Thursday, September 7, 2017

HuRTS Pyramid Set (1,2,3,4,3,2,1)

2k swim first up and had some guru in my lane who must have took pity on me and offered some help, even had the little beeper metronome that he let me use that kept me honest for the bulk of it.

Down to Rushcutters and with the regular closed with G.U.R it was over to nearby oval #2 for the mentally tough Pyramid session that includes 1,2,3,4,3,2,1 full lap (400m) efforts . A top group today with old regulars Leech, Branagan Brothers, Enda, Scotty, Toby, Krone and great to see Tommy H back for his first proper HuRTS set in a long time.
A single first lap to begin in 78 seconds kept me in the first group thereafter (even if I was last) but was happy to work off Leech and Brendan for the remainder. Happy to keep it all under 3.30 pace and mentally the 4 lapper was very tough to get through, Its more a relief after that knowing you are on the home stretch but I was still moving OK throughout.
Single lap to go and still had some petrol in the tank so kicked it down and was able to finish it off with a strong 74 second 400m lap
Times, 78, 2.48, 4.16, 5.54, 4.20, 2.43, 74

Another great session that I enjoyed and I do get more out of it when I'm running with the old school who I seem to bounce off especially when the old banter fires up.

Lined up a bike session in the park tomorrow morning, Macca, Enda, Leech, Super Kev, Paulie Hannell have all shown an interest so it should be a fun and enjoyable set if all rock up.


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