Tuesday, September 12, 2017

6x 1K Reps Centennial Park

Knew that whatever and wherever I trained today I was going to suffer so instead of losing 2hrs in the day at lunch I thought I may stay in the park after work and just get it done.
A 6k slow warm up with clients first up then opted for the standard 6 x 1k rep set that I thought I'd be OK to get through.
Jesus, Only 200m down and I was ready to throw in the towel, legs felt like concrete and sadly it never got any easier. Tried to forget about the pace after that and break each rep down and work it best I could. The best I could say about the set was that is was consistently BAD with the first 5 reps all done in the same time. Somehow found something for the last (think it was the finishing line) and was 5 seconds quicker than the previous 5
It was ugly but happy to get it done without stopping after the first 200m as it was on the cards and did actually cross my mind.
12ks all up with no cool down - too buggered for any of that and I was in the coffee house within 5 minutes of the last rep.

Will be back out for a spin on the bike tomorrow, I'll check with the Chairman to see if he's available to help me out ?


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