Thursday, August 17, 2017

Friday Cycle with R.Large.

After a pretty big evening with Birthday Boy Paul Birch in the city I was a little dusty first up but had promised I'd meet Richie Large for a spin around the park and was keen not to let him down despite wanting extra sleep on a rare morning off work.
Cycled over and was expecting an easy session but Rich's easy pace is more my tempo and I was doing well to keep up. Never dropped under 30 ks per/hr and on the hill laps I was getting dropped.
Managed to work into it though and got my own back on the 'Hot Lap' as I stopped the watch with a decent 5.49 effort despite the high crosswinds.
Good session all up and I returned home with near 45ks done in a little over 90 minutes, Richie goes pretty well on the bike and can now see why he's a good triathlete as he tells me he used to swim county level back in his day in England.

Busy weekend on the cards and with a big birthday bash to attend tomorrow night, it means I'll have to head out after work in the morning in order to get the long run in.

New footy season is upon us as well and as per last year the Timmy's Tip is back . The Potters are at home and entertain Arsenal Soft Lads. In front of a hostile and vocal crowd roaring them on back the boys.
Stoke 2 v Arsenal 1

Have a good weekend
Train Well, and party hard
Stay Safe

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  1. Stoke's goal was well taken, almost as good as Arsenal's!