Thursday, July 30, 2015

Golden Duck 1k Time Trial - 3rd in 17.44

Lovely winters day with  the sun out  at 20 degrees for the start of the July Golden Duck 1k time trial. Still only a small crowd with Pete Walker away, Obviously too cold for Crossy Lad’s frail old body whilst the $1.50 per 100m was getting to expensive for ‘Champagne’ and he was nowhere to be seen either.
On deck though were unbackable favourite Angus, with Champ, Leech and I with Sonii Van Beek making a rare appearance. Angus was that confident he cancelled a luncheon just to get his hands on the Duck and with a small team he was smiling like a ‘Cheshire Cat’ before the off.
Sonii was first away and I was forced to wait 2.40 before I was let loose with the Champ, Despite a lack of swimming I was ticking along OK and managed to drop the Champ by the 200m mark, Had nobody to work off though either in front or just behind to keep me honest and by the half way mark I could feel the pace reducing.
Kept an eye on the Leech who was about the same point in the pool the whole way, and it took till the 800m mark before Angus caught me, managed to sit on his feet for 50m before his tumble turn created the gap.
Managed to see it out and touch the wall in a respectable 17.44 and was expecting to see Angus parading around the pool with the Duck, that was until I saw a beaming Sonii who had managed to hold out and take the honours.
So all those winter morning swims paid off for Sonya, and was the only one to swim under the handicap, The leech continues to struggle and even Champ is swimming nearly 2 minutes down on his summer best. Poor Angus was seen in near tears as he left the pool bemoaning his lost FREE lunch and headed straight to the nearest ‘$5 Kebab House’
Times were
Sonya 19.29 Golden Duck Winner
Angus 15.51 Fastest of the Day
Tim      17.44
Leech 17.449
Champ 18.46

Big weekend planned , don’t’ think I can make the Striders 10k due to work commitments, which is a shame as I feel the Lane Cove 10k a week out from City to Surf is a perfect prep race to do.
Might see if I can make the Park Run again though and give that a crack.
Got a big afternoon party on the Saturday that could do damage to the Sunday long run this week, if that happens I’ll have to find time on the Monday.

Sonya with Golden Duck after cleaning the boys up in the monthly T/T.

The City to Surf draw took place as well this morning, pretty even playing field across the board I feel. But hate to say it but I reckon Enda and his team will take out it.
Will talk more about it later in the week.

Have a great weekend
Train Well, Stay safe

Rushcutters Oval 8 x 800m (rolling every 4 mins)

Stunning day and after a rest day yesterday I was keen to get back down to Rushcutters for the 8 x 800m session. Decent team with a  pale looking Tom struggling at the front with Crossy Lad and Tucks more than keeping him honest throughout.
Pretty happy to have Angus, Rich Mullaney (who is getting in  some late training in ready for C2S), Adrian Mc, Sam and Leech all around me also keeping me on my toes.
Measured out a course that was basically two laps of the oval although after the first rep many were saying it was running long (830m), happy to lead my little group in for the first two bang on 2.40
Angus was then putting 2-3 seconds on me in every rep after that but I was still coming in on the 2.40 mark. Got a bit big for my boots when I bagged the Leech after the 5th that seemed to upset him as he then showed me a clean pair of heels for reps 6 & 7 to prove that he’s still the man to catch to Bondi (thus giving me 2.25 start on handicap).
I was blowing hard after the 7th and this is where good guy Rich Mullaney come in handy for me, Despite him working as hard he still was offering me plenty of encouragement the whole 800m yelling to stay with him. Somehow did so to end the session with my fastest split of 2.37
Times for the day were: 2.40, 2.40, 2.40, 2.40. 2.40, 2.41, 2.41, 2.37
As consistent a session I’ve managed for a long time and after the way I was feeling on Tuesday I’m pretty happy with that one and hopefully can take some confidence from it.
Rest Day tomorrow running wise , but do have the 1k handicap time trial at the pool, not done a lot of swimming so just getting 1k done without stopping with be an achievement.

Also got the HuRTS ‘In House’ City to Surf draw to be made mid morning at Chiefly Tower, fingers crossed the draw is favorable to me J


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

45 mins Progressive Tempo (10/10/10/10/5)

At the risk of sounding like Enda and his excuses I knew today’s session was going to be one step too far, Running for the 4th day straight and with 12ks in the legs from the mornings work with clients (albeit slow) I wasn’t looking forward to my least favorite session on the board.
Good showing once again with the big THREE ready to roll in Barts, C.T and Tucks although no sign of Hoey( must have gone soft). Birchy was also in attendance all preneed for his last session before his return to Blighty.
Really important to get the start pace right on this set and I perhaps went out on the more cautious side working at 4.12 pace but enjoying a chit chat with The Stallion (Durante), good guy Rich Mullaney, Jeet, and Muzza. First change of pace at the 10 minute mark saw us kick down to 4.02s and keep the bigger gang of Super Kev, Jerome, Angus, Lambo and the team just ahead.
Another change of pace came up and we are forced to run 3.15 minutes before returning for home, managed to keep it together with the boys coming back past the Terminal and Quay area but coming around the back of the O.H at the 35 minute mark both Rich, and Durante started to pull away from me as I found myself struggling to get any quicker.
If the 30m hill at Mrs. Macs didn’t nearly finish me off then the final climb by the Boy Charlton Pool certainly did as the both Barts, C,T and eventually Tommy H came past.
With very heavy legs and the session over it was just a case of getting back to the Stone Gates without keeling over. Finally made it back but it wasn’t pretty and just happy to get it done.
11.35ks in total, averaging 4 min/ks
Paces were: 4.12, 4.02, 3.54, 3.52, 4.10 (for the final 5 mins L)

Certainly not the best set I’ve done in the past two or three weeks, but that’s what I get with running tired I suppose?
A well earned rest day on Wednesday before I return for the 8x 800s at Rushcutters come Thursday lunchtime.

The usual suspects have started banging on my door, looking to get some of my $$$$  before the 14k Bondi run. I can confirm the following;
Tom $20 has agreed to give me 7 minutes (always get a fair bet from him , even if I have put 3 kids through school for him)
Jeet $20 has agreed to give me 2 minutes (always whinges about it – but it’s always close and brings the best out of him)
Glesso $20 Me giving HIM 4 minutes handicap start ( the guys on fire and will take my cash if I have an off day)
Tom $25 – Scratch bet between Lady Laura and Me (I’ve no chance, she will run 51.xx and me 53.4xx)

Other offers on the table – still to be confirmed ( have until Friday to confirm)

Leech to give me 2.30 for $20?
Enda to give me  5.00 for $20?
Sonii I will give her 4 minutes ?
Others on request.


Monday, July 27, 2015

Monday Recovery Run -14ks

Normally a rest day for me but I had organized with Mikey a slow run with Hoey and Sammy J to start the week, With Hoey running yesterday’s M7 marathon (2.33) and Sammy a no show I was expecting just the two of us. That was until we meet loads of the team out and about, group soon broke though and it basically left Tommy H, Mikey, Bubbles (James) and Nathan (Mikey’s mate) to run all around the Domain, Passenger Terminal and the Wharfs on a lovely winters day.
Real easy to be honest and perfect after the tough weekend and we covered every topic of conversation along the way from Laura’s Fragile Head Space for City to Surf, Enda’s constant training whilst in China, through to Kanser and his new look ‘wide girth’. Lord, we even got on the subject of one bloke who did this year’s Gold Coast Marathon complete with ‘Egg and Spoon’ in 3hr20… I kid you not. (nearly beat Birchy by all accounts).
And if you include plenty of gibber about the upcoming City to Surf then it was an ideal way to pass 14ks and 70 minutes of running averaging 5 min/ks

Will be back in the city tomorrow for the tougher progressive 45 minute tempo, and I’m sure I’ll not be chatting as easy on the return leg back to the Cathedral.


Saturday, July 25, 2015

City to Surf Training - part 17

Tired and after a sleepless night it was into the park for the later 7am start to once again run the City to Surf course for more hills.  Waited till the earlier 6.30am team come through and then felt bad as poor Eloise was left to run by herself (she wanted to run on the soft grass) as I took everyone else out the park.
Armed with the Branagan brothers (Kev & Mark), Leech, Dick Large, Jeet, Gleeso and surprise surprise Dave ‘Kanser’ Kane back from his holidays (and more surprised to see him on time) we headed down Ocean St to New South Head Rd. Usual pick up of pace at O’Sullivan and worked the ‘S’ bends to the top and around Military Road to Dover Heights. Covered the 5k section in 20.16 (4.04 pace) as Super Kev came past me on the top of the hill and Leech did likewise by the graveyard with about 1.5ks to go both looking far stronger than me.
A quick regroup at the top as we waited for Gleeso to come through and as a change we continued down the hill into Bondi Beach,  a few of the lads decided to work the downhill’s as well but I preferred to ease my way down.
The tough section out of Bondi is always hard as we head up Bondi Road and it goes very quiet for about 2ks as we make the steady climb into the junction before a further 2 to get back into the park.
18.6ks all up. Glad to get that one out the way
Very good week all round training wise, with the two HuRTS sessions on the Tuesday and Thursday, Midweek run on the course and the Parkrun yesterday.
Less than 2 weeks to go ….. getting serious now and I’m even forgoing my Sunday beers this week in an effort to give myself every chance come race day J

Note, No sign of Birchy, Sonii, Corky, Sweaty Sock, Renaud, Jerome, Enda, today ….. hope they are not going all soft?
Even had talk of one N.O.T.B (hardman) venturing over to join me this morning but think he struggled to get his visa sorted and never made it either.

Special Mention to Young Hoey , once more, 3 weeks after his stunning 2.30 Gold Coast Marathon he was back out today running the boring M7 Marathon. Super run from him to come in some 10 seconds behind the winning Kenyan bloke in 2.33


Friday, July 24, 2015

St Peters ParkRun 18.20 - 7th Overall.

Worked, then it was a mad dash over to St Peters in time to make the start line for  ‘The World’s Toughest Park Run’. A quick hi to C.T, Renaud, Laura, Greta, Mike Lichwark,(biathlon guy who seems to be running a lot more with the HuRTS team) Glesso and NEW girl Ruth (Irish) before we were off.
It’s a fast start and I’m keen not to get too carried away but at the same time keen for a solid hit out today and not let Renaud get too far ahead. That said it was still a 3.26 first posting, Settle for the long drag to 2ks keeping Renaud close by before we hit ‘Kilimanjaro’ at the half way stage, think I’m about to die but hold strong reducing the gap and try to open it up coming back down.  Another little climb coming off the oval after 3ks and I feel the pace drop slightly but amazingly both ‘Allo Allo’ man Renaud & Mike are still only about 15m ahead.
On the home turn with less than a kilometre to go I have a quick glance to see if I can see Lady Laura who I presume would be right on my tail, luckily for me she has a head cold and run about 14ks prior that goes in my favour and I can’t see her (safe for another day at least).
300m to go and Renaud is a broken man, obviously he’s not use to a proper Parkrun after all his baby ‘Curl Curl’ efforts, and I try one last push to see if I can take him down the straight, sadly (for me anyway), the line came a bit too early and he keeps me at bay by 4  seconds as I come home officially in 18.20
Tough run, but happy enough with that on the back of a big week, it’s a 35 second improvement since 3 weeks back so I’ll take that.
Some good runs from the team that included
1st  C.T  , not sure of the time but won outright
 5thMike       18.14
6th Renaud  18.16
7th Timmy    18.20
     Laura       19.01
     Greta      19.24
    Glesso    20.18
    Ruth        ??

Kudo’s to C.T, Renaud, Laura and Ruth who then run back to the park and incorporated there long run into the morning. Whilst Gleeso and I took the more sensible approach and went for coffee and bagels.

Quotes of the Day.
C.T “ I’m back and make sure you tell Barts he’s toast come City to Surf”
Renaud “ Oh My God Timmy, that course is 5 times harder then Curl Curl, I reckon you can add at least 60 seconds to your time here”
Laura … (whilst grinning) “ Don’t worry Tommy H, I was only working at 65% - I’ll smash him come City to Surf, money is safe with me”
Greta “ Can we have a team photo?”
Glesso “ Sub 60 minutes here I come”

Long run in the morning, back on the course for another 20ks plus.


Start of the ParkRun. C.T Renaud, Timmy, Laura and Greta all in shot somewhere ?

Thursday, July 23, 2015

P.A.P Friday Swim

Despite a lack of swimming over the past few weeks I was keen to get back today on a perfect winters day if for nothing else then a recovery after the past 3 days.
Nice little team out with Coach Walker, Angus, Leech, Crossy Lad, Champ and Champagne Charlie came down for his now customary 400m – (Price of his swims has gone up now though,  working at $1.50 per 100m these days)
A series of 500, 200 and 100s for the day and I quickly knew my place today, although to be fair I think everyone is struggling due to missing many of the sessions over winter, with the Leech possibly the worst of the lot.
Just about got though it and had enough in the tank to pair up with Angus (giving him another chance) for the 2 x 100m relay, Coach Walker went with Champ and poor Crossy Lad had to endure the Leech. Pleased to report the Boyd/Lindop combination took the honors as we stormed home in 2.51 – thanks mainly to Angus smashing out a quick 1.15
Tired by the end of the session, but happy that I managed to get out and get it done on what is an otherwise recovery day.
2ks in total , including my long warm up before the lads arrived.

Going to try to have an easy weekend (on the drinks/social side) this week and will aim to run over the next two days especially going long again over the City to Surf course once more on Sunday.

Not a lot else to report, although I did receive the following and thought my Irish readers might be interested in this bargain offer:

Have a great weekend
Train well, stay safe

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Argyle St, Observatory Hill Repeats.

Excuse the language but Farrrkkkkkk what a session that turned to be.

One of the old sessions was back on today that saw the Argyle Street Hill loops return that basically takes you  600m+ from near George St all the way to Observatory Hill and then back down all at pace.
You can tell C2S is just around the corner with nearly all the ‘A Grade’ captains out, Barts, Tom, C.T, Crossy, Tucks, Tonge, as well as the vice captains from B Grade that included Jamie, Mike, Rich, and Wildman.
Started strong and held form for the first 3 or 4 reps before Angus caught me on the 4th rep heading up, Noticed though on the downhill he was cutting short and coming via the stairs, so in an effort to try to stay with him on the hills I started doing likewise. Was struggling by the 5th big time and noticed I was even coming down slower.
I may have slowed considerably by the 6th rep but I was moving  damn faster than Stevie T (Wildman) who I was about to lap. A few kind words in his direction to join me (and run easy) were heralded and at least I had company to get through the torture set.
The first section isn’t too bad a climb, but once you turn its tough and then the final dogleg 80 metres or so is just murder, especially when you have to go on the muddy grass that has you slipping all over the place looking like you’ve just consumed 15 schooners.
I think my quickest rep up was the first in 2.19 but sadly it never got any quicker and I think some even went out as far as 2.31 on the clock. I racked up over 9ks done with the leaders saying they hit over 10k.
Rooted by the end and then forced to endure one of Tom & Barts ‘Marathon’ warm downs once more.

Nice to see Wildman (Stevie T), Rich Mullaney, and Jamie Stewart back out, and from the girls Erica Ekland who despite over 5 weeks holidaying doesn’t look like she’s lost much fitness at all.

Rest day for me tomorrow, and to take a saying from Mikey Conway ‘Well Earned’ especially after the last 3 days.


Wednesday City to Surf 16ks

Rallied the troops again for the medium to long  midweek run over the City to Surf course but for the second time in 3 weeks Tommy H let me down and with his credibility ( not to mention form) falling fast he was yet again a no- show.
Still, Prince Ho, Leech, Super Kev, Mark (brother of Super Kev) Gleeso, J.W, Jerome and surprise surprise Brendan Wong was able to leave his Yum Cha table long enough to join us for part of the way.
Once again easy trot till I hit O’Sullivan Rd then upped the pace for one kilometre before the steady climb up the ‘S Bends’ of Heartbreak Hill. Legs were feeling very tired from Tuesday’s big set but held OK even if I was feeling shocking. Had Super Kev and Jerome overtake me beside the school but dug in to hold out till the top averaging 4.05s for the section.
Came back down the hill with the boys , but at O’Sullivan dropped back and decided to see out the final 5ks with Gleeso as the rest continued on ahead.
16ks down for the day, another good session in the bag, never felt that good at any stage but with the extra mileage in the legs I shouldn’t be surprised or to disappointed at that.
No rest up though as have to hit back out on Thursday for more hills with the Argyle St Hill Rep back on the program.

This blog (unlike some) gives you a bit of everything, from expert sports analyst, culture, film reviews, best holiday places to visit, photos, and now it’s time to bring you a proper Restaurant Review.
Went out on Tuesday and caught up with the MAIN man Mikey for some ‘Nose Bag’ ….Chat Thai, On Carrington Road Randwick was the chosen venue,  Possible the smallest Thai house I’ve ever been too and can be a little squashy but don’t let that put you off as this place just proves that good things come in some packages.
The abundance of fresh air and the sea breeze (from Coogee), spicy Thai food with my Singha Beer = a great night out.
Signature dish was the Thai Full Snapper (bpla Choo Chee) in sauces was demolished very quickly and had us nearly foaming at the mouth, before Mikeys Spicy Chicken with Kale and Kaffir leaves was dished up. Leaving just enough space for the Pad Kne Mao (Red Duck Curry and Pork) all washed down by a couple of the Singha beers on offer.

Ambience – 8.5/10 Great little spot, good atmosphere although lighting a little dim to give it a 9.
Food – 9/10 .  Doesn’t’ get any better , perhaps could could ‘Sticky Rice’ on the menu?
Beer – 9.10. Singha Beer always hits the spot
Value for Money 9/10  – Excellent, $90 spots for about 3 meals, rice and beers all round.
Signature Dish – Get on the Full Snapper , you won’t be disappointed.

Will I return? Yes and may invite some of the less cultured HuRTS boys to sample something more upbeat then there ‘Burger & Chips, or Harry’s Pies that many frequent. Heaven knows I may even get Michael ‘Nigella Lawson’ Ho to join us J


Chat Thai Randwick, not the biggest venue but well worth a visit.

Thai Snapper, you can't beat it.

.... and what was left once Mikey was done.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

'Getting it Done' 8 x 5 minute efforts

Lovely winters day in Sydney town and in turn it brought another massive showing.  Only notable no show was the Chairman who I fear has ‘given up the ghost’ in trying to wrestle the crown from #1 Barts (and even Hoey) and is perhaps just happy to see the remainder of the year out without losing too much ground?
8 x 5 minutes was the go and even before the start I knew the crowds, trucks & trains on the course and tourists would make for a tough day. With Barts and C.T off in the distance I found myself once again beside Angus, Adrian, Bruce Lambo, about 10 others and surprised to see the ‘Stallion’ Durante breathing very heavy beside me. Rolled around in 3.32 pace and got back slightly faster. Pretty much repeated for the 3rd but found #4 very tough especially coming around at the 4 minute mark when we copped the heavy headwind.
Made the mistake of seeing Barts after the 4th and telling him I’d be doing well to get 6 done. ‘Bugger that Timmy’ came the reply, ‘Just get it done’ were his parting words as we took off for the 5th.
Pace dropped to 3.36 for the next two, and was starting to struggle but I knew I had to ‘get it done’ . Then had a shocker on the start of the 7th rep when I was badly impeded by the ‘Pain in the Ar$e’ guys that were just about to start one of their efforts and I was boxed in. Had the sh!tes for a minute but in truth I think It actually helped me with the last rep. Worked the 7th at 3.49 pace and was perhaps the breather I needed.
Tried to work the final one strong and caught up with mate Glesso around the 3 minute marker, went past then he decided to kick it down for home, brought a brief smile as I thought he may have gone a tad early so bid my time before I gave it my best shot with 60 seconds on the clock remaining.
3.30 pace for the final one but I was spent once done.
Reckon I needed a good 10 minute recovery once done and then it was back out with Barts and C.T for one of those long cool downs all around the Domain back to the Art Gallery.

Great session.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

More City to Surf Training.

Worked early and then rolled up to find perhaps the biggest weekend attendance  ever with people milling around the cafe everywhere. Lined up the City to Surf course for the morning and with ALL the Eastside regulars(minus Stankard, on another boys jolly to China and Birchy already packed his trainers away in ready for his holidays), Greta’s mob of clients and even a few of mine we made our way from the park on mass.  Very slow start for me as I made sure my clients were OK and knew the way to go for the first 2k whilst we headed down Ocean St at ‘Hoey like’ 6 min/ks
Was then forced to pick up the pace more than I wanted to in order to regroup before the 5k O’Sullivan Road, But even then never caught the team and was starting the tempo pace section (5k-10k ) solo.  Caught Glesso just at the bottom of the Hill and then went past the girlies about half way. I could see the stronger runners in C.T , Renaud, Jerome, Leech ahead who seemed to be just running even pace throughout and eventually took them turning into Military Rd. C.T then did one of his surges and pressed ahead for the final k or so, whilst I was just trying to hang in for those last little nasty rises before Dover Heights.
Despite feeling like crap for  most of the week I certainly felt stronger on the hills today and covered the 5k section in 19.53 averaging 4 min/ks (faster than two weeks back). A quick regroup and drink at the top whilst some decided to continue down to Bondi , whilst Greta, Leech, Glesso and another lad (forgot his name) all returned back down the hill the way we came.
Always tough coming back into Double Bay by the ‘Sheaf’ for the climb back to Edgecliff and the never ending Ocean Street but happy to get back to the park covering 21ks,averaging 4.38s for the morning
Said it a few times but its perhaps the best session training that you can do for City to Surf and hope to possibly get one more of these in before race day.
The guys were looking good, Renaud is starting to get some old form back, Frenchmen Jerome is getting stronger by the week and Gleeso’s sub 60 minutes is very much on the cards (despite Militant Mikeys reservations)
Finished off with coffees with Glesso, Greta and the Leech to cap a fine (if not cold) morning off.

Just heading out to C.T & Greta’s Xmas In July Bash now, looks like half of Sydney is going so should be a good old night that will sure bring some stories, trash and plenty of photos.
Can’t see much getting done tomorrow

Have a great weekend

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

HuRTS 3 x 2k Reps ... with longest cool down.

9 degrees, piddling down with rain, sore throat and feeling terrible the last thing I wanted to do today was to go into town. But with the words ‘James is going to smash you Lindop, $25 on it’ ringing in my ears as I left Tommy H yesterday it meant I had no option but get down to the Passenger Terminal for the HuRTS 3 x 2k reps.
The rain had eased up by start time and a good showing with both Barts and Tom leading from the front whilst I yet again had a good group to work from. Angus, Jerome, Bruce, Sam, Biathlon winner Mike, Adrian Mc and many others formed group 2 as we pretty much all came in together on 6.55
The second rep I held firm but found I was off the pace some 10m all the way around and tried once again to stay with Mike coming in one second slower than the previous with the others some 5-6 seconds quicker.
Dreaded the 3rd rep but tried to break it down as much as possible, couldn’t match it with Jerome or Angus but was happy enough to complete the session with all 3 done under my pass mark of 7 minutes for each.
Rep times were: 6.55, 6.56, 6.58
Biggest cool down in history as I run with both Barts and Tom back around the Quay and the Gardens.
Three big days on the trot now – just what I need to be doing in the lead  up to City to Surf, and not finished yet as we have the 20k course run on Saturday morning to complete the week.
Things are on the Up…… Be scared James be scared.

Forgot to mention yesterday, but Tommy H came out running with another Crime to Fashion performance , After his girlie cream Mizuno top, and Black Magic Cadbury Pullover, he then comes out and shows complete disrespect and runs looking like ‘Benny out of Crossroads ( English show) complete with Beanie.
Shocking, might need to have a word with his good wife Kirst.

Tom doing his best rendition of Benny from Crossroads fame on yesterdays run.
Some of his finest moments. who could forget the carpet tie?

His shirt.

Tea towel anyone.

And finally the 'Black Magic' Man in action


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Med/Long City to Surf Run.

Lined up Tommy H to start running with me on Wednesday’s leading up to the City to Surf as I’ve simply NOT been doing enough of late. Apart from the usual Tuesday and Thursday sessions with the boys I practically don’t do much else if you don’t include the Sunday set.
Called a nice group in to join as well that included ‘Man of the Moment’ Hoey, Crossy Lad, Frenchie Jerome, Leech (for a short part), Gleeso and Worsick also tapped on.
Headed over to Rushcutters before joining New South Head Rd, then picked up the pace at the O’Sullivan lights and worked at a stronger pace going up ‘Heartbreak’ . With the others either cruising or taking it easy I found myself leading the way until Hoey came flying past me with ease looking like he was just about to put his brunch order in, before Jerome did the same just on the top before we turned around.
Steady pace running with the lads back, before Tommy H needed a pit-stop so waited for him near Catalina and run the final 5ks listening to ‘The Chairman’ telling me of his plans of redemption come City to Surf day.
He sounded pretty determined and was keen to lay his bets but I told him he shouldn’t bet on anger and wait another 2 weeks to get it out of his system.
Returned to the city with 17ks done, pace was nothing to get excited about, although 2.3ks covered including the hill leg was done around 4.09s
Great session and a few more like this will surely make the starters line in 4 weeks that much easier to get to Bondi.

Will do again on Saturday morning with the team.

Well, I think Miss James (Laura) and I need to chat….. she’s always spruiking to me that she’s the #1 blog reader on these pages, BUT it appears that may not be the case. Tommy H was cock a hoop today when he not only found he had a reader but Laura actually prefers his ‘Times’ journal to mine.
Not sure when this was the case (probably at the Gold Coast when she was slightly intoxicated) but if it helps Tommy’s confidence in continuing then so be it.
Worked out today that Hoey’s number 1 fan is Nigella Lawson, who reads his ‘Greasy Joes’ review religiously.

Confirmation that Laura has finally LOST IT , my feelings are shattered.

Meanwhile whilst we are all training hard over here, Enda is still whinging about the adversity of travelling to China and that he's forced to smoke 100 ciggies a day.
Seriously, he's like an old women.

Will be back out tomorrow for the HuRTS 3 x 2ks reps down beside the Passenger Terminal.


Bastille Day Fartlek.

Cold but nice sunny day as I headed into town and good to see former #1 Tucks back and will be sad to see him depart again soon for another stint in Wales (told him he best leave his sense of humor at the boarder when he enters),  and nice also to see Muzza back running free again.
Set was 45 minute fartlek, running 3,2,1 minute efforts with a 60 second break in between each x 5
Found myself running in a massive group for the first 10 mins or so , and felt fine as we picked up the ‘Italian Stallion’ Durante around Mrs. Macs Chair along the way. Decided coming around the Quay that the recovery’s were slightly too fast so the ‘Pie Eater’ and I slowed that down that meant the big group went ahead.
Still had a nice little group forming with us and Lady Laura was pretty much on our heels as we turned on 22.5 minutes just past the Theatre Company. I was still feeling fine as this point and picked off a few coming out the Quay but struggled to get past Warrior Charlie on the narrow path on the far side of the Opera House.
4 sets down upon entering the Domain grounds and Durante who was earlier very strong was puffing like a steam train and that was pretty much him done for the day as I pushed on. Caught sight of #1 Renee, and Glesso ahead that gave me something to chase and was even more surprised when I saw Pete Walker ahead, Pushed the last minute strong before affording myself the easy last 60 seconds to cruise home with 7 seconds to spare.
Just under 11.5ks for the session averaging 3.57s for the day- thought it may have been quicker than that but perhaps my ‘OFFS’ were a little too slow. Still, happy enough with the overall effort.

Lined up a midweek medium/long run tomorrow over the City to Surf course with Tommy H, should be good training with the race less than 4 weeks away.

Happy Bastille Day to all the French fans , Poor Jerome was nearly in tears when I wished him all the best for the day during training. Talking Frenchies what ever happened to the ‘L.T.O (Less Talented One) that was Tommy H’s brother? He used to be an avid reader and was never without a comment or two along the way. Not heard from him for a year or two – he must be making croissant’s somewhere.

Some photos from Sunday.

Harbour 10k - Hoey, Christian, Timmy and Quentin.

Sunday night drinks with Enda, Jeet, Birchy and I . No sign of C.T who was carried home yet again at 6pm.

Looks like Tommy H has another fan with his blog -
Fair play i say, anyone who gets to read 2 minutes is doing well :)


Saturday, July 11, 2015

'Harbour 10k' - 37.44

Into town on a bitterly cold morning for the ‘Harbour 10k’, raced on pretty much HuRTS home territory in and around the Passenger terminal and Hickson Road areas. Met up with Quentin first up before making my way to the start line for more warm up with Jeet, Sammy J, Bruce Lambo and Enda along the way.
Good showing from the team especially only one week after the Gold Coast and #1 Barts was putting himself back out there as was Jeet, Angus and to a lesser extend Prince Hoey and Skippy Heyden. (No sign of Tommy H or those other NOTB boys mind you)
Pretty fast first k to start and I was keen to hold back although nearly took down Ana White in the process who cut right across me beside the Park Hyatt and with her Mule kicking action got tangled along the way.
Angus was soon to come past and I was happy to keep Jeet in my sights as we hit the top of Hickson, the wind seemed to come up in and around Darling Harbour and near the Casino I felt the first pace drop. Lost a lot between 5 and 7ks and was just hanging in coming back onto Hickson with about 2.5ks remaining.
All the talk the day before from certain quarters was how well Sammy ‘the Salmon’ Johnson was running and the smart money was on him to turn me over and when a group of 4 came past at the 8k mark I honestly thought he would be one of them. Luckily for me he wasn’t but it gave me that kick up the @r$e I needed and coming by the ‘Red Squashed Car’ I somehow managed to find a bit of life back in the legs.
I thought at the 8k mark I was goneski and would be lucky to run 38.30 but was satisfied to cross the line in 37.44 averaging  3.49s and at least there is a little light at the end of the tunnel
My k splits were all over the place today – not sure if it was poor running (most probably) and the windy conditions coming into play. What I had recorded were the following.
3.37, 3.41, 3.58, 3.50, 3.48, 3.59, 4.04, 3.50, 3.48, 3.39

Some good runs from the lads, although #1 Barts couldn’t back up from last week and was poor with a 34.00 only beating Stankard by a mere 10 seconds (could you image the hysterics had the Galway boy got the win over him? I don’t even want to think about it)
Probably the Timmy Run of the Day goes to Angus Boyd on his impressive 35.12 only 7 days out from his recent half. A sub 35 can’t be that far away for ‘Curly’ now.
Other times.
Quentin   32.47
#1 Barts    34.00
Enda           34.09
Angus         35.12
Steve Per  35.44
Bruce L       35.49
Adrian Mc 36.35
Jeet              36.42
Lindop         37.44
Cialis             38.48
Sammy J     39.22
Heyden       40.26
Hoey             40.30

A nice breakfast followed in the Rocks with Sammy  J, Jeet and the Stankards (sister Fiona ) was well washed down with perhaps the biggest bowl of coffee seen in years.

Just out now for a few ales to toast all those Gold Coast runners last week. Could be a big one.

Hoey, Christian (Cialis), Timmy and first home Quentin. Moments before Skippy Heyden(in yellow) tried to spoil the shot.


Friday, July 10, 2015

Champs and Crosses.

Put out a ‘Call to Arms’ for swimming but for the 2nd week on the spin there was only Crossy Lad in attendance to start the set.
Decided on 8 x 200m and Crossy wasn’t taking any bull today and was keen to see me do my fair share leading the lane. Thought I’d get the first one in (thinking he’d see it more of a warm up) and was happy enough with a  3.15.
Battled to stay on his feet for the 2nd, before I was back up for the 3rd rep. Mighty  relieved when ‘The Champ’ joined us and once Crossy led the 4th I was on the front foot in making Champ do some work.
My lack of swimming was evident as early as the 5th and from there it was survival mode for the remainder.
Reps times went: 3.15, 3.23, 3.20, 3.18, 3.19, 3.22, 3.22 – then finished with a fast 100m to round out 1500m for the day.
Said it before but I really need to hit the pool at least twice a week to maintain any resemblance of swim fitness.

Big weekend planned, Got the Harbour 10k on Sunday that I’m keen to give a bash, anything under 38 minutes will be deemed a success especially after the past 6 weeks.

In all the excitement over the past week I’ve forgotten to give my ‘Ashes’ review – Despite all the Aussie talk about how they are going to smash us, I think it will be really close and this first test really sets the tone for the 5 tests to come.
Going to Tip a 2-2 drawn series – unfortunately that’s not going to be good enough to regain the Ashes.

In big BLOG news, At last we have some quality in the ranks. After Tom’s ‘Times’ like journal (and that’s being polite) Hoey’s greasy Joe’s restaurant wrap up, and Warrior Charlie’s Sit Up/Press Up Military insipid blog. I can now give you a rival to yours truly……. The latest offering is direct from the Old Dart with good mate Slim Sammy Agnew starting to post.
** I do apologize in advance if and when he starts losing the plot and goes off topic and talks about Crystal Palace – poor bloke.
Might ask him if he’ll put a link to mine, that way Durante can finally bypass the Chairman’s offering.

Have a great weekend
Train well , stay safe

Thursday, July 9, 2015

6 x 1k Reps Rolling every 5 minutes.

Lovely winters day as the team headed back down to Rushcutters Oval and good to see many of the Half & Marathoners from the weekend backing up floating around that included, Hoey, Sonii, Jeet, Enda, David Tonge (doing all 6 reps) and Lady Laura. Thought I even saw Skippy Heyden meandering around at one point as well?
Good to see Warrior Charlie back (from his Bali hols), Gleeso doing the hard yards (in prep for City to Surf) and Renee continues her fine return, so expect to see her getting her times back to where they were from last year.
6 x 1k reps was the go rolling every 5 minutes and with Tongy leading from the front I sat in nicely in a little group coming in on 3.18
Great surface to run on and despite the next 4 reps slightly slower I was relatively happy to keep it honest as I was running beside Super Kev, Toby, Cialis and Sam for most of the day.
Pretty tired by rep 4 as the breaks seemed to fly past in a flash but hung on and even finished with a  little kick over the final 200m
Times were. 3.18, 3.21, 3.22, 3.22, 3.23, 3.19

Will rest up now before Sunday and I hope to have a hit out at the ‘Habour 10k’ around the city, not expecting much to be honest although the last couple of sessions have been OK so it will be interesting to see what I can put on the board

P.P.P (P!$$ Poor Performance of the Day)  - goes to Enda, 3 reps???? What’s that about – not as if he pushed it hard on Sunday. Must have been talking to Birchy too much from last week.

Swim tomorrow back at P.A.P Pool..

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

2 x Woollahra Hill 6k Loops.

Cold and wet but actually thought the drizzle made for good running this morning and I was back in the park for one of the old favorites that is the 6k Woollahra Hill loops that I do.
Pretty much had the park to myself this morning and surprisingly it felt OK from the start today and after the first 1k I was travelling freely.  The pace dropped going up the 700m climb but was happy enough to be able to pick it up once over the top.
As I was feeling OK I then thought I’d try to pick up the pace even more as I started the 2nd loop, got a little carried away at first and soon got back to a sensible pace, worked the hill a little harder 2nd time around and even still had enough in the tank to run a sub 4 minute last one coming back to the café.
K splits were:4.38, 4.23, 4.22, 4.26, 4.44, 4.15, 4.07, 4.12, 4.15, 4.10, 4.34, 3.58
52.11 all up for the 12ks average pace 4.20s

Nothing to get excited about but it’s probably the best I’ve felt since the holiday break.

Tomorrow its back down to Rushcutters Oval for 1k reps with the team

Big night tonight in the League for the battle of State of Origin. Not a big fan to be honest (game played by buff heads) although it appears that certain HuRTS members still get excited by it. It appears Jeet has decided to stay in QLD with Phil ‘Buzz’ Rothfield from the ‘Tele’ and got behind the boys for tonight’s game. Just got sent this latest as they prepare for the game – Must be serious as Jeet has his Organic Juice already in hand.

#1 Blues Supporter ..... Jeet.


Monday, July 6, 2015

Paddo Hills and Tempo

Pretty much a case of more of the same as I decided to knock out a few hill repeats followed by a 5k tempo within the park.
Knew I’d be struggling to get into town at lunch and with many of the guys in recovery mode after Sunday I felt it a better option to get it done early doors.  6 x Paddo Hills (500m from the café to the top gate) was the go with recovery on the downhill and after the first rep (1.58) I wondered if I was actually going to make it? Felt terrible and really the heart wasn’t in it but plugged away and strangely enough I got more into it as the set went on as the times were consistent throughout.
Rep times were: 1.58, 1.57, 1.55, 1.53, 1.53, 1.54
Seemed to take forever once part one was done as I procrastinated with the ‘Will I, won’t I’ routine on deciding if I was up for the 5k tempo - before giving myself a good talking too and soon after I was off. A steady 1st k at 3.44 was OK and I hoped that I may be able to hold that for the remaining but once the tougher second half came I was starting to struggle.
Still happy enough as I hit the 5k marker back at the café in 19.04 – averaging 3.49s (3.44, 3.48, 3.48, 3.50, 3.52)
With the flat lap 4ks warm up I was all done with 15ks for the day.

Been hearing all the success stories from the weekend and some 48 hours later had time to pretty much get the full wrap up. The more I look at it the better it is, The ‘Ho’ run, not only the Timmy run of the Day’ BUT I’m predicting it’ll have to take something special to stop him getting ‘Performance of the Year’ when the big awards come calling in November. Fair play to all the Marathon guys in testing conditions on toughing it over the final 6ks or so.
Barts run was special as well, unbelievably to think he knocked 60 seconds (?) off his previous best, Special mention to ‘The Human Headline’ Stankard as well who would have beaten Barts by all accounts if only he could learn to tie his shoelaces. Amateur

Some pics from the weekend’s races.

Hoey crosses in 2.30:16 - for possibly the Run of the Year?

The NEW ‘Prince’ of the team – Hoey celebrates his run.

Although Barts retains the #1 status and celebrates himself with his Strawberry Daiquiri

And front page of the ‘Bulletin’ with the Chairman Tommy H and Hoey, some of the cynics suggested that this was as close Tom was to get to Hoey for the next 2hrs 30 mins.

Laura and Sonii Van Beek enjoying the post race drinks and having to listen to Enda’s stories is always worth a giggle.

Whilst everyone was out enjoying the flat course at the Goldie Young Timmy was doing the hard yards at ‘The Worlds Hardest ParkRun’ at St Peters taking on the Hills in the freezing cold.


Saturday, July 4, 2015

Sunday Long on City to Surf Course.

Arranged to meet Renaud at 7am for the long run and decided to run the City to Surf course up to the 10k mark at Dover Heights and back.
Super Kev, Richard Large, and Steve were just starting at the same time so decided to join us as well as we headed out the park down Ocean Street to join New South Head Rd.
Cruised the first 5k then decided to pick up the pace and run Heartbreak and Military Road stronger at tempo pace. Struggled going up the hill at only 4.12s but from the roundabout managed to get it back down just over 4 min/ks.  Knocked out the tough 5k section in 20.20 before regrouping at the top and enjoying the 10k return leg back to the park.
Coming out of Edgecliff and back up Ocean Road was nasty as near 20k ticked over starting to feel tired but nice to get hit the café and enjoy coffee’s with Reno and Greta once back.
20.75ks all up, averaging 4.38s for the morning – Great session and will hope to do a couple more times before City to Surf comes around in 5 weeks time.

Well been getting reports come through all morning from the Coast, some good, some bad and some best not mentioned. Let’s start with the Timmy Run of the Day, Step up once again Mr. ‘Chi Minh’ – Michael Ho , stunning performance to come home in 2.30:16 Take a bow young man.
Tommy H run a PB that he should be happy with although I know he’ll be disappointed with his 2.33 time, Biggsy, Sonii and Birchy all toughed it out but were outside my predicted times on what I hear was a hot day.
In the half respect for #1 Barts who goes from strength to strength – another PB to his name as he hits 70.13 (chicked though by East’s girl Eloise ) Enda, couldn’t get under 75 (poor) and even let one fat coach beat him in the process, Angus was impressive with a 77, Jeet broke 80 for the first time and Lady Laura run a very good 82 after another injury scare lately.

Well done to all and I hope you enjoy the post race celebrations,

Predicted times and actual times were:

HuRTS #1 Barts – Half Marathon 70.55      70.13
                     C.T      Half Marathon   72.09   73.08
                    Enda  Half Marathon    75.02    75.30
                    PLOD Half Marathon    77.23    79.35
                    Angus Half Marathon   78.42    77.48
                 Jeet   - Half Marathon     80.34     79.26

               Tom – Full Marathon   2.29:46     2.33:07
               Biggsy  Full Marathon   2.58:48    3.06:13
               Birchy Full Marathon    3.09:57    3.16:42
               Sonya   Full Marathon  3.12:03     3.15:12
               Sweaty Full Marathon  3.38:33     3.42:15

Although I’m not in the Gold Coast this year, I’ll still be heading out for my regular Sunday arvo drinks to celebrate everyone’s achievements. It could be a big one.
Look forward to hearing all the reports come through from the pub as the afternoon pans out. Hearing C.T is already on his way home and its only 1.45pm?


Eastern Suburbs Sunday Long run & TrimWithTim's fastest lady - Eloise takes out the Gold Coast Half Marathon win in a stunning 70.10 . She even 'Chicked HuRTS#1 Barts ...seen some 3 seconds behind.
Great effort.