Friday, September 8, 2017

More Bike Training

This Nepean Tri at the end of October is fast gathering momentum and after Tom and my bike set on Wednesday others were keen to get involved.
Experienced Tri boys Kroney, Eoin as well as tough cookie Macca were the latest to head to Centennial for a session that I suspected would be pretty full on. A few warm up laps before we were ready for the 'Hot Lap' and it was the usual fast first 300m. Leechy boy didn't get his nickname for nothing and was straight on my wheel but Kroney was happy to cycle right beside me all the way. Poor Macca though must have wondered what had hit him and had fallen off the back even by the Randwick gates that then made it tough solo especially around the Fox Gates. Worked hard but happy to stop for a 5.49 lap with the others doing very similar.
Easy lap followed before the double lapper and decided I'd let the Leech do some work and was happy to sit in for half a lap before I felt he was struggling a tad and sucked in the big ones and pushed ahead. Then worked solo for a lap before I sensed the other two were back on my wheel and from there it was just a case of pushing hard to the line to see it out.  Sub 12 minutes for the dual lap and then a much welcome easy loop before our final effort that had the Leech suggest we work it together and each try 400m at a time leading. Worked well, but each time you had done a turn it was bloody tough getting back on the wheel to avoid being dropped. 5.43 to end as we were all pretty spent by the end of it.
Effort laps, 5.49, 11.54, 5.43
Did another lap or two as a cool down and in search of Macca who came to the realization that he has plenty of work to do before October 29th if he's to worry the big boys on race day.
Cracking morning and starting to enjoy the bike again now that I have managed to get a few sessions under the belt. Enjoyed a post ride coffee with the boys as the latest odds were discussed with Macca still reeling about how short his odds were as he left a broken man.

Big weekend coming up with the return of the Premiership footy, Massive game at the Brit between the boys and Man Utd. Big ask this one with Manure firing early in the season. Stoke will be up for it mind and I'm tipping them in an upset.
Stoke 1 v Man Utd 0

Out to watch the Swans on Saturday evening as well in the first of the finals - Take the Swans to win by 22

Have a great weekend
Train well
Stay Safe

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