Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Rushcutters 10 x 400s Rolling every 2 mins.

Turned the legs over on the bike first thing this morning and actually saw the 'Laughing Policeman'(Samsy) in between sets. He told me he was just about to start his 3 x 10 minute efforts with the first 10 minutes at Ironman pace (180ks).sounded good so thought I’d join him - that was for all of about 5 minutes, Man, he was working hard, now I know I’m not 'bike fit' but I was struggling to stay even on his wheel and there is NO possible way he would sustain that for 180ks, and if he thinks he can without blowing up then he's more 'Fool of the Force' rather then the 'Laughing Policeman' and be sure to read about a 'Massive Blow up' in his post race report.
Kept the bike out and then cycled over to Rushcutters to meet the boys for the 10 x 400s at lunch, good crowd to with HurTS #1 Bartles (never misses a session these days unlike Tommy no show), J-Fen, MrAce, Razor, Enda, J.W, Kenny and a host of others.
Never felt good or comfortable at all today, and when I was blowing hard even after the 3rd rep I thought it could get 'nasty'. Was still managing to hold 74 &75s for each rep though coming in alongside MrAce and J.Worsick each time. Although I had nothing left there was still just enough petrol to finish it off with final 400 of 71 seconds.
Now I know I give poor Enda a bit of stick from time to time on here BUT today I dip my hat to the lad. With no Tom, Mikey, High, or Tucks around I had the honour to call today’s set - and made a point that we were rolling every 2 minutes and jokingly said to Enda if he can't make the 400 in that time then to just keep running. .......Well, Kudos to him as that's exactly what he did, and he didn't get to upset by it all either as he knocked out the 10 efforts in the 20 minute time frame. (Well nearly, think we passed him at one stage)

Funniest sight and comment of the day - Goes to Ray 'Razor' Wareham', who stripped down (to 1980s white vest) as we then  all made comment about his 'Guns' and how toned his arms were. He then went on to tell me that he in fact has a Vitamin D Deficiency. Well can you believe that? Here is Razor running around when its 120 degrees with a hat and coat and long shorts meaning his body hasn't seen the light of day for 30 years and he's suffering Vitamin D Deficiency.........surely not :)

Out tonight with the Berlin Boys to discuss a few things for the trip, heading to the scene of the HuRTS presentation last December, the Harbour View in the Rocks, hopefully Tom's 6 month ban has been lifted and perhaps he’ll be able to walk out on his own accord tonight
A full wrap up of the stories of the night will be posted tomorrow as I’m sure there's bound to be some drama along the way especially when Kane, Stankard and Slim Sammy Agnew are around.


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

5k Time Trial E.S. Marks Oval

Woke to find an eerie blanket of grey around the park and all of Sydney as I spent the morning working, decided to ditch the HuRTS 4 x 10 minute sessions and went with the 5k time trial that Angry Man Clyde Rozza was putting on for his students. I haven't been down to E.S.Marks Oval for years and I must say it’s pretty good now that they have relayed the running surface. Rolled up to find a calm Clyde (with his notebook & pencil), Enda, Shrink Sparks’, and Irish Phil.
Haven't run a track 5ks since I was about 15 and with no form to speak of I was happy to just sit in at first and run with Enda (who also was taking it easier due to his 3 week bout of flu). Felt pretty comfortable for the first k at 3.40 pace and was hoping to just hold that pace. Enda started to gap me around the 3k mark as I laboured a little for the next 1200 metres before trying to finish it off strong.
18.56 was the finishing time - far from great, but happy enough with the first attempt and will hope to bring that under 18 over the next 2 months.
Went through the ks as I saw then in;
3.41, 7.26, 11.16, 15.08, 18.56 although Clyde will let me know exactly what they were I’m sure.
Interesting point though - My G.P.S Garmin measured it at 5.39ks and Enda's at 5.33.........Wonder if the track is long? Knew my form faltered a little but surely I wasn't running in lane 7 at any stage :)
Good job Mikey wasn't there, he'd have stopped running half way down the straight when his Garmin hit the 5k mark and demand that Steve Jackson get down to remeasure the distance :)
Think Enda ended up with 18.21 (?) and was looking pretty strong especially on the second half of the effort.
Busiest man of the night though was Shrink Sparks’ who had set up a couch at the conclusion and was last seen at 11.30pm deep in conversation trying to sort Enda's troubles out.
Saw Flakey flying around as well knocking out his 1k reps - pretty impressive with his 3.25s he was telling me and he was keen to see if I was running Striders on Saturday and was looking at a little wager on the outcome?

An Eerie sight around the Duck Pond, Centennial Park.

E.S. Marks Oval under floodlights the home of last nights 5k Time Trial.

Sparksy trying to work out Enda's ongoing problems, (could be there a while mate)

Huge congratulations to Slim Sammy Agnew and his Palace boys overnight on making it back to the Premier league thanks to beating Watford. Delighted for him as I know he enjoys his footy as much as I do and know what it means to him. Having said that ( and he will hate me for saying this) BUT they will come straight back down next year, Can't believe they got promoted and only won 19 out of the 46 matches played and only won once in the final 10 or so. Ahhh well its good for Stoke next season as it's a guaranteed 6 points and sure to boost our goal difference when we play the Eagles :)


Sunday, May 26, 2013

Back on the Monday Runs with the Boys

Been missing a lot of HuRTS sessions lately for one reason or another so today I thought I best get back into it properly and get my fat @r$e into the city to join the boys for the regular Monday set they do.
Had the worst morning possible to start the day with not only cold but driving Freezing rain whilst meandering along on my bike alongside clients. I was bloody freezing by the time I returned and harboured thoughts of just staying at home ALL day after that.
Into the city it was though and a good crowd out (once the weather had cleared) with Razor, Bartles, Mikey, JBowe, 'Kenny', Warrior Charlie (Wow.... twice in two sessions now) Jeet, as well as Angry Man who looks like he's lost half his body weight, Unreal, Hardly recognize him. I remarked his wife must have not fed him last night as he must have dipped under the 100kgs at long last.
Had a good chat with Mikey on the way out whilst working around the 4.34 pace and felt OK, turned and picked it up slightly on the way back with J.Worsick pushing on through the Quay. I was starting to feel the pace and got a little tired around Mrs Macs Chair and the final 2ks was a struggle.
All up 62 mins for a tad over 14ks for the day, average pace 4.26
Happy with that and the first time I’ve backed up for a long time, 18ks yesterday and a further 14 today.
Had intended to do the HuRTS session tomorrow but when talking to Angry Man Clyde he mentioned a 5k time trial at the track they are doing tomorrow, so I might pop along to that instead and see what I can do down there as I haven't run a track set for years.

A couple of the boys have submitted there race reports of recent races - first up former HuRTS #1 Tucks on his 100k Run/Walk effort and getting 3rd.
 Take a look

And the NEW #1 John 'Bartles' Bartlett Half Marathon report
He's a little modest, but he did send me the following as well -

Dear Timmy,
“Mate I don’t like to blow my own trumpet but you just make sure that Tommy Highnam updates his blog and his 'Head to Head' count and tell him I’m not only going to smash him at Berlin but I’m also out to claim that most prestigious 'Performer of the Year Award' come the HuRTS presentations,
Yours truly,
Ps – I also hope I can beat your PB at the same time.


Saturday, May 25, 2013

Medium/ Long Run with Irelands Finest - 18ks

Met up with Enda who had risen again from his deathbed on fresh morning to start our Med/Long run around the park.  No sooner had we started when Professor (and Irelands finest) PLOD joined us. But just as I feared the worst and being out numbered, C.T came from nowhere and at least gave a little bit of credibility to the group.
The Irish lads were still going on about the 'Defeat' last week, and whining, especially when I told them there would no longer be ANY challenges issued to them and 'Australia' would be replacing for further events. C.T took up the offer to be captain and before taking off already had the names, Bartles, High, Wareham, Palmer,'Kenny'Everett, Mikey, Walker as well as himself earmarked to take us on.

Knocked out the first 10k loop including the Woollahra Hill in 44.44 (ave 4.28s) before Enda departed as he needed to get his hourly Flu Shot', as POD and I carried on for a 2nd lap having a good old chin wag (you know he talks a lot of sense this guy). Stopped at 8ks on the way back just past the cafe for a 36.00 minute loop(4.30 pace)and 18k all up in 80.47 ( 4.29s).
Good little hit out and just hope that I can back up and run again tomorrow.

A quick detour on the way home via 'The House of Kanes" to see how Kanser was going - all is not well I’m sorry to report and think it could be another 4 weeks before he's even back running. It will in turn only leave him a further 8 weeks before the big one in Berlin, and he reckons at that rate he'll only be able to beat rival Enda by a measly 4 minutes. ( I didn't realise it was that bad)
His running might be a no no at the moment but the 'Cups of Tea' still go down a treat after a long run ...Even if they are Aldi teabags :)

Monday is normally swim day but if I pull up OK today I might even head into town and see if I can run easy with the boys in order to build the ks back up.

Again good luck tonight (i think it is) for Slim Sammy Agnew's Crystal Palace in trying to get to the Premiership, If they win Sammy will shout the whole of the HuRTS team a FREE schooner for those drinking on Thursday evening, just tell him the TRASH told ya :)


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Friday Swim

Back down to the Prince Alfred Pool to end the week along with MrAce who showed how tough he really is after backing up from yesterdays drowning in tow it was also good to have Pete, Chris, Angus, Champ and Cialis in attendance.
Set was 5 x 200 and 10 x 100s and with Chris, Pete and Angus flying away it was left to us to form a splinter group and share the work load, All pretty even paced as we worked the 200s with even the much improved Champ doing something that Enda hasn't managed since the summer of 2011...and that is lead the lane out for a set.
Angus came back to us for the 100s after being dropped by Coach Walker who then inflicted his own pain on us whilst he stepped up the pace for second half of the set, with me even finishing the day with a final 1.31 on the 10th rep.
Decent week again in the pool and although I need to pick up the running sessions I am keen to still try to hold the 2 swim squads per week at the same time
No sign of poor Julia today, and I heard she actually got stopped on the way when the local cops pulled her over down George Street with 17 HuRTS boys hanging on for dear life trying to get a lift to the pool after Brendan let slip that he received a lift in a nice motor last week :)

I did warn Julia about being 'nice' and offering the boys a lift to the pool....But she didn't listen.

Will try to get out and do some sort of long run over the weekend, although pulled up sore again after yesterdays session (seems to be a common theme these days), think Mikey has recovered from his latest setback and is running tomorrow, although Enda has put Centennial on notice (Flu Alert) that he is running on Sunday morning so I might even join him for an hour of comedy :)

Have good weekend, at a bit of a lose with no English footy this week to watch - but it wont be long before the Mighty Lions arrive as Brisvegas beckons on the 22nd June.

What am I saying? , No football – there’s the Champions League final at Wembley between the two German sides Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund. The makings of a good game I’m predicting and should be a close affair.
Timmy’s Tip on the big one – take Bayern to win 1 – 0 with the deadly Muller getting the all important gaol.
Also it’s the biggest game of the season (money wise anyway) with the Premier play off on Bank Holiday Monday between Watford and our Slim Sammy Agnew’s Crystal Palace, to see who joins the big boys next season, I really hope the Palace boys get up for Sammy but at the risk of upsetting him I’m tipping the Hornets to get up.
Timmy’s Tip Watford 3 – Palace 1 ……….Sorry Sammy, but at least you’ll be able to talk footy with Skippy Heyden next year when QPR visit J


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The (not so) Hickson Road 1.2k Reps

On Sydney's wettest and coldest day of the year it was a case of only the hardy souls out for this one. Was supposed to be the Hickson Road 1.2k Reps but Chairman Tommy H pulled rank again over an absent Mikey and although kept the distance decided on a change of venue to start the session outside the Opera Gates and run around to Mrs Macs Chair.
Even with the wet weather there was still a decent turnout of around 20 (mostly English with Tom, Paul Birch, Skippy Heyden & John Bowe in attendance) and good to see Muzza back with us as well as Warrior Charlie who's not been seen for a long time.
Despite the shocking conditions I felt OK out there and I actually don’t mind running when its like that, settled in on the first rep tucked behind MrAce, who was in turn just sitting of J-Fen and Skippy Heyden only slightly ahead, the battery run dead early on but knew it was long when I crossed in 4.25 (boys reckon maybe 80 -100 m long? )  Working off a 2 min rest from Tom that meant I was only getting around 1.35ish recovery, found it slightly tougher on the return with the higher wind but was keeping it pretty consistent that I was happy with.
Times were 4.26, 4.28, 4.25, 4.27, and 4.24
Still some time away from when all the awards will be handed out, but you can bet those toughing it out in those conditions will be on the short list when the names are read out :) .... Solid effort from all those out today.
No sign of my mate Enda again, poor bloke still suffering from that Asian Bird Flu, Mad Cow & Swine Flu combined. You know if it wasn’t for the fact he's as daft as a brush, you wouldn't guess he was even Irish. Fact... He's not a Ginga? He doesn't eat potatoes? Doesn't drink Guinness? (Too strong for him), he has no heart and he doesn't like wet weather? You be the Judge.
No sign of the other Irishman either, Dave Kane, (they all seem to have gone undercover since the Half Defeat) hope he's OK, been seeing more of 'The Good Wife' running around the park in the mornings then Kanser himself.

Swim squad tomorrow, lets hope this rain clears up by then, Might even get a train into the City and then see if I can get a lift to the Pool in Julia's flash motor :)


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Midweek PLOD with Professor POD

Stayed in the park after work and caught up with Ex Irish Captain POD who was running around with some of the other BRAT Hardmen, although no sign of 'The Leech', Marshmallow Man or Enda who I heard returned into the Country yesterday but has been struggling to get out of the airport as Customs have whipped him straight into quarantine as they are still unsure what he may have picked up whilst in China?
Managed about 7 ks with POD working around 4.30 pace chatting away the whole time, all up for the morning 15.5 - Surprisingly didn't feel to bad and was moving OK.

Will try to head out with the boys tomorrow for the lunchtime session.

Big News from back home - Stoke and Manager Tony Pulis part company. Can't believe it to be honest, and think its a bad move on the part of the club. I know he has had his critics and the style of play is not always pretty but what he has achieved over the time is good. Keeping the club in the premiership for the past 5 years with mid table finishes each year any supporter would happily have taken prior to the tough spell they endured over the final couple of months. The supporters are a fickle lot and they better be careful what they wish for I reckon and next season will be an even bigger test i'm predicting.
Can't believe that now Pulis has gone and Moyles has departed to Man Utd that Pardew is the 2nd longest serving manager in the premiership at Newcastle with only 2.5 years under his belt its crazy.
 Interesting point is that every club who won anything  last season didn't see the season out this year;
Premiership - Man City,   Mancini .....Goneski
F.A Cup  -  Chelsea,     Di Matteo .........Goneski
Champions League - Chelsea, Di Matteo .....Goneski
Carling Cup -        Liverpool, Dalglish.........Goneski
Promoted 2012 -   Southampton, Atkins ......Goneski
Promoted 2012 -    Reading, McDermott .........Goneski


Monday, May 20, 2013

Roo & Lake Run

Well its not quiet a Lake, more of a Duck Pond within Centennial Park and there certainly are NO Roo's around but with Master Sweeney not running and even less Bloging i thought i might make him more at home with the title of todays entry.
Was still feeling heavy legged this morning and the Achilles was sore so instead of going into town i decided just to cruise around for 3 x 1600m reps around the Duck Pond, One of favorite sessions normally but was never going to push this one and was just happy to get out and spin the legs over for half an hour.
Never really got going but happy to be out - was measuring long this morning finding an extra 50 metres from somewhere?
Times were - 6.10 (3.47), 6.06(3.41) , 5.57(3.38 pace)
5ks warm up and a couple cool down giving me 12ks for the morning.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Celebrating with the Home Brew Sensation.

Cycled over to meet Pete, Champagne, MrAce, and Christian Ellis (Cialis) for a gentle swim with everyone happy just to turn the arms over today with the intensity somewhat down from the start.
Set was 3 x 300s, 3 x 200, and 3 x 100
With Pete and Charlie ahead i shared the lead duties with MrAce and Cialis, as Angus and then Champ joined us late. Nothing to adventurous today with even Champagne keeping his cool.
Times were. 5.20, 5.20, 4.58, 3.17, 3.19, 3.16, 1.30, 1.36, 1.31
No sign of Brendan mind, who refused to turn up when he heard Julia wasn't going and wouldn't be getting his lift.

Last night post race i finally got the invite from Fats after getting the green light to test out his much awaited Home brew, So it was an afternoon on testing duties as well as a great BBQ he fired up around the Petersham home .
3 beers were on offer- the first being a nice Pale Ale, went down pretty well i must say and got the thumbs up from both the Chairman Tom who also got the 'Tasting Test Invite' and I . Next up was the Worthy Bitter and was perhaps my fav (probably as it used to be my tipple back home), and would have been happy to see the afternoon out drinking this one, unfortunately Fats had one more up his sleeve the Dark Chocolate like aptly named 'Bender Enda' he subjected us to. To be honest not really my thing as its more a 'Stout', and like the Great Man Enda himself, had no body, tasteless and was as weak as p!ss, Seriously - all it would be good for would be to 'Strip Paint off the Walls'
The Timmy score chart then
Pale Ale 7/10
Worthy Bitter 7.5/10
Bender Enda   2/10

A top afternoon and many thanks to Fats and the 'Procrastinating Baker' wife Amanda for hosting, and also good to catch up with the Highnams as well. The kids were badgering me all day to have there photos taken with the Churchill /Sands Cup that was also in attendance for the afternoon and the Chairman's son 'young Charlie was actually caught drinking some Pale Ale out of it at one point of the day.
BTW. it looks like 'Young Charlie is now going to the same barbers as our own Slim Sammy Agnew with his slick Mohawk look - God Bless him :)

Two more Highnams (Charlie & Billy) get there hands on the Cup - something Enda and his Irish boys will NEVER do.

In Safe Hands - The Next Generation that will keep the Churchill /Sands Cup in English Households for the next 7 years or so, Rory & Beatrix Fattorini, with the Highnam Clan.

Also good news on the team events yesterday with the guys getting 2nd overall, Jeez, must have been a good team to beat us as our top 3(Tom, Fats and Bartles) were all in the Top 20 overall, But our old boys, the HuRTS Pensioners went one better taking out Top spot thanks to Richie P, MaccaMcClarnon and Pete Walker, (Happy to report they didn't need my 86 minute time )

On Saturday our top man (well in my eyes anyway) Tucks took out 3rd spot in his Run/Walk event over 100ks - top effort that one, although don't think it will be enough to take out the top award December.

In the triathlon field, Congrats to Professor PLOD on his 3rd overall (winning his age group ) at the Olympic distance race at Port Stephens, heard he run a 33.50 (?) but rumour was it was only 9.3ks for the run leg........... Just another typical triathlon measurement really :)


Saturday, May 18, 2013

Churchill /Sands Cup - 2013 Winners England.

Well it was billed as a BIG event once more with the Irish boys pulling every stroke to try to wrestle the Churchill/Sands Cup from England but in the end it was to be all to no avail.
Big Task for the Irish mind with Enda away ( getting the Bird Flu in China) having to be replaced by John Bowe for the day , and no sign of Kanser who had to call up good friend and 'Hair Dye Man' Ronan for the day.

The Head to Heads with Handicaps were set by Enda as follows (see bottom of blog)
So with Binfield beating Enda (J.Bowe) & Heyden defeating Kanser (aka Ronan) it was left to Eoin and Robbie to smash both Tom and I to square it back to 2 -2. But fear NOT as we pulled out our big gun and 6ft Winner Fats to see us over the line taking out the one tough Irishman Macca McClarnon and in the process RETAIN the Cup for another year.
So drinks are on again for the English lads care of the men in Green - Venue and date will be advised.  But in the meantime here are some of the photos from the day of the winning team ( care of Kanser on photo duty)

England's number 1 - Tommy H

England's #2 Tony 'Fats' Fattorini

England's #3 & #4  Heyden and 'B Grade in background.

England's #5 - Young Timmy :)
Look i can even run faster running sideways these days :)

With Tommy H  and Fats at the Finish Line :)

More to come this afternoon when the Highnam + Fattorini kids get there hands on the Cup :)

PBAdjusted Time
Enda 1:16:041:16:30
John Binfield1:11:491:14:00
Race HandicapEnda + 2mins 30seconds
PBAdjusted Time
Kanser 1:13:591:15:11
Andy Heyden1:14:411:14:41Blackmores as SMH not available
Race HandicapKanser + 29 seconds
PBAdjusted Time
Eoin 1:17:441:18:45
Tim Lindop1:16:241:17:28
Race HandicapEoin + 1 min 17seconds
PBAdjusted Time
Robbie  1:11:061:12:48Last available half in Aus was SMH 2009
Tom 1:12:201:12:29
Race HandicapRobbie +18 seconds
PBAdjusted Time
Macca 1:14:361:14:36
Tony 1:12:551:13:43
Race HandicapMacca +53 seconds

S.M.H Half 86.22, Carrying a Grand Piano on my Back.

Rolled up early into the City to meet Tommy H and wife Kirst before a warm up at the Domain greeting every man and his dog that is connected to the HuRTS team. Stood on the start line for an eternity whilst Pat Carroll waffled doing his best 'I'm a plonker' impersonation whilst the rest of us froze our 'town halls' off.
The normal quick start saw us head down Macquarie St and we were set for the 21ks ahead, felt OK early but even then saw loads fly past me. Tucked in with Classy Anna for a few ks that made it feel slightly easier as i headed around the back of Hickson.  Paced dropped around the 10k mark although still went through in 38.45, and it was around this time my lack of any long runs kicked in as i felt as if i was then carrying a Grand Piano upstairs backwards for the next 8ks or so.  First Ronnie (Biggs) was to fly past, then Sharpie, then the 'Sweaty Sock (Craig) , and the final nail was when Johnny Bowe cruised past at the 15k mark laughing his head off.
Had a good look at the front runners coming out of the Domain as i still had the best part of 4ks to go. with Bartles leading the troops home with Tommy H and Fats having a battle as were Hayden and B Grade.
Quick Hi to Kanser who was on photo duty for the 'Trash' and was glad to turn at the bottom of College St and back up to finish in a time of 86.22
Not what i was after but really all i deserved to be honest with NO long runs in me and it showed over the 2nd half of the race. But at least i know where i am at now after the last 2 weeks with the State 10k and now a Half under my belt.
Will focus a lot more on my running over the next 4 weeks before i really start to ramp it up as September and Berlin is rolling around pretty fast.
Some great times from the team today - with Bartles once more showing he's HuRTS #1 whilst Tucks is away, Tom, Heyden, Fats, Richie P all very good as well but the 'Timmy Run of the Day must go to the 'Leech' Eoin on his 76.51 (60 second PB is superb on that course) , pity he didn't back himself a little more and take some cash of me after he refused to go 'Head to Head' ?
Some of the times from that team that i can see;

Bartles   72.06
Tom       72.36
Fats        72.57
Heyden   74.19
'B Grade 74.29
Rich P     76.34
Leech      76.51
Kenny      77.31 (James Everett)
MaccaMc 78.09
Glen         79.49
Pete W      80.48
Classy Anna 81.41
Taffy            82.14 (should have been DQed for bumping me at the 3ks mark)
Ronnie B      82.59
John Bowe   85.10
Craig Jock    85.58
T. Lindop     86.22

Apologies if i have missed anyone - although anyone outside 86.22 must have run as bad as me and doesn't deserve a mention :)

OK, disappointment over ....lets move on and kick start our new training program , But first up just got to pop over to the 'Fattorini Household' as the long awaited Home Brew' is ready ......... Bring on the 'Bender Enda, and the Cakes :)


Friday, May 17, 2013

Travelling in Style.

A quick cycle into the city slightly earlier then the planned swim set to pick up the race number (sorry race.. Name :) ) for Sunday before heading down to the Prince Alfred for the 3rd swim of the week. Although no sign of Coach Walker who was out running, or Champ (sick). There was a good team down with Champagne, Warwick, Angus, MrAce, Christian, Brendan, and E.J
Set was 1 x 400, 3 x200, and 10 x 100s with some decent swimmers there i was happy just to sit on feet today and wasn't required to lead any effort. Very happy with the times again as we are pretty much able to swim the same times that we were doing in the faster Boy Charlton Pool throughout the summer months.
Champagne had a moment and chucked his toys out the pram at one stage when he got the sh!tes that certain people were touching his toes , and when it came to the final 100  and i tickled them once it was to much for him to bare and he jumped out as he left the pool sceaming " New rule Timmy, 5 seconds gap between people' :)
Made me wonder how this guy goes in Ironman with a mass start alongside 1200 others?

Brendan had a smile on his face for the whole of the set today, and i couldn't put my finger on it at first, That was until i found out the Julia (E.J) had given him a lift to the pool and boy, was he travelling in style. Not sure what her job is at Moelis but its certainly better then what Enda does when you see the difference in motors they are driving around in.

Julia arrives for swim set in style, and will have about 9 of us wanting a lift next week.

...and Enda arriving moments later .........and they work at the same place ????

Whilst in collecting my bib for Sunday at the Town Hall who should i bump into, but my mate Slim Sammy Agnew, Don't tell anyone but he's going to run the Half on Sunday. He's not in great shape obviously after his recent broken foot but he is looking fit and no doubt he will use the run as a means to getting his fitness level back up for Berlin in September.
I didn't really get much sense out of him to be honest as he was rambling on about C.Palace only being one game away from getting back in the Premiership with the big Boys and he was daring to dream :)

All set to go at the Expo today collecting the bib for Sunday.

With my very own Name plate for the race with the 'Elite's .... could be the first Elite runner to run a 2 hour Half Marathon :)

Have a great weekend, and all the Best to the HuRTS team that are running Sunday. The guys are in good shape so will expect to see some quick times and a few PBs.........Not to mention a English win for the Churchill /Sands Cup


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

2 x 15 Minute Tempo around Centennial.

With Sunday's race in mind i didn't want anything to hard but still wanted a session that got the heart rate up and the legs ticking over without fatiguing the body to much so settled on 2 x 15 minute tempo efforts, Wanted to keep them around race pace or thereabouts that i intend doing come Sunday (maybe wishful thinking?) and that is 3.55 pace.
It seems to take me an age to warm up these days, so after a quick 2ks i was set to go , and was soon on pace with the first k done at 3.54 tried to keep it pretty even from there and managed to get beyond a full flat lap of the park within the 15 minutes.
A 3 minute recovery and i was out for the 2nd lap and felt a little better and was slightly quicker for the first half, but seem to struggle around the slight rise coming around the Fox Studio Gates part of the park
Set 1.   3.8ks done Average Pace 3.58 per/ks (3.54, 4.01, 3.55 & 3.09 for the final 800m)
Set 2.   3.85ks done, Ave Pace    3.55 per/ks  (3.51, 3.54, 4.00, & 3.14 for the final 850m)

Pretty tired at the end and that was only less then 8ks so not sure how I'll go for the 21 on Sunday ? I think the key is not to go out too hard although easier said then done on this course with a fast first 5ks :)

Rest Day tomorrow although will still head out down to the pool for the Friday swim set with the guys.

Tomorrow - Predictions for the big day and there has been late NEWS that i will divulge tomorrow but 2 big questions the bookies are asking is - Can Tommy H race or even know where he is going without HuRTS # 2 Tucks showing him the way around, and is everything OK in the Mikey Conway camp??????


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Extra Swim Session at New Pool.

Coldest morning of the year so far with temps down to about 10 degrees early doors today meant i wasn't hanging around the park after work although was happy to see Kane running around .........Even more pleasing to report it wasn't Dave BUT 'The Good Wife' Liv out doing a few ks.
Ventured back down to the New Alfred Pool again at lunch for an extra swim set for the week after arranging with E.J (Eloquent Julia). After a few mishaps in finding the place (she can fill you in on the exact details) we decided after the warm up to do 9 x 200s and i was then forced to lead the lane for the whole set except for the 5th set where i demanded a break :)
Happy to hold 3.20 or under for all, but it is a far harder pool to swim in then the A.B.C as it's not as buoyant with the chlorine instead of the saltwater.
2ks all up for the day.
Drama once we were done though - came out and went to the nearby boozer for 5 Min's only to return to the pool to collect my bike to find the Pool CLOSED. I believe someone had a Heart Attack in the water just after we left that saw the Ambo's on the scene.  Happy to Report that NO it wasn't Enda after a 100 metre effort and he was nowhere to be seen. Thankfully the guy will make a full recovery.
Not the type of press the pool will be looking at getting within the first 3 days of its long awaited opening.

Julia after getting lost on the way to the pool today - then parking her car in the water after her 'Tom- Tom Sat Nav told her to take the next left turn at Central Station to find the Alfred Pool :)

Latest News - From the Irish Camp ahead of Sunday's S.M.H Half Marathon is they have all but conceded defeat for the Churchill /Sands Cup. Not only are the English boys happy but the 2nd of the Highnam kids get to get there hands on the much converted cup ( only another 3 to go for the full set). Feel really sorry for the likes of Cillian (Stankard) and Conor (Kane) who will never get the chance of such and will probably be running the race themselves before they get close or the privilege to do the same :)

2012 - Winners England - With Maggie Highnam

2013 - Winners England - With Claudia Highnam.

2014 - Winners England - With Bec Highnam ( just add photo here)

2015 - Winners England - With Charlie Highnam ( just add photo here)

2016 - Winners England - With Billy Highnam (just add photo here)

Tomorrow the run down on the list of HuRTS runners for the big day and what we expect from the team.

Oh how the Mighty Irish Boys have fallen - Kane, Reville, and Stankard in the Glory Days :)

Monday, May 13, 2013

8 x 800s (Rolling every 4 mins) McKay Oval

In between classes this morning i had a window that enabled me to fit a session in so decided to head over to McKay Oval in the Park for some 800s for the day.
Decided from the start i wasn't looking to smash them but just work more at a controlled pace and keeping them all under 3.30 per/ks if i could. Again the first couple of reps felt tough enough until I'd warmed up a little but despite working harder then it should be for that pace i was happy enough to maintain every rep to within a second of each other for the entire session.

Need to keep up the training although will be taking it a little easier this week with the S.M.H Half Marathon coming up on Sunday as we will also be defending our title against the Irish for the Churchill /Sands Cup.  Looks like the Irish are a team in disarray mind with PLOD resigning from his post after the hammering last year, New Captain Enda has fled the sinking ship and flown to China, Kanser is on the injury list, so it looks like tough man Macca McClaron will have to carry the load with help from Robbie Neil and the Leech along the way.
I know we are known for our sporting generosity, but despite helping them out with the handicaps it looks like they shall be shouting us a night on the town with the drinks again at a time to be arranged?
i think this may be the LAST challenge issued to the Irish lads as they are simply not up to it and will set about opening the door to the Aussie crew within the team for a more of a challenge with the likes of Bartles, Tucks, Stevie Wildman, Razor Wareham, Richie High & Palmer, Mikey, MrAce, and Laura all more then worthy of a good battle?

I will go through some of the HuRTS team and there predicted times later in the week alongside the latest odds from Paddy Power for the big event.

Mentioned yesterday that June/July is shaping up to be a biggie and in line with the Lions Tour i see the band 'Manic Street Prechers' are coming - playing at the Hordern the night before the 3rd test. Great band out of Wales, .....Jeez, what is it with the Taffs at the moment, first Swansea win the Carling Cup, then Cardiff get promoted to the premiership, Wales win the 6 Nations, whatever next?
'The Manics' are a little alternative and slightly left wing with some of there views and dare i say it pretty intellectual with there lyrics and i wonder if Richie Edwards will appear on stage with them at anytime whilst out here.
One of there most popular hits was this one - "If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next" - Brilliant.
Love the words,
The Future teachers you to be alone
The Present to be afraid and cold
So if i can shoot rabbits
then i can shoot fascists


Sunday, May 12, 2013

New Pool Opens - Alfred Park with the Dog Collar.

As feared i didn't make it out on Sunday morning for the long run  after a big night on the Saturday evening , so was back out early today and decided on the regular 2 x Woollarha Hill 6k loops around the park. Felt pretty ordinary for the first 2ks but was moving OK once I'd warmed up.
Come around for the first 6ks in 26.43 (ave 4.27s) before stepping it up on the 2nd lap, started to feel the pace a little going up the hill but hung in there with a 25.10 second lap at 4.11 average.
12ks in total for the morning in 51.54 ( average 4.19s)

Lunchtime saw the team head to our 4th different pool venue in as many weeks with (at last) the opening of the new pool down at Prince Alfred Park near Central Station. They are offering FREE swims till October to thank the public for their patience during construction. It meant it saw Champagne Charlie who is never far away from a freebie and the chance of a glass of Bubbly in attendance, as was Pete, Angus, MrAce, Dave, Warwick and Champ.
After a 300 warm up the set was 5 x 200, and 8 x 100s
Was lucky enough to have the pool pretty much to ourselves, and happy to report it got the thumbs up - nice and warm , very clean and great to be outdoors even at this time of the year.
Was mobbed by all the paparazzi for photos at the start and the HuRTS boys were only to happy to oblige, i was even confronted by Lord Mayor and Councillor Clover Moore (complete with her Dog Collar) wanting more information on the HuRTs team and asking if she could help with any training facilities going forward?

The new pool down at Prince Alfred on the Park - finally opens 2 years after it was supposed to.

At the opening with 'Clover' she wants to join the HuRTS team but i told her she may have to lose the Dog Collar if she wants her membership.

A massive weekend in footy from back home, happy to report that both Villa and Newcastle managed to survive the dreaded drop ( for another 12 months at least) and great to see Wigan turn moneybags Man City over in the F.A Cup on Saturday 1 -0. Stoke lost out to a late goal against Spurs and in turn Chairman Tommy H is all excited that his 'Toon' may finish above the mighty Potters ........It's all down to the last game.
Most dramatic action took place in the Championship game though between Watford and Leicester - Leicester getting a penalty last minute only to miss that then saw Watford go up the other end and score that took them into the final play off game against either Slim Sammy Agnew's Palace or Brighton to secure a place in the premier - Check it out if you haven't seen it, well worth seeing :)

Also received my British Lions top in the post on Friday for the upcoming tour to Brissy on the 22nd June, can't wait for this one and especially looking forward to being part of the masses that hit Aussie in support of the team where it will be like 'Spot the Aussie' in the crowd.

All set for the upcoming tour of the Lions - 22nd June first test in Brissy.


Friday, May 10, 2013

Bertie Bassett (Allsorts) Mixed Run.

Busy Saturday with work so just had to squeeze running in when i could to be honest, met up with Mikey and his crew that consisted of 'The Jock Lad' Craig, Glen, James, Razor Wareham, and the Taffy Git James (who's started to give it large ones about how well the Welsh are going with Swansea, Cardiff and the Union Boys) and can see us having a good laugh and a few beers when the touring Lions get here next month, all out running.
Did a full lap with those working around 4.24 pace before my next stint at work,  Squeezed in another 8 ks after at a slower pace and then guess who was floating by as i was just about done? None other then the lad himself........... Kanser, not seen him for a while so he persuaded me to do a lap with him as we chatted away (mostly how he was going to smash Enda once and for all in Berlin, and how he reckons Enda wont run sub 35 this year?) 4ks with Kanser working at 4.37 pace and 20.5ks for the morning all up in total.
Not exactly the run i was looking for, still its 20 ks done so should be happy with that and there's no pressure now to get out in the morning should tonight's party get out of control :)

Must check in with my mate Fats, to see how the Strider's dinner went last night and get the latest gossip on who did what and who won what, seeing as i wasn't given the Green Light to join the table :)


Plodding Away

Thursday - Busy day so just did my own run around the park , first 5ks very easy in 23 minutes before stepping it up for the next 5ks working at 4.06 pace in 20.30
Just 10k all up in total.

Friday. Another new home base for our Friday swim as the Ian Thorpe Pool got the nod today, only problem for me was that everyone forgot to tell all the slower swimmers in the team with NO MrAce, Julia, Enda, Angus or Mikey, in turn it left me the tough task to swim with Mermaid, Pete Walker, Champagne and one or two other quick guys, although Champ kept me company for the session. Set was 2 x 300, 4 x 200, 6 x 100s.
Felt terrible as i tried to hold on to Charlie for the first 300 as i stopped the clock on 4.50 and wasn't even sure i could do the remainder of the set at that stage. Worked the 200s better and finished the 100s fairly strong with the final 100 done in 1.30.
2.3ks all up

Tomorrow will try to get out and do a longish easy run as i have a big party on Saturday evening  so best i get it done early as i don't fancy my chances come Sunday .

Big news of the week out of Blighty in the footy is that Fergie Retires from his managers post at Man Utd after 26 years. Its the end of an era there and although never a big fan his achievements over the time have been brilliant and we will never see the likes again and certainly wont see a manager in charge for that long at one club.
I must say its so refreshing to see stories of a man in his seventies in the news that doesn't involve child abuse after all the shenanigans going on over there with all the peados and perverts. Can't believe some of the names being linked with it all - people on the telly that i grew up with , Stuart Hall, Freddie Starr, Rolf Harris, and now bloody Kenny Barlow from Coronation Street have all been doing there best Jimmy Saville acts of indecency. It's getting crazy who's next up? Please tell me Noel Edmonds is a clean skin or else i will be upset. I'm getting really confused these days and I can no longer tell the difference between the New Year's Honours list and the sex offender's register. :)

Big Games this week in the 2nd last round of the season with Tom's Toon still not safe , although it does look like Wigan will go now after losing at home to Swansea in the week.  Stoke will be in the premiership once more after 2 wins and a draw recently, and even Enda's Villa have done enough for survival.
This week is the F.A Cup between Man City and Wigan - Still can not believe they are playing the Final whilst the season is still going on. The F.A Cup is the showpiece event of the season and should be a stand alone game when all the other games are done
Timmy's Tip for the big game - Take Man City to win 2 - 0 , with Tevez getting on the score sheet.

Fergie showing new Man Utd boss the Watch he will need for when he takes over.
BREAKING: In honour of Sir Alex Ferguson retiring, all Premier League clubs will play an additional 5 minutes of added time this weekend

Talking about the drama back home the BBC have launched a NEW T.V reality show to air next Monday.
Here is the first photo and preview. :)

Celebrity Get Me Out of Here...........  :)

Have a good weekend,
Train safe

Monday, May 6, 2013

8 X 1K Reps(Rolling every 5 mins) in Centennial Park

Beautiful morning in the park even if it it was a bit brisk first up that saw every man and his dog it seemed in and around at various stages of the morning. Saw Angry Boy Clyde cycling around yelling abuse at elderly pensioners, C.T running around  and even Champagne Charlie who was even courteous enough  to scream out 'Lindop you Fat Fx%3er as he flew by on his bike.
Had a window in between clients that enabled me to do my own session to save me going into town to knock out the Tempo set that was on and decided 8 * 1k Reps rolling every 5 minutes was the go. Aim being if not fast then just to try to keep them consistent.
Never felt that great from the off to be honest but tried hard to get through them, when i am struggling i have a tendency to just do 6 but focused on doing the 8 and was happy to cross the line on the 8th rep all done and out the way.

Got a massage booked for the morning and another trip in to physio Nick at Bondi on the Friday so hopefully that will all help.

Psycho Phetiam Goes Balistic at Cook & Phillip.

New home today for our swim set now the A.B.C Pool is closed for the winter time so it was down to the indoor Cook & Phillip that is nearby.
Smaller crowd again with only Elan, Walker, MrAce, new guy Dave, Champ and a return of Christian Ellis. with Enda also making an appearance half way through.
After a 400 warm up the set for the day was 1 x 300, 10 x 100s and 3 x 200s - Well once the set was called it seemed to spark up the normally very mild mannered Champ who gave out a serve to work colleague Pete Walker about the planned session and in particular the amount of 100s on the cards, he then continued his blast about how busy the pool was, i couldn't believe it, and i thought it was Angry man Clyde at one point who had joined us.
Anyway worked through the set, and found it tough enough with the times down to normal as its a far slower pool then the A.B.C, was happy enough to share the lead duties with MrAce, Dave, and Christian whilst not sure why Enda was there as he did bugger all. In fact, it lead to another blow up from Psycho Champ who told Enda he was too slow and jumped up a spot in the lane and relegated our Irish friend to bring up the rear in the lane.
Times were- 5.09, 1.33, 1.37, 1.38, 1.36, 1.37, 1.35, 1.35, 1.33, 1.37, 1.36, 3.14, 3.18, 3.16
Good session in the end, although i steered clear of Champ once out of the pool and just glad I'm not working with him at Telstra later today - I fear he could explode at some point and i don't want to be around when he does.
Not really a big fan of the pool to be honest as i don't find it the cleanest pool around, and to be honest i think I'd be safer drinking the water in Mumbai. Might venture back to Ian Thorpe pool for the Friday session.

Back out tomorrow for the run set although may do my own thing in Centennial early instead of going into the city for the 45 minute tempo set.

Mentioned previously about Saturday's Runs of the Day but i forgot to mention one guy that also run a stormer with a 40 second PB ...............Mike Race (MrACE) clocked a 35.59 for the day - great effort
It was a pity that Andy (Skippy ) Heyden couldn't run on the weekend as many were predicting that he was in good shape and was looking for a super fast time. Now, it is me or does Skippy strike an uncanny resemblance to that of 'Where's Wally' fame , in fact i think it is him :)

Andy Hayden (centre) with family looking very much like 'Where's Wally'

Hayden in disguise


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Building the Sunday Runs

Small but elite crew this morning as i met up with Stevie 'Wildman, Norman', Thurston, Echinacea Enda and the Original Hardman J.C ( although not sure about his black Compression socks, Luminous Green top and his 'Kylie' like Hot Pants that he was seen wearing, But whatever floats your boat i suppose and each to there own?)
Felt terrible after yesterday and was struggling to walk properly last night and wasn't even sure that i would make it out at all this morning. Luckily enough the boys were taking it a little easier today and was happy just to cruise along with the banter flying faster then what we were actually running.
Completed the regular 10k loop we do in 44.39 ( 4.30ish pace) before the pace stepped up a little with the Wild man then getting a little bored with Enda's conversation before deciding to run on and join the Elites of Harry, Lara and Co with Sean Williams group.
I tired up a little throughout the 2nd lap and needed to stretch at one point but was happy enough to finish of the loop in  43.27 for 20ks for the day in 88.06
Will just hopefully knock out 20 - 24 ks each week now for the next 5 weeks or so before really trying to step it up for the final 12 weeks so i am in some sort of shape for the Marathon in September just need to keep these injuries at bay.

Been a little debate and confusion on the betting stakes lately it appears with Mr Stankard  now welching out of our recent bet saying he only gave me 2 mins when it was 3?. Don't actually think we did agree in fairness to him so it looks like i will just have to miss out and cut my loses on this one, the same as Mikey and his 2 mins that he gave me, where nothing was confirmed.
I will say though - and this is official ...........That Enda Stankard has agreed to give me 2.30 start at the next Striders 10k for June. Even Hardman J.C is wanting a piece of action as well and agreed to go head to head, Both for a friendly $20 :)
Anyone else want to take a few bob of a struggling Young Timmy .......form a queue :)

Added a couple of pics that Kanser managed to take yesterday -

50 metres to go and struggling BIG time - happy to report that my head didn't actually fall off at any stage after this photo was taken.

HuRTS main man and every ones favorite (even if he is now a Taffy ) - Tucks and look very close and you may be able to see who is in the background. Clue..... count about 8 seconds and he may come into the frame :)


Friday, May 3, 2013

State 10k ( Unofficial HuRTS Championships) 37.44

Homebush was the place to be this morning for the State 10k that saw nearly ALL of the team out to test themselves over this fast flat track with only Skippy Heydon, T.B ( both Sick) and Kanser out injured who weren't there.
Gave a lift  to 6ft Track winner Fats, who was still teasing me about this bloody Home Brew he's had on the go for about 5 years now. Although i had to laugh when he said he has a 'Special' on that is not a bad drop with the aptly named......Wait for it................ Bender Enda. I did ask him if it was in fact a beer or some sort of Cold remedy, or something he picked up at this years Mardi Gras?
Anyway, good warm up and a quick chat with everyone and was nice to see my mate Tucks back on Aussie shores,  before the gun goes off and the customary fast first 1k. Like everyone went out far too hard and clicked 3.14 (and still behind loads of the gang at that), Knew it was far to fast and tried to settle before the impressive MrAce flew by at the 2.5k mark. Next up was Young Laura also looking strong who i knew would run around the 37 mark so tried to stay with her for as long as i could. Came up to the half way mark in about 18.18 but was already puffing hard as the even more impressive Anna flew by.
The next 5ks was just about surviving and trying to just hang on in there and with NO long runs recently it was always going to be a losing battle for me but happy to say that Young Laura never really got any further then the 10m at any stage over the 2nd half of the race and i even managed to pip Newcastle girl Kirsten Molley over the final 100 metres.
Crossed the line as the clock ticked 37.44 - and although nothing flash by any means its a step in the right direction and nearly 1.45 faster then last weeks poor effort. Another couple of months with some more speed and longer runs and hopefully i can whittle that down to early 36s or perhaps back to the 35.xx
Results from today found here;

Some great runs out there today and i even predicted the top 4 in the right order with C.T, Bartles, Tucks and the Chairman occupying the top spots.
Timmy's run of the day though was shared between old training mate Richie Palmer (34.24) and the Classy Anna (37.06) and special mention to Hamish who PBed with a smoking 35.21 - Excellent stuff guys
Some good banter with everyone at the end once a recovery was made and I'd stopped coughing up a lung or two, and the outcome of it all was - Bartles is still #1, Tucks is pushing him to regain his place at the top, Chairman Tommy H still can't get out from Tucks pocket ( although its down to 4 seconds now), Enda still has that bloody cold, Fats is still promising the Home Brew, Macca MacClarnon is still a tough bugger whilst MrAce remains the only guy who can run the whole 36 minutes with a smile of his face, Johnny B Grade is still far to serious and continues to blow a gasket over the final 3ks of his races and poor Mikey Conway is still blowing up about the course being 200 metres long and is still mad as hell about the parking ticket he got at the same race two years back ............Arhhhhhh, some things don't change with the HuRTS boys.

Will try to get out and get my long run done in the morning, going to be tough as heading out now for a few Ales ( and no it's not around Fats house either)

Have a great weekend

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Keeping my Head Above Water

Out early again and worked with a client for 8ks averaging about 4.10s with a couple of walking breaks in between  the 3 efforts we did before deciding to work a 3k effort by myself at a bit of pace to see what it felt like before Saturday's race.
Made the decision to give the State 10k a go even though it wont be pretty and i am in no shape whatsoever, but I've always maintained to get the good times you have to do the tough yards. (not to mention the p!$$ take that will invariably come with it). I am barely keeping my head above water with my training but am determined to work my way through it in an effort to get some degree of fitness back for the 2nd half of the year when the stakes are a lot greater.
12ks in total for the morning.

So, this weekend is the unofficial HuRTS 10k Championship that trebles up as the State/Striders 10k race over the fast track out at Homebush. I think ALL of the big guns (and Enda) are down to race this one.  I will do a little report and the latest odds to go with it in tomorrows blog, but my early tip is C.T to lead the group home (even though he's not a regular HuRTS member), I suspect Bartles will be first from the more regular weekly guys, . Good to hear my mate Tucks is back , so expect a good run from him especially as he's been training deep in the Valleys of Wales for the past 3 months. Lets not forget the Chairman (Tommy H), who will resume his battles with him as well and can be expected to cross the finishing line within the standard 8 seconds after our Welsh Wizard.

Stupidly got a few bets riding on the outcome - (and expecting to lose the lot) , Again a more detailed spread will come tomorrow but Enda is giving me a measly 2 mins, as is Mikey, Richie Palmer has agreed to 4, Tommy H reckons he could be crossing the Spit Bridge by the time I'm finishing and Laura was seen lining up to have a bet with me after smashing me at Tuesday's session.
..and to rub salt into the wounds, Johnny Bowe has even shown an interest, What is going on?.........all's it needs now is the 'Taxi Man' from Dublin to be on the starting line to finish me off :)

Swim squad tomorrow, not sure where yet but we need a new home for the next couple of months, i best check in with swim mentor Pete Walker............., Oh, Yes, that's another name who will ply more misery on me come Saturday. Where does it STOP? :)