Friday, April 29, 2016

April 1k Time Trial 'Golden Duck' - 17.09

Last Friday of the Month meant it was 1k Time Trial time again down at the A.B.C Pool and with very little swimming done the past 2-3 weeks I wasn’t looking forward to it.

Only a small team for the final one before the pool closes for winter but all the guns were out to take the final ‘Golden Duck’ for the season.. It says something when first away on handicap was the Leech who normally always swims 16 mins and somehow I was expected to give him some 40 seconds start (I told you those handicaps were a shocker).

Nobody around my start time so spent the whole swim solo that made it that much tougher as I was counting the laps down, Kept an eye on the Leech who I was passing at the same spot each time, as the flyers came past me with ease. Nothing exciting to note as I was just happy to touch the tiles in a time of 17.09 some 40 odd seconds slower than 4 weeks back where I was knocking out PBs swimming 16.25s

Only fitting the winner of the Duck was coach Pete Walker who brings it together and keeps us all in order each week.

Times for the Day

Manly Steve  13.40

Hardman J.C  13.50

Coach Walker 14.30 – Duck Winner

Angus                15.27

Dan the Man  16.01

Timmy               17.09

Leech Eoin       17.17
Coach Walker takes out the April 'Golden Duck'
Post swim with Dan, Leech, Hardman J.C, Pete and Manly Steve.

Big weekend planned (although not as big as last week I hope), Got a few things lined up and Crossy Lad has given me a special invite to run with him in some remote location ??

In the footy, Only 3 weeks to go and I can see Leicester wrapping it all up this week, think they will draw (or even get beat)  but I can also see Chelski overturning the Spud Boys.

In the BIGGER game at the Brit, Stoke despite already being on holidays will take care of Sunderland. Timmy’s Tip take

Stoke 2 v Sunderland 1
Birchy having his latest $180 haircut, spotted again in Edgeclife.


Have a good weekend

Train well, stay safe



Thursday, April 28, 2016

5 x 1k Reps Rushcutters Oval.

Glorious autumn day in town, in fact it was too hot as a large team headed out to a freshly mowed Rushcutters Oval for the 6 x 1k reps.  With Nick Roberts, Little Tom, Jerome and a few others leading out I was happy to sit in the 2nd group alongside Brucie, Toby, Hipster Chris, Brendan and Jeet as we rolled through the first in 3.17

Was feeling the pain though as the rolling 5 minutes flew by before we were set again, held the next couple very similar before the effects of very little training over the past week started to come back to haunt me. Lost it on the 4th rep and felt I was about to pass out and was forced to sit the 5th one out (talking to Sammy Johnson) before returning for the 6th.

Amazing what a longer recovery does for you as I was then able to find something and led the 2nd group home to stop the clock in 3.14

Times for the day,  3.17, 3.17, 3.18, 3.22, 3.14

Was dreading this session before the start as I’ve been feeling terrible all week (think I may have overdone it last weekend) but looking at those times I’m pretty happy with how it panned out.

On the positive side I even stayed ahead of Jeet, who I was lucky enough to get a decent handicap start for next week’s State 10k. One of HuRTS fairest men gave me a 2.09 start that I’ll happily take. On the betting stakes ‘The Love Doctor’ Craig also agreed on a small wager, although its ME who has to give the start this time – agreed time of 1.40

Last week I was shouting about what a good week it had been , this week couldn’t have been further from that. Very poor.


Can’t finish without a quick mention of the London Marathon, A bit of a mixed bag from the boys. Barts was the run of the day with his sub 2.30 – yes OK I know that I predicted he wouldn’t get under that, but I was more than happy to be proved wrong. Well done to the big fella. Macca run his usual top effort, whilst good mate Sammy Aggers will be disappointed with his 2.51 but should be proud of himself with what he achieves especially with all his family and work commitments he has.

Big downer of the day came the news that Tommy H wouldn’t make the start line after a bad cold leading into the race prevented what I considered a certain 2.28 time being run L

Predicted times         actual time

Tommy H 2.28;54     DNS

Barts          2.34:47    2.29.15

Macca       2.45.30     2.47:51

Sammy A 2.46.39      2.51:16





Friday, April 22, 2016

Speed, Easy Runs, Hills and Tempo Running

Tuesday, Into town for one of my favourite sessions that has us doing 14 x 3 minute efforts (60 sec recovery), Although hardly anyone ever does the whole 14 these days and I’d decided early after some consultation with Crossy Lad to do 10 but hold each one under 3.30 pace.

Sat in with a small little group that included Jeet, Brucie, Mike Lichtwark with Erika Ekland breathing down my neck all the way. Hitting exactly the same spot heading out finishing at the far gates and was then getting home with a few seconds to spare throughout.

Pace for the 10 reps; 3.27, 3.27, 3.26, 3.26, 3.27, 3.27, 3.29, 3.28, 3.29, 3.26

Happy with the 10 reps, and most went the same way, although Erika was only good for 7, Crossy Lad 8, C.T 8 – not sure what that’s all about ?

Fair play to Renee and other girl Kathy on knocking out the whole 14 – very impressed.


Wednesday.  Arranged to run easy with Corky and was joined by ‘Yum Cha’ man himself Brendan Wong. Usual route with the pace around the 5 minute mark, Jacqueline was struggling a little, think through dehydration so cut it short by coming back through the city once we returned to the Quay area.

11.5ks all up – 55 minutes


Thursday.  If Tuesdays session is one of the favourites then the Thursday set is the one that most dread and only the tough need apply for the 20 minute Timmy’s Hills and 5k tempo double header. Still, big crowd out and it was Crossy Lad leading from the front for the first part of the set. As early as 6 minutes I was looking at the watch wishing it was over and when Crossy lapped me on 10 minutes I made a little goal that he wouldn’t do it again before the 20 was up.

Held pretty strong, reeled in Richie Large, and Leech towards the end and happy to report that Crossy never got anywhere near me either as I covered 4.7ks in the set time averaging 4.15s

A short break and we went as one for the 5k tempo, and found I was running with Leech, Brendan and Super Kev as we went through the first 1k in 3.48, Held the pace but got dropped a little on the first of the hills and never managed to get back with the lads.  Buggered coming the final climb but happy enough to get back in 18.39 averaging 3.51s  , Splits were – 3.48, 3.58, 3.48, 3.54, 3.16 (870 metres)


Good week and earned myself a well earned rest on Friday, Although it did mean I didn’t swim at all this week and will have to get back in the pool on Monday.


Big weekend coming up, I’m heading to cheer the Red and the White tomorrow watching the Swans in action, In the Premier Stoke face a tough trip to the Blue half of Manchester and if I’m honest I can’t see any joy.

Timmy’s Tip Man City 3 vs. Stoke 1


On Sunday it’s the big London Marathon over in Blighty. The boys have been flying and have done all the work required so let’s hope they get the rewards they so deserve.  I’m predicting a bit of a mixed bag from the 4 boys. The winner will be Tommy H who will break the 2.30 barrier. I pray Sammy gets his time but I fear he could be disappointed with Barts also failing to break his 2.30 marker

Predicted times

Tommy H 2.28;54

Barts          2.34:47

Macca       2.45.30

Sammy A 2.46.39


We will all be watching in the pub at teatime and cheering the lads all the way – Best Wishes to all..


ANZAC Day on Monday so will be out supporting the old boys and having the odd game of Two UP over a few bevvies

Have a great weekend

Train Well, Stay Safe



Saturday, April 16, 2016

Tempo with the Birchmaster

Busy with work first up and after an easy 10k or so I caught up with Pommy Paul Birch in the park and helped him out with a tempo he wanted to do. 8ks was the distance and he was after holding a healthy 4.05 pace that was more like his recent race pace than tempo but was more than happy to go with it.

The first couple of ks are fine before the first little climb comes around the 3k area and then again at the 4.5k mark, Fair play to the lad he sat with me the whole way and dug deep even on the last k to get us back to the cafe. 32.50 all up averaging 4.07s Pretty good effort and my money is on him to break 40 minutes at the State 10k, It could also be a good battle between him and my good client ‘The Love Doctor’ Craig who will be looking to doing the same.

K Splits; 4.04, 4.05, 4.05, 4.07, 4.08, 4.05, 4.08, 4.04


Little cool down before heading for breakfast and coffee in the delights of Double Bay that happened  to be the venue for pretty much the whole afternoon.

19ks for the day.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Friday Swim.

Into town for the Friday swim down at A.B.C Pool but not before a quick detour to catch up with my old mate and top blog reader Laura James for the regular catch up over coffee and to see how she’s travelling. Pleased to report all is well with her and she is making good progress and is back running and despite still only running at 28% still said she would smash ‘Jokers’ Birch and Taffy James over 10ks.

Over at the pool it was a smaller team with Pete Walker, Leech, Luke, the original Hardman J.C, The Gangster Jason Ibrahim  and we even got a visit from Sonya for the first time in perhaps 6 months.

Pete and J.C were soon gone as early as the first 400m and I was already dropped by the 200 marker. Leech didn’t cope much better and was dropped at 300 before we organised our own little pod (Jas, Luke, Leech and I) for the 5 x 200s. Far better pace as we were holding sub 3.10s for all  and then we pretty much took turns to lead the 100s out. All done in under 1.30s that I was happy with (even my effort), before the 6 of us paired up for the relay leg to end the week. Managed to hook up a good partner in new lad Ryan(?) and with a healthy lead I was then able to hold the Leech and Luke out to take the spoils.

2ks for the day.


Big weekend on the cards, got a bit on but hopefully I can still make it out for the Sunday run this week. In the Premiership, it’s all coming to a head with only 5 games to go and Stoke entertain Tottenham this week who are in the running for the title. That will all come crashing down when the Potters take all 3 points from the pretenders at the Brit on Monday evening. Stoke not playing that well as a 1-4 lose to Liverpool will testify but not many teams come to Stoke on a windy and bitter Monday night under floodlights and leave with anything more than a cold.

Timmy’s Tip, take Stoke in a tight one 2-1


Have a good weekend

Train well, stay safe


Tempo, Swimming and 400s

Tuesday .

With the tough weekend run I only planned to head into town with the lads for the 4 x 10 minute session running only at 4 minute pace, Good turnout and nice to see the Chairman Tommy H make a rare appearance before he departs for London.  Pretty cruisy really on the downhill out and just run beside old mate Pete Walker, Hamish and a new girl to the team that I spoke to at the break named Jackie who seemed to be moving well. Faster than I anticipated and was only about 200m short of the Opera Gates working at 3.50 pace. Meant then I had to work as hard for the return on the tougher section but did so getting back to the gates in the same time.

Went out harder for the 3rd rep as I tucked in with a nice group that included Big Ronnie Biggs and found at the 10 minutes I was working at 3.45 pace, didn’t want to overdo it so on the recovery I started to make my way back and was just happy to plod the 4th rep out.

Happy with how I pulled up after Sunday, obviously I didn’t run hard enough?



AM Usual 3.2k swim to start the day for a Thursday morning, once again just tried to work on a set pace throughout, Very much like running, started OK but was battling to hold my times later on in the set.

PM. Rushcutters Oval for the double header of a set that was 7 x 400s and the 3k tempo, despite the rain we had a decent showing and great to see Erika back looking in good form as too Renee and Corky O’Connor. Ground very wet and grass even longer made for heavy going under foot and despite feeling OK on the first rep was surprised to see a slower 76 go through.

Picked it up slightly and pretty much held for the remainder to end with a 71

Times. 76, 75, 74, 74, 73, 74, 71.

A short recovery break before the tempo and was keen to hold strong to end the session so tucked in with Brucie Lambert and Brendan (82 minute half on Sunday), came through the first lap (1k) in 3.36 and was happy to hold exactly the same time for the next two to cross out in 10.50 averaging 3.37s

Had a good chat with Barts at the end who was also floating around before he flies out for London next week, Wished him well and despite his ‘Me. Myself and I’ attitude he seems to show to many he really is a decent bloke and you can’t fault his effort and work he’s put in for this race so I hope he gets his rewards and runs well in London.

I’ll be giving out all my London predicted finish times next week for the Chairman, Barts, Slim Sammy Aggers and Irelands toughest Macca.


Solid enough two sessions this week, just need to continue with much the same over the next 4 weeks and include those long Sunday runs.





Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Canberra Half Marathon 84.20

Down to Canberra for the half and first real test of the season. Car pooled with the Taffy Lad and the Love Doctors (Vic’s & Craig) and after a less than impressive early pasta dinner on the Saturday I was greeted by a large team of the HuRTS mob that were also down for the weekend on the Sunday morning.

Usual pleasantries on the start line as I warmed up with good mate Kanser , Birchy all the while Jeet snubbed me (think it was due to the fact I didn’t have my name of the bib unlike him).

A much better vibe around the start area this year as we had ‘Triathlete Matty doing the commentary unlike previous years where we are forced to listen to Pat Carroll drown on. A good start and I settle early trying to keep the pace more conservative whilst many around me fly out the traps. Have a good chat to Muzza who’s on 80 minute pacing duties and has HuRTS Brendan, and Mitch sitting nicely with him. I check the watch at the first 5k split and see 19.13 (3.51s) that I’m happy enough with.  The first of the little climbs comes around the old start area at 7k then again at 9 as you get upon the bridge and I can feel the pace drop slightly.

You get a hairpin at the 12k marker and my first real chance to see how the front guys are going and to keep an eye out for all those that are hunting me down. Jeet looks good, as too does Birchy who is leading Kanser around and I’m delighted to see my two clients Craig and Victoria rolling well past half way.

Was pretty much running solo for much of the way so stoked when I see Adrian McGarva appear from nowhere and I think (hope) he will drag me home, but NO... He run about 200m in which time he told me he didn’t have a bib and was just out for a jog........Thanks for your help mate.

Didn’t lose much time going through the 15k marker, just about hanging on to sub 4 min/ks and soon after saw the leading guys making the way home.  Got to the furthest turnaround point at 17ks and had hoped to bring it home strong but was battling from the 18k mark. The last climb back upon the bridge broke me and even the downhill coming off it I wasn’t able to take advantage.

The final 1k the crowds come out and you get a lift (thanks Damo) as I try to do the maths in my head thinking 83.40 is ON the cards, but that last 400m or so where you have to go past the finish and come around is a killer and I must have passed out as I lost about 40 seconds somewhere ?

Crossed the line in 84.20 (3.58 average) – happy enough and that’s what I had predicted for myself pre race so I can’t do more than that.

The 5ks splits I had for the run were:

5k    19.13

10k  19.41

15k  19.58

20    20.10

Finish  5.17


Some brilliant efforts in the half in the right conditions with C.T 3rd home, Jeet running a big PB, Birchy breaking 90, Craig 92 (8 minute course PB) and Vic’s breaking 100 mins for the first time to PB in 99.51

All good but the BIG news was to come in the full marathon with ‘The Prince’ Michael Ho having the ‘Timmy Run of the Day’ to finish 2nd overall thanks to his 2.29:15 sensational time. Unbelievable.  Class act this man is and already has put a stake in the ground for the top honours come December for presentation time I feel.

My little Welsh mate Taffy James put in a gutsy effort as well with his 3.10 despite barely walking only 7 days prior and now heads to Comrades with his qualifier safely under his belt

Times for other HuRTS


Michael Ho    2.29:15

Ray Wareham 2.42:28

Nick Roberts    2.43:51

John Binfield    2.45:50

Eoin Reville       2.48:04

Darren Moyle  2.54:05

Chris Graham   2.59:13

James Matthews 3.10:14

Dave Butcher     3.25:30



Chris Truscott  73.40

Jeet Aich         78.57

Mitch Hayes  80.07

Anthony Murrell 80.32 (pacer)

Brendan Fehon  82.10

Tim Lindop      84.22

Greta Truscott 86.06

Paul Birch         89.13

Dave Kane      90.01

Craig McLaughlin 92.02

Victoria Arthur  99.51



A nice breakfast followed in Lonsdale Street with the team with the best Bacon & Egg Rolls in town before returning to Sydney for an evening of entertainment in Surry Hills at the Dove & Olive. Great night out with plenty of banter going around. I was forced to settle all bets , lost out to Jeet and Birchy who I didn’t mind as they run superb races, Got shafted by C.T who I knew was never going to run over 74 minutes, but had collects from Taffy, Craig (he will learn and be better for the experience J ) and Old Kanser was never at the races as I got one over him.

Kicked on well into the evening with the Taffy Boyo and the Doctors last men standing.

Quality weekend all up and is fast becoming  a  ‘must do’ weekend on the HuRTS calendar each year.


A few pics from race day and post race what we do so well.


7k mark
Just for Enda, how you are supposed to cross the finish line.
Post run with Muzza, Hoey and the Leech Eoin.
With Undisputed HuRTS #1 - Prince Hoey, a class act ON and OFF the running track.
Jeet, An early nomination for 'I gave it Everything' Award
The Team doing what we do best.
Settling losing bets to Birchy for $20
And shafted by C.T
Well beaten by Jeet.
And getting a little back from Craig.
Taffy always good for a collect, even if he does want to pay up with his credit card.
Delighted for good clients Craig and Victoria, with Vic's big PB for the day and Craig getting an 8 minute course PB . Both always the last to stand as well come the end of the night :)



Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Week that Was.

Tuesday. Progressive Tempo for 45 minutes was the go, and went out with Enda starting very easy around the 4.12-4.15 pace , Chatted all things along the way before kicking it down to 4.05s. Decent pack formed soon after as we made our way through the usual busy Quay and Passenger Terminal area. Decided to stop at the 5k mark just as the clock ticked a little over the 20 minute point – still feeling in pretty good nick.

A longer recovery and then tried to up the pace to see if I could make it back in closer 19,  Was working OK but then the wheels seem to fall off especially on the dreaded hills once more, The guys that I was running with on the way out (Enda, Jerome and Leech) all flew by and I was unable to go with them. Struggle street all the way from the pool and only managed to hit the Stone Pillars in 40.12

Not the best session by a long way.


Wednesday – Rest Day.


Thursday, 3k swim to start the day, only saying last week how much easier its becoming, Fast forward 7 days and I was back struggling once more. Felt tired from the go today and never really in it. Still, good to get it done.

Lunchtime down to Rushcutters Oval and with Sunday’s Half Marathon in mind I thought I’d go easy for a change and offered to help the ladies Renee and Jac ‘Corky’ O’Connor out for the 8 x 800 set. Agreed to run them all under 3 minutes for each, and after finding our pace on the first one that’s  pretty much exactly what we did. The girls were running very well and looked strong for each.... unlike the lads who tried to hang in (Taffy).

Really enjoyed the set, and nice to run that bit easier for a change and hopefully it will freshen me up for Sunday.

Times today were: 3.07, 2.58, 2.57, 2.55, 2.54, 2.53, 2.54, 2.46 (Jac) & 2.50(Renee)


Friday, Easy 7ks and then 60 minute massage.


Big weekend coming up, Heading down to Canberra with a good team. In pretty good shape but not racing well so we’ll just have to see what pans out.  Not short on bets this week with the following ON.
C.T          + 10 mins
Kanser  +2
Jeet    +4
Craig   -5
Birchy -6

$100 all up in the drinks Kitty should I race well that will surely go down nicely in the ‘Dove & Olive’ Sunday afternoon.


In the Premiership, the boys travel to Anfield to take on Liverpool, always a hard place to go , but with Liverpool playing on Thursday in Germany I think we can pick up at least a point.

Timmy’s Tip. Liverpool 1 v Stoke 1


Have a good weekend

Train and Race well all those having a go this weekend

Stay Safe

Corky and #1 Renee - After the strong 8 x 800s, running well (Anto Yule in the background, probably as close as he got all day).

A young Paul Birch getting ready to cover the 6 minute handicap I've give him for Sunday.

Birchy in action last Saturday at Lane Cove, and checking to find himself running late for his haircut.



Monday, April 4, 2016

Monday City Run - 14ks

With missing the Sunday long run yesterday it meant the swimming had to be dropped in order to fit a run in so ventured into town to meet a big group that included girl in form Eastside Elle, Corky, Jerome, Super Kev, Leech , Enda as well as a good few others (Hoey & Yum Cha also there but couldn’t get past the ‘Hunter Connection’ and Spring Rolls and soon departed?).

Enjoyed a social chat on the way out running easy at 4.43 pace through a busy Quay and Passenger Terminal area before turning around the 8k mark at Barangaroo. Straight back down Hickson Road and the pace picked up as many dropped out along the way, Once Enda went at the Quay it only left Jerome and Big Jim (Irish) and I left to complete the run.

14ks done in 92 minutes average for the day 4.34s

Enjoyable run, but even for 14ks I was starting to feel it.

Will be back in tomorrow for the tough Progressive Tempo set.



Sunday, April 3, 2016

Striders Lane Cove 10k - 38.41

Collected Pommy Paul Birch and the Love Doctors (Craig & Vic’s ) en route to Lane Cove for the 3rd Striders 10k of the season and found a big HuRTS team out that included Quentin, Leech, Small Tom, Hamish, Stevie Perry, Elle, Hoey, Taffy, Mike Lichtwark and Scotty O’Connor.

A two ks warm up and then off we go, a slower star is the order of the day and happy to see a 3.45 go through for the first, Settle for the 2nd before the first of the climbs as I see the gang ahead pull away. Around the 3k mark I get Keith Hong (Buzz) come by me and decide to tuck in with him at least to the half way mark and to see out the hill. Feel as if it’s too slow though in truth but sit all the same. The 5k marker can’t come quick enough but then you still have another 400m before the turnaround. See the front guys fly down as I take on board some water at the top and then try to open up a little on the way down myself. I see Elle not far behind who is running well thanks to Hoey helping her out on pacing duties for the day, Birchy is also moving well but poor Taffy is like a busted clock and is toast (Another $20 in the kitty  from him I think).

It’s supposed to be downhill home but those 3 little pinch hills really get me and I’m struggling to keep it ticking over for the final 2.5ks home. Try to lift a few times but nothing as I see out the 10ks coming over the line in 38.41

Best run of the season so far, but still a long way off where I should/need to be. I’ll keep plugging away and hopefully a decent run isn’t that far off, Two things that did run through my mind on the back half of the race were;

1.       I’m not a racer anymore, can’t seem to push and when the going gets tough I back off.

2.       I’m NO hill runner, any sign of a incline and I’m buggered.


Splits for the day were, 3.45, 3.43, 4.05, 3.52, 4.15, 3.35, 4.00, 3.39, 3.55, 3.40


Timmy Run of the Day goes to Eastside Elle on breaking 40 minutes, Super run and just reward for the past 3 months of solid and consistent training, mainly helped by those long runs with the SOTB team. Quentin was 2nd , losing out to some 21 year old who put a minute into him over the final 5ks , Birch will be happy with his 41 as will Craig (41) and Victoria 45.20 (will go sub 45 at Homebush for sure), and I’m not sure how our Welsh friend Taffy is going to run the Canberra Marathon next week when he was struggling just to get to the line in 43 minutes ?


Only giving them a wrap last week – The Irish team about how well they are training BUT no sign of any of them today, Kanser? Corky?, Macca? Super Kev? And the Galway Flash Enda?  I wonder if they were on a secret camp somewhere?


Will take an easier week coming as its Canberra Half next Sunday as I have a lot riding on it and would love to put a solid time down.



Friday, April 1, 2016

And it's goodnight from him.

Thursday AM.

3.7ks swim down at PAP, starting to get through these sessions slightly easier despite the higher mileage

PM. Down to Rushcutters Oval for 10  x 400s , good crowd and happy to roll around in 73-74 for each just sitting behind Enda and finished with a 70 for the day.


Friday. Time Trial time at the A.B.C and despite Crossy Lad giving it large ones for about 4 weeks with some super training it was ‘Desperate’ Dan that took the ‘Duck’ although the handicapper got it miles off – expected time of 17 minutes yet he starts first then swims 15.24 ? ... what’s going on there?

I’m happy to finish 2nd in 16.22 for a PB – The extra Thursday swims must be paying off.


Sad news overnight with the passing of another of my favourites from back home in Ronnie Corbett. Grew up with the Two Ronnie’s and what legends both were. We are losing far too many of the old timers and sadly we’ll never see the likes again.
RIP . Ronnie Corbett.

Tomorrow its out to Lane Cove for the 3rd Striders race, Confidence was shot after the first , missed the 2nd so will be out to at least record a half decent time. All bets are aimed for Canberra next week , and only have one riding tomorrow , that’s with the Taffy Lad who has rorted me for a 90 second start and this is after he beat me off scratch last time and he’s loads stronger now.... Go figure.


Big weekend on the cards, Massive Irish wedding tomorrow arvo means NO Sunday long run for me this week. In the Premiership Stoke entertain the Sheep Sh@gger$ from Swansea. Bit of a nothing game in my eyes but still expect the Potters to win.

Timmy’s Tip. Stoke 2 v Swansea 1


Have a great weekend

Train well and stay safe