barts looked well lost and wouldn’t venture any further away from the kids pool.

Good team out with Walker, Champagne, Crossy Lad, The two Brendan’s, Todd, Angus and a couple of others.

Main set was 1 x300, and 8 x 200s

Some pretty quick guys today and after a 4.37 first 300, the 200s were only going to get quicker.  Averaged between 3.00 and 3.05 although did sit a couple out. Happy to be able to sit with Angus on the 8th though and stop the clock with perhaps my fastest ever in 2.54

After a heavy night the previous it was just what I needed to clear the head.

Over 2ks all up for the day.


The boys are swimming well and already ‘Yum Cha’ Wong let the cat out the bag when he stated at the HuRTS preso that he has been swimming the house down doing all these extra sessions and will aim for a sub 16 minute 1k T/T next Friday ........... Mmmmm, this is the lad that I can normally beat and usually comes in around the 17 mark, so I may even try to sit with him J


Another big weekend coming up, Stoke head down to the South Coast to take on rivals Southampton who are playing very well.  Tough game and I fear we could get turned over.

Sad to say I’m going Southampton 1 vs. Stoke 0


Second social night of the week tonight so it looks like the Sunday run could be gone again – oh dear, but will try to get back out throughout the week.


A few more photos from Thursdays presentation.


Winners, Enda, Hoey, Crossy Lad and Skippy.

The Swim team didn't miss out either with Emma, Coach Walker, 'Yum Cha' Brendan, 'Cialis' C.Ellis and Phil ' The Sculpture' Dove.
HuRTS females always bring that touch of class to the night, Seen here with Renaud, Renee, Elle, Sonya, Gleeso and Erika Ekland. Front - Jeet and Corky O'Connor.

Sweaty (Craig) , Birchy and C.T

Number 1 Blog reader Richard Mullaney and a guest appearance from 'Alfie (Jude Law) aka Darren Jordan.

Good lads, 'Kenny' (James), Hoey, Ronnie (Biggsy) and Champ.

Mikey and Mr 24 hour man Luca.

Paulie Hannell, Brucie Lambert and Tea Towel Tony Fats.

2.58 New York Marathon Man Renaud and myself.

Have a good weekend
Train Well, Stay Safe

HuRTS Presentation Night 2015

Shoeless (Mikey), Shirtless (Champagne) and throw in a few Tea Towels (Fats, Tom) welcome to the evening  for the HuRTS Presentation 2015. We may have ‘Premiership’ like runners in the team  but when it comes to the Fashion stakes I fear some are languishing sadly in the ‘Conference’ league.

Caught up with Corky and Gleeso for a few quick ones at St James before making our way over to what has become HuRTS Social Headquarters at the Tilbury Hotel for the night ahead.

Rocks up and finds a good team out with many familiar faces, The Chairman had been out early so I was keen to get the show under way before he was to fall asleep.  Tommy H does a good job as M.C and once again his P.A  Kellie did well and should take the credit in writing his brief for the night.

First up was the Ultra Walkathon and NO surprises here as Tucks has a stranglehold on this one , but with him in Wales Andy Heyden stepped forward to collect the ‘Johnny Walker’ bottle.

Pete Walker normally walks away with the ‘Ken’ doll for the Triathlon, but was upstaged this year when Crossy Lad was rewarded with a solid year over the 3 disciplines.

The much improved Angus Boyd was next up and it was great to see his rise over the past 12 months not just in his running but taking his swim leg  to a new level as well.

My reward for laying out a dozen cones each week at Rushcutters gave me the honour to step forward to collect the ‘Sprit Award’ that was nice, although in truth it easily could have gone to any one of about 5 people in my eyes and Matt Keeley’ really should have got more kudos for his work co-ordinating the 24 hour Out Run Cancer charity earlier in the year.

The one award that nobody wants was next, and this year we had a loads of nominees as Kanser, Champagne, Charlie D and Fats all having years that they would prefer to forget. BUT you won’t keep our Irish friend out the headlines for too long and it was Enda Stankard who saluted the judges. It’s been 18 months (Gold Coast 2014) since he’s put anything worthwhile on the board and the HuRTS team did the right thing and made sure his name will sit alongside Mikey and Champagne on the famous ‘Serg’ Trophy.

A NEW trophy was added to the list this year with the ‘I Gave it Everything’ Award and this really started with Durante’s epic finish at JP 6 years back, Sammy Agnew’s Robot Dance at the Gold Coast is also famously logged and who could forget Enda’s epic fail at Lane Cove last November?

This year the 3 nominations were; Kanser, who in an attempt to break 3 hours by a mere 20 odd seconds found himself in the medics tent for about 3 hours post race in London.

Hamish thought he would crawl the final 50 metres of this year’s City to Surf on all fours,  But the winner again was Enda Stankard for crashing his way through the barriers in the same race down the home stretch that resulted in him being the first in the Medical tent out of the 80’000 finishers.

The TWO big awards of the night were pretty straight forward in the end with Erika winning the females for a second straight year thanks to her Half and Marathon efforts,

In the Male division, good guy Michael (Hoey) Ho won the POTY award for his stunning Gold Coast performance back in July, think he won it pretty convincingly in the end – and the scary part is I think he’s only going to get so much faster

** He may have won POTY but sadly he still only rates about 5th  in the blogging department J


Congratulations to all the winners,


After  that I did a small Swimming Award for the lunchtime crew and Angus took the ‘Golden Duck’ for his consistency over the 1k trials, Mr Liam won the ‘Suntan/Bench Award for his efforts for standing as the pool every Friday for 45 minutes and it was NO surprise when Coach Pete Walker took the top gong for POTY in the water.



So with all the formalities out of the way it was time to mingle and talk TRASH with the guys, C.T was the first faller (no surprise with that) but The Chairman despite a steady sway was still on his feet? Didn’t take long to work out why .................Seems he was drinking the pub dry with WATER, words stagger me.

Enda was talking more TRASH than ever, but I found someone to have a decent conversation with in Mr Mullaney who sadly is leaving us at the end of the year to join the ‘Meter Maids’ in the Gold Coast and will be a big loss.

The annual late pilgrimage to Harry’s was complete but with NO Stallion Durante in town and Birchy ‘ Going Early’ profits were down for Harry although Mrs Kenny (Renee) wasn’t holding back in lashing into a pie or two.


The old stayers were still going strong and I was left to get a taxi home with Gleeso and ‘King of the Tea Towel’ Fats and before I knew it the 5 AM alarm was ringing in my ears as I staggered getting set for a 40 degree plus day.


A top night once again, and so great when the team comes together to do what we do best ...... Socialise J


A few pics from the evening .

POTY - Michael Ho.

Female POTY - Erika 'Ekland' Jordan.

Most Improved - Angus Boyd.

Crossy Lad collects 'Ken' for Triathlete of the Year

Tucks took out his Walkathon but Skippy Heyden collected the Johnny Walker.

And Enda Stankard does the Double 'Under Achiever & I Gave it Everything' Award.

More photos to come tomorrow from the rest of the evening

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

'Silly Old Moo'

Stunning morning and to the pool it was for the now regular Thursday morning 3k swim. As hard as this session is its one I am actually enjoying these days in an effort to help build the ks for the tri season ahead. The third swim a week is starting to make a huge difference to me I feel.

Basically a repeat of last week, and after a 600m real easy warm up it was into the 15 x 100m efforts rolling every 1.45. Got to number 6 and wondered if I could get through them all but once 10 were done it seemed to get easier. Always helps though when I can sit on feet throughout.

This was followed by some fast 100s and the quick guys fired up rolling every 1.30 for this one, whereas I was just about making it therefore eventually  going every 2nd rep to get a decent recovery.

A few warm down laps and it was another 3ks in the bank.

Tough, but dare I say it...... It’s getting slightly easier.


No running today, but with 35 degrees out it was never going to happen, plus I somehow pulled my groin slightly the other day so the extra rest day certainly won’t do any harm


Pretty sad week as we lost a couple of people,  in Rugby Legend Jonah Lomu the Kiwi winger who was the first real superstar of the game. He kind of changed the way the game was played. Never seen anyone as devastating as him in full flight (just ask poor Mike Catt at the 95 World Cup)


Even sadder though for me was the passing of one of my old comedy favourites Warren Mitchell, what a true legend this bloke was thanks in part to his most enduring character Alf Garnett in the sitcom ‘Till Death us Do Part’  Poor Alf was this Grumpy old man who supported West Ham (I’d be grumpy to if that was the case), who was politically incorrect and not afraid to have a rant about.... well anything.

Actually saw him on stage a few times in later years, and over the past 15 years decided to see his final days living out at Kirribilli in Sydney. A finer talent you wouldn’t see.

R.I.P Warren Mitchell.

On to lighter matter, tonight is the annual HuRTS presentation, always a cracker of a night , will be interesting to see who takes home the Awards for the year. Plenty of TRASH talk is the go and I’m hoping everyone makes an appearance, Unfortunately no Kanser (U.S.A) , Quentin, or even #1 blog reader ‘The Stallion’ (Singapore), so it looks like Birchy could be back making a claim for ‘Best Pie Eater’ again in Durante’s absence over at ‘Harry’s, Cafe  although Barts wasn’t holding back last year.

A full report and photos to come tomorrow – I don’t know the winners but I’m sure of 5 things for tonight.

1.       Tom will fall asleep and we’ll have to stick him in a cab.

2.       Taffy will roll up about 8pm

3.       Enda will try to convince anyone that will listen that he’s Ireland’s #1 all despite limited training.

4.       Mikey will forget his shoes and show in his flip flops

5.       Fats & Heyden will be wearing tea towel shirts

.........some things just never change.



Tuesday, November 17, 2015

HuRTS Fartlek 40 minutes 60 sec ON / 30 OFF

Big turnout as I returned after a self imposed  break but none of the fast guys around for the 45 minute Fartlek session on a hot day.  Knew I wasn’t in any kind of form but settled with a  decent group on the way out with Angus, Toby, Brucie, Champagne, Richie Mullaney, Leech and a few others. Was working around the 3.50 pace for the first 15-16 minutes until the busy O.H and Quay area where I lost touch with the group. Started to struggle at the even busier Passenger Terminal and once I was under the bridge with the clock on 21 minutes I stopped for a breather.

Pete Walker did the same once he caught up with me and after I saw Charlie,  Ronnie Biggs and there group I decided to tag on for the tough return leg. Felt terrible and the cordoned off O.H with barricades didn’t help matters in trying to pass people. Managed to get around to Mrs Macs Chair before the faster guys started to fly by but once I’d got to 10ks just before the final hill near the flyover I was kaput.....  and done for the day.

Not what I was looking for but 10k done all the same in just under 40 mins, averaging 4 min/ks.


First real sign of summer today and it’s predicted for high 30s for the rest of the week, A rest day/ swim will be the order of the day tomorrow but Thursday’s session could be a killer one.


Thursday is all set for the HuRTS presentation evening, always one of the best nights where we reward those fine runs for the year over a few beers. Already looking forward to see who has scooped the Big One and more important who has Under Achieved for the year.






Sunday, November 15, 2015

Back on the Horse.

After a week of no running and some harsh comments (unjust I may add) from some quarters it was back on the horse today and first up it was a few ks around Centennial.  Even saw the Irish brothers PLOD & Evan around the park who I believe are also on the comeback trail as well.

Armed with the headphones and a selection including Bowie, The Jam and The Waterboys ‘Whole of the Morning’ blasting away on a stunning morning I was soon ticking the ks over. Thought I’d have been happy to run sub 4.30s but even after the first 2ks I was running 4.20s and just seemed to quicken from that point.

Did the normal Sunday 10k loop but retraced my steps in the park instead of doing the Driver Ave, footy stadium part that meant it was longer.

10.5k all up in 44.25 – averaging a healthy 4.15s along the way.

Pretty happy with that one, amazing what a week’s break will do for you. Maybe I’m NOT finished just yet?


Lunchtime it was down to PAP and met up with a few of the boys for a dip that included regular Monday partner Crossy Lad, Pete Walker, Angus,  Kroney and The Champ. After Crossy got through his 1001 injury concerns we decided to knock out 6 x 300s

Happy to hold all between 4.40s and 4.45 for the set and wish I could do likewise in the Biathlons on Thursday evenings just for one rep in the faster A.B.C Pool.

2k all up.



Just a quick shout out to the North Shore boys who hosted Birchy, Jeet and myself on Saturday for the popular Curry Night, Quality night with a good turnout of about a dozen. Plenty of TRASH talk from the NOTB boys especially once they’d had a Kingfisher or two. Most talk centred around the upcoming ‘Beer Mile’ and I didn’t miss the opportunity to tap the lads up for a wager along the way. Got in early (before he fell asleep) with The Chairman and had $20 – scratch bet. Captain Grumpy Justin was a little more confident and agreed to give ME 28 second handicap start. Tried to get on with Irelands toughest man Macca but when it comes to the drinking side of things, he’s a little less upfront and refused my bet. I did however backed OUR boy Enda Stankard to turn him over in the same event for a friendly $20 ....... Stankard better NOT let me down now.

A good ‘Ruby’ was consumed before we returned to the nearest boozer only to look behind and see all bar Tommy H and Taffy all kissing each other goodnight with the night over.

Not sure what’s got into Taffy James lately, but since he’s gone live NOTB he’s like a changed man – absolutely hammered and was talking more $h!te than normal. Still, he’s a good lad and somehow managed to get the boys into some dive that is pretty popular called the Boatshed.

Beers were in full flow by now and pleased to say Tommy H only fell asleep on one occasion....... He was ordering the beers at the time but that’s a different story.

Thanks again to the boys and I’ll look forward to returning in December some time – I’ll even shout the Kingfishers with the winning Beer Mile winning dosh when I do.


Back out tomorrow with the HuRTS crew – 45 minute tempo I think, 60 seconds on /30 off


A few pics from Saturday .

Agreeing to a $20 bet with the Chairman on the Beer Mile Race, Got in early before he fell asleep, but even then I think he was starting to struggle?

I'm guessing that Justin's drinking is better than his running after giving me a healthy 28 second start in the same race?

Perfect Hosts NOTB Hard Boys - Charlie and Irelands #1 Macca. Lets hope my boy Enda can turn Macca over and win me a few bob.

This is what I'm up against in the Beer Mile.


Thursday, November 12, 2015

A.B.C Biathlon 19.29 - 4th

Pretty quiet week with NO running since Saturday although I have managed to maintain my swims up throughout the week, Went Monday and Wednesday solo and then did my big set Thursday morning with a little help knocking out 3ks that included what at times felt like about 500 – 100m efforts going every 1.45 on the clock.


Thursday evening it was down to the A.B.C for the regular Biathlon and I took a mate who runs similar to me but is a gun in the pool who I thought may take out the outright win. Normal frantic start and by the time the first hill comes at 500m I’m already puffing as HuRTS guy Mike Leichwark pulls away, Two more guys ahead who I don’t know and I have my mate who is just happy to sit on my shoulder the whole way

Through the first k in 3.35 and soon after find myself going past a lad who’s made the rookie shoelace error, Up to 3rd and then couldn’t believe Mike had the same issue just before the flyover and by the time he’s fastened them I’ve gone past him as well.  Wasn’t to last long though as he came back strong and took me before the turn as I heard the guy call out 7.09 at the half way mark.

Usual ‘Let’s bring it home strong’ thought as mate Nick was still breathing down my neck that was at least keeping me honest for the return.

Managed to get to the gate in 14.07 that I was pretty happy with all things considered as I told Nick I’d done my job for him and now it was up to him to swim the others down. Unlike last week I went past the usual rival within the first 70 metres and from that point it was just the usual 5 minute swim time – although it does feel easier these days and I don’t feel as I’m if drawing my last breath throughout.

Stop the clock in 19.29 for my fastest time of the season by 6 seconds that I’m happy with.  Find out Nick couldn’t reel HuRTS Mike in who took the win in 18.47 (Nick 18.51) with 3rd home in 19.15

Another solid 20 minute workout and although not running as much it should keep me sharp over the shorter distances

The 5 race times for the season so far have been. 19.35, 19.52, 19.45, 19.38, 19.29

Can I get back in the low 19s before the end of the year ? Hoping so , although won’t be next week as we have the big HuRTS presentation on so it may have to wait till the following Thursday.


Congratulations to ALL that did the popular JP Morgan run on Wednesday, as predicted some fast times from the team with 8 from the top 10 positions filled by the guys.  First home (and 2nd overall) was ‘Special Q’ – Quentin who ran a cracker to take down Barts who many were thinking was unbeatable this year.


Big weekend once more, No premiership this week although England take on Spain in an International friendly, Won’t be much in this one – Timmy’s Tip

Spain 1 vs. England 1


In a game with more riding on it, the Irish take on Bosnia for a spot at Euro 16.  No joy for the Green Men in this one sorry to say

Take the home side Bosnia to win 2-0

Super excited as despite good mate Slim Sammy Aggers not even being in the country, I’ve managed to score an invite to the North Shore Curry Night at Manly  thanks to Ireland’s toughest Man Macca. Will venture over for a few beers and a good ‘Ruby’. No doubt it won’t be a late one mind and I hope they don’t start falling asleep at the dinner table when it gets to about 10pm.


Will get the running back on track next week


Have a good weekend

Train well, stay safe



Saturday, November 7, 2015

Striders Lane Cove 10k - 39.34

Felt terrible as I got up and had it not been the fact it was the final race in the Striders 10k series I doubt I would have ventured out to Lane Cove. Collected Birchy on the way and  greeted by a friendly Mr & Mrs Kenny (Renee and James Everett) as well as Gleeso before a decent warm up with Birchy and Neil Pearson (who didn’t miss the opportunity to let me know that he broke good mate Tucks Marathon PB recently). Got a surprise as I stood on the start line when I saw Champagne Charlie standing beside me with bookmaker Paddy Power nearby starting at book on what kilometre he would pull the pin at (3rd k being favourite at 5/2)

Decent start and found I was actually running with Champagne as we went through the 1st k in 3.35, and even though the pace dropped for the 2nd by over 10 seconds I was still with him heading up the first of the hills. A bit of a battle here as he broke away but tried to get it back coming down Scribbles.  Had North Shore boy ‘Captain Grumpy’ Justin join me at 4ks and soon after the Leech went past looking pretty strong. Not really sure what happened from this point as I basically had nothing left in the tank and at 4.4ks going up the bigger hill I was forced to ‘give it away’ as Pete Walker came past offering some support. Got going again coming around the hut and gave David Tonge a hello as he was on marshalling duty for the morning.

Just before the turnaround comes the water station so made sure I walked through that taking plenty on board on a very humid morning but then got a massive shock as C.T on 40 minute pacing duties was to fly past .....W.T.F?

Drove me into action a little as I picked the pace up to get back ahead of him on the big downhill and from there it was a case of just trying to run sub 4 minute ks to get me back home. It wasn’t pretty and I was glad to cross the line in 39.34

Splits were; 3.35, 3.47, 4.02, 3.53, 4.25, 4.09, 3.54, 3.57, 4.01, 3.47


Very disappointed in truth and at a loss to explain? I know I wasn’t feeling great to start but still felt I would run it in a faster time than that. So not the way I was expecting to finish the series and I think it’s pretty much me done for the year now in terms of racing and don’t even think I’ll bother with this week’s JP 5.6ks after that.
Times were pretty ordinary across the team I felt with only Birchy coming away feeling satisfied with his 42 minute run
Others were.
Kenny  36.xx?
Leech 38.57
Pete Walker 39.29
Birchy 42.00
Renee 42.19
Gleeso 42.49
Both Walker and the Leech cost themselves a few bob when they didn't have the B@ll$ to  take the bets offered. I wanted head to head with Leech and gave a generous Pete a 25 second handicap start - so I certainly saved myself on those.
Even better I took Gleeso's hard earned after I gave him 75 seconds and he couldn't get anywhere near his estimated sub 40 minute time as expected. that's another $20 in the kitty ;)



Some of the team, Birchy, Gleeso, C.T and Neil Pearson with Mrs Kenny' Renee and Corky at the front.

Alongside Gleeso and Corky O'Connor.

Even The Leech was average with a 38.57 and the way we are both going his eldest son could be beating us next year.

Good to see Renee back racing - just failing to break the 40 minute mark with a healthy 40.19 to help celebrate her birthday weekend.

This photo does NOT do justice to how much I was suffering at this stage of the run.


Thursday, November 5, 2015

Swimming with 'Fancy Pants' Gleeson.

No coach Walker for today’s swim but with Manly Steve leading out it was even tougher, Got there real early and did 400m with ‘The Gangster’ Jason Ibrahim as a warm up before sitting on Crossy Lads feet for the first 400m once our own session had started. A good turnout today, with Steve, new lad Andy, Angus, Crossy Lad, Leech, Brendan, Champ. Liam, Glesso in his very ‘Oxford St’ swimmers and even Hoey was down in the next lane continuing his improved swim leg.

If the first 400m was quick then the 200s were lightening and poor Crossy lad nearly peed his NEW floaty pants in all the excitement when he saw a 2.50 go through,  Despite racing last night I was more than happy to clock around 3 mins for the 200s but was delighted on the 4th rep with a 2.55 ***

Finished off with some 100m efforts as the pace was still on – all under 1.30s


*** Please note the 2.55 was assisted with Floaty pants, and hand paddles


Nice to see mate Glesso return to the pool today, but I do wish he’d get a new pair of Swimmers, poor Hoey was well put out and lodged an official complaint.  I’ve been saying how bad they are for years without people believing me, BUT today I have proof as Champ brought his underwater camera down to the pool. (what he’s doing taking photos is another story and glad he didn’t snap Leech and Kroney at the top end of the pool)

We may have some good runners in the team but with Fat’s tablecloth shirts, Tom’s Carpet ties, Birchy’s haircuts and now Gleeso’s  budgie smugglers some of the fashion sense is shocking.

Check out Manchester’s finest.



I think Gleeso forgot he was at the A.B.C and NOT Oxford St today.

Big weekend coming up, first up Striders 10k at Lane Cove in the morning, not expecting much to be honest (especially over the hills) , will try to stick with the Leech for as long as possible. Only got one bet riding and that's with 'Old Fancy' Pants Gleeso, Gave him a healthy 75 second handicap start.

In the footy, Chelsea return to the Brit for what could be Jose's final match in charge (hopefully) Will be tough game and perhaps my heart is ruling my head here but the Timmy's tip this week is to stay with the Potters.
Stoke 2 vs Chelsea 1 .... and The Shaq to score (he's due one)

Have a great weekend
Train/Race well
Stay safe

A.B.C Biathlon 19.38 - 4th Overall.

Miserable night and didn’t really want to make the effort but still went into town for race 5 (my 4th) of the A.B.C Biathlon series. No sign of ‘The Missile’ Ed whose won every race so far but HuRTs Mike was on the starting line as to was old mate and PRO guy Dave Matthews who has raced over the years in the ITU races and was making a rare guest appearance.

Nice also to see new female HuRTS girl Bindi on the start line as well after talking to her at Oktoberfest last Saturday and hearing she is a very good swimmer.

A good warm up and I knew the wind was going to make the return leg difficult but at least we had the tough ‘Up’ heading out with a tail wind.  Normal service pretty much from the gun as I settled in 5th spot and just couldn’t get with the guy (Alex) who was about 5-10 seconds ahead.

Got to the turnaround in about 7.07 I think the guy called out and straight away was battling the winds on the way home. Didn’t get any closer as I hit the top of the stairs in 14.14 some 14 seconds behind Alex.

Felt terrible coming down the stairs as the customary 20 odd second transition took place before jumping in trying to reel in those ahead. With each 50m I felt I was closing in and at the 250m mark I knew I had him. Managed to draw level with 4th guy but the bugger kicked again and I was forced to kick even harder to get past and somehow found the wall 1 second ahead of him coming home in 19.38 to his .39

Pretty happy overall for my 2nd fastest of the 4 races I’ve done and only 3 seconds off the first week of 19.35.

Run time 14.04

Transition 22 sec

Swim time  5.02